Thursday, April 23, 2015

We Are and We Are Not Who and What we Think we Are.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“I believe it's our loss of connection with our instinctual side that prevents us from being effective pack leaders for our dogs. Perhaps it's also why we also seem to be failing at being positive guardians of our planet.”

We seek to address a critical item today which is as much personal as it is general. We will use the words of Paramahansa Yogananda as a guide, both for what is right and what is effective. I will also add the word, 'appropriate'. I am not Yogananda but I take the justification for some amount of my actions from what I have heard concerning what is acceptable in the push and pull; the coming and going of interplay in virtual space.

Sir, what should I do to find God? A student asked. The Master said:

“During every little period of leisure, plunge your mind into the infinite thought of him. Talk to him intimately; He is the nearest of the near, the dearest of the dear. Love him as a miser loves money, an ardent man loves his sweetheart, as a drowning person loves breath. When you yearn for God with intensity, He will come to you.”

“Some persons think that unless a devote undergoes great trials, he is not a saint. Others assert that a man of God-realization should be free from all suffering,” the Master said during a lecture.

“The life of each master follows a certain unseen pattern. St. Francis was afflicted with diseases; the fully emancipated Christ allowed himself to be crucified. Other great personages, such as Thomas Aquinas and Lahiri Mahasaya, passed their days without tremendous stress or tragedy. Saints attain salvation from backgrounds vastly different.. True sages demonstrate, regardless of external conditions, they are able to reflect the Divine Image within them. They play whatever role God wills, whether or not it conforms to public opinion.”

Doesn't the Lord shower his grace more abundantly on certain men than on others?” a student inquired. Paramahansaji answered: “God chooses those who choose him,.”

“Sir,” a disciple asked, “how is it that some masters seem to know more than other masters?” “All who are fully liberated are equal in wisdom,” Paramahansaji replied. “They understand everything, but seldom reveal their knowledge. To please God they play the role He has assigned them. If they seem to blunder, it is because such conduct is part of their human role. Inwardly they are unaffected by the relativities and contrasts of Maya.”

One day the Master told the disciples about a saint who fell from the highest path by public exhibition of miraculous powers. “He soon realized his mistake,” Paramahansaji said, “and returned to his disciples. At the end of his life he died as a fully liberated soul.”

“Sire, how did he rise again so quickly?” a devotee inquired. “Isn't the karmic punishment more severe for a man who falls from a state of high advancement than for an ordinary person who acts wrongly in sheer ignorance? It seems strange that the Indian saint did not have to wait a long time for final liberation.” Smilingly the Master shook his head. “God is no tyrant.” he said. “If a man was accustomed to a diet of ambrosia, he would be unhappy at having to eat stale cheese. If he cried brokenheartedly for ambrosia again, God wouldn't refuse him.”

A student deplored the fact that reports of evil in the world were usually predominant in the newspapers. “Evil spreads with the wind.” the Master said, “truth is able to travel against the wind.”

“How could God, the Unmanifested Absolute, appear in visible form to a devotee?” a man asked. The Master said, “If you doubt you won't see, and if you see, you won't doubt.”

“Do not think that you can comprehend the Infinite Lord by reason. Reason can grasp only the cause-effect principle that pertains to the phenomenal worlds. Reason is powerless to understand transcendental truth and the nature of the Causeless Absolute. “Man's highest faculty is not reason but intuition: apprehension of knowledge derived immediately and spontaneously from the soul, not from the fallible agency of the senses or of reason.”

Far too many of us are hamstrung by orthodoxy. We tell ourselves that such and such a person, so defined as a type, must meet particular specifications of behavior and appear a certain way, according to some accepted template. This is very often not true and those who present themselves within the framework of these templates, not infrequently, fail in spectacular fashion; especially in times like the one we are in. The historical record is filled with examples of God using the mad and social misfits. It is not the appearance of good character that counts with the almighty. What counts is the level of intensity of ones desire to discover the one and one's ability to risk all of the things that the more traditional hold on to ...because the rewards they are seeking are dispensed here. That is a fools errand.

I have often insisted that people take what is useful to them here and discard the rest. Don't over analyze. If something 'feels' authentic, exercise it and see. If it is real it will manifest, if you are real. I've run into some amount of criticism for acknowledging my invisible friends. However, the proof that I have them has been amply demonstrated in my life any number of times. The circumstance of my acquittal some years ago could ONLY have been achieved through divine agency. When I fell some months ago, I should have been dead, given the force with which my head hit the concrete from such a height. I did not even have a concussion. I can also point out all of the times when things have worked out against impossible odds. Skeptics can think what they wish. I was and am present and they are not. I do not mention my invisible friends to set some kind of favored or special status to myself. I mention them to encourage others to seek the same relationships. Certainly there are negative forces out there with subtle and clever capacities BUT... what does the advice one receives result in?

We are all unique creations. God does not make any two of us the same. It can seem so sometimes when so many people share common tastes and an attraction for material things but we are all different. For some of us, receiving information and advice from certain quarters is difficult due to personality issues. Personally, I do not let this be a factor. I will take good advice from just about any source.

I am a seeker of higher states and the companionship of luminous entities. I am a student and a seeker, like yourselves. I am on a journey, as are you. I seek to point out things of interest and items of importance that I have found important and that possibly may be important to others. I make no claims about title and stations and have gone to absurd lengths to defeat the conferring of unearned status upon myself. The lengths I have gone to have seriously estranged me from some. It could well be that I could have handled things better or differently but it was what it was and it is what it is. I don't look back, nor do I agonize about what I shoulda, coulda done.

The record of people with invisible friends is large. Some don't talk about it but they have them. Some do talk about it. Job descriptions differ. It should be stated here as a hard and enduring fact; if you seek to serve the ineffable, you WILL be given the opportunity. Those seeking glamour and personal importance are going to learn lasting and telling lessons.

Some of us move with relative ease through the twists and turns of our existence; no drama of demonstration is required of them. Some of us, on the other hand, make waves. Some of us cause disturbances. Some of us have some level of control over this and some of us have none at all. We are all playing a part. You may not like an amount of the actors you witness. Sometimes that is easy to understand but we all owe most everyone some amount of gratitude for doing it so that we can learn from the observation of the consequences of their courses.

We are all guided and we are guided by that which corresponds to the direction we have taken. Some of us are getting bad advice and some of us are getting good advice. Some of us are listening and some of us are not listening. This is why, for myself, I pray often. I seek good counsel and I have a single directive; find the ineffable and... I KNOW that loving the ineffable and keeping the ineffable uppermost in the consciousness will militate against all kinds of errors in the process. There is a reason that the exhortation to love the ineffable is the 'greatest commandment'. A relationship is established and it moves at the speed of your love. Want to move faster? Love more. The almighty judges you by the quality and direction of your heart, not by your mistakes, which we all make, possibly more often than we think we do. We are measured by our love and by the zeal we bring to the acts of pursuing self discovery and performing devotional service. We are not measured and judged according to the arbitrary standards of the world. The world rewards and applauds certain things and the ineffable does so also. They are very much not the same things.

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Anonymous said...

great stuff vis

Jim C

Unknown said...

Thank you for this timely piece...i was discussing this same thing with a friend this morning.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. Lots of good points.

Paramahansaji: “One day, the Master told the disciples about a saint who fell from the highest path by public exhibition of miraculous powers. 'He soon realized his mistake...'”

This is one of the 'restrictions' on the shaman/saint/sage path that I wonder whether is still appropriate. Sure, I understand the egoistic entrapment risk on the practitioner's side and the worship of personality rather than the ineffable on the audience's side. (Etc.) There are indeed dangers.

However, I wonder if this is a 'restriction' more appropriate to one of our earlier Ages, when 'miraculous powers' were known to be real and accordingly acknowledged by the general public. Today, skeptics descend on any small 'miracle' and can usually propound some mundane explanation to keep the general public on the Materialist path. The on-the-ground 'mindset' has switched 180 degrees from the earlier days.

In my best-of-all-possible-worlds*, many (real) advanced folks would demonstrate enough 'miraculous powers' to utterly overwhelm the critics and opinion-shapers (and TPTB who were 'switchable'). The aim would be to reset the mindset of the general public back to spiritual possibilities. And then, they'd walk off into the sunset. Job done for another few centuries or so. (Perhaps, this could be another 'perk' of Mr. Apocalypse. *grin*)

Just my opinion...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Radical enlightenment of All would be even better, of course...

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I am guided by a knowing within that permeates my being. This knowing has taken great pains to teach me discernment so I can differentiate between the egocentric intellect (Satan) and the indwelling Christos that resides in my heart (God).

The indwelling spirit has taught me how to use my feelings like a radar to detect the difference, just like a cars instrument panel alerts the traveller to any problems thus does my feelings alert me.

My understanding is that we should never invite others to follow us but rather point them to their saviour within. Those who have no such saviour appear to be lacking the necessary heart required for such a journey. I perceive these beings as younger souls who are yet to rise high enough in vibration to perceive God's loving wisdom. These people are to be pitied not hated, because I can think of nothing more frightening than travelling the Valley of the Shadow of Death without my Father lighting the path before me. No wonder these poor souls behave so badly.

I do not doubt the words you speak Vis because I have been guided and protected my entire life by what you refer to as 'invisible friends'. This has not saved me from some terrible hardships, but it has gotten me through, and If it were not so I would not be here today. On a number of occasions it saved me from death or some other hideous outcome. One such occasion was when I was drugged at a night club in Albufeira, Portugal. It was such a sleepy little fishing village that I broke my cardinal rule, never leave your drink unattended. Luckily, after returning to my seat after dancing, I only took a couple of sips of my drink, but even that was enough to knock me out for over 24 hours, and when I finally awoke I vomited for hours. Staying awake to make the ten minute drive to where my friend and I were staying was a real effort, as my friend could not drive so I had to, drugged out of my brain. By the time we arrived at the apartment I could hardly walk so my friend only just managed to get me upstairs and to bed before I passed out cold.

Saved by the Divine once again. It was my voice within that screamed at me to get the hell out of that nightclub and encouraged me to make the drive home, even though my vision was blurred and I was seeing double. I new from the urgency of the voice within that travelling impaired was preferable to passing out where I had been drugged.

I don't doubt your experience at all Vis, and I do not believe the holy spirit is a mental illness :o). Listening only to one's intellect comes pretty close to crazy though if you ask me. I point to the insanity of this mind dominated materialistic existence we find ourselves at the mercy of as justification for my view.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Just so.
The simplicity of the final paragraph belies the great truths therein.


Visible said...

Interesting breakdown on visitors-

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I saw a few comments here at Vis's blogs a couple months back about McDonald's sales plummeting, and how it might be indicative of the fact that people around the world were "waking up", as to how they were being poisoned by fast food and the like.

My thought at the time was that the decrease in sales was most likely tied to the fact that McDonald's had recently raised the prices of some of its cheapest, best-selling items by as much as 50%, literally overnight.

I didn't think about it again until this morning when I noticed that McDonald's was now planning on shuttering hundreds of stores around the world, due to falling sales.

If people really were waking up to the fact that fast food is poison, it would make sense that sales would fall at other big-name fast-food joints.

So this morning I did some searches and looked at 2015 Q1 earnings reports for a few big-name fast-food companies, and here's what I found -

Taco Bell (this company's food is probably the most GMO-laced of any fast-food operation in the world; their taco shells and tortillas are fully Monsanto-approved) - Revenue increased 9% in Quarter 1 over 2014.

KFC (another major provider of poisonous foodstuffs) - Revenue increased 8% in Quarter 1 over 2014

Pizza Hut (yum, get those chopped up pig and cow parts) - Revenue increased 2% in Quarter 1 over 2014


(The three companies above are all owned by the mega-corporation Yum Brands.)

Now let's look at one more major fast-food company, which has always been a direct competitor of McDonald's -

Burger King - Systemwide sales growth of 6.9% in Quarter 1 over 2014


By looking at the above data, it is clear that McDonald's drop in sales is not due to a mass awakening of the herd. If that were the case, sales for the other major fast-food companies highlighted above would have dropped in a similar fashion, instead of rising.

So it is very likely that the reason McDonald's lost so much market share, is indeed because they made the mistake of raising the prices of their best-selling, cheapest items by an average of 50% overnight, back in approximately Q3 of 2014.

People who used to frequent the store to buy a $1 double cheeseburger, were suddenly faced with paying $1.50 for the same sandwich (which had also magically shrunk in size).

Since there are a plethora of fast-food stores that still offer a sandwich for $1, cash-strapped consumers started going to Burger King or Wendy's, or some other cheap burger joint, where they could still get a burger for a buck, or they just stayed at home and ate GMO food out of a can, or popped a $1 GMO pizza or frozen dinner into their radiation-blasting microwave.

Anonymous said...

serious action there . .

your honesty with yourself is a

magnificent blessing to others who

seek truth and self knowledge...

then the others who comment enable

those who truly seek to know

breadcrumbs from the table of the


every Joe Blow can know

THE TRUTH....but they need to -
Take ACTION...

{is it possible to turn a man into a pretend woman in California}



nina said...

Thank you Visible, we cannot be reminded of these things too much.

This line in particular ...Skeptics can think what they wish. I was and am present and they are not. ...brings it all home.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...


I come to read you everyday, sometimes more than once as your writing is always so rich with detailed insights. It is always enlightening and nourishing.

This hit the center like a parched soul and clear drink of cool water.

I am left amazed by your capacity for sharing your Selfless Love and intimate intuitiveness.

Thank you.

mike m said...

Right place at the right time, thanks Vis.

Anonymous said...

A devotee once asked the Master:
How do you account for miracles?
The reply was immediate:
Through ignorance of the Truth!
Looking forward to the new Album.

Anonymous said...

That was gold Viz. Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Tell it to me like I'm 5 there Viz. What's with the breakdown on visitors ?


Visible said...

Odd that there are so many from Russia and China

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Clones and Copies and Confusions of this Xeroxed World.

Zazz said...

Nice article Les. I agree that it is infinitely better to seek praise from the Creator than from men.




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