Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being Origami as Opposed to Constructing Origami

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings from the swirl and whirl in constant transformation of circumstance into circumstance. Hardly a thought has been wasted on previous experiences. I know a great deal more about why things happen than I did. It's not always the narrow confines of personal karma that determines event and outcome. Sometimes we are hammered into shape by things in order to be suitable for what lies ahead. Just as often one is tested to see what one makes of the variations of flaming excrement that get thrown at one. This is a time of adjustment, of transformation, of judgment, of punishment and reward. This is a time of breaking free and a wider engagement into all the maybes and maybe nots of this remarkable time.

I am in a French city and shortly I will go to that main French city where I lived as a young boy. One day will follow another and I will find myself on an island, nearly exactly like the one I was trying to return to but was unable to negotiate. Someone just shows up out of the blue with the invitation. It's very close to where Patrick the master narrator of these works lives and that reunion is now more possible than it has been at any time.

My thoughts on the matter are all about where one would prefer to be when it all comes down. There are certain places where the heaviest of conditions simply don't come about because of the interplay of life there. Now, of course, one can't know exactly where and when but one can be guided by the highest level of awareness that they have attained to and that will sort the circumstance in the best of all possible ways.

The ultra materialized state of existence is a heavily magnetized force field and if you're magnetized to it, you go with it. If you are magnetized by the higher arc, that is where you will go. It is obvious what is going on down here. It is also obvious that when the corruption of elected and appointed officials becomes so egregious as it presently is, the result is a predictable certainty.

Sure, a gigantic wave could come out of the sea and wash that island but that, I think, would depend on the internal waves and then there's the cosmic wave that moves through all things sentient and otherwise interpreting the seen and unseen. Are you surfing that wave? Surely you will then encounter all of the cross currents of the manifest moving in whatever directions desire has propelled it but the cosmic wave surf over, up, around and through. The manifest cannot touch you if you are already touched by that from which all power to manifest and unmanifest proceeds. It should be common sense, were common sense not now so uncommon.

My friends says to me, “You seem to be down”. I said, “It's not down, it's pensive, it's reflective. I said, “just this year I lost this and this and this and now this. Such a progression of events should surely lead one to being more reflective.” I am infinitely grateful that things just don't stay with me. Of all the things that have happened, none of them are on my mind at the present. I had to leave a lot of things behind that were not only valuable but useful. I'm not feeling it. I took the most valuable and lasting things with me and those are the things that are part of me and if I had, metaphorically speaking, “Left my heart in San Francisco”, well, there you go... or not, actually. There are many ways to be reflective and that practice is not limited in its potential by being restricted to the past.

It is in times of extreme transition that you discover there are at least two ways of being. You can be uncertain and feeling adrift and at the whim of surrounding conditions or... you can be quite certain that this is simply an environment of change that repeats itself while you change with no fear of repetition. Bad weather does not go on forever. Sometimes it isn't the usual bad weather. Sometimes it is a monsoon that goes on and on and on. Even that doesn't go on for anything nearly like forever and when tough times transit into good times, they are usually at a relative extreme. Nice to know.

I don't have any idea of what it is that is actually taking place. The Crass Media is in one of its inane phases where the treacle and fecal run together in gruesome colors of godawful WTF? They're even talking about Jennifer Aniston. You know they're bottoming out when that happens. The title of the article, I think was, “Why Jennifer Aniston doesn't have to lose five pounds. I don't know how closely it parallels that ancient question, “Would you like to lose ten pounds of ugly fat?” “Cut off your head.” For all I know, this is about shrunken heads and then, too, when your head is pumped full of air it doesn't weigh as much and this explains why those so defined are often lacking in gravitas (grin).

Zing!!! Anyway, I came over here without my power cord, which I left in another bag at the place I am staying and getting this posting up has become a time sensitive affair; meaning we are going to cut this short. Things are ever so much better than they were and it is our fervent prayer that the same is true of you and... if not, soon will be.

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Smyrna said...

Cometh the hour, cometh the Akram, eh Vis.

Nice pun near the end of your second paragraph. No visa required for Seth Efricans to visit said island either, I see.

Beats the hell out of living in some crazy krauts cubby.

I'm almost envious.
If I knew someone like the Cap'n, sailing a boat there would be easy. Cheers.

L.L.O. said...

May your toes soon be in the sand and the ocean breeze soon be on your face.
If I close my eyes I can still smell the sea... (sigh).



Visible said...

Well, you never know who you might meet in the meantime and what might happen. Since I have an EU card I can stay for a bit and even open a business. We already have a place to put in a juice bar and I have some of the equipment. Then you slowly expand the product watching the ebb and flow of demand. We do puns.

You can close your eyes and be there too. The whole point of finding something workable is to expand the human base.

Visible said...

This is why I held off commenting on the Robin Williams thing. Sure enough it is coming out. Now. of course, I don't know one way or the other but the intuition has it's own take on everything.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think Robin Williams was killed due to his political stuff, but what do I know. This post was something of a euphoriant for me. At least it won't show up in a drug test. Glad things are looking up for you.

Visible said...

I was unaware of any political stuff on his part but offing him is a distinct possibility and Carradine as well but... lots of people mess around with that particular thing and he was seated in just the way that is popular for that exercise. I've never tried that. French vanilla sex was always wild enough for me and sex never meant much unless another person is involved I'm strange in a lot of ways but not strange in ways so many people are.

I think the case is that if you didn't get your ya ya's out at the appropriate time, it comes back to haunt you as you get older. This is why you see people of advanced age doing really stupid and self destructive things.

Visible said...

Well over a year ago I mentioned the distinct possibility that this entertainer was involved in this sort of thing. I used to drive past his house in (Guia?) Portugal on my way to the house we lived in winter of 2003 or so and I got an ongoing sense of something like this. So... when I heard that among the names being kept secret there was a powerful entertainer on this list, he leapt into my mind-

Smyrna said...

Look at the Wired for Sound video and note his roller skating interaction with the hot women isn't that of a normal hot-blooded male. Total homo and worse it would seem.

We need to start publicly uncovering paedophile fiends at the levels above entertainers now. Politicians, Judges, Royals.

Visible said...

communications from these blogs will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks while I come and go (like the women talking about Michaelangelo) Please bear with us during this time of a life under temporary reconstruction. We should be ready for occupancy or departure soon.

nina said...

... Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me
“How good, how good does it feel to be free?”
And I answer them most mysteriously
“Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?

from Ballad in Plain D

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Vis,

Re Robin Williams's death, I cannot take seriously the "auto-erotic" speculation, as that would require ignoring details of the coroner's report: esp. cuts on Robin's left wrist. Of course we know the police lie, but usually to hide their own crimes; they owe nothing to dead celebrities.

In the case of actual auto-erotic death, the satanically inspired strategy would be to utterly ruin the reputation of a much-loved public figure by revealing everything. A perfect mind-fuck, which would force parents to lie to their little children about it.

I don't mean to distract from your actual blog post. I wish you further progress.


Anonymous said...

Has the 3rd Elf departed on a new journey as well?

Safe journeys to the both of you!


Anonymous said...

I feel itin the air
Unsaid truths
Vast distance between logic the reality
Consumedin passion
Lost in anxiety
Stay true topne self
I happened a gain to the opressor
A loss to the oppressed
Wow is me
For i have toild not with thy enemy
Jesus give us strengh to forfill our lives in peace harmony
War is a waste
The other an abomanation
We are nothing but animals
So it seems
Alas I am embarrased to be human
For we are all nothing


Anonymous said...

Jesus help those on the beach.

Visible said...

No word on the 3rd elf at the moment.

As for R. Williams, it is his posture and positioning on discovery that is very curious. As I said, I don't know.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Marching with the Dolphin Regiment beneath the Surface of the Moment.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Krazy Glue, Duct Tape and Demon Spit.

est said...

sean !
well done

send me an email @

only you, please



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