Monday, November 03, 2008

The Darkness that Brims with Light

Life’s like the ocean in a way. The tides bring things in and the tides take things out. There’s a lot more going on below the surface than above the surface. Sometimes it’s stormy and wave-tossed and sometimes it’s calmer but it is never still. You could say that the mind is like the ocean; all those thought fishes swimming in and out. You could say your life is like your mind and reflects the state of it.

The reason I bring this up is because of trends that I see coming in on the tides of life. The trends of the moment aren’t different, essentially from the trends of any time. They’re all made out of the same thing; the same thing that you and I and the Earth and the sky are made out of. The thing that I notice the most about trends and conditions is that they always involve conflict. It could be the simple conflicts of fashion and color; the clash of styles, cultures and climates that always create new weather when they meet. It might be the darker conflicts of stressed economies and war. Wherever people are more concentrated, the conflicts are more dramatic simply from the press of so many individuals with different perspectives and attitudes; different needs, different levels of awareness, different agendas and moral codes.

The conflicts within us have some relationship to the conflicts outside of us. We look at it as something that is explained to us by others or as something we explain to ourselves. These days there is a lot less introspection and a great deal more of getting our world view from larger mediums of information. Since these larger mediums have a significant investment in getting groups of people to believe their version of events and conditions it can be readily assumed that conflicts and conditions are often created for the profit of those creating them.

Our physical bodies are composed of four elements that are at war with one another. There are more subtle elements as well. It shouldn’t take any great leap of thought to see where the actions of the elements of our bodies would affect the state of our minds. Looking at the commercial world, the marketplace, we can see how certain agendas, with an eye for their own profit, work upon the human mind and body in order to motivate them toward an interest in whatever they are selling. It stands to reason that those doing this want to provide the least amount of product for the greatest possible price at the smallest amount of expense. This is a trend we have seen at work for some time as convenience and immediacy win out over craftsmanship and durability. It stands to reason that the longer something functions and lasts, the longer is the time period before you need a replacement.

Over the centuries we have been given a lot of explanations for why the world is the way it is. Many people discount the possibility of a divine being because of things that have happened here. They don’t see how God could allow such things so therefore there must be no God. They’ve also seen how religion has been compromised as just one more commercial enterprise which adds to the idea that there couldn’t be any kind of a God described by the religions who would allow his temporal institutions to be used in such a manner. A study of the life and thought of Martin Luther brings up some interesting considerations.

People who read at this blog, or any of my blogs, know that I like to ramble around through the scenery before I get to my point. Sometimes the point doesn’t appear at all because it’s meant to appear in the mind of the reader and not on the page. I look at the personal mind as a room filled with furniture. Sometimes when you rearrange the furniture and make the room look and feel different there is a possibility that the mind itself can be glimpsed for a moment. Regardless of what many people might think, it’s not as easy to see our minds at we think it is.

Another telling point is that there really isn’t a personal mind in the way we generally understand it and that our biggest problem and the source of all of our personal conflicts is our perception of our minds as something personal. There’s only one mind and our idea of a personal mind is just the point at which we make contact with it. You could think of yourself as a small inlet into which an unfathomable sea flows in and out. Things wash up on our little shore and wash out again too. The impact of the greater sea upon the inlet constantly changes the shape and landscape of the shore so that we are never what we thought we were. This is why introspection and a constant effort to see deeper into the nature of ourselves will eventually lead to an understanding that we are nothing like what we think we are. We are much greater and much smaller than our present perceptions of ourselves which are quite often nothing more than an arrangement of furniture or an amalgam of trends and conditions that came in from the sea until they washed out again.

When you look at any period of time you can see a pervasive similarity in the lives of the people. At the same time you can see marked differences between cultures and countries but that the totality of it all is the image of the day in which they live. No matter what time you choose there is always an identifiable atmosphere of the time in which they lived... like there is now. No matter how many generations come and go. No matter how many lessons are played out on the surface of life... people don’t change all that much. They are still selfish and brutal and behave like malicious children.

Across the surface of the Earth there are ruins beneath the surface and ruins beneath those. The earth beneath the deepest ruins is composed of former ruins that are now just dirt. What does that tell you? It should tell you something about life and the permanence of human industry and all of the things that were made or will be made. The inside of your mind is not dissimilar to this. There are also things forgotten that are buried beneath things forgotten... lifetimes... and deeper still. Few are they who dive into these depths.

The world is a gigantic flashing billboard of products; possibilities, events and coming attractions like movie trailers and its sole job is to distract you from this deep diving. That is the purpose of the world. It is a smorgasbord of food and drink and sexual opportunity. It is the promise of riches and power and fame for the few after which so many hunger and spend their lives in the pursuit of which they will not attain. People don’t get it. It abuses them. It confuses and breaks them and uses them for sport and even consumes them but they line up at the door every day. They get sent on the conveyor belt to the shadow realm where the moon weaves them another body and then they bang on the door to be let in so they can do it all over again. That’s how it goes and it goes and goes and goes... round and round on a wheel of fire inside the belly of Ganesha.

You can’t talk about these things with most people. Men in cassocks and suits with bad hair can talk to them. Men in robes and wearing funny hats can talk to them about punishment and reward but you can’t talk to them about living realities or the deep and luminous places in the mind. There is something in the common mind that does not want to know. It wants to understand other worlds as if it were the same world they were contemplating it in.

You cannot tell them that the flames of desire are the same as the fires of Hell or that the world is a carnival of mirrors in a funhouse where it’s not always fun. You can’t tell them that Love is the purification of desire and an altogether different fire or about thousands of curious things that are all around them and which they cannot see and do not wish to see. You can share what you have as what it is but you cannot share it as something else.

All of this is why I consider mediation and contemplation, self-inquiry and compassion to be of infinitely more value than anything the world will ever provide. People will nod their heads over this and then go right back to what they were doing. This is a mystery that conceals a powerful treasure and there it sits. There is sits, right in the middle of the darkness that conceals it.

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Randall said...

Wow. I can't even really say right now. Something I understand, but can't quite put in words right now.
Have to lie down get up, read again, repeat.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff - especially the last 4 paragraphs. I don't think we have had much choice in the matter of coming back - it's like the tide - but this time I feel there will be the possibility of mass ascensions - whatever that means - and we have the opportunity to get the hell out of this material plane along with the animals and a lot fo suffering humanity. Maybe those old ideas of the Greeks about golden ages were true and relevant and hopefully there is some kind of a cycle and opportunity for that ....well, I live in hope.

kikz said...

mornin les,

'but they line up at the door every day. They get sent on the conveyor belt to the shadow realm where the moon weaves them another body and then they bang on the door to be let in so they can do it all over again. That’s how it goes and it goes and goes and goes… round and round on a wheel of fire inside the belly of Ganesha.'

by nature i'm most cynical.. but the only opine on all this that seems to make any sense to me (doubtful it will to anyone else)...

consider infinity/eternity... then consider the puny span, the blink of an eye that is the human life...

if - we're here to learn lessons by our choices - that puny human span of existence is just not enough time for some/most of the lessons that obviously are to serve us for eternity, hence the great conveyor/recycle.

there must be something we can learn or refine - only - thru these fragile vehicles ...

some attraction to gross matter as it were, or i guess there would be no impetus to come here in the first place.

...this concurrent wish to come here, yet longing to return home.

maybe it's love?

notamobster said...

vis, I am the type to nod and go right back to what I was doing. I can't explain why. I just know that I absolutely relish solitude and thoughtful contemplation; introspection. I just lack the compassion. There is something that was wired wrong, I think. I would normally send an admission or question like this via email - so as not to expose myself... But here I am. I can't explain the disconnect. I mean, I can feel a range of emotions -love, joy, pain, fear, loss, grief, etc... But not guilt or compassion. Why? I go out of my way at times to not step on people's frogs, but that is a conditioned response.

I know what is right and what is wrong, but for me - the moral compass always stands still. I do everything in my power to do what is right because I KNOW (!!!) The absolute certainty of reciprocity, karma, what-have-you. I do what is right for fear of the consequences, not because of the "voice" so many seem to have inside. Have you ever learned or heard anything about this?
I don't enjoy causing pain or any such (psycho/socio), but it doesn't bother me to - either. I have been discussing this more and more with a few of your readers via email, trying to gain some insight.

I find myself at peace, when I'm completely isolated. I sit...nose buried in books/articles/blogs trying to soak up as much information as I can. I've tried various religions/faiths, and I go balls-to-the-wall immersing myself into the endeavour, but it always becomes purely academic.

The only peace derived ultimately comes from the solitude of prayer and contemplation and even that drives me bat-shit sometimes as my brain just races in circles, like a dog chasing it's tale(sic). This is why I tend to the socio-political side of matters.

m_astera said...

Apropos nothing much-

If one looks in enough different places, behind enough curtains, the concept recurs that there is no time in the objective sense. I've heard and read that from any number of sources and perhaps, no not perhaps, have experienced it too. Is all simultaneous, or is that word just another concept of the time-bound?

A logical extension of no time is the lack of linear progression. If there is no time objectively, then one cannot have past lives or future lives, can one? Is the future unfixed, or is it that anything that possibly could happen will and the unfixed part is which of those possibilities we choose to experience? (leaving aside the question of who exactly gets to experience as us in the ones we don't choose)

What I'm getting at here is that if we experience multiple incarnations, but objectively there is no time, then all of those lives are happening at once, now, right now. My mental image of this is a dandelion fluff with all of the little fluffy ended stems originating from a central core, each one a different incarnation, all feeding information back to their origin.

I read that one could listen for the tone-vibration of equality, and follow that back to the central core, and that if and "when" one could do this certain functions would collapse,call them "functions of separation" perhaps (my term) and as I get it, one could become aware as that central core and in so doing become aware of all of the lives simultaneously (that word again).

This seemed like a suitably ambitious goal, and I've been working on it for some time. If I stop and "listen" I can hear something that might be the tone vibration of equality. Sometimes it's quite loud. Now how does one go about following that tone back to it's point of origin when it's seemingly coming from within one's own head? So far not much luck; what happens when I close my eyes and roll them back, listen for the tone, is that my thoughts stop. Well that's pretty handy anyway, for those of you who wish to try it. It does stop thought, even when the monkey mind is running a seemingly endless treadmill, but the next step is that I go unconscious. If I'm sitting in focus I black out and when I come to don't recall anything. If I'm lying down I fall asleep (which can be just as handy some nights as stopping thought).

This is merely a progress report, so far not much, but I really like the idea of being aware of all incarnations at once.

Randall said...

That's fine les, I din't Texpect you or anyone else to specifically.
I've just always held that God puts in me, like in you like in Nota (thanks for Creature, been a while) et al our talents and interests for a Reason.
(you by now notice I you caps on words for reasons that need not be explained by those
with the same understanding (or lack off) as mine).
And that I cannot withhold what I know to others
here, as I feel it is a dereliction of duty so to speak.
They use a technology way ahead of whats been made public. They meaning us or Them.
I do have a leading investigator (linda
Moulton Howe, of Earth Files), getting all my info at the moment.
Believe me Les, it would be like trying to tell someone about the absolute Mountain evidence of 911, in it's totality in 4 hours after 4 years of research - if you don't have an adequate knowledge base on this subject.
My own departed dad had info 42 years old
that was imparted to me in 1989 while I was sitting in prison, serendipity at it's finest.
There are no accidents.
If you would like a detailed offering
of the Story I'd be glad to give it, here or in an email.
It would by definition have to be lengthy.
You can just click on The great Linking for Peace blog for the stills.
They are real and they are the best I've seen.

kikz said...

'I can feel a range of emotions -love, joy, pain, fear, loss, grief, etc... But not guilt or compassion. '

nota, haven't i seen you'd lost a daughter?

could it be thru your fear, loss and grief that guilt and compassion have been discernibly dampened (as a defense mechanism, or as a scar over a wound) by what i can only imagine as the most wrenching experiences a human can face, the loss of a child?

or it could be that since you have 'swung' so far to the extreme of these on such a personal level, that you are not as easily sympathetically/empathetically swayed or affected as you may have been before?...

i'm only venturing a weak guess, as i have no real 'gauge'.

my only great loss of adulthood, has been my daddy's passing...8yrs on, i realize the experience has made me both hyper/hypo reactive to certain aspects of personal or peripherial emotions of myself and others.

as to the voice...
'I do what is right for fear of the consequences, not because of the "voice" so many seem to have inside.'

i think, inner discernment of consequences is the voice :)

kikz said...

m astera,

your dandelion analogy 'reverberates' as to my quite limited understanding of sacred geometry.

mandelbrot, golden mean/ratio/spiral, flower of life, etc.


kikz said...

m astera,


'I can hear something that might be the tone vibration of equality. Sometimes it's quite loud. Now how does one go about following that tone back to it's point of origin when it's seemingly coming from within one's own head?'

my wanderings have been more visual than aural... i do experience aural tones, but i tend to dismiss most if not all, due to quirky sinuses, and any manner of artificial/manmade interferences.

long ago, trying to cure a headache induced by aching eyes from too much reading...

i discovered that slight pressure applied to the outer orbs, thru the eyelids produces a fractal kaleidescopic display akin to a mandelbrot generator.

the effect is probably brought on by oxygen deprivation to the tissues...

but why those images?

hardwired by nature, i guess...shrugz?

notamobster said...

kikz - the emotions I feel have been heightened exponentially, but the lack of guilt/empathy/remorse thing, has always been that way. I just figured some people had it and some didn't, but now I want to know more. The discernment of consequences is not a voice, but something in my mind which has been conditioned to know, this is good - this is bad. My wife, her mom, others I know...they have something that makes them feel empathy/guilt (maybe?) if they wrong someone, but I never have. I once had a (school) psychologist say I had a dissociative reaction disorder. I also have a friend who knows my upbringing and most of my life, and he insists that it is mostly environmental. He teaches the same "poor, hopeless, inner city type kids" that I used to be and says he sees it all the time. He says that the fact that my siblings (save one), my mother, and her brother, and her father all have the same problem is proof that it's environmental. I think that my brother is not that way, is proof that it's not - but, rather, genetic. Hell, I don't know, but I'm hoping some of the brightest minds on the intertoobs might.

m_astera has some pretty interesting thoughts on the subject. The jury is still out, but I'm intrigued with the ideas.

Anonymous said...


I know you don't mind much and you don't complain or push your message or make money from it. I can respect that. You live by the gospel and the gospel maintains you.

That's good and noble but there are a lot of us out here that don't come here to see a message board. I think you should set up a forum where people can talk to each other because I get really tired of a lot of this other stuff that I have seen lately.

I'm always going to come here but I wish there was some way to keep the conversation on the point of the subject you wrote about. This may not be important to everyone else but I have been coming here for almost four years now and I liked it a lot better when there were not so many people around. It always comes around to people pissing in the pool.

I don't have another pool besides this one so I'd like to ask that some decorum happens here. There's been a lot of ego going around here lately- not you v. but among your readers and that is not the point of this place and I think this started happening almost as soon as you put that blogrolling up at Smoking Mirrors.


Anonymous said...

Its a bit like the movement from minding to being.
With no one making the transition.
Thanks again Les.

kikz said...


well then, if your mother was lacking in the (internalized) capacity of empathy there is no way she could have developed/awakened that latent capacity in you... and there is a time a frame for this to happen, having reared children, i understand it. if empathy/compassion are not developed/emotionally internalized by the age of say 5... generally these turn out to be rather hamstrung peeps, as like you say, held in 'moral check' by externally imposed limitations, i.e. right/wrong... not an 'inner compass'. taken to extreme, torturing animals and other humans, even unto death.

somehow you seem to've escaped the worst of it, as you have the ability to understand (your) seeming lack of emotionally internalized capacity for it....

i tend to agree w/the environmental assessment -
your parents
couldn't give what they didn't have...

genetically though, it is there, latent... or i doubt you'd be in possession of your other emotional faculties.

maybe the brother did manage to find someone in early life that allowed for his internalization of it? a friend? a babysitter?

i dunno...

Anonymous said...

An amazing post, NOTA, heavy with feeling. Let me suggest something, if I may ... could it be you care too much?

Visible said...

All day I have been getting emails that people can't comment at Smoking Mirrors. People- they have been messing with me for months. They've made it so hard for me to even put up a post that most people wouldn't even go through it. It's not a surprise that today and tonight no one can comment. Google is owned by people affiliated with the very people who are behind the world's problems in the first place.

It's no big deal to me. Comment here if you want.

It all works out....

No fear-

It all works out.

kikz said...

they've sure done a number on ya les..
even looking at older posts... no comments...whatta fukin crock...

Anonymous said...

The live span of things produced are indeed getting ever shorter, why even a blog topic can reach the end of its alloted space at which time even the posting of comments will no longer fit. So maybe it indicates a time at hand to move to a new page or chapter like Smoking Mirrors part the second. ?
Dylan wrote 'everything is broken' and Neil Young wrote about 'piece of crap' how indeed can a person justify there endevors at consumming the earth for the non event of filling a bin, one must conclude that the ending of their useless way of life getting ever closer is but a reflexion of the ever fleeting usefulness of their produce.
But cheer up fellow torches of truth for your batteries being charged by works of beauty and truth do not loose their power as does the junk produced by this world of greed.

Anonymous said...

Then all of a sudden as if to say your not alone or real new, around comes The Plastic Man out of the 60's ->
Will not this plastic existance soon melt back into the earth so that a new one of strenth and durability rise in its sted.

m_astera said...


It's not really an aural tone like when one hears ringing or squeals from the ears. It is sort of like ringing but it doesn't affect my hearing and I have to consciously pay attention to notice it. Some times I can't "hear" it at all; those times are when I'm "off" from where I need to be in my relation to the world, like focused on material things or in a negative emotional state. So I can use whether or not I can perceive the tone to tell me if I'm on the wrong track.

And I have no idea if it's the "tone-vibration of equality" that I am perceiving or not; it's something I discovered while searching for that tone, and thought worth mentioning because it does stop thought, not an easy thing to do normally.

I'm also guessing that the reason I go unconscious is that this human brain doesn't have the circuitry to handle whatever I'm accessing, or perhaps not the capacity to remember it.

Anonymous said...


Normally I'd say lack of empathy/guilt is indicative of psychopathy. But then, psychopaths aren't known for coming clean about their differences from 'normal' people, not voluntarily at least. So that's probably not it. That said, a lot of guilt just comes down to conditioned responses, so maybe the fact that you're spared the feelings (while still getting the behavioural advantages) is a blessing in disguise.

I sometimes wonder about how genuine my own emotions are. How much is real, and how much is a show, for the benefit of others? It's hard to tell, sometimes ... and there are times, when I know I'm behaving a certain way in order to influence someone else to do something, not as a premeditated act but sort of instinctively, but I catch myself doing this and I think, whoa, what's going on here? I suppose most social interaction is like that, to one extent or another. Which is why I only really feel my'self' when I'm alone. But then, I was raised in the woods and my only socialization was in school so ... -shrugs- Does Not Play Well With Others. we're all the products of our environments, right?

Anonymous said...

Nina, Kikz, NOTA-

I'm familiar with the mainstream psychology concept of not bonding with another before a certain age, and the prison research that led to it. Not to say that environment can't be the cause, but the possibility exists that they have things backwards and there are certain people that don't have the capacity or ability.

There has been some discussion of psychopaths and ponerology on les's blogs, and anyone who's done the homework knows that Laura K-J has pulled together most of the info. What I was discussing with nota was something she got from the Cassiopeians. (disclaimer: I am no one's true believer. I'm even banned from posting on due to my political incorrectness.)

The C's said that humanity is split almost half and half between those who have the higher centers and those who don't, the higher centers being the "chakras" above the third one at the solar plexus. In those without the higher centers emotion would never reach the heart or the throat or the one symbolized by the shepherd's crook. There is no capacity for heartbreak or getting choked up with emotion because the circuitry isn't there.

If this is true, and half of humanity doesn't have the higher centers period, then the lack of those centers can't be the cause of psychopathology or we would have a lot more psychopaths than we do. The inability to feel remorse or conscience, though, would seem to make it a lot easier for those lacking the higher centers to become psychopaths. It would also provide a mechanism for the deliberate creation of psychopathology in those who did have them: simply cut off access to the higher centers. This could happen spontaneously in a highly stressed early childhood as well.


kikz said...

well people...

a new day dawns.

i heard the world collectively sigh last night :)

and also i laughed at a sign:


kikz said...

m astera,
'In those without the higher centers emotion would never reach the heart or the throat or the one symbolized by the shepherd's crook. There is no capacity for heartbreak or getting choked up with emotion because the circuitry isn't there.

If this is true, and half of humanity doesn't have the higher centers period,'


if -

it is the creator's wish that we learn... evolve...transcending our more base natures...

what would be the point of the 'entire exercise' if evolution were blocked or even the possibility of evolution was negated?

the capacity for the evolution and perfection of the human spirit is w/in all. the path home is w/in all.

we must be tricked, and kept in ignorance, so as not to realize the latent capacity exists within -

most if not all organized religion teaches from birth that no such capacity exists within, and must be begged for from an EXTERNAL source... that's the BIG LIE.

we have source, we are source...

no intermediary is necessary..

no fish hatted silk slipper wearin ghoul is required.

no svengali guru, no frothing biblethumping hellfire/brimstone spitting preacher,is required.

no building, no money, no crackers, no blood no holy water, no horror, no killing...

nix, nada, nyet!

just you, and your awakened mind/heart.

it's just that simple.

JC taught in parables..but he even told us, straight up...

know thyself...
the kingdom of God is within.

Anonymous said...

"if -

it is the creator's wish that we learn... evolve...transcending our more base natures...

what would be the point of the 'entire exercise' if evolution were blocked or even the possibility of evolution was negated?"

m_astera was talking about 'organic portals', the one half of humanity that doesn't have the higher centers, and can only mimic them by stealing energy from those who do have the higher centers. it's not that the possibility of higher evolution is completely cut off from them, because it isn't; it's that, those who have the higher centers are able to evolve within the space of a single lifetime (whether they do or not being a separate question), whereas those who don't are only able to evolve over the course of many. the process whereby OPs evolve can be likened to that of animals: a cow doesn't suddenly attain self-consciousness, but rather the soul fragment inside any one cow has to cycle through many lifetimes, until it eventually gets incarnated in a being that has self-consciousness.

for what it's worth, nota, i don't think any of this applies directly to you. OPs, like psychopaths, don't lay it all out like you did. you may well be emotionally damaged, but from the sounds of it your problems are early and acquired, not innate.

Randall said...

Blogger sucks!
But what the hell...
So as everyone who has a brain and a heart is celebrating the end of one
confirmed primate psychopath, and hoping somehow, someway, that he will manage to be arrested and hung by the neck until dead, (and wondering/hoping that BHO was lying to AIPAC), I'm celebrating because
here in Michigan Proposal 1 got passed.
Medical marijuana is now a reality
here, but I'm wondering if the Feds
will leave it mostly alone as they mostly do now in Cali, or if they will come out with No Knocks and violence as they first did in Cali.
Either way I'm looking for some inexpensive Indica seeds online.
Time to augment my sleep meds
(nasty alcohol) with something a little more healthy.
To "R": Why this whining about "egos"? Not to be mean, but you sound like a girlfriend I had that bemoaned at how popular reggae had become. She liked the "idea" of
listening to exclusive "hip" music
which in her mind became common place, when others started digging it too
No one forces you to read the comment section in Les' blogs.
Egos? Only someone with a guilt
complex sees "ego" everywhere.
Trolls yes.
More exposure of these blogs through WRH (site and radio) will bring them out, like moths to a flame.
Who cares?
Is his writing different now because more people are reading and commenting?
The fact that I can't stand Madonna
doesn't mean I can't like exactly one song she's sung (borderline).
You just like what you like, say what you mean; everything else is just a form of politics.
speaking of which...
Why does what goes down in Austria
have to do with here? How about Belgium?
Because a certain countries intelligence operatives seem to be
lynching (using various methods)
their opponents Everywhere.
A while back, a school teacher was found in a lake with his hands, legs, and eyes bound in duct tape.
He was a helper to the Palestinian cause. They actually called this a suicide. That's what concerned me the most.
That a local American newspaper
chose to "report" this as a suicide
with no additional comment or
anything. With Palfri (sp) I expected it.
How vocal does one have to be about
opposing The Agenda to warrant
getting accidented, or suicided, or
or killed by being robbed and shot?
Just saying.
Les, great writing as always.
I see this blog has the old comments format.
Did you change SM's or did it just change?
If you can, maybe putting it to this format would help?

kikz said...

'm_astera was talking about 'organic portals', the one half of humanity that doesn't have the higher centers, and can only mimic them by stealing energy from those who do have the higher centers.'

i'm well acquainted w/sott, and the terminology...STS, OP's yadaX3...

i just don't agree w/it.

here was where i negate the 'wisdom' of her 'contacts'.

chap 35, pg 301 (m)

'Q: [...] (L) So what you are saying to us is that the story of the temptation in Eden was the story of Humankind being led into this reality as a result of being tempted. So, the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was...
A: Giving into temptation. [...] Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged.'

brushing the 'straw' freewill abridgement argument aside - if you don't know you possess it - to claim, nor claim it, it can't protect you...

and yea, maybe you could fall prey to some astral vampire and become an OP...

the light hasta be on folks or nobody is home......

here is the divergence...

THIS statement 'giving in to temptation'... frm whom or whatever entities laura 'seems' to think she has or does have contact with...does not ring true to me.

i have a very different frame of reference for the story and its meaning.

i view eden and man/woman's place in it as analogy - for primitive man and his innocence/ignorance.

the serpent does not represent temptation, it represents knowledge and also freewill to gain it.

this was and is not original sin.

simply stated, it is the recognition of the greatest gift of the creator; freewill...
and man's recognition of the innate gift, and rightful claim to it.

Anonymous said...


As I understand it from reading Les's Travelogues series he has ana awakened kundalini which explains a great deal. Some of that tuning to hearing is also about how certain thoughts have an impact on the mind and make changes occur. I think we can safely say that it happens here.

I have a right to object to certain kinds of behavior and don't tell me I'm not seeing what I am seeing. Bradley and several other people who comment here have written me about this with the same perception but did not have the will to mention it.

I'm not saying that people cannot do this. Les lets people do most of what they want to do and more power to him in this respect. I was just saying that I miss the intelligent analysis and response of certain people who I don't see anymore and I think this is the reason.


m_astera said...

Beautiful post over at smoking mirror, les. Beautiful. Wish I could write like you do, but I can only write like I do. :P

I felt kind of bad this morning posting on another blog, being the wet blanket, mentioning Obama's first move after getting the nomination being to grovel for AIPAC, and his handler Zbig. As a long time fisherman, I'd guess that the fish don't even know what's going on as they are dragged toward the shore or the boat to be whacked in the head, gutted and fried.

I'd love to be optimistic, and really I am that way, but not when it comes to politicians and government. Anyone who would even want the position of POTUS has a serious character flaw and should be disqualified. Perhaps 'Bama is just a slightly bigger fish who chased after the biggest hook with the most colored streamers. Doesn't say much for his intelligence if that's the case. More than likely he's another ponerist with a line and the desire to reform the world to his advantage. Perhaps only the coattails to get Biden in position. "Zionist catamite" LOL

I'm pretty sure you get that this vehicle is too broke to fix. As we used to say back in my mechanic days, jack up the radiator cap and drive a new one under it.

Visible said...

Yeah... I saw that. Was I prescient or what? Have you seen the picture of him leaning into Obama and the unmistakable corruption wafting off of him. It's pretty revealing when a photo can capture it.

I stand by what I said. Certain places that routinely post my work have refused to do so because of things I said (I don't know which things) in this posting. I can respect that and it doesn't bother me. It does tell me though that even people I admire think that Obama will turn it around. If he tries he is toast. I do not expect him to try. I expect him to operate along the Clinton mold and maybe even be perceived as great.

However.. since I have the dubious benefit of knowing some of what is coming through the use of certain arcane processes I can tell you that that isn't going to work at all given what he's going to get thrown at him. Wish it were otherwise but it is not. The good news is that things are going to change while those controlling change are unaware it is happening and come 2012 we are going to see miracles.

Along the way we are going to see a lot of other things too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Google has been messing with the "comments" feature.Best wishes that it gets resolved expeditiously.

Visible said...

Damn m_astera you are a perceptive and penetrating intellect. You and JJ should get a room.

One of my biggest supporters refused to link this article for reasons unknown to me.

I'll tell you something I know... what is happening is far beyond the control of those who think they are controlling it. Since I get to play some part in events shortly (yes, I'm going to come right out and say it.). My suggestion is that a lot of us think about getting together at some point. I'm going to visit notamobster and Ben There if they take the lean off of my passport once Obama is in which I think they might. Should they, I will be coming to the US to see a few people and then on to Ireland on my way back. Those of you in the UK will have to meet me there because I am flat out not going to set foot on British soil for reasons I won't go into.

It's not a big deal for us collectively to take over a small hotel somewhere and have a little 'do'.

But somebody had better find me a Ketamine source or I might do myself an injury. It's back and forth at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the “sense” of, or “strength” of, emotions, or lack thereof is a cleansing, or building process that needs to occur to scrape off the bullshit (that is life in so many ways) before what is meant to take it’s place can be there. Not a negative, but a positive?

I know for me personally, that I have learned more through letting go of certain things, more than I have gained from what “lightening bolt” is going to give me hemmerroids that I can play connect the dots on and find the true meaning of life. It just has not been an astral trip for me. If it is for you, fine, but I am not you and no one is any higher on the imaginary ladder than anyone else—because you can’t be anywhere but where you are right now.

I don’t avoid people, but I am only drawn to certain ones, usually for short periods of “time”—or as long as we both agree on, without ever having to mention it to each other.

Most folks may tend to avoid me indirectly in some situations. Its actually fun to watch. I am guessing that to them, I am either on drugs, a conman, heck, I don’t know, but they are drawn at the same time they are uncomfortable. In the end, they go the other way because it’s safer in their minds—most of the time.

Just in case you’re wondering, it’s not a “superior” thing. More like I don’t notice rocks so much, or try to talk to them—more of an ‘inanimate object” way that most people strike me as being. If you get a chance, read Ayn Rand—Anthem—Chapter 11—Oh, heck, I’ll include it here and let the fireworks fly.

As far as moderating the site, it’s Les’s. We put in what we put in and get out what we get out. I hope we never start “excluding” people, or hacking on them because we “feel” that they are just not as enlightened—sounds kinda’ stuck-up to me. If I see the religion stuff, I just go past to what my eyes settle on.

As far as being a relative newbie in here, I have felt welcome.

Let’s not do what happens in the outside world by avoiding the message that is being laid out, and attack the messenger.

Here is Ayn Rand :
I am. I think. I will.
My hands . . . My spirit . . . My sky . . . My forest . . . This earth of mine. . . .
What must I say besides? These are the words. This is the answer.
I stand here on the summit of the mountain. I lift my head and I spread my arms. This, my body and spirit, this is the end of the quest. I wished to know the meaning of things. I am the meaning. I wished to find a warrant for being. I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction.
It is my eyes which see, and the sight of my eyes grants beauty to the earth. It is my ears which hear, and the hearing of my ears gives its song to the world. It is my mind which thinks, and the judgment of my mind is the only searchlight that can find the truth. It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will is the only edict I must respect.
Many words have been granted me, and some are wise, and some are false, but only three are holy: "I will it!"
Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me; the guiding star and the loadstone which point the way. They point in but one direction. They point to me.
I know not if this earth on which I stand is the core of the universe or if it is but a speck of dust lost in eternity. I know not and I care not. For I know what happiness is possible to me on earth. And my happiness needs no higher aim to vindicate it. My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.
Neither am I the means to any end others may wish to accomplish. I am not a tool for their use. I am not a servant of their needs. I am not a bandage for their wounds. I am not a sacrifice on their altars.
I am a man. This miracle of me is mine to own and keep, and mine to guard, and mine to use, and mine to kneel before!
I do not surrender my treasures, nor do I share them. The fortune of my spirit is not to be blown into coins of brass and flung to the winds as alms for the poor of the spirit. I guard my treasures: my thought, my will, my freedom. And the greatest of these is freedom.
I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debts from them. I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I covet no man's soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet.
I am neither foe nor friend to my brothers, but such as each of them shall deserve of me. And to earn my love, my brothers must do more than to have been born. I do not grant my love without reason, nor to any chance passer-by who may wish to claim it. I honor men with my love. But honor is a thing to be earned.
I shall choose friends among men, but neither slaves nor masters. And I shall choose only such as please me, and them I shall love and respect, but neither command nor obey. And we shall join our hands when we wish, or walk alone when we so desire. For in the temple of his spirit, each man is alone. Let each man keep his temple untouched and undefiled. Then let him join hands with others if he wishes, but only beyond his holy threshold.
For the word "We" must never be spoken, save by one's choice and as a second thought. This word must never be placed first within man's soul, else it becomes a monster, the root of all the evils on earth, the root of man's torture by men, and of an unspeakable lie.
The word "We" is as lime poured over men, which sets and hardens to stone, and crushes all beneath it, and that which is white and that which is black are lost equally in the grey of it. It is the word by which the depraved steal the virtue of the good, by which the weak steal the might of the strong, by which the fools steal the wisdom of the sages.
What is my joy if all hands, even the unclean, can reach into it? What is my wisdom, if even the fools can dictate to me? What is my freedom, if all creatures, even the botched and impotent, are my masters? What is my life, if I am but to bow, to agree and to obey?
But I am done with this creed of corruption.
I am done with the monster of "We," the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood and shame.
And now I see the face of god, and I raise this god over the earth, this god whom men have sought since men came into being, this god who will grant them joy and peace and pride.
This god, this one word:

Visible said...

I'd like to point something out to everyone; and irrespective of the fact that some people don't like what I had to say, I have to say... look at this, Obama is considering John Kerry for Secretary of State. First of all, Kerry has far less credentials for this that a lot of other people and secondly... Kerry rolled over and played dead when Bush took him out of play and then there's that Skull and Bones connection.

It's starting to look more and more like the same old same old. Obama would do himself a big favor by choosing someone with some integrity for this post. He should appoint Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury and he should think about a human being for the post of Sec. of State. I'm not going to opine about choices since I drank a lot of wine today and, "Of course I'm going to drive, I'm too drunk to walk." but I think Secretary of Defense should go to Jessie Ventura and... wait a minute. it looks to me like Obama is not making the choices personally. That's not good because someone in the Praetorian guard will have a knife or a gun. What is it about reality that people don't get?

m_astera said...


Appreciate your input; you have a good grasp of the concepts and put them succinctly. I especially appreciated the comment on smokingmirrors a few weeks ago when you wrote about the hyperdimensional aliens who feed off of our bad feelings. Nicely put.

I deliberately stay away from saying "this is so", which is why I didn't get into Cassiopeian terminology like "organic portals". Laura K-J and the C's are a good source of concepts and hypotheses but I don't accept them as the last word at all, any more than I accept any other unproven hypothesis. If it fits the observations and makes sense, I let it into my head and see what can be done with it. but I'd never put it out there as "here's how it is".

Here's a slightly different take on it (and I apologize to les in advance if this gets his blog red-flagged, but this is the metaphysical blog, no?) Postulate two creations, the first where the Creator contemplated I AM and in so doing somehow expanded outward into trillions of sparks of self awareness that became individual souls, going on to help create the various planes of existence down to the physical. The human and other bodies with the potential for self awareness were created as soul carriers to allow these sparks to personally experience their joint creation. Now imagine some beloved but smart-aleck spark of light who decided he could do as well or better than the Creator, and who created self aware entities that didn't need a soul connection to achieve this self awareness. Call this ambitious smart-aleck Lucifer, bringer of light, or awareness, or self-consciousness to the creatures of creation sans souls. Lots of possibilities open up there, competition and enslavement being a couple of them, resentment of those with a soul being another. A human instrument with an eternal soul knows on some subconscious level that this physical world isn't all there is; the human instrument without a soul knows no such thing, because for them this really IS all there is.

kikz said...

looks like 'son of irgun' rahm has been offered gatekeeper....acceptance pending...

ok... my guarded euphoria has worn off now... back to regularly scheduled de-programming :P

nina said...

This mixed venue oughta please Ben no end. The merging of Visible Origami into Smoking Mirrors. Maybe its good, its all one mind anyway.

Right up until McCain's concession, the Jeremiah ad was running over and over so many times, I kind of got into it, a little shuffle on the beat, oh yeah. So Wilson Pickett.

Then come the man himself, Grant Park looked like the anti-Vietnam demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial. Jesse, Oprah, everybody passionate and teary. Great God all mighty, free at last. Yes we can, etc.

Last night, Obama changed from the previously approachable Obama, into the hard core Obama, the set of his eyes, his jaw, a different character altogether. Fortunately its not like 1999/2000, when the Supremes turned the tables and we all woke up to palpable hatred, the instantaneous release of long closeted deep root prejudice, the berserk rise of the new American idols of longbed pickups and snake handlers. At the least, the Obama group in general is more attractive to watch instead of the blackbrowed Perles and sneering Cheney.
The Obama group does not look at cue cards or stammer for words. Even in the seriousness of his Grant Park speech, he has the timing of gospel music in his phrasing, this guy is a smooth preacher is what he is.

Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House isn't exactly ecstatic. And unfortunately the mess is too big to clean up by one slick preacher, unfortunately the devils swapping consumer debt aren't worried in the least and worse, there isn't any way the dead come back alive, the displaced, maimed, renditioned, hung, assassinated, sickened, mesotheliomiaed, DU'd, deprived, impoverished, ratcaged and broken victims of the of the dynasties's egregious activities newsreel, as if it could all be run backwards to where it never happened. Is he going to close the corporate prisons? Is he going to release the detainees? Can he bring back the jobs, up the gross intelligence level, put the homeless into homes, is he going to reverse the banking freeze and force them to issue letters of credit? Take away the tasers? Restore our parks? Disband DHS? Is he going to invite Raul Castro to the WH? Invalidate Rupert Murdoch and pop the google bubble? Squash TIA? Delete the telecoms' spy files? End NAFTA? Hire on thousands of clean FDA inspectors?
How about this: how about he's the perfect redistributor for Africa's vast resource wealth... It would be ironic, wouldn't it, it has such a familiar ring. The American African taketh away that which God gaveth the dark continent. Like the good captives who became slave traders before they became civic minded Bostonians. You can just hear the elephants trumpeting in horror. Its nothing personal, you understand, merchandise consumer units the world over need that gold.

Visible said...

Jesus Nina; that was amazing. Thank you.

JJ... you're a trip. I'm amused at your I am thing but I won't go into detail. Remember the thing opposed and the thing opposing are both the same thing doing isometrics. Sure, I write about this as against that but it's not like I don't know what's actually happening, inasmuch as I can know that I don't know.

Kikster... uh huh... like it had eyes.

anyone else notice the difference in the content while posting on the detour route at Origami?

Will... it's always been brambles and tangles. Coming soon... lots of greensward but I'll still wind up in a Thomas Cole painting at the end. It's all good. It hurts sometimes but it hurt a lot more before.

Anonymous said...

In simple terms, we are the body.

We can't be separated from it, because we are it. Think of the universe, and whatever lies beyond as the human body. Some are skin cells, some are red blood cells, etc. You have good cells, and cancerous cells that appear when the body's immune system is weak because of eating the wrong things and not giving your body what it needs to be strong--you also need to avoid the things that make the body weak.

The cancer cells don't even know that they are feeding off of their own self--the host--they are eating the hand that literally feeds them--for now--that is what cancer cells do.
When all the neurons are firing the way they should be, you don't need to have contact with each of the systems, cells, DNA, just happens. It's still all connected, you just don't need to think to breathe, or blink your eyes, etc. Of course life changes, just as the cells and smaller particles do when they are in the different areas traveling through the blood stream, or wherever they are all reliant on one another for EVERYTHING.
We are the DNA of all that is. Some of us die and are replaced by others. Some of us are the warriors of the system, some the healers, some are part of the consciousness--it is all synonymous--it can be no other way.


Reminds me of a story: The different parts of the body are trying to decide which one of them is the greatest. The brain says he is because he runs the whole show. The heart says he is because without him, there would be no function of anything.....the eyes, nose,, all of them except one have their chance to put in their opinion as they all have a grudging respect for one another and high opinions of themselves.

The one who was last to talk was the asshole, and they all screamed SHUT UP--SHUT UP--who are you to tell us anything you are the lowest of the low...and the asshole did what they said to do, he shut up.

The only separate parts and their labels exist in our minds, not in our spirits.

Spirit can't have parts, it is one--and even "one" is a label--It simply IS.

Then again, "IT" is a label.

Don't define, you only lessen by doing so.


Anonymous said...

I'm just the guy who puts the stuff up along the highway at night while people either sleep or get hypnotized by the white lines as they speed past.
You never really see the billboard being changed or the barn being painted with
"Chew MailPouch"
"Adult Book Store and Novelties--3 miles ahead"

But make no mistake...I am the guy!!


Visible said...

yes and no... yes and no...

Anonymous said...

OK, I need to get something straight with everyone. I have not been completely honest. And with some of us possibly meeting some time in the future......
Those pictures I have been sending out of myself from "Biker Boy-Toy" magazine are real...but they were taken in 1975.
That was also not my Harley I was draped across alluringly..but,
I do still have the butt-less (notice I didn't use just one "s") leather chaps.

If you choose to meet at a low rent hotel...I know where a bunch of them are!!


Visible said...

If you are going to target niche demographics might I suggest chromium steel chaps snd an androgynous persona carrying an umbrella with the riot of Spring tattooed across the top as seen from a skycam and whispering sweet nothings into the ear of God?

The password is 'swordfish'.

By the way... this just appeared in my Dashboard as coming from Smoking Mirrors and I only refrained from posting it when I saw that the comment was not there.

Interesting, non?

Ben There said...

Whoa...what on earth happened here?'s hectic here on my end. I've been trying to work and read and carry on but just haven't had time to really take in the latest Visible Origami post and let it marinate the way these things deserve. I've been skimming through all kinds of shit but this isn't the place for skimming. This is where you smell the roses.

There is alot of good stuff appearing on the intertoobs and frankly it's getting a little overwhelming to try to stay up with everything.

I did see that Les may be coming here to pay us a visit. That would be outstanding.

So many great commenters here.

Hope all of you are doing well. The world is a little brighter place today, I can tell you that. Even if it's only symbolic.

notamobster said...

Well, I'd be mortified if les started banning people...I'm at the back of the train when it comes to intellect on this site, so I'd probably have to be the first to go. Don't make me go, les...please :)

Maybe my complete lack of class causes this, but I think we're all better off for reading all of the comments. Some are shit, for sure. Some are mind-bending, and others still have no discernable purpose whatever, but they are welcome by me (for what it's worth). I love the quality of readers attracted to this site, and the intellect of most who opine. If I'm the problem, sorry, but tough shit. I'll keep commenting until les drags me from the house, kicking and screaming. I'm reasonably certain I'll keep offending people, and hopeful that I'll provoke thought - and be provoked.

Love you, les.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les. I would like to post a comment regarding your most recent Smoking Mirrors article (on the good Obama).

Yes, Americans (with the exception of no more than 1%) are certified idiots. They are born that way and they die that way. After all-they are Americans!

This Obama clown is particularly repulsive. With his phonier than a $7 bill smile and sickening used car salesman come on. At least with a barking mad, mass murdering, warmongering, single digit IQ international terrorist #1 like that lunatic currently in the White house you knew what you were getting. But this Obama is truly sickening. He supposedly represents "change". What "change"? He`s Obama W. Bush. You pointed out his handlers and all those ziojew terrorist "commitees" he sits on. And Americans are expecting "change"? Now that`s funny!

America will not change from the inside out. America will one day-sooner or later-be forced to change from the outside in because the neverending arrogance and stupidity that is "foreign policy" (such a nice euphemism for international terrorism and genocide) will one day push too hard with the wrong country/countries and than all hell will break loose. And Americans won`t be spared like they have been so far throughout their history. There are many examples in history to learn from.

Also, I read Mike James` last article and I am concerned for his well being. I believe earlier you said that you have contact with him and if so please let him know there are many people around the globe that read all his articles (as well as yours) and that we are with him 100%. Please don`t stop fighting for what is right and just.

More power to you, Les. Please find a way to keep on posting should the NWO try to take you off the web.

Anonymous said...

Re your latest column on the Ascension of Obama.
Yes, well the thug Rahm Emanuel HAS been deemed Chief of Staff for Obama. He who is rumored to be the head of the Mossad in the US and son of an original member of Irgun. It is sad and utterly indicative of what is to come. Business as usual with neo cons Richard Holbrooke (he who announced on CNN twenty minutes after the first attack on 9/11 that Osama Bin Laden was responsible), Richard Armitage, Tony Lake and Dennis Ross (Israeli dual citizen), in charge of Obama's Israel policy, Mme Albright. Change anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Rahm Emanuel IS headed for the White House as Obamas chief of staff.

Oh well, so ends the honeymoon, it took him all of 1 day to disprove himself as an agent of real change. No surprises.

nina said...

See? He loves you, Les.
I'm sticking to my original premise. Great loss is the punishment for caring too much. It happens at a very early age when the child is forming his relationship with the world and he won't even notice, because its insidious and gradual, his family ridiculing empathy in others.

You're not a problem here NOTA and you know it. But an unconscious fear of rejection has you posting about it as if it were comical to be banished from that which you love.

It is okay, always, to be guilty of caring too much. Its an admirable sin worthy of great respect.

Replace the word "strict" with "care too much". When you say you are a strict Constitutionalist, you are saying you care too much about our Constitution and fear its loss.

Now, you come over to my site and leave a great question, but end your post with concern about my feelings over your post. So you see, you have empathy for others and only see yourself as strict and cold on occasion, that occasion being one where you have no personal investment a.k.a. nothing to lose.

I want to point this out because you are not seeing it. We all do it sometimes. Its not a permanent condition. In your case its pretty obvious because there exists a paper trail.

m_astera said...


"the light hasta be on folks or nobody is home......"

What I get from that is no soul, no self-awareness. Not wishing to be contrary here but really and truly I don't know and methinks you don't know for sure either.

What light needs to be on? Maybe the life force and a certain degree of organization is all that's necessary. Not that the life force is a small thing, more like the biggest everyday mystery and science won't even touch it. Isn't it worth investigating? The life force is not the same as an individual soul, though. Bacteria don't need souls.

How about the group soul, the diva? Is that what cows and fish have? Plants too? Many have claimed this is so throughout human history. Do the OPs, assuming they exist, come from a group soul? Or is that even needed?

OK, I mentioned the Lucifer 2nd creation thing; here's another twist: AI, artificial intelligence. Evolving as we speak and breathe and with a long way to go. How about if I put a little computer in a bunny's brain so bunny could think and talk like a person? Wouldn't mean bunny had a soul. We've had rudimentary AI evolving rapidly over the past fifty years. What may have been accomplished in a few billion years already that we don't know about? Or, who says AI can only be created in 3-D physicality? Could there be "astral plane" computers running human bodies? A living organic computer is likely not far away and it won't need a soul. At what point does AI become self-aware? What are the self-learning web bots going to be like in another generation or so? How do you know I'm not one? :-)

I'm not buying any faith-based arguments. I'm not at all persuaded that every person must have a soul to be walking around and thinking. Are the greys soulless constructs? Maybe. How would we know? We'd need a soul-detector. Not impossible if science got its head out of the Cartesian/Newtonian underwear twist that fear of the Pope put it into 500 years ago.

PS: I tried pushing on my eyelida but I don't get the Mandelbrot effect, just little ultraviolet colored random sparklies so far. I'll play with it some more.

les, I assume you read all of these so I wanted to comment to you here rather than another post.

"Since I get to play some part in events shortly ........ My suggestion is that a lot of us think about getting together at some point."

I get to play some part too, I'm sure of that. Unfortunately no one tells me what I just have to figure it out from clues. Matter of fact I'm supposed to be working on part of my end of the deal right now instead of writing posts here but this is easier and more fun; I'm at an almost-done drudge point on the other project and not feeling too inspired. Y'all reading this: Tell me to get to work, OK? Seriously.

I'm so damn tired of stupid I'm feeling like screaming and shaking people. Then I come here and get to see that there are some other awake brains and minds in the world (you all are real, right? Please be real.) I can honestly say that there isn't one living human being that I encounter in my life that I can have an awake and aware wide-ranging in-depth discussion with. Is that egotism? Who cares, it's true. I am bored silly.

I doubt that many of the posters here are social animals unless they enjoy stupid more than I do. So it's a bizarre idea having a get-together, but oh what fun it could be to spend a few days dreaming and brainstorming with informed brilliance and fearless insight; and what might come of the group dynamic in proximity? I'll have to get that broken tooth fixed so I look OK, I guess, but count me in as willing to do what I can to make it happen.

Love to you all, and thanks.

notamobster said...

m_astera, les - I'm in. where's the party. Problem is, if we all got together in one place - some brown-skinned scary Muslim in a turbin would blow the joint up... on orders from Osama been-dead-for-seven-years bin Laden, of course.

Or maybe we'd be billed as dangerous terrorists or somesuch, and get the guided tour of the beautiful water-garden at gitmo.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing as I read your new post at Smoking Mirrors already knowing who Obama hired as his chief of staff. So I guess the honeymoon didn't last long.

Was talking with a relative tonight. He thinks Obama is the second coming of FDR. I wanted to vomit but stood my ground and offered a few words of truth that were shunned. Oh well, same o smae o

Take care Les


Visible said...

Comments are back on at Smoking Mirrors. Knock yourself out.

kikz said...

as usual, excellent and eloquent summary :)

hi m astera,

k: "the light hasta be on folks or nobody is home......" grinz to my buddy, noby ;)

m_a: 'What I get from that is no soul, no self-awareness. Not wishing to be contrary here but really and truly I don't know and methinks you don't know for sure either.'

not quite... soul is there...

but what i meant inre humans, (or the theoretical 'temporary' Organic Portal) was... 'freewill; unacknowledged and/or unclaimed and un-wielded'. kind of like the anti-ayn rand (headnod to jj) or.. even claimed, and temporarily out of service/off line, or in a state of depletion due to physical/mental demands, or even voluntary conscious submission to another's will.

if you're not runnin the show, damn sure bet someone or something else is trying to, but to have any effect the entity must be of this plane and naturally inhibited w/in it and by it. disease occupies gross matter and conforms to natural law, even anti-matter obeys natural law in like symmetry.

i don't consider you contrary, but...contrary is cool. i'm even contrary w/myself... contrary asks questions, which is always a good thing:)

and besides... even if we claim to 'know' something, a hypothesis on any matter metaphysical applied to scientific truth, is only belief.:) and as my hero sagan said of knowing, he'd rather know than believe... & intuition surf on - past reason's exhaustion. this is the realm we're surfin in, so if this is the case, the best advice i've found to heed poised on the curl heading into the tube; hermes trismegistus' axiom... as above, so below. by this we can gain some possible 'guesses :)' as to the metaphysical by what is readily observable in the physical.

in the physical world an example of which we can see the entire cycle;
there is a parasitic relationship by which some sort of fluke parasitizes certain crickets, and they forced/driven by chemical secretions of the fluke will commit cricket suicide (forfeiting its life force) by drowning to release the fluke, which continues its lifecycle (lays eggs, reinfects hosts) in water. the distinction i make is organic. both the fluke and cricket occupy this plane of existence and gross matter, thus the fluke is able to infect/parasitize the inattentive cricket.

what purpose would it serve the creator to bother to gift us eternal soul/free-will/creative energy, then box us in by gross matter and allow for us to be parasitized of our creative energy (soul & life force) by entities w/no such encumbrances from other planes of existence, which we could not fight much less overcome?
it follows no reason, exhibits no symmetry/no equilibrium, it teaches no lesson, offers no hope, it is not love.

castaneta's mayan toloache induced hell of uncontrollable 'harry potter soul sucking dementors' superimposed upon his superstitious catholic upbringing led him to one dark fukin place w/no exit, a no win game. you are better off, leaving him to it.
it is symbolic analogy mistaken for reality, which has been mankind's ooopzie throughout recorded history.

so where were we? i guess it would be to define what i 'believe' as to the nature of souls.
a somewhat individualized energy that endures independent of, before/after/in-between habitation of an organic form/body, retaining some scientifically immeasurable quality of individuation/memory of itself.

human souls seem by virtue of 'lifespan input' from our 3rd brain (contemplation of; past, present, and most importantly long range future) somewhat different and of a higher individualized nature than animal souls, which you mentioned as group souls. i pretty much agree... much less individualization, and much more retention of pasts (manifested as instincts).

kybalion; the law of compensation.

humans (3rd brains) are allowed return w/very limited instincts, and even less memory of past lives or karmic rounds, but... we can dream of/plan for long range futures, goals and destinies
with the freewill to gain the knowledge and use it w/reason and compassion to modify them and ultimately ourselves.

my qualifier for higher comparable soul classification, which includes many orders of mammals, is affection. arbitrary affection; given or shown by a being to another, arbitrary and in totality irrespective of any dependence on the other for it's immediate 'physical' well being or existence and w/o much if any expectation of gain. you might even call this affection, love.

m_a: 'The life force is not the same as an individual soul, though. Bacteria don't need souls.'

agreed, the 'animating and finite' life force is separate... but vitally intertwined/connected to the composite human soul while it inhabits a body. of course when the life force leaves, the composite soul is freed. i can't say w/any certainty that bacteria do/do not possess some manner of group? soul... but not comparable to a human soul or self aware consciousness.... they don't wonder of past, present or future.. they just ...are...brain-less.

although organisms w/in the lower animal & plant kingdoms (bacteria, your ex) do possess some manner of 'qualitative awareness' of themselves as entities and their individual physical boundaries, just as normally functioning (differentiated) cells w/in an human/animal body, albeit quite limited, they react to stimulus. they do express polar 'attractions/repulsions' on chemical and magnetic levels, form alliances, such as limited organization into organs/systems , in the plant kingdom examples, bees & corals.
wow... how far down ya wanna go? we could follow this wave down the rabbit hole, on cancer (as someone else mentioned) or just even mankind's role as facilitator w/sperm/egg and undifferentiated cells - from the duad to the monad back to the duad or a level beyond (monozygotic twins?) then on to genetically modified knockout specimens such as rats >:) another day, perhaps :) HA!

on to AI. not borg.......... but AI, inorganic artificial intelligence - man in this instance is a replicator not a creator, for there is no 'ghost in the machine' ...not even a bunny 'ghost'. taken to the next level, the technology could reproduce itself, but again, replication not creation. replication w/sensory inputs can in a limited measure be self aware, but unless its wetware programming included instructions (from a code toads' 'ghost') to analyze or hypothesize on the data collected, or apply it in some way, or even just laugh at it, it could not nor would not make the leap alone to do so. replication runs system checks and programs.....the components only obey the word of the code toad's 'ghost' left in the machine.

inorganic replication w/in the plane of gross matter;
has no 'ghost' - it can not create... nor receive the divine spark.
replication has no capacity for freewill, replication does not know arbitrary affection nor love, replication does not dream. :)


notamobster said...

and NOTA says: holy sh*t, what did she(kikz) just say? I'm lost, but I love it :) Ummm, rabbit hole...chicken-salad...wetware programming...divine spark. Okay, now I get it.

Seriously, kikz/michael/jj/et al - brilliant, all! I'd love to get all of the "minds" together so I could paint your toenails and listen to you speak. Where is THIS - in public discourse? Where are the thinkers, who fear not, the truth? Why would any group want to silence so many brilliant minds? Even if I were a master of the universe type... I would sooner sever my own tongue and all familial ties than to prevent the amazing discourse which permeates these intertoobs.

Anonymous said...

kikz- wow
I think I'm going to have to do a randall with this one
'Have to lie down get up, read again, repeat.'

soul - me
human spirit- gives me humanity
holy spirit- gives me spirituality
all from within (states of mind)
it's in our code, always has been always will be
So long as Monsanto leaves us alone


kikz said...

i should apologize for the verbal diarrhea. sorry folks.. i usually try to nutshell... today i just couldn't do it. promise i won't take up so much space again...

m_astera said...

les-apologies if this is a duplicate; the screen went blank when I tried to post it before;


Nice post. I read it twice and will go back again, but I follow you. I'll tackle this last one first:

"inorganic replication w/in the plane of gross matter;
has no 'ghost' - it can not create... nor receive the divine spark.
replication has no capacity for freewill, replication does not know arbitrary affection nor love, replication does not dream. :)

This sounds like a pretty good description of a meat machine, if you will allow the differentiation between life force and soul. I'm postulating that certain energy centers are necessary depending on the level of organization of the living thing, somewhat analogous to the 1,2, or 3 brained idea. Let's say mammals need three energy centers, basal, reproductive, and solar plexus. An opossum has no need for the heart, throat, and pineal centers. It functions just fine having the drive to eat, reproduce, and defend its territory. Perhaps insects only need two, and single-celled organisms one. If an opossum doesn't need the higher centers to function, why would a human? My working hypothesis is that the human instrument was designed to allow the individual divine chip off the old block to experience physicality. Nothing in that implies that the human instrument must only be used in that manner, only that it is capable of the interface, and that interface could conceivably be used by operators other than souls, including AI and/or various representatives of group souls from the animal kingdom. Who is to say that a representative of the wolverine group soul could not interface with the human instrument?

Moving right along, not all of which I speak in the metaphysical realm is belief or faith based. Matter of fact I'm pretty careful with the qualifiers. If I claim it is so that's because I have personally experienced it enough to erase all doubts. For example out of body experience is real to me because I have floated out of my body and looked down and seen it lying there sleeping, along with the rest of the room's detail. I can't show it to you, but it's not something I "believe" any more than I simply believe I've been to Tucson. I know I've been to Tucson, and I know I've been out of body, on more than one occasion. I just don't do the faith or belief thing and claim it's so because I believe it, I demand personal experience. By the same token I know the reality of the higher centers because I have experienced them convincingly even if I don't have the t-shirt to prove it.

I do not have personal experience to attest to the reality of OPs, so that's just a working hypothesis that seems to fit some observations and tie some ideas together.

Neither do I have the personal experience to prove to myself the reality of extradimensional parasites feeding off of our suffering and negative emotions. I have a rather large internal database on the subject, though, from multiple sources over many years, and the hypothesis fits the observed data and explains a lot of things that don't otherwise fit or make much sense. As to why the Creator would enable or allow such a thing, I don't presume to limit the Creator or the Creator's motives or ultimate purposes. I think your argument about parasitism only happening on the same plane is weak. What do we know of symmetry or equilibrium between planes, or what higher or lower purpose may be served by such? If the soul can interface with the physical body and run it around here, is that not a form of parasitism? Could not that same soul in despair cause the death of the physical body through no fault of the body's?

I could make quite a long list of sources from whom I've gotten pieces of this puzzle; Castenada isn't a primary source, but rather a later confirming source. I see no lack of hope or purpose in the hypothesis, any more than I see a lack of hope or purpose in falling in love and having one's heart ripped out, stomped on, and dragged through the gutter. It's a force for growth and evolution, how's that?

I'm reminded of a story that one of Gurdjieff's biographers told, about a nasty piece of work that hung around Fontainebleu and irritated all of the sincere students. When G left for a while, the decent students sent the creep packing. First thing G wanted to know when he came back was where the jerk was, and then proceeded to bring him back posthaste, telling the others "Oh no, you need him!"

In much the same way I can see how the oppression of the collective consciousness of humanity by these parasites, for many thousands of years yet, could be seen as a stimulus towards growth, evolution, and maturity. They could also serve as sorting mechanism for individual humans, in order to decide who goes where in the sorting out that I believe is coming our way before long. Some part of humanity will move ahead with the evolving Earth as it makes whatever move is upcoming; those who have allied themselves with evil will get another playground sans innocents and the pure of heart.

I have no personal experience to fully convince me of this scenario, which is why it goes in the unproven beliefcategory instead of the I know category.

nina said...

Thank you for your kind words, Kikz. You are really blowing my mind these past weeks. I just love it that you are comfortable at last to be yourself. I really like that "yourself". You are an original. Rare wit, style and and a mind that doesn't quit.

Visible said...

There's a new post at Reflections in a Petri Dish entitled, "Madonna, the Whore of Babylon Lite.

kikz said...

nina :)
i'm always myself, just usually a little less verbal, i have no wish to be construed as some blathering, ranting 'it, who shall not be named', just ta piss it off >:) thanks*

i so appreciate your kind indulgence to wade thru my winding rant, and very kind of you to respond.

m_a: 'Let's say mammals need three energy centers, basal, reproductive, and solar plexus. An opossum has no need for the heart, throat, and pineal centers...If an opossum doesn't need the higher centers to function, why would a human?'

as i understand the current scientific information of the pineal gland's (energy center) physical function w/in mammalian species, in conjunction/concert w/the optic system, one of its main characteristics is as a master clock/switch, overseeing circadian rhythms and other necessary functions of the body by the production/distribution of melatonin. this master hormone regulates many other (endocrin) hormonal cascading systems; among those, the basal, reproductive, and the immune systems. in the avian kingdom, the pineal is also utilized for global navigation of the earth's magnetic fields during flight/migration.

clearly, the opossum does indeed need this higher 'reception/distribution' energy center to simply 'eat, reproduce, and defend its territory' in totality to successfully survive. back down the chain, in avian & reptilian species the gland, located more closely to the skin, functions independently and w/o much input from the optic system as the complexity/function of the organisims' eye declines. lower on the chain still, the almost blind horseshoe crab utilizes a vestigial photoreceptor like center to sense light.... even subterranean arachnid & crusteacea retain photoreceptors, as do deep ocean dwellers. bacteria even exhibit reactive photochemistry w/o the presence of even a receptor structure.

while the animal and plant kingdoms are physically dependent on light receptor/distributor systems for functionality, there may be other metaphysical functions of these higher energy centers, currently unknown or not understood to/by science.
the perennialist schools considered the pineal the seat of the human soul. i also surmise, that humanity's higher 3rd brain (which is scientific fact, not 'an idea') allows humanity some other reception/distribution capability (the third eye) by virtue of our complex optic/endocrine systems, the more complex the system - the further capability for differentiation of function.

m_a:'My working hypothesis is that the human instrument was designed to allow the individual divine chip off the old block to experience physicality.'

we agree, in part.

m_a:'Nothing in that implies that the human instrument must only be used in that manner, only that it is capable of the interface, and that interface could conceivably be used by operators other than souls, including AI and/or various representatives of group souls from the animal kingdom.'

while i would agree that interface is possible it is, limited and hierarchically oriented. in this plane, humanity is (possibly egocentrically) considered by virtue of its cerebro-neural 'evolutionary (1st, 2nd, 3rd brain hardware) complexity' to be the top of the chain/heap (insert apt analogy). with this distinction 'in mind' we alone are able to peruse the intricacies and mysteries of the lower orders... the lower orders do not possess the higher 3rd brain or its capabilities, and therefore have no access. 3rd brainers, would then seem to be the sole species w/ capability to revisit/reincorporate/remeld/reaccess (for lack of more apt/descriptive terminology) metaphysical aspects/characteristics of the animal group spirits, (shamanism, voodoo, other aboriginal cultural rites, etc) as i surmise that humans having spiritually evolved in some comparable or intertwined manner thru and/or beyond them, achieving a higher differentiation of individual 'soul'. in short, if the hardware of the 3rd brain is absent, doubtful, that any leapfrog in hierarchy for use by the lower orders is possible, much less override control of a human mind/body itself. interface as communication yes, control no.

as for current AI, it alone possess no wish/thought/need to 'inquire', much less assess any directed/collected data as to a possible use of a human body for it's functionality or completion of a task or program...... if AI expressed such a wish/thought/need/inquiry...
if would be a wish/thought/need/inquiry from the AI's code toad's 'ghost' the 3rd brained programmer........not the AI itself.

still in this plane, following my earlier hierarchical model, i surmise that 'higher' forms from other planes could possibly achieve 'limited' interface or communicate on a metaphysical level w/humanity - as we w/them, but this in no way implies to me utter 'control of use'.

a composite human soul, released from the confines of attachment to a physical body, and beyond this plane.. who's to say... my total swag-assed guess, is that some similar manner of the known physical/mental evolutionary hierarchical model here in this plane - exists beyond this plane & spirals through all others, at some point rejoining source/creator.

m_a:'Moving right along, not all of which I speak in the metaphysical realm is belief or faith based. Matter of fact I'm pretty careful with the qualifiers. If I claim it is so that's because I have personally experienced it enough to erase all doubts.'

i don't doubt your belief in your claims;
BUT unless one can offer readily observable empirical data to others (who don't share the one's personal knowledge)

we circle back to

faith and belief.

m_a: 'In much the same way I can see how the oppression of the collective consciousness of humanity by these parasites, for many thousands of years yet, could be seen as a stimulus towards growth, evolution, and maturity. They could also serve as sorting mechanism for individual humans, in order to decide who goes where in the sorting...'

sans miasmic specters; as symbolic analogy; the process of the freewill deciding how it will polarize and what lessons it will encounter as consequence.

"the universe is mental."
the kybalion

thanks for your time and indulgence.


notamobster said...

kikz - to be clear, I love you. I love what you wrote, it was mind-blowing, though I'm not smart enough to know if I agree entirely, just yet.

Never the less, I was just picking at you.

kikz said...


i know nota, jus' pickin.. ;)

only problem...
i don't 'do'
toe polish :P)

kikz said...

ahhh shit..

and m_a...
inorganic replication =
'meat machine'...

nooooo... not meat...
just machine.

notamobster said...

That's okay, k* - neither do I. I just wanted to sit at your collective feet while you folks blazed the trail deliberative contemplation, or got really stoned and ate cheetos - whatever, as long as I get to come.

kikz said...

nota :)


yer here :)*


Visible said...

There's a new post at Visible Stream of Consciousness

m_astera said...

Kikz, briefly-

If I had not experienced pain, or cold, or hunger or love, or sight or touch or smell, but you had, and you told me they were real,

Then it would take faith on my part to believe you, if you could not show me these things.

But not on your part. You would know.

m_astera said...


I need to cover one more thing, because a lot of people read these blogs and this needs to be clear:

The ductless endocrine glands are NOT the same thing as the energy centers, chakras, seals, or whatever one chooses to call them. The energy centers/seals are non-physical. They are associated with the glands in some cases, can affect the glands, and be affected by the glands, but gland does not equal seal.

Yes, an opposum needs a pineal gland, but an oppossum does not have, nor have any use for, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals.

Anonymous said...

Eckhart Tolle has an interesting take on some of what you are all talking about (maybe).
He speaks of a bag lady character he is observing on a train--she is mumbling and sometimes talking out loud and has a constant dialogue/conversation going where she is basically talking out loud--sometimes angry--sometimes accusing, etc. He realizes in that moment that we have a constant non-verbal communication going on--in our minds-- that usually brings up things from the past or looks froward to the future..and misses the NOW.
The only difference between the "crazy" bag lady and us is that she verbalizes what we just let stay in our heads--so who are the crazy ones?
Our minds want to be in control and don't give us "time" to let our spirit speak or receive.
I am working on a Faraday cage in which to meditate/seek --I have a theory that with HAARP-Microwaves--Cell phone towers--AM/FM--TV--wireless internet--wireless phones/cell phones and whatever else is out there banging around, we are overloaded with energy/radio waves and they are interfering with our ability to access/allow the "good waves"--so to speak.
Yes, it may be a big tin foil hat thing but it's worth a try.
I am going on the "get rid of what is gumming things up" before you can let that which is good in.

I'll keep you posted.


kikz said...


m_a; today: 'The energy centers/seals are non-physical. They are associated with the glands in some cases, can affect the glands, and be affected by the glands, but gland does not equal seal. Yes, an opposum needs a pineal gland, but an oppossum does not have, nor have any use for, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals.'

your prior initial postulation; 'An opossum has no need for the heart, throat, and pineal centers. It functions just fine having the drive to eat, reproduce, and defend its territory. Perhaps insects only need two, and single-celled organisms one. If an opossum doesn't need the higher centers to function, why would a human?'

prior secondary postulation; wolverine 'could conceivably be used by operators ... and/or various representatives of group souls from the animal kingdom.'

having this morning augmented my quite limited understanding of animal and human chakras and their spiritual connection to physical organs/systems comples me to ask...

if the animal (group soul) has no need of 'corresponding human' higher chakras, how could this (group spirit) experience or or wish to connect or initiate spiritual interface w/; other animal groups souls/spirits/ human souls/spirits, or experience (what through the 7th crown) cosmic consciousness (connection to the all)? this would seem to be the conduit for your wolverine postulation?


notamobster said...

Jj - send us a pic when you get done. If the whole thing is based on vibrational frequencies, HAARP would be as food a tool as any to interfere with such!

also: check out

kikz said...

gee, m_a...

no answer to my question...
guess you got bored, huh?



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