Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jesus Christ; the Light of the World

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Several people have wanted me to know that Jesus was born at this time or that time. I came across the variations in his birth certificate some while ago but the historical figure we call Jesus the Christ may well have never existed in the way that history has presented him. For instance, I will told by a living Sufi saint that Jesus wasn't crucified. It was Judas that it happened to. Then again, someone so informed as that Sufi saint could have said a lot more but he didn't, except to say that Jesus was/is a light. The reason that we use the date that is used is because of the association of the birth of the light and the winter solstice. I have no idea when Jesus Christ was born. I've heard a lot of theories. To me it is more important that the light of the world was born than it is when and where this may have happened. The important thing is that we celebrate the birth of the light and the potential for it to occur within us. The religious and economic fog that surrounds this character amounts to identifying a man according to the clothes he wore, while having no assurance that he even wore those clothes, or what clothes they were.

We are told that Jesus was a Jew. We have no proof of that. I've been told that Jesus was a Syrian. I have no proof of that. When you read the historical records of the times in which Jesus was supposed to have lived, it is surprising how little is to be found. We know for a fact that a certain group of professional liars have been hijacking history to their profit for many, many centuries and that much which is recounted in The Old Testament is actually the history of people other than themselves. Still, I know that someone resembling this Jesus did live somewhere at some time because too many people have had legitimate spiritual experiences in relation to this character. His legend has transformed the world and a misreading of his intentions and words have also transformed the world and not in a good way.

Anyway, it is the man beneath the clothes that matters. It is the essence of the message and not the shaping of the message for the advancement of an agenda that counts. Anyone who has made a study of the teachings of any avatar and the comparative similarities that endure as significators of any and all avatars and the message that resonates in the hearts and lives of those who have never met, make it clear to me that it doesn't matter what avatar you follow. What matters is whether you follow the higher and deeper urgings of the heart or are led astray by other urgings that clever deceivers have justified through convolution and argument as being higher and deeper. This is how you get fundamentalism and the maniacal outrages of all those variations on ISIS and Al Qaida, Judaism and sundry. This is how you get people who can kill without conscience. This is another way to manipulate people into killing without conscience. Similar events are occurring in other zones where different wars are brewing. When the basic cohesion of society has unraveled, due to attacks on the family unit and all the traditions that have been a part of the glue that holds it all together then... the abyss materializes, seemingly out of nowhere and begins to appear almost everywhere but never more profoundly than in the hearts where deceived urgings have replaced higher and deeper or where higher and deeper never existed at all, except in a potential and unrealized state.

Jesus the Christ is the light of the world. Of course we are talking about a true light, not the false light that permeates at a depth and intensity, more pervasively now than previously known. Some believe, as I do that the Empire of Lies is falling apart. There are laws of physics to which all of this applies and in some cases, the worse things appear the closer they are to getting better, depending. In some cases, the greater the spread of the darkness, the closer the light is to materializing. In some cases, the light is very much present but cannot be seen due to a type of blindness caused by the fever of Materialism. As you may know, there are a number of fevers that cause blindness. This kind of information and knowledge makes itself known through another kind of fever. Not all fevers are negative experiences. Not all physics have been compromised by mountebanks and charlatans. Conventional wisdom is not ageless wisdom.

The birth of Jesus the Christ is a symbolic occurrence which relates to the birth of the light of cosmic love within the manger of the human heart. The entirety of the story of Jesus Christ relates to the true human potential movement. Everything real is hijacked in the human mind by strange perversions and parodies and adapted to whatever compromises that are made in the lives of those who find it too difficult to live according to what is demanded of one by those who have left the footsteps for us to follow. If we do not follow those footsteps then, inevitably we wind up in the desert or in a bramble or some difficult to navigate or negotiate location.

Love is the liberator and also the light that illuminates and reveals all things as they are. In the darkness of delusion, the false light illuminates things as they are not, according to the fire of whatever desire causes whatever shadows flicker on the wall of our projected deceptions. This is all a kind of physics and metaphysics is just a wider bandwidth, in the same way that the positive, so called schizophrenia of mystics and inspired artists is simply a wider bandwidth. Contemporary psychology says that we are supposed to have surround fencing in our minds. The point of this is that it makes it easier for us to be controlled. Who controls the field of the playground of the mind, controls what takes place in the mind. If the fencing is not complete then other forces can enter in. Of course, all forces are not operating to our benefit but... once again, that has to do with whatever sway we permit ourselves to be put under according to the compromises we make to justify getting what we think we want.

Jesus is the liberator and the primary message of the liberator is the elevation and exercise of our love for the performance of selfless service through the forgetting of our false self by the remembrance of the true self. Something is occupying us and whatever it is is resident due to the compromises we make in our justification of what we think and say and do in the pursuit of what we think we want. We have grown so accustomed to the parameters of our confinement that we believe we are free. What we believe to be true appears to become true for us even when it is not true.

So it is that when millions of people believe something it becomes a relative fact; like when Christmas occurs and what it means and what it is made to mean over the course of time as progressive changes are made to a simple message that, given our addiction to appetite and convenience, becomes inconvenient for us. One is much better off studying the early Christians if one wants a better understanding of the tenets and teachings of Jesus the Christ. When you look into the early Christians you invariably hear that they were Jews. Of course, if you become a Christian you are technically no longer a Jew. I don't know if they were Jews or not. What I do know is that they bear little resemblance to the Ashkenazi impostors who presently define themselves as Jews. History is a muddle and the reality of it bears little resemblance to complete fabrications that presently pass for history and which history was created in order to make things appear as they are not. The world is a theater of lies created for the profit of those who create and maintain the lies.

We hear that Jesus was the truth, the light and the way. One of the confusions that come out of what follows that line is a primary deception of Christianity and that is, “no man commeth unto the father save by me.”. We also hear that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. Well, the name Jesus comes from the name Joshua and Joshua translates as liberator or salvation and so... beneath the power and hope of our liberation and salvation, everyone will bow their knee. Things do not always mean what they seem to mean. How could the Christian theory that what Jesus meant and which seems to damn everyone who doesn't adhere to the 'my way or the highway' statement be reconciled with, “in my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”? People use scripture to justify their own ideas on what things should mean. Personally... I would prefer to adapt myself to the truth rather than adapt the truth to me, especially since the latter is an impossibility.

To make a long story short... this is the Christmas season, regardless of what the authentic calendar says and we don't have the authentic calendar and if you want to celebrate the birth of Christ then celebrate the birth of what that force actually was within our own hearts in the spirit of giving that which possesses the supreme value above every other possibility of human expression and that is Love. The birth of Christ is the same as the birth of the sun. Tiphereth on the Tree of Life is the seat of the Christ in the human heart. It is an ageless cycle of death and rebirth... of mortality and immortality. It is the birth of hope and promise in a world of relative darkness and it is visited upon us or awakened within us to the degree of our sincerity and intensity. Like anything, you have to want it more than anything else. It's a simple truth and it is the key. In this case it is a spiritual skeleton key.

Christ is a station of being and it is what is real and eternal about us. If we live it we become more and more like it. If we do not, we become more and more like whatever it is that we emulate or pursue. Or one might say that what conceals it is steadily burned away until it is revealed in that timeless location where it has always been resident. It's semantics and the same thing can be said many different ways. Merry Christmas!!!!

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There may or may not be a radio broadcast for a few weeks and the postings may not appear for some while or maybe one will slip through here and there. We are very busy and under the gun (metaphorically speaking).


Bill D. said...

As you are 'armed' with The Light, that metaphorical gun cannot sway you.

I would like to pass along a present, which was given to me by the Archangel Metatron, to all the good souls in Vis Land...if you live this, you will never want for anything:
I ALWAYS have MORE than I need, BEFORE I know I need it!

Merry Christmas to ALL, and to ALL a GOOD night!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Les! It's almost rebellious to wish good tidings.

Apropos to nothing, did you know Noah's flood started on the 17th day of the 2nd month and ended on the 17th day of the 7th month?

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you
I just was guided to look at your site, to see how you were doing. Merry Xmas to you too. Hope things are going well for you. I pray for your success and ultimate enlightenment.

Ray B. said...

Vis: " doesn't matter what avatar you follow. What matters is whether you follow the higher and deeper urgings of the heart..."

Exactly. It is a state-of-vibration or frequency, not a 'personality'. Once you get used to it, you can actually 'feel' when that state is there. You even miss 'it' not being there, or more-precisely me not being in-access to that state. To me, it feels like a combination of 'completion', 'filling-in', 'expansion', 'knowing more', and somehow 'taller'. Very cool...


Vis: "I've been told that Jesus was a Syrian. I have no proof of that."

In my search for any 'historical' Jesus, Ralph Ellis has come closest to any 'historical truth' that I have found. He has written quite a few non-fiction books on deeply-obscured Egyptian history and onto Biblical times. Impressively researched, and quite engaging. Ellis documents 'Jesus' as indeed hailing from the Syrian area, although definitely NOT from poor shepherds. I wrote a review at of "King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot" on December 3, 2008. This was the second of his 'Jesus' trilogy. The third one fleshes-out the historical-data on the 'Jesus' family and circumstances quite well, although it is marred by a newly-emergent anti-Islam bias.


Vis: "The entirety of the story of Jesus Christ relates to the true human potential movement. ... Love is the liberator and also the light that illuminates and reveals all things as they are."

Yep, it is possible to 'advance' in human potential (for a ways) without caring about your fellow humans. You become what is known as a 'black magician'. In my opinion, that is why the phrase, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," was included in the canon. A precautionary verse, for those only pursuing 'human potential' from an intellectual standpoint...


Vis: "Who controls the field of the playground of the mind, controls what takes place in the mind."

Yep, that is why the (positive) human potential movement of the late60s/70s/early80s was studiously-ignored in the mass-media, or even ridiculed. On the 'trivial' side of metaphysics, I (and others within my view) have personally wound-up spoons into tight spirals without the use of physical force. However, get a physicist or metallurgist thinking into what that requires, and they are deep into the rabbit hole...

Merry Christ Mass! ("Christ is a station of being...")

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Doug Pearson said...

That's pretty interesting about the Captagon. I first started coming to Mexico in 1976. In Guadalajara there were tons of medical students and they first introduced me to Captigon. Different spelling but I assume it's the same shit. Man, 2 of those little babies would light you right up for the day. Real strong little suckers. Probably about as strong as pure meth. They don't make it here any more to my knowledge and haven't for many years. So yeah, if you got into taking that stuff real regularly and got strung out on it it would definitely change your disposition. Surprised me to see that name come up.

Kazz said...

Great post Vis.

A wonderful Xmas gift to us all.

Thank you so much.

Luv Kazz

long john said...

"I Am The Light Of This World" Jorma Kaukonen

"I Am The Light Of This World" Jorma Kaukonen Live on BRI TV

Hot Tuna - True Religion

Hot Tuna - Water Song

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Captagon. How long does it take to kill you? THAT is the question. Meth is bad news in any way shape or form.

On to do some research!

JR said...

Read the Book of Mormon, it will add light to your comments Vis. It is available free on-line.

Anonymous said...

Joy to the world.



Lori said...

To JR @2:34:00PM:

As Les already said in his blog above: "I would prefer to adapt myself to the truth rather than adapt the truth to me.".......
Don't you think if Les had wanted to read The Book of Mormon, he would have already done so? It's 'free online', well, woopty doo!! You don't need to advise Les as far as we're concerned. We like him just the way he is.

Tithe away............and to each his own. We still love you, come back with an open mind, JR. And Merry Christmas!

Love to all you dear folk! Esp: Kazz, beggar, elf 3&4, nose man, Ray B, Magdalena, Nina, Stef, Bee Lady, and YOU!

Anonymous said...

This is the by far most sensible way to look at Jesus the Christ I've ever been exposed to. To follow the spirit, and not the letter. Looking at the big picture, and not quibbling over details. Wonderfully put, Visible. Thanks!

That truthseeker article, from veterans today, though... Am I the only one who considers it suspicious that amazon banned that book about Sandy Hook? I mean, the people at amazon have got to know that banning a book increases the interest in it by a huge factor, which would seem to be against their interests - far better to just put it to "out of stock" and then down the memory hole, wouldn't you think? Why haven't they banned books exposing the Holohoax, or 9/11, both far bigger scams than Sandy Hook? Maybe this is just me being paranoid, but there are 3 possibilities that I can see:

1) they made a really dumb mistake, given that it is very well known in psychology that illegal stuff attracts a LOT of interest.

2) they are testing to see the reaction of banning a book exposing a little scam, to then move on to banning books of bigger scams. Seems pretty dumb to me too.

3) They did it deliberately, because the global elite (jewish money gangsters, royal families and other "top" people) has slated The West (centered on America, but including Europe, whose politicians have followed the lead of America) for destruction. The East, consisting of Russia and China, mainly, will step in as saviors. If this possibility is the correct one, which I am inclined to believe, we can expect a lot more truth about the corruption of the west to come into the mass mind in the coming months. The way to see if this is a genuine (full) exposure is to see if the United Nations (the legitimacy of which is based on the fake history of WW2, especially the Holohoax), The Bank of International Settlements ("the central bank of central banks") and the IMF catches any serious flack, because, if they don't, it's going to be more of the same, just in a shinier outfit.

Looking at this, I'm not holding my breath for Putin to save the world:

The hegelian dialectic, more commonly known as "problem-reaction-solution" demands that the solution is seen as attractive, or it wouldn't work. Is The East painted as attractive in the alternative media? In the mainstream western media, it isn't, obviously, but if possibility 3 is the closest to truth, then that does not matter, as the MSM will go down in flames soon, and a lot more people will be exposed to the alternative media, much of which is utterly corrupt, but mostly very positive towards the east (even Alex Jones pushes Putin as a champion). Well, I don't know what the truth of the matter is, but I am quite certain that unless the UN (Holohoax) and the BIS (main money control hub) are utterly demolished, then things are not going to change much for the better for the common people, at least not in the long term.

I'm sorry to put up something so dystopian around Christmas time, but I think it's better that we keep this possibility in mind, to not get too disappointed if things turn out to be largely unchanged when the smoke settles. I think the banning of the Sandy Hook book was the starting shot for a wild ride of deception, but I hope I am wrong.

Anyways, I have come to same conclusion as you point to, Visible. Love is the answer. Love of the Divine is the way to go. And it's Christmas time! May the Spirit of the season fill your hearts to overflowing! Merry Christmas!

Visible said...

Ironically and presciently I address that Sandy Hook mystery of tactics in the Smoking Mirrors I am about half done writing at the moment. It does make you wonder and thank you for pointing it out.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Shall we Dance and Live Forever or Shall we Die and Forget?.

Smyrna said...

Brilliant post there Vis. That's a bulls-eye regarding Jesus.

The disturbing and exhilarating spiritual awakening that gave Gnosis (in my case) is an event that you experience once. Like losing virginity. For me it was eventually consummated with prayer to Jesus, fortunately. I'm sure Satan would have answered the call too, if I was that way inclined, or a Hindu avatar like Krishna if I had come from that part of the world and had known his name.

Whether all the facts and minutiae of Jesus' earthly backstory is accurate or not doesn't concern me because I know that Jesus is real and a 'destination'. That is all something for Matrix ensconced intellectuals and vainglorious atheists to argue about.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, the Universal Healer.

Anonymous said...

happy generic holidays

there are several chemtrails today. i wonder if there will be red and green chemtrails on christmas day. or maybe rainbow chemtrails or all purple to honor queers.

i think i spotted five isis guys on the street. middle height, well fed, middle eastern faces, middle eastern clothing, expensive boots. they say the isis guys have to emigrate from their countries because their countries are now rubble due to the zionista wars. since the zionistas have their very own country, the isis guys should really immigrate into that zionista country, doncha think? we could all chip in to build them high rises on the dead sea. they could study kaballah or haddith and have lotsa babies. their women could walk around in tents. and there's already a wall around the whole mess.


mary magdelena melchizzedek

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Elvis, and all his fans

Anonymous said...

Some very informative and educational information in these radio shows, take a listen

Anonymous said...

Do not you understand the things of God and never experienced wisdom. Why is the flood? Whoever came up with El Ninio have to get a large bribe. Corrupt scientists. Where does rain? When the water evaporates and turns into a cloud which is made up of ice particles. If he was to be the ozone hole would not be able to form clouds. The sun in winter is not able to heat up the ground so that during rain falling snow melt. Earth reflects heat so the spring is the spring rains. Now the earth heats up from the inside and expels heat up. For this reason, instead of snow in December, we have floods. The circle of life. You say the words that concepts do not know. Will tell you the mysteries of God. I saw the last one sign. Is written. Flight bird you will not find in the sky.
The Earth is pregnant, has labor pains.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"Jesus the Christ", I like that one... avoids all the distractions, like blood and bones and history. to have been , or not to have been, that is not the question.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les. You are being deceived by evil spirits that want to doom your soul by taking you along with them. It is no deception when Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." The only way to be saved is by believing in Jesus and practicing His Word. Jesus was there at the moment of your creation. And Jesus is there at the moment of your salvation. Jesus is the revealed name of YHVH. Jesus is YHVH. Please read the New Testament.

Visible said...

Thank you for providing proof of what we have come to know about Fundamentalism and the pervasive punishments of dogma and cant as they affect all of us in today's world. Sooner or later a spiritual renaissance will dawn and there will be no more of this sort of tedious redundancy.



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