Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dancing the Baraka to the Pulse of Shiva's Drum.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had been hearing things coming out of the ethers; that sounding board for the word of the ineffable; that resonating, sympathetic medium that is Shiva’s Drum; at least to my way of thinking. It matters not; it’s my image in my posting (grin). Like I said, I’ve been hearing things, things promising me a positive change in my weather. I hadn't seen that happening. I went on as one must do and Today; what a shift! Regardless of whatever news I get as the outcome of what I showed up for today, it’s still a shift because you can feel it. This is the next.

One of the most overlooked aspects of good fortune is one’s emotional climate. It’s one thing to have good fortune and have it manifest in a material sense. It is another thing to feel good about it; not self satisfied, which generates arrogance and a sense of entitlement but a deep down sense of well being, as if all were right with the world.

We hear ancient aphorisms. We see it in scripture. We say it to ourselves to make us feel better about it not happening to us ...AND what is that? It is the understanding that just because people are rich and famous, powerful, influential and well connected; not to mention temporarily beautiful, doesn't mean that person is happy and in possession of a certitude of rightness about the situation. Quite often, especially in these times, people run roughshod over others in the pursuit of riches, power and the like. Try as one might, they cannot hide from their ever watchful conscience, the wrongness of their path. Yes, some of them are psychopaths and sociopaths and have no connection to a functioning conscience but the majority are not from that genre and those cannot escape a perpetual uneasiness about themselves and this results, further up the line, in ‘ashes in the mouth syndrome’; a sense of looming doom and the certainty that it was not worth it.

That has got to be one of the more unpleasant things that can happen in this life; to have moved through it as a real sonofabitch and eventually having to live with it, recognize it and bear the constant reminders, of which there will be many.

Success, however you measure it; sometimes it doesn't come ...and that is often dependent on how you measure it because... success in a real sense, cannot fail to come into the life of a devoted and determined soul. All blessings flows from one source and no other force is in any position to deny it. So... it’s not a matter of relentless enterprise, that mysterious thing called ‘luck’ or any other cause. It comes about because the one, who is the owner of all force, decided that this should happen or be permitted. That goes for the bad guys as well as the good guys and there is always a good reason for it but not always a good result.

When you tell people that you are no longer interested in the grind of the interplay that goes on between people and (in these days) leads, most of the time, to some form and degree of suffering, they might take that all kinds of ways. I’m not opposed to suffering, provided some wisdom is the result of it and providing it was unavoidable, for whatever the reason was. However, when one seeks to free themselves of the endless rounds of gaming that go on in the human vectors of interaction, it is expected that people will presume you are copping out on life. For some reason they think that is what life is all about. That is a narrow definition based on the control freak and appetite drives that are two of the biggest determinants of shit happens. In fact, those who aspire to something higher in this life and take the ‘management decision’ to step away from the acrimony and grief of this perpetual steam bath they are, copping into life; real life. Nothing is sadder than to see people of a certain age still pretending that they are in the game and trying to act and dress like they are. The truth is, only a lot of money or some combination of the other factors of privilege, gives most anyone the currency to perpetuate in that illusion and without them, they’re just telling lies on a bar stool somewhere.

If you are still being driven at a particular stage of your life, it is pretty much a certainty that it is not in the direction of somewhere you actually want to go. There is an essential dilemma in life and it is the reason that so many people feel their lives are empty and unfulfilled and they just get more and more so as time goes by and they pass their due date and their level of commercial and sexual appeal heads further and further down the block to The Dollar Store. The truth is that any life without an awareness of the indwelling spirit is an empty life and the whole purpose, the entire purpose of coming here, is to find that out and either you find that out or you will suffer and suffer and suffer until you do and no one can do anything for you because you are indifferent to all of the efforts already being made for you.

Certainly, lives will come and go that are chock full of excitement and high rolling sorties behind the velvet ropes but... they are just a few blurred moments of glitter and tingling heat exchanges in the alcohol fused night; in that night of enduring broken promises that can’t be kept and weren't meant. They were only a part of the expediency of need, forced into a temporary congress, like blind worms, writhing in the darkness of the world, twisting and turning in search of light but... they are blind. They are blind.

It feel like, right now, that a lot of bad shit just got washed away, or it got made clear, on a subconscious level, that it never existed in the first place. For some reason there is a fine emptiness where something was formerly resident. It’s empty... but... there’s a good feeling in that emptiness. I've no idea how that could be but it is. It’s been going on now for over 24 hours. Maybe it’s just a phase like everything else that comes and goes here on this plane of constant change. No matter; it is how we change that matters. If we are empty it is why we are empty that counts and that qualifies the experience in the emptiness that might not be empty... or most certainly is.

The possession of the one, through the decision of the one, to take residence in one, is the highest achievement that can be realized. There is none greater. There is no time limit on it. It does not age. It is perpetually new in the cycling of its renewal. It’s like Spring eternal, like that time so long ago, when the children of the living god danced on the mountain tops in the exultation of their state.

You can feel this, sometimes, in Sufi dancing and you don’t have to be a Muslim to do it or experience it. I wasn't and I did. As I remember, it was called The Baraka, or it sounded like that. It was awhile ago. For those of you who have some familiarity with the martial arts; most specifically Ta’i Chi and Aikido, you know that there comes a point where the energy of the body does what it does automatically. As an example of Ta’i Chi; you get up in the morning (cue Desmond Decker) and when you stand up, you find your hands rising into that first position, following the initial placing of the feet into the required position. It is both surprising and reassuring at the same time. It all happens by itself, the moment you stand up. This can also be said for spiritual disciplines that one has been consistent with; you get up in the morning and they seem to do themselves. The discipline has become stronger than the inertia. You have actually discovered a perpetual motion machine. Maybe you should head right on down to the patent office.

The lures of this plane... it is understandable that they would be near irresistible in the passionate stretch of one’s youth. However, while discovering, from the experiences that follow, that this is also empty, when it is not filled with suffering, it is insanity to continue to pursue fulfillment in what is not capable of providing it and anyone who may feel genuinely fulfilled, is fulfilled by another reason for which this process is merely one of the vehicles and not even, by a long stretch, the best of available vehicles.

I've got my sights set on The Alchemical Marriage; which I could give other titles to, depending on the discipline that it occurs in. We've got names for all those things, “The Great Work”, “The Operation of the Sun”, “Godhead”, “Enlightenment” and so on. Of course, these things may vary in the route taken, as well as by degrees of intensity and perpetuation but... I don’t think any of the recipients are complaining.

The sun is shining brilliantly here today. It’s in the upward 50’s and it’s been, more or less like this all through The Fall; not so much in other places... I've discovered lately, in that slow arriving and slow dawning way, why it is that I got put through the things I did. It is sort of a duh moment that it turns out to be for the purpose of demonstration. Anyone can achieve to better things and a higher understanding through persistence and dedication, through sincerity and love; faith, certitude and determination. It’s right there waiting this very moment and has been. Avail yourself.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

The possession of the one, through the decision of the one, to take residence in one, is the highest achievement that can be realized.Nice one Vis. I'm not sure about that willing to suffer thing though. The bought's of depression along this path are bearable but I would prefer to avoid the physical pain and suffering. :)

Anonymous said...

a blaze of Truth across the sky

moment followed by moment of clarity

so simple it is nearly impossible to behold

a breath at a time

you are doing the Great Work

it is written

kisses les visible!

from your ol' rodeo pal,

sis kipling
cowgirl of the stars

Ray B. said...

Vis, exceptional Column!

Vis: "One of the most overlooked aspects of good fortune is one’s emotional climate. It’s one thing to have good fortune and have it manifest in a material sense. It is another thing to feel good about it; not self satisfied, which generates arrogance and a sense of entitlement but a deep down sense of well being, as if all were right with the world."

There you have it! One of my teachers said the main reason we came 'down here' was to feel. In the body. With that in mind (grin), it only makes sense to 'do' that which *ultimately* makes us 'feel good' inside...


Vis: " have moved through it as a real sonofabitch and eventually having to live with it, recognize it and bear the constant reminders, of which there will be many."

I wonder about Andrew Carnegie. One of the original 'robber barons'. He spent most of his life being "a real sonofabitch." Then, he gave most of it away to communities. My little valley in Oregon has two Carnegie-built libraries. Well-made, too. I wonder sometimes how he is doing...


Vis: "There is an essential dilemma in life and it is the reason that so many people feel their lives are empty and unfulfilled and they just get more and more so as time goes by..."

I remember a book called "The Magical Child" by Joseph Chilton Pearce. In it, he laid out different 'unfolding' stages that he discovered were common to healthy human nature. If one were able to keep 'unfolding' according to one's own 'inner clock', one's life would continue to be both magnificent and ecstatic. And ultimately much like we read of the great Teachers. Getting back on that 'unfolding track' should be the primary endeavor (dare I say "Enterprise") (grin) of our life...


Vis: "For some reason there is a fine emptiness where something was formerly resident. It’s empty... but... there’s a good feeling in that emptiness."

I have that 'sense' when something is 'completed' and filed-away in the soul. To use semi-modern metaphor, it is like something is moved from short-term storage on the hard drive, and transferred to long-term tape storage. It is accessible, but no longer 'there' in one's immediate present. In me, there is both a 'weight' relief and some sense of successful completion. Both feel good...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I suspect Carnegie caught himself.

Kazz said...

Good on you Brother,

I have spent a good part of my life attuning my self to the One also. I have found a wonderful peace in the knowledge that all I have to do is follow where the Divine leads me now. I do so with passion, love, and a real desire to free humanity from their bondage. I know not where this road leads but as long as my hand is being held by the Divine I do not care. I have utter faith in my Creator and know that whatever happens will be for the greater good of my self and those around me.

I completely comprehend what you mean when you say pursuits of this world leave one dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and empty. I have not felt like that for quite a while Vis, ever since the Divine took up residence :o). If I have wrongly assumed this and I am suffering from some sort of delusion than I pray that this delusion never leaves me, because it is what gives me peace in the worst storms, it helps me to face armed adversaries with peace and love in my heart, with fear nowhere to be seen. I feel no animosity with those who wish to oppress me now, I feel only a deep compassion and desire to share the truth of the Holy Spirit so that I may set them free along with all others. That is my mission Vis and I will not fail :o).

I have Muslim friends also Vis. They are beautiful people. I was told by one of them, if I were a Muslim I would be a Sufi, because the Sufi understanding best mirrored my own. I have come to a place now Vis where I see more similarities then differences, when looking into the hearts of others, so I focus on building on that which brings me closer to my sisters and brothers, rather than focus on that which might divide us.

Peace, blessings and love Vis.

Cheers Kazz

Unknown said...

Ray B,

The expanded Carnegie library / shelter in A town was a nice warm place to hang out and people watch with a great background view.

Rain Waters

PK said...

ONE equals INFINITY. The Infinite One of the Infinitude!

Anonymous said...

I thought that I was awakened until the past couple of weeks...this has been the most thrilling and terrifying process I've ever experienced. And like you & many of your readers, Vis, I have been through some extremely hard things in this dimension, yet all experience pales in comparison to this process. Recently, the movement of the Divine has accelerated immensely on a planetary level.
I am humbled and grateful to the Ineffable, and thankful for all of you here.
Amazing times we are living in, but then that's really no surprise, is it? We knew what we were in Nana's voice saying "In for a dime, in for a dollar" is on a loop in my mind. :)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors in up now-

The Waffen SS of Ignorance, getting Fat on Diet Soda Music.

Auros23 said...

Visible, this post was extraordinarily eloquent and beautiful, like silk sheets blowing in the wind.. The sun is shining brilliantly here too. Thank You.

Thomas said...

Really nice, Visible.

I am not in a position to give you any advice, but I will say: "nurture that "emptiness"!". I feel it too, sometimes, and it is full of Peace, Joy, and Inspiration, and the feeling that all is just as it should be. Besides that, you make me feel ignorant and unwise, in a very good way ;) - thanks!

I was reading in the Gita yesterday that ALL actions should be referred to God, even the desire to Realize the Soul, merge It with Spirit, and burn away all ignorance should be done purely to please the Lord, with not a single shard of egoistic spiritual ambition. That's a tough one, haha! For the moment, I am just (trying) referring all of my good actions to God, to please It. The bad ones I take on my own shoulders. I am practicing, at least, wrestling with my ego, all day everyday, pretty much. The rest of my life, fine! All pleasures of the world utterly pale in comparison to just a single smile from the Creator, even when that smile is seen through unknown numbers of veils. This I know, for a fact, and I am certain that others here do too. As long as I move closer, all is well.

This place is full of inspiring voices, besides the lyrical and magical, muse-fueled main man. I don't think I've ever mentioned it. It is nice to hear of other seekers trying to do the right thing. I sincerely wish you luck with all of your worthy endeavours, and speedy progress on the road home, brothers and sisters! May we meet, somewhere, sometime, to sing and dance in praise of the Divine :)

est said...



we are meeting, here

thanks to our benevolent host

you get your stray
naysayer but usually,
it's all in, towards the light



Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Galen (tongue in cheek)

Might as well face it, you're addicted to Pi

galen said...

So, let me see if I can break this down. I am part of the third that is part of the whole and both the third and the whole are infinite. It's something like: The dog is infinite and so is his toe. No? Trying to follow this, Homer. Working through the maze, and as a large one I can only guess that you are pointing out my infiniteness. And what of the skinny? Oh, they are infinite, too. Neither diminishes the WHOLE. And it speaks of "different sizes of infinity." That's like a chicken or egg kinda thing, no? Like in the file of "That which we'll never know" but can speculate on forever. Different sizes of infinity. Different sizes of infinity. Trying to get my brain around this. One size fits all? No, that's not it. However big it is, it's bigger? No, not that either. Different sizes of infinity. Maybe it's all about perception? Or occasionally, the parts can be greater than the sum of the whole? Maybe almost. "My Father's house has many mansions? Infinity is eternity with a few rustic cabins and one or two amusement parks? (aside: Is Infinity Eternity? Ponder later) Well, Homer, half way through the lecture I had to let go. Left-brain fatigue. Hands thrown up in the air. Once again surrendering to embracing the mystery. And this became a mind-journey and so very subjective, but you opened the door. Hare Krishna, you WHOLE-SUM soul, you; I bet you're bigger than you are. See you in the "larger infinities." I'd like to say I got your number but it keeps increasing exponentially. Now where'd you go, Homer? Homer?! Homer?!!!! Is that your toe?



Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gratefully, I aspire to be a but a small devotee. (that's not my toe!)

"Lord Vāmanadeva appeared in the sacrificial arena of Mahārāja Bali. Because of His transcendentally effulgent presence, all the priests were diminished in their prowess, and thus they all stood from their seats and offered prayers to Lord Vāmanadeva. Even Lord Śiva accepts on his head the Ganges water generated from the toe of Lord Vāmanadeva.

Lord Vāmanadeva, the Dwarf Incarnation

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, btw, if you saw me you'd likely say the same as 'they all say' (haha) 'i thought he'd be bigger than that' (;>)

galen said...

Here Homer, these invisible flowers are for you. They are from my garden and smell of friendship and appreciation.



Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thank you, galen, You're very nice and fortunate too. (good humor)

I will pass them forward. (upward)



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