Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Elementary Primer on Practical Magic; Part One.

A reader and I have been exchanging emails about contacting the divine and what is required to facilitate and expedite that. It put me in mind of some things that also tie in with questions people have asked me in the past. It ties in also with whether you should arm yourself against the coming madness. It reminds me of all the things that pass through people’s minds in relation to ‘appearances’. It’s important to remember that you are always dealing with either appearances or essence. Essence is in full command of all appearances. Any mind that is not connected to essence is at the seeming mercy of appearances because, everything you experience and how you experience it is connected to what you believe to be true.

So... I’m going to present a few things which are one hundred percent guaranteed to work and I’m going to attempt to explain why things don’t work or why they work differently than one’s intent. I’m going to do it in the same amount of words I have chosen as my template for these things and I’m going to close one eye and pat my head while I do it. I don’t chew gum so I had to come up with an alternative.

Some people who come here have some idea of what goes on at invisible levels. If you’ve heard the phrase, “as above so below” then you too now have an idea of what goes on at invisible levels if you didn’t before. We’ll be mentioning catch phrases and we’ll get cute with it because, sometimes that works and given the amount of smart asses who come and go around here it might even be helpful.

It’s been said, “All magic is in the will.” That’s true but... whose will? The point is that there is only one so it comes down to channeling doesn’t it? And that implies concentration which is intensifying the focus and maintaining it. At this point I suggest you get a copy of Alice Bailey’s two volume work on Pantanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. I’ll just wait until you order, receive and read the set and then we’ll continue. Okay... that didn’t take too long. This book explains the whole deal from the yogic perspective. You can find the same thing with different analogies; different terms and often a lot of mysterious veils in the Western Tradition if you need it explained that way. I’ll just wait here until you acquire all of those books and read them.

Okay, let’s get on with it. You will not be able to practice any of this unless you are seriously committed. Sure... you might get some results here and there but your mind will know how you feel about it and how sincere and dedicated you are and it’s your mind that you have to convince... nothing else, just ‘your’ mind. All those magic circles and symbols, routines and rituals, magic wands and sigils and so on and so forth are all about convincing your mind. It’s a way of playing dress-up so that your mind can slip into the role; so that your mind believes you are serious about the role.

I don’t feel like explaining anything right now. I’m tired of explaining things. I can tell you that I have a very good idea of how things work but I don’t really care. When I finally got included in certain eternal understandings, I didn’t really care what I could do with them anymore. Part of what happened to me was that the desire for most of the things that everyone wants got sucked right out of me along with certain human elements that have made it impossible for me to get into things the way people tend to do. I just don’t care.

Of course, I care a great deal but I just don’t care and it doesn’t matter any more even though it matters a great deal. It’s all sex by the way but I’m not going to treat with that this go round except to say that terrestrial sex doesn’t hold a candle to intercourse with the divine and it will ruin you for the things everyone feels like they can’t live without. "But how do you get there Dr. Visible?" Well... everything costs something and you can’t have one thing unless you are willing to lose another. That’s why most people can’t and won’t get where they think they want to go. They don’t really want to go there. Although they meet the Dweller on the Threshold anyway (over and over again) at a certain point in the endless rotation of the wheel of fire they are a tad squeamish about conscious confrontation.

Many people might think themselves brave and toy with the idea of going into the graveyard to meet with Smashin Tara but very few are going to take acid and actually go there, although some of us have. Very few people are willing to risk and endure madness but some of us have. Believe me... living these mundane lives is a greater Hell; in my opinion. But you don’t have to do that to profit from what I’m going to tell you and if you practice what I put here today and you do it religiously according to ‘any’ timeline or degree of routine that you may choose, you will have results. The key is... there has to be some consistency. You cannot expect a seed to become a plant unless you attend to it; not the seed I am talking about anyway.

So... let me go to the nitty gritty and then you are on your own; Oh yeah... this isn’t going to put you up against those big bellied Tibetan demons or Jinn’s in a whirlwind. This is just going to make it possible for you to achieve practical results in your life in relation to things and circumstances you may desire and you should make sure that you desire them because desire is the agent of God’s will.

I’ve been analyzing this while I was writing it and I have distilled it down to one thing you can do and it will cover every need and exigency. This is a guide, as I said, you ‘can’ do it any number of ways as long as it is consistent.

Go to a place where you face Nature exclusively so that the range of sight takes in only Nature. It doesn’t matter if there are houses somewhere beyond; no matter where you are or where you face, that will be the case. First, ask for the ear of Heaven and the blessings of Heaven on your quest. Next, address the secret heart of Nature in what is before you and express your request calmly but with an intensity of passion and focus. Do this when the sun is in the sky and do it also when night has completely fallen and do it in the same spot. Do it without fail every day and, were I you, do it for as long as you are here.

You will find that your ability to express your desire and the desire itself will improve and modify with time. It’s to be expected that you eventually get around to asking for the only thing worth having but there’s nothing wrong with some practical demonstration on the way. I can hear someone saying right now. “What’s the only thing worth having?” If you don’t know I’m not going to tell you.

Alternatively... if you want to fast-track this and you think you’ve got a take no prisoners mindset you can start by taking a day a week when you don’t eat and you put your whole attention upon winning the attention of what is paying attention to you ALL THE TIME.

Yes... you should approach these times with some ceremony and reverence and you should, by all means, be humble yet demanding... remember... you are the child. It is unlikely you will be given a stone... unless that would be a particular stone of which some of us are aware.

This is a good start and if you can’t manage this you certainly do not deserve more. However, if you can manage this you WILL get results. Be clear on what you ask for and be certain you want it. The agency you are asking knows very well what is hidden in your heart. Do not deceive. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Now, I’m going to stop patting my head because it has become very annoying. I forget what the other thing was that I was going to be doing but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Yes... I left out quite a few things so... fill in the blanks.

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Anonymous said...

I found that place I desired in the deepest recess of my heart when I was 23, in the year of '73. I didn't at the time know what or where it was, but it was lysergicly laced thingy that made me see another dimension to this matrix and desire more from life. In a park at night, out of sight of people, I would beg the vast star-filled sky for direction. I repeated this many times, without acid or other pain killers to existence, for months. Once I'd started that first night, hugging a friendly tree whilst I cried for the world, it became natural and less dramatic. The quest continued though location was of little importance. My bedroom window offered the same view of overpowering vastness as did the site of the tree. Even daylight with blue sky and sunlight became the same number I was calling, without answer. Then one early summer's evening, a chance meeting with another human occurred. A human with opposing views but kindred spirit answered many questions that had disturbed me from youth. Intelligent conversation followed, with not a pick of emotional display, just scientific questioning on my part, and a thirst for logical explanation. What happened after that was sheer magic, which can only be attained by honesty and humility to oneself. It doesn't rid the planet of evil at this moment in time, but it gives the strength to endure much personal pain, and supplants confidence and hope.

Ben There said...

Well, this is a new take (for me). It’s interesting that you talk about addressing the heart of what resides in the nature around you. Every evening I walk our dog around the neighborhood and I treat it like it’s a meditation, practicing the most intense mindfulness that I can muster. When it’s going really deep I start to become very attuned to the nature around me and what I really mean by this is that it begins to feel like it is very aware of me, specifically the trees. I think I’ve mentioned this here before so I won’t go on at length but the trees, plants, grass, etc. really do become conscious and benevolent beings. They radiate some kind of love and understanding that becomes very palpable (when this happens, which isn’t every time). It sometimes stops me dead in my tracks and I’m just standing there in awe; there’s some kind of interplay between my consciousness and the trees at that point. It never occurred to me to make any kind of request when this is happening but I may try it the next few times.

Visible said...

If you've gotten far enough to become aware of the fact that you know they are aware of you then it's only a small step to being aware that they are connected to the root source of the thing that is connected to the thing that causes Nature to reproduce anything you request if... you know how to request it.

Anonymous said...

Not taking anything away from anyone else, it's people like Ben who add to this world we share.
Perhaps it's seeing your youthful picture..that you get it at your age... yes, I get that age is a relative thing but still.....
Reading what you wrote is my smile for the day.

Very cool.


nina said...

You are talking about gratitude again, aren't you.
Going with the flow,
Staying out of the way,
Seeing how we can impede and refrain from doing so.
Going within to radiate outward,
Listening and looking.
Understanding fear and loss as states of ignorance to be regarded with compassion.
Giving up and giving-in to give of yourself is to get all we'll ever need or ever want.

If indeed these things are your point, we can talk about them and name them. Why not?
They are too great, too authentic and all encompassing to suffer trivialization, although commonly ignored, commonly distorted for self-profit, so it helps to clear the air, when we can, because acknowledgement of these things benefits everything, every blade of grass and grain of rice and Oak and bird and beating heart. Its our duty after all. And duty is just one facet of love. Gratitude and love are the same thing.
Its only logical, since we exist as a dimension of Nature, to act in accordance with Nature and honor Nature's perfection.
When we see things this way, and share our experience, it is selfless and becomes the domain of everyone and everything.
In Modernist Literature, its said we need to go outside at night and ask the Universe "Do I matter?" That is a little confused, isn't it? Lots of great writing there, but the belief there would be no answer is nonesense cluttered with personal baggage.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I feel that we are all 'puppets'.
Does this connection change our paths? Has there not always been humans who think about their breaths? I am always brought to the present when you incorporate nature into your writings. Thanks for that Les.

Visible said...

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, Chapter 13

. said...


Connection with nature is perceived as something to attain. It is true to say the connection is ever-present, the awareness of the quality of the connection is what can be enhanced by this type of approach.

We are nature, not separate from it.

There is an aspect of our personality that has become enormously over grown and consequently causes an imbalance. It is the mind, sometimes referred to as ego. Our mind tells us certain things in order to protect itself and to have us believe we are protecting ourselves, and it then also likes to be thanked for this.

Being 'reduced' to simply a part of nature isn't comfortable for us, 'we are better that that' it will say.

However when we perceive with a balance of heart and mind we are able to reveal the connection that is already present and not only can we ask for guidance but we can also provide guidance. Nature loves two way communication.

The heart has perceptive qualities (fact!)

Love cisco x

nina said...

cisco x, asking for guidance, right, yes! Thanks a lot.

. said...

...or, words conceal.

Cisco x

Anonymous said...

And the greatest of these is LOVE...



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