Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving through Darkness in Search of the Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Why Merry Christmas? Here’s one good reason. Starting off here with a little terrestrial observation and thinking... hmmmm, I don’t want to talk about this garbage, which is there to be seen, behind the scenes and right out in front too, if you want to see it; if you permit yourself to see it and consciously accept the responsibility that comes with seeing it. I know it’s there; a great big steaming mess of runaway madness, seeking whom it might destroy. It’s the last gasp of the Zio Ogre Empire, in search of another Communista killing orgy, in the land of lumbering meatheads (just like the did in Russia), caught up in the fires of materialism, dancing in an agonizing frenzy of self immolation. Materialism is a supermarket of pain; a one stop shopping center of non stop torment and the worst of it is in not knowing why it hurts. It hurts all over but... why? The confusion about this observable truth is a big part of the reason for it. There is something in the human psyche that absolutely refuses to see why something done over and over, consistently has the same result. There is something in the human psyche, while caught up in the raging waters of a Grade Six force flow of seriously magnetized Materialism that says, “I don’t care what the cost is, I WANT IT. I don’t want to hear any arguments about good or bad, I WANT IT! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Materialism is not magnetic in relation to metal. It is magnetic in relation to ignorance, greed and appetite and the force of it increases in direct relation to the siphoning off of personal fluids necessary for ones resistance to the power of the fascination and lure of the whole lurid spectacle. If you don’t have control over the subtle fluids of the mind and emotion then you won’t have control over the physical fluids which, when routinely drained from the body, leave one in a seriously weakened state. This accounts for the ubiquity of porn and the terrible fixations and consequences that come with it. It also accounts for the motivation of those who are the manufacturers of it. Sure the money is good but... it is the devastating effect of it upon those consumed by it that is the real payoff for those who trade in it, along with blackmail and other mediums for profit and control. It is a purely satanic area of influence, whose currency is death and spiritual devastation. It is a horrific bardo of burning confinements.

It may be that in some vanished age of which not even the memory survives to this day, that this world may have once been an Okay place to live but... in these times, those rewarded are the most rapacious and twisted of souls among us. The greatest and most actively pursued pleasures here seem to be about physical indulgences, the acquisition of wealth past any possibility of actual need and a fierce joy taken in causing harm on as wide a level as it is possible to accomplish it. The awful tandem of indifference and mendacity is a wonder to behold. They don’t care who they hurt or how much and they are positively ingenious in the intricacies of offenses visited upon all and sundry; excepting themselves.

It is impossible for one to maintain any semblance of balance if they are squandering their vital forces. The result of this is ill health and guaranteed infirmity, as well as various forms of servitude and enslavement. It also drains the mind and the higher emotional arc of all capacity to function. It deposits one in a well of torpor. It activates negative emotion. It generates confusion, a lack of will and purpose and generally messes you up big time.

Modern day psychologists will sneer at my suggestion of this here. They are paid by the same interests that own the corporations that make their living sucking the population dry. They are verified and licensed by the governments that serve the interests of the corporations that suck them dry. The descriptor for this condition, in my own words is, “burned out from within”. You become a husk and you lack everything needed to function and exist on those planes of being where certain protections can be secured. Let me put it this way; when your vital forces are leached away, you exist in a space not unlike those abandoned neighborhoods in Detroit where the police don’t go. If you have your tank topped up it is more along the order of a gated community with an armed guard at the gate. Any informed yogi can verify what is said here and certainly this would be corroborated by Hermetic scientists and anyone informed about physiology as it was once understood before every area of science got corrupted by the necessity to whore for money, as well as denying the actual truth, while in pursuit of gain... because those handing out the money demand it. They insist on it, as a requirement of the funding.

What, to my mind is the most critical awareness... that should be held uppermost in any mind that is ‘capable of doing so’; ONLY because it has not squandered all the oil in its lamp, is that all of the seeming complexities of this material age; the intricate agendas of governments, corporations and banks, all the external conditions are about one thing and that is the war for the individual and collective souls of humanity. I don’t care under what guise any of it presents itself; this is what it is all about. Imagine a graphic done by the artists, Dore or Escher. There is a corkscrewing spiral going up and going down. A different form of luminosity attends each directional aspect and the aspect of the travelers on each spiral is different as well or... you might look at it as something like this. You may be sure that regardless of how strange it may appear to you it is a highly accurate depiction. You may also be sure that regardless of how invisible the invisible realms of existence may appear to be, they are most certainly real and in the sense of enduring permanence, they are more real than this plane.

The idea is to seduce every mind, which can possibly be seduced, into believing that what we see around us here is real and also important; important enough to risk one’s welfare and spiritual being for. The force of all the dancing glamour of this world is about distraction and it is about a specific distraction and... that is to take your mind off of the ineffable; only that. All the strife and struggle to survive and prosper is about occupying your attention in the period between birth and death. That is ALL it is about. It has no other meaning and no real importance otherwise. Nothing here is of any value except what lies within and the only way what lies within can be accessed is by taking the mind off of what lies without. Some will say... “That’s impossible! I have to feed and clothe myself. I have to have somewhere to stay. I have responsibilities to this one and that one. I have no intention of being reduced to the state of a homeless vagabond” and yadda yadda yadda. Well... that’s not necessary. It is perfectly possible to take care of everything that needs taking care of without becoming an indentured servant to it because... that... doesn’t end and it only gets worse. After a certain point one forgets that there ever were any other options and by that time there is a good chance that there aren’t any.

It should also be understood that no matter what ones perception of their circumstances here, they actually are a homeless vagabond and they will find this out fairly shortly after they exit this plane. On the following plane, ones former position, ones level of wealth, prestige, power and currency of appearance et al mean nothing, except insofar as how one used any of them and to what end. No one you will encounter on the following plane is going to be impressed by any of these former possession; they are nowhere to be seen, except on the big screen, where the highlights of ones tenure here are played for the benefit of whoever is going to be passing judgment on you and routing you on to your next port of call. Of course, it plays for you as well. It is important that you get to see what you thought was important by comparison with what is truly important and which, should you be unaware of what that is, you will surely be informed of at the time.

Life is somewhat easier to manage and negotiate when one realizes how little of importance anything is down here and that the only importance that can be attributed to anything is to what end you used it or were used by it; chased after it or ignored it. What is important is the degree of service and devotion rendered. It really is all about how you played the game. Winning and Losing in the cosmic sense is utterly dependent on that.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, Diogenes had it right. It took me until my 40s to figure this out, but at least I did figure it out. . .with the help of some rather seemingly inconvenient circumstances which were anything but.

Ya know, this puzzles me. We should be awake before we're born, and we programme ourselves to wake up at a certain age or not wake up at all. Personally, me thinks those who programme themselves not to wake up at all should be rendered and crackerised at age two at that little green factory before they can do any damage, but then again; what would duality be, without the worlds biggest idiotic piles of shite in existence. After all, life seems to be all about being inconvenienced to the utmost, here and there. Kinda like the primary purpose of centralised governments being to make their populations as miserable as possible. The plebs, anyway.

Loved this post, though in this case you were preaching not only to the choir, but the whole dayam clergy as far as this household goes. Though i must admit I take it more to nostril than mine flat mate.

Anonymous said...

That sums it up nicely. Try telling your average 26 year old male that masturbation is harmful. This guy watches TED conferences and his homepage is Reddit. There is a glamor that follows the discovery of the glamor of religious authority. So they throw the baby out with the bathwater. Perhaps they tout themselves as agnostic or humanist. If you don't see masturbation as healthy or at least unimportant, then you still have some evolving to do. This reminds me of my least favorite Monty Python skit where 'every sperm is sacred....' There seems to be a grove of illusion for every persuasion to fall into regarding the big issues.


Anonymous said...

"If this sort of thing holds no interest for you then it probably doesn't matter in any way that would matter to you."

Very good point.


Visible said...

That line is why I removed my comment. In every esoteric tradition this is a big consideration. What religions say and do is something else and I have no connection with any of those, I simply know what the benefits of continence are (for me). I experience those benefits every day and I know what the general drawbacks otherwise are cause I see them every day.

Steve said...

Porn is definitely a black magic energy that destroys ones spiritual evolution. In a meditation once I was told that Sex originally was supposed to be used in love- God, how low we have fallen

Mary Joy Sputnik said...

Was preparing a Christmas Program for a local community center and was visiting with the director who is a top notch lady. She introduced me to a woman who had absolutely no shine in her eyes and a skin tone much like a husk of corn which you described. This woman is the head of the Salvation Army in our state. I'm thinking why is she so dried up and vacuous? After rehearsal I saw her getting into her hundred thousand dollar Viper (interesting choice of cars) and zooming off. Made me sad that even the Salvation Army skims off the top to pay staff enough money to buy luxury sports cars. The toil of her acquisition appeared in her demeanor..big time. Time for a Epson Salt bath.

Visible said...

Coruscant; that is the basis of the phrase, "Success is speedy for the energetic.

I should probably clarify something. See... it's a lot different in person than virtually in words. The emotional factor gets added by the reader and there often is none on my part. I am abrupt but in person it doesn't come across like that; not to imply I can't be rude. I can.

When I write about something like Brahmacharya and I am emphatic, you shouldn't take it personally. I am personally emphatic when it comes to me.

I have real life personal proof about the benefits of this practice and I could literally go on for a good long time here about what I get from it. IT's the reason I sing when I am walking down the street. It allows me to communicate with elementals and gives me clear reception with my invisible friends.

I very very very seldom am ever sick, even if people around me are. My unflagging optimism is directly connected to this.

My agility and youthfulness are directly the result of this. My high energy level comes out of this. I might add that my general awareness is exponentially benefited by this. There are many many other things I could list but I won't.

Since my Kundalini experience, I have practiced not orgasming while engaged in sex and ...understand, I'm a poet and I adore the female side of things. One might say I worship at the altar so to speak. It's got nothing to do with that. Here is one of the biggest perks. I still have high quality sex that equals and surpasses ordinary sex.

I want sex with god and I get it. It just doesn't result in the same experiences. The Hermit card in the Tarot is all about this and one of its aspects is the sense of touch.

I do not expect others to engage in this as I do. I have no choice in any case. A great deal about my life is not under my control nor do I want it to be. I am not telling anyone what to do and I am not judging people on any level about this sort of thing. I've been there and done that. However, when a man reaches a certain age; and this is common among seekers in India, one goes toward absolute retention. This is the actual 'oil in the lamp', literally.

I'm not saying I will never have sex again, in a conventional manner, well... conventional for me. I don't know what the ineffable has in store for me.

I am simply trying to pass on those things I have learned and only those things that I have experienced more than once, for the sake of veracity.

I have to do this. I have no choice in the matter. You can accept this or not accept this. Take what is useful and leave the rest.

I am after regenerated innocence and I fully intend to accomplish the alchemical marriage. I intend to fulfill my life at the highest level possible for me and I am not concerned with mistakes I have made previously. I am not concerned with the past or what people think or anything anyone may ever want from me. All of this is secondary. I want union with the ineffable more than anything else, in fact, more than everything else put together. Since that it the main requirement and since the ineffable cannot resist the focused love of a sincere devotee, I KNOW what I seek after will absolutely come to me, along with all kinds of things I am not even capable of imagining. That is how it works. Whether anyone else believes this... is their thing. I believe it. I ONLY have to convince myself.

In closing, let me add that there are certain dangers that come with attempting Bramhacharya and that is why Love must be the strongest force operating within you because pressure can build and if it is not properly channeled it will break out through the weakest link. You have the evidence of Catholic priests and any number of religious figures from every creed, including yogis; I just linked such a tale a few weeks ago.

Okay. back to my packing.

Anonymous said...


You knocked it out the park with this one oh boy. Each line totally resonated with me and it applicable to what I'm dealing with right now. How do you try to convince people closet to you of this? How there's so much on the line other than losing a house, or a 401k retirement fund? At some point I guess you just have to wish them well and walk away, knowing you tried to help with the best of intentions. It's hard though. Everything going on 'out there' is so surreal to me I can't take any of it too seriously. Big changes coming, gonna prepare as best I can. The things that count though, like having an inner sense of peace.

Great post. Feliz Navidad!


Anonymous said...

I have experienced the benefits of semen retention. It makes for much better meditations and just focus in general. I haven't really been able to tackle the internal desire aspect though. Lust is still there. That is the hard part. I have also heard the argument that you could clog up your prostate with toxins that are only released through ejaculation. So a risk of prostate cancer but who knows how true that is.... certainly not me. This is just what a materialist would argue.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I would like to share a few thoughts on materialism/atheism.

Materialism is a do nothing philosophy. Civilization was built by the superstitious. It used to be that the only people who could read, write and do mathematics were members of religious orders or officers of the church. A materialist advocate/philologist amounts to a cockerel crowing on a dung heap.

The early civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans were built by pagans. The Parthenon of Athens was built by the cult of Athena.

If one were to watch a movie like Star Wars one could go in with the attitude: What a bunch of bullshit! Hyperdrive, robots with moral compasses, the Force??!! With this attitude it is not likely one would enjoy the movie.

Or, one could suspend their disbelief. Then the story will have the power to make their imagination soar. They will become part of the story. They might seek fellowship with kindred spirits. They might have annual conventions where they can mingle with the like minded and maybe even meet Chewbacca.

By suspension of disbelief a movement has started. People have been united in common knowledge, beliefs and interests. Although my analogy is overly simple in terms of the effect of religion as creating civilization I still think it makes a good point: Religion, mysticism, superstition, what ever you want to call it unites people and it stimulates the imagination. In other words it has political force.

Nothing about materialism/atheism stimulates anything that resembles imagination. It is just a do nothing philosophy.

Excuse me! I am wrong. They do one thing: They talk. And they talk. And they talk. They don't build, conquer or do anything memorable at all but they do have plenty of blah, blah, blah. They are harmless, marginalized and feckless.

Having said that: Religion has political force. It unites people and stimulates their imaginations. But the religious are not righteous necessarily. Personally, I believe that Christians have actuated the worst crimes of history. But they are also the most successful political movement in history.

Religion is used to cynically manipulate the masses. The church is corrupted as well as all other human institutions. Religion is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and because we partake of this tree we invite duality, good and evil, into our awareness. If we take the good of civilization it is mandated that must also take the bad in equal portions. Greed, corruption, injustice and murder are the price of civilization.

Materialist have no congregations, nor annual festivals, no Priesthood, no rites nor rituals, no vision, no detailed agenda, no organization. They do have hubris.

I realize I am under a spell; The spell of the Gospels since I was a child. Most Atheists it seems to me are under the spell of science. They see science as if it were a fascinating work of art. But, just like religion, science has a dark side. Materialist point of view is not found by cold reason. Rather, it is found by a sense of aesthetics. Buy what makes the atheists feel groovy.

"The Gods choose who wins and loses. We can only choose whether or not to struggle. Let us rejoice in the struggle." Old Swahili proverb.

To all of you 'regulars' I love you! You, too, Les.


Anonymous said...

Cheers, Vis !
You surpassed yourself again.

Gates of Eden said...

General Jack D. Ripper would approve!

Much thanks for all you do Les.


Anonymous said...


Thomas said...

BANG! Right on, Visible.

Inside is where it's at. This I realize, but there's a lot of rubbish to be cleaned out, too, haha!

Bodhati, I have the same "problem". It helps me to pray, and it can be transformed into creative thought, too, most easily by prayer/directed will/surrender (what is that strange type of action called?) - haha, I loved the first state after hell on that buddhist well of life "no sense of humor". HAHA!
A serious advice by Visible, too, helps here, and it's the one about not taking oneself too seriously. It is possible to laugh about it all (ones own mistakes, in particular), and be disciplined about correcting them, I find. Possible, not always easy, but possible nevertheless.

May you all hear the Song of the Stars and feel the Caress of the Divine. Persevere, Brothers and Sisters! Underneath is our Sweet Maker, carrying us home.

BCii said...

The calibre of the posts and comments continues to delight and amaze. These blogs are like an ongoing group celebration of truth and awakening and the flowering of the soul.

Even the minority of 'murkier' comments can have no impact upon the perfection of the totality. Indeed, they are part of it in their way and couldn't not belong to it. But boy, the dazzling clarity and brightness of more than a few of you here makes my heart smile, melt and/or swell every time you speak up.

I used to carry a sense of guilt and being less than good enough because of the lack of what it would take to have and maintain the continence Visible speaks of. I have since learned to embrace my 'imperfection' in this regard and receive my portion of sexual fulfillment just the way it comes. Pun intended. I sense that this, too, will evolve in its own time under the guidance of the Love that I am when I simply go along with it and trust completely. That perfect trust has been achieved - or, rather, it has come to me through the working of my guardian angel - and now there is no force that can hinder or harm me. So speaks a brother who has found his rock and refuge and will spend the rest of eternity singing its praises, hallelujah!

Hope you are all well and feeling the joy and peace of the Christmas Spirit. May it dwell in your hearts now and forever.

Ray B. said...

I just made a small addition to my "Tower of Babel" post here, in case someone is interested.


I tend to follow the "inner route" on what Vis is talking about in this column. Due to my (real) psychology training - which included much on the results of forced-submergence of natural desires - and the 'case study' on what forced-celibacy has done to Catholic priests, I tread carefully in this area.

So, rather than making an intellectual-decision on what or what not to do, I do my inner work. This includes both higher work and the more gritty burrowing-within stuff.

When I do it this way, I find that - as I occasionally 'look-within' at my sexual needs/desires - they have 'shifted' without my intellect being involved. (Often, away from second Chakra into various other Chakras.) The 'work' has done Something. The 'felt sense' of my sexual needs/desires is different, and thus my expression is different. And, this way, my self is not divided against myself. (grin)

This works for me. Each to his/her own...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Since they cut me off: house being barren.

But not this time:


Anonymous said...

I mean at what point is the truth so beyond them, you have to ask yourself, that they can only subsist in a world of falsehood and lies.

Just amazing.

Surprise-wonderment is the place of yoga.

Visible said...

Bodhati and others; The lust desire thing is appreciably stronger (well it is always strong) in these days of heightened materialism. I want to add an important note here. The Ineffable is less concerned with whether you are successful at this in this life and much more concerned with effort given, intention and aspiration.

We often think of the ineffable as being a certain way based on our understanding (meaning we are wrong) and that turns into anthropomorphism. Not only does the ineffable KNOW what we go through but... the ineffable is right there. Our problems is not knowing that viscerally. I consider myself very fortunate that I have an awareness of the indwelling. It needs to intensify however.

It is important to remember that our life goes through stages and some things that we may be working on are more likely to occur at another stage- or eventually will. Our coming life; whatever years are left, is much influenced by our meditations and what our heart and mind are, in the majority of time, focused.

A few years ago in Italy, the ineffable was repeating over and over in my mind; "rely on me. That is all you have to do." Then, later on the ineffable came to me and said, "You know how you like to quote that Yogananda phrase; 'if you don't look for God in the Spring time of your life, he won't be there in the winter'? Guess what, I'm here." "When it gets to actually being winter, I will be even more here."

I illustrate most things because what happens for me spiritually in all of its many ways, is possible for anyone who aspires to these conditions and states and whatever. What I do here is my purpose of demonstration, as is my life. It may not always be smooth and focused but the objective does not change.

galen said...

How mysterious the sexual energy is. Wrestled with it all my life. I remember some teacher saying it is "a most mysterious energy," and it, "confuses students more than any other." I certainly don't have it fully figured out, though I currently manage it better than in my early decades. Speculate if you will. :)

And here's one from years ago, just to add to the mix:

Ode To My Genitalia

Where I go, you go too
dark chasm of spiritual voodoo
asleep now and then
alive in between
usually hidden
never really, REALLY clean

A dusty door to a nether-land
life-sustaining contraband
clear and certain yet so confused
and very, very overused

Sleep now, while you can
you know not the hour when
a love of yours will beckon you
to wake up and renew

Living chasm of consciousness
I cannot de-charge your blessedness



galen said...

Thank you, Gene.

Now, when you say:

"If we took everything as being ok and a learning event, what would be left to divide us?"

Well, the problem here is that your "ok" may be different than mine, so "ok" becomes a nebulous term open to interpretation.

Somewhere in here is the "no force" principle and also child's right to not be manipulated. I'm sure you were speaking about adults, but through osmosis, if you will, or trickle-down, all our actions affect our kids.

Always more layers to pull off. Not about morality; more about respect, an underpinning of common law, and health, in terms of the yogic view.

If only somebody could make it go away, all the confusion that has come from the misuse of the sexual energy, all the pain, abuse, suffering, disempowerment. If only. . . And yet, I am grateful for those who try, who bring some light to what seems sometimes a universal dilemma.

Perhaps Nicki Minaj has it figured out. Sigh. . .


BCii said...

In the maybe-too-much-information department... in my time as a lonely young virgin lacking a strong sense of self in any positive way, I would, on occasion, wander over to 4chan and browse the Hentai section. That seemed a more palatable option than photographs of human flesh arranged for lust arousal... of course, the only real difference was that it was all pure imagination, still to the same purpose. Somehow it didn't seem as 'dirty' or degrading. I didn't feel like I was participating in someone else's degradation, just sharing a fantasy with someone who had devoted their artistic talents to the art of titillation. Equipped with a powerful imagination myself, I did get off as nicely as can be expected when the work was to my taste. But there is a lot of perversity in that fantasy genre... I was a former fundamentalist still very much wrapped in my taboos regarding sexuality. I never really felt good about indulging that way, lots of judgment looking over my shoulder every time. Those were never happy moments in my life. Oh well, it was an experience and I'm just glad I've outgrown the attraction. The real thing cured me of those desires pretty effectively.


I've been wondering, Visible, about your penchant for adopting the plural first person in your writings. "Who is this 'we'?" I thought. Today I caught on. You have such a tight relationship with the divine within that you truly walk with it as a friend and constant companion, as a partner in all areas of life. I know because I had an experience like that today. I just started talking to the I in I all of a sudden like it was the most natural thing, like a person who was physically present. He said yes to a heartfelt dream I ran by him. Pretty amazing. So I get how you think of the source of these writings as a 'we'. You work together, Visible and Invisible. Nice!

galen said...

Oh my.

Gene, I lost "normal" in 1968. Little left to go by 'cept the heart, and its sometimes companion, the mind. :)

I'd close the schools if I could. Grandpa would once again be master teacher and all learning would come from a lust for learning. Oh well, dream number 8,964,582.

Gene, that forth paragraph/sentence of yours is one hell of a ride. Don't think I have the wherewithal to break it down. I'm sure you were making sense but. . .

Well, in any case, at least it's a good thing that sex can be very beautiful.



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

They are More Odious and Depraved than Ever they Were.

Anonymous said...

Galen said: "I'd close the schools if I could." I would, too. What people call education is actually indoctrination. McCob

Kazz said...

My advice to my children on sex is that it can be like a McDonald's hamburger, or like dining on fine cuisine. I told them that sex is an intimate undertaking that is much more rewarding when it is shared with someone they really care for. I also told them that it is a creative act that can bring new life into this world and for that reason it should be approached with due reverence. I also told them that if they approach it like a McDonald's hamburger they might end up with indigestion, or something worse, because we all know how toxic McDonald's burgers are. Finally, I told my children if they did not respect their partner that was due to a lack of respect for their selves, and to remember how they treat others is a statement of who they are.

I actually enjoy sex. I read somewhere that women have reduced stress when they have intercourse because the man's ejaculatory fluid gives the woman vitamin B. I also enjoy the closeness that results from sex with my partner. I have noticed that if you go for a long period without sex you start to become distant in other aspects of your relationship, so sex can keep a couple intimate.

Since new life occurs as a result of sex I believe it is a precious act that is really quite sacred. The only reason I believe sex is viewed as dirty is because it is not approached in a respectful enough manner. People can have orgies and lot's of different partners, but that to me is like over eating, eventually you will pay one way or another.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Speculation upon the Cause of Israel did 911 Denial.

est said...

that's great

the young woman
with the gifts !



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