Saturday, November 29, 2014

Killing for Krap and the Wrath of Tamerlane.

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The fall of a gigantic super power and its culture of excess is never pretty. It is especially gruesome when, front and center, all that one can see is the tawdry, the ridiculous and the embarrassing. Of everything I have seen, nothing sums it up better (or worse?) than this. It’s all become a cartoon; an unfunny cartoon. The leaders are cartoon characters. The social luminaries and entertainment icons are all cartoons. When it isn't a cartoon it is a horror movie. It’s Tom and Jerry hacking each other to death with axes. It’s Roadrunner being chased by a rabid, frothing at the mouth, coyote and then... a safe falls on his head. It’s not a safe, it’s the Federal Reserve and it’s not the Roadrunner, it’s the American public, lurching on crutches down a concrete road of fused skeletons. The stretch of the highway of the dead goes on forever.

Somewhere over a millennium ago, a stunted little psychopath named Tamerlane, built a massive concrete wall and he embedded over 2,000 living men into it. There they remained screaming and crying out, until they starved or vermin and predators killed them. That wasn't all Tamerlane did. He buried alive, over 4,000 Armenians. He built many towers of skulls at Aleppo and Damascus. He slaughtered 100,000 Indian captives at Delhi and 70,000 others at Isfahan. There’s a monster for you. History is filled with examples of this sort of thing, committed by these kinds of people.

One of the things I have noticed as I go, is how few people have any awareness of History and what history they do know about is what is sanitized for public consumption. Materialism has a lot of byproducts and nearly all of them are toxic and undesirable. One of them is the wide spread proliferation of callous indifference and brutality that are expressed in action, manifesting from the mind of assumed authority. Here’s a classic example of that and this sort of thing is happening in multiples every single day. Meanwhile, the nation is in uproar over the shooting of someone who robbed a store and assaulted a police officer. The more I look at the case the less innocent Michael Brown appears. Saying this won’t win me any leftist liberal hearts. Maybe they can create a downtown holy manger scene with Brown and the Memphis 3 from Robin Hood Hills. It’s what it is until it isn’t.

It’s getting really weird out there and as Mr. Apocalypse cranks up the uncovering of manufactured darkness, it is going to get even weirder and the indefensible gets more and more indefensible. Slowly but surely, light is creeping into the Groves of Academe. It’s the opposite of the darkness creeping in as it did over past decades. The press is on! Try as they might, the manipulators of perception, the hidden persuaders, the smoke and mirrors dancers and snake oil salesmen are all getting turned out and showcased for what they are.

It truly is touch and go. Will humanity wake up in time? Will calamity swallow humanity whole? Will The Perfect Bacon Bowl be that mysterious relic that future civilizations pull from their archaeological digs and will they create an entire religion out of it like what happened in “A Canticle for Leibowitz?”

Every day I climb out of the brilliant color of the night’s fading dreams and rise to whatever the occasions of the day might be. I go to the Crass Media and I go to the Alternative Media and I think about what I see. I sit down to write about what I see, as I am doing at this very moment. I wonder and I analyze. I consider what actions are appropriate for me to take and to abstain from. I look at what is possible for me, or anyone and I find... I find... invariably that all I can do is seek to improve myself and my nature and attitude. The world outside is a runaway butcher shop. The level of cruelty and general disregard is both shocking and intimidating. Black Friday got transplanted across the Atlantic to one of the major centers of gross obesity on the planet with the predictable result. You've got more pictures than you could need of the whole sorry spectacle.

Materialism is a disease. It is nearly indistinguishable from Cancer. It is a cancer. It eats your soul. Obviously, this sad and horrible trend has to play itself out. What can you do? You can step out of the way. You are not going to convince any of the rest of them to. They are mad. They are certifiably insane and they will kill and maim in the pursuit of gain. They will Kill for Krap. Imagine the level of rage, the anger that the futility and impotence generates. Think of what the end result will be when the assault of ever more outraged Nature and the lack of heating fuel and electricity meet up.

Imagine the exponentially wider epidemic of health problems that are on the doorstep given the diet and emotional state of the masses. It is not going to be pretty. I don’t want to sell despair over it all. It is meant to happen in those places where it happens and you will happen to be there or you will not. To the degree that you are a part of this consciousness, the fate of this consciousness will play out in your life.

Beneath the surface of what might be called ‘ordinary life’ but which is no longer ordinary, there are large monsters swimming in the collective unconscious and these monsters are being whipped to the surface through the medium of the masses.

Day after day, I watch what comes to pass. I watch the wider world and I watch what passes directly in front of me. Where is the best place to be during a cattle stampede? The best place to be is somewhere else. Where are cattle stampedes most likely to occur? They are most likely to occur where there are a whole lot of cattle herded up or grazing in the same place. I've got no more to say on the matter.

Last week I went to take a test for which I had gone through a lot of changes and a lot of work to be in a position to take it. Yesterday, I found that I had passed that test and now I have EU citizenship as well as US citizenship. That means I can go anywhere that this influence runs the show and stay as long as I like. This was quite an achievement for me and it comes on the heels of some other achievements that I don’t feel the need to go into at the moment. Let’s just say things are moving well and I had been told they would and so they are. This doesn't mean it can’t all go horribly south at any moment but... the trending vibe is not giving any indication of that.

I was communicating back and forth with an acquaintance in the islands. I can’t call him a friend, though he might use that designation but friends are as friends do. There was an option for me to possibly rent a space in a location that might have been workable for me but this person worked very hard to convince me that I should instead move into an area of the jungle, where I had once lived but where, in this particular section, there are no utilities but plenty of rats and centipedes and pretty constant rains coming with the winter season. His argument for my moving there was that the person who owns the place needs the money and that is why I should move there because it would help this person out. Last time I lived down there, my Washburn guitar came apart at the neck from the moisture and the mold got into everything. Plus there are quite some numbers of desperate sorts living down there who are capable of all sorts of things and it’s not easy to make these places secure. I would have to set up all kinds of off the grid energy and internet sources in order to function there but that was no problem for him; he wouldn't be living there. I’m glad I’m sane... even if most people are not. I’m going to stick with my original plan.

Why I mention these things, following what I started out writing about, is to affirm that there has never been a time so much like now when one should advisably keep their wits about them and pay careful attention to where they are and who they are around. Many, many thousands of people died in the tsunami that didn't have to. They just weren't paying attention. When the waters departed from the shore and disappeared way out on the horizon, many people went out on to the sand to collect things and to marvel at the situation. I would have known instantly what the sea withdrawing meant and I would have been hightailing it to higher ground. I was really surprised to find that so many people did not know what this meant. Right at this moment there are a number of different types of tsunamis forming and many people will not see them until the waves are upon them. Trying to warn people like this can result in them setting upon you like a pack of snarling dogs, or in them screaming at you to move out of the way. The best thing is for you to move out of the way; just as far as it is possible for you to do so.

No matter how out of control it may seem to be or become; it is under control and quite possibly there is a connection between this and how under control you are. Be well.

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flyingcossack said...

jews are going to turn off the power this winter

cold weather city centers, good luck

Anonymous said...

The terribly ironic thing is that people pay to (and on Black Friday literally fight to) acquire the means by which they are controlled.

Many years ago I gave up TV (motivated by the inexorable increase in fees for the cable connection), and, of course, soon noticed how much better I felt without the insidious propaganda.

People pay big bucks for the latest cellular telephone, with which their movements may now be accurately tracked and conversations monitored.

Many years ago I worked in a research lab where the voltage gradient across the human eyeball was measured using gold electrodes piercing the corners of the eye. Upon hearing this 50 years ago, many people of university age were mildly disgusted. Now, walking across campus of the local university, many students look like they've tripped and fallen into a tackle box - they actually pay to have vastly more gross piercings than in my old research lab.

These examples truly show the amazing power of modern marketing...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Those bacon bowls look repulsive. I never liked that kind of bacon, though Canadian bacon was all right once in a blue moon when I still ate it. I was fed that regular bacon crap with fried eggs (which I barely tolerate now) or pancakes (I can't even remember if we were given butter or some non-maple syrup garbage.) every damn Sunday, and later I went to Jehovah Witness meetings just to escape those vile breakfasts, even though the stupid meetings bored the shite oot o' me. Damn incubator got me into that psychotic cult, though I don't know why. Now when one tries to convert me, I tell them I'll never forgive them for telling me the world would end in 1976, and it didn't.

I think I can count on one hand how many times I've had bacon, fried eggs or pancakes in the last 32 years. I'm also proud to say I've never done the Black Friday thang in my entire life. I hate crowds as much as the concept of blood pudding and kidney pie, which thankfully I never had. (Though when I took a buddy out to a Chinese restaurant she did have me try some pigs blood which I had no clue of what it was, and I couldn't get it down. When she told me, it was a case or PATOOIE!!!!!!!!) Memories of kidney and blood sausage exist, and thank the gods that was sooooooo long ago. I think I would have gone vegetarian quite young if I'd stayed in The Land of the Cabbage People, not that I'm veg now; considering I still eat chicken.

Now to get ready for grocery shopping in the rain. That ought to be fun. Hopefully everyone is burnt out from yesterday, and I don't have much competition, not that I have to begin with considering I'm waiting at the door for them to open, but hey!

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are holding fast to your plans and not being an island martyr in the mold zone.

keep an eye on the horizon......


cowgirl across the stars

Unknown said...

That Mail article you linked could be the most horrific zombie movie I've ever seen.

Our rudest root stock playing Black Friday in bloody old England, a must see.

Thats Entertainment

Rain Waters

marilyn said...

'morning les,
i agree with you...many people are going to die and they don't even know it. i just shake my head in bewilderment..or astonishment or wtfment...and none of them want to hear it.

Thomas said...

Beautiful Visible!. Good advice, and a nice summing up of the situation, methinks. Thanks.

just a reminder, to myself and everyone: look inside. There's invaluable treasures to be found there. To qoute The Master Jesus "the kingdom of God is WITHIN". One thing that just yesterday dawned on me, from reading it (Praise Yogananda!), and then experiencing it, is, try to do it with Joy in your Heart. It seems God is far more likely to respond if you don't come to It in blind submission, but rather Joyous and Loving Willingness.

May the Light of the Lord shine upon and guide you all :)

Anonymous said...

You're the Best!
F*** the Rest . . .

Anonymous said...

Well you know the Archons are in town and it is the RED HOUR

Scrofula said...

You had a Washburn guitar? (Back in '61, I went to the local bank to borrow the money to buy a guitar.
Bank Manager: "You have a job?"
"Do you have an account with this bank?"
"You are wasting my time- get out of here!"
Somebody gave me a mail-order musical instrument catalogue- and the last page was a credit application form. I filled that out, sent them a 25 dollar deposit,and ordered a Fender Jaguar guitar. They sent it to me!?!
I went back to the bank:
"Oh- you again. Still looking for that guitar?"
No- I got the guitar on credit. But I need an amp, a microphone, a basic drum kit.....
"How much you need for that?"
Secondhand, perhaps 300 dollars?
That bank manager, opened an account for me, and loaned me 300 bucks! (I got a second-hand Fender precision bass- an Ampeg Portaflex baby bass amp, and a snare drum&a highhat cymbal- and I was off!
We acquired the drummer who was with Bobby Vee on his European tour, and one of the finest guitarists I have ever met,and we were making money, (because we were the only band in town.)
I went to the UK in '64, and got in a band over there. I met Mick Jagger and Brian Jones- really cool people, and I got drunk one nite with Rod Stewart- he's a nice guy, too!
Wanna help people have fun, and meet some really interesting people: Take up a musical instrument, and give it all Ya got!
Thanks Les- one more thing that You and I have in common......

Visible said...

It was one of those acoustic electrics. Now I have a cheap Martin (sounds better than the expensive ones), an Ovation Folklore and an Aslan Dane electric; basically a cheap strat.

BCii said...

So, the old prediction/prophecy of our cozy criminal cabal going public with a shiny facade of benevolence seems to have come true. I am distinctly underwhelmed. What a joke! They really are cartoon characters. Musical Monopoly chairs on the deck of the Titanic, anyone? Hee hee hee. It's almost funny - except for those not-always-even-metaphorical mountains of skulls before and behind these wretched specimens. Redemption seems a far cry for so many... must it truly be so? Free will, the choice to go with God or to go against... good luck with the latter. That force just so happens to be everywhere - even in the scumbags - doing its ever-loving thing, just to show you the fruits of your choice. I feel sad for the world, for all the mediocrity and stupidity and senseless greed and apathy... the list goes on. As you said here, Visible, all a body can do is their best to open up to the better nature and the light of the Divine within. Thanks for stickin' through with us here in this time. God knows we're all needed.

Godspeed to us all, and peace from the heart of heaven. Journey well.

Brian Crossland said...

And here in the U.K. in three weeks time we have our more traditional "Black Eye Friday" where the natives celebrate the end of work and start of the season of good will by drinking too much, fighting, wife beating, and other traditional pursuits linked to alcohol.
Drunk on booze, drunk on materialism, they look remarkably similar.

boojum said...

maan you killed me with that bacon, it's breaklfast time here in the gulf and I'm still Mclovin' your guff

PK said...

Oh, c’mon, Bacon bowl at least lets you pour the fat out of your life, les.

Ray B. said...

Tamerlane learned from Genghis. After the Mongols took Kiev, most of the population was massacred. Out of 50,000 inhabitants before the invasion, about 2,000 survived. Most of the city was burned...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I watched a clip of running of the bulls. We Amerikans will not be out done so every year on Black Friday we have the running of the sheeple. Its a little more dangerous than the bulls but the added humor makes it rather enjoyable to be a spectator. Just watching those people fight for that crap.Stay indoors. :)

bruce1337 said...

Speaking of archaeological digs, there are still people dedicated to leave remnants reminiscent of culture nowadays:

wiggins said...

Can't beat a bit of good intuition....Jungles? (yikes)....only if it's "I'm a Celebrity....." type (joking).

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up (finally :-)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Color Coded Slot Cars to the Sewers and the Stars.

Anonymous said...

les, for what it's worth:

Visible said...

for what it's worth-

Anonymous said...

A light came on. You've given me a new way to understand the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.
Cthulu, anyone?

"Beneath the surface of what might be called ‘ordinary life’ but which is no longer ordinary, there are large monsters swimming in the collective unconscious and these monsters are being whipped to the surface through the medium of the masses."

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Television is the mind, god and self of postmodern man?



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