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Magical Powers and the Absence of Love

When I was young I had, as has been documented here at various times, an extraordinary Kundalini experience. There are the small flashes that are the common occurrence and then there are the absolute life transforming experiences and mine was of this sort so that the effects lasted for some years. During this time I had magical powers which would operate spontaneously. I can only assume, at this point, that what was happening was being directed by someone else.

I met a living saint who arrested and channeled these powers and over time this energy has been sublimated into more controlled forces which operate through the intuition and other archetypal manifestations that are easier to live with and less likely to compromise me in ways that are undesirable. It is the undesirable aspects that we are going to talk about today. I’d like to start off with this link and then we’ll go on once you have read or... scanned what is there, depending on your temperament.

What you have read is probably new to many of the readers here. I direct your attention to the connections between L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley and The Nazis as well as various groups which were/are engaged in activating certain forces for personal use. You can see what is said about the character of these people and things they got up to and this is what I’d like to go into today.

When I had certain powers I found them amusing and curious things but I didn’t take them seriously as something I wanted more of. For the most part I seldom used them and when I did, as I said, I got the feeling it wasn’t me doing it. Sometimes I was in danger and things would happen that removed the threat or concealed me from it. When these powers went away I didn’t miss them and don’t care if they ever come back. I know there are people in this world who have a certain unshakeable integrity and force of will. I am not one of them. I knew instinctively that these things would get me into trouble.

Magical force is cyclopean and it is colored by the individual channeling the force. The power of this force is not to be under-estimated. You are treating with something that can burn you to a cinder under the right conditions and which can also put you under the power and influence of entities who have no love for humanity and which are always laying about in the area where people are messing with these sorts of things. The madhouses and the graveyards are filled with people who thought they could manage these things. It takes an exceptional person of a rare type to be able to handle this sort of thing and... one needs be possessed of much more than the ordinary human virtue to engage. A tremendous purity is needed and... most of the time... those attracted to these things are seriously lacking in this essential element.

For myself, I have found that surrender to the activity of the mediating angel is the best course. The true magical act is gaining the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel for the purpose of completing the Operation of the Sun. The practitioner does nothing themselves. They simply endure the stages toward completion and avoid all possibility of interference in the process.

No one contacts God directly. There are always mediums between the individual and the source of all things. I would suggest that those among us who can handle the charge of a lightning bolt are few and far between.

What are called Siddhis in the Hindu tradition and magical powers in the Western tradition come to all aspirants as they move on the path. Some of these powers are very welcome and quite benign. Some of them can get you into trouble and that is why most masters who possess these things seldom if ever use them. Ramakrishna, the great Hindu saint had ALL of the powers and he never used them once. He passed them on to Vivekananda just before passing out of this realm. Anyone who possesses these powers- and knows the means- can transfer them to anyone they choose.

I should mention that all of us have certain powers but we are unaware of them most of the time. One of these is the ability to work with the subconscious mind to bring things into manifestation. The subconscious mind is like the earth into which seeds are planted and then receive the benefits of Sun and Rain. We have these within us too. The difference between the operation of a master at this particular process and that of a non master is the time involved in manifestation. A master can precipitate something near immediately. For others it takes longer but it still happens. The same things need to be kept in mind about gardening as need to be kept in mind about this process. They are identical in many respects.

Love is a magical power and it can be increased in force by exercising it. This is no different than what happens to your muscles when you lift weights. Also, the channel through which love flows is always narrow in the ordinary soul. It requires opening and various things can accomplish this; spiritual disciplines, meditation, right thinking and reflexive rejection of all negative thought, trauma and loss and... what is important to keep in mind is... as you age... different possibilities present themselves about every seven years as you move into the different stages of life. This is why it is seriously important to have a focused goal that carries you through your existence. What you may believe is unavailable to you now might well show up- will most likely show up- on it’s own as you go.

Powers and wealth, property and position are all deficits. They seem to be assets but they are not. They require attention and protection. They are like noisy children that do not shut up and they drown out the higher voices and deeper beauties of your self. Knowing what is worth having is more important than most people realize. Anyone who is able... can... stop for a moment and consider... what do I really want? The truth is that what we really want is to feel good about ourselves and what we do. We would welcome tranquility, grace and joy... more than all of the world’s treasure because, indeed, the world’s treasure will steal your tranquility, grace and joy.

Some of us want children and lovers. We want all kinds of things and we conspire to acquire them and... all along the way we lose pieces of ourselves. We forget what we are and who we are and we become only an entity in the pursuit of disappointment and sometimes destruction as well... all of this for nothing... for nothing.

The power of love and the ability to love can be compared to the expansion of the universe and there are many mysteries and powers in the harmonic containment of itself but what does any of it matter if we do not feel good? What does that mean? Aren’t all of us seeking love which we have confused as something else?

Giving yourself away seems like a sucker’s game. Opening your heart and letting love guide your way is a nice thought and people talk a lot about it when they are confusing it with something else or packaging it or selling it or consuming it but it is truly elusive and will not be contained and you can’t fool it. You can only fool yourself. All anyone ‘really’ wants at any time in any place is to feel secure and harmonious and at peace but... why then is the world as it is?

I am sure that I could flood a million words across the page about that, as I am sure that others have already done so and will continue to. And then there are another million words that I could flood across the page about what we could do about it. Others have done that too and will continue to. It seems to me, within the limits of what I am able to perceive, that some things are worth having and some things are not. For some strange reason, I believe you need to give yourself away, serve as you go and cultivate serenity by freeing yourself of the things that chase her away.

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William Wilson said...

Hi Les, appreciate what you're saying.
Certain things dont need to be woken up without one having a very great degree of direction or control over self, thats what I got. This is a very partial and incomplete reference to a strange and unusual journey.
In short, to me, you are correct on these matters.

Visible said...

Should have used this song too.This is what happens going from cosmic to personal. Losing ourselves, re-identifying ourselves... we are something in essence and we should keep it close.

I believe in love.. containing it, spreading it around. We have to stay close within/

because one of these days God is going to open the door and I want him to find me waiting there and not carrying any other attachments except my attachment to love.

It is difficult in this world but... in case anyone ever thinks about asking whether I need them or anyone or anything... we are brothers and sisters and all we have to do is behave like that and honor one another as human beings.

It is my hope that all will know what this means

William Wilson said...

Sorry for not including this in my last.
This is for the purpose of the work.
Sometimes reading this website, I'm reminded of tuning forks, how a tuning fork will vibrate when it picks up on an emittor of force or energy. And how certain tuning forks, either those made of certain materials or of a particular construction, will "pick up" on an emittor before other tuning forks. They foreshadow and resonate. Given the preceding, one might ask-what is being foreshadowed?
Noticing the unusual similarities -in consciousness-which exist among those of this site, cannot help but have me wonder if something similar is going on.

Visible said...

Roger that.

some parts of 'how' and 'what' I don't know but is a going on going on?

Is the dopplerganger circumstance and someone with a palace in France hosting the Emperor of Ice Cream sensation happening across the board?

Isn't this the evidence?

Anonymous said...

Im in love! No, just lovin the words today! Thanks for showing others the door.
I have followed her now for a few years. I havent given all the mind to why, but the wallking seems right.
I feel we cant be "taken" by other forces, just for opening up the third eye, but we agree to let them effect us, instead.
Many like Alster Crowley seem to be pulled and moved by another, but I say they(he) wanted it that way.
Have you look at the book Seth Speaks?
Bottom line, magical powers are there and sure a few can do more for the rest of us better than we can for them, but we(you)shouldnt worry about being taken by the darker forces, you dont want that to happen, and it wont. Ok Im not sure this is true, but I have learned to use the minds power to farm what I want and to pick the seeds that seem to grow out of the mind and heart.

La Mat

c.j said...

A long time ago Les I 'dreamt' I had been hit by a lighting bolt it was so real and totally consuming I reckoned I must have had a heart attack or something never happenned again never mentioned it to anyone except now.
Man you got no idea how you move me you say what I know and feel with my entire being everything you say resonates deeper than I can explain and that's no accident you are me better equipped.
I love you man.
...'Indeed the world's treasure will steal your tranquility,grace and joy'...
What does it benefit a person to gain the world and lose their soul.
A long time ago I first listened to the Mavishnu orchestra with John 'Mcglaghiun' (not sure I spelt that correctly) now I am beginning to understand it LOVE DEVOTION AND SURRENDER it was called...

Thank you man.


Amanda said...

Hello Les, I loved this post. What you say is so true. I'm having trouble understanding the purpose of the link at the beginning though. The opinions and teachings of L. Ron Hubbard (and the author of the linked article) are a twisted misunderstanding of Crowley's ideas. Hubbard understood magick about as well as Jimmy Swaggart understands Jesus. To take only one of many examples, Crowley capitalises the word "Will" to distinguish it from desire, just as the word "Self" means something different from "self". You are quite right that magick is dangerous for anyone who lacks purity of intent. However, the same can be said of science. Science has produced the atomic bomb and frankenfood but these are hardly grounds for abandoning science. Likewise, psychology is used for propaganda and advertising, yet it remains worthwhile. In my opinion, Crowley lost his grip on sanity after accepting and publishing the channeled "Book of the Law". I think the blame for this lies not with magick but with his insane religious upbringing. It may interest people to know that the title of "the beast 666" was originally bestowed on him as a child by his psychotic mother. His adoption of it was reactionary. The proper purpose of magick is, as you say, contact with one's own higher Self and not the acquisition of siddhis. It also provides a detailed understanding of the workings of one's mind and the universe. Thanks again for a really great post.

Murphy151 said...

Wow Les, great words and while I have not experienced all that you explain, I do recognise and understand what it is that you explain so eloquently. I do know from my own worldly and spiritual experiences that ALL knowledge lies within and I use this, 'power' is the wrong word but I think you know what I mean, every day to 'ignore' this material world. I have escaped the clutches of Loki. The closest any of us came come to God is to hold a new born infant in our arms and look into the pool of innocence shining from their arrival. I have seen a light a million times brighter than the sun and I never once had to squint or avert my eyes. Followers of the morning star, I pity and fear for you.

Les, you are a gift and simultaneously gifted, someone with feet firmly planted on the Earthly plane for the good of us all. May the heavenly father protect you now and always.

Thank you


Visible said...

I put the link in because it shows some of the connections between so many people that all have so many connections to other people (unmentioned) who are doing the same thing today. You can find connections to the Bush Family with Aleistar Crowley.

One of my least favorite actors of all time got his break in a film called Six Degrees of Separation where it looked to me like he was playing himself.

Hollywood mirrors life mirrors Hollywood and what if the whole world is just you looking in the mirror.

Some years ago I took what would be considered as very large doses of LSD and

I saw all the personalities and possibilities that shaped

and refashioned themselves around me over the centuries in Egypt

and China and Persia moving right along to India in a slipstream.

Were those people me? Was I, those people? What was my intention?

Across the universe and the ages whether I was there or not; I would like to say that I was looking for Truth..

God.. an answer...

That is as much as i can remember and what I have found

because I am still here is that

God is Love

and that Love is tempered with love and compassion and only God knows whatever other excellent things go into the recipe but...

been seeking it

still seeking it

pulling myself aside and asking what am I thinking and so on and so forth.

I known that God is real and I'm not so sure about anything else.

it's a given i might have fucked up a few times in my illustrious careers and i don't know what's going to happen in the world but I'm going to give it my best as long as I can deliver it

I don't know who anyone is. I don't even know who I am. I'm just one man trying to push these oxen up the slippery slope and I don't have the strength and that is how it always gets around to God.

Some people don't care about these things. I do and heh heh, I assure you, I pay for it and it hurts sometimes.

I wish Rodney King would stop being a pop up Postit Note inside my head. Thing is... I seem to be getting along with everybody everywhere I go but it was not always so. Such events are rare now and I am determined to keep them that way. Everybody can have everything. I just want to slip up the thin coil to my bright home.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

You are all welcome to come and visit or stay forever but I'm going anyway.

Dadnerd said...

I'm gonna say something here. Don't want to sound melodramatic. I want to say something about why you are the only place I read on the internet, as far as blogs go. The problem is this limitation of words and verbal expression. How the wrong meaning will surely rear it's ugly head.

Nina touched on it the other day, that maybe I was holding back. And she was right. And why am I doing that? So hard to explain that.

I want to illustrate it. Say you're walking down a path with someone, out in nature. You want to run ahead, you find yourself wanting to run ahead. But you can't, your friend, whom you are walking with can not keep up. What do you do?

You are hungry and can not understand why no one else is. Compassion compels you to hold that persons hand and go as fast or as far as he or she can. But you are desperate to run ahead. What do you do?

You recognize that intellect is nice but not required, in some ways it is an impediment. You see most people are indifferent, but what about the more serious people, why aren't they willing to drop whatever gets in their way to understand this? I'm not speaking in the first person anymore am I?

Truthfully, years ago I got discouraged. Hate to admit it, sounds weak, but that is the case.

I'm not gonna finish what I started to say, but I want to say this. I hope there are some young people that will take all this seriously. I think only a handful of people are needed to make a profound difference. That would be nice if it could be done.

Ben There said...

Standing in awe, as usual.

Getting all of this into words the way you do is nothing short of magic as far as I'm concerned.

Mouser said...

What do you mean Les that you are going away. Non comprendo.

Visible said...

Perhaps I should have said, I am going anyway regardless of whether anyone else comes along. It turns into a kind of keeping the home fire burning sort of thing... candle in the window... John Fogarty... long as I can see the light kind of thing. Big Wheel keep on turning and Proud Mary keep on burning and most definitely




on the river






amen? (cue The Persuasions)

Anonymous said...

magic is when the soul is un-focused on any "sort" of reality cram down. it sees the immanent being in the world not as a culminating plan covenanted for by mens hands who no longer habit the mortal coiled cord of events as they unfold, but as duplicados...models, each of the magic we stands implacable to the death against the cram down imperium. getting "un-focused" is jargon for faking to drink the kool aid for not buying in to selling out. also for making the ultimate challenge leading to personal expiation from meat house worlds such as these and those but not this. not to whine at all for Ya know only blessing to weather on. fate surrounds and extends the longevity of the charming life walking in humble expectancy. so cheer up my friends and enjoy being privileged witnesses to a passing age. see Ya on the aether side. either other ethyr nether. you see all is forgiven...

Visible said...

you leave de room for a momet and de furniture it changes and

I intend to rock steady

if I can just get up out of my chair


I'm reflecting

Anonymous said...

Rollin, rollin, rollin on da riiiiver.
Yes, mon! Just watched the rented DVD of Ike & Tina Turner Live In '71. Check it!

'Course '71 is late. Not like when me and 3 white buds would go to Logan Heights (San Diego), '60-'64, stand at front of stage with jaws on floor as the packed hall screamed amens and fights broke out (dudes and chicks both) between tunes. We loved Ike then, and The Ikettes! Holy Shit!

Sorry, couldn't resist, w/ you mentioning that tune.
That was my holy tabernacle and holy communion in high school, that along with James Brown, Bland, and Ray....REAL MAGIC too, btw.

There's a blues at the end of the video that will kill you!


nina said...

Dadnerd said: You recognize that intellect is nice but not required, in some ways it is an impediment. You see most people are indifferent, but what about the more serious people, why aren't they willing to drop whatever gets in their way to understand this?Lovely post. Serious people definitely drop impediments to our progress, but there are notorious after effects, which while unpleasant, are usually outweighed by the rewards. Initially, the serious person experiences some amount of guilt, followed by side effects that took place not to themselves directly, but those who noticed something happened and disapproved because they felt hurt and abandoned as if there was some sworn pact human beings never change. It takes an extra large amount of love and understanding to see beyond the obstacles to happiness and recognize that the ongoing learning process known as life on Earth is a gift that keeps on giving like no other. Love is nurturing that gift. This one issue universally stymies humanity to the point that love is a threat, a joke, a lie, loss, fear pornography, and is the basis for insane acting out with violent anger and revulsion throughout history, mythological and actual, to this very moment.
If we had grown past this nonesense, we would not even think in terms of intellectual ability or degrees of seriousness of purpose. This is why fools often make more desirable companions than those who harbor delusions of their own grandeur. Fools work through instinct without premeditation and blurt and give of themselves without fear of reprisal. Reprisals are prisons of isolation that ground the winged angels living inside every single one of us.
You can take that to the bank. That is, if your bank is not associated with the Fed.

Masher1 said...

A person from my past,a brother of a girl i loved taunted and ridiculed me as a "lover boy" endlessly. 20 years further on i can see the cloak the un-love types pull around themselves to remain hidden from love. The path forward is easy for some and scary for others to walk.
The point down the road one is walking is not as important as showing others with as overflowing a cup as you can muster Love is the only guide one needs to travel the road safely regardless of the individuals pace or company. Examples are the way home. And home is far in excess of your current fathoming of earth and it's tests. Pure love is in the mix for those willing to embrace it and help others to encounter their path to it. Even if one meets with resistance from a fellow path traveler and they part one can set example for another and another if needs be until the path is walked and your time on this place is ended. Knowing the path and Waking it are most assuredly two different states of being especially if your path is fought with losses and tests of despair and loneliness.
All have at all times a companion to heal the pain and sooth the solitude of the harder tests along the path home. Exercise your free will to choose to help your fellow man along the path even if you cannot see them moving along it.
Be your own keeper and provide lights for others to follow home and eventually your going to get your rewards.
Hope and faith will carry you over any obstacle or past any danger if Love is truly along the walk with you.

nicki nicki tembo said...

@dadnerd - I'm an under forty mom and this is serious to me. Further, I relate this seriousness to my offspring. We are out here. Sadly,I have to come to places like Les' blog to take part in this level of discourse. Reading Les' post and comments from you, nina, jj and others is like comig home for holiday dinner - it reaffirms, inspires and comforts. I appreciate everyone's contribution.

nina said...

Alan/Masher1 said "A person from my past,a brother of a girl i loved taunted and ridiculed me as a "lover boy" endlessly. 20 years further on i can see the cloak the un-love types pull around themselves to remain hidden from love."He was jealous, wasn't he. That's what it always turns out to be in retrospect. Lonely people, afraid they will be rejected, never reaching out, the risk to self too great. Magnify that by about 6 billion and you see how their world revolves around sex and money, then fast forward to Temporary Lives and the Operation of the Sun and see how the basement attempts to foreclose on the whole house.

Masher1 said...

Well i would say he was more Afraid than jealous in fact. The face of one with the hope and love path is often seen as a treacherous and hazard filled encounter they often resent.. Resentment of the fear they have and their inability to overcome it. Mike never seemed to me to be jealous just cowed with the common reactions a teen would have like ridicule and derision to a unashamed Lover Boy and his examples. Sherry was a much loved person along my path and i learned much from the encounter even if i was too young to engage at the level i did.
And it's Masher1 mostly Alan is so boring i rarely use it but forgot to change the id button.

Oh on another note I had to smash my other phone to bits so here is my New one for anyone interested...

403-993-0870 call anytime! WUFYS DVD still available.

Cheers Nina!



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