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How Rare is True Spiritual Inquiry?

When you go looking in a search engine for the answer to the question, “How many Buddha’s are there?” you are not going to find a definitive answer. In one Buddhist tradition it is said there is only one Buddha per age. I heard, some time ago, that there are as many Buddha’s as there are grains of sand on the seashore. What should be kept in mind and which also answers this question, without giving a specific answer is... everyone has Buddha nature. It’s something that can be developed.

You could take some period of time and wander through the towns and cities, in the manner of Diogenes, searching for an honest man and ask people what the primary goal of their life was. You could have a few questions to determine priorities. You could ask the relevant question according to the land you were in. In the East you could ask about Krishna or Buddha. In the West you could ask about Christ. You could ask about Islam in either. You would ask according to what was prevailing there as a prototype for realization or enlightenment.

In your search, you would want to differentiate between accepted religious beliefs; dogma and cant... and an actual intensity of pursuit. You want to find out how many people are searching for a greater awareness in the moment in which you find them. Go ahead, ask them. If this last point were to be taken as a vital criteria, then... you would find that the number of people you encountered who could be identified as being engaged in awakening their Buddha nature was very, very small. In times of pervasive materialism you would find the number to be smaller still.

You do not have to ask anyone these questions. You can sit in any park on a Sunday; walk along a beach in summer, on any city street on any evening, into bars, nightclubs and theaters and simply watch. You can attune yourself to determining the focus of the people you are observing. You may not penetrate into their deepest thoughts- it is likely they will not either- but you can get a general idea.

Churches are mostly locked up at night in these times but some are open and you could compare the population of a church at night to any of the centers for amusement. Church attendance is often not a sign of spirituality, as much as it is a measure of conformity but an open church, such as we have here in Europe, shows you what kind of traffic there is during the times that services are not being held. You have to consider that the larger portion of those you will find in a church in these times... you have to consider that they are there because of some pressing life problem, as opposed to a driving intensity to know their maker and themselves.

The wild places of nature have always been sanctuaries and havens for those seeking to commune with the ineffable. If you wander in these places you will very seldom find anyone engaged in what I am talking about. Some numbers of people are practicing spiritual inquiry ...and remembrance they go through their day and while moving through the world. You have to assume that this number is also very small. It appears that very, very few people are engaged in seeking to find what authored the process in which they find themselves.

In the comments section at another blog I posted this interesting series of pictures which shows us how infinitesimally small we are. You could take what is shown here and apply it to the universe within. You could apply it to this search I am talking about and you could apply it to the question of how many Buddha’s there are. You could apply it to the question of how many sincere seekers there are in any faith. You could apply it to the population of the marketplace as opposed to the number of cave dwelling yogis which inhabit the Himalayas. You would need to factor in endless time and the absence of time altogether. You would need to factor in the possibilities that there may be living worlds like our own in many places across the universe. There are so many factors that you would get no real answer but... you would get a sense of immensity that exceeded your ability to grasp it.

As you follow the progression of pictures, give careful consideration to what was discovered when the Hubble telescope was focused on what appeared to be empty space for four months.

I am using Buddha’s as an example. You can pick any tradition. You have to probe for what I am trying to say because there is no way to say it. What’s being presented here is not exactly what is being said.

Every Buddha generates out of their being, an entire world, or type of solar system or galaxy that is freely given for any who would seek sanctuary there. Every spiritual being, who has achieved realization, generates a space where the determined soul can enter and where the clamorous sounds of the ravenous world can be muted for the purpose of self-inquiry. The Amitabha Buddha has The Western Pure Land. Traditionally there are six realms in the Buddhist cosmology. Hinduism, Christianity and Islam have comparative circumstances where the same place is differently designed to accommodate the trappings of what the followers of any tradition might expect. It’s what’s known as ‘user friendly’.

There are other planes of existence. Whatever you are thinking and feeling at the moment and whatever occupies your interest is determining your direction. You are actually headed somewhere at this very moment even if you are sitting down. Go back into the marketplace and look at the size of the crowd and observe the desire bodies at work. The interplay of behavior, desire and relative components all serve to create something like an automobile on the highway. Realization and the higher virtues have never been a main consideration of the mass. The mass actually operates in opposition to these things. There are people of seemingly high intelligence who have all the answers and no interest in what lies beyond their areas of concern.

These individuals have already determined the value of everything they do not know based on what they have assumed to be true, based on what they prefer to believe. Many of them will tell you there are no other worlds; there is no divine authority, there is no purpose to life other than what has been scientifically determined and so on and so forth. They are ‘dead’ certain that what exists within their bandwidth is all that there is, even while their own sciences prove otherwise.

Perhaps you are one of those rare souls who actually care about what might lie beyond this fire world. How can you find your way out of this place? You have to head somewhere and you must have a guide. Consider the nature of vibration. Consider the nature of sympathetic vibration and how this might lead you to acquire both direction and guide.

You are climbing a mountain. This requires energy and determination. You must know or believe that what you are seeking lies at some point along your route. This is certitude. Something must carry you through the certain tests that you will encounter. This is faith. If you Google these words you will find that they are tenants of Islam. You will find the same in every legitimate tradition and you will find that the truth realized is hidden in the outer world and revealed in the inner world. Outward are the wars between everything. Inward is the resolution of all conflict. Confusing this leads to the eternal problem.

You can’t take anyone with you but you will find companions on the way. If you are content with what you have here then this will not apply to you. If you are not content then you will have no peace until you seek, because, the very distress you feel is the impetus to the search. One needs to hone their intensity by the hour. This is the primarily important thing. Nothing else is important except for good behavior on the way. Persevere and you will see Buddha’s beyond counting and more, far more than your imagination can presently conceive.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just as with the "eyes" showing the lack of (the grim reapers of this world), the eyes and smile of that genuine something ring the bell for me--it's soft, and it's wonderful when you see eyes that are alive attached to a smile that broadcasts calmly, confidently--
I call it "Sparkle" for lack of a better term. Someone can be considered beautiful, or handsome, and not have it--words need not be exchanged--it's beyond, or perhaps within the spiritual--
A comfort of spirit--


Anonymous said...

Les wrote:"In the comments section at another blog I posted this interesting series of pictures which shows us how infinitesimally small we are. "

There was time when those pics would have triggered a sense of insignifigance in me. I guess I've outgrown that bug-a-boo. Viewing them now I feel infinitely free somehow.

William Wilson said...

Maybe part of the reason it is rare because it takes, at times, effort. In greater or lesser degree
It's not been easy, for me, thats been my experience. Let that not pre condition anyone's views, will say it is worth any effort made.

Anonymous said...

I have a "place" where two rivers meet in a valley. I go there in mind and feeling and welcome others, the mother walks here. This world before the eyes is one of wonder and fun but has shown me that other worlds to can be found via this one. I think most people want to understand all about this one world we share and get mislead. They feel that mastering this life is all we get, but I say we get to keep mastering life one after another.
Vibration, a doorway into strings between worlds. I have just started "feeling" these vibs over the last four years or so. Im sure they had effected me before, but I then live in the western tech world. Those feelings I passed on as chemical issues in the brain, I was wrong.
I have come to understand that all is within me and it my job(gift) to unlock it. The hubble can look back at me and see the same things as its showing us now. We all have the "tools" need at all time for all things, we're just told different. Now, we cant just use all of these tools at once, we have countless lives to do this. There maybe even some order to the tool using too?
William, you're so right! Its hard and you dont get an ipod for the effort. Somedays, Im so taken back I feel like starting over. Other days it streams to me like the very wind on my face. Im thinkin I need to work with the same tools a little more, get to know the ropes more. This is even harder when most people cast out ideas and even work hard to not listen. I surely dont need others to follow but, it seems their unwillness is creating "grey mass" and is slowing me down some?
The images and idea we share are to, the "godhead" in many ways. In idea is a world to itself and we get to create many worlds of ideas, all the time. What a jungle!! I feel like, like things, find each other in this jungle. Sometimes I see people that I feel Ive seen in other lives or wonder why I need to take a double take on some sunset?
Its long like the snake circling this world.

Le Mat

nina said...

What about, say, a half/half experience in the human realm, or a 3/4ths-1/4th and so on, does the latter "seeking" behavior erase the previous flatness? Now, I am not saying many of us were not at least partially aware, always being good in intention, but ignorant, so how does the mix determine where we go from here?

And I am grateful for your work, thank you. Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Les, working with six realms here, thanks for the insite. I love the Gita but find the Buddha side works too.
Its all the same stuff, to me. The three heads of the god, the paths of life, and the stages of the gods lives are all link into one life, the one we are living now. The outward view of moving though realms is dangerous for newbes, I think. The realms arent "out there" but inside the soul. Now this maybe over the top and to rounded for words, here. The very reason we find dozens of different related idea around the world show the different way to begin moving to similar realms. Now many link the history of such, and can find great works and people along the way, but its now that matters. Im not so hot on punishment or pleasure, both do the same thing for me. Now its clear, if you dont want to grow and move on, thats fine, but the soul sure wants too and will create a realm thats favors that growth, and thats what I see in the words of the old ones.

Le Mat

Amanda said...

Dear Les, How many Buddhas? I think only one, but all who attain become this One. I don't know if this is the case for everyone who commits fully to the path, but for myself it was never really a choice. Although I incarnated loaded down with gifts, I was driven to seek realisation by a sorrow so intense that it could never be ignored or forgotten. It was a crippling sadness that no worldly reward could compensate for. Many years ago I took an overdose of antidepressants, and a hospital nurse said, "You're such a pretty girl. Why would you want to kill yourself?" This seemed to sum it all up. Correct me if I'm wrong Les, but I sense something similar in you. For many years I saw my pain as a curse, but it was actually the greatest gift of all. Even so, it is hard to wish it upon anyone. I try be content with the knowledge that what I do affects the field of awareness shared by all. It can be very lonely, particularly when people who love you are unable to understand why you don't "make something of your life". Thank you for the sharing and compassion of your words. In Lak'ech.

Anonymous said...

Ok, to much here, today.
Les, Im hoping you dont write off the larger mass of people that seem to not be spiritual, they are(I dont think we get a choice). The problem isnt the lack of awakening, its fear or lack of faith. Faith in what, it doesnt matter, but few want to create faith but rather hope others do it for them, in fear of their own "powers." This too, isnt a bad thing, its just like a kid thats locked up and not let out to play. If you cant test the waters then you cant go to new places, realms. The waters of the mystic are deep and dark (not in a bad sense)and arent for the faithless. I feel lost most of the time in the waters, but I have myself to return to.
Spiritual inquiry is done by all people, even if they dont know its happening. The soul isnt going to set around. The masses just find this inquiry cold and useless, a TV works better. So, they are being "spiritual, but only going to the cold waters and not wanting to jump in.

Le Mat

Dadnerd said...

There are those that need structure, and there are those that don't. Some may find a pathway in the main religions, others will not. Could be there is no path to truth, and maybe the path is just a diversion, a hindrance. The path could be tradition, the smoke after the flame has extinguished. Do we find the smoke to be fulfilling?

Some Hindu teachers felt that the masses needed to be spoon fed. That somehow it may lead to some greater level of awareness. Treat children like children and you still have children. If the masses are easily entertained by all the diversions on earth, the religious entertainments may be the worst kind, as if the participants are actually accomplishing something. Keep them occupied, repeating some mantra or whatever. Maybe they should watch football instead.

The minority you speak of is probably smaller than most of us realize. How many of us are really deeply serious? We only have a few years on this planet and we waste it away on trivia, strange.

Dadnerd said...

I'd better clarify one or two things. Say you experience something profound and direct. The moment you relegate it to memory it is dead. The actual perception and response was one thing, the memory of it is quite another. All religions are dead in that they repeat the supposed experience of their founders. We don't even know if it was real, but hear something nice and believe it.

And even if we have an awakening or some kind of realization ourselves, if we thrive on the memory of it the next day, it has no meaning, do we see that? Truth is moment after moment, it has nothing to do with memory. Although memory has it's place in a practical sense living in a physical world. Our only responsibility is to remove the false, and maybe the truth will be hanging there, like a ripe peach, to pluck.

Like the old joke, God and the Devil were walking down the street and noticed Truth lying on the pavement. The Devil picked it up and said "lets organize it!"

Visible said...

true enough and

then again (hmmm... that appears to be a pun)

Dadnerd said...

Hey I think we all see you as unique. You can't blame me for wanting to shove you over a cliff. You may be the next savior, how do I know? I'm obligated to push you, hehe.

The cliff being the known. The old, trodden worn out path. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I see you on the edge of something and...

Reality has nothing to do with the past. I look at an old photo of myself, I was young, good looking, my brain actually worked, etc...I'm not that any more. The past is not real, that's all I'm saying. Doesn't mean when we have a real experience that we are not forever changed. I'm worried that most people get caught up in activities that they feel is important and miss the real thing.

Well this is hardcore stuff and only for the few, but you can't blame me for pushing you, the world needs you man!

Dadnerd said...

You know I love you brother, and will keep bugging you till you ban me hehe.

your link in part stated...

"Through dhikr, Sufi masters train students to purify their hearts and souls. The shaykh's role is to guide seekers to the original remembrance; to enable them to become continuously and spontaneously aware of the Divine Presence in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life, in the outer and inner realms."

Let me address this if you don't mind. First off, masters? I say no masters, no slaves. We have to be responsible for ourselves. Who says these Shaykh's are authorized to guide me? No! Let me grow up and be responsible for myself.

But...if someone has experienced something for real he or she can point. Point in a particular direction. Say the door to understanding is knowing oneself, okay. Now go away master, the work is left to me to figure it out, thank you very much.

Sounds harsh? Not really. I want to know the truth, not follow some authority. We had slavery here in the good ole USA, it didn't work out. Although there is a more subtle form of it now.

The door is myself, that's all I need to know, the rest is up to me. I'm not gonna be lazy and expect some authority to tell me every step of the way. Already I'm becoming mature, see it?

Visible said...

One small point that you may have overlooked in your iconoclastic fervor (grin)and... heh heh, I hate to bring this up but... as any master will tell you and as all who attain mastery discover... the master is The Self and that would be you... in essence once all the petty tyrants have been deposed. Until that time... the temporary master is the tyrant.

I suppose I could elaborate but I'm busy with the new Smoking Mirrors. Yes... it is none other than yourself so... you are right and I am right. I hope that is okay.

And why the Hell do you think I would ban one of my favorite contributors who has seen more deeply into me than just about anyone? I reference your comment of some weeks ago when you were discussing how people should read what I write.

nina said...

Dadnerd, you did that on my blog also, suggesting I would ban you, which didn't make sense at the time. However, I see what going on now. You have a low threshold for what you feel you can safely express. This means there is a lot more you would say if there were no self-enforcing limits.

Visible said...


heh heh.

Anonymous said...

The moment/memory thing, great!!! How much more I love and enjoy thinking now! No really, the act of thinking is key, the paths and places we take ideas is little understood.
The treat as a child/ get a child like world, this too is super and I wish more "adults" got this. The western world is playing house and wishes not to grow up.

Le Mat

Ben There said...

Anytime I forget what my life is about all I have to do is come to Visible Origami. Sometimes the fire burns intense and sometimes there are only a few warm embers but I can always count on coming here for a shot of lighter fluid.

Anonymous said...

Although I have it on no authority, there must be only one Buddha for we are all one in the end. Also, searching implies the answer can be found "out there" when the only truth is "in here." We have never lost "it," it is just obscured by the density of the material world.

Ben There said...

Les - When you have a minute go check out my Stevie Ray Vaughan impression over at my blog. Recently got a video camera (finally). It's a cheap ass camera, as made evident by the sound quality, but it'll do.

Anonymous said...

Does "being one" mean what we think it does (or have been led to believe it does--or hope it does) and therefore we have to put up with the "evil ones", or the "lukewarm ones" because it's all part of the master plan--a cosmic version of some reality show?
We are all "of" the same source yet we are certainly not the same any more than all people are "from" the USA, Australia, South Africa, etc are, and therefore "we" think with a collective mind--ok, 95% of the population does but hopefully you get my point.
Another red herring to think we are along the ladder/path of enlightenment, or that we have to put up with this or that because we are all "one"--that it's inevitable?--Kumbaya, "We are the World, we are the children"--gag--

It is in our individuality that our hope lies, and in the collective of that individuality--we have seen that over and over when it doesn't work because there weren't as many on the same wavelength-(it's not in the numbers, but in the intensity)-this is where the worm turns, in that collective energy/wavelength--the "extra" decibel/frequency--chances are you will be persecuted on some level for not dressing, thinking, writing, or looking the "same"-history shows us this-
I was just thinking the other day after the tea party rally that the "christians", and this county I live in is full of them, have no clue that what they will be persecuted for is not their belief in god (how can you be when you are in the vast majority--other than the NRA-type hype of they are coming for your guns stuff), but if their beliefs as in 911, USS Liberty, Israel, non-federal reserve are their beliefs, if they choose to go down the rabbit hole--that, is where the persecution is--and it's quite real--persecuted/prosecuted--hmmmmm
Taxes are one thing to "protest" about, it's kind of an easy one-- the rest surely rises to a level of real possible danger-of being the dreaded "different"-and will be more so as time goes on.

I just have a feeling we are missing something so glaring as to be cosmically comical when realized--we are down a path that is there under the leaves and underbrush, yet we think we are on our own trail-breaking journey when the path has been carefully laid out for us so that we think we're real rebels--ok, that's as close as I could get--
Let the games begin!!!!


Dadnerd said...

Vis, Nina

Okay I promise to never say the word ban again.

There is just this thing, that I hate to impose on other peoples blogs, it's different than a regular forum that nobody owns. Here it's like a house and I hesitate to trample and mess up peoples stuff.

Still, I feel I need to throttle my remarks. Anyway I do love both your blogs, you both are quite advanced in my observation and love to hear what you are saying.

Visible said...

Yeah but...

you're a member of the household as much as I or anyone. It's perfectly okay to be yourself.

Dadnerd said...

Excepted. I will always dust my feet off when entering.

You know this is not the time or place to mention it. There is this quality called love, but it is such a loaded word I hate to use it. Too many connotations. Put simply, I have this state of mind where I feel extremely affectionate to just about everyone. Even the idiots over there at Slate, my heart goes out to them. I know some are misguided, speaking from a brainwashed point of view.

There is this quality called compassion when you know we are all in the same boat. With compassion there is a certain empathy. And with most of the people that comment here, I have a feeling of compassion, and dare I say love. That being, those who have devoted some time and energy to trying to understand our predicament here on earth, and not just exploiting, I have a special fondness for them.

We are all heading in the right direction. But even the fools that aren't, I feel an extra empathy for them. Not hatred, hope that makes sense. The problem is, it may come off sounding arrogant, like I've arrived at some higher plane, and they haven't. I don't think so. Some of us have simply inquired more seriously than others, doesn't imply superiority.

Personally I like pushing the envelope, and like it when surrounded by others who do the same. But the underlying current is love, not aggression.

nina said...

Now you're talking.

I admit to a small advantage in having seen your self-portrait as a young man.

Also Dadnerd, I have even more respect for you now that you took my comment here at face value as I was confident you would.


Richard Welsh said...

Les -- Please help me out. Has anyone heard of this book called The Two Bibles? A friend from Romania first told me about it.

The premise is that there is an A version of the Bible. This one Abrhamic and the first letter in it is A

Then there is our version. This the BAAL version and the first letter is B. He also said that it goes into the bi-literal ciphers used in Shakespeare and the King James version of the Bible, which restores the original A version...

In the A version the Hyksos are driven out of Egypt for worshipping Set or the devil. When the Hyksos did flee, the estimated number of satanists or Setians driven out was 400,000.

I could go on -- but you get the general idea.

Richard Welsh said...

Dearest Les --

Another favor -- I was given a program many years ago that we used to call The El Reverso -- Basically it was a word recognition scanner -- it was programmed to change light to dark; yes to no, black to white -- I can still do it manually but it's a real pain and you don't get the instant buzz seeing the document flip

We also had a dollar decoder program which was very revealing -- Essential it tied the m1 supply to the value of the dollar. Very interesting results.

It only re-inforced what I was told -- i.e. that there are only two rules to a fiat currency economy -- When money is easy business is good -- When they turn off the supply business is bad.

Is there anyone out there who could do this?

Travis said...

Wonderful post. I especially like the parts about comparative scales. My only note of caution would be that we should be wary of the "Us vs. Them" mentality that some of this reasoning could be taken to point too. If all have the Buddha-nature, then even those content with manifesting a full-force "desire body" are also fully self-realized Buddhas, just as they are.

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

I was going to attach pix of one of the great cosmic jokes I have evr seen. Unfortunately it has disappeared. So here's a link. Go to Cold Warrior and Jesus. Note the tomstone and the location. It makes me want to laugh until I cry

Dadnerd said...


As you are very perceptive, I take everything you say seriously. That is one of the many beauties of the internet, we can express ourselves freely. Especially in forums like this, it's good to leave the ego at the door, and jump in with both feet. You never know what will come out of it.

Both you and Les have this nice artistic quality of throwing out all kinds of images, full of detail and color, and subtle implications. Just reading it is a pleasure. There are other contributors that have other qualities, and the whole thing adds up to a pretty cool place.


Richard Welsh said...

Les --


One more thing before I have to run...

My first job was working for this comic book company and the issue they gave me to work on was about an attack of earth by flying saucers. Pretty original huh?

Anyway they couldn't figure out how to fight the saucers. So I asked around -- Jerry, Frank, John --anyway we decided it would be a blast if the saucers were battled by the second coming of god. We called him Cosmic Charley and he was a giant holograph tied to a laser weapons system.

So anyway Cosmic Charley materializes, zaps the saucers, tells a couple of jokes.Then he checks his watch and says "It's been real. But I gotta split guys. I have more important things to do...

Whay'ya think?

Visible said...


you are a great guy in the same way that Nina would be my consort in another life forever because we are cut from the same cloth

Real life doesn't do that. Real life leaves all of us like rocks in the ocean calling like lost lovers across the waves.

Real life is real life and what I suggest is that everyone here makes a more personal contact so that at the very least we get to spend some time together.

Take that as a hint.

All of you who have plane fare should remember that I will cover you as my guest should you choose to take advantage.

I'm not Sister Sledge but

we are family.

nina said...

I'll have a box of Kleenex with that please.
Thank you.

Dadnerd said...


Maybe you two are split-a-parts.

I can't imagine what would happen if the regular posters here got together at the same time. There might occur some kind of space time universal mega warp the likes of which...

You don't exactly attract average people to your blog. Average people are at the game right now, or dozing off watching a sitcom, while the laugh track laughs at nonsense. For some, there may be an edgy discontent, and they find themselves here. Some may find your writings to be intellectually stimulating, and if that is so, then it's a form of entertainment for them. How many are seriously inquiring? Well it's all good methinks.

Hey I want to make a reference to another blog and say I'm glad someone was a "busy body" hehe, seems to have brought out a few things that were good to hear.

sounder said...

Dadnerd wrote…

'Some Hindu teachers felt that the masses needed to be spoon fed. That somehow it may lead to some greater level of awareness. Treat children like children and you still have children. If the masses are easily entertained by all the diversions on earth, the religious entertainments may be the worst kind, as if the participants are actually accomplishing something. Keep them occupied, repeating some mantra or whatever. Maybe they should watch football instead.'

When children are children it is proper that they be treated as children. Trouble is we use the same forms that children were taught with to teach grown-ups. We do not seem to appreciate the changing nature of consciousness. This is how (I think) the positive application of ‘law’ or repetition can turn negative. The form being presented or taken as essence, then becomes the maintainer of lies.

Thanks to All

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

I'd also to recommend one of my favorite films of all time. For those who can't see a way out of the mess -- Requred viewing "Cat's Paw" by Harold Lloyd. Watch it and have your faith restored.

Dadnerd said...


You know you're right. I should have said treat adults like children, etc...

Of course the gist is this. If you are hungry for something, you don't need to be babied, you will overcome any obstacle. If you are deeply responsible, you will do what it takes.

Most people are just too lazy, pursuing pleasure, not understanding the pain of that pursuit, and when things go really bad, they look for salvation. Notice lately how people around the world are up in arms, why now? Is it because their lifestyles are being threatened? We don't mind destroying the planet to have our little toys, that never comes to mind. But take the toys away, oh my, lets start a revolution!

Those who need to be spoon fed are really not interested, in a deep sense, my guess is they are just playing around. So why waste time on them? I guess that is where compassion comes in. The other approach is, truth is truth, lay out, don't sugar coat it, if someone can't see or accept it that's their prerogative.

Man I've been mentioning the planet for the last 24 hours and had no idea it was planet day. I wonder why everyday isn't planet day.

Anonymous said...

I think RJ is really Leonard Maultin--perhaps a movie review of "Cats Paw"? :)


Richard Welsh said...

Guys --

It's funny you should mention Leonard. He and I were classmates at NYU. He published my first movie review. It was about a Bunuel film that I thought watching it was like slowly twisting in the wind. Now that I'm older I certain I would be awed.

Richard Welsh said...

Guys --

See it and laugh and think and know you're not alone.

his film would be considered controversial today, but is still very funny. The racial stereotyping is done from the view of humor & not hate. This film strips off & shows how corrupt politicians already were in the early 1930's. This film proves it started before the 1970's & beyond when it has accelerated in the United States. Lloyd is still in his typical genre here, even though his character was raised in China.

The meaning of a Cat's Paw in this instance is a person who is running for political office but is being used by the established political machine to advance their agenda. In other words, they think this guy (Lloyd)is harmless when he runs for office. Then when he gets elected, he surprises them.

This same theme is used later in James Stewarts film Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Stewarts is more famous & has a stronger message. This film is more clever & subtle which are Harold Lloyds trademarks.

There is still the heart of romantic comedy hidden with the facade of the movie but today's mainstream audiences would still appreciate the political humor & the ending is absolutely priceless. I wish someone could beat today's political system in this way. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film & find myself wishing Harold had done more like it during the 1930's.

At least we have this one. I think the person who is quoted most in the movie is fictional Ling Po. I always thought Confusicus was the wise one but this one makes me believe the wisdom of China was

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

I gave up explaining things years ago but if some newbie really bugs me I ask him a simple question. Who do you think rules from the lowest part of the Earth? When they say the devil I ask them why it's such a big surprise when the temple that protects that place takes its orders from the depths of Earth. They don't call it the dead sea for nothing.

Visible said...

One might well ask why Seig Heil sounds like Seek Hell.

Anonymous said...

I'll always remember "Marvin vs. Marvin.
Lee was correct, though in this case he escaped the clutches of, well, whomever.

Anonymous said...

And why Amen sounds like Aum.

nina said...

At another location earlier today, I wrote 'Human Realm' when I meant Heavenly Realm. I hope you understood. Most of us are ignorant blunderers despite our seeking and the 4 realms between Human and Heavenly don't really seem to apply to people with pure intentions but are not realized gods.

Love, nina

William Wilson said...

Or why Abraham sounds like Ah(without) Brahm(an)

Keeping the ball rolling :)

Visible said...

Well done Will!!!

well done.

Anonymous said...

Brahma, Abraham and Ibrahim.

Paste these into Google and check it out.

Richard Welsh said...

Now you're catching on!!!

Richard Welsh said...

Check out Viewzone for the best overview on this and other cross cultural connections.

Peace and Love -- Had to get new computer so I'm up and running again.

Anonymous said...

Reporter: Don't you feel that people are suspicious because of their experience with fake gurus ? If you went to a quack dentist and he broke your tooth, you might be suspicious about going to another dentist.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Naturally, if you are cheated, you become suspicious. But this does not mean that if you are cheated once, you will always be cheated. You should find someone genuine. But to come to Krsna consciousness, you must be either very fortunate or well aware of this science. From the Bhagavad-gita we understand that the genuine seekers are very few: manusyanam sahasresu kaascid yatati siddhaye. Out of many millions of people, there may be only one who is interested in spiritual life. Generally, people are interested in eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. So how can we expect to find many followers ? It is not difficult to notice that people have lost their spiritual interest. And almost all those who are actually interested are being cheated by so-called spiritualists. You cannot judge a movement simply by the number of its followers. If one man is genuine, then the movement is successful. It is not a question of quantity, but quality.



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