Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Out of the Shadows and into the Worlds of Light.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques, interspersed with some relevant songs (technology permitting) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

To quote one of the actors in “Gladiator”, “people should know when they’re conquered.” And one more, “what we do in life echoes in eternity.” Given that, it would not be any of my primary choices to be in the situation those quotes came out of. If there were one temporally directed message I should like to leave imprinted on the human mind (there are several), the most important would be that Wars are the Offspring of Bankers and that tangentially, central bankers, most exclusively, come out of a particular genetic dysfunction and have not ceased in this industry since their moneychangers were driven from the temple. Usury is a spiritual crime and it’s most direct byproduct is enslavement of the debtor, to the end of influencing those so indebted in the way they live and behave. Secondarily, I would wish to imprint the certitude that this does not have to be the way things are.

One does not have to engage in gruesome, midnight sacrifices at ruined abbeys, somewhere out in the rural countryside, to be a Satanist. Anyone who behaves like one, automatically has that designation conferred upon them. The Darkness is subtle and ingenious. To think oneself capable of outwitting it, is to confer upon oneself the title of Fool. It’s not unlike playing Chess with Death or thinking oneself the equal of Mephistopheles, like Faust. This is why humility is so critically important. It saves your ass and more importantly your soul, when you come up against entities whose lifespan is so much greater than your own and by that measure, whose cleverness also far exceeds your own.

What may not occur to many, is that should you fail in your dance with the devil, you either become the chattel of the entity who seduced and overwhelmed you, or you become that entity in a parallel way like Lord Vivasvan sits in Lord Surya’s seat. However, eons may pass before you become that entity and once accomplished, the gain is no more than a greater increase in suffering. Demons wouldn't have the attitude they do were they not in a great deal of pain.

This is the thing about humanity, it's potential, the potential of the individual is immense; ever so much greater than what we see demonstrated here and that is a grave disappointment to those who are aware of what that potential is. This is the great work of The Devil, to cause humanity to dishonor itself and thereby lose respect for itself. This is why guilt is such a powerful thing and why alcohol is promoted with such fervor. It is why demons lurk in its waters and why those waters are called, ‘spirits’. There is not much one cannot understand with Broad Daylight Awareness. With a mind emptied of conflicting thoughts and with the mind no longer a battlefield, the intuition can speak and the mind can hear because the relentless chatter has been stilled. The mind has been quieted. When one is no longer at war with themselves, one becomes immune to the effects of external dissension and disorder.

The public has come to a place where most of them do not mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. They can’t identify it as such since it is colored with Red Dye number 2 and sweetened with Saccharine. It’s been molded into a pleasing form and shrink wrapped for freshness. It has many preservatives to extend its shelf life but that is of no great consequence since, who ever heard of shit going bad? It had achieved that state at the very moment it became shit. As ever, in this marketplace of a faltering age, it’s all in the packaging. I often think that when I see those ads with the beautiful women stretched across the hood of a car; I think to myself that parity is perpetuating justice, watching pretty girls grow old (that's cold, Visible, that's cold). The same it is for all the handsome men, who, upon their looks depend. It amuses me to consider them mating with their own vacant reflections, inadvertently producing charismatic Bimbots and Bambis, the next crop of golden volley ball Gods and Goddesses. Okay okay, maybe I’m being a little cruel and lacking in compassion but that is the one quality one could be certain they are seldom in the possession of. Of course there are truly beautiful men and women, given that everyone in whom the light shines has a beauty about them but in this age where the shameless worship of personal vanity is at its zenith, I am not infrequently stunned by the peculiar objects of the public's adoration.

Speaking of which, here is a review of ‘the Michael Jordan of Music’ by a simpering, pandering appreciator of going down on the Dumb Waiter. There are accolades aplenty for the one whose taste in music is only rivaled by his taste in women.

I’m less than understanding about all of these clowns, for they are the ones who poison the well of the public mind by anesthetizing the brain-stems of those who can’t think for themselves; those who have made ‘art’ a dirty word. The original purpose of ‘art’ was to inspire, to lift the sensibilities and thoughts of the one experiencing it to a higher plane of awareness; to civilize us, to soothe the savage breast. It is no longer art when its intent is to brutalize our perspectives and encourage us toward ignominious descent rather than glorious ascent.

I am not here, personally, to find something good to say about everyone, to gaze at all with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes and to speak soft and pretty to everyone in hopes that everyone will like me and throw money at me.

If enough of us can find the stones to call things as they are, they will no longer be what they are, for one will shame the devil and the devil will flee. You do not shame the devil by making deals with him. You do not master this force by looking for some circuitous path around it. You do not master this force by serving it. You do not master this force short of mastering yourself, for that is the force, the force of your own unruly nature. One does not serve truth by bending it to the ends of self interest through watering it down, so as to make it palatable for those who have no respect for it. This is the province of diplomats and I am no diplomat. Truth is without compromise and also without fear. If truth is offensive, one gives that no great concern. It does not offend where offense is not deserved. Only the very wise have ever been heard by not speaking out. Only scoundrels have evaded censure in speaking out. But it is up to you, whether to be temporarily elevated by the infernal and damned by Heaven, or to be inspired by Heaven and elevated for a far greater length of time.

To please those who here wander in subjugation to those who despise them and who in ignorance, insanely war against their liberator, is to be a collaborator in the madness of the hour. One gains nothing from the honors of this world, where Peace Prizes are conferred on mass murderers. Those who do not speak out against injustice and outrage are cowards. Those who do not contradict the liars in high places are complicit in these lies and have earned themselves a place alongside them. Those who do not possess the wit to see the intent of the efforts of those who work to end their enslavement are nothing more than dead leaves, guttering in an anonymous wind; the flatulent enterprise of Nature perverted to unholy ends.

There is only one popularity contest worth being a contestant in and that is the one in which the judge loves all equally, regardless of their shortcomings and ignorance. “Though Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.” It is the great pleasure of the ruler of all things to confer priceless gifts upon those willing to receive them. It is the greatest of pleasures for the ineffable to prove out the truth of his timeless scriptures; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” These words are true! What mind possessing even a little light, what heart possessing even a little love, can fail to be moved by those words? How small is the faith of those, how enthralled by the world must they be, not to be deeply moved by the sure and certain promise of those words and there are many more, many more great and powerful testimonies to that end.

Let your heart swell near to the bursting, at the blessed and wondrous assurance of what awaits those who persevere. Take but little notice of the slings and arrows of this vale of tears and shadows. It is not the real world. KNOW where your true loyalty lies and persevere. Embrace the unshakable confidence and optimism of one who sees through the curtains of deception that shroud our courage and faith... in this faithless world; that sees beyond this plane and into the worlds of light. Even if one cannot see this vision around them, one can see it within. Once seen within, it is no great length of time before one will see it all around them because Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Find Heaven while you live here and Heaven will open upon your departure; nay, Heaven will open before that. This is simply done; only let your Love become greater than everything else that lives in you.

End Transmission.......

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Visible Show in Zurich March 16th 2014


Anonymous said...

Oh man, did I need that today!

Feeling like the bottom is about to completely fall out from under my life any second now. This Origami really helped!

Thank you, Vis.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Don't I know it. But you didn't set me up for a snarky comment today. Poo! Don't let it happen again.

(Yes, I jest. Great post.)

Anonymous said...

Truly inspiring!!!

Thank you.

Jim G.

David V said...

You're not being cruel at all, in your comments about The Beautiful People. I, not having been born one of them, have had to rely on brains and talent, and to develop skills and abilities in order to make it. Most of all, just a lot of plain hard work. The Barbies and Kens who have failed to develop, due to their being able to get anything with a wink and a smile, eventually find that time has passed them by, and Karma is a bitch. I thinks it's funny as hell when a woman loses her looks and her figure, and has nothing else to go on, getting relegated to the trash heap where she belongs.

I've always been infuriated to see the way that a beautiful girl can tie a man up like pretzel, break him in pieces, chew him up and spit him out, just because she can. Just for the fun of it. It's all so cosmically unfair, that the world runs on youth and beauty -- on appearances -- but it all evens out in the end.

I tell my sons the famous Mick Jagger line, that girls are like street cars. There's another one along every fifteen minutes.


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully worded...inspirational in these times.
I appreciate you more than words can say,Vis.
May your heart also be full!

est said...

that's the bus i'm on

i look around and see
i have a few friends

some are with me
some are just standing there

i see them outside my window
as the bus moves on, inexorably

but i ain't getting off, at this stop
no, i'm riding, to the end of the line

Anonymous said...

Average-looking people and physically unattractive people resent beautiful people, and they lust for karmic payback. Being born beautiful, or being born with an abundance of intelligence and talent, is no picnic. Why? Everybody wants to see you fall. Most people are not born beautiful, nor are they born with more than their fair share of brains and talent. And the people who are born with none of those commodities, silently - and sometimes openly - wish for the comeuppance of those to whom God has dealt more cards. It's a completely normal, understandable and very common human reaction. (Understandable, only by people who were born either beautiful, or extremely intelligent, or extremely talented. And if you were born with all three of those highly desirable traits, look out, because everybody is going to hate your guts, eventually, even your significant others and family members, and actively work for your destruction...ah, the "normal" human animal...so delightful to interact with...heh-heh.)

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...golden volley ball Gods and Goddesses."

This brought up for me an immediate vision of the Eloi from George Pal's excellent SF movie of "The Time Machine" novel. Likewise, upon reflection, on the Morlocks. The one in the sunlight bred to be docile, controllable, and near-useless (and tasty!). The other in the shadows, compassion-less, and thoroughly versed in the tools of their trade (I wonder if they used spices?). Hmmm... Sounds familiar, somehow.

I never read the actual novel, but I am presuming the movie was fairly close to it in spirit. As the author was reputed to be 'in the know' about TPTWB, I am assuming the Eloi & Morlock split was a comment on the state of his times - as well as a warning of it's possible consequences.

I also presume that the non-troll reader of these blogs is more like the central figure of the movie, able to see the limitations of both the Eloi & the Morlocks...
Vis: "...and I am no diplomat."

Say it aint't so! (Sob) [grin]

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#4---And society basically trains chicks to be vain, superfluous bimbos to the point of self destruction. As if all they're good for is being eye-candy and in some cultures; breeder cows. I'd say to fall for that is very counterproductive to the individual who falls for it, which is what? 98%?

As for what I mean regarding self destruction, look at high heels, piercings and other self-mutilation, toxic cosmetics, how many of them screw themselves over with plastic surgery, not to mention how much do they spend in time and resources to cast an illusion of themselves? I still can't get over painted toenails! I can't understand it. Then again, I can't understand the human race. There is no species outside of people that can devolve to such a degree. Makes me think your common flea has more intelligence. Then again, with the worst of us; WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's very sad the rich for the most part don't realize why they are awarded opulence (pious austere past life) and take advantage of nature's gifts as an opportunity to advance their spiritual lives.

Nature rewards those who behave properly and to then use those opulences awarded by nature (fame, beauty, wealth, intelligence) as platforms for lazy self delusion and materialistic wallowing, is somber failure.

Hey, it's Kali yuga and no one says it's going to be easy. Rich or poor.

This proved true by those among us who are dirt poor and whistling, even as many wealthy people moan and groan from excess.

Visible said...

Yeah... and on that note, I tried to distinguish between different types of beauty and whether people coast on it or not, or use it to certain ends. Apparently, as is ever the case, I didn't spend enough ink on making it into an intricate Beardsley sketch, not to mention the camel I didn't hide in the picture.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible


it is all for the purposes of demo-stration, no?

What one does after seeing them in one's inner world also is part of.....

Thanks again for the reminders -' Mirror mirror on the wall what image thou reflects?'

Adam's second 'wife', the one between Ms. Lilly and Eva-ngelina, was very much a Barbie, or Marilynn, whatever, a bimbo none-the-less ....... Did she see 'good old boy' Adam as 'Ken', or as G.I.Joe ?

Be well, be Alert

BCii said...

I don't have time for an extended comment at the moment, but I want to say that this post was touching and much appreciated. Thank you! Also, I had to laugh out loud at the paragraph where you explained your lack of nicey-nice tiptoeing in the hopes of the approval of those whose approval would hardly be worth having anyway. Carry on!

Visible said...

BCii; Amusingly, along with your comment there was an extensive whine from some malcontent. I don't know what all he said cause I deleted it before I even finished the first sentence. I love that I can do that. I haven't even once returned again to the site where I stopped being linked because talking about spiritual things offended the webmaster and that was my primary news source. It's a real power not to be manipulated by that vanity that insists for one to know what anyone is saying about them.

Several years now I've been able to do that. Hallelujah! (free at last!-grin) Of course, I may not get to that mountain with you.

Visible said...

So... I thought I would work on an a capella album with the other CDs I'm recording. I thought I'd start off with an older tune from a few years ago and rework it. It's not easy doing this so that you stay in close enough pitch so that the harmonies will work.

Love is Bound.

Lee said...

I had a disturbing dream the other night. I dreamed I got into an argument with my brother when we were kids and fighting all the time. My mom was there defending him as he turned out to be there favorite of the ten.

All of a sudden, a snake inside a sock or some kind of fishnet started teasing and mocking me for what happened with my brother and I. Then he started laughing. I became so furious that I grabbed him by the tail and slammed him against a wall several times. Then surprisingly, I felt him bite my hand and that's when I woke up.

I'm convinced this was just an evil manifestation of the devil.
I read that during the night, that's when the witching hours happen. Devil worshippers or followers of dark powers invoke evil prayers to hurt all of humankind.

I have been reading about reptilians living in human form too. If that is what's happening, it would certainly explain a lot of the ugliness I have seen in my life. Now I am understanding the human/snake connection. Considering how aggressive and snake like people are these days, it certainly makes spiritual sense.

Peace and Prayers to all.

Ray B. said...

Lee, March 12, 2014 2:55:00 AM

Lee, some good news and bad news. The bad news is what you are describing IMHO is what Vis calls 'psychic interference'. The good news is it is very probably just from a 'bad-guy' (almost always an injured/programmed human) floating in the astral, not the Devil.

The obvious signs of when an entity of this type is interfering: It takes material 'native' to you and blows it up in weird ways, AND the emotional intensity is all out of proportion. Most of the time, I have found, this entity is just 'dumping' or 'injecting' its emotional load into you. It can be appreciable. This mixes memories of yours with a cloudy mix of other material.

In my opinion, your 'fight' was some portion of you realizing what was happening and responding. Apparently, the entity was able to end-run you and cause 'pain' to wake you up.

There are productive ways to respond. First, of course, is to 'know thyself'. By this, I mean to observe your ordinary inner states to establish a 'baseline'. This includes at least a sketch of how normal dreams 'feel'.

As a result of the above, you can quickly determine when something feels 'off' - whether by material or intensity. At first, it will only be by reflection on it after you have awoken. With practice, it backs up further and further - until you can catch it in the dream state or in a deliberate, semi-awake (alpha/delta) state. Again, this takes time and effort. (Not allowing yourself to fully wake-up keeps material from quickly vanishing. Reflect on it.)

Catching interference while in these states means you are still connected to the 'interferer'. If you are not fearful of this, you can turn it to your advantage. While in these states, it is actually easier to get in contact with your Higher Self (or whatever you choose to call it). Simple-calling or empowered-asking (prayer, if that is your practice) will often result in a connection. After some experience, you can certainly 'feel' it.

At this point, you actually have the advantage. Using whatever language you like, you can request protection, repulsion, or even (since we are all One) clearing/cleaning of the interferer. (The latter takes much longer, of course.) Try to stay in this state to see/feel what is actually going on between Higher Self and the interferer. You can learn a lot.

When you get experience in this, your 'range' is broadened to more than the usual interferer. A 'fight' is less likely to surprise you and throw you into 'react' (wake you up). You can actually do a lot of good while 'here'. Especially with Higher Self in the equation.

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mr.les, thank you. So much.
Humility and love indeed. I thought I would 'petition the Lord in prayer', regardless of what Jim Morrison said...and I thought well, what to petition for...I thought discernment? That's a good thing, to see the ineffable in all its/his/her manifestations.
But then I thought no, I will petition for love in my own heart, as I wondered if I really knew what love was anyway.
You can discern all you want, but if you have no love, what good does simply knowing do you?
Love first. Love will get you through times of no dope, no hope, end of your rope, no cash, no stash...well, y'all understand.
Namaste, les.
- old beggar, among Saints.

Anonymous said...

One of your better pieces of late Vis, or so my ahankara claims.

Though I can't see what difference does it make as to why alcohol is bad but mushrooms, lsd and hallucinogens are good, according to your ahankara, but that's fine, different strokes for different perceptions, inclinations, levels and temperament. Balarama did drink alcohol as did the entire Yadu dynasty, and they were, or at least Balarama was Vishnu Tattva, so what would I know.

Honour to the Message and honour to the Messenger, both.

Visible said...

George? Was that you? After your email and now this comment, I have to say, I have seldom run across such superciliousness, massive ego and vanity in a person. You're going to have to do something about those delusions of grandeur, or the ineffable will. In any case, I have determined that what you had to say was not worth saying. Excuse me, not worth hearing, well, both of them actually.

Visible said...

There is hardly a spiritual path that I know of that promotes alcohol and I am stunned, truly stunned that one sees no difference between its effects and mushrooms. One can only assume the party has never taken them.

That said, it's none of my business what people do in this regard. I wish you all well and pray that wisdom and judgment are engaged. I drink occasionally; a beer here... I have a bottle of champagne chilling in the icebox at the moment and I intend to drink that tonight in private, personal celebration but it is a very rare entry in my movements.

Since Silk Road failed and I can't get my hands on Bitcoins anymore also, I've been without Ketamine and pretty much anything. One of the beauties of existence is to be able to lay things down without attachment or sense of loss.

It's well know that meditation can duplicate any intoxicated state and in the most positive manner. That's working quite well at the moment.

Unknown said...

Hi Les...

my understanding of how alcohol "spirits" effect us is not in a good way which i am sure many have figured out...these spirits actually strips our protection and opens up our chakras for demonic walk ins...i am sure most have experienced this in friends and family that act out NOT NORMAL and very hateful, abusive, mean spirited, while high on spirits...that is a true demonic walk in that occurs...and sometimes these walk ins can hang around a while...while the majority blackout and don't remember what a disgusting idiot they actually were while this demonic walk in occured...

it makes sense why this alcohol "Spirits" is our legal high in this dimension...these demonic creeps in power want us to damage our souls and spirits will take down any unaware...to the depths of hell...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...


Many thanks. Your words are as inspiring as it gets. I am reminded of the 21st Morontia Mota of the Urantia Book:

"21. The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity." page 557

And from the same page:

"Life is but a day's work -- do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God's."



Visible said...

Yeah... that's pretty much how I view it. It's a hideous monster that walks and drives the highways of the world.

When it's manageable I suppose it has its benefits like social lubrication. On occasions when I have use it to excess it is usually in order to insulate myself from certain things, which it does do but not without cost.

missing munich said...

First of all, I read your blogs all the time, especially when this world and its materialistic agents drive me bonkers.
But today I just want to say this:
there is pretty and then there is beautiful. A distinct difference between them. And a lesson I am teaching my daughters often. Beauty comes from within, and cannot be achieved with any application of make-up or the like. Just saying.
Keep up your tireless efforts, I am sure that I am not the only one out here depending on your work.

Lee said...

Thank you for the insightful advice, Ray B.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

How to Bypass a Directed Darkness.

Anonymous said...

In hindsight..

International Women's Day - 8th March 2014

"A disciple of Swami Narayana said to Srila Prabhupada: 'My spiritual master said to avoid women and never go where there are women.' Srila Prabhupada laughed and said 'That's impossible, there are women everywhere.' Then coming back to the temple and watching two women devotees bow down to him, he said, 'By associating with these women, you will be purified." (Madhavanda)

Bold As Love

est said...

yes homer,

that reminds me of a great little story

the adept was walking with the master and they came to a stream

a young woman was there, wondering how to cross

the master took her in his arms and set her down, on the other side

they moved on but the adept had to ask
'i thought we shouldn't mix it up with woman'

and of course the master said :

'i put her down, back there,
you are still carrying her'


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Evil Scourge of Zionist Hate; Anti-Gentilism

est said...

cost ?

it costs everything

your life your love
your vocation

your health your heart
your mind and your body

it will kill you like a bullet
only slowly for years on end

you will have time for regret though
but not that much time to
change the outcome

and knowing your fate
you continue in your folly

just sayin'



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