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There is Only One Power that Makes and Permits all Things.

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I once heard someone say, or I read it somewhere, that the wise throw nothing away AND I remember a tale about a spiritual master chasing a leaf of lettuce down a running stream and the object of the vignette was about not wasting food. I consider wasting food to be a serious crime. It disturbs me when I watch a film and people are always leaving food on their plates, even in the Old West, where I am pretty sure didn't happen, except on the homes of those with too much who feel it is their right to be as wasteful as they wish. I also note how people drink hard liquor all through the films and I am talking about most films. It's epidemic but I am digressing and moving away from my original point which has to do with throwing nothing away.

It's got me thinking about what I'm seeing these days and what I am seeing is the human race throwing itself away. When you reduce or eliminate the value or regard that you hold yourself in, or worse, never had any of, you make it possible to live on a level you would never tolerate if you valued yourself. It's not something the human race came up with on its own. It's being fed to them through their media and education system. At the root of the programming is political correctness. Most people don't think very deeply these days. It's frowned upon. Most people aren't curious and because of that they don't look into things as they should. Their idea of political correctness probably goes no further than thinking it is about adjusting the scales of social inequities. Anyone who wants to understand just how dangerous and pernicious political correctness is needs to study what happened in Bolshevik Russia, Communist China and Cambodia. A good image is the pyramid of skulls outside Pnom Pen.

The most terrible thing that any of us has to deal with if; we still have a sense of self worth, if we still value ourselves, if we are empathetic and compassionate, which we would be if we valued ourselves because then... we would value others. The hardest thing is to see the world around you and to have to realize you can't just go out and shake the world by the shoulder and make it pay attention to you. You can't bend it to your preferred dimensions and you can't make people listen. You can only make yourself listen. You can only shake yourself by the shoulder (would that be some kind of enforced shrug?). You can only make yourself pay attention. BUT... if you do, others will pay attention because when you speak to the deeper part of yourself, the deeper part of everyone else hears it at some level.

A big mistake that people make is to think that the point is to reach people in the moment. It might be that one is able to do this but... reaching people and getting it to register is more of a time delay and depth charge kind of a thing. Very often people are not disposed to process certain information in any immediate sense because most people have built in defense mechanisms that war against the information of liberation. They are controlled and all the more so because they don't know it. However, the love in your heart is greater than all of the restraints placed on others by the dark side and it will win out against seeming evil which might, by comparison appear much much greater than your love. Nothing is greater than your love because your love is connected to the infinite love from which all love streams. AND the power of your love is increased to the degree that you employ and exercise it. This is why those engaged in deceiving us are working to lower the frequency of our love into the area of consistency in animal expression. When your love falls past a certain level you lose all of the benefits of a higher love.

You see it all around us, this pandering to the lower nature and the appeal to a deadwood intellect. Far too many take the route of least resistance and for those of us who struggle, or who have attained to that state of grace where struggle is no longer necessary, it has been a hard highway in recent times. You know of my own difficulties, though you may not know many of the details and since I have been discussing them I have heard a litany of horror stories from readers about all kinds of distress that they have been experiencing. A time of serious trial is upon us. The good news is that if we are experiencing such trials it means that the eye of the almighty is upon us. Various scriptures tell us that this is so and I am inclined to believe it.

As we have been saying here, one cannot expect to reach others in an instantaneous way but we can sow the seeds of understanding as we go and if these be true seeds they will grow and flower in their season and come to fruition when the time appointed arrives. Think of Johnny Appleseed. He wandered the land tossing apple seeds to all sides. They did not magically sprout into mature trees immediately.
They grew over the course of time and this is the case with truth dispensed on fertile ground. Slowly but surely it comes to term and one day, a car horn honks, a dog barks, a bird flies across the skies and an awakening occurs, just as it was meant to all along.

The stock market is crashing but that was set in motion in earlier times. Mad freezing frenzies have the aspect of chaos about them. War presses on the Ukraine but... that was set into motion in earlier times. The two halves of Korea are saber rattling. The fuse has been lit around the world and as new beings come into this world, this is what they are greeted with. If you would like to hear from those already thoroughly indoctrinated, here it is. For the ever increasingly smaller amount of us that are relatively sane, such trends are dark indeed. Where do we go from here? Far... far way is my guess.

If one were to seek to employ objectivity in these matters, one thing should become very clear, very quickly, life cannot continue to move in these directions as all of them travel in ways fundamentally opposed to natural order. War is contrary to every higher interest and is an expression of sexual repression and perversity. Bending gender understandings, as well as splintering what is basic into a whirling windstorm of endless variations, serves to amplify confusion. Here is the kicker. Located somewhere within us is truth and essential identity. If this were not so then there would be no point to self inquiry and comments like, “know thyself” would be meaningless. Then all the traditions that have endured for millennia would be nothing more than fabrications and yet the lives of many great souls that have transformed the world in their time have been based on the teachings contained in these traditions.

If there is then a truth and an enduring identity within us then all of these attempts to subvert them both leads to a war within the consciousness of every individual who is 'driven' to be something they are not. Ultimately the truth within and the true being within will overcome but... at what cost in the process?

Behind the physical wars is a spiritual war. The one harvests the bodies of the victims and the other harvests the souls. Behind all this social engineering and cultural devolution is the same collective of Satanic intelligences that are also behind the wars. This is demonstrably true and we have provided chapter and verse more than a time or two here. Obviously these people work for the infernal realm and their power to perform nefarious acts is everywhere to be seen. It is understandable if one feels overwhelmed by it all and courts despair as a result. It is unnecessary. One needs to adjust their perspective and all will be well.

There is ONE source of all power. Quite simply, this means that the power to do anything originates from one location; be it evil, good or neutral, the power to accomplish it comes from one place so ALL POWER is borrowed power and remains in the hands of those exercising it for just as long as the owner of all power permits it- FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. If you are aligned with the will and wisdom of the source of all power, what have you to fear from any of the madness that sweeps the globe? Everything around you on all sides might be reduced to rubble but you would still be standing if that were the will of the ineffable.

Do not get seduced by appearances. All appearances are held in place by the power that permits them to be held in place and only for so long as that will maintains them. Evil is allowed to prosper for a reason and all will be revealed when the time for it comes. One might imagine that we are contained in a room that is filled with luminous curtains and upon those curtains all of the scenes of life as we view them are played out. At some point a mysterious hand reaches into the room and pulls the curtains aside and all of these scenes vanish and the room is filled with light and it is no longer the room that it had been but an entirely different place. This is how I remind myself to look at it all. This is what I must remind myself of, lest I get swept up in the force of appearances. It is only a dream and it will all go away when awakening occurs

For now much can happen and we might be grievously tried. Comfort yourself with this understanding; all power comes from one source. All power belongs to one agency that disburses it for the fulfillment of its own mysterious intentions. There is nothing that can oppose this agency. There is nothing that can stand against it. Align yourself appropriately.

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Kazz said...

I concur with everything expressed here VIs. You see what I see. We are here as long as God has need of us, then we are not. I am okay with that. I never had the false assumption I would live in this form forever. Change can be very frightening, but it can also be very exciting. That old adage, you have nothing to fear but fear itself, is one of my mantras :o).

Great post!

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Greetings Les,

"Two other issues are of major importance are pertinent here: the definition of freedom and the definition of the good life. The first pertains to the meaning of citizenship and the second to the essence of the human being. In a society that culturally emphasizes the maximization of individual satisfactions and the minimization of moral restraints, civic freedom tends to be elevated into a self-validating absolute. In other words, civic freedom is divorced from a notion of civic responsibility. Traditionally, since both the French and American revolutions, the notion of freedom was defined in the context of citizenship: that is, a definition of individual rights within a sociopolitical setting which involved also some responsibilities to that setting. However, for these responsibilities to be voluntarily shouldered genuine motivation ia required, which in turn calls for an inner spirit that prompts the willingness to serve, to sacrifice, and to exercise self-restraint. This definition today is in jeopardy. Increasingly, freedom is defined as the accumulation of rights and entitlements as well as license for any form of self-expression and gratification."
Z. Brzezinski, Out of Control. 1993

Kazz said...

Considering Brzezinski works for the global elite slave state, whose ruling elite appear not to have any self restraint whatsoever, 'Out of Control' translates to me, as no longer under the satanists's control. Somehow I don't see that as a bad thing :o).

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...



- Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

- Don’t think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic.

- You think you’re something special because it’s your birthday today? You’re something special every day!

- Birthdays are like boogers, the more you have the harder it is to breathe!

- Forget about the past, you can’t change it, forget about the future, you can’t predict it, forget about the present, I didn’t get you one!


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

Just wanting to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!!! You so deserve it and I ask God and the Life Power ( the same Power, of course) to bring you all of the happiness, Love, security, and wealth (spiritual and material) that comes straight from the heart of God and directly to you! Enjoy your day and many thanks for your wonderful work. Enjoy!!!!


Anonymous said...

pierre said.. slightly off topic as usual.

some alignments trying to be done here
Alex Jones and his anti-political correctness correctness
and David Duke on AJ's show trying to hit the hard headed man with a large lemon wrapped around a brick, did not seem to sink in despite the bleeding obvious.

but NOBODY is talking about Israel did Fukushima, which is, IMO a fact. (see -plug alert -

Ray B. said...

Vis: "There is ONE source of all power. Quite simply, this means that the power to do anything originates from one location; be it evil, good or neutral, the power to accomplish it comes from one place so ALL POWER is borrowed power and remains in the hands of those exercising it for just as long as the owner of all power permits it - FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION."


I don't particularly disagree with any of your quote above. It just causes me to feel sad that all-God has chosen to be raper/rapist, murderer/murdered, sadist/masochist, and all the other denser parts of existence-as-we-know-it. I would have preferred a 'poofing' into existence without the above being there. (Occasionally, I shake my fist at all-God and say, "Come down here and experience this, you SOB!" Perhaps to high beings that are lower than all-God...)

Often, I have a problem with my Higher Self wanting to 'dwell' down here in density-land. I imagine it is painful for any telepathic & empathic parts to be immersed 'here', long term. So, they 'withdraw' from contact with standard-me and have to be 'called down'. Probably why certain Masters dwell in places like the Himalayas. Again, I am sad that all-God chose to evolve a society in this way.

Probably the main reaction that I have to this 'viewpoint' of all-God is "Why Bother?" All-God actively pulling the strings implies fore-knowledge of the results. "Why Bother?" And, acceptance or non-caring of all the atrocities. Grrr. I can see the lure of atheism, with things as they are. (Even with my experiences...) Of course, this is only from Ray's finite view of the infinite.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

Vis,it's been said that " a wee little part of a person's life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself." Mark Twain
Happy Birthday

He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden.
What gift can we wish for you than to assure you that you are in the company of many of a calm and happy nature .

live long

shine on

Visible said...

Ray... I think there is more to it than that. The ineffable does not promote evil and the ineffable does not give approval to evil in any fashion. What the ineffable does is provide the motive power to express and this enters into the area of free will. We have the freedom to cooperate with the ineffable's plan for us or to insist on doing things our own way. If we take the power that we are given and we set it to a dark purpose it is on our heads. Now a lot of this is Karma as well. Many ancient and more modern debts are being settled at this time and it is beyond our capacity and talent to KNOW why what is is as it is and why what is looks the way it seems to be, which it may not be.

God is not necessarily pulling strings. It is better to think of God as a director who has an end game in mind and who then turns all of the intentions of evil to ultimate good. This all comes back to the truth that we do not know. We only have the conclusions that we draw from the amount of it that we can see and we cannot see it all.

This is a thorny subject and I can go on and on and on and still not be comprehensive. What I can say is that God is love and if god does not interfere, God has his reasons. It has taken me a long time to come to this understanding, to accept with resignation that I do not have the whole story and that the best place for me to put my attention is upon my own darkness and shortcomings and to pray and to hope that the almighty will lift these from me. Then I will be able to see. Then I will no longer be seeing through a glass darkly. I know it looks bad sometimes and goes contrary to all that we feel is right and reasonable but that is, quite simply because, once again, we do not know; at least I don't (grin).

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for your extended and compassionate reply. Your original quote reached deeply into me and brought held-down feelings to the surface. I just had to scream. Sometimes, doing all the work in order to feel-deeply has unfortunate consequences...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Ray B,

I can only stomach this planet IF:

It is one of infinite possible planets. If this is one life of infinite lives. If Visible is correct in that the ineffable is in fact ineffable, and I don't know is the only realistic response to this myriad monkey business. If all can change in the twinkling of an eye, if I can become a better person/servant, if I learn to love, if I can help more often than not.


BCii said...

Vis, I appreciate all that you've said here and fully agree with most of it. Where I hit a snag is with actually, profoundly accepting all the trouble and woe in my experience as being manifest for a higher purpose. I can get it into my head, but my emotional body carries a lot of 'twists' of resistance. You say this is all a dream, and A Course in Miracles does too. That's the only way to see it and be able to really forgive all the crap. If all this is really real, then existence - at least on the level we tend to experience here in the vale of shadows - is a raw deal. I can see how the Course makes sense on its terms, and I know I'd be more at peace if I just went along with what it says we need to do, but a deeply entrenched part of my mind balks at going so far as to negate or deny the reality of my experience in physicality. OK, it's ultimately unreal, yes, but as Morpheus said to Neo, "Your mind makes it real."

I don't have a quibble with anything in this posting or in your follow-up comments. They are very well thought out. I realize you've addressed everything I'm bringing up. I'm just airing my frustration. I suppose this journey of liberation can only go one little step at a time, at the pace that we allow ourselves to release our attachment to our attachments.

Our roly-poly Chihuahua baby Amma is doing well, walking and starting to eat solid food. Her mum Coco now has five three-day-old orphaned poodle pups to take care of in addition to her. They've been with us for two days and the runt has started to gain a little weight. With sleep deprivation and everything else that's going on here, I could just break down and go ape-cracker postal, but my deeper self knows only to push on and strive for the higher love and wisdom as I do the best I can in the moment.

Back to the work I'm here to do. Thank you, Visible, and thank you all. We're in this together!

torus said...

Oh, and belated Happy Birthday Les. Thank you for Ramana and so forth from a previous post. "Who Am I?", applied diligently without being "neurotic" with it, tends to render the mind...."open". A state of welcoming the unknown.

Kazz? The Brzezinski quotes? Is he an "agent" of the matrix? It would seem so. Is he cynically exploiting the undermining of the social values whose loss and erosion he seems to lament?

"The sad fact is that television producers who are cultural pornographers have in effect a competitive advantage over those who are not...Western television has become progressively more and more inclined to the sensual, sexual, and sensational.....they clearly extol self-gratification, they normalize intense violence and brutality, they encourage sexual promiscuity through example and simulated peer pressures.

American movies in recent years have also come to be dominated by brutish violence and physical and sexual is no exaggeration to say that Hollywood movie and TV producers have become cultural subverters who - cynically exploiting the shield offered by the First Amendment - have been propagating a destructive social ethi
The foregoing is directly relevant to the definition of the essence of the good life. Increasingly lt, it is defined by television - the prevailing purveyor of mass culture - as the acquisition of goods and instant self-gratification more generalky. The utopian fanatic is in this fashion replaced by the insatiable consumer. Permissive cornucopia creates the illusion that one's life is under control, through the self-deceptive assumption that self-gratification is the exercise of control. In fact, it creates a condition in which the dynamic escalation of desire for sensual and material pleasure becomes the dominant cultural reality. Morally infused choice becomes irrelevant."
Z. Brzezinski, Out of Control, 1993

Anonymous said...

There IS one source of Power. If the word Power being demonstrative. That source is qualitative. The long and ancient internal reflection and self awareness where eventually all things are known. So vast, so complete, our human minds can only partially grasp. The silent sojourn of ever increasing intelligent inquiry, tested and equated, internally experienced and enlightened by its own sum. And in all levels of it's experience from the beginning, all things in between till the qualitative end. This God is truly great! And in actuating all that is known into the experiential which is the quantitative. This must be true because it is the only way a perfect God who is settled in all knowing, in light and life and the realization that LOVE is the ultimate force in sharing the experience of all that can be known in a slow and steady journey towards the source and center of all things and the ultimate realization that GOD is finally LOVE.
This incredible journey of this Human life existence on one of billions of other inhabited plants amongst billions of other celestial beings of various different order,amongst other universes and super universes of which are now beginning to be known or discovered, is a shared experience of the very mind of our god a fragment that lives with in each of us.
Qualititated by the Father, Actuated thru the Son and conjoined by the spirit.
The details are experienced By us hehe. We are truly an evolving species and life is not an accident.
Free will is the ultimate gift to all self reflecting creatures. As we know one cannot force another to bend to each others will. Life as we know it is full of minute variables but with each degree it is that ever expansive eclipse to know where we came from and where we're going.
As for the questions of evil existing in this world, A remnant of a universal rebellion but only confined to a few participating planets but the example is comparative to choice. And all those fallen beings infected with evil are still powerless to force, inhabit or make us do anything. It is all by choice does a person invite evil into their hearts. And when evil becomes iniquity does the disintegration of the personality begin. It cannot uphold beauty. That is where I see the result of what we now historically in visage as ugly horrifically demonic looking beings. Disconnected from God source degraded and morphed.
God and the most highs are more than able to terminate this evil but in order for there not to be such a repeat it must play itself out, till the very end. Not just for us on this planet but for those on others and systems and far flung universes. It must see and experience and meet it's FINAL end. In comparison it would be like an experience you or i would have, that a lesson could be learned, cut off mid point we are bound repeat it again. Still a time to go but we can see we are getting nearer as all things here become known and the Spirit of truth is impressing itself into the hearts of good men women and children.

katy said...



"Goodness need not enter into the soul, for it is there already but it is unperceived..."*

Wonderful Ray
May I just say, yes the Mighty Ineffable could have avoided all this...messiness.
It was for the love of your company, you, a little god as it were, ( meaning: freedom of will) that "he" did in some infinite wisdom see that it would all be worth it....and did come and see what this pain is all about.
But no worries. We will get back to the garden ( We are there already) and even the memory of pain will be overpowered with love.


Anonymous said...

happy rematerialization in human form day. if we have three groups a, b, c, and groups a and b are being controlled by c what are they to do? to maximize control, periodically group c implants people in groups a and b. the job of these people is to keep the servitude of a and b, to c. so periodically when not fighting each other a and b are recycled internally, by c. after a period of time group a says that group b was wrong in their assault against their internal nobles, but group a claims that they were completely justified in doing the same thing. while group c who started all this uses this to create animosity between group a and b, to distract them from their slave masters in group c. this creates an endless cycle of renew, grow, and destroy, then start again. the continual cycle of the caged slave. mean while the creator(source, ineeffable, god), could be called group d, is blissfull that one energy source figured out that only what god created is true and empowering, and all that humans have created are just cages of enslavement. if one is bad, all is bad, don't all the phillosophy books say that. if they did it and it was bad, then you doing it is also bad, following group c justifications doesn't make it write. we are all guilty, we must realize this, and create a knew vibration.

Thomas said...

Thanks for what you do, Vis, and I wish you a happy birthday and a fruitful year :)

Kazz said...

I know what you guys are saying is true. I see how we are our own worst enemies, I just wish the satanist's did not enjoy destroying others so much. At the end of the day they are destroying their selves too, I know that, but it is so distressing to watch and not be able to stop. I thank God for my understanding of karma otherwise I could not endure the suffering that I feel when I look into the faces of those who are crunched underfoot by the satanic elite.

As much as God has blessed me by showing me the true nature of reality, which I worked very hard to learn, my soul aches for the suffering of humanity. I truly know how Christ felt and why he gave his life to save humanity. Far too often I cry myself to sleep because I am unable to help others. My heart is at peace because I know I and the Divine are one, but still I feel this is no guarantee of success on my part because my journey is not yet over, and it truly frightens me as to what is going to happen to the rest of my brothers and sisters. I know each of us must make our own choices, but the path I travelled to arrive where I am was so difficult, I don't know how people are suppose to make their way? It occurs to me that without my heavenly Father I would not be where I am today, so it wasn't really me at all. Why must this process be nearly impossible?? Although I am attempting to wake those around me it feels as if it is too little too late, but I keep trying anyway because to not try would be irresponsible. Many people blame humanity for the state of things but I can't help wonder how we were ever going to combat evil when all the people trying to be good keep being wiped out!

Humanity has suffered so much :o(. Evil definitely does come at a high price, too high for my liking, yet without evil there would be no free will, and I am an absolute champion of freedom. No wonder they say people like me are insane!


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Strange and Curious Incident.

Anonymous said...

' When you reduce or eliminate the value or regard that you hold yourself in, or worse, never had any of, you make it possible to live on a level you would never tolerate if you valued yourself.'
That is what makes the life of child abuse victims very difficult. Especially if they are "turned",and begin find acceptance and pleasure in the relationship.
Subsequently in life they have no sense of self-worth, find pleasure in degradation, find themselves willing to do anything, serve anyone.
The way out of this is when one begins to understand we are all beloved children of God. Made in God's image, all of us.
To abuse God's little ones is truly satanic at it's core, even if those who do it are simply driven and unaware of who they serve.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Priceless Worth of a Love Centered Heart.



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