Sunday, January 03, 2010

Flying in a Cloudbank.

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New Year’s Day and a tabla rasa of possibilities extend before us. In some cases we can initiate conditions and changes within ourselves and in some cases we are changed and our conditions are changed by the manner in which we rise up to the unexpected, or let it slip by with no reaction at all. Command of one’s self has been likened to mastering a team of unruly horses who symbolize the senses. It seems to be the primary duty of life because there is Arjuna in the chariot, overshadowed by Krishna. Self mastery is the difference between success and failure in anything and everything.

The mind is connected to the senses. You might say the senses are the mind’s feelers. How we analyze and respond to the information received makes all the difference in our state of being. The wheel of birth and death will just keep turning as long as the desire body clouds the mind and operates the senses in pursuit of the objects of desire.

I mentioned that self-mastery seems to be the primary duty of life. Krishna is behind Arjuna. It implies to me that wherever Arjuna is, or wherever Arjuna goes, Krishna is still there. Anyone who is reading these words has evidence that life can be easy and life can be hard. Somehow, at least to me, this seems to be tied in with self-mastery. All of the stress; uncertainty, fear and discomfort of life is made more or less intense depending on ones degree of self mastery. Meanwhile all of these conditions are set into being for the purpose of accomplishing self mastery. It doesn’t seem fair does it (grin)?

Some will be more comfortable thinking of Jesus Christ or whatever your particular brand of breakfast food might be... that’s all it is really... the package and contents you prefer. It’s all made from the same thing and it all has the same enduring purpose but we like to particularize it and it particularizes itself for us.

I prefer the Hindu presentation myself because it is what I have encountered in altered states, both natural and chemical. It’s what I have seen when I was able to travel outside of the bandwidth of the senses or to increase that bandwidth, which was something that attracted me most of the time. The objects and opportunities of ordinary life did not have sufficient pull on me to keep my attention. There must be something more is what I told myself and there was more, a great deal more. In the end it may well come back to ordinary life again but it won’t be ordinary any more. It might look ordinary to everyone else but it will not be ordinary for you because of who is riding in the chariot behind you. Some might prefer the term, “inside you” and some might prefer “above you”. I think if you throw in the term “all around you” and then add the others as well it will fall short of the reality.

I have found myself placed in a certain state of being lately and it’s there when I lay down and when I get up. I don’t know what the reason is for it. Am I supposed to do something or am I just supposed to go through it? We all find ourselves in states of being that we don’t understand. It’s certainly not uncommon for me. Ordinary life is going on around me, from what I can see of it. I have a number of ordinary chores and duties that concern me but I don’t have much enthusiasm for them. I will do them but the inertia is pretty terrific.

Because I write about what is happening in the world, I find myself reading about what’s happening in the world. I don’t finish most of what I am reading because I know they’re lying and usually I know why they are lying. Last week it was Pakistan and this week it is Yemen. Other sites which receive a small fraction of the attention of the full on, committed, mass media, lie and disinfo sites are not lying but sometimes they aren’t right either and, yes... sometimes they are lying too.

It goes without saying that I would like to change the world. It is probably truer that I would just prefer to leave it and go somewhere else. Neither of these is operative at the moment. Turn in what direction I will, Krishna is still behind me; behind ‘the me’ inside me, or back of and within the projected personality that is overshadowed by the pervasive personality that is working itself into full bloom within all of us... say it however you like. You have to made sense to yourself.

I don’t know if the way I am feeling is because of the way the world is at the moment or because of the way I am, as the planets exert their influence and I try to listen to the being within, as I am affected by the conditions without. I am supposed to take the reins and I accept without question that everything is under control. I know that everything works out in the long term while appearing as if nothing is working out in the short term. It is a little like flying without instruments in a cloud bank when you know the sky is not empty.

I am unable to directly state anything here because of the immensity of what I don’t know. I have a months worth of emails waiting for replies and I suspect they will continue to wait. Things have to be done here but they aren’t getting done. Of course, what must be done is getting done but everything has the sense of just being gotten out of the way so that I can sit and wonder about why I feel the way I do and how to position myself accordingly but not being able to.

I have heard it said in many different ways that when God appears to be absent that he is closer than he has ever been and that it is in times of struggle and unknowing that the greatest amount of work is being accomplished. I have heard a lot of variations of this. What is working for me is not thinking and not being concerned about what I think I should be doing, even if I am sure I should be doing certain things.

Large forces are loose in the world and lost souls are riding at the helm, with victory just beyond their grasp. They too are flying through a cloudbank. They have plenty of instruments and they are flying in a sky that is not empty. They are supremely confident of the outcome even though the same consciousness that is behind me in the chariot is behind them too. I do not see their confidence as being justified. We can’t both be right.

We’ve all heard about how we should ‘know ourselves’ and that the “proper study of mankind is man”. We don’t know what that means exactly but we all have some idea about it. Mostly we hear it and nod our heads as another thought replaces it. I think it means that we are supposed to seek contact with that which has authored us and knows us entirely. In achieving this we come to know ourselves. I don’t think we just suddenly discover ourselves one day, apart from everything else. I get the feeling that it’s a guided tour.

I started writing this on New Year’s Day and then wandered off somewhere. I’ve thought about other things I might have written but didn’t get around to writing since. I had to finish this today because I have the radio show tonight and I always write a post so that I can announce it; another one of those things I’m supposed to do.

In the past I would just change my location or do something wild and crazy to force the hand of circumstance but those are not attractive options for me now. What I am doing is just getting really small inside myself and letting everything go by except for what I have to do or in relation to lives that might depend on me for something to eat. I’ll be changing location anyway in a relatively short period of time and wild and crazy is happening all by itself, at some remove.

I can’t second guess the guy behind me but I am under no illusions that he can’t second guess me, so maybe I’ll just keep my eyes open inside and out and I might see something and I might not but I do know that just about everything changes and this will too.

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moon said...

I think it means that we are supposed to seek contact with that which has authored us and knows us entirely.

This is so true Les.
I hope you, and All will.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing the same as you, feeling the same as you in regards to just doing the neccessities to function and sitting and dwelling in my thoughts and feelings.

My basic goals at the moment are to just not to snap at people unconciously due to the feeling of pressure.

Meanwhile things get put on the back burner, because all I want to do is sit and ponder as much as possible. Like I am hovering between thought, and feeling, with no urge to act on either.

I can't seem to see any fullfillment in most things anymore, if I can't see that the end result will result in a benifit for anyone.

Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

Best wishes for the New Year to all of you.

Your post Les (again) describes my thoughts .... why does that no longer surprise me?

Like you and most of the readers here, I am also trying to figure out what my role is to be in the current cosmic events.

My "life" was saved last year ..... but for what purpose?

At first I thought it was related to my closer surroundings i.e. friends and relatives. They are unfortunately still "safe and sound asleep" and have absolutely no urge to "wake up".

On New Years Eve I was invited to a party, but rather than to indulge in "selfish" activities I decided to stay home and join your select group of "Spiritual Warriors" for the Prayer for Gaza.

I cannot explain why but, like with many of your readers, this new role resonates with me. I trust we can make a change ....


KnowExactlyWhatYouMean said...

I had the very same experience from the end of October until the middle of December. I think (hope, pray) the lack of ertia (inertia?) is just now beginning to lift. It was kind of like wearing a concrete suit to use a metaphor.

Thank you for your personal words Les.

Upward and onward we must go.


Pstonie said...

I think I know what you're talking about because I think I've been feeling the same thing. Telling the people around me what I think is the truth hasn't changed anything. They don't believe it, I know how crazy it sounds when those things come out of my mouth.

I was watching Alexander on TV yesterday and observed the forming of modern civilisation. It struck me that even if I could go back in time and tell the Greek king where things are headed, he with all his power, influence and the best of intentions couldn't do anything to avert this disaster. People will have to see before they'll believe. We have a saying in my native language that goes: "If you don't want to hear, you must feel."

A monetary form of trade still seems practical and at a glance its evil is imperceptible. Most people won't recognise it for what it is without an example in history of what it ultimately becomes. So I wait.

Curiously timed, I'm now seeing lots of ads for "bipolar disorder", which I somehow felt was the rawest of propaganda before they even told me what the ad was for.

"A curious game. The only winning move is not to play."

Anonymous said...

Les, what you are saying reminds me of the treatise written by Dharmarakshita, "The Wheel of Sharp Weapons". This epic poem, if taken to heart, erases any and all feelings of personal revenge or animosity towards others. One of the translations of the poem is available on the Berzin archives. Well worth the time and effort to read and ponder.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. So based on your post and the others commenting here - I do not have the market cornered on inertia. Great. But I am strangely comforted by having counterparts in this curious state of mind.

The last time I commented on your blog I mentioned Rick Warren who I had just seen interviewed. Well, as I started typing this I see Warren's made the news again today. In fact, it's clear that previous interview (about how he doesn't take a salary and has worldwide charitable endeavors) was a nice set up for his latest move. He just made a financial plea to his followers for help with his church's $900K "deficit". I'm not clear on what would or would not have happened if said deficiency had remained. However, we'll never know since in record time he raised $2.4MM and they're still receiving donations. What. The. Fuck.

I'm telling you, something about the good Pastor Warren is worth watching. You don't give the presidential inaugural prayer, be able to bleed that many turnips and not have bought yourself a major role in this twisted drama that is playing out. Maybe the next time I'm moved to write you the next installment will have happened:)

Take care all.

Erik said...

Pstonie ---

We have a saying in my native language that goes: "If you don't want to hear, you must feel."

Are you by any chance - like me - Dutch??


John said...

Pstonie: I read recently that Alexander was a 'Sufi'. He was definitely into the Oracles.

Les, I've been in a holding pattern, by necessity it seems, for quite awhile--as it would appear from the outside. However, this has allowed me to work on the inside. I hope this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The metaphor of the chariot driver is complete realization in itself.

The horses represent the unruly senses raging, trying to run out of control.

The mind is the reins which are meant to control the unruly senses.

The driver is the intelligence, the means of directing the mind (reins) to control the unruly senses.

The real you is the spirit soul passenger in the chariot. Scared shitless (or should be) that this fool will not exhibit the intelligence to surrender the driving to the Supreme Driver and the result will be the chariot running out of control right over the cliff.

There it is.

Surrendering to Krishna (God) as your chariot driver you are using intelligence, controlling the mind (reins), controlling the senses which are the source of all out of control actions and resulting reactions. (karma)

A very sweet metaphor.

Thanks Les, for offering this.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Les would post this photo to show this wonderful metaphor as a visual realization?

Anonymous said...

As Anon 3:37 said -

This is beneficial to all, not necessarily only "Buddhists".
Yogi Dharmarakshita's "Wheel of Sharp Weapons Effectively Striking the Heart of the Foe".

Check it out. Way powerful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I hope you and those you love are all well and healthy. You told me if I couldn’t comment via the blog to send the comment to you so here it is!

The lyrics you write in your blogs are words to the songs many of us are living right now; the resonance and feedback must be awesome. There are so many people saying what you are writing is just what they’re thinking; it’s as if you’ve given voice to a multitude of souls. I’m one of those souls and I thank you. Sometimes the knowledge that someone else sees what you see, feels what you feel keeps you from slipping off the path, because it’s a narrow damn path.

I’m currently in dire straits, facing the possibility of homelessness for my family and pets due to circumstances which I’ve chosen to fight against. Although it’s not looking good, much less great, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that, despite the odds, things will work out for me and my family. Even in this darkness and cold, there is a small, quiet voice inside me soothing my fears; telling me everything is going to be all right. I’ve survived a long time by listening to the small, quiet voice; through some things that, even now, I find hard to believe. I think it’s leading me to where I need to be; I don’t know where that is or what the purpose will be, but I know I’ll get there and I’ll be ready.

I take small pleasure in being one of the Blue Moon. Keep singing, Les, you’re the voice of many.



William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

When I lived in LA area, we had these winds called Santa Anas, which blew from the desert over LA and out over the ocean. So if you lived by the water, the Santa Ana winds would be really foul since they not only blew dust in from the desert, they picked up all the airborne effluvia from the entire area. These winds were really high in positive ions and really low in negative ions, so they made one feel exactly the opposite to the good feeling one gets right after a storm passes.
So in autumn, at times I'd feel kind of blue, for no obvious reason whatsoever, then I'd look up at the sky and say "oh, just another Santa Ana". And feel better. Knowing the reason for feeling "off" helped make it more tolerable.
Wanted to post this as a suggestion that maybe if one feels a bit out of sorts it can sometimes help if one can identify the cause(s)

Pstonie said...

Erik: Almost, Afrikaans.

What I should've said is we have a saying in someone else's native langauge. ;)

Erik said...

Verydarkblue --

"I’m currently in dire straits, facing the possibility of homelessness for my family and pets due to circumstances which I’ve chosen to fight against."

I am very sorry to hear that. Not knowing your exact circumstances, but reading between the lines ...

If it can be any consolation to you I think I have been - and still am in a way - in a comparable situation.

If I can be of any assistance please let me know.


nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Radio show tonight at around 7:00PM Central.

Or download it here in a couple of days.

Sloth the Happy Mutant said...

It was right when I was so tired of being a mushroom fed shit and kept in the dark that I clicked on a smoking mirrors link at WRH. Did that happen for a reason? I think so.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Today (Jan. 3) there was a post in the Information Clearing House daily newsletter titled: Rabbis Want Palestinians Ethnically Cleansed From The West Bank And Gaza? Rabbis to US Ambassador: Time to 'Go Biblical' With Arabs.

When I read it I thought how ironic seeing as how in the Old Testament when the Lord told the Hebrew tribes to utterly destroy the inhabitants of Palestine, it was a case of the true chosen people going up against numerous tribes of generational Satanists who were known for their astounding cruelty and evil, whereas in this case today it is the self-chosen people who the Lord twice referred to as 'The Synagogue of Satan' going up against a people who are either distant relatives of the true Hebrews or are fully 'God's Chosen' because they are Christian.

So then, the rabbis' version of 'Going Biblical' is as twisted, upside-down, and backwards, as is their race, their culture, their religion, their nation, and their dead and stinking holocaust fable. They have evolved to duplicate the very thing the Lord told the Hebrews to drive out of Palestine in the first place. And there they sit, squatting on land that isn't theirs, and loudly and incessantly proclaiming to be something they're not, something they're actually the opposite of.

Unknown said...

Les, thank you for the Bhagavad-Gita metaphor. Thanks, too, to those who added the useful links.

Since nobody else is mentioning this perspective, permit me to suggest that sometimes a time of incubation/gestation is needed and therefore imposed. I've just been in one of those as well; and this time the clouds didn't clear until we did that working and all the heavens - and something in me - broke loose. It's like I'd been waiting for this for months or longer.

Granted, it's an uncomfortable process before it ends, I'd suppose for those of us with Western conditioning especially; but when I look back at what's been gained, it's always worth every frustrating day that seems to have been lost. Those are also times when my priorities are reset. I know I'm coming out of it once I start acting again - in a way that's new for me and surprises me.

"verydarkblue", for years I've been perched precariously on the edge of what you're describing. I also have that deep sense that I'm being taken care of, that everything will come out exactly as it's supposed to, whatever that means. Many of us are going to end up here if we haven't already, and those of us who have learned its lessons can perhaps be of much help in the coming times. I just wonder when I'll be deemed to have passed the course and don't need to be stuck here anymore!

I'd be glad to help, too; I don't know how we can (safely) connect on here, but this seems to me a possible beneficial accompaniment of gathering here...

Erik, the last time my "life" was saved was almost a decade ago; but that was only the start of the changes that I had to work through before beginning to see, however vaguely, what it was for. I think we are being prepared, and for some of us it takes longer (slower learners? lol); so whoever's in charge maybe back-dates the rescue so we'll be ready at the right time. Or something like that. This is how I like to think of it.

Peace to all

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind.

Zoner said...

I pray that those of us found flying blind experience the beauty of "auto-pilot", where the yoke is given over to another force to guide us toward our destination.


nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

bless your poetic soul for the words you find to descibe the vagueness. i percieve the 'big pause' as a bowshock of something large looming, sort of a spirit bracing and steadying of stance, preparations of the unit, call in all your beings and unify yourself.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Fisting in the Name of Love.

myownrevolution said...

Love your eloquent and insightful posts. This one is no exception. You're like a calm voice amongst the chaos.

Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your Sweetie is alright.

But, Origami, I may not be the only one to tell you, (I haven't read the other posts yet) - but "dying": doesn't always mean the physical body.

It's got a lot to do with dying to your former Self, and being "born Again"- (not the affected way of religion) but in the genuine, Spiritual fashion.

Love and Bldessings for this New Year, into the Foreverness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I will probably never understand what you are going right now in your life but my hope is that things will turn for the better for you and the people you care.

Peace of Jesus be with you.




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