Monday, June 08, 2009

The Works of our Hearts and Hands.

There are a lot of things I don’t talk about here. In some cases it isn’t my place to talk about them and sometimes they have to do with things I shouldn’t talk about because it might involve arcane applications of personal power upon the plastic landscape of existence and... I’m not about personal power or applying it. All those highways lead to the same dead end and worse, as Saturn comes to rule the empty environment that one’s folly has isolated them in.

Over the course of the last several months people are increasingly unable to post at Smoking Mirrors and other blogs and they are being hit in various ways that have reduced traffic and comments. My reaction is, “So what?” These things aren’t my concern. I’ve attracted the attention of certain forces who don’t like what I have to say and they are also in league with the people who provide the platform for the blogs that I write. Am I dismayed? My traffic is being wacked; comments are becoming impossible for many people and maybe I’m floating in the Brazilian ocean with various other doomed realities... metaphorically speaking. It’s not my concern. Complaining isn’t my concern. Changing my message is not my concern.

I’ve come to love many of the people who visit these sites. Some of them I don’t even hear from any more. At first I thought it was me. Maybe I had changed in the wrong way over time and it escaped my notice. I now have convincing proof that this is not what has caused what is happening. To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t mean this isn’t a part of the problem but I expect my readers would tell me in that case and nothing has changed there. I still get the same amount of occasional, random complaints and the more general praise and support. I’ll take responsibility for the former. The rest belongs to whatever has authored the author of these blogs.

So... what’s my point? There are tireless little demons working in the background and they may, at some point, partially or completely shut me down within the present interface. You have my email if that ever happens and if that goes too, you have the light within you. You don’t need me. By this time, if I had anything of value to say I have said it already.

These forces are arrayed against any and everyone who are not down on their knees as accomplices to their own destruction at the hands of those who support the vanity parades of those who have chosen lies as the medium of advancement at the expense their humanity and the greater potential they will now no longer see. You know the routine. It is as ancient as the hills to which we look for our help; paraphrasing a Biblical quote here. I’m not a Christian in any contemporary sense but I do seem to refer to it with some frequency.

In certain ways, things have gotten very hard for me. It started toward the end of last year and it continues. Now and then it backs off for a few days only to reappear from a new direction. It’s sort of like being underneath a constantly surfacing boot heel making contact with an ever changing road surface.

I had a party yesterday to thank various local people and acquaintances for their help in certain professions or just being my neighbors. I labored the whole day before making all sorts of dishes that I am fond of from different cultures. Only half of the people showed up because they were already required to be somewhere else- or it was something else- but it was successful in all the right ways... even if I do now have all the food I’m going to need for the rest of the week (grin).

Once again, I noticed that even though I share various things in common with the rest of this human circus, I really am a stranger in a strange land. It’s going on ten years since I had to leave everything and everyone I knew and I’ve been pretty much alone except for those few who share my life. There hasn’t been much in the way of social contact and I haven’t seen most of my long time friends in many a year. My life has ceased to exist in the ordinary ways and though I know some large changes are on the horizon, I don’t know what they are.

People got drunk and loquacious... maudlin and emotional. I’m gone from here for awhile and that was a part of why I had the party. Toward the end a very large, very green grasshopper appeared and climbed out on to one of my fingers and stayed there for a very long time. Today he was still sitting on the table where I left him. We put out some water and green leaves. I don’t know what grasshoppers eat. He’s the only one I’ve seen here... some kind of a message but I don’t know what that is either.

I got a little hammered too. I didn’t have any of my personal comestibles and I have to say that alcohol is a poor replacement with unpleasant attrition. All in all though, I’m okay today. Now I’ve got to pack it up and head for the summer, main residence as life goes on.

I can’t complain. Even though I lack so many of the things that we all find so important in what fulfills us in this life... I’ve got some version of that grasshopper that follows me wherever I go but who changes shape and temperament in the same way that the seasons tend to adjust our relationship to the works of our hearts and our hands.

Maybe I haven’t told you how much I appreciate what all of you have done for me. I don’t have a home in the sense that most people understand that sort of thing and you have allowed me to live in your hearts and minds according to my poor efforts to say something meaningful whenever I have been alert enough to get out of the way in order for it to get said. Let me thank you now and irrespective of what is soon to follow, let me tell you that I have enjoyed and appreciated this more than I am capable of telling you now... or ever.

Lately I have been unable to answer my emails and this has gone on now so that it doesn’t look good at all. I apologize for this. I know I’m going to answer them. I just don’t know when. I would appreciate that you would extend me some amount of patience in this. I just don’t know what to say right now but that will sort itself shortly I think.

I have never seen times as dreadful as these. I have been in much greater extremity and faced with the possibilities of death and very long states of imprisonment. However, even in these cases the world never looked as grim as it does. Sometimes it feels like I did die and woke up in prison, all in one seamless procession. I realize how this sounds but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’m just writing what comes as a formula for being truthful. It doesn’t mean I’m sitting on a gray cot somewhere with a bottle of pills in my hand (sincere grin).

In any case, I’ve no idea why I wrote this or what it means. I will continue to focus on what is in front of me and- since some indefinable grace has given me the freedom to do what I like in respect of the application of my heart and my hands- expect that this will continue until I run out of things to say.

In summation, it seems I wrote this out of empathy with all of you who are possibly experiencing some version of what I have presented today. Don’t let it get you down. One of the reasons that certain efforts are so rare is because the price is so high in terms of the ordinary human situation. If we didn’t know this going in, we know it now. We never intended to stay here forever so... leave good footprints and I will see you up the road.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know what's up, but it be bad. Nightmares in living 'eidetic' color have me up every morning at 3am recently (Scott Fitzgerald's "cracked plate" hour) & last time this occurred was August 2001.
Whatever. Back at you Les, all you've had to say has been a balm for me in the darkening. Veuillez croire, monsieur, mes sentiments.....

Anonymous said...

'Grim', in a temporal sense, just about sums it up, Les. Does it seems this way because, and I can only speak for myself, thanks to various articles on the net and blogs such as yours over the past few years, I'm seeing the 'state of things' with new eyes? It is pretty scary. But knowing there are like-minded people out there, of whatever nationality or creed, certainly makes the burden of this knowledge seem easier to bear.

We truly are not alone.

Have you named the grasshopper yet?


Anonymous said...

They haven't taken complete control yet. For the present there are ways around this problem. You will find them.

Anonymous said...

I cant find the source of this grayness in you? Time and distance of this world can sidetrack even the most willed? Ends are the start of something else.
Please remember, it is you that keeps the flow and creates this place of sharing and showing. This must take great amounts of yourself? To look into, and then return with love, its time and engery. You have both, now as before? If you become unclear, so to will the work's end. Maybe you're getting ready for a new large change? This can come as a breaking up of things? At first, the desire and ego will scream for the bed you have made, but waking up to a new road mite be the plan all along?
To share youself as you have only helps all of us here, and yourself too. Open ideas and wills cant be hurt nor turned by not knowing the outcome? The light will continue. The source we use, come from, and hope to share will never stop, nor will you. We are all thankful for that!
Not sure how much you deal with "ESP" or what not, but a few readers here have shared the same feelings I have about you too. That is you have grown into a new role or step on the path lately? Im not sure how to relate this, more over, its signs, colors, and unseen waves of love Im talking about? Its hard to see the very last outer shell of the self, and maybe your just now see part of that? Dont turn, keep looking, you're very pretty and soon you will see a new gift to share?

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

You acted wisely showing kindness to the green grass hopper.

Anonymous said...

The Wonderful Wizard of VIS,

Don't worry about the old friends--some things are not as we like to remember them-or have changed--which maybe keeps us going forward--or up--take your pick-

I have watched some old movies over the past month that I was really looking forward to seeing again--movies that made me laugh in another time--I guess my laugh has changed as I was disappointed after viewing them again--they were obviously the same but something else--a lot of something else's, have changed since that time somewhat long ago--
I can only tell you what my experience has been here and in saying that, I'll tell you this:
You are so gracious as to allow us, no, welcome us, to walk with you--not behind, but with--we angle off at times and sometimes meet up on the same path again without having to say a word as it has all been said--The quality of the people and writing has just exploded exponentially if you have been given the map to know where to look--which you have done for so many--

What wonderful friends I have made since coming by your place as you had your tea, and me my coffee--they need not be named, they know who they are--they live here and there but all live in my heart, as do you--
What a wonderful romance with life it's been, and maybe will continue to be--you've made me laugh, cry, get pissed off and then the pissed off left and that incredible lightness of being kinds takes over--it's a growing process in the garden of Les which has given me so much more--

The roots have spread where they can't be seen unless you have the vision to know that there are things good that lay under the surface of things--

Keep a candle in the window--should you ever come back to the states, you have a place to bunk--you have my email--

Funny, I don't even go into whatreallyhappened any more, which is where our introduction was made--or any news sites for that matter--in that letting go I suppose

There is a synergy of energy, and movement happening right now in my life--noticing and appreciating so much more--I see it in others who have graced these pages as well--it's happening right now in real-time--

It's in the knowing--not the details

Until we meet again my friend--


Eleni Muller said...


locust said...

When grasshoppers can't find enough to eat, they mutate into locust.Millions of individuals act with one mind.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-Gita 5.18

"The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a Learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater."
(and a big ole green grasshopper)

Visible said...

grasshopper is still sitting there. He's alert... antenna waving. Hasn't eaten I don't think. We gave him water but he isn't drinking. Don't know what to think.

haven't given him/her a name.

Strangely enough Jj, just before your comment came up I had been researching old movies I wanted to see again. Was even downloading Groundhog Day and will be watching it now.

kikz said...

hava wonderful summer :) see ya up the road*

i think of you a lot.. but i will surely - on solstice :)


rf said...

Thanks Les,
Your words always make it through the many filters I have up.
The grasshopper reminded me of David C. who just passed.
I've read some of the 14+? book series by R. Jordan, from a comment on your site.
'The wheel weaves as the wheel wills'

Peace be with you,

Amanda said...

Hi Les, the grasshopper brings to mind Aesop's fable of the grasshopper and ant. In this story the ant represents time-bound awareness and the grasshopper a freer presence within the eternal now. (Yes, I know this is not the accepted "moral" but stories such as this have layers of meaning.) The tale of Pinnochio seems relevant as well. The cricket (which is very like a grasshopper) is pinnochio's higher Self who guides him to greater authenticity. As to the forces of darkness, I sense that they have already lost. They are now just prolonging their death scene like a ham actor. You have fought them bravely and I thank you. Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

Try "Lost In Translation" with Bill Murray--Not a classic, but interesting--


nina said...

First, put the grasshopper outside where he can forage for himself... Next, I attend to you. Over the past four or five months I've had to stay online at the highest accelerator speed, a real bummer for graphics, but to go back down to a lower speed drops the connection. Put it together with what is happening to our world and its obvious the internet is moving quickly into exclusive territory that does not include less wealthy consumers. They have enabled a barely noticeable, devious scheme to gradually eliminate non-advertising bloggers and demand evermore money-making enterprise.
I am glad you had a party, I am glad you are free and I am mostly glad you are in my life. I want you to enjoy yourself and feel the holiness of every moment you are in this world. I want the people who are with you physically to appreciate you and value you as much as I, as we, appreciate you just as you are. I want you to be enriched through your grasshopper days and nights and remain aware you are an enormous joyful influence on everything else in the spiderweb you've so often described. We may never meet in person Viz, but I'm comfortable with that, your survival as a free man is far more important, but you know how to reach me if you need to say something. You want Belize, that sounds good to me too, someday, if only in our dreams, maybe when we're through the Armageddon portal in the Human Realm. No matter, I will always be on your side. That is just how it is. Bad times, good times, all times, anytime.

Hank said...

A stranger in a strange land. This is a feeling I have had for a long time, and has increased as time goes by. I have reached a point where there are times when I am convinced that someone screwed up, and left me on the wrong planet. I look around and see creatures that look like me, but when I hear what comes out of their mouths, and see what they do, I know I am not one of THEM.

For quite some time I had no understanding as to what it was that caused this separation from my "fellow man", but I have come to believe it is the truth. It is my willingness to see the truth, and to seek it out, and own it that has created the chasm between me and most of "humanity".

I make my way through this mire of ignorance and blindness called life on earth, and far to seldom actually find someone that looks back, or is able to hear me. Even people I have known for half a century have become strangers to me. They wrap themselves in their armor of elective ignorance, and go their whole lives clanging armor, and never really touching anyone.

I feel more of a connection to you, and others that come here to share, than I do to my own family. Your willingness to share your heart and soul with us here, provides a light in the darkness of "humanity", and I am drawn to it like a moth. Your words give me hope and understanding, and let me know that even though I feel so alone, I am not.

I get very tired sometimes, having chosen to swim against the flow of the human race, but I just cannot let myself go where they are going.

I have come to believe that members of the same family, rarely grow up under the same roof, and that we find our families as we go through life. I believe in my heart that you are a member of my family, and for what it may be worth to you, I love you as a brother. May peace and love find their way into the mansion of your heart.

Anonymous said...

The greatest movie I've ever had the pleasure to grok is Akira Kurosawa's "Dodes Kaden." (dodesukaden)

Some consider it a masterpiece, some say it's a flop.
To say anything Kurosawa did is a flop, is like saying a rainy day is a flop.

nina said...

What everybody is experiencing Now is why the first serious western financial Depression is renowned as THE Great Depression. It is depression on a mass scale, no hearth or home left behind. All of history is about cycles, this "thing" we are experiencing is no different in the fundamental cause and subliminal effect. What we feel and say is what the Okies felt and said. Nobody learned then and they won't this time, either. Where are the structural changes required to ensure this won't repeat again and then again? The same aggressive forces don't die, they are always waiting for this moment to arrive. I agree, its a bitch. But would we not rather have reality than superficiality? Cold and cruel as it is, it is preferable to bubblegum.

Jj wants me to interpret what is going on with you. Ok, you're human. Not that I could ever interpret for YOU ... or anyone else. But, here is how it looks: We are in these envelopes, this time around. We are bound, literally, in this situation to work within such limited confines. To escape early is the same thing as slipping into "Page Unfound" where there is nothing - since Nature, the Life Force, does not intend anything to leave the scene in an untimely manner within these confines. This explains why people like Muluc and myself, for example, were essentially returned to the page we were on, the envelopes in which we live. We've got to see it through, like it or not, as was designed. When some of us leave in an untimely manner, there is disaster upon the mortal plane, as in weeping and great misery, in all mammals. The evidence is profound.

We have in this particular journey a number of issues separating us from the first Great Depression that have yet to be adequately addressed, over-population is the biggest, Malthus would be as unpopular today as he was alive. It is true, the more food, the more mouths open, the more mouths, the more blather, the more sucking on each others' means to live. If this one issue is never dealt with, the end result is Easter Island style Cannibalism. Factory farm HOGS already do this to downers.

We might not get that far before Nature's Cavalry steps in. Every day or two the scientific statistics place Climate Chaos closer than previously established. This issue is simultaneously unfolding as more and more gaping yaws gorge on hydrogenated wallboard. No solutions equates to no serious discussion unless its a false solution where somebody is forcing their own return to the days of wine and roses at someone else's expense. In short order, we're looking at Desertification and an Ice Age. We've used up everything the Earth needs to support its living planet system, just as the corporatocracy has sucked up everything its constituents need to support the system of corporatocracy. There are no wins here. The best western nations can look to is a global currency and the NAU-ization of pipelined continents riddled with indescribable moral hazards, all of which will briefly occupy our labors until the weather has its way with us. Then its global trauma and not a single one of us will be on hand to discuss or document it. The Earth will wash itself in her tears and be reborn.
Does that interpretation help you Visible? You have every, more than enough, reason to feel the way you are feeling.

Carole said...

I landed on your site by 'accident.' I feel very free to talk to you, but am a little intimidated by forums these days and seldom ever post. The end is indeed very near and the world is very hostile to followers of Jesus Christ, which I am. For Him, I will take the risk because I know I must.
You know, I'm certain that about 90% of the 'church' is now a part of the great deception predicted. However, take heart. There is a remnant of true followers (many having searched in vain for a church which still follows the Word.)
Although the end is upon us, I have no fear whatever and am very eager for it. After all, this world has never been my the old song says, "I'm just a-passin' through."
The great danger now for anyone recognizing that this is all about spirit, is the difficulty of falling prey to the wrong spirits (masters of deceit disguise), the entities who love to disguise themselves...even as Jesus Himself.
It's all true..the Bible. It's a panoramic view of history -- past, present and future, and it is 100% correct...literally. (It DOES require much study to understand.) These three verses will take you through the narrow gate:
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.
"Jesus declared, I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." John 3:3.
"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12.
All one needs do is call on Jesus to be Lord of their life and He will bring peace and joy under any circumstance.
"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matt 10:28.
"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Luke 12:32

A Child of the King (Carole)

rzk said...

Ahh Vis...this hit me..."Like a two ton heavy thing" right between my eyes... reading your last paragraph... whew!

My eyes watered... and then, once i managed to see again, Jj and Nina's comments just floored me.

Visiting your sites is like a breath of fresh air... a visit to sanity or maybe the afirmation of my own insanity? matter ... it is all good ... really.

Now... if only i could express myself like youz guys! oh well... this will have to do.
with much love to all and be well Vis and thank you. Know that you are in my heart and thoughts anytime and all time (to borrow from Nina).

If possible, don't disappear on us!
hugs Ravi

Visible said...

I can't seem to even get my comments to go in now.

thank you all for your incredible responses and the emails. I can't answer anything now but I will. I'm in a probing subjective state and want to move around with that for the moment.

Hopefully this time the comment goes up. It also disappears once the attempt is made as well.

gurnygob said...

Hi Les. Its hard to find the truth these days. Most people love to lie and most seem to spend their time finding ways to buck the system. I know the system sucks, but there has to be some sort of system. Its like everyone is out to milk as much as they can and its a case of fuck the rest of you. Love in most people has gone cold. Lies and decite everywhere. Greed, greed and more greed. It reminds me of this>>>>>>>>>
Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. 2 Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, 3 Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, 4 Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: 5 Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof.


grass hopper to master
"master what is the answer to life"?
master " ah gas hopper, dat is good question, you find out you tell me, now hop off"

Anonymous said...

Hi Les just wanted to say thanks what you said and then some is happening in my life are these creatures human that they behave in this way this is my second effort at a comment i always have to work around to access your site anyway all i wanted to say was thank you

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, how to phrase this--
That we are simply another "form" in this universe/all that is, that we are held together by the consciousness that is all, allows me to wonder if when all is said and done, that we all fold back into the one and there is, no form--form in all it's many manifestations is temporary in that it exists, yet doesn't--more space between the molecules and atoms than the actual "form" itself-and perhaps nothing but consciousness that may not be perceptible/measurable, or even there, as we know it inside the inside-the labeling, the pigeonholing, the attempted descriptions--what is here was for our now abusive consumption--it is not "needed" by all that is, it is here for us and now it's time for the washing away and the start of the original new---we have failed to appreciate, and the appreciation is what held our lifeline together--the frequencies are all off, the energy that was pure, perverted by our thoughts, and lack of thoughts as well as microwaves, cell phones, HAARP, wireless this and that--no bees, no problem, no food--slather yourself in sunscreen-bury it, barge it,burn it-breathe it, taste it, went full circle, hasn't it--it was all so perfect, yet we didn't see it---time to go for a walk in the woods where I belong...and just stay there....hope to meet you in the clearing where there is still harmony because man has not walked there--just visiting anyway--


Anonymous said...

The Rig Veda/Mandala 10/Hymn 146

. GODDESS of wild and forest who seemest to vanish from the sight.
How is it that thou seekest not the village? Art thou not afraid?
2. What time the grasshopper replies and swells the shrill cicala's voice,
Seeming to sound with tinkling bells, the Lady of the Wood exults.
3. And, yonder, cattle seem to graze, what seems a dwelling-place appears:
Or else at eve the Lady of the Forest seems to free the wains.
4. Here one is calling to his cow, another there hath felled a tree:
At eve the dweller in the wood fancies that somebody hath screamed.
5. The Goddess never slays, unless some murderous enemy approach.
Man eats of savoury fruit and then takes, even as he wills, his rest.
6. Now have I praised the Forest Queen, sweet-scented, redolent of balm,
The Mother of all sylvan things, who tills not but hath stores of food.

Anaughty M said...

It's your beautiful big vunerable human heart that makes you so good Les.

The Village Idiot said...

This paragraph actually gave me a bit of a jolt:

"Once again, I noticed that even though I share various things in common with the rest of this human circus, I really am a stranger in a strange land. It’s going on ten years since I had to leave everything and everyone I knew and I’ve been pretty much alone except for those few who share my life. There hasn’t been much in the way of social contact and I haven’t seen most of my long time friends in many a year. My life has ceased to exist in the ordinary ways and though I know some large changes are on the horizon, I don’t know what they are."

You too, huh?

At least those of us with minimal social contact are in good company!

But on the other hand, how focused and motivated would we be in our quest for spiritual understanding if entropy and evil weren't always nipping at our heels?

I guess the dynamic tension between good and evil exists in order to make everything happen at the proper time. If everything is happening at its proper time (and all that that implies), then there's really nothing to worry about (easier said than done!).

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." -Nietzsche

-The Village Idiot

digital jedi said...

You must be doing something right. Put your site on a Euro Zone server there might be one that is not infiltrated. Soon we'll be seeing those "this site has exceeded it's bandwidth" message. This site and WRH I just can't do without so I hope you can get some gnarly techmasters on your side and stop this bravo sierra.

kikz said...


blogger sukz the big one...

can't get a confirm on a post on smoking mirrors.

nor does a verification word show up...:P

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your thoughtful
observations and discoveries.
I am grateful for this place of sanctuary.
Here, I find comfort and guidance;
words to help soothe my own inner turmoil.
Thank you.

Ben There said...

Well I've been coming here for years and I'm just glad that you're still doing your thing. If I'm commenting less it's certainly not due to anything on your end. I've been spending less time online and we've all been cracked down on at my workplace in terms of internet surfing. (Which isn't to say that I don't still do it.)

Times may be grim but I try not to look at it that way. For me personally it's much easier to focus on the negative but I just don't feel that it benefits my life to do that. It's harder to look for the good and dwell on the good but my life seems to work better when I make that effort. The trick is to live and move freely amongst the bullshit without becoming the bullshit. I admit there's a challenge in that.

I have noticed for awhile now an increased difficulty in keeping regular with my meditation and spiritual practice and a strong tendency to be sucked in to the mundane bullshit. This goes in cycles, I'v noticed. Maybe there is some dark force at work or maybe it's just the inertia of human laziness. Whatever the case I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling it.

Thanks for keeping at it here Les. Your work has been a tremendous benefit for me over the years.

Visible said...

Village Idiot;

I've been extremely remiss in my responses here and even more remiss by responding to you and not to others but I am having a lot of difficulty with that right now, including emails. I realize this is tied into the changes which are coming. Still... often it is just something to be endured because there is not always a narrative track following the life action.

I'm relatively sure that this community thing is a definite. I don't know when and I don't know where. I am exceedingly gladdened that you are interested as are a number of pretty talented individuals.

I expect this is going to be a 'directed action' and taking direction seems to be my main situation anymore. My ability to take direction is still problematic but I am trying though I would have to say that the difficult to interpret cosmic forces are far too powerful for any individual to process without great difficulty. So... I'm working to let things be as much as I am able.

Anyway... I wanted to respond and not stay completely silent on the personal level. I owe a number of people responses but it just isn't happening right now. I wonder if there's something on the immediate horizon that is required first.

Anyway... touching base.

Visible said...

Hello my friends, (and I will repeat this at the other blogs)... I have to move myself and my loved ones and the usual tools to a further location for the benefit of another environment and certain things that I have to do now which I can do more effectively where I am going which includes finally getting around to recording a number of new albums and several other things that this rural space makes exponentially more difficult.

Therefore, I won't be able to do anything at these blogs as of whenever I stop and for a few days so... just letting you know.

Interesting times huh?

I want to leave you with something that has just come my way through a new friend who was with me all day yesterday and whose work blows my mind. In case you want to see an idea of the model of this community where you are welcome to live and which is going to become a reality and which is not earmarked for Belize or anywhere else yet ( thought I should say that)... you should look at this

Your new home coming soon in an undisclosed location and cheaper than stolen.

I've been meeting some very surprising people lately whose intentions dovetail with my own and all of whom are not shy about admitting that their talents and intensity come from more in-visible locations... so... I have to get the show on the road and Susanne is a little on my case (grin) so... if no comments get posted for a number of hours that is why. For the next so many hours I am still around and that will happen but I am going to be incommunicado for awhile.

Oh, right. The person whose website that is is not the person I was meeting with yesterday. They are associates. He has his own abilities in permaculture and other things so.... heh heh, I almost said, Yes we can. Just don't play it backwards if I do.

The Village Idiot said...

That is a sweet house you linked to in your last comment!

Houses like that change the way the occupants think, especially if they'd otherwise lived in square boxes their whole lives. They also feel more like a real home instead of like some temporary rest stop that never feels quite like it's truly "ours" and that must have a certain appearance maintained so as to protect its resale value (well, that was the idea anyway, heheheheh).

The style and materials used in that awesome house (that looks like Tolkien built it) are very similar to what I've built and used, and the best part about most alternative building methods is the ease with which they're taught to people with no building experience (or in my case, no electricity either).

Most plastered strawbale buildings in the early years of the revival were built similarly to Amish barn raisings; put out a notice advertising a "Strawbale Building Workshop," charge a few bucks for snacks and logistical stuff, and teach those who show up how to build a strawbale house by putting up the walls and roof for the host of the workshop. The people who took the workshop went on to host their own workshops and so got their own walls built in one day (or maybe a weekend) too. It always turned into a party and new friends were easily made; I went to a bunch and never got paid in money, but no amount of money could buy those kind of experiences. Plastered strawbale construction spread very quickly that way, and also fostered community and self-reliance (the polar opposite of those crappy impersonal McMansions built 10 feet apart onto tiny scorched-Earth lots and filled with people who've often never even met their next-door neighbors!).

I believe all the answers we need currently exist in the minds of people alive right now, but visionary individuals are generally statistical outliers of one type or another within their own society, and due to that status are often ignored or overlooked by the mainstream. Even if the mainstream is dammed, polluted, and drying up it still doesn't seem willing to try something different, at least not until circumstances force them to, but by then it's always more painful and expensive (if not too late altogether).

So, I think you'll get a tremendous response to this community idea because there are a lot of outliers around, hobbled by cultural inertia and trying to go it alone. And nearly all of us weirdos understand that we'd be much more effective at manifesting our respective and collective Visions if only we could team up with others who are just as 'out there' as we are. The thirst for cultural evolution is growing, the sustainable technology available to us is staggering (and increasing), the people with the required knowledge are appearing, and we are living in one of the most important and transformative times in human history. It could still transform either way, and I'd prefer that we transform into something more fun, and though the direction civilization takes is not up to me, it can be up to us.

And, uhh, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to request a location for this Visionary community that's close to some whitewater; I love running rapids on my boogie board (no kayak needed) and rivers with steep gradients are also handy for micro hydro power! A surfable beach break is fine, too -somehow I'd get by ;).

The Village Idiot

P.S.: For what it's worth, all the comments I've sent in lately have gone through and been posted without any apparent problems.

REB said...

Up and down 100 times a day lately,stormy waters and feeling rough.
Interesting quote I read the other day, just came about it by 'chance'
"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche.
Lonely often...absolutely.
Sorry to keep quoting but to end my comment on a lighter's another
"If ignorance is Bliss, the majority of the worlds population must be Orgasmic"
Peace & love to all.



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