Saturday, November 08, 2014

All the Houris Dance to the Thundering Drums of Trivia.

Dog Poet Transmitting .......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The thunder from the Drums of Trivia is deafening. The TV compresses itself and liquid cotton candy, squeezes from the ears and mouths of talking heads, as the sides of the TV meet and multi colored treacly licorice like sludge, oozes from the collapsed unit. If we are talking about a computer monitor it’s the same thing.

You’re frozen to the spot. You can’t move. Is it a dream? Things like this happen in a dream, where you can’t move. You want to move, you just can’t. Then, suddenly, someone comes in and shows you this. It’s things like this that are all the proof anyone could need that some people have too much money; way too much money. Used to be they would say this about drugs, especially Cocaine but ... I can assure you, I would much rather have an 8-Ball of coke than an old L.C. Smith that some writer supposedly wrote some book on. I’m not overly romantic when it comes to coke, even less so when it comes to ancient typewriters which, no matter what ... do not confer the expertise of the former owner upon the new owner. Coke’s a young man’s drug and though I consider myself a young man, I suspect I would not continue to be, were I to go dancing with the white lady for any length of time. It doesn't take me where I want to go anyway.

That’s a consideration; whether something takes you where you want to go or takes you somewhere else. Over the last year I used to (or thought I did) enjoy a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine but I don’t get that anymore. It’s like getting into an elevator that only goes to certain floors and most of them are down. The elevator doesn't go past a certain point, no matter what you do and only certain people live at that level so that’s it as far as communication and camaraderie goes. That’s it as far as what can be expected of the possible levels of communication and camaraderie as well.

Times are tough for the upscale drinkers, or those who think they are upscale. Supposedly, times are tough in general but when I see things like this and when I look at the jammed stadiums at football games, I have to wonder. I think the cheapest ticket you can get are above 200 bucks and around 300 in some places and those are in the nosebleed seats. For the best seats you can pay 5,000 or more. I guess you get some kind of deal if you have season tickets. Of course you are going to pay an awful lot for those AND ... so far we have only been talking about regular season games.

The people I see at these games look like your rank and file people. I’m sure there are quite a few high rollers down on the fifty yard line and up in the sky boxes and owner’s suites but the many, many tens of thousands that compose the howling, face painted mobs in the funny outfits are not high rollers but they sure must have a lot of disposable income. I couldn't afford to attend those games. Of course, being able to watch any and every game on demand, even without commercials the next day, including all the playoffs and super bowl on your computer, for about 200 Euro for the whole year, well ... that’s more my style. For the price of one game with a bad seat, I get it all.

I bring this up because I want to talk a little about perspective and priorities. Money has never been a close friend of mine. Due to my pursuits and the Karma of my circumstances, I've lived at a level that most people would call bottom line poverty but due to the way I manage my affairs; my wants and desires, I've gotten by better than you might expect. Of course I was a fool when I was young and that continued for awhile after too. I’ve had a lot of bad luck that way too, even recently. One might say that the bad luck was the result of bad judgment. Even though it clearly looks to me like I was herded to these events for the purpose of demonstration.

No matter who we are, we can well go through 39 kinds of purple shit for mysterious reasons. I direct you to the lives of saints and prophets and various mystical sorts from the historical records. These people, most of whom were certainly at a higher awareness than whatever I have reached so far; many of them went through all kinds of things. For some reason that seems to be the regular game plan of the cosmos, when it comes to those attempting to negotiate the metaphorical, spiral mountain path. On the ascent, the winds can be heavy and the going, increasingly treacherous as you continue.

It’s not a matter of whether you will eat the next day or not. It’s a matter of whether you might stray too far and forget why you came; what you were after. I've seen it happen many times and when it does, what I notice is that the principal no longer remembers certain unforgettable details from the past ... if that makes any sense. The thing is ... you have to deal with yourself. You have to come to terms with yourself. There is no escaping this. Whatever others may know or suspect of the events of a life to which they were not a party, you know ... you were there and that is all that counts.

{Appropriately enough, Visible is watching that great sleeper film that most people have never seen, much less even heard of; “On any Given Sunday.”}

Levels of glory and recognition have meaning in two different zones of being. On the temporal level you can exhaust your currency at the other levels. Lao Tzu says that such a one looks like he has swallowed the sun and the moon. When dealing with the basic differences between the temporal and the invisible, one might say the greatest difference is in the level of permanence to be gained. One should never mourn the absence of temporal reward. In most cases there is a poetry and a timing to all of this, in the long run, and it’s not something handled or managed by the subject.

In the end it’s all about the capacity for letting go. Everything that happens is geared to this result. Some of us can seriously take a licking and keep on ticking. It is to what end we tick that counts.

Mr. Apocalypse is stepping it up. It might be hard to see with the degree of sinister threat attempting to manifest all over the place. None of those things have happened YET. Back where it can’t be seen, all kinds of things are going on ... collectively and individually. Real creeps are being forced to act out in bizarre ways. You’ll remember that fellow. He’s the guy that got Phil Hartmann’s wife to snort coke after she’d been in recovery for having a problem with it. Then she went home and shot Phil. He laughed about it. He didn't think it was a big deal. There’s another example of onomatopoeia involving his last name.

It’s really starting to go haywire. You can be forgiven for thinking there’s no rhyme or reason to it. It is difficult to see the many threaded ways, woven serpentine, like the most intricate Wounaan, Indian Baskets. The complexity of the weave is so distracting that one can be further forgiven for not recognizing it is a basket and it was made to hold something.

It’s the same as trying to make sense out of the world. Not only is there the thick miasma of sticky dream honey (it’s not really honey) that manipulates the consciousness and the conclusions drawn but THE SPECTACLE ... the whirling distractions, the spinning houris, undulating like curvaceous and magnetic snakes. The dancing veils ... ah, the many colored scarves of Samskara! Are they scarves? Are they flags? Are they something masquerading as flags?

Do what is in front of you and do it as well as you can or switch the direction of your operations. Love what you do and what surrounds you or change it now and don’t forget to love yourself as you go. If you find that to be too difficult then you don’t know who you are.

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There will be a radio show Sunday night.

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DAD said...

Steve McQueen 9n any sunday is a old favorite of mine. Great post Les . Bless you and your gift.

Dodgy One said...

To each their own me tinks, however I find all sport to be naught but trivia. Seemingly designed to instill the competitor/predator instinct on the masses much like the blindness of patriotism (the last refuge of a scoundrel :BD). Strange how there seems to be no sport that is built on co-operation without any competition whereby the winners are those that inspire. If we all learned to play in harmony what a wonderful song we could sing.

Anonymous said...

These blogs are becoming a bedrock of comfort and a roadmap for how my own life is evolving.

I thank you Good Sir for sharing whatever wisdom The Ineffable keeps blowing your way.

And may a warm breeze blow up your kilt ...


Anonymous said...

So true on the alcohol comment. I'm currently on those lower floors and feel okay tonight, though sometimes I have so much, I forget what happened and become "Driven" instead of Driving... where have I heard that before... :)I drink too much, and today, much earlier, I asked, "Why do I do that?" Answer forthcoming... just not in this post. Once upon a time in this life, I quit it for 10 years because I thought God wanted me to.

After reading some of Ernest Holmes work, I see that God and I (i) are One. You too, of course. The visceral on that has progressed much, but, what do I know. From my limited understanding... I have a limited understanding because I believe I do.

My Father and I are One.

Now to make my subconscious to believe that and we'll have something here! :D

Has anyone seen Dr. Jonathan Parker's work with the Gateway's Research Institute back in the late 80's. I bought a lot of those tape programs then and had limited success with them as I was not consistently using them...

He focused totally on re-programming the subconscious mind back then and I use the techniques he teached to re-program my subconscious today... just wondering if anyone out there used his techniques with any success. Because... I'm looking to make some serious changes and i want the tride and True.

If Holmes is right... and I believe he is, certainly so, it's ok for me to use the one Power in this universe to change my life to the way I choose. God is the only Power here and everywhere and that Power is available to all of us to create what we will for ourselves. God creates the Universal and man creates the personal (thank you Ernest for that one).

Vis, you recently said that the Golden Age can be here for us right now! (paraphrasing to my understanding of what you wrote). So, let's create it already! Right now!

Yes, choose carefully. But then, again, what do I know... do we surrender this Power back to it's Source or does that Source want us want us to use it? Ha! Decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

Do what's in front of me... a ton of work for peanuts. Ha. Funny, I have had to snort the non-cocaine, outward way a bit lately. Thought I wanted something, one last girlfriend maybe, or money that went missing. Let go, enjoy the work. I have a feeling my hands are up to the abuse. I am never alone unless I think so, huh? MV

Anonymous said...

You know Les, you day after day lay all these treasures at our feet...
And Les, so often recognizing and resonating with them...taking them to heart...I wanted to ask then, what do we "do" with them?
But then I realized that taking them to heart is what's "done" with them and that they will flower in due time. That the good manifests both in and out of time, as is said "now and forever".
You write "It’s a matter of whether you might stray too far and forget why you came; what you were after."

A monk asked Joshu: "What is the Way?"
Joshu replied: "Outside the fence."
The monk insisted:"I mean the Great Way. What is the Great Way?"
Joshu replied:"The Great Way is that which leads to the Capitol."

It is essential to stay on the Great Way to...whether it's styled 'Capitol', 'Heaven', 'Nirvana', it is the place of love, sharing, peace, beauty...

It is an orientation, we consciously turn to face it. If we stumble, we get up. If we get turned around, we find the way again. (As Daniel Boone said, when asked if he ever got lost, "No, never lost, but once was turned around for 3 days".

It does get harder, no? I recalled hiking up Pikes Peak. When I emerged from the pleasant Aspen forests at the tree line and stared up at the barren steep, bouldered path ahead...daunting.
I've fallen, plenty. But it's essential to stay on that road, "outside the gate".

Thank you Les.

- ye olde beggar (who now will read the comments before posting)

Visible said...

That is rather unlikely on my part but there are many Aussies who come here and some of them I know do attend such events.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Snake Handling Tent Revival with the Gaboon Vipers of Zion.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, as usual.
Timely too.

Anonymous said...

39 eh ?

saw that sign post in the rearview 23 years ago..

seems like there was some magenta back there..among a few other hues

homeless and astonied

what a way to go



Ray B. said...

Vis: "It’s a matter of whether you might stray too far and forget why you came; what you were after."

I call that "going to sleep," and it's probably my biggest 'nightmare'. I got 'caught' down here by waiting too long when the last 'big event' happened, and I've been down here ever since. Never again...
Vis: "Not only is there the thick miasma of sticky dream honey ... that manipulates the consciousness and the conclusions drawn but THE SPECTACLE… the whirling distractions..."

One of my former teachers said that this time was probably the hardest time to Ascend in, simply because of the high level of distractions. Having lived that, now, I can certainly agree with that teacher. It truly takes 'stubbornness' and an eye for 'not right' to win through...

Good column, Vis!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Jim at 8:38,

GOD, Gift Of Drop is forever on your side.

Letting go is just like riding a bicycle, seems impossible until it happens. We look back in disbelief that we could make such a big wall around something so simple. INTEND to drop it and walk away. Once you're away INTEND to stay away.
Everything else is a substitute addiction wrapped in candy floss.

Tao never acts, yet there's nothing it doesn't do
If leaders embodied Tao, everything would naturally evolve
If old habits arise after a change, he restrains them by nameless purity
Thus nameless purity returns, but without addiction
Being free of addiction is stillness, the world will stabilize itself naturally

Tao never acts, yet supports all action
If leaders could balance, all things would proceed as they will
Materialization grasped, he lets things go allowing balance
Untouched possibility is infinitely renewable stability
Letting go, balance returns stillness

Tao never acts, yet there's nothing it doesn't do
If leaders embodied Tao, everything would naturally evolve
If old habits arise after a change, he restrains them by nameless purity
Thus nameless purity returns, but without addiction
Being free of addiction is stillness, the world will stabilize itself naturally

Tao never acts, yet supports all action
If leaders could balance, all things would proceed as they will
Materialization grasped, he lets things go allowing balance
Untouched possibility is infinitely renewable stability
Letting go, balance returns stillness

Rain Waters

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

America with Beats Headphones, Listening to the Bad Drugs Dysfunctionata Sonata.

galen said...

The pitts,
they needed exploring
I volunteered

Are we a combination of peaks and valleys? The lofty and let down? The enlightened and confused? I say yes!! And he (or she) who is always balanced is strange to me, strangely off-balance. 

The cave, it has solitude and stillness. It also have adventure and danger. All is available. Sometimes I play with danger, not the kind that scares me but the kind that takes away my clarity. It's a trade-off and I've yet been able to resist it, for more than a couple of months, that is.

And yes, I am dying. But who isn't? In the physical sense, I mean. Today I wonder if I'm learning not to judge myself every time I make a decision that hastens death. So what, in the long run? And yes, the present is smeared though sometime less painful, for awhile, anyway.

I'd love to know the sins of Jesus; surely he had one or two. What's with the wine and women? And Jesus is my Savior.

Oh, what's that I sense, a bit of judgement? It's all over my cave, spooking it with "should" and "you better. . ." I dressed up for the occasion. Sunday best to serenade the judgement. It sits in time, as if there's somewhere to arrive. 

My hand, I will extend, to give or receive what might be needed.

If darkness has any gift at all it's that it hides ways to escape judgement.

Jesus probably liked visiting the dark. He knew he could get a lot done there.

Oh please, just let this be. All it is is me.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, How lucent is Scorseses' 'The Last Temptation'?

Transcendental moments.
Yes I remember..

galen said...

Thank you, Homer. Just watched trailer:

Will watch full film again soon.

I remember, too. The vinegar tasted like life, and there was passion on every level, always pulling and pleading.

So much is just silly (talking head) me. I trip over my own feet into my own weakness tied up with my own issues and want to keep it real and own that the struggling self has as much legitimacy as the self that sails and mostly knows and delights in existence. I am intimate with both worlds.

I see that choices made carry vibrations. Is it the choice itself that determines the vibrations or is it what the mind puts on it? I do not know.

Perhaps there is no LAST (underline that) temptation. Sigh. . .


est said...

i lived on earth once
it was dark and cold

then the sun shone
and i wasn't alone

then the stars shined
on my humble abode

i felt gods grace and found my way home

galen said...

est, I love your optimism and clarity. I take it a balance to my edginess. Like:

Starving for a renaissance
the days desire recompense
the awful moon a sad song
bringing winter to the sea

I wait on the hill beyond the spell
noises of nothing from below
birds and beasts bring evergreens
less green than the year before

Up on the crest a dark wind blows
artists in exile and so few know
they’re forced to the fringe,
squeezed out to the ledge
begging the right to sell what's true

Do not trespass on the norm
a terrible storm will ice your flame
People of the kingdom come
shimmering always, but not yet home




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