Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Why and the Wherefore of Whatever.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Since the 10:00AM departure slot has been pushed ahead to 1:00PM, it looks like I can possibly slip a post in through the aperture of time. Well, my friends, I have never seen it so weird and wack as it is now, most especially as it concerns my forward progress and next location. I am like someone standing in a room with a myriad of doors, who has tried each door only to find it inaccessible but... did I try every door, hmmm. I know it's all under control but... this is ridiculous. It's true that I don't have to be anywhere at the moment except on this trip Susanne and I are taking to finalize old business. It's a long awaited conclusion to a very bad luck action on our parts.

Never before have I been in such a quandary for such a length of time, moving from real uncertainty into what proved to be a very bad decision and onward from there with all manner of sugar plum fairies dancing about my head. We know the ineffable has very good reasons for whatever goes down. We know that everyone is where they are supposed to be, even when they are not supposed to be, for the purpose of demonstration; as I was a centerpiece for in recent times. Often when one runs into sustained opposition and recurrent calamity it is indicative of going in the wrong direction, or some behavior pattern that logically (or otherwise) leads to these circumstances but... in my case, I am hard pressed to discover or define what that is. All I've done is work hard and try to see my way through to where I can continue to work hard. Obviously, there is nothing to be done at this particular moment in time so we will just flow with events and conditions.

Lost in the day to day focus on what is going on around us and what is going on inside us is the idea of transcendence and ascension; of fantastic cosmic change, such as has been prophesized about across the centuries. Surely some amount of, or something similar to this sort of thing is on the menu at some point. My mind is often drawn to those ancient cave paintings about ships coming out of the sky and meetings with evolved members from other solar systems. These things HAVE HAPPENED a time or two.

History is littered (grin) with records of miracles and strange events, especially if one reads occult history, which is not only far more true to what was than the revisionist bullshit going around these days but it also contains additional information that gives a clearer meaning to why certain things happened. Occult history can be found in the writings of Hermetic scientists, alchemists and actual historians outside of the promoted mainstream of employed liars, siphoning nonsense from a river of shit. There is much to be found in ancient writings if one is persistent and diligent.

Then there is the internal record that can either be directly accessed or brought up out of the subconscious by particular meditations upon the archetype responsible for this sort of thing. The High Priestess comes to mind, as she sits upon the waters of memory. A regular knocking upon that door will generate results. It's like anything else, you put in the time and you reap the fruits of your industry. This is a given fact, demonstrated in many lives and something each of us has seen at one time or another. If you want to learn about something, study it. There has never been a library or university to rival the internet, even though EVERYTHING can be found within, provided one has the operational means.

I marvel at the ubiquitous disconnect in the minds of so many concerning any number of simple truths that we know to be true but simply pass by, while employing ineffective efforts with inappropriate tools. It's the same thing you see when people's appetites get the better of them. There they are are, consumed by certain hungers, which impact on their state of being and their appearance. Sometimes they know what's going on but feel unable to control that particular passion, due to a lack of discipline and a compromised will. Other times they fashion complex arguments in defense of their behavior, so as to be able to go right on with it.

I had a friend who was dying of AIDS. He was a nice guy (most of the time) but he was a rich kid who had been indulged by his parents and he had this sense of privilege and entitlement. What he wanted was paramount and sometimes he could be difficult to be around should you not share his ambition. Anyway, he was dying of Karposi's sarcoma. It is a terrible disease indeed and I watched it go down through all of its stages. Toward the end, my friend was barely recognizable as the man he had been. Mucous build-up was a problem and one night he had a pizza delivered and was scarfing it down. At one point he said, “Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to eat this but if I can't eat what I want then I don't want to live anyway.” Shortly after that his vocal chords were removed and he couldn't speak any longer. I was around him for the last year of his life and it was an education for me on many levels.

It seems like I've been in school since I got here and some of the lessons have been very painful but for me the most painful lessons are the ones where I don't know what it is that I learned. Supposedly one's course is meant to iron out and ease up later in life. Heh heh, I haven't seen that yet, though I will admit that certain conditions have been much more manageable than they once were. I look at the lives of many others and their life is a walk in the park, often attended by great success and often they are terrible human beings as well. I tell myself that the ineffable gives them whatever it is they think they want and he's given up on them getting a clue as to what is really going on. With some of us, the trials continue apace because the ineffable has not given up on us. I'm going to have to say, I prefer that, though I have no way of knowing exactly where I stand, except for what I am told at intervals.

I'm thinking that because of the degree of stress manifest in these times that we are being hothoused to a certain end. Our suffering has been amplified because the event horizon is imminent. It's hard to know anything for sure but when I speculate (grin) I like to concentrate on the simplest conclusions for the why and wherefore of whatever. There is so much complexity in everything these days. The established religions are buried under tons of dogma and cant and operate much like allopathic medicine does, focusing on symptoms and avoiding the causal. Because the majority of them operate like a business (cue Jesse Jackson), eventually their rituals, routines and scriptural selections are chosen to enhance that sector of things. When the war machine cranks up, because that is one of the main engines of Imperialism, they genuflect accordingly and turn up “Onward Christian Soldiers”, programmed to go off and die in Zionist Banker wars. It ain't pretty and it ain't right but it's how it is.

I heard it said by a great teacher that the key to everything is memory. It's all about recall. If we could just remember back far enough, we would know who we are and what we are about and everything that doesn't make sense would make sense. It's not so difficult for me to see how things might have gone wrong at one point or another because of the way I was acting in the process but... once that is no longer a feature and it hasn't been for awhile now, it's harder to come to terms with that. Sometimes you just have to press forward despite all of the inexplicable opposition because you can't stay where you are. Perhaps if you could then you might consider the opposition something directly related to your not doing so but... that option is off the table. Like the song says, “When the Lord gets ready, you got to move.” It's a real trip when that is the case and your necessity to move is blocked on all sides.

We're all used to roadblocks and ankle grabbing undergrowth, not to mention feeling our way in the dark but usually these things are temporary. In some cases they're just not permitted and that is something else but... when it goes on and on, you have to wonder and that's how it is from here today... wondering...

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DAD said...

a sense of wonder.
keep on keeping on Les

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us are just wondering "When is this fucking nightmare going to be over?"

I guess not until conditions get so bad that it FORCES the braindead goyim to WAKE UP and stop supporting these monsters.

I just wish the more enlightened members of the human race could get off this planet, so that we can get away from the braindead goyim and their satanic masters. Or better yet, the braindead goy and their jewish masters be removed from this planet and sent back to hell.

Anonymous said...

Richard Cory
By Edwin Arlington Robinson

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich—yes, richer than a king—
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.

Supposedly, Hubris is the first of the deadly sins. However, I sometimes wonder if envy shouldn't be at the top.

The psychiatrist and counselors who charge 150 bucks an hr are booming. And it isn't the poor people who keep them in business. More people die by their own hand than are done in by assailants.


Anonymous said...

we would do well to mind
words. when using words that describe a certain condition we should not be surprised if that condition occurs or persists. the table has been set.....

a new set of words/dishes is always possible...

more perfect than i planned
exactly what i needed/wanted

as for events of the past. no looking back...answers do not lie in the past...

not my will but thy will......go along for the ride...

look forward to en-joy-ing the plan....know from whence it came.....

very exciting times!

Ray B. said...

Vis, good luck in your 'wanderings'. Know that you are loved! Remember to remind the Higher Self, "I prefer the pleasure side, if possible and appropriate, please..." (grin)

Vis: "My mind is often drawn to those ancient cave paintings about ships coming out of the sky and meetings with evolved members from other solar systems. These things HAVE HAPPENED a time or two."

Michael Tellinger wrote a good book, "Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth" that addresses a portion of your observation, I believe. He is one of the authors who assert that the Sumerian cuneiform writings about the Anunnaki were history, not mythology. He posits that humanity was effectively 'divided' into two almost sub-species by Anunnaki practices.

Humans who obeyed and 'kept their heads down' were allowed to stay within the safe, Anunnaki-controlled cities. Humans who noted the situation, thought about it, and 'disobeyed' were either killed outright or banished outside of 'civilization' - subsequently to perish, or to build up 'Anunnaki-free' societies.

Thousands of years of this 'culling' practice resulted in fundamentally-different human reactions to controllers: 'Subservience' or 'Self-worth'. In my opinion, we are left with this unrecognized 'legacy' today.

From that far in our past, it is hard to know how much of this is nature or is nurture. Look at wolves versus dogs. Same basic stock, but one has been 'selected' for lower aggressiveness and higher bonding (or dependence) towards their 'masters'. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

Of course, I can testify to some genuinely 'good' interactions along the way... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

I hope it works out for you, dear Visible.

I thought you were going to a warm island! Now it sounds like you aren't. Anyways, I know many people who say it is very hard to find somewhere to live (but this is in Denmark, more specifically near Copenhagen), when you don't have enough money to buy a place. I could easily believe it would be the same in much of Europe, especially in the cities, but I don't know. Knowing it might not be my place to do it, my advice is: keep looking, keep trying, keep trusting in the Lord. Don't shy away from asking for help with it from others. I don't know what the rules are where you are, but maybe you can be helped through some official channel. They do that here. Wasn't it Jesus who said "knock, and it shall be opened"? Maybe you need to knock a while longer, being that sometimes (in my experience) material things are harder and more sluggish to change than those of a finer nature. But I don't know. I just hope it all comes together for you, and you get what you want and need.

best wishes for you!

May the Lord look after you All, and guide you true.

Steven Gordon said...

As the tears roll down my cheek from my soon to be Red Eyes, I am Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
It seems the staccato of the Raindrops that are falling on your Saucer Pod are truly the Blues and it's really Wiggin' me out as you look much less Visible for the camera, almost nearly incognito.
I really don't know sometimes how to interpret the guy whose feet are too big for his head, but I'm not one to worry about it because I am free and not yet dead.
Surely Les Visible will elaborate once he gets settled in with Akram, by the direction of North by Northwest in the wonderful middle of the Indian ocean high and dry on the isle of Write, as long as you don't call him Shirley, unless that is the new persona he is trying to achieve.
What I was really wondering was if the waterproof and float test were successful as it looks like you could actually try to drive the whole way, and there couldn't be any more water that way if you decide to try.
Now that the dastardly past fiasco of Mr Visibles Builds His Dream House is forever in the past, I'd like to interject that I think the only reason that you didn't succeed was because you didn't have Myrna Loy by your side; just the modern day equivalent of John Retch and his wretchlings, both materially and immaterially present.
NOW you absolutely deserve all the positive that gravitates toward you and it won't be long till everlasting happiness steps up to greet you, Hippy Birthday Les!
I apologize in advance if any one was offended by my chidingly lyrical style, but I AM allowed and I have the poetical license to prove it, intangibly speaking.

Now I Grant you, Carry on, Archie.

Anonymous said...

Wonder. "Undr".

"Concepts create idols, but only wonder understands"
-St. Gregory of Nyssa

Les, I was thinking about it today, how there really are no secrets in all this, there are no lack of guides,prophets, teachers, saints, holy men and women,... surely countless, from our fellows here 'below' like Dorothy Day and Simone Weil (and you) all the way to Buddha and even Christ himself...all pointing the way.
And how we literally walk across fields of spiritual diamonds but kick them aside in order to get to the latest desire, the best new car, or cheeseburger, or fix.
Soon, very soon, our Mr. A. is going to kick it another notch.

Thanks for your efforts Les, they are and will be most fruitful, blessing many.
- beggar

W /\/\ said...

There can only be one earth remaining after humanity is completely bifurcated. The Mayan messengers have told us of these two worlds, digital and analog. Each of us will choose, and each of us will reside upon our chosen landscape. Consensus is the one of the keys to the kingdom without a earthly king. Two other keys, for those who seek them within, are forgiveness, and placing Creator first in all matters. It has helped me to have my own name descriptive for the ineffable, and I encourage all to do as well. Les, I know you will find the place on earth that will feed your soul, mind, and body. I will see you in the garden, my brother! Will

insiam said...

Not sure what the thing in the car with the wig was all about. But my instinct felt uneasy with your comapnions tone. But, hey what do i know!!

Be carefull of Br'er fox !!111

Anonymous said...

can you really blame the Illuminati for wanting to kill off 95 percent of the human race? I can't. I've even come to agree that it is the best way to fix out planet. The useless eaters need to be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

Kill off 95% of the population?! Hell, why not just kill off everybody? What use has any of us except to try and maintain our lives as well as we can? We are all 'useless eaters' as the world will go on with or without us.

Who is to say what use any of us is? I would wager only a bitter and arrogant fool.

One can not hate humanity without hating themselves and that is a horrible place to be.


Eudoxia said...

I found this little snippet over at Zens:

Often this means disrupting the life you have: the structures, beliefs, and especially your core relationships. What and who remains standing may render your old life unrecognizable. And this is not a one-time occurrence. If you are observant, you will be called to push the detonator again and again. This is both a promise and a warning. In the pursuit of your authentic self, make no mistake, there will be wreckage." - Ian McKenzie on following your life's purpose.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the documentary "Earthlings"? It shows some EXTREMELY VIOLENT videos of how violently the animals are murdered in the slaughterhouses.

It's hard to feel pity for anyone after watching this. After all, the common person is COMPLICIT in this by continuing to buy meat and eat meat.

How much longer does this hell have to go on for? How many more hundreds of millions of animals have to be murdered before this CANCER of our planet, the human race, is EXTERMINATED?

The human race is a cancer and I pray to LUCIFER that His Divine Servants the Illuminati will soon wipe this cancer (humanity) off the planet.

Praise LUCIFER, the beautiful Light Bringer!!!

Copernicus Kidd said...

Rosemary for rememberance. we all need more rosemary. too bad it's the slowest growing herb in my wife's garden.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

14-I was under the impression Lucifer was renamed from Enki (WHO IS NOT SATAN, DAMMIT), and the so called illuminati are servants descendant of those adopted by Enlil. The 'illuminati' are NOT very nice.

Check out this link for further info, and click on the index for a start:

Pleadeian Library

Hell knows what's real, Hell knows what's speculation, but we'll find out soon enough; though not in this realm. I do agree that the best thing that can happen for the planet is for the human race to be completely annihilated down to the last one of us, but on the other hand; due to limited Akashic Knowledge, I remember there is a purpose to all this garbage; though I can't remember what that is. I have come to the conclusion that I am philosophically opposed to the Physical Realm and its predatory nature even existing, but I ASKED TO BE HERE NOW, and I wonder what the fook I was on when I did. I was even warned I was making a mistake in asking and that I would be miserable, but did I listen? NOOOOOO! I have to make all my own damn mistakes. But look on the bright side? At least us misanthropists can enjoy watching everything fall apart and take great delight to know we're going down with it.

But of course in reality there will be survivors, after all is rebuilt it's gonna be nice for a while, and then it will deteriorate again to what we have now again and again and again, considering that Source is probably the biggest S&M case in existence as far as the negative side of duality goes, but hey! At least we will die or be killed off some day, so it's all good.

And if you don't have one already, you may want a copy of this on your wall:


It's weird, 'cause before I ever saw that symbol, I was drawing most of it incompletely all the time in doodles.

I hate it here, I hate what we do to the planet, but for that forgotten reason I am here I keep on keeping on to fulfill my contract with myself for when I did almost not quite kill myself, I remember being kicked off the next realm of existence kicking and screaming. Later when I had a close call with a nutmeg overdose which was enough to knock me out of body I was yelled at and told to finish what I started. Life is a job that we cannot quit until our time is due, and that time was set by us before we were born, me thinks.

Just have fun watching the era crash and burn. All the critters will be fine after they get to where they're going, though I have no idea why they continue to incarnate in this HELL HOLE. They have their reasons too. I take care of 5 cats that live with me, two part time stow always, and feed another. Maybe one day one of them will tell me.

I do speak rudimentary Catonese, after all.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, August 25, 2014 11:13:00 PM

"14 - I was under the impression Lucifer was renamed from Enki (WHO IS NOT SATAN, DAMMIT), and the so called illuminati are servants descendant of those adopted by Enlil."

Yep, some authors believe Enki got the Snake/Lucifer symbology put upon him as a propaganda campaign by Enlil. Enlil was that 'nice guy' who decided to wipe out the human race in its entirety. Enki was the one who warned/instructed the Sumerian version of Noah, and boy was Enlil pissed. Of course, Enki only saved Sumerian-Noah because he was a genetic son of Enki. The rest of 'us' got Nada. "How long can you tread water?" (from skit by Bill Cosby).

In addition, those authors also note that YHWH's personality and actions are very close to those exhibited by Enlil. They theorize that YHWH is actually Enlil or one of his direct offspring. This would explain YWHW's murderousness, cold-blooded-ness, posturing, and uncaring for his 'charges'.

Actually READ the Old Testament and think about it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Sometimes everything is so mixed up it cannot be untangled, for a certain while anyway. I had it taught to me that when extreme changes are happening and you don't know what to do, simply do nothing for 72 hours. It was explained that the emotional body will usually shift by that period of time and either something lifts or a new perspective is shown. Guess I'm needing one of those 72 hours stints.

Permission to do nothing. Kinda comforting.


Visible said...

insiam, thy name is prescience.

Visible said...

insiam, thy name is prescience.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#17----Yup, I know the tale. I also read epic of Gilgamesh a long time ago, and several versions of the Old and New Testaments, and all kinds of other stuff on all kinds of other cultures. Turned me into an eclectic Pagan who recognises the 'gods', or shoud I say 'demi-gods' of all cultures, and one Common Source. I'll agree with the concept the demi-gods are space aliens. But I do agree with Enlil that we should never have been created. All we do is mess things up.

Well, some of us. And the worst cultures always destroy the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

You dropped by in a dream the other night. There was a message that mentioned something about a wind from hell. It's what I remember of it. It's less unsettling as the days pass but holy crap.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Meanwhile, back at meathead centraL..

"If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that
X × y is less than y."

- H.L. Mencken

galen said...

"It's a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn't want to hear."
~ Dick Cavett


Spiller233 said...

This should bring a smile to your face.

Love Adam

Kazz said...

If you want to know who the Illuminati is then look at their Acts. They are removing Common Law (God's Law) which protects this planet and human life, by keeping power dispersed, and replacing it with Man's Law, Civil Law, which puts all the control into the hands of a mere few. Lord Acton said 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

Throughout history we see what putting a lot of power in the hands of a few achieves, we saw it in Eygpt under the Pharaohs, the Phoneticians, then the Venetians, then the Roman Empire, then the ROMAN Catholic Church, then the Kings and Queens of England, then the British Empire, and finally the American hegemony which is being dismantled as we speak by the same people who have run these other empires throughout history. Satan has been in charge of this world for the last 6,000 years, and still is, so if the Illuminati are running this world, or think they are running it, then it only follows that they MUST BE WORKING FOR SATAN. All that we are seeing is the final act in this play where Satan takes control of the entire world. This will occur for a period of 1260 days, and then this kingdom will be destroyed, if we can believe that the Bible has not been altered. I propose that the end of revelations has been altered by the ROMAN Catholic Church (one of the disguises Satan used over the last 6,000 years to deceive humanity). This is not to say that the original church was not God's, but as per usual the Satanic elite took it over and over the centuries altered God's doctrines to reflect their own. We are currently fighting in the Middle East because they refuse to accept the Western economic system of Usury, which is outlawed by God. So who are the goodies here?

The same has occurred with every religion on earth,but this is not to say that they were not originally of the Father, the creator.

With this in mind the only way that we can truly keep this planet safe is by keeping everyone equal under the law.

I see a few people on your board Vis are suggesting the destruction of humanity, and they point to the cruelty of the animals and the planet for justification of this, but what these people have failed to point out is that the Illuminati are the one's that own all the big corporations that are responsible for these practices, so shouldn't it be the multinational corporations that they are attacking?

Anyone who reads their Bible knows that all Satan has ever wanted to do is eradicate humanity and now the Illuminati have that same Agenda (Agenda 21 -sustainable development). So who does the Illuminati work for? You shall know them by their acts!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those individuals who are claiming that the best thing that can happen to this planet is for humanity to be eradicated, I am offering you a challenge. If this truly is your philosophy then the highest act that you can perform is to exterminate yourself. If you do not do this it means you are a lying sack of shit that really is a Satanist, because all Satanists do is lie and deceive. If we do not hear from you again then we know that you truly do believe what you say because you have lived according to your philosophy and exterminated yourself.

If you do not wish to exterminate yourself but only others then you are a psychotic MURDERER working for Satan who JUST WANTS TO KILL BECAUSE THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A DEN OF VIPERS.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#27--ActuallyI DID try to kill myself. I got kicked off the next realm, and I was also yelled at and told to finish what I started when I knocked myself out of body with nutmeg and had a 'hairy' moment. Breathing wasn't on automatic when I came back.

BUT AT LEAST I DIDN'T BREED! Actually, I think that's the way to go. Don't necessarily destroy who's already here. Just don't feed the system with more.

And yes, I am a member of The Church of Euthanasia.


On my continuing research, me thinks collectively the human race is the most disgusting species in existence, for all the damage we do. Most of the non-disgusting ones who live with nature as opposed to oppressing nature are gone. Killed by the worst.

Yeah, HOKA HEY!!!!!!!!!! (But apparently only if it's in our contract we made before we were born. I will NEVER understand why I wanted to come here again for as long as I am here, but that's life. Being gimp-tard as far as TRUE knowledge goes, since most of us do NOT have an Akashic Library Card, though some of us are lucky enough to have a little Akashic Knowledge, which I consider a double edged sword. You know just enough to make you a version of 'manic-depressive', but not enough to make you dangerous.

Also, if you're not here, you're somewhere else, so hey. I personally can't wait to get back to the Otherside, since I have some real cool company I really can't wait to meet again on MY terms that I want to see again. Even if they won't pet my nose.

Well, mortal flotsam is good for that at least. Some of them, anyway.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#27---Add on since I forgot. In this life I have become philosophically opposed to this realm of existence. Compared to the Otherside of The Veil, this place is absolutely REPULSIVE. Having to kill something to survive, vegetation included; since there is a Hell of a lot more to plants than what people give them credit for. Bodily functions don't do anything for me, either. Gods above and below, at least I'm on my last round; for I have no further use for this piece of shite that I basically consider a self-imposed prison. I see a taste for Physical Existence kinda like a heroin addiction. You detox, and move on.

It's a pain in the butt to detox whilst still alive. Makes the rest of life seem like a waiting room. But I am under the impression my appointment is coming up soon.


And I'll probably be laughing a long time over the stunts I pulled in this life, and the things I got away with; some of which I will never post on-line.

(What's the statute of limitations for dragging dead shark and rays onto a road so you could watch cars splatter their guts all over the place? YES, I WAS A CROTCH DROPPING, I MEAN 'FOOD PRODUCT' OF AROUND 10 WHEN I DID THAT. (Once a crotch dropping, always a crotch dropping, unless a C-Section. A credit union teller had to explain that to me.) NO, I DIDN'T DO THAT YESTERDAY! AND LIKE THE IDIOTS WE WERE, WE DRAGGED THEM RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE WE LIVED, SO THEY WERE PRETTY DARN RIPE BY THE TIME THE CITY CLEANED THE MESS UP!)

Anonymous said...

well i guess karen norman laid it out there....a breath of fresh air. it does get tedious to read the same rants day after day year after year from the same people re: how useless and evil humanity must be eradicated. must be wiped out. as they - the perfect beings in comfy loose trousers -- exclude themselves from the purge. i guess it is time to put up or shut up. ha!

Anonymous said...

Well Karen, the satanist is relying on ignorance of Yah's laws. In Leviticus, He says not to eat animals that have suffered and that's of those animals that part the hoof and chew the cud. By those laws, most animals aren't edible. The satanist up there can rely on ignorance of these laws because he's the same one pushing the notion of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob being an evil genocidal desert god. It looks like he can safely rely on his own tribe bullshit having a firm grip n the goy's heads. Am I the only one who spotted his bullshit? Never underestimate their chutzpah. He could be the one torturing the animals and then using such a shocking thing to advance his agenda. You have to discipline yourself not to underestimate their chutzpah. They wear it like a badge and are always seeking to outdo their last deed.

Furthermore, his scheme is hypocrisy, that leaven of the jews. If we're going to kill animals that kill animals, will lions, tigers, bears, dogs, cats eagles, hawks, fish, snakes, spiders, lizards, ... Do that and it won't be very long until there isn't a tree or a wildflower left to be seen and then the animals and insects that ate them will be dead too. It is what it is. Satan proposes solving the problem of death by killing everything. What a shitty imitator.

His illuminati are the ones who had a big part in making people the dumb consumers that they are. They trusted the tv, the newspapers, the politicians, the teachers...blah blah, and now they're just f#$%^&cked. Living in this world is like having a wolf by the throat. You hate the situation, but you don't dare let go. You have to get up everyday and go do the same menial and tedious crap again. Count your little farthings at the end of the week and they mostly get it back.

There are great rewards in it for them, when they corrupt us. The tail will be made the head, per Deut 28:42. Their actions prove their unwavering faith in that one and so many others. Those actions also prove they are not the Israelites of the scriptures. That covenant is with Israel. The canaanites grew back.

That 'babysue: a parent's guide to ritual satanic abuse' would highlight the luciferian's chutzpah right about now.

JerseyCynic said...

Maybe we all need to step in our own shit to really understand why it smells so bad...

Anonymous said...

you sound a little agnostic
sincere and agnostic seldom cohabitate
Agnostic`s problem is he likes the gifts of his malady

galen said...

Sorry to repost this (my astrology sign hates repeating) but feel its relevant to the current argument, err, dialogue. (grin) So. . .

I'm concerned, that the present is being overlooked, that far too much credence is given to the out of body realms. I think of those words: "My kingdom is NOW," yet everyday I run into folks who invalidate the present, who say things like, "This is nothing compared to where we're going when we die." Is that not a form of atheism? Separation? Delay? I mean if it's not here then where is it? There? The delay mechanism will activate as long as we let it. But that delay is deceptive: "Get thee behind me, Satan." I will not embrace the delay; will not subject myself to "When." So hello, and welcome to eternity; there's nowhere else to go and nothing to wait for. That is not to say that lessons do not abound. But as they are learned they only make the present more obvious. Beware of delay; it is a hoax and it has no sense of humor. So what about when we feel fu^%ed up? Is that the present betraying us? Maybe. But maybe it's just saying there are multiple things to tune in to. Delay is only one. What if there was no where to go and all we have is here? Would we be forced in a way to make it heaven? Is heaven bliss or is heaven everything? Delay is likely Satan. I stand on the precipice of ignorance and in that reality ghosts of the present beg my participation and I am made whole. Nothing to want, nowhere to go, everything delivered right on time. Why wait? Why? Unless you believe the mediators who'd have you wait, and try, and long. and hope. and dream and wait some more. This moment is knocked up, in a family way; it keeps giving birth to the consequence of itself. There's nothing it doesn't contain: hate and envy, bitterness and love, cruelty and light. It even has chromosomes that are on a program to defeat delay or spin it into an accelerated present. Why am I saying this? Need it NOW. Not tomorrow. Not after I walk on the rice paper without making a sound. Not after 40 days in the wilderness. Not after the bodhi tree grows multiple branches. Not after the guru says so. Not after I levitate or fly. Not when the earth knows peace; not even when God stands naked on the third eye of my consciousness. Only NOW; only today. Only this moment. Waiting is Satan. Delay is deception.


galen said...

And then there’s zen, sitting here with Here
Nothin’s actually over there
‘cept for the subtle hiding of Here

Then is gone and when moved on
zen forward bends in humble bow
a welcoming welcome to here and now
It says, ‘Right now, right now as you read
not later or when you no longer breathe
you are so dear when you are Here’

I forget, I forget almost everyday
waiting takes over and waiting holds sway
postponement wrestles with delay
and I have fully abandoned Here

Ah, two hands clap behind my head
a jolt to me soul, my eyes attend
I look around again and again
Now offers up a cup of zen
and I am no more waiting


galen said...

Definition: misanthrope, noun - a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

Origin: mid 16th century, from Greek misanthrpos: misein ‘to hate’ + anthrpos ‘man.’

My take. . . The most misanthropic is he who loves humanity the most. He is near always in constant mourning because he knows what has been stolen and what potential has been thwarted. In this loss he is made vulnerable and lonely. Occasionally someone understands.

In spite of the horrific and profound aberration, I LOVE HUMANITY!!


Kazz said...

To Love to push those buttons,

You said, "On my continuing research, me thinks collectively the human race is the most disgusting species in existence, for all the damage we do. Most of the non-disgusting ones who live with nature as opposed to oppressing nature are gone. Killed by the worst."

The worst that you refer to was the British Empire that forced its imperialism down the throat of the world, just as has the American military hegemony. The kicker is that these Empires never represented the people only the Satanic elite. The Roman philosopher Lucretius said we shall give the people the illusion of choice through the right to vote, but in fact we shall control all the candidates. The people that you work for are the ones who killed off the indigenous of this world, and they did it with people just like you. These elite prey on your hatred and turn it against you. The Western world colonized/invaded the rest of the world, and currently Israel is colonizing/invading the Middle East, to kill all those indigenous people you think so much of! When the Western world’s people supported these actions we were told this song and dance about how we are really helping these indigenous to improve their lives, when in fact all the global Satanic elite wanted to do was rape, pillage, and steal. This is their modus operandi (MO). Their other MO is that they cry victim while they are attacking the other person (or group of people). ALL THE TIME!

Quid pro quo (who benefitted?)? Who got filthy rich by destroying all these indigenous cultures, the global elite, the ILLUMINATI you idiot! So if I have it right you are working for the people that you hate most, who are responsible for doing all the things you are complaining about, and you wish to solve this problem by killing all the good people who are trying to stop them.

From one human being to another, and this is from my heart, please try to alter your world view before you depart this world and right some of you wrongs, otherwise your energy will draw you to that which you are, and right now you are in a very bad place. If you do not rectify this before you leave this world you will condemn yourself to a much lower level of existence then what you are currently experiencing, and this will be for a very, very long time. Please heed my words because you are obviously extremely lost in the dark. I want you to know that God really does love you. God is reaching out to you right now to explain to you what you are doing so you can reflect and rectify your path. You are a co-creator in this universe, and you are creating your own world! When you leave this world you will take your understanding with you, because it is your creation. If you die in hell you shall go to hell, because the afterlife is merely an extension of this existence. This is why you are being given this golden opportunity to see the error of your ways and raise your energy. If you are a regular reader of Vis you would know that this is why the global corporate Satanic elite (Illuminati) have been given the power to do what they are doing, because they are the object of DEMONstration from which the rest of us are learning. God is not happy with what humanity has done to this planet either, but you must remember that we are a global community which is still in its infancy. Would you kill a two year old because they can't walk properly?

This is why people like myself spend all our time trying to improve who we are, by overcoming our demons, because we know the only way we can improve this world is to improve ourselves, unlike the people you work for who only want to take forceful control of this planet so they can wipe out the majority of people, and enslave the minority to serve them for the rest of eternity in a fascist Nazi dictatorship. Is this really the kind of existence you want to be a part of for the rest of eternity?

I implore you, for your own well being, to reconsider your path.

God bless you.

Kazz said...

Anonymous said...
'you sound a little agnostic
sincere and agnostic seldom cohabitate
Agnostic`s problem is he likes the gifts of his malady'


Please note that I use my full corporate identity because I have nothing to hide. I want everyone to know who I have come to understand I AM.

I AM THAT I AM!!!!!!

I AM a child, a daughter, a mother, a friend, a philosopher, a living being etc ad infinitum

What I AM NOT is a legal fiction, a corporate body, a consensual slave!

This dimension was created for the I AM to be whatever the I AM wants to be, and use accordingly, along with all other dimensions, after all it is the I AM’s CREATION, not Man’s!

Humanity will master the ability to control their creative capacity because this is I AM’s WILL. I AM is collectively humanity along with everything else that the conscious has expanded to understand and that which is beyond. The deal was that Satan could do anything he wanted to Jobe except kill him. AGENDA 21 breaches this TRUST!!!!!!!!

You of little faith must control your outer world with a vice like grip because your world is one based upon fear, fear that is generated from the darkness within your own hearts, and it is this very barrier which causes you to be separated from the source of all life, LOVE.

Your fear is your prison. Release yourself and enjoy creation :o).

Natural Law governs all dimensions of Creation to protect and maintain them, so THAT WHICH IS CREATED CAN NEVER BE GREATER THAN ITS CREATOR! See how loving our Father is :o).

Quite simply if you know WHO you really are (Man/Woman) under God's NEW covenant, with a new heart and mind, then you do not have to bow down to Satan's Acts and Statutes, because Man/Woman created Civil Law, so if you know WHO you are, the creator of Civil Law, than the creation has no power over you. Blessed isn't it.


Kazz said...




Kazz said...

PS. One last I AM, I AM a wife to my wonderful, understanding, supportive husband who has taught me a great deal along our journey. A journey which allowed me to fully embrace the Divine in such a way that I could begin my long journey home.

I promise I will leave you alone now :o)

Love Kazz

Anonymous said...

A lot of these comments are like "So heavy, man!"

Try harder

Anonymous said...


Thank you for not doing the whole breeding thing.

Run along now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#37--Already had a near death experience, knocked myself out of body, already know who my allies are and where I'm going, and in my reality Heaven and Hell technically aren't. There are bad places where everything preys on each other, mediocre places, and nice places, but no one is trapt anywhere forever. They move on when they realise they can move on. In the Baghavad Gita it says what you expect is where you will end up, basically. Makes sense to me. As far as I'm concerned, this is the most confining state of existence to be in. Nothing but limitations, nothing but illusions, and for what I have seen both in real life and the internet, I think this place is vile, and nothing is going to change my mind as long as I'm still alive. In my current state, I consider this realm as an inconvenience. I can't wait to get off, but I have to. I've done everything I've set out to do before I got here, and maybe a little more; and have nothing left vested in this Hell Hole.

But hey! I'm in the Bay Area. Don't have much time left, huh?

British Empire, Spanish, French, Dutch, Belgian, though me thinks the worst of all was Rome. And we are in the u.s. the final stage of that, aren't we?

Yes, I have worked for the vile exploiters. I used to make a lot, and I also used to give everything away that I didn't need. I'm barely working now, though. I'm currently kept by my former keepee, and am mostly household knavette, taxi service and errand runner. Lets say I also got revenge against the system in my own way that I will not post here, and am still getting it with my uber-obnoxious blog that is there to wake people up despite the fact that I insult the readership and promote cannibalism at every opportunity, not that I've eaten anyone. . .yet!

There is no way I'm going to have a high opinion of this place before I go. To me it's just a self-imposed prison that I kept returning to in the past, but that ends with this life! I've gotten the need to be here out of my system.

Visible said...

I'm on the road in Italy. Mission successful; will know shortly if I am bound for a certain location one I get home. It looks very promising and surprisingly affordable (for awhile anyway-grin). One of the readers is going out of her way to assist and meet with the prospective landlord. Anyway, I don't want to jabber about myself. I came here to say;

This place is for the readers to express themselves. It may not be to everyone's taste and we know only two percent of the readers comment. Regardless of personal perception, people are working out their path in this manner. We have a nice scene here, as long as we are guided by love it will continue.

est said...

'i am what i am, thank god

some people just don't understand...

find yourself first
don't you be no fool...

everybody - hear my message - of love'


Anonymous said...

Karen Norman,

The singular glaring omission in your historical narrative is the role of the zio/talmudic scum.
You can't be that naive.

Your take on the present vs waiting is a concise and elegant distillation.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about what love is. so far I have come up with 2 possibilities:

1) There are 5 basic emotions: Joy, sadness, anger, fear and sexual feelings. Love is all of them put together at the same time.


2) Love is the relationship one has with, a concept, thing or person, that they would willingly die for.

"Can't see it with your eyes or hold it in your hand, like the wind it covers our land, strong enough to rule the heart of any man this thing called love...."


Anonymous said...

Karen, I think you mean, "Cui bono?" Latin for, "Who benefits?".

Buttons, I think you have an admirer. No doubt he is fantasizing about you and groping himself like a 14 yr old boy looking at women's underwear ads in a JC Penny catalogue. Some women are just born to make men dream.

Sarcasm is a poor substitute for wit. Unfortunately, many of us can not muster anything better. Sarcasm: always the mark of a bitter spirit.

Visible, miss your musings and ramblings. Glad to hear things are going well for you.


Ray B. said...

Galen: "My kingdom is NOW."

I was led off in two directions by your post:

Mucho years ago, I read an old semi-hippie book called "What to Do 'til Jesus Comes." It seems in my recollection to have addressed much of the 'now' problem, with ways to have fun and be creative in as enlightened and non-competitive manner as possible. Reminds me of a book Dharma (of "Dharma and Greg") would have written.

Also, I was pulled off in the multidimensional direction by 'Now'. Once you get beyond SpaceTime, everything is Now. That is how I interpret "My kingdom is NOW." All-God looking in on us would consider everything from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch (if so) as the "Now," from his/her/its perspective (and the other dimensions, as well).

From other posts, I also agree that it is exquisitely painful to have been at least partially on the Otherside and to have met denizens of that Realm. Once you have done that, you can no longer be at peace with the world as it is. You know too much. As a result, you exist with a background of sorrow and anger. Intellectually, you can rationalize 'it is all God', 'purpose of demonstration', etc. But deep down, the rage and longing still exist. Many people go 'unconscious' and forget (or kill themselves) because they cannot handle the discrepancy. It does go that deep. I would not trade it for the world (grin), but it is a difficult 'state' to be in...

(Good luck on your journey, Vis!)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#48--I doubt I have an admirer, and I am hardly 'hot'. Never have been. Gopher cheeks, thin hair now thinner than ever, a bit plump and I do NOT wear it well, and before I got fat (I used to run and work out), I actually had a bet placed onto what gender I was. I was also called 'sir' a few times. I thought it was hilarious.

But I will say I'm quite proud of my honker. It's a huge aquiline beak. Rumour has it, it contains the universe in the right nostril. I've been told to face west when blowing it so I don't cause any hurricanes in the East.

Kazz said...


‘The singular glaring omission in your historical narrative is the role of the zio/talmudic scum.
You can't be that naive.’

Dear Anonymous,

Man has always lived by Law, God’s law/Natural Law (morphed into Ten Commandments/Common Law), but when we evolved enough to start to create we needed to create a law of our own to safeguard ourselves against our own creation, just like the Divine built in Natural Law to safe guard his Creation (I use the masculine because it feels right for me, though I am aware that the Divine is eternal energy). Our ancestors created a system which we today know as Civil law. This Law was present in Ancient Egypt under Pharaoh. Their Book of the Dead is today’s Intestate Estate (Cestui Que Trust). The true origin of Civil Law can actually be traced back to the Sumerian tablets.

Civil law was created to control Man’s creations; religions, governments, corporations etc. This process has been hijacked and taken over by ‘God’s Chosen People’, and they have turned this system around, so instead of them serving the people the people now have to serve them. They did this by slowly, over generations, making the people in their charge more and more ignorant of the true nature of the world in which they lived, and also made them ignorant of God’s Law, so an elite few could control the many to amass power, and take over the world. (Man’s plan)

God knew the heart of Man and knew his weaknesses so he knew what Man would do, because God is omnipotent, so God used the weaknesses of Man to his end. While the elite have been using humanity God has been using the elite. This is why Jesus told us do to others what you would have them do to you (Karma- Ka = spirit + Maat = cosmic harmony). Our free will draws our energy to the experience that best serves us, in other words the best journey for that individual’s personal growth and expansion.

Hmmm Growth? The Bible constantly uses gardening terms. When I started to think about humanity’s journey over the last 6,000 years under Satan I started to see a lot of similarities. Humanity has been germinating in the dark for the last 6,000 years, and if I am not mistaken the movement we see in our outer world is merely the process of harvesting ready to begin, if it is not already well under way. The separation of the wheat from the chaff, the separation of the spiritually evolved from those who are still too deeply entrenched in the material realm to move on. (God’s plan) Just a few musings.

As for judging others for the role they played in this wonderfully entertaining performance called life, I will leave that up to the director because he knows all their Acts.

Other Anonymous,

Thanks anonymous for picking me up on the ‘Cui bono’ I appreciate being corrected because seeking the truth is more important than being right. Believe it or not I actually looked it up on the internet because although I knew the term I was not sure of the spelling. I made a common mistake I copied the answer from an idiot. What does that make me? He he he Although I have studied for many, many years I still have a great deal to learn so thanks ;o).

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

Did one hand just clap?


bigloner said...

Hi, been gone a while - USA USA USA really is the final toxic toten of the Talmudicly Tainted Roman Empire.

I think after being stopped in the forests of Germany, the Beast's forward progress came to rest in Britain at outpost Eborcum, Place of the Pines, later known as York.

The Beast crossed the pond, booted out the Dutch competitors from New Amsterdam, and established New York as the Synagogue of Satan

I know, I know, this Beast Calculator thing is getting old, but I can't resist.....if A=6, B=12, C=18 et etc etc, then New York = 666.

What is Love? What is Truth? Men of good heart spend a lifetime seeking what is.

One thing fer sure tho - Love & Truth....

Taint twat merkins want.

Bob Big Loner

Anonymous said...

Is the tunnel of light friend or foe?


Anonymous said...

Kazz @ 7:36

I like your explication.




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