Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Where's the Haldol Collider when You Need it?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Just because you can't flee it doesn't mean it's going to catch you and just because it does doesn't mean its bad.

Right... right... tap tap, "is this thing on?"

What an interesting trend this Planned Parenthood, Crass Media, Splash Party is turning out to be. I haven't seen anything like this since the word came up or down from wherever it came from, to expose the Catholic Priesthood, Pederast and Pedophilia, Local 6986 for performing illegal labor tactics outside the box.

It is a fine testimony to how subjective the legions of thumb humpers and object junkies are when all Ass Media has to do is put the spotlight on Trump, add a pint of Gin and presto! Instant Oligarch Validation. I wonder about things like this but I shouldn't, not in Pop Tart Central, where they mint icons like commemorative coins and then crash the precious metals index a couple of weeks later. Then there's the matter of all those Snoop Dog cameo appearances in major film releases and finally... Satan Rising in Detroit. The tits and ass bondage ad prominently featured on the page of this website doesn't hurt either. Okay, maybe it won't be there when you arrive but it was when I did.

Wonder why they picked Detroit? Hmmm.

The devil is the way the wicked see God and let us keep in mind that bit of scripture that mentions 'generation of vipers'. The trick with bringing an idea, an icon, a trend into the mainstream, is to present it as something other than what it is, so that it can eventually manifest as what it is out of all the slick tongue work of what it is not. First they sanitize, then they proliferate to degenerate. It happens in tiny steps that wind around like a circular staircase so that the imagery in passing can be subtly altered with every turn and twist of the stairway.

Decades ago, I used to say that whenever a country is founded on the idea of personal liberty, it is inevitable that it will transform into a pervasive tyranny, based on the same thing. It is inevitable that when Materialism becomes the prevailing rule, Satanism will become the state religion. It matters less whether there is a devil or that the devil if real, possesses a power equal to the author of all things, which... transforms the obvious truth into an inconsistency ...according to the laws of physics ...but do we give a shit about math when these days math is a relentless perversity upon itself and used only for the purpose of making the rich richer and the poor more poor? Where's the Haldol Collider when you need it? Cue George H. W. Bush.

So... it should come as no surprise that babies are being born alive and then sold to corporations for whatever mercantile purposes they have the yen to make a buck out of. Watch out for the double entendres or you'll be wearing cowpie snowshoes, given that we are all trying to do our part for global warming.

It never occurs to me to worry about The Devil. This is because it doesn't relate to what I do or aspire to. He's got his area of operations and I have mine. We don't perform at the same time or on the same stages or for the same audiences. It's like different sections of town in a large city. Every sector has its attractions and it doesn't matter what mistaken impressions anyone might have about me or about you. What matters is what is true. The truth may not be revealed in the morning or even in the afternoon but it will be revealed ...because what is temporary is temporary and what is everlasting is everlasting and they each have their role to play. One is to conceal and the other is to reveal. Everything is not revealed to everyone at the same time. Not everyone has the same level of interest to know what is and what is not, especially if one's investments are in what is not real and... in times of material darkness, the emphasis is on the unreal.

As California burns, all sort of interesting and compatible trends are coming to light and the same themes are surfacing that, at first look, you might not attribute to the same motivations but they are The technique and approach might vary but the objective is the same.

I am watching a piece of absolute garbage at the moment called "Pitch Perfect 2" I sample everything because it is important for me to keep track of the manipulation of the male and female identity dances. It helps to explain what I see in the world and I get traffic updates so I can have an idea of what is coming down the road and how much of it. It makes crossing the street easier and not crossing the street a more informed decision.

Judging from what I've seen this year and measuring the evidence of what is being demonstrated on the international stage, I am inclined to say that from September on we are going to be looking at a serious uptick in dramatic changes. I won't venture to say what percentage of it is likely to be undesirable because that really depends on where you are when it takes place and it very definitely depends of what you are and how you express that in the mix.

Things can only go forward, regardless of whether they go sideways or pear shaped. It's still forward, even if it's backwards. Nothing happens, no matter how sudden the appearance and regardless of a seeming complete lack of context, nothing comes about that hasn't been in the works for awhile. Just because you couldn't see it, didn't mean it wasn't there. This is the point of all the continuous distraction that keeps people befuddled and bewildered, as they are led down the garden path and into the cactus and bougainvilla. You get where you are going step by step, not on a whirlwind carnival ride. Step by step. You can change your mind and your direction at any time.

Does anyone have any recollection of any prominent religious figure, speaking out with any authority, about anything that has been going on, in any way, that is critical of it in recent times? It could be that none of them are and it could be that some of them are but there is no reportage to that effect ...but... my take is that there is very little erudite and serious criticism of those forces bringing global existence to the brink and except for Jimmy Carter and a small handful of others there is nothing on the politcal stage either and none of them go far enough. They all step back from laying the blame for nearly everything upon those who are behind it. The nearest competitor is collective, human appetite fueled, ignorance. There's no need for me to mention the Satanic Zio-Cons, even though I just did. It is up to me to mention that everyone of any particular genetic disposition are not all disposed in the same direction. It is truly reprehensible that so many of a particular genetic disposition are silent about their psychopathic membership. They're not big on self criticism. However... this can not be laid at the feet of the great cleverness of the few in herding the many toward the gates of personal and aggregate doom. It's what is behind them all that gets the credit. It's the workers in the shadows that give the shadows the vehicles needed to breathe and act through.

It's up to us what influences us.

End Transmission.......

I am assuming that the radio broadcast is up and running.


Anonymous said...

Hi les,
I was just wandering if you had any views on the hadron collider, some people think they're trying to open portals to other dimensions. Also they're searching for dark matter, to what purpose? They've spent billions on it, and one can only guess what's really behind it all.

Visible said...

My single definitive answer; I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Yup, step by step. Been pretty discouraged of late about how things have been progressing, if that could even be it's description. Thanks for that reminder.

Ray B. said...

One thing that I have noticed is the slow but continual ramp-up of the crass side of life. I am sooo happy to have come-of-age in the 60s, and to have a reference point as to how it could be. There was a striving for 'better' on so many fronts, even when TPTB tried to lock-it-down. I am sooo glad to have that memory. I fear for those coming-of-age in the present, without that zeitgeist.

Today, there seems to be no public 'face' for these leanings/strivings. The '99%' movement seemed to come closest, but was soon rendered irrelevant. Same, same.

If you ever read "The Silmarillion" by J. R. R. Tolkien, you will remember that it was an elegant but very pain-filled novel. The good guys kept losing and losing, until the very end of the book. Then, they won - with 'exterior' help. I am afraid that our time reads very similar to "The Silmarillion"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Walking Half-Blind through the Minefields of Material Darkness.

Walker said...

Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

Every generation has a new spectators,the play remain the same.
As you said so many times - it is for purpose of demonstration.

BCii said...

Whatever CERN is up to, it ain't good. Simon Atkins claims they're going to use it to try to neutralize this "Wave X" that he says is a positive thing for our evolution. Lily Earthling, on the other hand, believes the LHC is meant to open a portal that would lay the planet's "inner source creation" core open to the installation of Matrix 2.0, a transmission from Saturn ("Wave X") that would inaugurate a new false-duality cycle as the successor to the current Moon Matrix. An attempt that she says will fail just like everything else they've tried since 2012. I'm getting rumors that the 2012 date was when we got back on track to an organic Earth timeline... which fits my own observations.

Who the bloody hell knows? Me, I distrust this technology they've convinced us - nearly forced us - to adopt. I feel the electromagnetic emissions from my home electronics and wireless devices putting my biological field out of whack to the point where I'm pretty much neutralized as a player in this consciousness game. The chaotic vibrations are anything but beneficial. I always feel refreshed after spending time in nature.

Kazz said...

Dear BCii,

I don't care what they do, nothing in the physical world can trump a truly well focused will and spirit.

What I get is that we are coming through the twilight and emerging into the dawn. The light is already permeating this realm, which is why the veil is coming down. Nothing can hold back daybreak, and the elite are soon going to realise that they are out classed, out matched, and out of time.

The sun is emerging over the horizon and the elite have as much chance of stopping the evolutionary process, which they will no longer be a part of because they belong to the dark, as what they would have holding back the sun from rising.

The very reason the veil is coming down is because they are exposing their selves in an endeavour to maintain control. The laugh is they were never in control, ever. Don't you just love the Divine's sense of humour. What a blast!

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Let Love Shape You and you Will Become Perfection Itself.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I followed, as I'm sure Ray did, the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) history making epitome of American scientific superiority of the early 2000's (mini-Big Bang achieved!).
Amazing this first in the history of the world? achievement isn't celebrated(bragging) as the feat(s) of physics it is. Then it hit me .. duh. $$$$$$ They could/would do it all over again BUT the initial achievement must be downplayed, way way down as in no one hears about it. No bragging, no reporting, no feature stories. Only superficial stuff (AKA) 'we're working on it'
It is, after all, a made for bureaucrats job. A Vogon specialty. The bureaucrat Colossus of Control does very well indeed. Works like a champ, they say! We can do it again and charge the suckers ten times as much!!

I remember at least ten years ago the RHIC collided gold ions at 97% light speed, up there at Brookhaven, N.Y.
Also hard to forget that twice they shut the RHIC down due to paranormal/metaphysical fears. An international group of prominent physicists/scientists demanded more data, more proof the collision would not create a mini-black hole. They were actually afraid of, as they called it, "perturbations of the atmosphere."

Then it was on again after discussions, public and classified. Then it was off again at the last moment, as if they were actually afraid to pull the trigger. Lastly, they 'brought in' a top ten Cray from the USAF for more big big calculations. Then, finally ... ZOOM went those gold ions accelerating towards light speed! I believe they were at 97% when they were collided to create that mini-Big Bang hardly anyone has ever heard about. That was at least ten years ago.

They were working on the Large Hadron simultaneously, of course. The 'big one' the bird flew over and dropped (haha) 'something' into to help them with their realizations..

Or maybe the achieved (haha) perturbations of the universe' (whichever comes first)

Just sayin' I think they're crooks.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.. :

Yes, I remember the RHIC and all the foofaraw (actually a word!) around it. I also remember how they claimed discovery of the Higgs Bosun before they were shut down. Apparently, they did not have enough interactions/second to tie it down to six-sigma levels, so they were 'dismissed' in their claim by the Europeans.

My biggest 'grrr' was in Clinton's cancellation of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC). The most expensive part of the project, the circular-hole digging, was proceeding towards completion at the time. Most of the R&D money was already spent. The cancellation made no sense, fiscally or scientifically. Plus, it threw the future of 'big science' to the Europeans. Hmmm.

My conspiracy side puts the SSC cancellation in the same 'pot' as the cancellation of the Breeder Reactor program under Carter. Both smell. I could easily see those cancellations as the 'price' of gaining Presidential office. Get 'summoned' into a Bilderberg meeting, get told of your 'luck', and get told of a small 'favor' you must do in order to obtain the position. Quid pro quo ("something for something" in Latin)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I am one of those who takes the possibility of 'micro' black hole creation seriously...



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