Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here in the Painful Aftermath.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I always thought there was more than an even chance I would make it into rehab. However, I don’t think anyone expected it to be by this route. I apologize to the reader for having been in possession of a life somewhere between Candide and The Perils of Pauline. It makes for interesting copy I suppose but it detracts from the uninterrupted production of work and fails to maintain a standard by example for the harmony we like to think is the singular elusive bird of prey in this locale; preyed upon? Preyed after? Prayed for? WDIK?

I suppose it was something over a week ago, give or take some hours, when I came tooling down the ladder of the loft and for reason that presently remain a mystery and... perhaps always will, my connection to the ladder ended and I did one of those original Die Hard endings. I know I hit the square meter of demo tile to one side of the ladder because I remember hearing it but the particulars of possible physics/geometry, whatever... escape me. Yes, I busted my left hip. Later in the day one could see that the entire left side of my face was black. Never before had I seen such a profound black eye on anyone. Here's where it gets strange. The backs of both of my hands were, until recently, swollen to twice their size and also quite black for the same reasons as the face. The fronts of my legs were cut up and several front teeth, I suspect, will soon only be accessed through a prosthetic. The front of my hands are fine.

I don't know where the count lies at this point in the number of the times I should have been dead. This is only a portion of the story and here is where it gets stranger still. At whatever point I recovered enough to crawl away from the yet to be drawn chalk mark, it became clear to me that I had broken something because I could not get up. It wasn't simply a matter of managing the pain. I just couldn't get up. I was able to get on my ass and by that means, hand and toe myself to the computer area. With great difficulty I finally was able to draw the cellphone to me, only to find that it contained a message telling me that the battery was out and it would shut down. I was able to make 3 attempted calls and none of these people were home. Getting to the charging line was apparently beyond my abilities.

Every now and again I would call out for help but there was no one where I was either and this is the first time I had ever experienced that. So... I sat there for hours. I'm guessing I must have been in shock because as evening fell I seemed to sense the arrival of the other occupant here. I managed to pull my keyboard down to me and get into my mail server. There were many complications on this as well but after sending out several incomplete appeals, the fellow who lives here made his way up and I imagine my appearance was a bit of a surprise to him.

He asked what he could do. I had been in pain for a long time. I asked him to bring me a bottle of wine and I think I surprised both of us by the speed at which I made it disappear. No bottle of wine has ever been so welcome in memory. The second one was also fine. Until then, I had no idea how cramped up and tensed up I was from what happened. Now I could talk and I explained what I remembered about what had happened. “You've been here all day?” he exclaimed. “Yes”.

It cannot be an accident that so many people usually reachable were unreachable. There are any number of odd twists to this tale. One of them is that a few days earlier the fellow had mentioned that his plans for the summer and so on had taken a big turn. This meant that for weeks he would be unavailable to assist me at what needed to be done there and the same was going to apply to people that were coming in to help. Prior to this I had been waiting on the arrival of two Poles who were to help me finally install the kitchen and bathroom. I never understood why these were not the greatest priority at the outset. None of the things we did were relevant to the needs of the season. They were going to help me carry appliances up and I would put in the support boarding and insulation on concrete for setting the tile for these areas. They didn't show up either.

Once again, as has happened so often, I began to sense that this was nothing more than some kind of mini drama taking my pulse and the pulse of others; as if we were in a fitting room of some kind and all of our vital statistics were guiding the hands of the tailors. I'd have been willing to tackle all of the various jobs, except electric, on my own. There are so many excellent videos out that you can be well guided but only some of the activities of this industry were permitted to me. I recognize, maybe for the first time in my life, that I am intentionally blinded to my circumstances for the purpose of education and demonstration at given times. Now... this should be obvious to me or anyone but when you are purposely blinded, you are blinded.

Anyhow, I said to myself, “I can't stay here.” though I fully intended to until the bitter truth of dysfunction settled its cold form around my entrails, somewhere mid fall. I stood in the center of the room and cried out, “Lord! What is your fucking point? What am I not doing and does that even matter? Get me out of here!” (hee hee) I'm sure I would like to have those words back.

Well... I'm out of there now, except for packing and pulling away. My biggest concern is my avocado tree, now over 3 years old, bouncing around in the car. It goes without saying that I am not going to be in the shape I need to be in to carry out this task which, in any case, I am sure would extend to next spring. I'm going to find a place, a place will be found for me, where I can just move in and go right to work. I'm as energized in that regard as I have ever seen myself. In fact, my next book is writing itself and already about a 6th done since I got here. Although I had already started on my next book, this one won't wait; “The Amazing Adventures of the Legendary El Comote”. Need I mention the intense comedic aspect of the tome? No.

The pain, I thought, would diminish, once the operation took place; quite the reverse. It's always around. Not so much if I don't move but that's no kind of dependable constant. Moving is a real experience. Perhaps you could call it a 'moving experience'? Working on the book really helps to keep the mind distracted. This hospital is not like other hospitals. It's caught in a time warp. Some of the people are very nice and some of them are refugees from a Dickens novel.

A reader got in touch with me this morning and wanted to send me some things. He's 500 k away. He wanted to visit but was mostly concerned about taking up my time after the initial back and forth, once he got here. Hmmmm (heh heh). He said he'd send a few things and that was that. 20 minutes later he called back to say he had to come and so he was coming and that's that. I suppose he'll walk through the door at any moment.

I managed to get on line by using the Bluetooth wireless effect from my cellphone. Works great! Fast and so forth but probably expensive so I don't use it unless I'm using it like... right now I'm not using it (grin).

The fellow whose place it is that I have been living and working at says he will refund me what I spent on items purchased for the place. That's very good news. It means I am only out my time and expenses and my hip and a few less tangible things.

I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support of all kinds. It might be a few days (or weeks) before I can thank you individually. Right now I just want to get this up and pray that the point of so many things so far not revealed to me will be revealed to me.

Much Love,


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Vis, I have NEVER been so pleased to see a new post from you! And bearing in mind your recent ordeal it is especially heartening to see that you appear to be in good spirits!! I hope your recovery goes well, all the love being sent your way can't but help :-) Much love, Anias

insiam said...

silver lining could be the new ready place that will be found. would have been nice if you could have took an easier route though :)

God bless and get well soon


Anonymous said...

He's back!!!!

Can't keep a good man down!! Rehab... Lol, that was good one. Hey, I know it hurts, but you gotta move as much you can, it's really important (sorry, I'm a nurse and can't help but be compelled to say such things). :)

You're pretty tough guy so when you actually get to rehab, you'll do just fine.

Remember Ernest Holmes work! :)

I'm simply amazed that you'd have planned and worked so much on this project and just like that, it's gone. Secretly, I'm glad you're outta there. I saw you're videos and it seemed like a place I would rather not live in, but that's just me. Though your friend there seems like a fine fellow, I'm sure.

I'll continue my prayers for you and visualize a really great place for you to move to.

Ps- don't be afraid to ask for pain medicine, people heal faster when they're not in pain!


Anonymous said...

wow vis

rock on! good time to practice astral projection and scout for your new digs.

heal fast!


Anonymous said...

Gravity is cruel mistress!

Praying for a quick recovery for you and the rest of the world!

Heal quickly!

Love from the
Snowflake Mermaid

Anonymous said...

Get well fast, Sir!


Anonymous said...

Love & peace Les. Always read your post and was wondering where you'd got to.. xx

Anonymous said...

Ah Vis, so good to know that you are Ok after all you've been through.
I can so relate to thinking "I have to get up now" after a fall and then finding it impossible to do so...very disconcerting.It is true in my experience that one mends faster once you are able to move a bit, and I trust that the rehab facility staff will be helpful and kind to you.
Continuing prayers and meditations for your complete recovery.
Much love,

Unknown said...

Hello Visible,

I just want to tell you that I hope you get better soon. My thoughts/prayers are floating around here in cyberspace and I hope they reach you and contribute to your well-being and recovery. Thanks for all your great writing over the years even if I didn't always get along with you very well. Love and best wishes - Roland Martin

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I know it is selfish of me to be glad that you didn't die since I HATE life, but I am glad you didn't die, and I suppose that being that some of our priorities are different from mine, you are also glad that you didn't die. (Though I do have a no-code/DNR card in my wallet for just such an occasion as yours, since I live in a state, where help cannot be given without the consent of the individual being helped, provided they can give consent, though I wonder if that also applies to those worthless state extortionist, psychopathic, genocidal, perv POS caged gerbil shooters, I mean cops?)

Hope you heal fast, and I must say I really wish this hadn't happened. Your latest digs did seem like a cool place. I hope you find a nice, quite remote area with balcony overlooking leas and trees, and with a fireplace, along with those rather efficient old time heaters as opposed to the crap we have here in the divided states of america if you don't have central heating.

Gods, those wall heaters are a nightmare. They sure as Hell make enough noise.

May the rest of your life work YOUR way, for a change.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you

Thank god youre allright captain. I really feel youll be allright. Some big changes are coming and you would probably wouldnt miss the hip. I think you might even get a new lean mean body. Ascension is here its our only hope. Take it easy on your self and looks like you are on the right track. Hope and pray the pain subsides and you are able to walk again.
Love and respect,

Laura said...

Dear Vis ~ I emailed too, yet here I am again. So glad to read this posting, and very warm wishes for all manner of blessings for you! Divine speed in every way!

With love, in grace ~

jaygee said...

Maybe you were meant to die that day, but the universe said "Oh no, Visible, you started this, and you're not getting out of it that easy!" and POOF! - ressurection :p

walter washco said...

Vis, so good to hear from you again,get well soon.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good to have you 'back on line'. Our very best wishes on your recovery!

Vis: "... and pray that the point of so many things so far not revealed to me will be revealed to me."

One thing that has worked for me for the above has been to form the circumstances/drama/interaction into a 'thought ball', hold it in the crown chakra area over my head, and light the whole thing up with a big 'question mark'. I hold this 'state' until it seems like there has been somebody 'noticing'. Then, I release it with a "Thank You." Sometime after that, there is an 'Aha'. Works pretty well for me - unless I am really not supposed to know why. (ironic grin)

In terms of manifesting your next place (or anything else), I once had a profound lesson from one of my former teachers. He told us to concentrate more on the emotion you wanted to feel once you'd gotten in the place, rather than the details of the place. To let 'God' sort out the details.

In this example, you would meditate on being in a house/home/place that you loved being in (and actually feel the emotion as much as possible, while doing the meditation/projection), the joy you feel at living your life there, etc. Whatever works in your own 'system'.

This teacher stressed that what we actually 'want' is to be happy. The details are less important. There are many folks who have gotten exactly 'what' they visualized, but have been miserable upon realizing the manifestation. Go for the 'basics'.

Also, emotions are like 'fuel' for a manifestation. Many folks do a 'dry' visualization/meditation without much emotion, and wonder why it doesn't 'work'. Consciously filling it with positive emotions works wonders. I've seen it happen.

(A corollary of this is that we are manifesting all the time. Throwing negative emotions at a 'subject' will manifest it just as well as sending positive emotions. The recipient just won't like the results. Be conscious of 'gnawing' on a subject while projecting negative emotions. I say, "Cancel, cancel, cancel," when I become aware of doing this. Part of taking responsibility for our part in manifesting.)

Hope this can help in your 'between times'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

The 3rd Elf said...

Apparently, Visible is offline again. Unsure how or why, but that's the message I got (he telephoned while I was out so I didn't get to speak to him personally).

Until Vis does resurface, I'll continue publishing comments (and trying, mainly failing, to answer the stack of emails I've received the last few days).

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Wowzers Vis, I want to send you some Shipu ( topical antiinflammatory patches from Japan) they work wonders for joint pain...if I could make a Shipu onesie, I would:) Keeping you in my meditations and wishing for ease of flesh and bone for you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could think of something cheerful to say, all happy kittens and such...
But ow! Vis, dang, makes me hurt just thinking about it.
I think you need a visit from the Sisters of Mercy, to lightly touch your eyelids and give you a goodnight kiss somewhere that doesn't hurt.
Godspeed your health.
Yer bud,
- Sir Beggar

DAD said...

Visable, Welcome back to your community. We , I mean I missed you. I found out about your trouble with gravity and have been sending your spirit all the healing and positive vibrations I could . Be well soon. Love David

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Les


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're ok dear Vis.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I was wondering what had happened to you, Vis. What a horrible experience and yet somehow your sense of humour, your brilliant writing skills and your beautiful spirit survived. Love and best wishes for a full recovery.

A. Dundee said...

Vis, great to hear from you! Have been praying for you. Very much looking forward to the fall-out (yeah, I know) of the Lord's blessings upon you consequent to this recent, uhm, event. I think He's dragging you down by your ankle to a place where the future of your song and prophesy had to go, to go to a place where even you never could have imagined they would one day be. I've reserved a seat for the ride, hands high, ready to be largely brought by you to wherever and whatever it is He wants us to be and see. Les, let it rip and roll!

Eileen K. said...

Great to hear you're back, Vis. I didn't learn about your ordeal until now; since my computer was in the shop for almost two weeks with an operating system virus to be cleaned out and my files restored.

Anyway, Vis, I'm glad you're in good spirits, in spite of the ordeal you went through, and wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you - Eileen

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I wish you a speedy and thorough recovery, sir! Prayers en route too.

missingarib said...

Hey man what a relief you're OK - you will more than likely spend some time trying to make sense out of what happened as I did after my heart attack-but i am and you are still here wherever here is? sic
The most important thing is that you're here and still "kicking"
thank God
I hope the pain doesn't drive you to distraction -but with your robust spirit you will surely get a handle on things.

'Healing,' Papa would tell me, 'is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.'
W. H. Auden

much love

katz said...

Sorry this happened, and sad to hear the predicament, including the loss of the loft idea.

I hope you heal fast and a warmer home is quickly found that is suitable.


Duke said...

Peace be with Les,

It is time to be prepared for the great division which is coming soon.

Here is a link to download a book which will help all those who enlightened
to expose the corrupt world system, and participate in the gathering of the harvest.
Make sure to give all fellow Believers the link so that they can also download "One Book".

I am,
The faithful witness
My new name is " Duke "

It is written:

"And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the
days of the Son of man".

" And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will
return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may
open unto him immediately."

Les take heed and do not censor this comment.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the hospital where Mr. Visible is staying? I would like to send him condolences? Thank you.

Jenny said...

Vis- get well soon! -jen

Visible said...

I'm back on yet again, thanks to Michael training it over here from the other end of the country and making a few stops here and there. You may thank him for my being back up now as that might not have happened again for another week. thank you all for the good words. It will all get sorted. Rehabland next week. We'll see what that's all about.

Anonymous said...

Had a feeling something was up since you had been away so long. Now that you've written, it is clear you are making your way through things as you usually do: with clarity and a strengthened since of purpose. This in itself is a lesson others should take dearly to heart. Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, 2014 has been "hospital year" for the people i love, all crammed into July, it seems. I've been keeping vigil for my Dad and a good old friend, both recovering from surgeries, and now Mr. Visible, whom i would consider a friend even though we'd never met each other.

I have been missing your writings and figured you were busy with your new place and was not unhappy to not have seen new posts, imagining you there while you took a break from them to work toward finishing it. A painful ordeal (to me, or anyone else) who was thinking of you, would have been more like: The great effort and joyful exhaustion when you were done! Certainly not this!

You are an amazing person. I send prayers for your quick and full recovery.

Love, a Loyal Reader

insiam said...


I read your book with great interest although was curious as to the following direct quotes. (I note that, although the book is not dated, comments to some of your personal youtube videos referenced within the book are over a year old - yet you make reference to Les)

page 85:

"Some person in high standing is used to give credibility to the message, in this case, the so called 'Christ'. The message is received by the channeled,
in this case Dorothy, and then disseminated, in this case Les"

page 84:

"This is my response to a book that uses my previous name(Jesus), as a means to promote false information about the impending universal transformation(world crisis)".

Anonymous said...

Vis -

I am so happy to see you back on line again after what you've been through. Prayers and meditations continue for you....get well soon!


Anonymous said...

So very good to hear from you Visible!
Thanks for taking time to write for us!
Best wishes no matter what...


Anonymous said...

Hello Visible,
Sorry to read about your accident - but so very happy to see an updated post from you!

~I hope you can feel the giant amount of love and caring swirling around you!~

Here’s to a speedy recovery my friend.

Liz in NC

Duke said...

@ insiam

Peace be with you.

"One Book" is a compilation taken from our website with some minor changes, that explains the date issues.

My message about "False Christ's" is in reference to "Dimensional Shift" a pdf book which I found on one of Les's blogs.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

You and I and What Lies in Between.

Anonymous said...


Get well soon, dearie. You have been a light unto our lives. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace.


Magdelena Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Broken hip with facial injuries: eeeeeyyy-ouch!! Get well!


Guy Reid-Brown, UK said...

God or whomever bless and keep you Les. They are certainly watching over, whatever.

I would really like to thank Ray B for the emotion/visualisation advice, comes at just the right time!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your fall mate.Please be more carefull as you are a constant source of insparation.Do not stress about the new place it looks great.




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