Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Ring of Fire Dance with the Orc Master Elite

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Well... Black Friday was a disaster for the merchants, here on the precipice of the crumbling dream of Materialism. There is a feeling that comes to me at regular intervals. It has no date stamp. Its shape is without any clear form. All I have taken away from it is that it is large... very large and it is going to change the world more than all the events of the last several decades. It has the sensation of being a natural event, like the Ring of Fire going nova colossal or... something. Of course I know that the event could be something generated out of all the tension and chaos of these times but... given that I don't know, we will leave it in the realm of speculation. I bring it up because it is very strong at the moment... this sensation... it is filled with imminence. It's been mentioned here before and always when it has exerted enough pressure to get commented on but... so far... it hasn't happened.

There is this companion sensation which has come into bloom in recent days and that is that whatever is coming (if it is coming) is for the purpose of counterpointing the foul plans of the Orc Master elite and the attending ignorance of the masses running pell mell for the cliff edge of the abyss. It is a signal wake up call of such devastating impact that it puts all kinds of things in the rear view mirror; some of them permanently. I'm not discounting something from outer space. I don't know why I said that. I'm not discounting anything.

The basis for these feelings that come and go, on some mysterious bio-rhythmic circuit, is that everything is composed of mindstuff and that mindstuff expresses itself through us, collectively and individually. It expresses in our countries and cultures. It expresses in our differences and similarities. It expresses as well in all the various kingdoms of nature other than our own and it is representative, after another fashion, in all the mountains and plains and bodies of water... in the sky and so forth. There is a harmony to all of it that is ordinarily maintained by an agreement between ourselves and the greater environment that we inhabit and it manifests in our forms of behavior and speech and thought that conforms with the greater environment and the invisible ether that interpenetrates everything and out of which comes the elements that give shape and body to everything.

Sometimes, for the purpose of demonstration, or for whatever the reason but... certainly there is a demonstration involved at some point... we go out of sync with that harmony and... disharmony becomes the actual basis for our every day interplay and it begins to affect all of the life around us and it starts to affect the greater environment and weird shit becomes the unnatural offspring of our persistent dysfunction. Of course, it is not all of us that get swept up in the lemming currents that flow like an invisible Gulf Stream through the collective consciousness but... it is a significant percentage. It is enough to tip the scales so that existence begins to tilt toward disorder, chaos and ruin. Although this may seem to be unfortunate and even unnecessary... within the mind of the planetary logos it is all part of a predictable pattern that comes and goes over the ages. Certain dramas repeat over and over but the ordinary mind is incapable of seeing into the meaning of it because of the limitations of mortality, as they move from one life to the next. In the mind of the solar logos it all makes sense and results in a grand tapestry that unfolds and rolls across the immeasurable expanse of time; well... the Hindu's have measured it but it still lies beyond the comprehension of anyone trying to understand it, regardless of however sure they may be that they do.

The point is that the collective force of the disharmonious mindsets of the millions, cruising on the broad highway, changes the nature and status of the greater environment and eventually... that environment reacts. What we think, sets the intention and direction of our conditions and at some point, what was once a hot tub, turns into a frog boil... just as what once was a pleasurable wallow, turns into a painful pit that you can't climb out of.

Then things like what was described in Revelations begin to occur; stars fall from the sky. The ocean turns into blood. The seas boil. You get that Gog and Magog dance and the music that is played is hypnotic upon the minds of those mesmerized by the force of it. Not all of us hear that music and that is because it is not all that is being played. We hear the music that applies to our destiny and direction.

So... I get this sense that critical mass approaches and once that is reached any number of things can occur. It can be whatever is closest to the portal that is going to come through. It can also be whatever portal you happen to be closest to that determines what comes through for you. Some of us are standing in crowds and some in groups and some in pairs or alone. Certain portals seem to be right next to the number aggregates and the number aggregates are determined by a collective taste for shared appetites. I'm guessing that accounts for the proliferation of certain kinds of eating establishments that are all over the place but almost always where there are crowds and much less so where there are not.

I could see some groundshaking invisible serpent, undulating and maybe even ululating beneath the surface of the earth over a wide reach. Then the sea rises as it has not in recorded memory. I have seen this in dreams... a swift rising tsunami of incredible height, accompanied by the roar of a thousand express trains, swallowing everything in front of it. Some miles inward, there are a series of shakes and uncertain ground and nothing more. Possibly there is a degree of apprehension in the aftermath... some amount of dread, a dread so much larger than circumstances might warrant, according to appearances. It's the kind of thing one might feel if the angel of death had just flown overhead... on his way somewhere else. It's that Nazgul effect, perhaps.

The sense of foreboding I feel, is accompanied by a remarkable consistency of frustrations in my own life that are placing every sort of obstacle in the way of my pending relocation. I get from this that whatever is coming is very near and that it changes everything in that way where one comes to understand that- 'all plans are off'

It makes you wonder what it all means and since you don't know and since whatever it is has not arrived, you have that in limbo effect but... you have to move, given that there are deadlines and those ordinary chores that must be attended to, otherwise... if nothing does happen then you don't either. It is, by turns... perplexing... annoying and even unsettling. You do what you have to do... even if it is ultimately pointless because some huge natural catastrophe has changed the landscape of the world and things that were formerly somewhere are now gone and places where there was previously nothing now contain a new ground mass.

I'm not Nostrildamus, or John Wayne Cayce. I don't get the details ahead of time and... for all I know, neither did they. I haven't seen any clear signs of any prophecy in action, brought forth in a clear and accurate manner. It could be that I am not empowered in this way. You know what I mean... where one has given seriously intense energies in certain areas and there was simply no way to get past barriers set in place. It is as if one were being herded, while also being denied all possibilities of passage anywhere else. Sometimes life seems completely scripted and at other times it appears that others can go anywhere they like and sometimes it also seems that it finally occurs to those who can go anywhere that they were completely scripted too.

You can read all kinds of books and absorb every kind of life lesson but if you incorrectly understood the meanings of either... you are no better off than if you had learned nothing at all. Certainly you can talk about it all with some appearance of greater insight but all you are really doing is wasting everyone's time.

I don't know if any of this is real. It is just that sense that has come around a few times in these last years, never more strongly than at present but that is just the wind blowing at 30 miles an hour instead of 15. You notice the difference but... what does it mean? What does it mean? What does it mean when one's dreams have intensified to a remarkable degree and when they contain plots and imagery never seen before? One might say it was the subconscious seeking to speak with us, One could say the same is true when natural disasters occur. For the moment it remains a strange mystery, like being on uncertain waters. It swims beneath the waters but you can't see what it is.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

After thinking about Jormungandr, I read this. I get the same feelings, though I view them from an optimistic perspective, hating life and all. I also have no clue, but when it happens, I'm sure I'm outta here. . .one way or another. We're third floor in the front half of the unit, second floor back half of the unit, being built into a hill, and we have a big arse fault down the hill about a kilometre. Hope we don't have to wait one to two years for it. (One pretty decent astrologer on surfingthapocalypse who goes by the handle: lightbulb, said 2017, along with Douglas Cottrell, who is only worth anything in his altered state, just like Edgar Cayce.)

Ayuh, my 'demigods' ain't tellin' my shite either.

Ray B. said...

Vis: " an invisible Gulf Stream through the collective consciousness..."

Great poetics! (Not to mention true...)
Vis: "The point is that the collective force of the disharmonious mindsets of the millions, cruising on the broad highway, changes the nature and status of the greater environment ... what once was a pleasurable wallow, turns into a painful pit that you can't climb out of."

Ah, Sheldrake! He pointed out the 'power' of repetition on Reality. Impartial, but powerful. This 'situation' does bring up the 'opposing side'. I am assuming that there exists other 'factions' - in other solar systems and/or other dimensions - that can 'feel' the build-up of these repetitions and their effect on Greater Reality. Being 'outside' of this repetition-rules-'blindness' (the pit), they can judge whether this 'power' should be allowed to increase. And, they are not subject to our programmed-consciousness 'rules' as to their abilities. It should be interesting to see what the 'pushback' is...
Vis: "What does it mean when one's dreams have intensified to a remarkable degree and when they contain plots and imagery never seen before?"

Assuming you're not being messed-with or being 'improved', there is a form of 'foreknowledge' that an old teacher talked about. As the probability of something-occurring moves closer and closer to a hundred percent and begins 'crystallizing-out' to a manifestation, there is a kind of a 'wave' that travels back in time. (I presume it is part of the Oneness thing.) 'Sensitive' people can pick-up on this, although they may not know what it means. In the best of cases, it can give important 'clues' as to future actions. For example, I remember the mother who refused to board the "Titanic," based on this kind of 'feeling'. The hard part is to distinguish this 'wave' from all of our subconscious 'stuff', which can trot-out faux-waves to provide justification for our actions or inaction. Tricky...

Good luck in surfing the 'wave'!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

What an incomparable writer like no other in these times. At least all that suffering was good for something. The span of subject matter you deal with moves from horizon to horizon like the light of the sun. Sorry to embarrass you but Jack, you're the one.

Dodgy One said...

To this Dodgy One it seems that we in the alternet should be shouting 'We wont be driven to fear again.' Quo-Bono to the satanic it seems that the best way to eff you see kaye with people having a joyous and loving Christmas is to ratchet up the fear so that control and obedience can follow. This is the time of year to be shouting out about Love thy neighbor and share in your blessings. Because a blessing kept is a blessing wasted.

Not half strange that the supposed opposing sides are all OK with blowing the shite out of Syria while all the pro-stitutes of properganda are fear mongering about a global war.

They all are doing Israhells gardening so that no unwanted pest/peasants/goyim are within a day long drive of their anal cavity of a cuntrie, promised land my aren't you so full of it. Satanic promises portend to an opposite being the reward for having boosted their negative karma to a point where the magical 6 million holocaust can be achieved in reality. A weird kind of pre-mourning that actually causes the event they are mourning is in operation. Obviously they can't mourn after they are melted for their betrayal of Gods creation.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that there is only one mind.... I had a feeling you would be writing about feelings of foreboding and about some gigantic event you feel is coming... and here it is. :)

I have tsunami dreams. Not cool when you live in Florida. I've had the pleasure of dealing with the nicest people in the world today at my job. And I thought, why would God destroy Florida and all of these nice people?

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I see you've joined the ranks of the doom and gloomers "we're all going to die in an earthquake or tsunami" crowd. Thanks for the fear porn ... You are well aware it's the last thing we need .. I live by the coast so what am I supposed to think .. That all the lovely children and the homeless and the weak and the old and all the innocents are going to be swallowed up by the earth or swept away by a tidal wave. What kind of God do you follow anyway you fear monger ... Shame

Visible said...

I am assuming anonymous that you didn't read the posting and that your desire to write what you did is not based on the reason given. I will go one further and say that the reason you are anonymous is because your agenda is otherwise and I say this with confidence because I recognize your syntax.

Here is a lovely, shameless and pandering line " the lovely children and the homeless and the weak and the old and all the innocents are going to be swallowed up by the earth or swept away by a tidal wave." heh heh... right! Listen up sophist... all those wonderful souls are going to get swept up by death regardless. Is a tsunami worse than stomach cancer or ALS? However, I never said anything about these things coming. I mentioned several possibilities and a dream and did I mention your coast? Well... that's all irrelevant anyway.

I just have to repeat your line again. It is so worthy of being once, twice even three times and example (cue Lionel Ritchie) "the lovely children and the homeless and the weak and the old and all the innocents are going to be swallowed up by the earth or swept away by a tidal wave." You left a lot of large demographics of people out. I'm guessing it is okay if they get washed away.

Jenny said...

This hits the nail on the head for sure. I always enjoy the comments too, Ray B had a great one. I remember many times in my life when that "feeling" came along. When I paid attention it really made a difference. Reading your blogs has helped me "pay attention" to the little details that help me on my journey.
- Jen

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

What you said rings true, prabhu. Because it is true. And though the firing squad is in fact, good enough for me .. my false ego(a real pistol) urgently disagrees!
But that's his job, innit? A job for an expert. But is he impeccable?
Don't make me laugh! LOL!

Advaita Prabhu is Impeccable..

Lord Siva Giving the History of the Solar Races

Anonymous said...

Hello all who are curious....
Axis shift and Epic Global Changes

Brian Crossland said...

Foreboding...I got that, but can be positive/ negative as the wind blows. More like an anticipation than fear though fear is there, gut instinct. Maybe a heightened state of vigilance is needed, but agree Feck the fearmongers, they have an agenda I don't buy into.
@ Dodgy one, similar thoughts almost word for word in my mind. a working out of Karma perhaps on a grand scale, or Ray B. re:Sheldrake a mass awakening Morphic resonance to thwart 'em.
Hurry on sundown...

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

As long as the Jews make it to high ground, finally, and get to take along enough Goys to do the work and suffer the Holy sacrifices.

plug for Erasmus, whom I have only briefly come across in Patrick Wood's History of Christianity (1975). Patrick, unfortunately, doesn't unlike any of the Jews at all through all this, hardly mentions them. Nor these days in talking about the Wellsian style Technocracy does he mention them.

Nor would he do so , I imagine, if he knew that Israel did Fukushima, and all those poor Floridian kids who will die with cancer and whose parents Condos will be sacrificed to the Doctor God's to not save them. The Hamster wheels shall remain in the refugee parking lots for training purposes until there be real work to be done, say, pumping 'tidal' water out the holes that the Kosher Molocks need to be live in for a few millenia. It's that or the Aliens will save whomever. God only knows.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Stalking Horses, the Booty Bandit Media and Lies, Lies, Lies.

Eudoxia said...

Well we have a case of stupid people being led by wrong people. Then into the mix the stupid people are also not only being led by wrong people but are being advised by incompetent people. We are transitioning away from the stupid people who are being outwitted by credible smart people who act in accordance with their higher consciousness. This is obvious and it's not going to end well for the stupid, wrong and incompetent creatures that do not deserve the description of human. Well I too share some cases of foreboding here but I feel this is just a transitional phase. I can't quite put my finger on it other than I have been suffering what appears to be a depression of sorts. I'll allow it to pass because it does and it occurs usually when I'm not on plan - enter Adjustment Bureau.

What is playing out though on the world stage does align with the Toltec wisdom teachings of the transition period between the 5th Sun (Sun of Justice) to the 6th Sun (Sun of Balance). According to tradition there is a 9 year transition out of the 5th and into the 6th commencing on 21st December 2012. About half way the 6th Sun takes prevalence and the 5th Sun goes into perdition of sorts -grin- It is completely out of the picture by 2021. I we use Libya and Syria as examples of the epic fail of the tribe then there is something most certainly working against them. They may have succeeded to turn Libya into chaos but they are not going to get the same result in Syria - time will tell and we shall see but things are not going to end well for the tribe.

Have to agree with Brian "hurry up sundown"!

Saul Mine said...

Dear Mr. Visible, you sure do know how to get a point across. Painting a luxurious picture with words. Only a few can make the grade there, and you've always nailed it.
I am pleased to read so many comments that are written by those paying attention and not a bunch of trolls.
I've had a bit of anticipation of late, but I figured it to be either MSM fear porn leaking through my protective brain condom or just wishful thinking. Yea, let's be done with it, get it over with, but then, what'd I forget to do?
Change happens rather slowly when observed, but not so slow when you are otherwise occupied.

David Fiske said...

"I haven't seen any clear signs of any prophecy in action, brought forth in a clear and accurate manner. " Hallelujah to that Vis but that won't stop people trying. The internet an awful place for rumour spreading. On the other hand I do feel like we are at some cracking point. Hard not to feel the tensions in the world. A lot of anger and misdirected energies. One has to be firm about keeping up one's inner practices. I'd rather go down meditating than passing around some lousy rumour on line. It helps never to have felt happier. I'd like to go out on a high note, a better way to commence the next journey. love,

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Our Annual Merry Christmas Posting.

Visible said...

Lat week's radio broadcast. is now up, belatedly.



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