Monday, January 02, 2006

She'll Be Driving Six White Horses When She Comes.

In the arcane tradition Adam translated means, “namer of things’. The indication is that we are defined by the things we define in the way we define them. Our world is a mental construct that exists according to our perceptions. Things are what we think they are and we are what we think we are; even if we aren’t actually. We are that for however long we hold that view. Once past childhood we’re just moving toward the recycling plant unless... we maintain some portion of our childlike nature; a willingness to grow and to change. In the Bible it says, “We shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” Were a person capable of constant change in the right direction they would never die. Such people move among us. Such a destiny remains possible as long as breath remains. Failure only leads to another opportunity. Each new opportunity contains restrictions based upon the mindset at our last exit... and so it goes and goes and goes.

Besides whatever we believe to be true there is the force of the environment that is the collective understanding of what is true. Out of this come our cultures and moralities and all the features attendant to communities of any size. It’s no small pressure. For most people, going along seems to be the thing to do. Then there are the options; getting on your water buffalo and riding out past the gates, opposition and confrontation, holding up a Roman candle in a dark theater, playing with the fabric of the thing for personal gain, a quiet reversal of perspective in the midst- swimming up stream without collision with the large schools of fish moving in the opposite direction. There are a lot of possibilities and there are the tests of sincerity. If you think that exclusive club down the way has requirements and conditions... this is a whole other thing.

The reason that nations rise and fall; why cultures disappear, why the Four Horsemen trot out of the clouds every now and then, why there are wars and rumors of wars, is because the human experiment always fails due to the agenda of the false self in the marketplace of things. Then again, it’s just an experiment. The palpable success of the experiment occurs outside the measurement parameters of the field in which it takes place. I could talk about resurrection, trans-substantiation or what Elijah thought he was doing with that chariot but this isn’t about that. This is more about right now; about where we find ourselves right now and where we are on the dial. Things go up and things go down. Sometimes it’s Swan Lake for awhile and sometimes Wagner has the baton. You can tell, more or less, where you are by the soundtrack and the omens. Omens are like warnings. You might call them cosmic movie trailers or commercials for tomorrow.

There was this thing with Moses and the Golden Calf. There are conditions and forces in manifest life that strive for preeminence. There are extremes of these. Consider the Spanish Inquisition, the Dark Ages and our present wall to Wal-Mart world. You get segments like The Enlightenment (which wasn’t all about enlightenment) and The Renaissance. Often we call things by names that don’t identify them. Things that were gospel turn out to be fallacies. Things that were universally laughed at and worse turn out to have been true. It isn’t any different now. Often what is laughed at and persecuted is only something that stands counter to prevailing- temporary- preeminence. The world of commerce and religion are both businesses and take their inspiration and their objectives from the conning tower located at the top of the head of the Golden Calf. Maybe the two horns are both conning towers with a double message that serves to keep the flock in the middle; where the ‘action’ is.

We have a variety of laws that we are either directly aware of, have heard about, or pay no attention to but are profoundly affected by anyway. There is some truth to the saying that “ignorance is no excuse of the law”. It’s no excuse for the law either. When you feed cows the crushed up reprocessed bodies of other cows (because you want to save expense to maximize profit) you are going to get some kind of a result that is different than when you don’t do this. When you pen millions of chickens into small confining spaces you are going to get certain results. When you raise livestock in a state of intense fear and crowded circumstance you season the meat. Certain things happen when you shit where you eat.

The Golden Calf says that we have to make everything cheaper than we did before because we have a duty to our stockholders. Every cost and quality control that can be cut or eliminated is a good thing because it benefits everyone. Milo Minderbinder will tell you this. Lots of people will tell you this and they will explain in a dignified and intelligent way in the voiceover by Dr. Pangloss how this is the best of all possible worlds and ways. The whole world will turn into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing hallelujah amen to just how good it is; how good it tastes, how healthy it is and what savages everyone else is who might not think it is such a good idea. Most people don’t wonder about the Mormon Tabernacle and (at the same time) all that Blood Covenant-Blood Atonement stuff... the lies and the murders are just part of the whole business framework and there is no real difference between the Scientologists, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, the Zionists and any group of men and women sitting around any table discussing what’s messing with the bottom line and next years projected revenue.

Most people don’t make the connection between the avuncular face of the Grand Poobah and the sausage factory in the basement. Most people don’t see the conveyor belt of lives moving toward the steel thresher port while they’re watching the commercial for the product composed of these lives. They don’t see themselves moving on the conveyor belt through Einstein’s train window while they’re headed to the Six Flags amusement park in Samarra. Most people don’t see how a dead planet like the Moon could be a body factory on the dark side of the Mobius loop. It isn’t that so much as it is that they don’t care. They would care if they could put it together but putting it together makes you a stranger in a strange land. It makes you different and that can frighten you worse than ignoring the inevitable. Anyway, you got TV, you got the idea of sex, you got it all right here baby. Sometimes it’s just better not to know... isn’t it?

Even if you do know, you don’t know. The light from The Golden Calf makes a seeming wonderland of opportunity out of everything (in many cases... by that warm desire-light ...of what you can see on the surface anyway) upon which the light falls. Outside that light is the darkness. In that darkness, we are told, there are demons and dragons and leviathan mouths. You remember those old maps when the world was flat? Even after it stopped being flat there were those cool pictures of monsters at the peripheries; the lands of legend, the unknown. The lunatic irony of it all; the biggest, nastiest monster is lighting up the landscape in front of you. It’s John Wayne Gacy in the Ronald McDonald suit. It’s the Minotaur in the Las Vegas ice cream suit. It’s Bob Barker at the gates of Hell. “Come on down!!!”

People talk about the emperor’s new clothes. Even while they’re talking about it they are remarking how nice he looks. Well, this isn’t about how dreary a thing is life; not by a long shot. It’s about choices and how you name things. After awhile it comes out right. In the meantime though, here it is and here you are, seemingly. Somebody is making omelets and somebody is breaking eggs and somebody is doing shit to the chicken. All these cogs are turning in the Mad Hatter’s watch; or was it the rabbit that had the watch? Salvador Dali’s watch is ticking in the omelet and you’ll know what time it is when it hits your stomach.

It’s been coming for awhile. It’s been coming since it started coming and it’s been getting there by the by. I’d be mindful how close I sat to that great big cow and especially mindful of ‘where’ I was sitting. The hard thing is you can’t always tell which end of the cow you are sitting in front of. What I found was that all that scary darkness wasn’t any more than a black velvet curtain. It’s a bit thicker and I expect that accounts for all the tenuous efforts at penetration. Well, that’s your call. I can tell you this. She is definitely driving six white horses, more or less.


Anonymous said...

Still working on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Classic Les V.

For some reason I doubt you've seen "Wayne's World" but picture me leaving the room making short, repetitious little bows and chanting, "I'm not worthy".."I'm not worty"...

Heh heh...Happy New Year to you Les!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Very nice Visible
Very deliberate
Very thought provoking

'Most people don't like change'


As a favourite lady of mine once said "Tough titties"


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I go by that Slate forum now. It gives me a real comparison in locales. That is some bunch of of spite mongers you got over there. It's sweet how you handed that guy his head. I'm glad to see you got that side to yourself because I always wonder about people being too brilliant or too good. The human side makes it easier to follow the rest.


Anonymous said...

more or less>


well done.

Anonymous said...

One thing I can say and that is that there is no other site like this anywhere else. The biggest plus is that you have no advertising. Most of the metaphysical sites I encounter have the internet equivalent of flashing neon and rows of sidebars for junk. I can't equate vending crap in order to pay for information. It doesn't have to be like that as you show. Appreciate it.



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