Monday, August 15, 2005

What Does it All Mean???

Day follows day in the arena of time; the place where time measures the progress of things and events from the place where they first began to exist until they no longer exist. Some have ventured that nothing ever ends; that a sound you have heard will echo on forever even when there are no ears capable of hearing it any longer. What happens to the ripples in a pool ‘after’ they hit the shore?

The Akashic Records supposedly are a library of sorts where are stored the recollection of every event that has occurred. Akasha, I believe, is a word that translates as aether. Aether is the medium in which the four elements exist. It interpenetrates everything, including us. It is invisible to the ordinary senses but is denser and more permanent that the elements and anything made out of them, which- I suppose you could say- everything material is. Everything is made out of the same thing in different combinations of itself. The stuff we make things out of comes from some universal storehouse of basic ingredient.

There’s a school of thought; the one I belong to, called ‘ageless wisdom’. It’s said that it existed before any of the religions we have heard of. It’s said that all religions have taken what they profess from some aspect of ageless wisdom. Maybe just as everything is made out of the same thing and thereby alters that same thing by the new identity formed; perhaps all religions alter truth in the process of the new identity formed. Of course, if you think of truth as a living presence that cannot be seen and you think of religion as clothing put over this invisible presence in order to define it and give it shape... well, that’s another way of looking at it I suppose.

However, if you consider, as physicists have discovered and as metaphysicians have known for a long, long time... that everything is made out of the same thing then the body and the clothes are made out of the same thing- but, if the clothes are the original thing changed into another thing then it would no longer be same thing, since it has been changed.

Now this school of thought that I belong to called ‘ageless wisdom’, says that everything is made out of God by God for the purpose of God to experience himself as creation. If this is so, then the ground and the waters, the air and the planets and the space between them; the colors and the sounds and the medium the sound travels over and the mechanism that registers the sound and the mind that interprets it are all made out of God. Apparently there is a state you can come to where you realize this totality in a profound sense. The Buddhists say everything is a product of mind. They talk about something called Buddha-nature.

Some say that to attain to Buddha-hood is far more valuable than becoming a God because Gods, although they live a very, very long time, do die back into the substance out of which they formed themselves. This is not the case with Buddha-mind. But what, you might ask, about Nirvana? Isn’t that a sort of dissolution of the self into some cosmic incomprehensible state of being or non-being, or whatever it would be if there were words adequate to the description of it? Well, it’s a puzzle and a riddle and a conundrum obviously.

Whether we figure any of this out and where that leaves us when we do is an area best handled by those whose business it is to assist you in the process; directly assist you, not indirectly as I do. In other words, long before you decided to figure it out, your guidance and assistance systems were already operative and in preparation for your exodus out of Egypt; metaphorically speaking. There are beings who sit like shining globes of light inside the spiral of your awakening. Maybe they give off certain sounds or other phenomena at the appropriate time, or maybe they absorb you or you absorb them. Somehow you are changed and are then able to see a new selection of globes or geometrical images in holographic outline, or green Buddhas sitting in the greenery of the landscape, or exact representations of the Hindu gods, moving in their chariots in the forms of clouds, moving across the sky. Eventually the time will come when suddenly the entire world will be bathed in light and every object in it as well. Your new vision will reveal a realm of unimaginable splendor and you will consider yourself very rich indeed.

Some variation or permutations are always possible. However, in some way, under some circumstances you will awaken and be the universe when it knows itself to be God. We have some pitiful words in our lexicon and in the lexicons of every language; Hallelujah! Om Tat Sat, Om Mani Padme Hum, that may or may not describe, activate or actualize any of these states. Word has it if you repeat any of them for long enough and with (and perhaps even without) the right attitude, it is a given.

Some people want to comprehend it all and that of course is impossible. However a state nearly as good as that is available for those with more humble and less self-fulfilling ambitions. Some people want to shape the God stuff into their own idea of what it should look like. They want to play God and usually well before they have any idea what the original is or intends. Some want to acquire large holdings of stuff and some want to acquire the deeds to or the symbols of large holdings of stuff. Some want to rub up against each other for affirmation of their own existence or for evidence of their own potency as a God upon this Earth. Unfortunately for them there is only so much oil given for these procedures and they are left with impotent longing in the aftermath; not to mention that the container gets a bit disheveled and crumpled in the handling.

The school of thought that I belong to, ‘ageless wisdom’, believes that the universe is a conscious universe and that everything is made out of mindstuff. It believes that mind stuff is light, just like the light from the sun and that everything you see before you is made out of sunlight; is sunlight ‘in extension’. Perhaps you can imagine that sunlight pours upon the Earth in a manner similar to water. Perhaps you can imagine that you are composed of sunlight; that you are like the ‘little sunbeam’ in the children’s Sunday school song. Or maybe you are thinking of, “This Little Light of Mine.”, no matter.

Some believe that all life is at a different state of wakefulness. For instance, rocks are asleep, plants are dreaming, animals are also dreaming but after a different manner and people are dreaming; some of them are dreaming like animals and headed in that direction. Maybe rocks are dreaming too. I shouldn’t count that out for them- perhaps my saying so has some effect on rocks in general. And rocks intend no harm. It requires a hand to pick them up and slay with them.

Now, I may not know exactly where I am going but I do know where I am trying to go and I imagine that the details of where I am heading will be ironed out in my head and in the landscape on the way. I have no important plans going on here. My plans here are about getting there; of course, in some ways here is there so I’m mindful of that too. I’m all for naturally morphing into my perfect state. I’m also all for Hothousing the process.

It’s hard to blame people who are sleeping for their confusing dreams and violent reactions to them. We are about as good as dreamers as we are at being magicians or playing God. They say that actors have to get into the skin of their characters. How do you do that with God? I imagine the only way is to let God come in and play the role and I suppose that is the end of ‘you’. For some people that is a horrible thought. For me it couldn’t come too soon; however it does come and however it manifests and defines.

Well, I’ve come to the end of the amount of paper and pages I usually use when I’m doing this sort of thing and so I bid you adieu until I rejoin you again. Hopefully these thoughts prove to be as useful to you as they were to me when I discovered them.

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Anonymous said...

Damn! and waiting on the sequel where you assemble the pieces.


Anonymous said...

I'll be darned if I know but it's a lot of fun to read about it.

Anonymous said...

I always find myself in a better place after reading your work than I was before reading. Many thanks.


Visible said...

It is possible to find exceptions to any argument. It is possible to extrapolate the lifestyles of the angels dancing on the head of a pin into a mini-series that runs for a decade with commercial spinoffs that change the entire world of culture and fashion as we know it; especially if the point bring made is incidental to the argument- which is why one eventually comes to a silence of self-enjoyed awareness.

Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

les, thanks for the best summary, for including everything that needs to be included.



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