Thursday, February 02, 2006

Your Inside is Out and Your Outside is in so...

I have two blogs. One is to talk about what is really happening; as far as I am concerned and the other is merely a vent for the personal vehicle moving through the gridlock of the manifest realm. It is not surprising that the latter, existing only half as long, has far more readers. What is surprising is how often readers will point out to me perspectives that have to do with the other blog. I don't know if they do it merely to express their take, or to point it out to me for my edification. It does make me smile in any case. It amuses me to see them make the points I so often attempt to make here, to me over there.

Like all of you, I am a work in progress. Ideally I would live in rarified realms at all times. Such is not the case for any of us writing or reading here. I'm not sure about even having the other blog (I hate that word). For some reason it is there. Regardless of the things I say there it is a matter of some certainty and faith on my part that all is well; that everything is under control and outworking perfectly. Though my orientation is Eastern, I live in the Western world. The Eastern realm can be considered to be one of contemplation and the Western realm one of action. This is in respect of spiritual practice, not in terms of the external. Anyone who thinks that has never been to Hong Kong. Although these two spiritual perspectives appear to differ they don't differ except in terminology and appearance. You have the seven planets, or metals on the one hand and the seven chakras on the other. Everything on the one end is the same as on the other.

One of the things I notice as I travel about is the difference in the languages, yet the people are the same. Their diets vary. Their religions vary and their politics vary. It's all various expressions of something that is exactly the same behind the colorful array of circumstance and sensory impact. The appearance of the differences is the source of suspicion. The appearances of the differences is what makes war occur as we make a greater divide in the attempt to force a unity that is already unshakeably itself.

In the present time we have a classic example of the manipulation of this in the actions and words of the present American administration. The head of this administration will go on television and say one thing and then do precisely the opposite the very next day and make everything stand on it's head to the advantage of those whose real business is confusion. Confusion can be fun and entertaining; circuses, carnivals, amusement parks... oh there are many examples. Confusion can also be very painful for those who are confused. For the ones doing the confusing that doesn't matter. Whether you suffer or not is of no importance to them. Quite often they enjoy, or think they enjoy, the fact that you suffer. Well, obviously they are more deeply confused than you are because that isn't the intention of the primary intender regarding what is essentially intended for all of us.

The confusion exists for a reason. It also exists 'as' confusion and always will, simply because shapes and colors and the intricate variety of substances and elements and what-have-you are in competition with each other in real time and in your mind. That's show business. For many, this confusion is a delight and a necessary distraction from the awesome reality of the one. It's especially true when we are young. We want to live and dance and fall in love and get rich and be important and slay dragons and save maidens and make the world free for our own brand of confusion. I'm wondering if the word, 'confusion' doesn't come from the name Confucious. A study of what Confucianism is seems to bear this out.

What Confucianism is is representative in the West too. It is putting the emphasis on tradition and all of the minutiae of accepted behavior and rigid containment of the spirit within long standing demarcations or grooves worn into the tracks upon which we move. When people leave these tracks some might say they "go off the rails" or they might appear to be criminals or rebels or just young people with bad haircuts and poorly channeled sex drives. The repression of this sex drive, ironically, often leads to criminal behavior. At the same time, according to whatever form of Confucianism is running the joint, letting it run loose is considered immoral and prohibitive.

Everything is made out of the same thing, you and me, the trees and the rocks, the oceans and the sky. We are composed of the same substance. Every religion is based on the same God. In 99% of the cases, all of the different forms of clothing conceal the same body parts. In some large percentage all of the lives being lived, appear and disappear in similar fashion. And it goes on and on and on and on. The conditions of life on this planet shift this way and that and always contain the same elements; war and peace, want and plenty, rich and poor, bound and free and on and on and on; joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure- interacting opposites constantly creating new scenarios for life to experience itself in. Right in the same moment, most of the time- inasmuch as this all takes place in time- people are on the rack and people are lounging in beach chairs. People are looking to screw up the world and people are looking to fix it and it isn't clear, often, which is which. In fact, in all of the cases of opposites just given it often isn't clear which is which. And certainly the results that follow don't indicate that the initial intention was what it appeared to be.

What to do.... hmmmm. I can only speak for myself; whoever that is. I look at it as a swirling maelstrom that is always tugging to pull me into a washing machine effect of tumbling among the rocks in the cylinder. I can look at the world and see that that is the case for most everyone and that some manage better than others. They do so because of disposition, values, programming or... well, there are a lot of things. For myself, if I take the time to sit each morning and, with the sure and certain knowledge that there is a divine consciousness that pervades everything, settle and reach; let that which is that know that all I want is that... I find that it orchestrates my day in that direction. If I close out my day the same way there is a gradual progression that moves ever closer to union with that and a continuing self realization is the result.

This is what I want and this is what I get. There are a whole lot of other things out there in the world of confusion and all of them result in something. To fight the world is to fail. The world is already fighting itself and it hasn't won yet has it? In fact, no one who has ever fought here has won as far as the moment goes and the moment goes on forever. Well, I'm not going to come to any conclusions about anything I talked about here today. I'm just going to let it hang there and enjoy the fantastic experience of realizing how very, very important it is just to remember what is important. Something really wonderful is going on. My suspicion is that it has been doing this all along. I think I'm going to think about that.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad I checked. You've been away from here for awhile as far as things like this go. Mucho gracias and all that. I walk away feeling a lot better than I arrived.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're around.

It occurred to me that even when you don't have a post to the blog here, you might want to open up a "dummy" or "stub" thread that people can just post comments to when they just want to talk to you or ask you questions.

I realize this can be done via email BUT: a) not everyone who reads here has your email; b) some questions/comments (and your responses, if any) might be of interest to all the folks who read here on a regular basis.

Something to consider, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you keep doing it. Your biographer is going to be pissed.

z a

Anonymous said...

glad I found this

thank you for writing it

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the next one Les.




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