Thursday, April 16, 2015

Living on the Treadmill of Fear.

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“Questers of the truth, that’s who dogs are; seekers after the invisible scent of another being’s authentic core.”

If you are watching closely you can see your life change. If you look even more closely you can see it coming before it arrives. I favor the second. This is one of the curious mysteries of life. We should know that things are going to happen to us. They happen to everyone else. How does it serve that some variation of these countless themes will not happen to each and every one of us? I should add that just because I favor the second approach, I am not a trained professional. In any case, the first method leads directly to the second, automatically, as the result of paying attention.

Of course, there are people who pay way too much attention to the minutiae of things that haven't happened yet and maybe never will. They obsess over negative possibilities. We call these people neurotics. Then there are those whose whole attention is focused on what they can get away with doing to other people. We call them psychotics. Of course, they're a little more nuanced than that. Then there are those who are motivated to act out on those things that drive a neurotic batshit and they're called compulsives. Compulsives do what they do because they think that particular set routines will protect them from things happening to them, which they don't. Technically they are called obsessive compulsives. They are not to be confused with impulsives, who are usually acting out to relieve stress. It all comes down to anxiety and stress, which are the result of a fear based existence. They like to say that all of these are caused by chemical imbalances. Why do 'they' say this? They say this because the pharmaceutical companies lean on them to say it. The actual cause, generally, in my opinion, is the result of not being able to successfully integrate into a diseased society.

You can't fit into this culture unless you are willing to be bent out of shape. Once you are bent out of shape you develop any one or more of these psychological problems. They are a rite of passage. I'm aware that I was all too brief in my description of the defining characteristics of the various maladies but you can educate yourself at your leisure. All the violence being carried out by the system on the systematized; all the suicides and much higher amount of what doesn't get seen as suicide but which is suicide; it's all a product of the forced regimentation of human behavior, in the service of the conscienceless predators. It is almost laughable that people, en masse, would put up with it... but they do.

I've never put up with it but I've paid the price, as have all of us who insist on going our own way. It's a personal decision. You have to decide for yourself if you are okay with living on The Treadmill of Fear in return for whatever presumed quality of life you are going to be getting out of that. Hear that dial tone? My phone is off the hook about it. Here's something I learned and you can go to the third hexagram of the I Ching for the answer. It explains what you run into in the initial stages. I can vouch for that. It can be brutal but (also from the I Ching) 'perseverance furthers'. Unfortunately, most people don't have the sand or the determination to get to that place of enduring freedom. One of the problems is that it is not an external location and only turns into one when the internal light goes on. Then instead of living in this prison world you could be in prison and be freer than those on the outside. I had direct experience of this at one point and it blew my mind. I had people coming to visit me when I was locked up and they were often in sad shape. Meanwhile I was in bliss.

When I got out of lockdown, I had been in for 20 months during that period and I was lighter than air. Everywhere I went, I could see the ingrained misery of the people around me. I was in a state of intense hyper reality. I had been meditating for hours each day in my cell. It was hard to believe that I was seeing what I was seeing. After a couple of months that awareness went away for the most part and I didn't notice it as much. You get played back into the whole dreamscape. It just happens.

A classic example of this is when you watch TV. At first you are aware that you are watching it. You can see the absurdity, maybe... a lot of people don't even have that. Or say you are in a theater and you are watching a movie. You know that you are watching a movie but within a few minutes you lose that objective awareness and for all general purposes you are in the film or the TV show. This happens all day long because life itself is a movie. Most of the time for most people, the objective and consciously reflective awareness is not in operation. For others, it comes and goes. For the liberated, they are nearly always aware of the circumstances of their existence, except when they don't want to be.

I used to watch Guru Bawa. He would sit up in his room on the second floor of the Overbrook Fellowship, on mainline Philadelphia and the TV was playing all the time. I'd watch him watching the people while they were watching TV and I could see that he was working on them, while they were being distracted by the television. I had an amusing experience one day. This fellow, Michael Quinn, had been listening to me play some of my songs and, for whatever the reason, he was much moved by them. At the time, music, singing and dancing, were considered a no no. I always found this strange because Bawa was a Sufi and they have Sufi Dancing and other things but... I digress.

Anyway, Michael was one of those real mover and shaker kind of guys. He later became a multi millionaire from buying mansions in an extremely cheap housing market and then restoring and selling them. Later on we had a big falling out over a young lady named DJ, with whom I was having a romantic liason and that, I'm pretty sure, put the kiss of death on our relationship. Anyway, he was motivated to go right to Guru Bawa and tell him about my songs and how I should be allowed to put them out there. So... Bawa sends for me and I am seated in front of him and he gives me the standard lecture about music. He had this way of looking into the palm of his hand at certain moments when he was talking to you. It had something to do with reading your life. Then, out of the blue he says, “Okay, you can do this. You go out and do this but you come back when you have done this, okay?' I said, “okay.” The funny part is that while he was saying this to me, one of those commercials that were always coming on in that time period was playing and it was for Sergio Franchi's greatest hits. I was super aware of the irony going on.

The result of our get together spread like wildfire through the fellowship and before you knew it, some significant number of the residents were all banging on Bawa's door, looking to get the same permissions, which they did not get. It was pretty hilarious and only added to the degree of resentment I had to deal with there every day. It was such an event that he had to give a whole discourse about it, which involved a story about a king sending out through the kingdom for musicians (for some reason) and the result was that everyone was playing at once and it was cacophony. I don't remember how it ended, it was a long time ago.

Bawa was fairly prescient about things. He knew where various lifestyles would lead people, regardless of the hopes and ambitions of the people who want to go in any of those directions. It's funny how we rationalize what we want to do and who we want to be, in such a way as to convince ourselves that it is all on the up and up. I look back on my life and the intensity of effort I put into realizing my dreams, which never, or have yet to come to pass and I recognize now that I was spared a whole lot of bullshit and grief. All things in time and all things, more importantly, at the right time and in the right way. Otherwise it is a very slippery slope. I've looked right at it and seen that. I got a few famous friends who are dead now. They had it all, so to speak... but they did not have it all apparently and now they are in that far country from which they say no traveler returns but they do return. They return over and over and over again.

If you look at older people you will see those characteristics they developed over a lifetime of patterning. These are the things that came about in their attempts to deal with what life threw at them and the compromises they made. In many of their homes the lights are on all the time and the TV and radio are both playing at the same time. There's a reason for this and it has to do with getting to the further end of The Treadmill of Fear. It comes from having built a small prison for themselves within the confines of the larger prison that was built for them. I'm looking out my window at the wet jungle (it's been raining on and off for a week at least) and I wonder how it could be better than this. There's no one around and the only sounds are those of the wild life singing in concert with the atmosphere of their world. They're not on the radio or the TV but they should be.

I'll close on an amusing note. One of the readers here went off on an escapade to see if he could convince a certain few individuals to make peace with me. One of the people he talked to; I believe it was a woman, went on and on about all my sins and failings but also betrayed that she was up on every single thing I write, every radio broadcast I do and every comment everyone else makes but... she doesn't like me at all (grin). So, why is she around all of the time? It does make you wonder what that means but... in my case, I don't wonder long.

It's perfectly okay not to like someone. We are as much defined by our enemies as we are by our friends. We all have shortcomings and they will be called to our attention here and there but... there is no reason to lie and make things up, or create inflated exaggerations that bear no resemblance to real life. The truth should be enough. It should be. Maybe it's not.

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Anonymous said...

I like you. I am you.
Liz in LA

Katy said...

there was a child, whose mother would leave the girl and her little brother in their apartment after school while she worked and they had to be very quiet --being the big city, mom didn't want social services to find out they were left alone.
so the two children would turn off all the lights and close the curtains and would watch TV turned down very low and eat. which were about the only activities they could do without fear...
The little girl had forgotten these things until she came to see me 20 years later as a college student with a terrible terrible eeating disorder, and overridden with anxiety.

Imprisoning patterns indeed...

( BTW, one part of "treatment" was to go home after classes, throw open the windows, and crank up the stereo...)

Not 60 minutes before this column was posted, I was reading an old spiritual tome about how hard people work to contort or even sacrifice themselves to get the approval of those in the world. Constantly pondering The regard of Others, fitting in, hopefully moving up to a snottier class....while not donating a minute to advancing interiorly. while ignoring a universe of mystery and grace and a most ineffable journey! All shoved aside to find approval from someone who matters not... while exquisite delights and gifts of illuminating grace sit perched for the asking...and I was thinking,
Les Visible! 500 years ago...

Ray B. said...

Vis: "The actual cause, generally, in my opinion, is the result of not being able to successfully integrate into a diseased society."

Blast from the past: I almost got out of the psychological profession for that very reason. I read that the main ambition of the psychological profession was to get people integrated into society. My hackles came up. Who decides how healthy society is?

I was fortunate enough to have done a fair amount of woo-woo stuff before getting into the trade, and to have read books by the 'deep practitioners' of the trade. So, when I learned of the above 'ambition', I had something 'beyond consensual society' to fall back on.

Finally, after much tossing and turning, I decided to simply pursue psychology as a healing modality. Let the person 'burrow in' deep enough, encounter what is there, and work it through to the best of their ability (with maybe a little 'spiritual help'). No references to society at all. They might 'fit in' better with society, or they might 'fit in' worse. But at least they would be healthier...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

That's what Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur had in a common gestalt. In my early psychedelic period I used to love Jung and Joseph Campbell. It was the same when I read the Fowles book; The Magus. Then the Tarot took care of the archetype thing and finally it was just light and the various qualities and densities of it. One of the things Guru Bawa often talked about was Divine Luminous Wisdom. I pray for it every day.

missingarib said...

Vis, faith and age gives us the opportunity to resolve the slings and arrow projectiles we aimed and endured in our youth. The thoughtless words and actions born of ego, fear or want. The loves we lost or carelessly threw away.

A time to heal, a time to unload the weight of ego ,of hubris,of attitude,of false beliefs.

As the spokes of a wheel are attached to the hub, so all things are attached to life.
(Indian Proverb)
When we take one step toward to God, he takes seven steps toward us.
(Indian Proverb)
Those who love in the Lord never see each other for the last time.
(German Proverb)

live long

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In the words of the greatest of the great Advaitans ...
Sri Adi Shankaracharya

"Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death"
Bhaja Govindam

“In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear”
Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.40

Anonymous said...

Truth beckons like a feast to a beggar, except for the leaders of the stool sculpture deity cult...

for real :

Jesus said to ..."know the truth."

and leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound, ex post haste, even.

but then watching TV is a national pastime in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

Jesus also said...emphatically

"FEAR NOT"...!

dig this chutzpah...

there were never any Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo



alpholive said...

At great risk to my personal reputation which is scant I venture a comment. It's all bullshit. That's right folks. It's all plain and ordinary bullshit. That's it for me. A No Name Is.

galen said...

Bullshit can be menacing, but in the proper place and circumstance it is indeed a potent fertilizer, capable of aiding the growth of much that will nourish, strengthen, transform.


Thomas said...

Dear Vis;

I liked reading this. Thank you for the enjoyment.

I sent you a short mail (135 words).

I see no reason why this has to be public, but, on the other hand, it's not like I feel the need to have it hidden. You decide.

To all who read this: Be well :)

Anonymous said...

When your values are so corrupted you cannot discern the prison which you're living in, and have it called a prison proper, then I suppose the natural defense to that is to retreat behind a veil and to call it all bullshit. This is of course right and proper, since the truth must be stood upon it's head for the mind controlled to ignore that it stumbled in to the true reality of their life.

I'm an old person. I've known and know old people who do just as Vis say's they do, and I too know why, and he is right. Totally right. A prison is not made by walls.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

For the last few years every time I get pulled over by the police, if others are with me, the police go to great trouble to ask them if I have a mental condition (LOL). The other day my son, who was travelling solo, got pulled over and the officer asked him if the car was registered to me, because if it was the officer joked that he was going to have to report it as stolen, because 'evidently' I don't exist!

Your comments about not fitting into a sick society, and hence being defined as 'mentally ill', and your other comment about being in a heightened state of fear and anxiety all the time, are very pertinent. I recently read 'Spontaneous Evolution' by Bruce H. Lipton PH.D., and Steve Bhaerman, and in this book it was shown that genetic determinism is not consistent with the behaviour of the living cell, but rather interaction with the environment. Much of this depends upon our perceptions. It was shown that a cell put under mental duress (psyops war) for prolonged time, would eventually get sick, because whilst in fight or flight mode all nutrients are drawn away from the major organs to the extremities. All this extra energy being used to protect ourselves over long periods leaves vital organs starving for nutrients. This is where the term 'frightened to death' is given new meaning.

I have not yet finished 'Spontaneous Evolution'. If it is anything like Lipton's last book, 'Biology of Belief', I agreed with all information presented but disagreed with his final conclusion. I could be wrong but it looks like the argument is being put forward that we must give preference to our damaged environment or humanity will not survive, and if that is the case I can see a set up coming. The environment is the new God we will worship, and this will be done to the detriment of humanity. Agenda 21 is all about sustainable development, and as most of us are aware this translates to the extermination of 90% of humanity and a reduction in lifestyle for the remaining 10%, all except for the elite that is!

I have no problem with living a meagre lifestyle. The indigenous people of the world lived happily doing this, the only thing is we won't be allowed to be free like they were. The only people who will be free under Agenda 21 are the people who deliberately destroyed our planet, and who organised for the indigenous peoples of this world to be wiped out, for the very purpose of using the degraded environment as an excuse to enslave the rest of us. !

(part 1)

Kazz said...

(Part 2)
In Australia our farmers, FOOD PRODUCERS, are literally being legislated out of business. Recently banks have been downgrading the value of their land and foreclosing on their mortgages, even though the farmers mortgages are not in default. The reason the banks claim this is lawful is because the drop in value of the property no longer makes the mortgage viable. And yes the banks are the one's who decide what the value of the property is!!

Corporate fracking, which is destroying Australia's much need Artesian water supply, is not even financially viable, yet still the corporate whores in OUR? government give it away free to the multinational gangsters!

If the elite want the rest of us to live a meagre lifestyle then lets see them put their money where their mouths are!! Let them lead by example!! If they are not willing to do this then I suggest it is time for humanity to outgrow these losers!

I am over living under these demon possessed child raping lunatics who use children for appetisers.

Recently Abbott Australia's (ahem) Prime Minister), or should I more correctly state the CEO of the US corporation the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, has stated that parents who won't vaccinate their children will not receive welfare. Extortion ay!! All I can say to this is good. If they are not going to support our people then my suggestion to the Australian people is STOP PAYING ROME THEIR TRIBUTE AND LET THESE ARSE HOLES GET A REAL JOB!

The only solution to our woes is for humanity to take back its power!!!

I am so glad I am at one with the Divine in these times or I really would go mad.

Luv Kazz

Katy said...

Ray --
You write wise words about the psych "profession"...(it is quite the political t:ool these days...)

One Hindu saying that helped ground me during the studies was

A snake sheds its skin at the rate that a snake sheds its skin


Ray B. said...

Karen Norman, April 17, 2015 2:47:00 AM :

"I could be wrong but it looks like the argument is being put forward that we must give preference to our damaged environment or humanity will not survive, and if that is the case I can see a set up coming."

I can see the dangers in TPTB riding this issue into more control and domination. However, I also see the dangers in humanity trashing the planet. (This may be aided and abetted by passages in the Old Testament giving mankind 'dominion' over the ecosystem. Talk about a 'blank slate' for abuse, if one is of lower consciousness...)

I say this because I have watched the farmland in the Greater Seattle area being destroyed over the decades. It was paved over and now is warehouses or condos. Now, the same thing is happening in the southern Oregon area. The flattest, most productive land is also the easiest to build on. No sense of the future...

The biggest elephant in the room is the burgeoning human population. There may be metaphysical reasons for all the extra souls wanting to be here at this time, but I basically see the results: A ravaging of Nature.

I am no fan of TPTB reducing the population as THEY see fit, but something has to be done to 'balance' with Nature. Otherwise, it will all eventually look like Bejing...

I see no way that this will be done before some major 'consciousness shift'. The imperatives to grow and spread are built too deeply into our biology.

Sorry to be in such a pessimistic mood about this. It is something that we MUST do, and something we CANNOT do. At least from an earth-plane level...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Hi Ray B,

My point is that while the elite feign concern for the eco system in Australia, and elsewhere, they are the one's who are profiting from its demise. Corporations and governments have become a cancer, not only to humanity, but also to the planet's eco system. Any break throughs in eco friendly perpetual energy are hidden away, and their inventors silenced, because they threaten the multinational's petrochemical industry. The same with hemp, which offers a wide variety of uses that would ease the suffering of mother nature.

As I see it those in power are the problem, and everyone keeps looking to them for the solution, but even dumb old me knows that in order to fix something that is broken you must look to the cause, and that will never happen while the elite are running the show because they are the cause!

I don't mean to say that humanity is not contributing, but humanity is simply doing what the elite are manifesting them to do. War is one of the biggest causes of environmental destruction and I can't see the elite toning that down when the military industrial complex is one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet.

The elite have underground facilities to run to, and no doubt they hope the eco system will sort itself out at some point in the future, at which time they will emerge to claim ownership over the planet. I am sure some people find justification for the actions they have perpetrated on humanity, but I am constantly reminded of the speech that JFK made a the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on 27 April 1961, when he said, 'there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it'. I suggest there is little value in saving the human race if existence is going to be degraded to that of a perpetual hell under deviant psychopaths whose only concern is the fulfilling of their own sick obsessions.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

"...the result of not being able to successfully integrate into a diseased society."

Threat Speculation is big business. Talking about fear and its undesirable results is what modern society is based on. Inducing an obsession with safety and security among otherwise materialistic mindsets and of feeble defenses, exists to protect the wealth and welfare of the weak, giving them the improper sense they are strong. Its kind of like allowing yourself to be fondled at the airport before boarding a plane.

The technology to be able to fly has become
a source of fear for the weak, who wrongly assume that the nice man in the blue shirt aids them in the strength the government gives them, making sure they are safe from planted underwear bombs and such, of which they excuse themselves from having any clue.
I have heard actual passenger testimony in regards to "security" in this sense. If fear of underwear bombs out does being sexually humiliated in public, then there you are. Then the fear of unwanted touching and personal violation trumps underwear bombs by far, on principle. Every one must know this, at least on some subconscious level, then finally, the fear of repercussion for not cooperating closes the line and all bases are covered. Submission to lies spawns fear and vice-versa. Think taxes, psychological war, the drug war, terror and genocide along with technology and think of all the monsters they produce and tell me there's no reason to fear. If anyone out there announces they have no fear, i fear they must be lying.

I don't remember the quote exactly, but some old expression about how having courage is not absence of fear, but facing it and dealing with it.

For Ray B: For some reason, we've gotten down to the two-choice menu–again.
One side sez: There's a big population problem (i tend to agree) and the other sez: There's no population problem. Pick one.
Well, if nothing is done, count on a continuing downturn in quality of life. The incompetent methods for pop. kontrol demonstrated by maleficent powers proves unworkable, as they take everything else down with them, thinking that all the knowledge they possess will give them All they hope for.

The mindsets of mass consumption, drunken war and rape develops a more dumb animal than the dumbest animal, domesticated, and
is easy for harvest. Either way, we come full circle and quality of life suffers regardless whether there's too many peeple or not.
What's rarely discussed is: There really are more than two ways about it. But it really would require a massive shift of consciousness in the domesticated human brain, which would...??

Down on The Farm a mighty harvest is ripening. You know, like how the religions like to say a great harvest for the end times is near and all that...'round and 'round.


Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz, , April 18, 2015 11:51:00 AM :

"...[the elite] are the one's who are profiting from [the eco system]s demise. Corporations and governments have become a cancer, not only to humanity, but also to the planet's eco system. Any break throughs in eco friendly perpetual energy are hidden away, and their inventors silenced, because they threaten the multinational's petrochemical industry."

Absolutely agree with the above. Along that line: Here, quite a while ago, I wrote about a long 'encounter' I had with the Being overseeing Planet Earth. One vision given during this 'download' was of a time in our future when a goodly percentage of humanity was just 'gone'. No explanation given. The only humans remaining were those connected in some way 'into' the Being and Planet Earth. It was some form of literal energy or consciousness connection, not an abstract one. Any bet on whether "the elite" were part of those remaining?
jimminychristmas, April 18, 2015 6:03:00 PM :

"The incompetent methods for pop. kontrol demonstrated by maleficent powers proves unworkable, as they take everything else down with them..."

I remember in my youth of reading about our Navy's "Silent Service" during WWII. It was considered a great victory if you torpedoed a fully-laden oil tanker. The more the better. (The same attitude by U-Boats, etc.) I wonder how many oil-stained beaches there were during WWII ? Just part of the job. Move along; nothing to see here.

One SF book I read long ago was by John Brunner, a British author (can't remember the title). In it, the 'tipping point' for Planet Earth was when pollution from industry in East Asia was no longer being fully 'washed out' by rains over the Pacific Ocean. From there, it could only be a downhill slide. A very depressing book, but it obviously made an impression. As in my responses to Kazz, we need some really fundamental changes...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

I watched the movie Divergent the other day. It was based on a post apocalyptic eutopian world where the survivors where divided into factions based on virtues. Those who were able to utilise critical thinking and who demonstrated the ability to undertake conscience based actions were deemed a threat to the establishment. Of course none of the elite controllers have any of these so called virtues and fear the Divergents so they seek to eradicate them. Toward the end the Duntless get implants that turn them into controlled hive minded beings so the factionless and the Divergents can be executed. The movie itself shows how the elite think or rather prattle on about humans being responsible for chaos when in reality it is they who are the bringers of chaos and inflict it upon humanity.

Ray B - I came to the conclusion when I was studying psychology that I was being indoctrinated into a system that pathologizes the gummult of human experience. Now apparently the desire to eat healthy food is considered to be a mental disorder, naturally invented by the mentally disordered who actually write that shit otherwise known as the DSM.

Hands up all the Divergents on this forum - I'm certain beyond all belief that everyone here is except for the odd troll that drops by.

Katy - good example of schema formation during early childhood. This is one of the few portions of Freud's work I actually concur with, naturally schema formation could easily also be called Samskaras.

Kazz - stop harassing the police! LOL

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

I was listening to Coast the other night and was inspired to lay out the Tarot cards. It was very helpful. I laid out one for me with the Queen of Cups as the Significator. Very helpful. I saw myself in a new way. Then I laid out one for the world with the World Trump as the Significator. This is what it read:

There is an atmosphere of cruelty, perversity, barbarity and evil intention. It is steeped in vice and depravity. It is weak, ugly and corrupt. Life is in peril. The wonder and enchantment exist with trouble, sadness and fear. It is not trustworthy or honorable. There will be mental alienation, error, loss, disorder, distraction and confusion.





Visible said...

Greetings my friend;

I am dealing with a bit of a situation. One of the readers here has gone insane. Insisting to me that he is god's prophet and that unless I videotape an apology to Laura at SOTT and all of her readers he is going to both destroy and kill me in six days. It appears it is going to be one of those thunderbolts from heaven things.

He is writing me huge screeds that are near impossible to follow so I don't read them. He says that in 6 days he is going to destroy all my credibility and ruin me on the internet and after that he is going to destroy me.

Here's a little sample of what comes in;

"MrThomasFaber .
9:08 PM (57 minutes ago)

to me
6 days and one hour until total destruction of your public image,
unless you correct your ways. It will be terribly painful for you, and
your shame shall be Legendary.

I made it quite clear in the letter that I will not answer anything
impolite from you, but you seem to have a thick head, so, I guess I'll
have to go back on that one. Either that, or you didn't read it. I
give you the benefit of the doubt, I know that you're not really

6 days and one hour until total and permanent annihilation of your
image and credibility. You can avoid this, but you must read what to
do in the letter. The choice is yours. I shall be Merciless and Swift,
and your Shame shall be Legendary. It is high time for your deluded
and self-righteous slandering and mockery of The Servants of Lady
Truth to stop, and I will not tolerate it any longer. Either you come
to your senses yourself, humbly and gracefully, or I shall have to do
it for you, hurting you terribly and permanently in a merciless and
swift attack. Neither of us will enjoy it, but you can be certain that
it is A Divine Promise from Me, I&I, Representative of The Most High,
One Absolute, to Utterly Destroy your public image if you do not align
yourself with The Ways of Brotherhood. You are advised to read the
entire letter before you talk about it to anyone, as this is in your
own best interests.

All the Best;


"Thomas" as Representative of The Most High."

Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure.

BCii said...

Sounds like this fellow has gotten caught up in his own thoughtstorm. To me, it seems to demonstrate the imperative to keep one's feet on the ground, as we say in Finnish, and what can happen when we fail to stay grounded and let our wild imaginations get the better of us.

Ray B., interesting vision. I once had a dream that seems to tie into that scenario. It was one of two dreams I remember in which my dream body was clearly an 'orb'. The sense of time and place indicated Finland about 500 years in the future. The environment was pristine, tropical, and very exotic, more like Pandora than present-day Earth. An E.T. visitor showed up, a tourist. We spoke telepathically. I welcomed him to Earth. He said he was surprised at how nice it was, that he was even starting to consider staying longer. I said he wouldn't be the first to stay: I had found, upon completing my own mission here, that I wasn't in a hurry to leave after all. Most present-day humans were gone, though, leaving only a tiny remnant of those who had been incarnated as humans in the time of transition we're living in now. We were like volunteer tour guides and caretakers. Really nice. Paradise.

mikem said...

Vis, WTF did you do now?

Visible said...

I explained what I did. It is a case of what I didn't. I failed to record a video making a contrite and public apology to SOTT Laura and her myrmidons.

I also failed to immediately publicize far and wide this fellows videos from which he intends to launch his attacks against me. Because I did not recognize that he is a special prophet of god and that his works had a critical shelf life and had to be announced immediately; and I did not do this, he has become enraged.

I did make reference to his initial written efforts which I was heavily leaned on, concerning. Given the odd fixation of the SOTT sector and other unusual associations, it is very likely this is an awakened sleeper cell that was set in place some time ago. Characters like this come out of the woodwork as a routine. It just hasn't happened lately. It won't mean anything. It will just huff and puff until it blows itself down.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Mind is the Ugliest Part of the Body.

Ray B. said...

BCii, April 19, 2015 12:48:00 PM

Interesting 'dream' of yours, too. Doesn't sound too bad at all!

Long ago, I had an powerful dream. It was very 'concrete', and I believe we were being shown how life was supposed to 'be' down here. The overall theme was that we were only to be doing anything until it no longer felt 'right' to be doing it, i.e., until we were 'complete' in it. Then, we were to move on.

One 'visual' was in painting a fence. We were attracted into doing it, and enjoyed doing the painting. Then, at some point, we were 'filled' with the experience. We were meant to just drop the paintbrush in the can and move-on to the next 'attractor'. (Someone else might be 'attracted' to continue painting the fence.)

It would be an entirely different world if that was the philosophy of living...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Vis, good luck with the latest 'churning'. I got a real strange 'vibe' from what you published. Keep your 'inner ears' open...

Eudoxia said...

WOW Viz I can imagine you should be shaking in your shoes by now from "Thomas" as Representative of The Most High." If he means The Most High such as Enlil up on the Hill then I can understand where he gets his diatribe from.

Yes well it's clear Thomas has been released prematurely from the grin bin. I notice he encourages you toward humility and grace, however lacking in those virtues he is himself. Classic case of projection going on here. Man you sure do attract em!

Visible said...

Yeah... it happens. It seems to be my cross to bear. There's a possibility that I don't handle it all as well as I could and that is why it keeps coming up so... I'm paying attention to that now.

I expect to offend certain people and don't much worry about that and some of them are looking for an excuse to react and sooner or later they will get what they want because that just has to happen.

Some resent my position in the mix, for the usual reasons and some want to supplant me and some are quite annoyed that I manage to keep on going.

I rely on my invisible friends to cover my circumstances and they do. That's all there is to it. I don't make any of this happen.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Global Madness is in Full Approach

Anonymous said...


As usual, I spit on them, grrr, rant, how could they, a pox, et cetera....





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