Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The world continues to carousel through space, spinning through continuums of apprehension and threat. Hope springs eternal, like soft grass, routinely trampled by marching hobnailed boots. Then it springs up somewhere else. It’s not springing up here. That’s the ass media version and then we get into maybe a little less ass media over here, where a name crops up and then we get some more over here. They don’t say that the Russian is one of those oligarchs and when you go to search on him you find a very surprising ...nada.

What we do notice is that the central banker heaven of Switzerland is knee deep in blood money and suffering, which you can pretty much assume anyway since that is where they store all the money until they need it for a war. It’s also where they store all the money after they loot the countries that they financed wars against. It’s business as usual from the vaults of Geneva, Zurich and Basel; home of The Bank of Settlements, or is that The Bank of the Dead, Displaced and Refugees? It’s also the home of Zionism which is the central banker undergraduate curriculum.

It should come as no surprise that the Swiss want to approve 2500 francs a month for every Swiss citizen. There’s a lot double talking side of the mouth gobbledygook in this interview but it should be clear where the money comes from. It comes from dirty businesses like banking, pharmaceuticals and operations like Syngenta. I’m sure there are plenty Swiss who will disagree with my insinuations that maybe a whole lot of serious moral corruption is behind all that money but... most of them are very well off and it looks like they are going to be even better off soon enough so... they’re probably on board with whatever.

Any reasonably sane person knows that the international banks are; since corporations now have personhood, psychopaths. Any reasonably sane person knows that pharmaceutical companies are easily as bad and far more widespread in their malignant badness that the gold mining industry. They got plenty more toxic shit than mercury and arsenic. I didn't see arsenic mentioned in the Peruvian tales but nothing that doesn't get mentioned ever comes as a surprise to me for not getting mentioned.

The serious Zen enthusiasts knows that shit both happens and does not happen and one is hard pressed to weigh the relative negativeness and come out with an overall winner.

Any reasonably sane person knows that certain industries; certain policies, certain political movements operating under inapplicable titles, are bad for children and other growing things, unless you are talking about cancer because cancer is a growing thing. I think the actual quote is ‘living things’ but... so what? Cancer is a living thing too. It keeps on living until something else dies and then it dies too, in the zero sum game in which it is a player.

After reading the Business Insider interview about Switzerland, all I could think was that this is something every Bulimic, who might be having trouble bringing something, or nothing up, should be reading to insure smooth functioning of the alimentary tense and flex. I’m guessing it could be a very effective reverse circuit Ex-Lax.

Not our usual Origami fare but then...; there hasn't been a whole lot of usual Origami fare because we don’t live in a usual world anymore. We live in a world of sudden starts and stops with variable lurches to either side, sort of like an alcoholic locomotive with no control over energized and non energized ramps.

This guy is the biggest you tube money maker and I guess you can go backwards and see the others. They’re all in either of one or two audience demographics. I used to have a TV show in New York. I started out with a spiritual program in the morning where I would hold forth on the principles and teachings of “The Way to the Kingdom”. I had an audience but it was small. So I migrated to Saturday night and got the time slot next to Saturday Night Live, mostly because they really sucked in that period and were seriously annoying. I think it was around the time that scatology freak Adam Sandler was on. This show was socio-political satire that skirted the edge of the decency margins and then I had a large audience. If I had gotten really profane I suspect the audience would have been even larger. If I had started cutting myself and doing large canvas creations with body fluids and sundry I might have even had a huge audience. After all, it was New York.

I had started out wanting to mention something that has become more and more apparent over the last decade and that is certain people keep saying you should buy gold and silver but that never turns into what those telling you you should buy it have promised is going to happen with it. You hear all kinds of things about World War 3 and the end of the world and related Armageddon scenarios but nothing ever happens. For a long time an attack on Iran was any day now. Now it is probably not any time soon, if at all. Sure... lots of people are dying in The Middle East but The Middle East is just a central banker IPO that functions as a weapon’s proving ground for bigger conflicts that just don’t seem to happen. I’m not saying they won’t happen, given the sort of people pushing for them to happen. They just haven’t happened yet.

It’s a curious muddle is what it is. Every day I get up and ask myself if this is the day that I see that significant event that precedes the global domino tumble. I suppose I could get up and get up and one day just not get up and never see it come to pass. It seems like it has to, since conditions for the vast majority keep getting worse and worse, while getting logarithmically better for the 1% who are responsible for things getting worse and worse for the vast majority.

The way it looks to me now; bad things, really bad things are going to happen in certain places, just like they already are and will not happen in certain other places. Different bad things will happen in different places and good things will happen in other places. Somehow in the process of this, parts of the world will become much less populated than they presently are. It seems now that whatever is going to happen is going to happen much more slowly than anyone thought it would, except in specific places where it is otherwise. People will live and die; prosper and fall, according to the tensile strength of their beliefs insofar as their beliefs are based on anything real and by degrees, unreal. A life based on nothing real will not have a dependable support structure, nor any kind of potential for continuing. That seems to be elementary. So does the logical progression of people eating shit and being turned into shit; watching shit, doing shit and falling in love with shit; shit being shit.

You got gold and you got shit and people that want to turn the one into the other and most definitely do turn the one into the other, if you are talking what could have been and what actually was. Personally, I’m not going to worry about any of it. I expect to take each day as it comes. I've no idea what that is going to result in but I know I have no choice but to take each day as it comes. In the process, it should all get lighter because I’m not adding anything heavy in so... over the course of time it should all become less difficult and less confining. The reverse will most certainly be the case in other people’s lives because they will be doing the reverse and the result is to be expected in that case, just as it is in my own.

This is one of those postings where I was talking about something but never did address it directly. It’s all been indirect and oblique, if not opaque as well but... that’s how it went. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day, filled with limitless gratitude that you are not any number of people and things that you are not.

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insiam said...

Vis said : "people keep saying you should buy gold and silver but that never turns into what those telling you you should buy it have promised is going to happen with it."

I noted yesterday, or perhaps the day before, that one of the Liinks on your guest list was stating boldly - 'dollar fecked - gold selling for 50% more than spot in Asia'. I also noted a seperate link - different author - over at Rense stating the same thing.

Well for me it was like one of those times when you actually get to see an event then see it written in the 'papers' - and you know its bollocks.

Reality is the US$ has been rising steadily in Asia for months and gold has been falling steadily for most of this year. Here in Thailand there are as many gold shops as noodle stalls - one on every street croner. All the jewelery - sold by wieght - is 96.5% purity and cost pennys more than bullion. which is 98.5%. Any man woman or child could walk in to any one of 10 thousand gold shops and by a barrow full of gold on any day of the week, and most likely get a discount on world spot if purchasing a few ounces or more.

So there you have it. From someone that dosen't have any gold to sell :)

Anonymous said...


Not that it was funny, unless it was to you, in which case it was, unless of course, it was not.

And I'm absolutely not making fun of this Origami, though it may actually appear that way, but we all know that appearances are deceiving, unless they're not, which in this case it's not.

Ha! I'm not even sure what I meant there! I can see how you can catch that type of muse and just go with it. It's fun! You, however, are far better at it than I'll ever be, not to mention that mine was fueled by the cup of coffee I just drank which makes it infinitely finite. :)

It's almost 10 years now that I've been listening to the alternative talking heads who declared so many times that "This is it"!! Well, 10 years later, no collapse. I wonder what I missed by paying attention to these people all these years? Oh well.

You have a great day too, Vis!!


Jim C said...

zero sum

Anonymous said...

well, you were speaking indirectly
about the transparent see through


Carter was a senior partner of Global Technology Partners focused on advising investment firms in technology and defense, and an advisor to Goldman Sachs on global affairs. At Harvard’s Kennedy School, he was professor and chair of the International Relations, Science, and Security faculty. He served on the boards of the MITRE Corp., Mitretek Systems, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories, and a member of the Draper Laboratory Corp. Carter has been a member of the Defense Policy Board, the Defense Science Board, and Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board. He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Aspen Strategy Group.

From 1993-1996, Carter served as assistant secretary of defense for international security policy, responsible for policy regarding the former Soviet states, strategic affairs, and nuclear weapons policy.

globally speaking, it's a small circle

uh huh



Anonymous said...

very good insight concerning the wars and rumors of such.....

finally getting some rain here in So Cal. I do miss the Seattle weather, for some reason a charged atmosphere and a steady drizzle brighten my spirits.

Feeling quite optimistic at the moment. Good to be here and with all of you!


Anonymous said...

by the way, if being born in this world is a ticket to the circus, and residing in the US equal to front row seats, then where does that put people living in Los Angeles? Sheesh


Visible said...

A couple of people expressed the desire to migrate to The Big Island once I get there. You need to let me know if and when, since I have found some ideal locations that are fairly affordable but I have to know with some certitude. Of course, I can always migrate later on.

I am truly surprised at the affordability of things on that island compared to Maui. On Maui, a space with nothing can be 500 dollars and up. Here you can get a one bedroom for that here for not much more.

Further... people on Maui seem to be eating each other alive in the atmosphere of the survival imperative.

The one hesitation I have about going is the preponderance of dishonest people. This I noted on Maui when I used to live there. Here in Europe people are very honest in the location where I live. I know that is not the case everywhere, as I found out this summer, although one of the protagonists wasn't from here.

I look forward to a big uptick in my general attitude and creative fire and I sincerely hope the same is true of all of you. It can be if you open up to it because that is part of the gifting that is going on at the moment and it is going to increase but ONLY for those who can consciously advantage themselves of it.

I have been told that certain influences are being poured out upon the Earth, both outward and inward, counteracting the delusional web that cycles on the planet. Those sensitive and in aspirational mode to and for this are going to be able to receive priceless upgrades. On the other hand, those resistant will come more and more under the spell of negative perspectives being generated for just such a purpose. You can call it a harvesting and even a 'weeding out' however, no sincere soul will be denied. Everything is as it is for the purpose of ascension where applicable.

I was told that certain things that are on hold for me could not be dispensed or occur while I am at this location. That's good news. I have known for some time that there is a malign force, quite old that moves through the mental atmosphere of Europe in general and definitely focuses on those seeking liberation from its influence.

In the past I did not always protect myself or seek protection here and abroad and suffered the consequences.

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the newest land masses on the Earth and so the elemental forces there are strong and those with a intuitive connection to ...or who have friends in The Devic Realm can interact much more easily than in other places. Pockets of such do exist in places, like Iceland and used to in Findhorn, until it got corrupted by the usual human condition in these times. Once on Maui, I had a glimmering silver band that traveled along with me for several days as I walked in the jungle areas of Maui where I was living. However, as soon as I told someone about it; at a distance from the place, it went away and did not return. Be well.

Visible said...

Part of the reason for the resonance that occurs here and the telepathic sympatico is to help us all cope through the relentless pressing of old forces, now in transition and doing their level best to take as many with them as possible when they go. I strong connective bond between relative consciousnesses wards of things that might prove more difficult alone.

We can be sure that no matter what we face we are being monitored and have only to rely on the greater power to control or cancel out every other influence,

flyingcossack said...

very good point about switzerland that few people mention ... jews hold far more gold, art, historical artifacts in switzerland than israel ... zionism existed long before israel, and scionism thinks it will exist long after ... very important to research any self-appointed referees

the jewish game is not very sophisticated - they lower their morality to where you won't go ... what are non-murderers to do against murderers?

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I have been told that certain influences are being poured out upon the Earth, both outward and inward... Those sensitive and in aspirational mode to and for this are going to be able to receive priceless upgrades."

I am glad you said that. The last week or so has been incredible in terms of over-the-wall energetic experiences. It has been so ongoing that they are all beginning to run together in my mind, even though each is 'wow' in nature. I am certainly appreciative... (grin)


Vis: "I was told that certain things that are on hold for me could not be dispensed or occur while I am at this location."

When I was in the Seattle area in the early 80s, I had a very intense energy experience that was right on the edge of my being able to handle it. It lasted nearly a week continually, and then quickly slackened off. Going inside, I was told that it could not proceed while I was in a city-style area. Then, a building 'popped-up' in my mind which was way out in the country. I went there, and the experience continued for a time until it completed. Apparently, I had to be out of the ordinary 'consciousness bubble' for the 'finer' work.

Vis, this might be the reason for your being 'on hold'...


Vis: "I have known for some time that there is a malign force, quite old, that moves through the mental atmosphere of Europe in general and definitely focuses on those seeking liberation from its influence."

Vis, are you speaking of something 'beyond' the usual suspects? If so, could you speak more on this? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

4 Horsies

Bravo Viz. Still the best reading there is.

I like where I live generally, but these folks are the worst thieves I've ever lived around. Everything has to be totally nailed down, locked up, guarded, not revealed. Not everybody of course. Great poverty here, homelessness, mental illness, very low IQ.

Loved the comedy pic on rense with the caption: "No mom should have to fear for her son's life every time he robs a store."

Good luck, Viz. Lord, please help Viz, OK?



galen said...

Zen Gardner just posted an article by someone who, in my mind, is distorting the meaning of individualism.


Individualism is put forth as anti-cooperation and in need of no one. What a disappointment to see such misrepresentation. The writer(s) lumps those of us who are proponents of individualism in with (I hate this term) "tea-baggers" and "righties."

Those I know who espouse individualism are merely pointing to the rights that each is born with, and especially the right to not be subjected to force. The article also asserts that advocates of individualism are somewhat anti-social and that we believe we have no responsibility to the whole of society. In other words, we're deluded and selfish.

If nature truly is the grand model, would not every flower be the same, every tree? Boring!!! And yes there is innate interdependence/symbiosis, but each has its own essence/appearance. On one level we're all one, but the beautiful differences that make up that ONE are sacred and God-given.

Here are three quotes from the piece, though the whole article is quite a smash on the uniqueness we all carry:

"I’ve also written before about the utter obliviousness of Ayn Randbots, who sit in chairs somebody else crafted, in homes supported by networks of utilities other people made and maintain, keyboarding through Internet connections they couldn’t reproduce if they tried, and to anyone who will listen, that they don’t need ANYBODY ELSE. Take away the cocoon of civilization and these bozos probably wouldn’t survive the week."

"Philosophers from Aristotle to Hegel have emphasized that human beings are essentially social creatures, that the idea of an isolated individual is a misleading abstraction."

"There is all kinds of data and real-world experience showing that actual isolation is devastating to a human. Prolonged isolation from other humans literally drives us mad."

Individualism is not anti-progress, and individualism is ABSOLUTELY NOT isolationism!, though it can occasionally manifest that way. The hermit is his/her own breed. Individualism carries the notion that each voice is valuable and allowed to decide its own course. There will always be some aberrations and extremes in interpreting this level of freedom, but they do not represent the concept and it's my belief that they can be managed through awareness and Common Law.

Anyway, this is what I came away with after reading the article, a bit pissed at what I see as state-empowering bs. So, just something to think about in the grand homogenization of things. And it's okay with me if you want to be a loner. (grin)


Visible said...

For some reason, some number of people think I am Zen Gardner. I get emails from people wondering what I'm up to with my sudden trending away from the things I used to say and sounding (these days) like I am possessed by some other force. I am not Zen Gardner but it is interesting that you mention this and that I get complaints about undesirable changes in my presentation and format.

Anonymous said...

In some cultures, tribal shamans live the bulk of their early lives in complete isolation. Apparently it helps them "see" (I'm using a Yaqui Indian sorcery term here; you can substitute "connect with the divine", or "experience ESP", or "develop amazing perceptive skills", or whatever floats your boat). New Age sewage is everywhere; you gotta separate the wheat from the chaff...which becomes quite easy when you can "see".

Visible said...

It's what occupies the minds of the usual suspects and has done. Just because they switch up the icons with every age, the nasty scheming shits from the lower regions are still there, as are the bad ET's, mind parasites and various no goods who work through the lower astral and are especially effective when the outer is strong against the inner.

Anonymous said...

As anyone who's achieved a state of higher awareness knows, it's nearly impossible to do it, if you are constantly surrounded by people. And I tend to believe that many "people" aren't people at all; I also tend to believe that many "people" (who aren't people) are insinuated into our lives in order to mess them up. Family, mostly. Friends and lovers as well. And it seems as if the whole thing is geared to make us serve as energetic batteries for beings who remain unseen, for the most part, and for the "people" who aren't really people at all. And so we are coaxed into returning, via reincarnation, again and again again, so that we might serve as living batteries, again and again and again...could be, anyway.

For many years I carried a torch for a girl I dated briefly in high school. Homecoming queen, head cheerleader, you know the type. I had three, startling dreams about her, many years after she basically turned her back on me (like a robot), and went from being madly in love with me, to just cutting things off and never talking to me again (a hallmark of what others might call "mind-controlled slaves"). These dreams were so prophetic that I couldn't ignore them: In the first one, she revealed herself to me in a wedding dress - I called her mother and found out she had been married the very morning that I had the dream; in the second one, she told me she was pregnant - I called her and talked to her for the first time in many years, and, yep, she was pregnant; and in the third one, she told me that we couldn't be together in this life, but we would be, in the next one...

At the time I thought that it had some sort of deep, cosmic significance. But in retrospect, it was the opposite of what it seemed. Whenever I kissed her, even if the kiss went on for 10 minutes, she never closed her eyes. Talk about creepy; I'd open my eyes mid-kiss, and she'd be staring at me, blankly. Only woman I ever experienced that, maybe "woman" is the wrong word there.

So the lower astral component that you mentioned, yes, because of what happened to me, I know that these energy vampires can invade dreams with ease. They can appear as lovers, friends, whomever they choose to emulate. And once again, I think it plays heavily into the notion that something wants us to return to this life, because we are its very sustenance...

galen said...

10 minute kisses?




Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Kansas City of the Heart and Mind.

galen said...

Dear Anon @ 1:36 p.m.,

I did not mean to be frivolous about your relationship comments and the wrong done you. Please accept this song as olive branch. It may bring some cleansing emotions. Full screen more engaging. And sorry about stupid mood-altering music last 10 seconds:


Anonymous said...

Hey, no problem. I didn't even think about there being anything negative attached to your response. I actually chuckled when I read it. I just thank my lucky stars that I figured out what was going on there. And there's a lot more to the story. The "woman" that I mentioned is now the director of a prominent school for young children; as many people know, such places are frequently used by the elite, to harvest "special kids", for a multitude of nefarious purposes.

But what's even creepier is that I had a second girlfriend in high school, a year before my encounter with Robot 1, who basically acted the same way as the first one - she was a robot, too, she switched off her emotions and broke away from me without ever explaining why, in true energy-vampire style...but figure out the odds on THIS of this writing, she, too, is in a similar position, careerwise, as the first robot - she's the principal of a Montessori school for small children...

I'm convinced both of these women are mind-controlled. Their family background screams that it's almost a certainty. Which makes sense, because if the elite are going to use daycares to harvest children, then you have to have a robot at the top of the school in question, if you want to keep a lid on things...yep, yep.

Robot 1's father was U.S. military, Sigma Chi, a Freemason, and the founding member of my hometown's only Catholic Church. He also owned the biggest liquor store in town. (Odd combination, that "Holy Man", and owner of the largest liquor store in town - but not if you realize that the Catholic Church at one time owned 40% of all the breweries in the USA, and the higher-ups in that organization refer to alcohol as the Devil's Brew, for a reason - because it destroys people, lives and families.)

Also, consider this oddity: Robot 1 had three children - all girls. Her brother, who was an ultra-super star athlete, had three children - all boys. I'm pretty sure this sort of thing is pretty much kept "all in the family". Generational abuse and torture, creating mind-controlled individuals. Robot 2 married a Hell's Angel-type dude; she's still married to him.

Once, in GRADE SCHOOL (at the age of 9), a teacher walked up to me in the gymnasium, as I was passing through it (it was dark, the lights were off, and nobody else was in there but us), and he stopped, and said, "Are you DREAMING of SLUMBERING in Donna's bed?" (Meaning Robot 1.) I had no clue what he was talking about. I said "Huh?" or something like that. And he repeated it - "Are you DREAMING of SLUMBERING in Donna's bed?" I didn't know what slumbering meant when I was nine years old. So I looked it about 40 years, and I'm convinced that teacher was part of the Dark Side team there. What rationale would a teacher have, to walk up to a nine-year-old boy, and ask him if he was dreaming of sleeping with a girl in his class?

Well that's all over with, which is good...but they weren't the last robots in my life; I've had a whole slew of them. Oh, speaking of the Catholic Church, about 600 years ago the church officials voted on whether or not women had souls - it passed by ONE vote. (Go figure.)

Visible said...

There's no end to the weird shit going on. I had a good share of it this year. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better lately. We'll know more in a few months.



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