Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breakfast with Eli Wallach and John Malkovich or Maybe Not.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Most mornings I have breakfast with Eli Wallach. It's not the Eli of “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” but rather the Eli of “The Holiday” with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and assorted. Of course, it might not be Eli Wallach, cause I heard he was dead but it sure looks like him. When I catch him looking at me, I squint at him like Clint, hoping to jar his memory but he doesn't say anything that I remember from the films. I don't smile at him like Jack Black or Kate Winslett because by that time his memory and his balance were not what they used to be. I try that old high school trick where you cough and say “bullshit” at the same time, only I cough and say, “Eli” but it hasn't worked so far.

I've learned some things here that I didn't know before. One of them is that constant pain will make you very tired. Another thing is that this is not a place where old film stars go to die, or fade away, as the case may be. Most of these people do not look like former film stars. I did see John Malkovich but he didn't react when I called him by name. Most of the people here look like what life wrote on their faces since the time when they were young and eager sprouts, with a certain amount of sexual currency to spend and a varying time span, limited window of opportunity to do it in. That window, from what I can see, closed a long time ago and someone painted it shut afterwards. God! These people eat a lot of strange mystery meats. I don't know what parts of the animal these meats come from but I don't want to go there. They make sausages from blood, brains and effluvia, with a certain amount of salt and other spices. Everyone eats some or a lot. I think I am the only vegetarian here.

There's been no postings of late since I am taking a visit from a Danish reader named Tom. We've been sitting around and talking about the ineffable for hours each day and noting that no one else seems to be so employed. It looks like the whole visible world is indifferent to the invisible world, or else completely unconscious of it. Many people will tell you if you can't see it, it's not there. I tend to believe if they can't see it, they are not there. I'm guessing that makes sense where it applies.

The entire state of Israel is writhing in paroxysms of orgasm, over the vile and unnecessary deaths of all those Palestinian women and children, sliced and diced by the state of the art war machine for Crime Syndicate Banker Nation. I need to mention a few things about all of that. I have probably said these things before but they bear repeating at this time. A reader recently pointed out that the conflict is in operation because Israel wants to steal the gas that has been discovered in Gaza. Sure, that could be a motivator. Whenever there is the opportunity for the snarling bully of the Middle East to steal anything from anyone, be it property, organs or one's life, they will do it because it is their nature, just like it is the scorpions nature to sting you for no reason, or even itself to death.

The real and enduring reason that Israel wants to destroy Palestine and the Palestinians is because they have a genetic DNA connection to that land and the AshkeNAZI invaders have none; zero. This is what that disappearing map of Palestine is all about.

Disappearing Palestine
Disappearing Palestine

This is why they change the names of every Palestinian town and work to erase the names of every landmark, also erasing the landmark itself when it is possible. They want the world to believe that they are The Palestinians. They are not. Their thirst for world conquest is so great that they think nothing of spending many, many years taking over the infrastructure of strategic nations in order to turn the world into a massive concentration camp and to kill millions, AS THEY DID in Russia and The Ukraine and all kinds of other places. Through the profits of usury and ghost money they have bought up all of the media and information centers, publishing firms, everything critical in order to control and mold world opinion. They call themselves The Chosen People and they are. They are the Chosen People of Satan whom they worship. Shit and Fan are on their way for a visit with them at some point and the gates of Hell yawn and salivate at the thought of their entrance. Everything is under control.

The most difficult of things to see is the manner in which the present revolutionary transformations are impacting on those who have spread such terror and torment on this Earth for such a length of time. It all seems to be going their way, as everything gets worse for us and better for them. They commit outrage after outrage with seeming impunity but... never forget, evil destroys itself. This is a cosmic law and they are led by Byzantine roads to inescapable perdition. I cannot see the means and method of it but I know it is a certainty.

It is also one of the most difficult states to occupy, where one sees such horrible and nightmare conditions, created by the few, at the expense of the many and to have to feel all of the futility and impotence of one's state, where it appears there is so little any of us can do to counteract any of it. It is an ancient adage that has no doubt been proven true more times than anyone can remember; if you want to change the world, change yourself. It is the only condition we have any power over and it should be our constant focus as often as we can call it to mind. The ONLY way to change another is by example. It is the power of inspiration that rises in the hearts of those who witness something remarkable in the actions of another that is responsible for so much that is good and transformative in this world. We must believe it is true and we must act with certitude regarding it. There is little else available to us.

I have spent many hours these last days, talking about these things with another. It is such a reassuring thing to see what can be generated between resonant and sympathetic hearts directed to a common end. The darkness is beginning to break and soon light will stream into this world through a thousand cracks. We have but to be patient and constant.

I will make this shorter than usual as I am quite tired and don't want to find myself simply tossing words upon the page to meet some standard of usual length. My heart goes out to all of you in your different states of personal distress, some of which is operational in your lives and some of which is only what is being seen across the distance. Something tells me we are not nearly so far away as we think we are. Godspeed to your every finer aspiration.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis.
I'm always grateful for what you so freely share.
Glad you have a friend to share your space and thoughts with.
Rest assured that you have provided a full meal for those of us that feast here.

Ray B. said...

"...constant pain will make you very tired."

I had two occasions of severe gum infection where the pain was intense and unremitting for weeks. I understand, and hope your pain eases off soon...
Vis: "I think I am the only vegetarian here."

I was at an old Victorian-style hotel at Tintagel decades back. Two old spinster-style, stern, very-proper English ladies were serving dinner to our newly-arrived group. Upon learning that I was the only vegetarian in the group, one cocked her head to me and said in the best Dickens style, "We'll take care of yoouu later!" The whole group looked over at me as if I had been 'pronounced' with something. Hilarious, in a scary way...
Vis: "It looks like the whole visible world is indifferent to the invisible world, or else completely unconscious of it."

I told a minister who was visiting my landlady the other day that an area close to his body (in his aura) was glittering and sparkling. It was meant as a compliment, as that is rare. He was dumbfounded and absolutely unable to wrap his head around it...
Vis: "It all seems to be going their way, as everything gets worse for us and better for them."

For what it's worth, I keep asking about the 'Turning', and Higher Self says it is still 'moving'. Still a refusal to provide me with timing/effect details...
Beautiful wordsmithing, and true: "It is the power of inspiration that rises in the hearts of those who witness something remarkable in the actions of another that is responsible for so much that is good and transformative in this world."
Vis: "I have spent many hours these last days, talking about these things with another. It is such a reassuring thing to see what can be generated between resonant and sympathetic hearts directed to a common end."

You can actually sit back and 'adjust lenses' and watch a vortex develop over people talking passionately about a subject. If there is some 'conclusion' the energy generated goes off somewhere, probably to start a manifestation. If not, it just slowly dissipates back into the surrounding space. It is cool that you and he may be generating some positive manifestations...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

steve said...

What really gets my Goat ( no disrespect to goats in general ) is that the US funding the Israel war machine and the subservient MSM all kneeling and prostrating towards Israel. The influence they have is mind boggeling. Washington and all the puppets that make it up will do anything to go along with what ever they say or do, all this US peacekeeping stance by the US is all a smoke screen

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Vis,

Sorry to hear that your still suffering pain and discomfort. A reliable source showed my that 'elvis left the building' some time ago. i know he visited Deutschland in the early days so if he turns up again soon - as expected - then he will help to relieve your pain with a few 'tunes'. i'm sure he will be welcome and feel at home with all those other celebs.


Kazz said...


Your words may not be many but they resonate with my heart. It is as if you are pouring forth on the page my own very thoughts. Every thought you put forward resonates in my own mind state. We are one. I too am being informed that we merely need to hang on now and all will unfold to a beautiful new day. The elite have served their purpose and now it is time for humanity to throw off the shackles and burst forth into the wondrous creation that the Divine intended. Get well soon Vis.

Luv Kazz

galen said...

I don't know Ray, but from my time spent here seems there are quite a few vegetarians, myself included, all my adult life, nothing with a face. They talk to me, the critters. No can eat 'em.


Ray B. said...

galen, July 24, 2014 7:53:00 AM

"...from my time spent here seems there are quite a few vegetarians..."

Galen, I was only speaking to a specific 'incident'. I ran into a number of vegetarians across UK, although a small percentage. Probably similar to US.

I actually had the opposite situation come up at a small almost-hostel hotel towards Wales. Our tour guide informed the hotel of my 'needs' in advance. The owners/managers were of Asian descent, and apparently good cooks. They brought me out a magnificent tempura dish that was delicious. The other travelers looked at their dishes, then mine, and you could see certain looks of envy...

You have me traveling down memory lane! (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,
Many thanks for your writing. You are a guide and beacon to the high ground. May God bless you and heal you quickly.

galen said...

Oh, my fault. I read it wrong, Ray. Well, anytime I see the word "vegetarian" in print, something inside me lights up. I guess it's a hope that somehow those 10 letters will draw in some who yet eat animals and awaken in them the entertainment of not. I usually go about my day with a positive energy but really (and I manage it okay) there's always a silent scream going on inside because I know somebody (human or animal) somewhere is being tortured, murdered, dishonored. Anyway, watched this movie last night and I found the following quote from it weirdly comforting:

"Some people never go crazy; what truly horrible lives they must live."
-- Mickey Rourke character, "Barfly," Charles Bukowski, writer


Ray B. said...

Vis, some thoughts to keep you and Tom entertained (grin)...

A lot of people don't have a sense of 'deep time'. I once worked out some numbers for a possible lecture:

If you are standing on a stage like a high school podium or movie theater (around 50 ft across), you can make that stage the age of the universe (~13.8 billion years). Then, if you hold up your arms over your head and a little outstretched, that is a billion years. Then, if you take out your pen or pencil, the central ink cartridge or graphite column is a million years. A million years is about the time anthropologists say we first became near-human. (The width of the pen or pencil is about how long the most massive stars live before going supernova.)

If you take out a textbook or novel of about 250 pages, you can say that the book is a million years across. Then, have them open up the book and feel a single page. That is roughly when most civilizations average people have heard of began (4,000 years). Two pages encompass recorded human civilization (except Gobekli Tepe).

Now, have them imagine shrinking the book width-wise until it is only the width of the pen cartridge or graphite column across. Each page shrinks width-wise until it is nearly transparent. One or two pages of that 'shrunk' book is the history of human civilization on our 'stage'...

(If you step back and note that the age of our solar system is only about a third of the stage's width, you get a good idea of both the total time for ET development and the 'space' for possible visitors to Earth/Luna... grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

long john said...

Brahma-samhita - Introduction

Brahma-samhita - Chapter 5

Ray B. said...

More 'food for thought' (grin)...

Analog magazine, Oct 2014, "Alien AWOLs: The Great Silence", by Edward M. Lerner, pp.26-27:

"In time, colonized solar systems will face their own eco-stresses. Ditto the second-wave colonies established from the earliest settled worlds. Inside the expanding region of settlement, the aliens' native solar system is the first to encounter severe resource depletion. The earliest colonies soon follow.

Picture a slowly growing bubble of colonized solar systems. Colonies near the periphery can move into as-yet unexploited space, expanding the bubble. Older colonies, increasingly remote from the periphery, have only undesirable options.
Let us suppose an Advanced Technological Civilizations (ATC) persists long enough to settle - and deplete - habitable worlds throughout some large interstellar volume. In time, worlds of the interior regions may become, if not uninhabitable, then at least undesirable. Interior solar systems might be abandoned or collapse into low-tech, low-population conditions. The ATC interstellar sphere morphs into an ATC interstellar shell.

(In time, the over-taxed ecosystems might recover, although each successive colony or indigenously arising intelligence would face tougher challenges as a consequence of earlier resource depletion. Would the Industrial Revolution have occurred without rich, near-surface veins of iron ore and coal?)

Hence: one explanation for the Great Silence is that Earth lies deep within such a depleted/abandoned region - a galactic low-rent district. (That needn't imply Earth itself was ever colonized by aliens - opinions on the desirability of specific planets will vary - only that solar systems nearby were settled.)


(We'll defer for another day the possible collision of the colonization bubbles of different ATCs.)"


Somehow, this feels really 'familiar'. Puma Punku, Baalbek, etc. I wonder what 'wave' or 'incarnation' we are...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

slight reprise
they lie they cheat they steal

yet we let them take the wheel

they're going out saturday night

going to get in a really big fight

let's hope that it don't get too real

insiam said...

Hi Vis,

Funny thing happened yesterday. I went to visit an acquaintance at their small studio apartment. As i was being shown around i slipped and went crashing to the floor. I have never fell so heavy in my life. I fell on to my right side with my pelvis taking the brunt of the force. I also bruised my right side forearm and wrist. I am aching from head to toe today but nothing is broken so i was fortunate in a way. Just badly bruised and shake - maybe a little stirred :)

So why am i telling you this: well as i lay thinking last night, i remembered about how we both observed those silent flying bat/bird like things, just a while before your fall. I remember that you said 'what could it possibly mean?' - and i thought hmm, seems like it is a bad omen - or something like that.
anyhow coincidence ??????

i am fortunate that i can get good pain relief - I assume you haven't received any as yet but I'm sure you will as the ineffable takes care of his own.

Visible said...

Wow! That is eerie. I got the Elvis pun by the way. Sorry to hear about your experience, as you can imagine, I sympathize.

BCii said...

"It is an ancient adage that has no doubt been proven true more times than anyone can remember; if you want to change the world, change yourself. It is the only condition we have any power over and it should be our constant focus as often as we can call it to mind. The ONLY way to change another is by example. It is the power of inspiration that rises in the hearts of those who witness something remarkable in the actions of another that is responsible for so much that is good and transformative in this world. We must believe it is true and we must act with certitude regarding it. There is little else available to us."

The path of Love is the direct route. You have said this many times. A fellow named Matt Kahn has been pointing my thoughts in this direction lately, speaking through a resonance of the heart whose power to effect change is unfathomable. His videos are on YouTube. This one found me first and crystallizes the essence of the message he conveys.

Anonymous said...

I fell from a ladder collapse
last year at this time..
landing on rock and steel
fortunately no internal bleeding

one second on the ladder, one half second later ..
"freaking ouch" !!

BTW : "Jew" Worshippers...where are the "Blessings"...?

thanks for your observation of the orgasmic throes of the Talmudia stool sculpture deity cult compound self immolation routine for purposes of
demostration...and all

we'll all enjoy the post Judaic
age of Peace & Harmony

it is written



galen said...

Hear you loud and clear, Davy:

"The Post Judaic Age Of Peace And Harmony." 

It has a resonance imbued with hope. The air is clean, and breathing comes with ease. There are tree-swings and undiscovered libraries. Nobody's paranoid or hungry. There is enough for everyone and nobody has to wear lavender if they don't want to. 


Visible said...

I'm thinking that would be known as a conscious, informed and aware Love as opposed to completely surrendered and unqualified Love. Guru Bawa was a Jnana Yogi, I didn't see him lacking in the item under discussion.

Ray B. said...

All these 'falling' events got me reminiscing about an event that happened along those lines a few decades back. I went off a two story roof...

Backing up a bit: A group I was in was teaching us how to roll when falling. It was brief and perfunctory. I did my few rolls, and prepared to leave. Then, some part of me told me I should stay and practice. So, I did roll after roll, until I had it down.

A day or two later: I had been doing construction-type work up on a two story roof for some weeks. This day, I climbed a ladder to the roof and secured it in place with two heavy screws. I rattled it strongly to make sure it was fixed in place. An engineer's caution...

After some time working atop the roof, I momentarily got slightly off balance. I reached out to the ladder tip to steady me. Not hard. Sproing! The ladder popped out of the screws, and keeled over. I followed. I remember being past the 'point of no return', and the feeling thereof...

Below me was a gravel driveway. Somehow, the roll-training kicked in. I did the shoulder-based 'flip' to transfer the fall into a roll. I was totally unharmed except for a slight cut on one hand. Woo-woo!

A weird side note: I was escorted back upstairs inside the house where they laid me down and examined me. Once everybody saw I was fine, I rested awhile.

On the way down the stairs, I noticed something 'stinging' on the back of my upper calf. Pulling up my heavy jeans, there was a perfect 'scoop' mark like you would make with an old-fashioned ice cream scoop, maybe 3/16 inch in diameter. It was barely bleeding. It was not a gash, abrasion, or punch-in. I could not figure how it happened through the intact jeans. And no, the jeans did not 'ride up' on my leg over a foot's distance. Another woo-woo...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom and of observation by a Hungarian:

Péter Szentmihályi Szabó : The Agents of Satan

I don’t know, I don’t understand why they hate us so much. They live here in Hungary, they speak and write in Hungarian, but they loathe us. I really don’t understand why they stay if it is that bad here, in this welcoming country that is so foolishly patient.
It is not difficult to recognize them because they are cowardly and impertinent at the same time.

Money is their God, their mother tongue in which they have trusted from time immemorial. Dark circles under their eyes, flabby skin, clammy palms, cold feet, freakish smiles give them away. They can be found everywhere on the earth. They are the agents of Satan. They arouse fear and they live off of fear. They create turmoil and discord. They are constantly packing, yet they don’t leave. Are they foreign spirits whose mission is to destroy the local communities? International criminals who, following Marx and Lenin, decided to enslave mankind? Eternally homeless folk condemned to be constant wanderers? They are the debt collectors. The ones who first figured out that money “works” without labor although there are no goods behind the merchandise, only a piece of metal, a piece of paper, or by now only a digital symbol on the computer. Everybody is afraid of them, yet they dread those who fear them. The world’s strongest army guards their security, and yet they still don’t dare to get close to those whose rights they defend so loudly.

Pharisees, hypocrites, agents of Satan. They are in every party, in every church, in every community. They are ready for every betrayal because they are empty. They have no God, no nation, no people, no homeland, no Weltanschauung, only bank accounts. They don’t even have families, only temporarily. Their families are replaceable. They use everything, but nothing is theirs. And they clearly realize that.
I am listening to the naive official statements about the forthcoming law on Hungarians living in the neighboring countries. One can hear the mistaken centuries-old notion being repeated: “a Hungarian is one who considers himself to be a Hungarian.” Oh my Lord, any member of any reasonably cultured nation would have a hearty laugh hearing this! Is someone who calls himself an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German, an American actually an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German or an American? In that case, our Roma (Gypsy) in Strasbourg would have abandoned us a long time ago…. The agents of Satan are the devotees of globalism; they are not attached to their names, to their firms, to their own homeland. They have no attachment, only bank accounts. They are born traitors because they have never had their own country. They are in every radio and television station where they bray among themselves speaking in a nasal sing-song way and slimily blurring their r’s. They live off their fears. They are professional worriers. They are internationalists and cosmopolitans. Faithful friends of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Lukács, and György Aczél.

Anonymous said...

cont'd. Part 2:

Descendants of Rákosi, the jailers of the “guilty” Hungarian nation. Members of the State Security forces, members of detachments, worker guardists. Approximately 200,000 people who call themselves Hungarian who have not cleared out of the country yet because after 1989 they realized that the stupid Hungarian people don’t harbor vengefulness. The two million former unskilled laborers understand only the demagoguery of MSZP and SZDSZ. Viktor Orbán is the same target as József Antall or Péter Boross, or for that matter István Csurka were.
The agents of Satan play games with us and have a grand time at it. They slap us in the face and call us to account that we, in an intolerant and very unchristian-like manner, don’t turn the other cheek. They are the ones who are most indignant when somebody tries to put an end to the greedy acquisition of Hungarian real estate by foreigners; they are the ones for whom abortion and drugs are human rights. They have more than one passport, preferably the kind that has no extradition treaty with Hungary–security foremost. They live in castles, they have servants, but they are great friends of the homeless, the Roma (Gypsy), the "needy". Naturally, from a distance and only in words. If they see some gain in getting involved with Hungarian issues, like, for example the millennial celebrations, then they reluctantly join in. They think everybody can be bought, because they themselves can be, always by the kilo. They are greedy, envious, evil–and ugly. Countenance is the mirror of the soul, but their mirror is a tarnished one. They are callous. Condemned souls for whom there is no resurrection. It is likely that Satan bestows such agents on all nations, ones who not only prey on them but also lecture the nations as if they were stupid primitive domestic animals. Hell is waiting for their return.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Through all the Darkness of this World, the Sun is Still Shining.

galen said...

Brilliance from Szabó. And. . .

Hey, it's near voting time. Surely you've seen all the sidewalk signs shouting, "Pick me. Pick ME!!"

"Before we expend any more energy debating politics, discussing candidates, and rushing off to the voting booth to 'fix' our problems, we must realize that by doing this, we have never actually 'fixed' anything. We have simply granted the corrupt special interests that dominate and drive our destiny more time to continue enriching themselves at our expense, but always behind a carefully orchestrated facade of 'democracy.'"
-- Tony Cartalucci, Color Revolutions - Opium of the People

"You see what power is -- holding someone else's fear in your hand and showing it to them!"
-- Amy Tan


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

One last thing..

Coruscant L'amore said... "tho one seems shorter via the Bhakti/devotion route due just not caring about the details"

What a nonsensical statement!
And an insult to boot.

"not caring about details?"

Bhakti yoga

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

As for the Hungarian problems with the Jews, what else is new?
Someone or the other has been dealing with this for 2,000 years recorded.

Update: In most of Europe the men and women are reduced to being neo-Eunuchs by the power of law. Plain and simple.
In USA and Canada, they are neo-Eunuchs mainly via self censorship.
(conscious and unconscious)

A neo-Eunuch is a person who is unable or unwilling to say “I don’t believe 6 million died”
“I don’t believe there were homicidal gas chambers”
something as (seemingly) innocuous as 4-3=1. (official Auschwitz math)

The last, (4-3=1) is an exceptionally severe case of self mutilation due to being unable to utter this elementary equation even as it is etched in bronze before their lying eyes (ears and nose).

Now how will the unwashed retarded masses overcome the uber-demons if they cannot even inpel themselves to say(believe) 4-3=1?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gene, perhaps I was a bit brusque and inconsiderate in insinuating offense.
If so, I apologize top you.

It is likely that you were referring to a "lack of details" in what might be easily construed as a compliment.

It is true that Vaishnavas do not generally dwell or immerse themselves in the details of the cosmic energies/creations, rather in the person Who the source of these.

Please accept my apology if I offended you.

galen said...

Oh Homer, I was just comin' after you and then you landed on your feet. Self-reflection is never without its benefits/pearls.



Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Appearances are Lies in Manifestation.



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