Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No need to Derridarise the Immanentized Eschaton.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May you become the person your dog thinks you are.

One of the phrases that regularly reappear in my thoughts is; “those who love much are forgiven much.” You might say that the addition of that emotion in the context of sincere and even flawed endeavor, validates it in the afterglow. Whatever that endeavor may be, it is sure to be enhanced and shaped to the right end when Love is the motivator. At the same time, with Love in the driver’s seat of your life, you won’t be motivated, automatically, in any direction that runs contrary to it. This is why love is often seen as a shield as much as sustenance because it protects you. Even when others might harm you and you were not discriminating or wise enough to catch it ahead of time, it saves you from the worst of it, which is not whatever you might have lost materially, or however much it might have disadvantaged your life. What is the worst of it? The worst of it is that which gets awakened in your breast as a reaction; vengeance, resentment, hatred, anger etc. You may be sure that these are the worst fruits that can come as the result of being injured by another.

I realize there are people that question my intentions and sincerity. I’m pretty sure they question their own because people ‘naturally’ measure others against themselves; not only from conscious speculation and observation but also from established patterns in the subconscious, which account for our kneejerk and reflex responses to whatever. Perhaps there are people who think they know something about my life. Largely they know what I have told them. Why would I tell people things they can later use against me? That is my full disclosure thing. I absolutely do not want people to presume some idealized version of me. Regardless of the reason but... almost certainly having to do with the effects, over time, of my Kundalini experiences, some amount of people like to look at me as a guru figure. This has been a constant in my life for decades; from the time I was a teenager and anyone asking people who have been in my life for any period of time would find that they concur that this happens and it happens regardless of the environment and often... even regardless of my behavior.

I do not want people to view me in that light. I don’t mind if they see me as a source of information transmitted to and through me by the same force that resides in them as well. I have paid attention to the personas and behavior (by their works ye shall know them) of any number of guru figures from the yoga channel; the new age channel and whatever channel by which people come to be identified in that fashion and I am largely unimpressed and sometimes offended by what I see; especially from that sector which came out of the Bhagavan-Osho lineage and the Papaji pop up instant gurus, the latter of which Papaji commented on and said that it was for the purposes of amusement, a joke if you will. I forget the exact words but the result has surely been that, except that on several levels it’s not funny at all. It is not funny when you manipulate people, when you toy with people’s credibility and faith in you for the purpose of personal profit. In the case of the former, what I notice most is the material focus of those who have set themselves up in this fashion. I don’t want to be like that. What I believe in is far too important for me to misrepresent it for my own purposes. Much better not to claim or accept certain titles, than to accept them and have yourself exposed as being unworthy of them.

If you espouse something that you do not sincerely and accurately reflect in your words and actions, you are a hypocrite. You might be incredibly successful at it but you are still a hypocrite and time will tell. Irrespective of whether you are exposed in a public manner, the ineffable knows. The ineffable knows.

I have been privileged to be in the presence of real jnanam gurus. Their state is unmistakable. Only a fool would presume to present themselves at such a level; once that level is achieved... and it will be, by all sincere and dedicated aspirants.

This will probably further upset the person about to be the subject of discussion but the person should never have gotten upset in the first place. This person, whom I do not know previously, contacts me to let me know that she is also looking for a location in my next location and she sends me a couple of real estate prospects. One of them is surprisingly cheap but considering the locale, understandable. I’m not looking for a place to buy in any case. I don’t have any money. I thank her though and go on with whatever I am doing. A couple of weeks later she enters my mind and as a courtesy I write her to see how she is doing; whether she might have found something for herself. Now, on reflection, I have to wonder, did she think I wanted something from her? That would certainly not be true on any level and I didn't remotely suggest anything like that.

Responding to me, she makes reference to some website called “the Shouter”, where I am being spoken ill of. She says something, more or less like, “You certainly do attract some weird people.” I thought about this and then I wrote about it in a recent posting. Next thing I know I get this screeching email, where she is hugely upset that I mentioned this and telling me that she didn't say what I attributed to her. The difference was trivial, like using ‘to’ instead of ‘too’, or ‘the’ instead of ‘that’. Understand now, I made no identifying remarks about her at all. Perhaps I said ‘she’? That would mean nothing. Yet she was brutally offended as if I had published her name and address. Neither of her chief concerns could possibly be of any concern except to a professional neurotic, or someone who generally looks for trouble and is therefore capable of finding it at any time. I was taken aback by the intensity of her email and so... I let her hear about it.

Perhaps I shouldn't have done this (responded as I did; discussing the subject to begin with, that was perfectly okay, done as it was done). Perhaps I should have put on that guru face where I get all understanding and apologized profusely that she was offended and did that routine that people deeply invested in playing a certain role like to fall back on, cause it makes them look wise and knowing, by catering to an obvious dysfunction which accomplishes nothing in terms of correcting it. What I said probably didn't either (grin). In closing, she let me know that she was sorry that she went out of her way to turn me on to all that valuable information that was of no importance to me whatsoever but; I was gracious about receiving it and sincere about further inquiring of her. I like to be nice. I do something like that several times a day with people I don’t know but I know they would appreciate a cyber-touch; some kind of internet reiki and when I get reminded to do something like that I follow through.

Yeah, I’m not always patient and wise and understanding. I’m working on that and I can see progress, albeit not at the speed I (or others) might like. I’m trying as hard as I can. Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe there is no problem. Certain changes just aren’t due yet. Maybe that’s it. I’m tardy replying to my emails. I forget things I am supposed to do because of other things I am supposed to do but I do do them, immediately, once I am reminded about them.

Incredible things are happening right in tandem with this writing, or boomeranging into things already said. It’s like life imitating art or something like that.

This isn’t the first time I haven’t been pleasant in an email; generally I am. On a related matter, some portion of people feel that since they read my work I owe it to them to read their work or follow up on all kinds of things I have neither the time nor compulsion to. People do not realize the volume of email I receive. This is why I am often tardy in response. I don’t want anyone to cease from communicating with me for this reason. It’s part of what I do and I am glad to do it. Still... I don’t have the time to take people up on everything. It’s two AM and I am writing this. My day begins when I get up and it goes on seven days a week and anything I might enjoy watching or listening to have to go on at the same time or there is no time.

So people might think, “What right does he have to talk about these things when he is flawed as he obviously is?” I’m not going to hide my light under a bushel. I’m not going to wait around until I got some kind of certificate of passage that says I can now do the things I already do. The truth is that we are all flawed; “all have sinned and come short of the glory of god” and “all your righteousness is as filthy rags”. If we wait around until we have a corona around our head or the heavens open and a voice comes out and says, “now, you’re good to go” well... a whole lot that could have gotten done won’t get done.

No one needs a certificate to authorize them to be useful. No one needs some uniform or outfit, funny hats or any of the rest of the paraphernalia to serve as they go. Every moment in our lives is an opportunity to be of use. Some people will appreciate the effort and some people never will. You go into this kind of work and you automatically paint a big target on your back. You do it for free and people don’t believe you. You demonstrate it and they whine about the donations they don’t make in the first place; not knowing that the donations are not and never have been sufficient for what was needed but the ineffable will and does provide. You make constant efforts on people’s behalf and some of them don’t even appreciate it (DO NOT assume I am speaking about you- grin). You do all kinds of things and there is often no reciprocal response. You cannot operate with the expectation that there will be. You have to do it because you love it and even more, you love the one who inspires you to do it. You make your mistakes all along the way but... “those who love much are forgiven much”.

Whether I or you are what we present ourselves as, is something that will be revealed as time passes’ “by their works ye shall know them”. For myself I’m comfortable with that. Time will tell and one thing you can be certain of is that the ineffable will demonstrate in accordance with what is deserved or by grace conferred. Whatever static; barking dogs, suspicious minds or the like come up with is just part of the movie. Especially in this time, service on behalf of the one has exponential potential both in impact and in return. If you are an investor type, this is one hedge fund that deserves serious consideration.

No one should imagine that they can say, “Ah... I didn't know”; though plenty will. Excuses not to do what is possible are easily acquired. They come up all by themselves. We are given ample opportunity to opt out all along the way. One should never worry about it being too late or wallow in states of regret for what they might have done already. The past is past but the moment; the moment is forever and the moment anyone chooses to be in service in whatever way their talents permit them too... opportunities for service will surface through the live long day and you’ll never get tired of it because the joy is always on the increase. The more you do it and the more you lose yourself in it, the more the presence comes and all that was heavy and unwanted about yourself goes away.

I will apologize for using myself as an example to communicate something; on occasion that happens, cause of the purpose of demonstration thing, both the good and bad and the yet to be determined. I sincerely hope each and every particular heart, so inclined, will rouse themselves to a greater industry, in pursuit of a higher level of being. We are collectively engaged, whether we presently know that or not. There is a great power in that. Time will also tell in this matter too.

End Transmission.......

Holy Batshit, Robin! It’s raining grief (grin). Well, following this I will probably have yet another lady more pissed than before by once again talking about the event. This person has the habit of saying things like, “I hope you don’t think I mean.” Or I don’t want to give the impression...” Things like that. Nothing wrong with it but I was seeking to set her at ease about it. I won’t post my whole reply, just the second half of it. It’s all about the same thing;

“I operate only from the level of friendship to varying intensities with pretty much uninterrupted detachment. I doubt that explains anything as it actually is. Let's just say that I have a primary concern and everything and everyone is secondary to that, even though they are directly involved in the mix.

Basically I don't sit around wondering what someone means by this or that or puzzling over motive- unless I am alerted to any form of danger in it and I would be, especially these days. I am in a delightful state to the degree that I lack for nothing in the ways most people seem to and have no demands or strong needs for anything except what I already possess and I want more of that.



In response, I got excoriated for being put off by messy human relationships and similar; which I didn’t say. Then I get dismissed at the conclusion with the usual form letter diminishment of, “I thought you were a different sort of person but you’re just like everyone else.” It wasn't worded that way and I definitely don’t want to go back and read it again since I didn't read most of it in the first place, other than a brief scan and I am in a good mood at the moment. It pretty much implied something along those lines.

So I’m sitting here at 2:00 AM and I've been at my desk most of the day and I am wondering why two separate events based on misinterpretation would both happen in the same time frame where I didn't intend either of them to happen at all. Why would I? Then... into my mind comes the ineffable; “It’s Mr. Apocalypse, visible. Just a little while ago I upped the whole dynamic and I also upped your awareness of it.” I had definitely noticed that part of it.

He continued; "you are going to see and hear things that you have not before and this will become commonplace. You’re also going to have a sharp increase in fortune (no details on that). Expect to find all kinds of interesting, shocking and in some cases funny events happening.” Then he mentioned Bono and the door coming off his plane, followed by a bicycle accident that requires surgery. I was told that things of this nature were going to start happening to all kinds of people at the upper spectrum of profitable self interest.

The shift, both across the board and personally is dramatic. I have to watch myself while driving a car and going up and down the stairs, both of which I have had reason to notice, last night and today, grin). It’s giddy like, as if the atmosphere has been changed and subsequently everything else is resonant in a wider and more comprehensive fashion. I’m not able to accurately describe it. It’s startling and somewhat uncomfortable prior to the integration that will follow shortly.

In conclusion, let me say... I’m not angry with anyone and at the same time I’m not thinking about it, except insofar as I am writing about it right now. I’ll be shifting to Monday Night Football immediately following; much to the consternation of people who don’t like hearing about it, as if it defines me in a lesser way. If I cut out all of the involvements of life that others also indulge in to a greater or lesser degree, I won’t have any reference points for what I write about. I surf the internet, scanning the news and with the football games I get the commercials (when the game is live) and I get news and also insights into human nature. I’m not attached to it. If it wasn't there something else would be but something else is ALWAYS there regardless of the coming and going of everything else. Watching movies gives me a real sense of the culture and the subtle and not so subtle intentions of those using that medium for conditioning and influencing the human mind. I just saw an execrable, badly done fluff piece called St. Vincent with Bill Murray and it’s obvious that the whole film is a construct for Tribe issues done at an oblique angle; transparent in any case. I learn from the things that go on while I am writing or composing.

Sorry folks, about this overlong and scattered posting. I hope to redeem myself at the next Smoking Mirrors and though I might not be into messy human affairs, apparently I am into messy postings now and again, as is evidenced here (grin). It can really be disconcerting for a few moments to run into interactions that go South in an unexpected unfathomable way. Well... it’s not unfathomable, not really but there’s no need to deconstruct any of that here. No need to Derridarise anything.

Now another email has come in haranguing me, from what I could see from the first sentence. Of course I will read no further. I am not the sort to engage in extensive back and forths to no good end, when I can end the situation and move on as if nothing ever happened. Man! I am glad I am able to do that these days. I remember back a couple of decades when I would get sucked into things like this and which occur for exactly that very purpose. Interesting times.

What this whole thing has done is make me very aware that although the world goes on as it does, the mental and emotional envelopes are in transition and also due to continue transition at regular intervals. Thank god they didn't dial the whole thing up at once.

Anyway... nothing to see here, moving right along; remain calm and listen to your emergency network channel... everything is fine. Everything is under control. Heh heh, actually that is true, just not in the way that those who imagine they are in control think it is.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

It's funny how the post started out and then how it wound up. I need to never forget that first part. It has everything to do with how one recovers from these kinds of situations.

A lot of people feel that it is unfair when you don't engage in convoluted and torturous argument with them. As practicing drama queens they feel this is their right to go through all these contortions with you as if it were some kind of strange sex; which I'll bet it is. I refuse. I flat out refuse. I refuse to argue. I refuse to play word games or engage in dance moves toward the idea of a successful conclusion.

I've learned my lesson with this. I am not here to engage in interpersonal relationships with people. Let me put it another way. That is not my primary concern. My primary concern is what I do and to be accessible to the degree that I can, insofar as I can render aid in these perilous times.

I'm under no illusions about the limitations of my service. I do notice that when I pray for other people it almost always has a result and when I pray for myself it often doesn't (grin).

I do develop personal relationships and I have real friends as a result of what goes on here; people I have met and am sympatico with, like the fellows that visited me in the hospital and at rehab.

I'm not closed off but I am also not open to the usual pull and push and shove of pedestrian human relationships. Anything liberating is good. Anything confining is not. Most things fluid are good. Anything blocked or stagnant is not.

I am not a stuffed animal or a tether ball or a lean to in some mind forest. I am at everyone's disposal so long as they dispose of me properly. I am absolutely not available for anything else.

I am not going to compromise my relative freedom with another's dysfunction. It may seem harsh, unyielding, absolute. It isn't. It only is concerning certain things.

ah well, on to the next thing.

insiam said...

ok, i have to put my hands up. I am the weird person referred to by the girl/woman that Vis referred to. I know it must be me cos i'm not normal.

PS why have you stopped taking my phone calls. Is it because i'm weird. Is it because i'm not normal. You've changed Visible :)

PPS please don't let any of the readers know it is me - the weird one that is.


Oops ... :)

insiam said...

you're not normal :) (only 30 secs)


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Visiible ...

Thanks so much for your first comment here .. it really helps me in my own personal viewpoint on matters and people I am dealing with. I have come to the same conclusion as you for my own personal protecfion and ability to help others. Your observation as how your prayers have worked for others and not yourself is a very profound and meaningful observation that I have noticed as well. All part of the training I can only assume .... Thank you so much for what you write and how courageous you are ....

Anonymous said...

mercury in fillings...but why ?

a man has got to know his limitations...

hysterical females and castrated males sure do go to the limit of
emotional boundaries...you know to prove how RIGHT they are...

which is why the man cave exists,
if only in the minds eye...

nonetheless, you do owe it to yourself not to be a punching bag
for delusional self righteous assholes, or the vagina monologues

maybe it didn't make the media where you are...grin, but the photographer of the SEC-DEF busted his kneecap stepping from a flight simulator in San Antone, then the SEC-DEF hits his face on a cabinet door while playing chef.....recently.
{from the unreported facts file}



Lance said...


Execrable? That was a new one on me, and I had to look it up. Now if you had said excreble, I would have known it was a piece of crap.

Diane said...


What I learned from you: seek what you seek (it’s easier to say this than detail the details)

What I learned from family: you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t and it’s easier to don’t

What I learned about professions: it’s just people professing to know something whether they do or not

What I learned from movies: the movie is the message (zone to theta waves while watching to be a zombie)

galen said...


And so they move. . .
the conversations
from deadly bombs to
needs of the heart
from dangerous doings
to dreams of flying
and imaginings of finally finding
a fierce fulfillment
and a lost glass
from which to sip
the wine of experience

Now to stun-guns
and cages with locks
now talkers talking
of far-away wars
buyers of people
buying out life
stealers and cheaters
and poison-feeders
right next door
to the other open door
where waits the heart
for all it needs

Come tenderness
and openness
come mirth and marvel
and joy in doubles
come glee
pleasure again
and magic come
to place my fingers in my ears
that for a time I might not hear
all that may offend the heart

Here, the devils, dancing on
the cold lie of calculated cons
smearing the picture with putrid paint
covering all to hide the heart
beating in the dark illusion
beating under everything heavy
a champion of pulse and breath
of long enduring its cunning captor
beat, breathe, beat, become

Here, the hope
of clean emergence
from those fallen freedom-thieves
beat, and valiantly retrieve
all that knows it cannot die
and in not dying
continues on 


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


That's why I disavowed all my relatives. I consider them nothing but a liability. Time vampires that I consider a nuisance. Some of them I can't stand, some I feel absolutely NOTHING for, one way or another. I just know I don't want them around.

nina said...

As a last resort, you could mark the offensive emails as spam and be done with it, you wouldn't be bothered by it/them/her again unless they change their email address which offensive people are usually loathe to do lest they miss something ego inflating.

Love, nina

Visible said...

Interestingly I did that not long ago (great minds and all that).

The stranger the times, the stranger the times.

Anonymous said...

Les, your critics should purchase a copy of your "Lost Plays,"
that they may understand you better

- Alas poor _______ , I knew him well . . .

Thomas said...

Hey Visible. Haven't been reading your stuff for awhile, but I see you're in good shape.

Just for the record. I can with 100% utter certainty vouch for Visibles sincerity. He is really, as in REALLY an honest, humble and well-intentioned man, as well as a Lover of God and (in my opinion) a great artist.

Don't blame the Tigress for ripping you up if you threaten her young.

For me, total fasting from the internet and other media for some 6 weeks, sorely needed. It's still been a rollercoaster, but I've just recently gotten a real hold of myself and am meditating (and it fucking works! PEACE! AH!) hours a day, and praying whenever I remember to. Put another way, perhaps, the Lord took me by the neck and put some will into me again! I'm really mostly writing to tell you that you can write me about the childrens book whenever/if you want, because I said I would give it a try, and I want to be true to my word.

May you all find Peace inside. May you muster the requisite will to overcome yourself. May your every heartbeat sing in praise of The Beloved!

Visible said...

I'll be in touch whenever I get wherever I get. I'm still trying to make sense out of the links I just put in the new Smoking Mirrors. Unfreaking believable what's going on; what's being revealed etc.

Ray B. said...

insiam, I'm glad you're the weird one; I would hate to be called weird... (grin)

Ah, the ups and downs of interpersonal relationships. We are all 'walking wounded'; only the amount varies. I tend to be more 'protective' of my space, now. When offered to go off to parties, meetings, etc., I mostly decline - unless Higher Self says "Go." It is more lonely, but somehow more satisfying.

I just had an interesting 'occurrence', so I'll share it.

This morning, my Higher Self was working on cleaning out my Base Chakra and then my Heart Chakra. Ouchies, since it hadn't been done for some time.

While laying there, I had the thought that these 'ouchies' had to be ultimately due to manifestation from the higher planes. Everything is. So, if there was dysfunction down here, it might be due to injuries 'up there' along the great levels of consciousness.

On a whim, I held the 'stuff' I had just moved-through in my mind, and asked "What is the Core of all of this?" (I ask this question on more mundane levels when I know I am holding something...) I asked that it be 'sent' through all the levels of consciousness that were appropriate. Then, I just waited.

Well, different levels started releasing 'ouches'. I just held the space and quietly kept repeating "What is the Core of all of this?" More releasing happened, including anger at all-God. Some was from levels above what I call the 'farmer'. This went on for quite a while, and then tapered off.

Then, I had a most curious sensation. It was like another being looking out through my eyes and Third Eye Chakra. It was me, and yet not 'Ray'. It was looking out at various areas of the world and was not pleased. My guess is that it was various portions of my 'line' who had just become aware that everything was not great 'down here'. Again, this went on for quite a while and then ended.

Right now, I am feeling a great sense of 'energy' in me. I am not used to this level, so it feels 'strange'. I am also curious as to what, if anything, the "What is the Core of all of this?" might have done.

Just being weird... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

May you become the person that your dog thinks you are. Setting the bar a little high aren't we Vis. Normally I am 100% anti vaccine but I just read that this years flu vaccine contains dog genes. We should all do our part and encourage everyone to get vaccinated, I suspect that this years flu is going to be deadly. Hope they didn't use a pit bull but then, that may be an improvement. :)

Kazz said...


I would like to thank you for your dedication to the One. It is my choice as to whether I read your work, and I do, religiously. This is my choice, as it is all of our choice, so I am at a loss as to why anyone would get up you for what you wrote. Wouldn't common sense dictate that it is simply easier not to read your work if one found it upsetting? This is the power that we all have so when people chose not to use that power of discernment I wonder about their lack of common sense.

As far as you not being perfect, well this is what came directly to my mind, let he/she who is without sin/not perfect be the first to cast a stone. No stones here Vis. I just don't measure up to perfect no matter how I twist or turn it. I guess that makes me honest, at least about who I AM.

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there where you do Vis. I know this because when I was doing Uni I use to crawl out onto that flimsy limb all the time for the Divine. I know how hard some people rattle and shake that limb because you dared to go the extra mile for the Divine. It is mighty lonely out there on that limb too, I have noticed Vis, because all too few are willing to take the risk with you. I consider myself a fellow climber out on to the flimsy limb type, but nowhere near your caliber.

You claimed, 'I am not patient and wise and understanding. I'm working on that...' Ditto Vis, and no matter how hard I work at it I still suck, so no complaints from me :o).

From one Divine follower to another I would just like to say good job. I don't think you are perfect Vis, which is a good thing because I don't know if Jesus could even claim such a thing, which is why he said 'why have you forsaken me Father'. In my opinion they built Jesus up to be a myth when he was just a Man (this is not to take away that even though he was JUST a man he did successfully manage to embody the Christos, allowing the Holy Spirit to fully integrate within - in other words Jesus perfectly illustrated how to integrate spirit into matter, which is what I believe we are all actually here to do) . How could Jesus possibly expect us to pick up his cross and follow in his footsteps if the Father made him in his image and not us?

Anonymous suggested a Man cave, which is very wise. Every man needs a cave to hide in so his misses doesn't kill him :o). The Cave is for when the Yin and the Yang aren't as well balanced as they should be, which by my estimations is a lot of time, so make that Man cave comfy boys (grin). I just worked out why marriages are falling apart today, because too many couples live in units and there are no man caves. TPTW ARE STEALING YOUR MAN CAVES BOYS. NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!!
If hubby did not have to go to work today he would be hiding in his man cave right now (grin).

The only advise I have in relation to all that I have just said is when your woman stalks you down to your man cave you have only two options boys, you can run or you can hide. Whatever you do don't make a stand, because if she follows you down to your man cave you are in deep shit! On that note I will say goodbye, and have a lovely day Vis and to all.

Luv Kazz

Smyrna said...

In their desperation, a lot of un-hinged types will end up in this pocket of the inter-web. It's inevitable and just a hazard of the job.

You being engaging and personal, will attract them like fly-paper.

Just for the Record said...

Six killed in a Jerusalem synagogue

Two Palestinian liberation enthusiasts infiltrated a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Four Israeli Jews were killed Tuesday morning when two Palestinian freedom fighters attacked Jewish worshipers in a synagogue in Jerusalem. Eight other Jews were wounded; four are in moderate to serious condition. Two police officers were among the wounded.

This is not a civil uprising, it is all out war. The Jewish State is fighting for its life, and it doesn't stand a chance.

Visible said...

Yeah... the trick is to be able to disengage completely without giving it a moment's thought. It all makes for good copy and conversation though and that's why we're here.

Visible said...

Furguson and Jerusalem; two pots boiling over on an unattended stove.

nina said...

Interestingly I did that not long ago (great minds and all that).

The only kind of compliment I ever consider a compliment. Thank you Honeyboy.
Yes, these times are nuts.
I do believe it is intentional.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Those Pigs in Kevlar Blankets at the Molotov Cocktail Lounge.

Anonymous said...

I always found it interesting the difference between actual honesty - authenticity - and the appearance of being honest.

Wise as a serpent, etc. Would that more possessed such discernment.
To quote Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

Visible said...

No one identified has been castigated so no defense is necessary.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The Shadow Cast is NOT what Cast It.



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