Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sirius Bidness in Times of Material Darkness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Inertia, or drag, is one of those items that shows up in certain laws of physics and it's got its place in metaphysics as well. The physical has a great deal to do with the meta-physical. People tend to forget this, thinking that the metaphysical is all about the esoteric. What it's all about is the less than obvious features of the interplay between the physical and the non physical but no less extant for all that; which actually turns into a play on words but... who's playing? This is sirius bidness.

I bring this up for the same reason that covalence is more than a menage of trois and my intention with all of this is that, since in my world... the truth is that which is at right angles to everything else, I'm doing my best to treat with that which shall always be invisible to most eyes. This brings us back to the fact that materialism is the drag on ones capacity to keep in motion that which once set in motion, must continue to be... except for Inertia Drag; which sounds like the name of a cabaret performer of eclectic orientations.

Yeah... the laws of Physics. Of course, with me, it's the laws of Metaphysics but... let's not get too loose Lautrec, given there is more than meets the eye and that would be the point. The point being, it's all about bandwidth and if you're not aware of the bandwidth factor, you could be headed for the bandsaw on that conveyor belt which, I like to call, 'the routine of days in harness'. Bandwidth... bandwidth. The bandwidth is narrow and Materialism magnetizes the twin poles that vibrate the frequency of bondage between them. This is what I like to call, 'enforced blindness'. What happens when enforced blindness is hooked up with material inertia is that you are on rails from cradle to grave, unless trauma or grace interferes.

Help is there to be had for anyone who would call out for it but... the bondage is a muffling device that swallows the sound like talking under water. Have you ever talked under water or shouted at someone underwater? Get the picture? That picture is within another bandwidth, the bandwidth of understanding. Ones understanding is measured by the degree of material drag on ones consciousness. It depends on what you have acquiesced to, via the routine of days in harness.

There is a natural pull upwards and inwards and it calls like the good siren calls from the mysterious island in the mist, across the seas of birth and death. Of course, it is very difficult for most people to hear this call because of those twin poles that are vibrating. They generate a certain amount of static. No one affected by it is much aware of it because of 'accommodation' but... all the other voices are submerged beneath this static. It's all part of the material drag. Unfortunately for all of those on the conveyor belt, it is a terminal thing. The good siren's call cannot be heard but the hypnotic choir of infernal voices is booming like the Armed Forces Radio, blaring out upon the killing fields, of all the ethnics who got in between the dual nationals and whatever it is that they wanted, whenever they wanted it.

This is one of those metaphorical seasons of the witch. This is one of those periods where the demons in human form and... not so human form, are allowed to cavort at will for a specified period of time. It is to challenge the destinies and directions of all of us caught in the slipstream of material drag. Far too many of us are swimming with the pull. It's a matter of convenience and the appearance of safety under the cloak of conformity. You go along to get along. You don't pay any attention to the 800 pound gorilla in the room who is eating you out of house and home. It didn't look like a gorilla when it showed up at the door. This gorilla has got one major league PR firm and so... even though it did look like a gorilla, the PR convinced you that it was just a very hirsute little boy with bad table manners. It's not human though. It's a red eyed monster and sooner or later it's going to act out. The good news is that the gorilla can only be activated through the transferred power of your fear and appetites.

Because of the generated static, it is difficult for the ordinary mind to compute that they are the ones responsible for the conditions they are caught up in, due to their appetites and the fears. It's all about conditioning. Once conditioning takes hold it becomes a Pavlovian thing. The conditioning has to be broken. It is against the law to break out of the conditioning. No, there aren't any laws on the books that say you can't be in command of your own mind but... operating with freedom and independence will near immediately go counter to the laws of the land that have been incrementally and ingeniously constructed by the Noahide Skells who have, for centuries, slipped in and out of countries, stealing the wealth of nations and instigating wars between nations, while revising history in order to put the blame upon others. It's what they do. As incontrovertibly and irrefutably true as this is, few want to acknowledge it because it sets you apart from the rest who are swimming with the pull. This is the price of Truth. This is why there is no road more lonely or more empty.

The most difficult part is in realizing that everything is what it is for a reason. The dark souls among us are allowed to contine for a reason. Horrible events are permitted for a reason. It's all for the purpose of demonstration and it's all choreographed and constructed to a particular end. It may appear that the forces of darkness are all powerful. It's supposed to look that way. It is supposed to appear to be overwhelming because nothing short of coming up against it and passing victoriously through it is enough to convince the cosmos that you possess the necessary amounts of Faith, Certitude and Determination to achieve that 'exempt' status. Generally there is a certain period of jivanmukti that has to be lived through. One goes through the motions until the cassette runs out.

This can be achieved in a number of ways but in times of great material darkness, only love and devotion are guaranteed of success. You'd better be very dedicated, highly favored, or really intelligent to do it any other way. Of course, a lot of that is Karma. This is why, at whatever point it dawns on you that there is nothing else you can or should be engaged in, you never swerve again (for very long), even across the span of lives. the Parable of the Prodigal Son does not act out over the course of weeks, wherein one awakens among the swine and makes the decision to return to their father's house and... in a few days, Whoomph they (intentional sic) you are! It doesn't work like that, except when it does.

None of what is going on here matters, except how deeply immersed you are in it. There is no power on Earth that has any power over you, except what you have conferred. All of this takes place in the mind and the heart. All triumph and defeat occurs there. All conflict begins and ends there; "as a man thinketh". Nosce te ipsum. It is such a simple thing approached within and it is near hopelessly complex when engaged without. We have been told these things for ages by the wise and in every legitimate scripture, though none will ever have the impact that is experienced by the vibrating hieroglyphic letters inscribed upon the heart. In the end, all of ones expediency and progress has to do with the inflexibility of ones determination. When it is certain (certitude) that one will, under no circumstances, turn away from that glorious course, victory is assured and one's faith will demonstrated in the substance of things (previously) unseen.

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Erik said...

Heh Vis,

There's that synchronicity thing again, was contemplating the very same this morning ...

Read, for some reason, the Rothschild timeline (again) last night, and wondered why that happened.

Aparently a small group of usual suspects, kinda forced to enact the same/similar story-line again and again ...

Oh well, for the purpose of demonstration, Eh? We'll see what happens next.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Synchronicity. Big here, too. I don't think I'll mention what, though; but there are several issues that word applies to in this post. (MUAHAHAHAHA!)

I look at the news, and it looks like we might not have to worry about much longer provided we have nothing further vested in life. (THANK YOU, RUSSIA!!)
Check out CNN MOney in 36 hours, and I must say if you want some fun condensed financial information, this is not a good time to boycott WRH, considering they have killer headlines like this:

"Navy warship accidentally fires torpedo at nuclear dockyard" (Who needs enemies with friends like this?????)

Or you can go to Blacklisted News, hit blog roll, scroll down to the BUSINESS/ECONOMICS section, and take your pick. RINF seems to be focused on other things this morning, or the WRH posters aren't focused on RINF, which on most days might as well be the same site.

It looks like next week is gonna be a blast!


Good philosophy for times like this, eh?

Man, just from the news this morning I feel like I'm on every upper that was invented.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A Beautiful Essay, Visible prabhu!

A veritable pomegranate of words.
Sentences full with bursting seeds of truth, luscious popping realizations!

"materialism is the drag on ones capacity to keep in motion that which once set in motion, must continue to be"

Yes! Once the true perpetual motion machine is mounted in earnest, it rolls over many cherished conditioned falsities such as - 'you can't go home again'

Because, Yes We Can!
Yes we will!

(Someone is waiting..)

Anonymous said...

'The good news is that the gorilla can only be activated through the transferred power of your fear and appetites'

Still working on this. May grace flow freely like nectar from the now


Anonymous said...

“Materialism magnetizes the twin poles that vibrate the frequency of bondage between them.”

I’ve been reading the Qabalah and The Emerald Tablets (slowly). Your statement above put together the relationships of the Tree of Life for me.

Thanks, dude.

Anonymous said...

"BUT" I fancy I hear someone say, "why pass through the darkness of evil at ll?"
Because, by ignorance, you have chosen to do so, and because, by doing so, you may understand both good and evil, and may the more appreciate the light by having passed through the darkness. As evil is the direct outcome of ignorance, so, when the lessons of evil are fully learned, ignorance passes away, and wisdom takes its place.

"But do you really mean to say that outward circumstances do not affect our minds?"

I do not say that, but I say this, and know it to be an infallible truth, that circumstances can only affect you in so far as you allow them to do so. You are swayed by circumstances because you have not a right understanding of the nature, use, and power of thought.

When you begin to realize this you will begin to control your thoughts, to regulate and discipline your mind, and to rebuild the inward temple of your soul, eliminating all useless and superfluous material, and incorporating into your being thoughts alone of joy and serenity and strength.

Where the materialist sees nothing but endless death, the mystic sees pulsating and eternal life.

Be guided absolutely and entirely by the vision of calmness, and not by the shadows of anxiety.

You must daily practice the habit of putting your mind at rest, "going into the silence."

It is a process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel.

(Like Les' writings!)

Begin to feel, growing up within you, a new and silent power, and a settled feeling of composure and strength.

As the colors of the rainbow
Makes the one uncolored beam.
So the universal changes
Make the One Eternal Dream.

Under all circumstances do that which you believe to be right, and trust the Law; trust the Divine Power that is imminent in the Universe, and it will never desert you.

Strive to rise, by the power of meditation, above all selfish clinging to partial gods or party creeds; above dead formalities and lifeless ignorance.

The world is filled with men and women seeking pleasure, excitement, novelty; seeking ever to be moved to laughter or tears; not seeking strength, stability, and power; but courting weakness, and eagerly engaged in dispersing what power they have.

The pleasure seekers, the lovers of excitement, the hunters after novelty, and the victims of impulse and hysterucal emotion lack that knowledge of principles
which gives balance, stability and influence.
A man commences to develop power when, checking his impulses and selfish inclinations, he falls back upon the higher and calmer consciousness within him, and begins to steady himself upon a principle.

He, therefore, who purifies his own heart is the world's greatest benefactor."
-James Allen

Thank you Les for encouraging me to do ALL of the above.
God bless you.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

This one is not an out-of-the-ballpark HR, this keyboard Tango has grown wings and they are flapping.

Gratitude arises spontaneously. Mnogo Hvala.

Be well, be Alert,

Ray B. said...

Good column, Vis. Lots of clever word-play in addition to wisdom. Thanks.

"Inertia Drag" - I immediately saw a character in a low-budget SF movie (grin).

I was going to write about something else, but I want to write about Spring. Where I live, we are at my most favorite time of year - the arrival of new life. It is the 'hope' of the new year, and the burst of new vigor. Apple and cherry trees are dotting the landscape with pinks and whites, and forsythia with sprays of yellow. Daffodils are in prime, and even little grape hyacinths are out. Weeping willows are in early growth, and other deciduous trees are showing green buds. Early spring grass, with its unique green, is just up. Roses are showing little red buds on their stalks. Robins are strutting, and the first bees are busy. Life is good...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Vis, thank you. I certainly feel these words: "This is the price of Truth. This is why there is no road more lonely or more empty."

and. . .

"There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke."
-- Vincent Van Gogh


Anonymous said...

I can see the Devine has been busy honing your you're skills to a fine edge.
In case you haven't noticed Patrick Willis has a piece called "The Big One" your work on Veterans Today.

From behind enemy lines
previously from a remote area of Oregon

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Infinite and Complex Symphony of Shiva's Drum.

Erik said...

Hmm ...

Googled "jivanmukti" and ended up here:

"Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being"

Looks like excellent site with lots of interesting reading (grins)


Anonymous said...

Visiting your site after missing it for quite a while, and happy to be back and get a healthy dose of your brilliance. Could not have been a better time because I truly needed this.

What come to mind after reading this Origami is the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross on April 20th. Do you have any insight on this event? What I've been reading is the Cardinal signs are all aligning on the 13th degree in Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. Something big has been going on internally with me recently and seems to be getting stronger every day. I've got a few in my chart that are also 13th degree Cardinal, including Libra rising. It's been a challenging journey thus far and doesn't seem to be letting up, but a good lesson in letting things go.


Visible said...

Hi G;

I am not an astrologer in the classical sense as I only reference it esoterically. Robert Phoenix is the guy you should ask.

Thanks for the good words.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

On Being Able to see Around Corners.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis, I will.
One thing I forgot to mention is my birthday is 4/20 as well, very strange, deep internal/spiritual events continue to occur daily...and resistance is no longer possible and makes it worse. Accepting the change and letting go is the only answer.


Anonymous said...

Born 4/20? Really cool date! (grin)

Visible said...

Your birthday will be surrounded by events. Happy projected birthday!

Anonymous said...

"As incontrovertibly and irrefutably true as this is, few want to acknowledge it because it sets you apart from the rest who are swimming with the pull. This is the price of Truth. This is why there is no road more lonely or more empty."

Visible, you have no idea how less lonely and less intolerable you have made my Journey towards Truth. Without your constant reinforcement of the Truth of how we are responsible for what goes on in our minds and the consequences thereof I would have caved in a long time ago. Despite all the forces that SEEM to be against me now, as I lay in bed at night I find my heart swelling with gratitude that I know what the game is and I AM the One writing the script.

And as you constantly remind us THANK YOU!) that:

"...It is supposed to appear to be overwhelming because nothing short of coming up against it and passing victoriously through it is enough to convince the cosmos that you possess the necessary amounts of Faith, Certitude and Determination to achieve that 'exempt' status."

Screw everything else! I'm not laying awake at night unable to sleep because of worry. I'm awake because I'm too excited to sleep visualizing myself at the keyboard of my life deciding how many more acts I will write into my play, for what reason (it really does seem like play sometimes - GRIN) and how I would like the ending to be. Or, maybe I'll simply walk off the stage...

You, my kind friend, have changed my life and given me the tools to create within myself that Faith, Certitude and Determination and I will forever be grateful and always be asking the Ineffable to bless you beyond measure.

Laura in NC



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