Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Power, Profit and Beauty of Forgiveness.

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I like it when something comes up and gives me an opportunity to talk about it. Today I have a great chance to discuss something of real importance. As angry as this fellow may be with me at the moment, I am in debt to this, Jeff, for giving me a chance to engage a serious issue. One of the worst things anyone can be is... unforgiving. Depending on the degree of antipathy being experienced by the unforgiving, it can turn to venom and hate and it can seriously injure you as a person. IF... you are unforgiving, your chances of being forgiven are none too great.

Probably time for a little musical reflection to set a better tone, a rough effort but I think the point is there.

The back and forth can be seen in the comments section of the recent Petri Dish. It has to do with Michael Vick, who is the backup quarterback for The woeful Jets (now the replacement for the number one who has proven to be not up to the task) and who got arrested for being involved in dog fighting a few years ago down in Atlanta (I think it was). He spent around two years in prison for this and was widely censured. It’s still a hot button issue and you see people continuing to rage about it here and there.

To say I was disappointed in him would be an understatement. At the time though, it crossed my mind that this is what comes from having bad companions. A young black man suddenly finds himself with a whole lot of money that he never had before and without the necessary discipline he should have had but didn’t have. My love of dogs is pretty intense. The biggest thing troubling me about my departure from here is about having to leave my faithful four footed companion, Poncho. I know that we will be parted in any case at some point. I know that you and I and everything familiar to me will go away at some point, in the not too distant future. There is nothing I can do about this. I accept it. You either accept this or you are compelled to accept it. I prefer the former.

Earlier in my life I made any number of mistakes. On the one hand I was rash and impulsive. I was also very, very gung ho about storming the celestial gates. I don’t know anyone who threw themselves, without regard for life or limb, against the battlements like I did and I don’t know anyone at this point who is still as relentless. All of my companions from former times; some of them possessed an impressive zeal, are now integrated into the mix. Sometimes we communicate and what I hear from them is about the disappointing routine of their existence. Life just kept throwing them up against circumstance and they eventually acceded to their condition. You either NEVER give up or you come to terms with it all. If you've been committed at any point for any length of time, you never feel good about arrangements you felt forced to make and which have deposited you in your present pass.

My impulsiveness and refusal to compromise has cost me greatly over the course of time. In some cases I am sure I have not been forgiven by others for not going along with the program and allowing people to confer a status upon me that is undeserving. My Anti-Guru 2.0 software is cutting edge and simply won’t allow it. I have forgiven myself and I have forgiven those who remain unforgiving. Recently I received some horrific treatment at the hands of some selfish and conniving types, whose behavior lacks any justification whatsoever. I could have continued to this point, consumed by resentment and thoughts of revenge. These thoughts will still seek to raise their heads in my mind at odd moments. I must stand as the guardian at the gateway of the mind and forbid them entrance. I have no choice. Others, who are dealing with similar conditions, handle or do not handle them. If you do not handle them, they will handle you.

Scripture is very clear on certain points. If you do not forgive; you WILL NOT be forgiven. This is not your only concern. It will take your youthful spirit. It will turn your heart and mind into a battleground. It will act upon your health. It will impact on your state of being. It will cost you dearly AND... it’s not worth it. You cannot undo what people have done to you and only the divine can undo what you yourself have done. I lost assets for my work and other things of value in these recent events; given how little I have to begin with, the losses were considerable. In both cases, the principal offenders laughed at me. I was on crutches at the time and I could have gone all sorts of ways about this. Thankfully... thankfully, my first thought was about the injury they had done themselves. I was extremely grateful that this was not me. I am powerless to reverse or change these things and THAT is a very important consideration. What are you going to do? Are you going to fume and seethe? What possible good can come of that? Let the purpose of the demonstration be in your favor.

Forgiveness does not mean you embrace the viper back upon your chest, where the former injury took place. Stupid is still stupid. Learn from the mistake but do not carry the burden of ongoing impotent rage in your heart. It serves no good purpose. Let it go. There is no telling what good might await up ahead. Expect it AND... let go of those things that would cosmically prohibit its arrival. In both cases I was spared an ongoing relationship with common criminals that would have cost me far more, further on. Things can be replaced. The world is filled with things. There is, regardless of the economic climate, endless riches and all manner of ‘stuff’ all over the place. If you need something, the divine WILL provide it! Life abhors a vacuum. If it takes away, it also replaces. You can lose on the material plane and then gain on the spiritual. What is worse, that I lose some of the tools of my trade, or that I lose my talents to utilize them? What good are the tools without the ability? Uh huh.

You may not want to forgive others but... you must. You must. This is a matter of life and death. It may not seem to be but it is. I refer you back to The Greatest Commandment and the other admonition that followed, after it was stated; “love one another as I have loved you.” Regardless of how it may seem, life is long much of the time. We do not know how it will all turn out up the road. What we can know is that everything we do and do not do now, will surely impact upon what happens to us ‘then’. It is not necessary to set up the conditions for you to learn a lesson, IF... you are willing to learn that lesson without the need of having it impressed upon you.

Yes... we rail on about things here. We discuss man’s inhumanity to man and we point the finger at gargantuan offenders. How far could these blogs proceed without variable copy? Is what we say true? So be it. Jesus Christ, whose status ‘is’ far beyond my own, railed against many things. He didn't mince words. He went full bore after the moneychangers. He set the precedent for this sort of thing so... it’s okay to rail against injustice. Is it true? Is it so? Alright then.

As with Caesar, I do not come to praise Michael Vick. I said nothing about that. I merely referred to a transitionary state with his team and how that factored into a certain turn around, as it did. But... you don’t have to speak in praise of someone; merely mentioning their name is sufficient to bring unknown entities howling out of their caves.

I am not a Vegan. I consider a lot of Vegan thinking to be off the wall, such as, “eating honey is stealing from the bees.” That’s just more political correctness run riot and many Vegans are terribly judgmental about other people’s diets. This transfers over into other areas of life and you become a very unhappy and conflicted person; nothing is right and you are in this self-justifying, self righteous minority where you are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s like fundie Christians and that phrase, “I am the way and the truth and the light and no man cometh unto the father save by me.” That does not mean that every other religions is wrong or that God damns everyone who is not an elitist, fundie Christian, wallowing in a self defined exclusivity. The Christ light station of awareness is resident in EVERY authentic religion. It is generic and universal. It is the light of the father in the human mind, along with the cosmic love in the human heart.

The more exclusive you make yourself, the more deluded and eventually... unhappy you will be. I make commentary about PORK on occasion but... it’s none of my business what others eat. That’s their affair. My thing with pork is not physical. It is spiritual and there’s plenty precedent about that. That precedence is there for a reason. I see certain trends with Vegans and New Age practitioners, my way or the highway, Christians and Muslims. That’s how they see it. I don’t see it that way. Let’s not digress too far here; learn to forgive. Learn to forgive. You will be glad you did.

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DAD said...

Sir Vis, Thanks for the quiet encouragement . Peace to you friend , David

Anonymous said...


unfortunately I played QB and
according to Fran Tarkington..
some just don't have what it takes
to be a Pro QB...just sayin'

as for that celestial perch
from which the Almighty renders
"Judgement"...clearly some are not
forgiven but reduced to ashes & forgotten forever...& some go to the bottomless pit with their progenitor...

it is not my place to Judge those who would, under the belief that
they had a greater claim to my daily earnings for 30 years,
and proceeded into PROBATE COURT in covinous collusion with a SODOMITE ATTORNEY & a crooked so-called "Judge" and
"bore false Witness" for filthy lucre...because "JEW" worshipping "good Baptists" can do that with a clear conscience

but to forgive those who are truly not repentant sure asks a lot from a poor soul...who is homeless and at the mercy of the
hearts who have waxed cold...

it is truly a once in a lifetime decision...

NOGGERBALL notwithstanding...


It was Wayne Martin on the 911 tapes
who told FREEMASON Lt. Larry Lynch...

"Larry, when you reject TRUTH you place yourself in Judgement"

in truth "we" all are allowed to "Judge" ourselves...

which kinda begs the question in my book...

What is Good Faith and how did Good Faith help develop

" Western Civilization "....

before things went sideways in the "JEW" worshipping 20th century



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Vis.
I appreciate you very much.
Blessings on us all.

Anonymous said...

Great post; I can only echo these wise words.
If I can find the time I may give a more detailed account later but to all my friends here "Chez Les," please take heed of this profoundly wise advice - to the best of your abilities - and be as sincere as you possibly can.

Unknown said...

There is a time for everything, right.
What no one wants is an auto exoneration button either. To do so in life would be more like giving freedom to whatever evil mind (under control) that wants your soul. The demon parasite will use the person to try and break you, but cannot when you remain focused on God.

The Devil used the Bible to test Jesus, and could do so again (soon?)only this time to try and used it against the whole world.

galen said...

How about 3 minutes at the circus, er, the Zio-controlled circus I mean:

You Tube: "Corvallis city councilman Mike Beilstein openly displays the Cuban flag at a council meeting..."



Anonymous said...

Yes I forgive
but also I feel pity...
Pity them because they are so poor spiritually...
They cannot "see" the undivided light...
They can only see the divisions...
And some are truly possessed by this grand delusion!
They thrive to divide everything even more,
So much so they Worship the divine divide Lucifer!
They eagerly promote the creation of narcissistic egos,
To divide their own personality!
They must locate their female-emotional side and kill it!
They will finally divide it all to oblivion....
What an obsession!

Flecker's Magick said...

For what it's worth, it is my belief that when one is incapable of forgiveness it is a tell-tale sign that one has gone into opposition against the divine and is thereby reversing the kaballah, the natural flow of energy, or transcendence as i like to call it.

Making this choice of fear and hate, rather than love and peace, then leads to much of the neurosis and psychosis displayed amongst the ne'er-do-wells of this world, with the nefarious members from the tribe being the obvious examples. Hence, if there is any good reason for saying they were chosen, it is/was surely to provide all go(o)d people with a existential demonstration of what will come should one fail to make the right choice.

Thanks, vis.

Be well, go(o)d people.

Ray B. said...

Today's blog had several truths which I had to learn along the way, so I thought I'd share...

Way back, I was so full of anger that I had two choices - lash out or disconnect. Lashing out was impossible for me for a few reasons, so I disconnected. It was so bad that I literally couldn't feel anger. I intellectually knew what it was, but tucked it up so far inside that I couldn't feel it. This produced several undesirable personality traits, which went away as soon as I could honestly 'feel'.

My way out of this 'trap' took a few decades. I'll contribute what I learned, so it may not take others so long (grin).

For myself, I found that simply 'forgiving' a wounding, slight, or betrayal didn't work. 'Grace' usually didn't appear. The tucked-away emotions simply built up, and manifested in sudden rages, ugly sarcasm, and plotting to get back at someone.

Finally, I worked-out what 'worked' for me. It consisted of feeling-through Everything, so that my 'backpack' of old emotions got lighter and lighter. It felt great to be both closer to the 'now' and have the ability to feel what had 'just' happened to me rather than mixing it up (emotionally) with old events.

I learned to do it this way:

Pick a 'topic' that you are feeling the most about, Now. It could be your anger at your boss, bad traffic, or your husband/wife/other having treated you badly in some way. Get quiet, and let that emotion or emotions come up. Feel it, and let the 'force' of it flow through you. Your body may or may not move during this. If it does, let it, but try not to be destructive (sad grin). Same with your voice.

If you have no background 'stuff' (grin), the event will simply peter-out once the emotions are felt through. (And a bit of pain, but we'll get to that later). If you DO have older, similar, 'stored' stuff, you will find that the emphasis comes-off your boss, husband/wife, etc., and onto the 'raw' emotion. Anger, say. Note that this truly is the raw emotion, with no thoughts or associations to it. If you are still angry about the boss, you have not yet reached this stage...

This 'flow' can seem quite overwhelming to those unfamiliar to just 'feeling'. The challenge is to 'grit your teeth' and just continue feeling, rather than react and choke it off. If you do manage to stay with it, the feeling-flow will peak and then fade away. All feelings are finite, even if they do seem like they may go on forever.

At this point, if you stay in that mode, there will be an experience of pain. Just raw pain, with no associated thoughts or verbiage. This is the pain that was actually at the core of the experience. It is 'under' the raw emotions. It does need to be felt-through, or the experience is not 'done'...

With enough pains 'gone', you will be surprised how 'light' you feel. (And much more in the 'Now'.)


Ray B. said...


There is a 'deeper' section which can be done. At this point, the 'situation' has been discharged, but you may still feel 'attached' to the person(s) as a "Why did they do that?" deep-question. I found a 'procedure' where this can be 'dispelled' in a high-growth way:

First, contact your Higher Self (or whatever you call it). Get in as neutral and receptive mode as you can. Pose the 'question' to Higher Self, with as much detail of the event as possible. Hold this information 'up' until it seems it has been 'received' in some manner. Then, just stay quiet. Either then, or in some future 'slack' moment, the answer will appear fully-formed. Often times, it includes full-but-momentary 'info' on what happened to the other person to cause them to act that way. I get it as an 'empathy' moment, but other's modes may vary. You actually 'know' the person. (Or 'grok' them, in Heinlein-speak.) It is kind of transcendental-feeling. For myself, it is just an "Oh" moment, and there is instant 'forgiveness' of the person(s).

Then, it is truly done. You will not even think of the person/event, unless it comes up by chance. There may be subtle sadness in that moment, but no 'baggage'.

This is how I handle my 'stuff'. Hope it helps someone...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...


Once again I cannot believe the synchronicity between your thoughts and mine. Only last night I was awash with love for people who have done my children and myself harm. I realised that I was in no position to judge them, only myself, and with that I realised held onto hostility only hardened my own heart, which was detrimental to me, those around me, and my journey. Instead of a heart of light, judgemental behaviour turns my heart to granite and brings out nasty in me, which I don't much like, nor would any one else I imagine.

Being able to continue to love in the face of so much adversity is the Divine's greatest gift, I believe, but I draw special attention to the fact that the Divine has taught me to love the person and detest their unwholesome acts. Such people are at the mercy of their own ignorance, and I can't judge them badly for that because I have walked that path myself, and most probably still do in relation to matters that I have yet to identify?

As for dogs, well I have two sidekicks, one female called Tazzy, which is short for Tasmania, and her son Marley, which is, you guessed it, short for Bob Marley. They are my constant companions, and according to most of my friends, they are lovesick for me LOL. I have a natural affinity with animals, because they are so loving. Unkindness or cruelty to animals, which there is much of at this time, reduces me to tears, as does seeing human babies in bombed out rubble. When I look at those dead children I see the faces of my own children, and it is very distressing indeed. I cry a lot for the suffering of people that I have never known, because somehow I am able to feel their heartache and distress :o(.

Since it was necessary for me to head into Brisbane yesterday I was hoping the Divine might find some use for me, but nothing happened. I have found that when the Divine wishes to use me the Divine sets it up, so all I have to do is go along for the ride. When I try to instigate anything it appears to be more about my ego than helping with the Divine's agenda, so I have learned not to go down this route. They say patience is a virtue so I try hard to not to let what I think override what actually is :o).

By the way Vis thanks for being a go between, I have emailed you.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Ray B.

About 20 years ago I stumbled upon a redemptive path somewhat like yours and also found that my more corrosive feelings can be evaporated. And, as you say, you feel "lighter."


Anonymous said...

@Ray B.:

A good suggestion for a way of handling 'stuff' if one can let go of resistance.

I hope it helps someone, too.

Love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Well, if anybody is still on the fence about Ed Snowden, they shouldn't be any longer. Hollywood is making a film about him, and that seals the deal. (For discerning minds, anyway.) Oliver "JFK" Stone will direct. (It will be a limited hangout film, just like "JFK" was, designed to manipulate the the brain-dead masses, by "hanging out" a small part of the truth, while leaving the rest hidden from view, like an iceberg.) Here's how the whole thing works, logically. Snowden, will be portrayed as a do-gooder in the film. He is for the people, the common man. Hollywood (controlled by Zionists, meaning it makes absolutely no sense on any level that they would glorify anybody, who was allegedly against their cause), will make a movie, glorifying his behavior. Which means they want to encourage whistle-blowing. Why? For the same reason they encourage protesting (think "Gandhi", and films of that ilk). It puts a bullseye on the target's back. Then, the protestor/whistle-blower/do-gooder, can be identified, rounded up, and killed or imprisoned. If you doubt this, check out what happened to those students who protested down in Mexico recently, and were then abducted and killed by "cartel members". Yep, that's what protests accomplish. And that's all they ever accomplish. And that's why it is so heartily encouraged, by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media, and, most especially, Hollywood. The horizon of the world's various protest movements, is littered with the corpses of the uninformed. Gandhi was a shill for the elite, as was Dr. Martin Luther King. Both preached non-violent resistance. They did this so their handlers could identify and silence the most vociferous among the sheep. Gandhi was a racist and a casteist; his loyalty was to the British Empire. King was a plagiarist, an abuser of women, and an admitted secret-society member. His handlers were all Tribe members, pretty much. Killing both men was done to prompt people into honoring their memory by following their example - and engaging in non-violent resistance. Pretty simple when you break it all down. (But only if you have eyes to see...)

Anonymous said...

"The Power, Profit and Beauty of Forgiveness."

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." --Henry D. Thoreau

I used to believe in looking for the root problem in attempting to destroy the evil core that fosters these branches of harm and evil. Or at least to identify the root so there would be a better understanding of the undertakings of so many evil branches.

These evil roots are the spawns of devil seeds and the branches they then create and send forth.

Just prior to reading this Origami my thoughts changed from seeking out the destruction of the root that spawned from such evil seeds and to start planting as many seeds of Joy in the hopes of choking out the sunlight and nourishment that the evil seeds require to grow and exist. Deprive the seeds and the roots can't develop. Or perhaps stagnate to a point where they are of little consequence.

Now it has become more apparent as to why there's such an attraction to your writings.

It is you who have been planting the seeds of Joy which is needed to overwhelm the evil seeds that have been planted.

May your message be well known throughout much of humanity in the hopes of overwhelming and choking out the sustenance of all evil seeds, roots and branches. May the Divine Joy and Righteousness deprive and constrain that which is not in the interest of the Supreme.

May the seeds of your writing go forth, multiply and bring the fertility that is desperately needed in these interesting times we're living through.

insiam said...

A friend who i have known for some years asked me just the other day. Why the people he knows of that have had some sort of dipute or disagreement with me over the years always seem to end up as good friends. Where as with him they never speak and seek to avoid him. I told him that i always forgive and never hold grudges. He said 'not me i never forget'.

Universal rules are universal rules :)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies, Melting in Macarthur Park.

BCii said...

Forgiveness swooped in and snatched our life and joy from the iron jaws of crushing defeat and ignominy today. I can't put the proper words to it, but my God, the truth and magnitude of this matter cannot possibly be overstated. The choice to forgive or not forgive is quite simply the choice between life and death.

Thank you, Visible, and thanks to all the great folks who've commented so wonderfully here.

~ One Love ~

Paul said...

Vegeterianism and veganism have no standing vs "Nutrition and Pbysical Degeneration" by Weston Price. One can conclude, after reading the monumental work, that veganism and vegeterianism needs to be made illegal towards children. Although I suppport Jeff Rense in his work, I wish he would accept the violent reality of our reality and move away from vegeterianism. Weston Price's work is irrefutable and in some ways horrendous if a person has the inner strength to read his book from cover to cover.

Also the 14th verse in the Gospel of Thomas states: "You will not pray, you will not fast, you will not give to charity." Hence it is touted as a fake by all the "experts." What else can they say to somethimg so profound and anti church?

Anonymous said...

I think it was "the way the truth and the LIFE" in that bible verse quote. Either way works. Was talking about maleness needing to manifest the perfect idea of a risen king. Just poking the beehive here. Chipsahoy

Visible said...


Visible said...


galen said...

Dear Paul, it's all in the eyes, the eyes of the animals. It transcends any written work.


Paul said...

You "think" but I told you the verse and the gospel. Either way doesn't work, except if one is dark on the inside.

That verse admonishes all organized religions and it's why he was and is one of their main enemies. The Catholic church is a front to bury and hide what Jesus really stated, and Islam was written, directed and produced by Rome.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Precognitively Vibrating Nose Hairs of Nostrildamus.

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday, I was feeling sick and honestly bitter about various recent events. I was so consumed by dark thoughts, and I prayed and asked what can I do? And suddenly simply heard "You can forgive." It changes everything. A great weight and burden is lifted off the person who forgives. So happy to see this post, and to know it is the same for you. May we all find it in our hearts. Les Visible-Thank you. Do you know this Patty Griffin song? http://youtu.be/IOXsBHXfBAg



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