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The Darkness of the World and the Light of the Ineffable.

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The world, somehow, moved in the 60s from a promise of Utopia to a reality of Dystopia, unless the Dystopia is actually a Utopia, according to some kind of majority dream agreement on the part of the population. I'm not sure if what we see around us comes about through common assent, or it get forced upon those too stupid to be unwilling or... this is how they want it. From the degree of participation in this matrix hallucination, it seems we are looking at a coalition of the willing but... it is possible that people have been programmed into thinking this is what they want and due to an incredible lack of imagination, or even less intelligence, they are unaware of any other possible options. This is how it is and this is the way it was and this is the way it always will be- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Sorry... I don't mean to be rude or insensitive. It's possible I am just out of the loop. I've been out of the loop pretty much all of my life. If I don't fit in and haven't been able to fit in, it must be my fault. Everyone else is so well adjusted and I couldn't fit in if I tried. I know this because I have tried and it didn't work.

Earlier today I was in this small (relatively) town and I went to get gas but I had to go through some creative navigation to get to the gas pumps because it was lunch time and there was a traffic jam trying to get into the McDonald's drive through. Ironically, I had been in that same town a few weeks ago at the same time and also needed gas and had to go through the same rigmarole; some rigging and some rolling and then I was okay and out of there. Having had this happen twice, it seems to have imprinted on my consciousness. Irrespective of what toxic and possibly lethal products they provide, they are very popular. There is a larger town a few miles on and there one can find an array of fast food emporiums and also a great deal of traffic moving through the drive through lanes. This I have seen with my own eyes.

On the other side of the street, in this larger town, are what used to be lava flats. They weren't flat at the time, until the Cat 9's and other machinery came in and flattened it and then put in these huge boxes filled with all kinds of things in smaller boxes that are for sale to the people who eat at these fast food emporiums. Why the fast food joints are on one side of the street and the big boxes are on the other, I don't know but I do know that the people who live here go back and forth between them and seem pleased with the process. I can't make head or tail of it. This is what happens when you don't fit in.

Traditionally, not fitting in has been an indication of dysfunction and possibly, even poor social skills, although sometimes it can be brought about by a harelip, a propensity for cannibalism or a lack of sensitivity for politically correct issues. In the past these have been linked together as offenses of equal severity. Now, of course, the latter has far outstripped the others and rightly so, according to the people who rig the polls that manufacture the measurements of public opinion and the only reason you wouldn't immediately recognize the validity of this is if you were dysfunctional, or some sort of misfit too. It's crystal clear thinking to see it this way and the sort of venue that launches the kind of logic that motivates icons like Tibetan leaders to confer the status of deity upon worthy souls like Steven Seagal. I would think it is only a matter of time before the same honors are granted to Richard Gere's gerbil; regardless of whether it may or may not be an urban myth.

No doubt there will be doubters from the scorn patrol out there who might be motivated to believe that I am being less than sincere in my ramblings here so far. Some might imagine that I have devolved into satire; au contraire... not unless, unless all those brought to your attention here are also, in some form, insincere, or possibly, simply clueless ...but I would never imply that kind of thing, given that sensitivity is my hallmark, as any casual observer would know by now.

This will probably be the strangest segue I have ever brought about in my personal blogsphere but... I am thinking it is just a by-product of not fitting in and having to think creatively outside of the box I am unable to assimilate into but... however strange the segue may be, both in topic and tone, I am of the belief that the reader will get it; Christ spoke often of the power and beauty of forgiveness. One of his most potent statements was, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” This should be seen in the context of all of the issues and individuals mentioned here today and... let us not forget the environments and infrastructures, as well as the cultural states also mentioned.

I have come to the understanding that one's level of spiritual evolution can be measured according to their capacity for forgiveness and there is one particular divine quality that will make this possible for you... understanding. On the tree of life, understanding is the third sephiroth and the power of understanding flows out of the power of wisdom, which is the second sephiroth. The first sephiroth also flows into the third sephiroth but we won't define what that is because it is a light that cannot be defined except by pretentious pedants. The what of it is not the important concern. The 'is' of it is the crucial feature. It IS... sort of an “I am that I am.” The capacity for forgiveness is accelerated by the resident humility of the heart and mind that can embrace it's own inability to know. In other words, one's ability to accept something higher than themselves and to be surrendered before it. In other words, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”.Do you see where I am going?

To my mind... the totality of one's being is defined by the quality of their love. One's fate, fortune and relationship to the divine is defined by the quality and volume of the love that resides and passes through them and Love in it the higher arc of its being and expression manifests as forgiveness out of wisdom and understanding and equally that which is beyond definition and always will be and I am not even remotely curious about the definitions given by those who think they know because I am one who knows he does not know and has no motivation to know that which I do not know for VERY GOOD REASONS.

Should you ever wish to measure yourself against your temporary enemies or detractors, measure it against your capacity for forgiveness. Do you sincerely forgive but have yet to receive forgiveness? How much better could things be for you? Why is that? Let us employ simple logic to that effect. Of course, you have to take the premises given here as truth. Many will not but... that is not my concern... continuing... GOD is ALL POWERFUL. If GOD is all powerful and all aware, within everything and of which everything is made then there is NOTHING of which GOD is unaware, unless GOD chooses to be unaware, even then, GOD is aware of that (grin). IF this is true and IT IS, then pleasing anyone other than the divine is a waste of time, at any time, ever. AND if understanding, forgiveness, mercy and compassion are at the highest point of the being of the almighty, insofar as a human mind can comprehend anything, where does that leave us? That's a personal choice, isn't it?

There is no point for anyone in possession of this level of awareness to concern themselves with what the world thinks. The opinion of the world is worthless, EXCEPT to the degree that it influences your opinion of yourself. Is your opinion of yourself based on what the divine thinks of you or what the world thinks of you?

There are qualities that the divine appreciates highly in us, for they are mirrored qualities of the divine; understanding, forgiveness, mercy and compassion and of equal rank, if not higher, there is humility. One gains possession of these qualities by the practice of them just as one gains the possession of the presence of GOD by the practice of the presence of GOD as illustrated by that singular tome written by Brother Lawrence.

I hope this posting is not disconcerting ...with the initial opening and the strange segue, along with what followed. It is my hope that some good has come of it all and may the ineffable guide you in all your movements, home to the heart of existence ...and the unspeakably wonderful source of it that resides in the center and gives life to everything that lives.

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anon said...

it wasn't the Dalai who conferred tulku status to Segal.. was the spiritual head of Ngigma lineage - a high lama with a penchant for recognizing rich American jews as his past-life cohorts.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wow! Cannibalism and gerbils in the same post! Awesome.

I must admit I'm not that evolved yet on the forgiveness level. I have gotten some mighty interesting revenge in the past that is eternal for it is media, though the individual it's directed at will never know. But now, it's like I have removed the banes of my existence from my life, and cut off all communication with them. I don't think about them very much. I would under no circumstances allow them back into my life, but I'm not out to do what Mary Stuart did to Lord Darnley/Henry Stuart/What ever!
They are in eternal exile from my life until its end. Of course I may change my mind after I have that precious Akashic Library Card, but until I do. . .

Needless to say I'm not motivated to evolve any further at this point in time. However, that time is probably short.

From what I'm reading all Hell is gonna break loose before the year is up, and possibly before the summer is up; though absolute nadir allegedly cometh later.

Works for me.

Visible said...

You are correct and I was mislead by a less than clear reading of what happened. Further research has clarified this. However, even worse, is what happened elsewise-
Shoko Asahara was the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, a religious cult in Japan that carried out a series of murders and famously released sarin gas on the Tokyo subway in the mid 90’s. Shoko Asahara also visited the Dalai Lama, donated about $1.2 million dollars to the Tibetan government in exile and received an ‘endorsement’ from him that featured frequently in Aum Shinrikyo material. I will correct the posting however.

lone john said...

The Temple of Burgers with the Golden Arches on the Old Volcano Hwy

Anonymous said...

God's name was taken out of the bible and replaced with lord, hundreds-thousands of times. Why?

Numerous references to "remember thy name" "call on thy name," but why is there no name to be found in all of the pages.

Why was the name Yahusha translated to Jesus, when that wasn't his name? Would we translate Vladomir into Dave? Then why was the name of our savior, of all people, translated to something else? We worship Zeus when we use the name Jesus. Why was Cesar Borgia's image pushed as the likeness of our savior?

Yahoo is a direct mockery of our father. Ever heard the saying " oh there a bunch of yahoos"

There is a game of deception being played, and the goal is to keep you from your maker.

Visible speaks the truth, he is offering salvation, take his hand, and practice what he preaches and always....

Call on thy name,

Ray B. said...

Vis: "The world, somehow, moved in the 60's from a promise of Utopia to a reality of Dystopia..."

Personally, I think it was planned. And, I believe it was planned in a form of panic-reaction to the 'gains' of the 60's in so many realms - particularly spirituality and (healthy) sexuality. When enough people generate 'energy' in those realms, the tide can turn. AIDS was carefully-introduced to turn back the clock on sexual freedom and prana-generation. And, spirituality was given a bad name to the masses by the media-pushing of Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and any other negative-spiritual-source to be found. Planned...
Vis: "...and due to an incredible lack of imagination, or even less intelligence, they are unaware of any other possible options."

There is an even more insidious part of this. If you can (à la Rupert Sheldrake) promote the repetition of some things and suppress the repetition of other things, you can actually distort whether those things are more or less likely to be possible in the future. It is kind of like climbing out of an ever-deepening 'hole' of one probability to get into another 'hole'. After enough programmed-repetition, it may seem like there is only one 'hole'. (This may account for Vis' MacDonald's observations... *grin*) Think of how many things that used to be in the forefront of one's awareness that are now only rarely even thought of. Tricky...
Vis: "If GOD is all powerful and all aware, within everything and of which everything is made..."

Here is where my merely-mortal aspect kicks in. If someone (part of all-God) is torturing, say, a baby (also part of all-God), how do I (also part of all-God) love and forgive that someone while trying at the same time to kick him/her across the room? In the same manner, all-God is both in the Sequoia forest and the sewer system. My merely-mortal aspect much prefers to be in the Sequoias. A conundrum...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much insight to lend or wit, but I do have honesty in abundance, and I honestly love everything Les has to say, tries to say and doesn't have to say. Just love that he says anything at all during these vacuous times.

Your long time reader and listener from northern Ontario.

Smyrna said...

A rose by any other name etc.

Calling on Jesus by using the name Jesus worked for me in my tribulation and torment that accompanied my awakening to this Matrix.
Using the impersonal names 'God' and 'Lord' achieved nothing.
I had to find 'Jesus'.
I had never had any religious upbringing or ever opened a bible, so it took some time to arrive at the Jesus destination. Starting at the back of the bible would have helped!

Anonymous said...


Most certainly! Yahusha forgives us for mangling his name with Jesus. And he most certainly responds. I didn't mean to say people are calling on Zeus, or that Yahusha won't respond; it's all what's in your heart that counts. But, I believe the intent was to sow confusion and misdirection. Almost all catholic/Christian belief (organized) has been adapted from pagan beliefs. All the saints, mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, white Jesus, form the basis of a polytheistic worship, not monotheism as it is presented.

I personally believe God came to Mohammed for this very reason. From its conception, in 600ad, the Catholic Church was seen as a hijacking of the faith from true followers/believers(by pagans). It's not a coincidence that in 630, many people who were founding member Christian and Semitic people's turned towards Mohammed and Islam. When Christians and Muslims can finally joins hands for peace, and all the infiltration and hijacking of abrhamaic faiths is revealed, this world will change...and that change is coming soon.

That isn't to say there aren't descent, loving, peaceful Catholics, evangelicals, Jews (fake ones), and atheists. Just few and far between.

Forgiveness. (And forgive me for what may seem like or even be preachiness)

Anonymous said...


Seems more a case of allowing whatever it was that happened in the 60's (or, rather, began to percolate above the radar) to sort itself out once the bulk of the populace finally began to become aware of it and join in bit by bit. The usual idea-dilution, misapprehesion, commercial exploitation, hucksterism, ego-peddling, clique-forming, bandwagon jumping, obsfuscation(deliberate or otherwise), as well as oppositional repression, demonization and hysteria that ensued was observed, noted and then manuipulated to the advantage of the usual suspects. Planned, yes, once the socio-cultural patterns were acted upon after the chips started falling.

Don't forget--LSD, for example, was perfectly legal in the U.S. up until September 1966, and more than a few 'establishment types'(to borrow a term from that era) sampled it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where i fit in either, but certainly not up somebody's ass, that's fer sure.

"...although sometimes it can be brought about by a harelip, a propensity for cannibalism..." and: "...Richard Gere's gerbil..."

No offense to harelips. No offense to Richard. You might not have meant it to be so, Mr. Visible, but it just read so funny, i couldn't find a big enough container for my laughter... Satire? Devolved? What satire? What devolved? How 'bout a politically incorrect harelip gerbiliable cannibal? Now that'd be a tough one to peg, woodn't it. But i'm pretty sure the jewbots'd be able to find a way to squeeze that lil' group into their hot bubbling stew of 'victimized' freaks to demand reparations for social and economic equality too. Not fitting in is the new fitting in. Let your Freak Flag Fly.
No freak left behind. No offense to freaks...

Anonymous said...


No no, never believe it is you. Being out of the loop is a good thing. It just shouldn't be so lonely. We are not alone of course. God is with us always. But sometimes it seems so lonely. It is the boxes and emporiums that are strange and only imagined to actually be there. Aha, good belly laugh sentence. I think the first one is worship. Joshua ben Joseph. Viz, him say good stuff.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Catholic. . .Cat-lick. . .Raspy Tongue. . .Temple of the Raspy Tongue


#9, you have no idea how many times I've banged my head against the wall thinking about that.

Gerbil. . .jerbo. . .rennmaus. . .

We call cops 'caged gerbil shooters' (In three different languages. Very few in these parts speak Cabbage. . .I mean Kraut.) because of all the animals they kill, including comatose cats, parakeets, and there's a couple of videos oot thar of two different cases where they pepper-sprayed squirrels. They probably would AK a gerbil in calipornia, since they are technically illegal here. So if you're stupid enough to call these psychopathic, possibly under quota extortionists, make sure you hide your gerbils first.

The only pragmatic reason to call them is if you're feeling suicidal. Then they'll only be too glad to save you the trouble from killing yourself. And they'll put 47 bullets in you to make sure you're dead.


I gotta figure out how to use that in a sentence.

missingarib said...

Vis,hard to imagine " The world, somehow, moved in the 60s from a promise of Utopia to a reality of Dystopia, unless the Dystopia is actually a Utopia". The re emergence of what Edersheim graphically describes the conditions of the time during the Roman empire.

“It has been rightly said, that the idea of conscience, as we understand it, was unknown to heathenism. Absolute right did not exist. Might was right. The social relations exhibited, if possible, even deeper corruption. The sanctity of marriage had ceased. Female dissipation and the general dissoluteness led at last to an almost entire cessation of marriage. Abortion, and the exposure and murder of newly-born children, were common and tolerated; unnatural vices, which even the greatest philosophers practiced, if not advocated, attained proportions which defy description” (I.259). Daniels image of a statue supported by toes of iron and clay;the fourth kingdom, liberal democracy by any other name.

When the arts of "Salome" flourish ,her dancing images and voices echo through the canyon city streets, night and day, in such a milieu many become by conscious John the baptists, continually beheaded for exposing how things are.

live long

Anonymous said...

What is people's perspective of the Frankfurt Institute's influence on the 60's era?

To me, it seems like a concerted effort to culturally divide & conquer places (America) where substantial cultural rifts didn't exist. Then the Republican Party completely shifted to a war and big business in a way it completely hadn't before. Thus, a artificially created political landscape. Much of the 60s icons and stars smell like cultural agents to me.

Frankfurt (left) vs tavistock (right)

Just some thoughts on that topic.

Ray B. said...

Coruscant L'amore / Gene, June 10, 2015 6:34:00 PM :

Thanks for the 'deep' reply. I intentionally picked the most 'reaction-based' scenario that I could, to emphasize the difference between the intellectual response (Hmmm, I wonder why all-God is doing that?") and the emotional response ("Stop that, NOW!"). I neglected the advanced-Soul response, because I don't really know how that would be (yet).

One of my hopes is that - as we advance - we don't lose our caring nature. In a soundbite, our humanity. One of my deepest intuitions is that the OT is partially-right in a certain way. (Ironic.) I believe that Higher Power(s) looked at the responses of Beings who had never been on earth-plane (immortal; knowing it was all a 'play', etc.), and saw that something was lacking. No engagement. No empathy. Intellectual 'judgment'. What could be called Harshness.

I believe that certain of these Beings volunteered/were-forced/were-tricked into undergoing the 'process' of being enmeshed with the 'play'. Learning empathy by experiencing both sides of various 'collisions'. (Killing & being-killed, for example.) Being 'imprinted', for lack of a better word.

My hope is that this 'hybrid Being' can get back up to (at least) where it started, but now with a sense of what it is like being-within the 'play'. When doing whatever these Beings do, having it be a 'compassionate' response (in the true sense of the word).

And, this may not be seen as a 'good thing' by those Beings who never underwent the 'imprinting' process...


Mandocello, June 10, 2015 7:07:00 PM :

Your wise response is probably closer to the truth. A more in-depth scenario. I do have a question: "Planned, yes, once the socio-cultural patterns were acted upon after the chips started falling." Do you mean 'chips started falling' in the sense of good-guys winning, or of the 'degradations' that you mention having taken root? Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


More a case of them(the usual suspects) standing back and seeing how things were panning out and making their moves based on what was most advantageous to themselves, making the most of what was, by turns, the ferment/chaos/enlighenment/confusion/novelty/iconoclasm/liberation/revelation/reaction that characterized the era.

Not a matter of anyone winning or losing; more a case study; a social/cultural petri dish. The actors(everyone who was alive then)behaved as they did because that's who they were and that's how it played out.

"...The moment was structured that way..." as Kurt Vonnegut wrote of the travails of his protagonist in 'Slaughtehouse Five'.


Eudoxia said...

Cannibals, caged garble shooters, homosexuality and I can add Landmark Forum attendees and cult participants. Another clever occultism way of imposing their divide and conquer/destruction of the family unit scenario upon the sick and unwary. I've known 5 people who have attended this brainwashing cult and they all demonstrate the following attributes from NOT having these attributes prior to attending one of these forums and they are:

1. ardent followers of materialistic pursuits,
2. complete self obsession and self centred ness but not grounded in true self,
3. Have developed ISSUES with one or more family members not present previously or if so then the issue is exacerbated not resolved.

Landmark Forum could more correctly be called The Church of Solipsism. The tribe truly thinks up ingenious ways to ensure the entire destruction of the family unit marches on unabated. High time we destructed them!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

One Day the Spiritual Sun will Shine into the Prisons of this World.

David Fiske said...

Excellent. Well done.
love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Still holding down the fort, I see.

Not so much a stretch, one to the other. To coin a phrase, the quality of forgiveness begins at home. Like our good friend Andy, might have ta dig deep and slither far, only to find commonality with the very consensus we had long held ourselves to be above and beyond. Or ... we might just find ourselves whiling away the timeless upon the shore.

the 'israelite'.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, to be deemed 'well adjusted' in today's society may not be the ringing endorsement of mental health it's cracked up to be.

Kazz said...

Everyone always says they don't know, but I do :o). What I know is that Natural Law is immutable and unchangeable. I also know that our free will allows us to act in accordance with Natural Law or against it. Since Natural Law is inherent in people with empathy one does not have to be a scholar to know the difference between right and wrong. Right is that which is moral and does no harm in accordance with Natural Law. Wrong is that which causes harm, so it is immoral, and therefore breaches Natural Law.

The suffering we see on this plane is directly related to how far one has gravitated from Natural Law. The suffering on this plane will continue to expand until we realign with God, and God's Natural Law. Man's Law is being used to cause this division because it serves the greed of a handful of people who long ago gave their souls away for material gratification. 'And I saw a beast coming out of the sea.' (Revelations 13). Maritime Law is Man's Law! UCC Law is Noahide Law.

I am currently reading 'The Ark Before Noah', by Irving Finkel. Finkel is an Assyriologist who has gained great expertise in deciphering Cuneiform script from Sumerian and Akkadian dead languages. The writings on these ancient tablets show that the current system of Noahide law was in use in Ancient Babylon. It was for this reason Babylon was destroyed, because instead of building up a civilisation based on Natural Law, where the members were free, the Babylonians built a slave system, based on debt, just like the usury system we have in place today. The same system of usury that was outlawed in the Old Testament.

I have stated on numbers of occasions that Satan/materialistic Man, have conned a great many people into believing humanity are evil, and that is why God destroyed humanity. The elite claim that it is for this reason Man must be contained by Noahide Law, but here is the kicker, God did not destroy humanity because they were evil, nature destroyed humanity because humanity refused, or were forced to live, outside of Natural Law, just as we are today. Noahide Law CANNOT be from Noah because it existed prior to the flood! Cuneiform tablets reveal the same working system in Babylon as what we have today. Implementation of Noahide Law above Natural Law is the reason Babylon was destroyed. This is because Man's Law/Noahide Law/UCC Law runs contrary to Natural Law, because it harms God's creation. God did not destroy humanity, the elite did, by indoctrinating humanity to live contrary to their own best interests. Through doing this the elite were able to amass great wealth and power, which enabled them to enslave the rest of humanity. Natural Law destroyed humanity for its own good because it was the only way to free humanity from its suffering.

A human being is like a computer because they can be programmed. If a computer is programmed correctly the computer works efficiently but if the computer is programmed incorrectly it becomes erratic and dysfunctional. The elite deliberately program people, indoctrinate people, to a false reality, because that reality serves the elite. The reason we have so much suffering in this world is not due to the fact that humanity is evil, but rather it is due to the fact that those in control use their power to create disharmony. As long as this world is kept from being harmonious it is easy for the elite to maintain their control. The majority of suffering in this world exists for the benefit of the few.

It is not God who punishes us but the elite!!!!!!!!!!

(Part 1)

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

The truly unfortunate aspect of this is the amount of people whose intentions are good, but due to their lack of awareness they serve that which works to oppose all of humanity, of which they are a part. Only an insane person would enslave their self, and this is exactly what we see, people working diligently to enslave others, and their self!

This kind of insanity does not occur naturally, it is programmed into people.

If you want to solve a crime first you must look for who will benefit from that crime. The only people who benefit from the destruction of this planet and humanity are the Satanists running the show. Soon nature will kick in and destroy humanity again, but the elite don't care because they have built huge dens and lairs to sliver back into when the going gets tough. In another 1,000 years or so they will arise from under their rock and begin the process all over again!

As long as people give their energy away to tyrants suffering will be the norm on this planet. This is not God's choice, it is ours, which is what free will is all about. Cowardice and fear is what perpetuates this reality, so until the majority of us step up and face our fears our cowardice will continue to create the living hell we find our self in. None of this is God's fault. God wants us to live in harmony, it is us who choose greed, fear, lust, envy etc over harmony. We do this with a great deal of assistance from the elite. Ultimately humanity will continue to suffer until they grow a brain and a set of balls!

God's name is hallowed, so I don't believe there really is a name for the I AM. The I AM just IS.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Busted Rhapsody of What is and What is Not.



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