Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Perhaps you have heard, All is not as it seems.

The phenomenal world is woven darkness spun of a web from a spiders belly and enclosing us on all sides. It’s called the Sub-Matrix. Students of Quantum Theory know some things about matrixes but, of course, no one really understands quantum math. I don’t need to know the minutiae of the composition of iron bars to understand the meaning of being in prison though; do I?

When light breaks up the confinement of certain matrixes, whether that be literally or metaphorically, it can appear to be a tragedy to those who depend on the matrix in which they reside. Those who live in the matrix are composed of light exactly like the light that is breaking up the matrix. In a way, the residents are freeing themselves, often without their knowledge, from something they don’t want to let go of. The agenda of your soul is different than the agenda of your personality.

New Orleans got wiped out. There are various schools of thought which explain why. Judgmental Luddite Christians tell us it was because of the sin. If that were the case, every city in the U.S, and everywhere else would have been wiped out too. I haven’t ever seen a scriptural rating of sins where I can tell if theft is worse than hypocrisy or if self-righteousness is worse than adultery or less so. I have heard that they are all sins. The study of words and their origins is an effort that can repay you well. For instance, the original meaning of sin from the origin of the word is interpreted as, “missing the mark”. That’s all sin is in actuality. It’s less of a defiant act of rebellion against common and spiritual laws than it is a lack of achieving what you really want.

We don’t really want to be contrary characters but we haven’t absorbed the consequences of our actions in all of their ramifications. Suffering leads to Wisdom. Suffering also leads to more suffering.

Back to that woven darkness; it’s filled with noise and it is on fire. It’s got flashing lights and gangsters and police. It’s got fashion and food and it’s got the velvet ropes and the people on each side of those ropes. It’s got the high life and the low life and the whole thing is just a dream woven out of this spider’s web. This is the realm of mortality. Everyone has given up their everlasting in order to exercise a temporary self in a world of suffering.

This darkness has degrees of density. Depending on your state of liberation in the moment you can actually see degrees of difference in people. Yes, it is in people that this density exists; the environment is only a mirror and a stage in which the exercise of the level takes place. In a manner of speaking you could say that life is just like a video game; with all those floors and levels- not to mention secret passages and game cheats.

At certain times the light out of which all darkness is woven- and which, is, in fact, composed of light as well; so in a way there is no darkness- begins to move and magnify and act in the woven darkness. Maybe the darkness has gotten too dense. Maybe the residents have gotten too involved; they are supposed to be on a journey- not an eternal sleepover- whatever the reason, the light begins to shake the darkness.

Like anything else, this has a beginning, middle and an end. One thing I can tell you is that it is happening now. One state of mind is going to look at the events and see them as a tragedy and one state of mind is going to see that it is just a process the light is going through in the woven darkness which is not really darkness really but just appears to be; then again, it does seem to be filled with light at times. These are the times when it could actually be called darkness.

This woven darkness, this dream-stuff that is the dream of God in which I write this and you read this and others do what it is they do… this goes on for a very long time. Awakening occurs within this process but is not a common feature of it. The point of a dream is to have dreamers; or should I say; without dreamers where would the dream be?

It seems surprising that there should be rules in a dream, doesn’t it? Maybe there aren’t any rules. Maybe that is just some people saying something, or maybe it’s more like guidelines rather than rules and laws. Maybe they are set up to protect you. We have a way of thinking it is there to protect everyone else. But maybe, you’re not doing certain things will eventually lead you to a place where no violations occur. Maybe the rules are all about one single law; the law of reciprocal action, the law of Karma and the process of reincarnation.

Someone once said, “Nothing is real, everything is permitted. “ Well, you can see that actually. But like so many things that someone said, that’s not all of it. No matter how much we say we can never say it all. No matter how precisely one can present an idea, it is never the idea fully. No matter how many of these I write I will never run out of things to write about and I will never cover any of it completely; in a single piece or in the whole of how ever many of these wind up getting written.

My reasons for writing these things are that it gives me an opportunity to think about them. It doesn’t cross my mind while I am writing them that other people are going to read them. I look for opportunities to focus my attention on the higher realms which are the living rooms of those whose company I seek. I don’t want to write for the New York Times or have dinner with the publisher. I don’t want to live in Hollywood or anywhere like it or be any kind of a big star who has to hang out with people that I don’t think I would really enjoy. I want to spend my time in a walled garden talking to my friends in the Devic Realm.

Now, it’s perfectly alright for people to do these things and people do these things. People do everything you can imagine and some things that you probably can’t imagine. It’s got to be worth it to you though. Most people do not consider, in an eternal sense, whether something is worth it to them. Sometimes, even when they can see the certain conclusion they manage to convince themselves that it will be different. There are people who live right in the path of hurricanes and who manage to convince themselves of a variety of things that allows for them to remain where they are.

For some reason, in my life, I was subjected to a lot of things I would rather have avoided. I do not understand why they happened, except in part. Then, ‘snap’ just like that, everything changed and has remained so and I am not subjected to things I would rather have avoided- not usually and hardly at all so that I cannot remember much that would qualify.

Where I am is going to lead to another state fairly soon. Within the context of a particular path one passes through particular country. I can say with great gratitude that I am very pleased with this path though I am not always pleased with myself. It is as if the dream has a mind of it’s own and we only get to conduct part of it; or we only get to think we conduct part of it.

But you know, with all of what I’ve been saying here, it really is a dream and like Meher Baba said you should, “Don’t worry, be happy.” And then there’s always, “merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” and so many other things you have heard and not heard. I think it may be okay to go with the flow but not to let go of the reins…ah well, dream on.


Anonymous said...

Was glad to see this up here today... Thanks Les


Anonymous said...

re: 'That’s all sin is in actuality. It’s less of a defiant
act of rebellion against common and spiritual laws than it
is a lack of achieving what you really want.'
I have always seen 'sin' as a violation of an entity and/or its wellbeing
Anything that isn't good for you
I hope you are well Les
tony - gg

fembot said...

If I could choose my dreams, I would visit my late partner. We could spend the whole 8 hours flying around, playing in the sky.

I appreciate your essays. I find myself whispering, yes, when I read them.

mr himitsu

Catnapping said...

I think in a small way, our behavior did bring much of this tragedy down on New Orleans.

A decent marsh would have absorbed much of Katrina's awesome energy, so that her landing would have been softened, and miles before the human-populated areas. But we killed the marsh.

A globe unheated by industrial waste would not have fed into Katrina's power, and she might have never developed beyond a Category 2 or 3.
If we valued all humans (and not just heavy consumers with cars), more folks would have been evacuated.

And if we'd never allowed Diebold to fudge yet another [ahem], election, a president better suited to crises might have been at the helm, and the thousand or more, who died from thirst, would still be here.


Anonymous said...

Cities of sin is right, ...although dated. Now it's about stuff and we have our cities of greed. But then again, greed is sin, and visa versa, and the amalgamation is being firmly put into action with nods of brain/soul-less American approval these days. So how about "Nawlins was an Inside Job"? That is could be was/is possible, and there is certainly strong motive (where there is a will...), so I don't rule it out. Sure, it is unreasonable to think this in a "normal sense", but it beats believing turbanned fanatics in caves as the sinister orchestrators of all things terror.

Did you ever get my CD, Shithouse Wall?

Anonymous said...

Visible, that was as elegant as ever. I had to read this several times before I got (or think I got) your full intention.

z a

Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

we serve. and sometimes we serve the right purpose and person. and then we're happy.

Anonymous said...

I've got that Meher Baba poster up on the wall of my bedroom. I see it all the time.




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