Friday, January 27, 2006

I exploded in the Toilet.

Article removed for not being up to my usual standard and for the crime of self indulgence....coupled as it was with the preceding one by vitue of progression, one of them had to go. I'll be back soon.

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'The Pope of Rock and Roll'

The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List


Anonymous said...

You will be fine Vis. There are prayers on the way.

Anonymous said...

If you only wanted to be Dmitri, you'd be OK.

If you only wanted to be Aloysha,
you'd be OK too.

If you only wanted to be Ivan,
you'd also be OK.

In fact, you'd even be OK if you wanted to be Smerdyakov.

The problem is, you fucker, you want to be ALL of them.

Kazantzakis was able to do that, but only in his novels and great epic poem "The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel". Not in his actual life.

Thomas Wolfe was able to do that, but at what psychic cost?

Anyway, go find a copy of Kimon Friar's translation of "The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel" and at least read his introduction to the poem. Then read the rest in small doses.

And please remember the closing lines, which in English are:

"He escaped from his last cage, his freedom".


Anonymous said...

Peace Be With You, al b.

Anonymous said...

I saw what happened and for some reason this saying of the Buddha comes to mind: "Violence never ceases by violence, violence ceases by love alone. This is an old rule."

In my own small way, I've been there. You feel the world intensely. I do too. I haven't been through what you have but I have felt the sting and the confusion. But I feel that that pain is what drives us on to something better. I'd certainly say it has in your case and in mine too.

Anyway... I love you.

It's temporary man, all temporary. The weather is changing as we speak.


Anonymous said...

I think you're closing in on honesty with this. Not there yet. Dancing, stages, tripping, masters. Try the other direction.

With love and compassion,

Catnapping said...

You are loved, Les. You'll find your way.

Energy is neither destroyed nor created; it changes from one form to another.

Anonymous said...

Brittany Visible!!! - Nah!

I know you won't appreciate this Visible ... but ...
You're a friggin Yank mate!
from birth you're told 'You are the Greatest' - bullshit
(anyone can be president - yeah right!)
Look at Cassius Clay - a pugilist for crisake (I know he's a favourite)
And what about Brittany? - a bloody singer !!!!!!!
Madona?? ..... ??
the list is too long .......
What about the little Chinese girl that discovered something
extremely significant to the human race, that none of the
best brains in the world could crack, she did,
out of her discipline - remember her? ..... I don't!

and then again it could be hereditary
if that's the case .... hang in, things'll look different tomorrow!
and if not tomorrow - the next day

You are a brilliant writer - that's enough!

May be I'm an asexual hybrid


Anonymous said...

I like Ben,
'It's temporary man, all temporary. The weather is changing as we speak.'


I firmly agree with D James Halitsky,
'The problem is, you fucker, you want to be ALL of them.'

I don't know about this bastard tony-gg though!

... just another hb

Anonymous said...

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
And just because you can doesn't mean it is

Anonymous said...

Nothing you write brother is below standard

Visible said...

Anonymous 'negative' comments are not allowed to remain. Please don't by shy. You can even just use your Frayname; that's fair enough. It's got to cut through... all that effort and I still skate on.

Things like this let me know how many people read here.

Anonymous said...

How can I read it if it's been removed? It sounds interesting.


Want to email it over?

Anonymous said...

Less than a decade ago I prayed my most powerful prayer. Desiring nothing and seeking a path to show gratitude, I asked that God use me. God being the symmetry of the universe. Within a month my oldest child had died, within a year I was diagnosed with a disease that has left my body in pain and useless. Too many other events that seem impossible for one life in a single decade. Along the way enormous opportunity. An example was prior to Kubler-Ross's death, a correspondence that allowed me to offer her some comfort after her stroke.

I suppose my point is, to be fully conscience is not for sissies. To know great joy you must know great sorrow and it can really suck.


Visible said...

For the sake of brevity and because ten thousand words would not be enough, let me say that I know exactly what you are talking about. I was just musing upon the very thing this morning by the pond in the backyard.

Ironically, Elizabeth did not go easy. I did not know her though I was an intimate of several people who did. My nature has been to stay at a remove in most cases or to be fully plunged in when I have no regard for my sanity or safety; fortunately the latter has become less of a compulsion.



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