Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bypassing the Planet of the Curmudgeons.

Dog Poet transmitting.......

May it always be Christmas Day in your heart. Ruf!

I love Christmas. I love Easter. I love Thanksgiving. I haven’t got much use for New Years Eve or The 4th of July. These latter are amateur hour on the highways. I consider myself a professional in that regard (grin). I have driven many times, blitzkreiged and also stopped by the PO-lice both on the highway and at temporary traffic stops for checking this very thing AND- never once have been cited for being impaired. This is because I take driving under such conditions very seriously. When I know that my senses are altered, I operate with that understanding and my attention is intensely and narrowly focused on the task at hand.

In no way am I seeking to brag about this and condone it and I recognize that it opens a window for self righteous anal retentives to come at me about it. That’s all past business anyway. However... there is always a lot we can do in any situation or circumstance besides the automatic that people put into play because they are lazy or lack the imagination. End digression.

The reason I like certain holidays, is due to the spirit filled state I enter on a regular basis. Christmas Spirit and the correlative spirit of the others are very real conditions and available to anyone who seeks them out or puts themselves ‘in the way’ of this state. What will and does cancel out this state is Materialism and cynicism; despite the seeming joy of the act of giving; this token and routine ritual of exchanging objects instead of this state of being, which is a wonderful thing to be sharing and far superior to objects. Of course, there are those who give gifts from Malkuth and gifts from Tiphereth at the same time. “God Bless us every one!” as a character in a book once said.

Last night I was told to record a Christmas Album with music as similar as possible to the traditional carols. This isn’t my normal style; not that I have one and not that I’m normal. There is a significant downside to my doing this and that is that it comes up against the contemporary cynicism of many readers who believe in nothing traditional and hedge their bets about God by shaping him according to the parameters of what they feel comfortable acting out as.

I’m not like a lot of the people who come around here. I’m not an adult. I never became an adult. That was denied me and I am grateful. I had one of the worst childhoods I know about though... I know there are worse childhoods; much worse. Mine was amplified exponentially due to my having been overly sensitive. If I had had a little more insulation and a little more of a hard side, I would have been much better off but... I was extremely sensitive and so it injured me in a way I never recovered from. I suspect it did make me into the person I am today, doing what I do, day after day and not minding, not even thinking about it. I often feel like a pack animal or a horse. I am carrying something that is greater than myself like a dog and its owner. Being beaten into submission might have helped make this possible.

Anyway... cynicism... I am a selective cynic. I do not expect Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller to change. I expect them to walk right through the gates of Hell when the time comes; which is real soon. At the same time, I am not cynical about these holidays, even though holidays have not been all that kind to me; I think. This Christmas I will be in transit.

At some point, usually in late November, the spirit descends on me and I get kind of divinely intoxicated. It’s in the air and you CAN plug into it. If you are cynical it will NOT process. Cynicism is a defense mechanism against feeling and vulnerability. People don’t want to be hurt anymore so they devote their time to hurting themselves and others and they get guidance in this regard too.

Sure... I could focus on the extreme commercialism of the season as well as the hokey aspects, sometimes cloying and all the gratuitous media portrayals. But... I don’t. I am only interested in the spirit. I note when I say Merry Christmas to people they frown. Many people have bad associations with Christmas. That’s their problem. It isn’t mine. I celebrate the birth of the light and CONFIDENTLY expect it to manifest in me.

I do lots of strange things here as a water tester or to see if people pick up on them. This may be a part of why some readers take EVERYTHING I say seriously. I referenced that in The Petri Dish comments, should there be any interest. For instance, in this very comment I intentionally did some judging, to see if anyone would call me on it. These things are only for my own edification or amusement. Still... they just go by.

Cynicism is an ugly thing; can be. It’s one of those things that calcifies. It hardens. It leads to the Planet of Curmudgeons. Remember... when you pass on, you have to spend that time with people and entities very much like you. Birds of a feather get sent to the same place. What this means is you have to strive toward adjustments in yourself. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground and it’s been said that you don’t go anywhere that you aren’t already present in. Your mindset and emotions are like an airline ticket. You get to the next realm and that world arranges itself around you to accommodate your view. This can be very good news or very bad news. I tend to recommend people to The Tibetan Book of the Dead insofar as a pictorial of what you will experience in similar fashion. Ergo... I pursue Christmas spirit and I could care less for the cynics who did become adults but... not in a good way.

For many people, the dark side and its agents have been successful, inasmuch as it has served to put them into a negative mindset and what this accomplishes is something like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sure there are all kinds of sham and pretense. Sure, the trivia side, the superficial side of the holiday is off putting. You react to that and that attitude extends to areas where no aware person would want to be chuted to. You can deny the manifest side of the time but... as all too often happens, you discard the spirit as well. Jesus Christ should not be judged according to Christianity. Christianity is a fascist enterprise but... one can have a personal relationship with the Christ Consciousness. This can descend upon you and it is not unlike Christmas Spirit. So... I wrote three Christmas carols last night after being instructed to. It will be an interesting project and I will include the lyrics at the end of the posting. In this particular case... the music is going to be a much larger factor in the potential for appreciation because it will dovetail right into the familiar.

I refuse to become cynical, except selectively. I don’t mind looking like a Polyanna fool, someone overly influenced by naiveté, a callow sort. Nothing could be further from the truth because my posture is calculated and intentional. I’m not spending my time wishing and hoping that I have done enough or that I have sought the almighty with all my heart and soul and loved the almighty above all else. I simply do it to the best of my ability to and chastise myself whenever I find something pedestrian occupying my mind. It will pay off in the end. Sometimes the struggle goes on for your whole life. You cannot judge outcome according to that. Well... you can... if you’re a cynic but even cynics get wary when it has to do with their own future... unless they have become so seduced by that attitude that it’s an unconscious operating part of them.

The only embarrassment I am concerned about is being embarrassed before the throne. Thankfully, forgiveness is a constant reality for the sincere. We should always keep in mind that it is quite possible that a lot of what we did or what happened to us was not brought about by Karmic reflex but was intentionally created by agents of the almighty for the purpose of demonstration which... in some cases has a lot to do with that particular outcome; a teaching moment if you wish. A teaching life is something all of us engage in. We are taught NOT TO go that way and certainly to go in some variant of THAT other WAY.

Well... we all have our options all along. We have attitudes and lifestyles to choose from in bewildering profusion. We can make ourselves to a degree, while also being shaped by one of two enduring forces. To each their own for that is what they will own. We are in this moment. It is all we will ever have in actuality and all through our lives there are doors and apertures we can go through or ignore. It’s how we feel in our end game that is of singular importance all round. Merry Christmas!!!

End Transmission.......

Ring out the old world and ring in the new
Jesus Christ the son of god has a message for you
It came upon a perfect night his star appeared inside the sky
His light was born to shine within
for those that he made free of sin
Kingdom come is now in reach
of every heart that comes in peace.

Come ye all and sing his greetings
Come ye all and sing his songs
gladly and with open heart
on this day when he is born

And let it be on every day
his love shall swell your heart
let him come alive in you
and let your new life start.

He came out of the darkness
from the womb of Lady Nature
He precipitated into life
to become our savior

He said he was the way
the life and the truth
from the kingdom of forever
where one gains eternal youth

Christmas is the season that we celebrate his birth
How the light was born out of the darkness of the Earth
How the light of god came to shine as if the sun
were brighter by ten thousand times and there for everyone

Joy to the seeking heart
joy to the prisoned mind
This is what he told us to
Seek and ye shall find.

Joy to the suffering
in every place of want and need
Joy to the friends of god
and death to fear and greed

Our liberator now has come
and paid the price for everyone
How truly great and measureless
this love that never dies

Seasons greetings to you all
here on Christmas Day
celebrate the birth of light
and let it have its way.

Christmas is the season that we celebrate his birth
How the light was born out of the darkness of the Earth
How the light of god came to shine as if the sun
suddenly appeared within the heart of god's own son

Ring out the old world and ring in the new
Jesus Christ the son of god has a message for you
It came upon a perfect night his star appeared inside the sky
The light was born to shine within
for those that he made free of sin
Kingdom come is now in reach
of every heart that comes in peace.

Come ye all and sing his greetings
Come ye all and sing his songs
gladly and with open heart
on this day when he is born

And let it be on every day
his love shall swell your heart
let him come alive in you
and let your true life start.

The son of man
is coming back on that you may depend
to be reborn in every waiting heart

He is not coming down from the sky
but he is coming down from on high within
Into every waiting heart

In Bethlehem it came to pass or so the scriptures say
That Jesus Christ the son of God was born on Christmas Day
Born in humble circumstance
to illustrate the true romance
Of spirit with the human soul
the greatest story never told
The priesthood needs must have a lie
To build their coffers up so high
the ignorant do not ask why
but the truth will live forever
The truth will never die

Now 2000 years have gone or so the records say
but the records they are often false and continue to this day
The businessmen have bought his church and twisted his fine words
So it is that Jesus wept and his kingdom not occurred.

In Jerusalem it came to pass that Jesus rode in on an ass
a symbol of the ignorance that prospers in this world
along with death and darkness which the master brought to heel
He taught us what is true of love. He taught us how to feel

He taught us that the greatest love will seek the highest good
that after love for god the greatest love is brotherhood
He showed us how we all could be
He came to Earth to set us free
Earth is in torment to this day
That torment soon will pass away.
If you, my friend, are true of heart
The Christ within will not depart.

All of this has been foretold
In stories from the days of old
Still fear and lies they rule the day.
Yet all of these will pass away
in this apocalypse
Believe it or believe it not
what is is what will be

Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day
To tell the truth. He said it all, there's nothing more to say.
and that day can be any day that Christ appears in you
Pursue this course above all else
and love the one and true

Eternal life was promised by the one who cannot lie
Now death it has no meaning and you have no death to die
The glory and the power before the kingdom throne
Is singular and tailor made for everyone alone

Feast upon this day
Feast within your heart
Make the master one with you
and you will never part

Jesus Christ the son of man was born on Christmas Day
Jesus Christ the son of God was born on Christmas Day
He came to Earth to speak the truth
there's nothing more to say
There's nothing more to say.

Seasons greetings one and all
come into our home
the hearth is warm and comforting
There's food and cheer for everyone
and let the spirit fill your heart
glad tidings are the living truth
of what the season brings
and those who love the lord our god
hear how their soft hearts sing

We dance and sing the merry way
of Christ’s love in our hearts today
our cup is filled to overflow
and still there's more, how? we don't know.

The blessings of the son of god
are singular and truly fine
the higher love is in our hearts
the shining light is in our minds.

How did we come to now possess
the full extent of measureless
capacity of love and grace
that travels with us every place

The transcendental innocence
of that which is without pretense
that is the power and the glory
birthed in true humility

Greater the undying love
that dies for those they truly love
and cannot die and cannot die
this grace comes from above

seasons greetings one and all
come into our home
the hearth is warm and comforting
There's food and cheer for everyone
and let the spirit fill your heart
glad tidings are the living truth
of what the season brings
and those who love the lord our god
hear how their soft heart sings

Come ye on this special day
when grace has made a perfect way
for you to now experience divine
the source of prescience

And all the angels sing his praise
across the endless span of days
He rules forever infinite
and we are all a part of it
and we are all a part of it

How deeply dark the ignorance
that cannot see, it makes no sense
how free and clear the beautiful
that shines out of the heart of you

We come to what we emulate
There is a love that is so great
mind cannot know, tongue cannot tell
Make it yours and use it well

seasons greetings one and all
come into our home
the hearth is warm and comforting
There's food and cheer for everyone
and let the spirit fill your heart
glad tidings are the living truth
of what the season brings
and those who love the lord our god
hear how their soft heart sings.

Not edited at all yet. Later for that. Editing often occurs as a part of the process of recording as natural fit reveal themselves and cumbersome lines as well.

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Antony said...

Excellent piece, driving while tripping was one of the most memorable memories of my debauched past, I will never forget driving 5 miles in a matchbox sized car on a zillion mile wide road. Bill Hicks

I would love to be a Christian, my father is one and wears the robes and the way they have corrupted it all is very sad.

But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"
Blessings to you Mr Visible

Anonymous said...

oh come let us adore him.

merry christmas les visible.

i too love the spirit and the light of the season.

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

My admiration grows more visible ...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'll stick to Yule, and acknowledging the 25th as the day it becomes obvious the days grow longer. To Mithra, Horus, Dionysus, and all the other Pagan gods allegedly born that day, a toast (with Reed's Ginger Beer).

Christ Conscious should not be seasonal, me thinks. All conventional (hallmark) holidays are days for me to hang low. Don't drive, take solitary walks through the hood, and bitch and gripe over it being a slow news day, which the holidays often are.

But merry Christmas to ya anyway, along with a happy Yule. Ours will probably be vegetarian, unless I get that job I just got a phone interview for yesterday, in which case I will take my Nosehair bud out to din-din and might indulge in some tikka masala and/or tandoori chicken.

Maybe. I'll see if any chickens have anything to say in my dreams the week before. If they don't mind or are no-shows, then I suppose I will have some.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful to see the transformation from the Intellectual to the Heart taking place now in the multitudes.
I agree with Love to Push--Christ Consciousness is meant to be all-season, like good, sturdy tires.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

I was just about to post exactly what "push those buttons" just posted. Those who think Christ Consciousness" is dependent on some seasonal hype and mob hypnosis is sadly deluded. The winter equinox is one of 365 daily opportunities each year to feel gratitude love and joy.
And compassion also, for the numerous people who experience, more acutely, the pain of loneliness and exclusion at this psudo-special time of the year. For those with finer tuning capacities, it can be difficult to tune this vibe out.
Finally, lets not forget that this seasonal phenomenon affects mostly the societies of the white and rich - seems Sandy Claws don't much like poor dark skinned people; just another day to survive for 80% of the world.
Selectively tuning in to one happy vibe is little more than escapism. And, if that's your religion, kindly spare me the evangelism.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Your timing is perfect as the time is now to focus on the season.

Hoping you'll record Oh, Come All Ye Faithful. Someone wrote one of the lines and it's a beauty.

Be well.

DAD said...

Les, you are a blessing for those who search. I will say prayers for you during this time of transition . Peace David

Anonymous said...

truly it is the thought
that counts
for it is from our thoughts that
we act...

and Judge

even if, only ourselves

rejoice and give thanks

Joy & Peace be in your heart



Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones, November 15, 2014 1:11:00 AM (from last SM)

"I had a recent visitation Ray B - I woke up during the night because I thought the cat was trying to get under the covers, then when I reached down to push him away he wasn't there. Then I hear this high pitched screech that sounded not dissimilar to the screech of the wraiths in Lord of the Rings to see this black etheric creature standing on the right of the bed trying to attack me with what appeared to be a coat hanger. I got rid of it by yelling at it once I was able to muster my voice to get a sound out, which was incredibly hard."

(I thought I'd put my reply here, so it might have a better chance of being seen by you... *grin*)

Quite an 'event'! Glad you're okay. The good thing is that the ones who just try to scare you are normally impotent to do much else. The really dangerous ones are the ones who can keep you 'unconscious', but those are rare these days... (grin)

One thing I might suggest you trying, just in case. (My "X-Files" cautiousness.) Sometimes, conscious memories of events can be 'screen' memories - whether imposed by the person as emotional 'protection' or by an Other for nefarious reasons. If you call in your version of Higher self, get calm and neutral, and ask to know the truth about the event, you may get an affirmation that it is exactly as you remember or knowledge that something 'deeper' was going on. I am not suggesting it did; just being cautious.

(Oh, and be sure not to imagine something up. Sometimes, our dramatic selves like to step in... *grin*)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column.

I see the difference between cynicism and simple-experience as the amount of held pain. Cynicism is just anger and sadness, if boiled down. And, to have recurring anger and sadness, there must be deep pain anchoring them.

One of the deepest 'disappointments' I have with this current culture is the lack of instruction or education about feeling 'stuff' through. We could be such a 'high' culture with just that little 'tweak'. Not necessarily more spiritual-minded (although that would be more likely to happen), but just less 'mean'.

If the cynics just felt-through the old pain, their hearts would re-open and they could feel (emphasis: FEEL) the 'spirit' you are talking about...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would be proven wrong about cynics in this location. I see what you mean/ subtle and a nice touch to imply you didn't mean all year around as well even though everything you said indicated as consistent a practice as possible.

You do extremely good and necessary work but yours is not an enviable position. Too many people resent your abilities or do not trust in your sincerity. I understand the use of Christ as an example. He was so far beyond all of us but he caught shit on a regular basis.

Keep on keeping on.


josey said...

Masterful and intrinsically kind, warms the heart in a most beautiful way. It makes me believe anything positive and constructive is possible.


galen said...

Sometimes one can put out what one feels very good about and someone can come along and smash it and attempt to distort its intentions. When encountering such, I occasionally turn to this quick demonstration of spontaneous self-determinism. May not be the essence of ethics, but will likely clear one's path:

34 seconds:


Ginnie said...

Rosalind Russel sang a song in "Auntie Mame"

"Because we need a little Christmas....right this very moment! We need little Christmas now!

Eudoxia said...

I know exactly what you are saying Ray B - I had picked up on a presence a couple of days before. It's also interesting what you said about screens. When I was under the influence of San Pedro I was shown something similar to what Castaneda referred to as flyers. They were big black slug type of things just thumping around. Then my attention was diverted to this empty space where a screen appeared, then one of these black things would flap down and another screen would drop down over the previous one/s. Nothing made any sense that was happening on the screens, and that in and of itself I think is a dead give away i.e. nothing is really real -grin- It has allowed me to pay more attention and focus on creating my own reality which is constantly changing into something else as per the screens. I'm really looking forward to doing Ayahuasca next week-end. I'm focusing on rain all day today as it's going to be hotter than the hobs of hell.

On the subject of Christmas, I switched off the materialistic side of that a long time ago. For me Christmas reflects a time of joy, love and friendship and the Christ consciousness within. Are you going to drop Santa bombs all over your pages like you did last year Mr Viz? May I suggest not quite as many of them this time -grin- I thought they were cool but it made me nauseous at times!

insiam said...

After reading just the first paragraph of the post it flashed in to my mind to comment - simply, 'your not normal Vis'. Whilst wondering if you would get the humor. Then just further down the page there it was - you had beat me to it :)

Also strangely enough, just yesterday, i had a light hearted conversation with two very different people about defining normal. Glad to say i'm not normal :)

Re. your childhood. I think such adversity at the beginning really helps define our characters. My beginning was a bit rough also. Psycopathic, alchoholic father who physically and mentally abused me. Sexually abused my sisters. Phyisically abused my mother. Kept us all in dire poverty. To the extent that we were permanently hungry, holes in soles of shoes etc etc. You get the picture.

Strange thing is though, i was always a happy kid as i guess at the time i just though it was par for the course.

Sorry to try to out do you on the childhood thing. Just my way of saying i get your drift :)

You're not normal man - not normal :))

insiam said...

Very profund Vis re.

' the The Tibetan Book of the Dead insofar as a pictorial of what you will experience in similar fashion'.

I smoked the herb salvia on a few occasions some years ago and i always ecountered the 'Rathfull diety'. Thing is i never knew what he was untill one day, a year or so later, i by 'chance' picked up a copy of the Tibetain Book of the Dead - and there he was.

For those that may be unfamiliar with 'salvia'. It is simply a form of the herb Sage. If consumed (smoked) correctly then one passes to the other dimension. The sensaion whilst passing is as if ones body is dissolved and passing through a sand timer. That probably wont' make much sense to some :)

Anyhow, having passed to the other dimension you will meet, as Vis so succintly puts it, what is approriate. I'm not sure why i met the Wrathfull Deity - but he wasn't as one may imagine. Quite fiendly actually. Maybe it was my mindset at that time?

insiam said...

@ anon 5.55 ....

What a cynical view of xmas you have. How sad.

I live in Thailand which is predominatly a Buddhist country. They have many religious celebrations and holidays thoughout the year, although the big on is 'Songkran '. I can tell you that it is just like Christmas. People get so excited. The feeling of good will is in the air for a month or so - it is almost tangible. Everyone seems to become more friendly and the kids just can't sleep at night in anticipation of the big days.

They also cellebrate xmas in a big way. The lights and decorations are far more beatifull and elaborate than in the UK. A simple goole search would confirm that fact.

Xmas is a time of good will not about rich or poor, black or white.

Haaaapppppy xmas :)

Ray B. said...

insiam (and Vis), sorry to hear about your childhood. I wish it had been better for you (both). I will probably get in trouble here for saying it, but it brought up the Charles Fort quote, "If there is a universal mind, must it be sane?"

On Normal: I have a roughly 3x5 inch inscribed-rock sitting on my bookshelf just inside my door. It reads, "NORMAL PEOPLE WORRY ME". I watch for the expressions on folks as they see it. When they grin, I know we have a bond... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

hmmmmmm normal? What sort of whird is that? Who is normal? What is normal? Normal is just a whird. Time to reinvent whirds I say. No, nobody is normal, that's just a tag they - being the authorities try to tag us with. TAG you're up for tiggy. WHIRD, WHIRDS, WHIRLDS..........I rest my case - whatever case that is, I think it's the normal (RIP) case. If we are normal then we are part of the matrix - fuck that shit. I'm pleeesd to admit I AM not normal.

insiam said...

important typo to above post:)

the rathfull deity was friendly not fiendly :)

JerseyCynic said...

Merry Christmas to you, Visible, from a cynic that keeps the Christmas spirit alive ALL year 'round. I do seem to get extra warm and cozy when the official xmas season comes around. I do wish, however, that the constant barrage of christmas songs over the airwaves would start after thanksgiving instead of immediately following halloween.

I could listen to this one all year:
Billy Squire - Christmas is the time to say i love you

Lance said...


Got a couple of days behind in my online reading and just found this, today.

Your Christmas opening surprised me, coming so early, because for the past week or so, I have kept telling myself that I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. Not in trying to convince myself, or anything, but as a realization. I might even put up a tree, something I haven't done since the kids left home and moved out of the area, and my wife's health took an extensive turn for the worst before she finally succumbed to her illness -- or probably 11 years. I just hope the dog, who has never seen a Christmas tree, doesn't take a fancy to the ornaments, or knock it over in one of his wild displays -- he's a good-sized German Shepard.

Along with looking forward to Christmas, I have also been thinking of rescuing my old accordion from the attic of one of my childhood homes and seeing if I could finally learn to play it, now that I'm pushing 70. I was taking lessons a half-century ago -- about the time the guitar was coming into its own as the instrument of choice, and playing the accordion was like bringing the proverbial knife to a gun fight. It, and the polkas it was commonly associated with had become a joke. Age can have some strange effects upon one.

When you said you would be posting the lyrics to your Christmas carols, I didn't know what to expect. They may not pass the test of orthodoxy in every respect, but are substantive and likable, and I'm waiting to hear the melodies they will carry. Now, if only you get the Norman Abersnackle Choir to record them. :)

galen said...

Lance, check out The Pogues (early stuff). They made the accordion hip again. And don't you think we all should be dancing the polka more? Grin

Ahhh. . . Christmas. . . I delight in it so fully; can't help it. It's like that scene in Mary Poppins where every time they laughed they kept floating upwards. It's irresistible and contagious. Even though I keep reminders of it around me, I like that it's not publicly showcased all year long; something would be diminished, the specialness, or the right to not be high.

I gather with friends once a month. We create little workshops. My turn a few months back and I ask everyone to share what they want written on their tombstone (metaphorically, at least, since many no longer have tombstones). We had the usual: 

"She loved her children." 

"He gave his all."

One clever woman wrote: 

"She's not dead."

I wrote: 

"Here lies galen, she kept her Christmas Tree up all year."

And it's true. I just can't take it down. So yes, some of my July visitors look at it strangely. Some pretend it's not there. But a small few smile and get it. It is for them that I actually plug in the lights.


insiam said...

@ Galen,

As you have been so kind to me this year with your words :) i will record a rendition of Fairy tale of New York on the paino just for you. I may even sing - but that is a 'maybe' :)

Mo visible said...

С новым годом
Mo visible

galen said...

Insiam, I am a complete Shane MacGowan head so you better start practicing now. Ha. Just kidding. About the practicing, I mean. I will wait for your offering, and with glad anticipation. Truly one of the great songs of all time. Please sing, too. And I wonder who might assist in attending to the original design of the song as duet. Hmmmmm..... :)


insiam said...

Galen, if i do sing it will only be the intro. But it is almost 1.5 mins, which should be enough for anyone to suffer - ha! (piano will cover the full song)

I would have asked Kirsty to do the duet bits but Alas she is no longer taking bookings on this earthly plane. Rest her soul ...

galen said...

Copy dat, Insiam.

And you, too, have brought Christmas early. One can only wonder what else might be under the tree.

Yet alert, alert I must be,
for the magic-slayers would invalidate me




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