Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Thoughts on the Ineffable and the Exercise of Reason and Logic.

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Maya the spider spins her dream web, woven out of darkness and false light. The Dream Web is magnetic and our Karma is like iron filings that hang suspended in our atmosphere like dust motes. There are charged particles that are attracted to specific details in the web. It varies with everyone. Are Karma and Fate interchangeable terms for the same thing? There are many tales about Kismet in the Sufi tradition. There are many tales about Karma in the Hindu and Buddhist tradition.

Here is an interesting and thoroughly uniformed statement made at a forum where there was a question as to whether Muslims believe in Karma; “Muslims do not believe in Karma/Superstitions/Magic. We only believe in Destiny.” This is rather humorous if you give some thought to it. What have Superstitions and Magic got to do with Karma and... how is Destiny not a expression of Karma and therefore proof of the existence of Karma? What does it mean if conditions and events are destined? It means there is some kind of cause in play. What would that cause be? Since destinies are so various and remarkably dissimilar in many ways, logically, it has to mean there are specific differences in prior behavior somewhere and where is that somewhere? In what place did these prior events happen? Surely they happened on the same plane where the destiny is being effected. Or is there some other system that makes no sense that is the cause of it all? Look at the symmetry in the wider universe and tell me that a similar symmetry does not exist everywhere.

Of course, if you have no symmetry because your nature has been hijacked by the unnatural then this won't make sense to you. What do you believe is real or unreal? Your definitions define you. Maybe it would help if I explain how I have come to my own conclusions and beliefs. I test everything to see if it works and if it is valid when compared against the truth within me. If there is resonance then the sympathetic strings vibrate within. It is a kind of psychic smell test. It is one of those things where it feels right even though you have no immediate certainty, absent the ongoing experience of existence wherein whatever it is that one has under consideration, continues to prove out in application. This is the manner in which any legitimate philosopher and meta-physician comes to their conclusions.

Never assume anything because even if you are generally correct in what you believe, there are elements missing that are critical to the totality of your beliefs and may also account for an intensification and strengthening of your faith. Of course, without Love as the directing and most powerful drive, one is not going to come into the deeper stages of the quest. Only Love is sufficient to the necessities of the task, given the challenges that come on the way. More importantly, the Love and the devotion it inspires has more to do with drawing the attention and grace of the ineffable and it has been said by many wiser minds at different times that one does not attain to an interactive relationship with the divine under your own steam, given that all steam is generated by the ineffable to begin with and is then defined by our intentions. Intention is all important and one finds reference to this in many Buddhist texts and the scriptures of other faiths as well.

In the teachings of any legitimate religion, what is important gets said more than once and in more than one way. These elements are critical to one's understanding and the teachings of Jesus the Christ should be kept in mind where he says that there is one series of truths for the common mind and another for the disciples. This latter is to be diligently sought after and comes by revelation. Apparently, in most cases the ground has to be prepared over the course of time, as one is engaged in those trials by which ones sincerity is proven out. Cases like that of Paul on the road to Damascus are not the usual event. Of course, I don't know if this happened as it is said to have happened. I have absolute faith that Jesus Christ appears to certain individuals and it is a valid certainty when one considers that Jesus was a man but Christ is a station and everyone who attains to it meets Jesus, which shouldn't be that difficult for Jesus given how few in any generation achieves this state of awareness.

On the matter of Paul, I have no idea what was or what was not. I do take exception to many things he said. It is my belief approaching certainty that the tales of any great master omit more than they include and are often filled with made up details and some exaggeration, although I consider anything to be possible when it comes to masters, so I am not referring to exaggeration in that regard. One who has attained to a certain level of consciousness has the ineffable resident within and is capable of anything without limitation. That they do not go around doing all kinds of miraculous things all the time is a testimony to their character. The fact is that they do go around doing miraculous things all the time, they are simply, more generally done within the hearts and minds of those who gather and over the longer course of time in those who read their works, see films or whatever media there might be.

God is everywhere around and within us. God is, in some ways like the wind. Everywhere in the world the air is stirred by some degree of invisible breath. We never see it though. We only see that which is stirred by the wind. Let us look at human affairs. There is that which the ineffable inspires and that which the ineffable permits. You can well ask why certain things are permitted and I will say, Karma but Karma, like the wind... is often not seen at its point of origin, in consideration of the effect that the origin drives. Sometimes Karma is more immediate and sometimes it moves through following lives. We see the leaves that tremble and we see leaves fall. We don't see what causes it. There is so much we do not see but we base all of our beliefs on what is real on the idea that we aren't missing anything. That is a kind of arrogance we see every day in people's opinions on the meaning of events and the moral implications taken from whatever level of informed or uniformed morality they possess.

The almighty as we have been told, moves in mysterious ways. We might also say that the impact of the almighty on human events is often unseen. In times of Materialism, we collectively place far more emphasis on the seen as opposed to the unseen and the larger generalization on what is unseen are often misleading when not outright fabrications, indulged in by those who seek to manipulate the beliefs of the masses through promoting anthropomorphism, or whatever skewered ideas allow for catechisms, dogmas and cants that are approved for public mind control, which accounts for all the horrible things done in the name of religion.

Look, with rare exception, all political and fundamentalist religious systems are created by those who profit off of them. The same applies to economic systems and in every case as they apply to the basic understanding of any of these, one idea of the meaning of any of them is promoted through official vehicles and the real meaning is concealed because of the routine perversion of the principles over and over and over again.

We've all heard the name of Martin Luther but I will wager that most have read little about his life; the dramatic moments in it, the things he did and said and who he considered to be the enemies of humanity and Christianity. It is interesting to note that his ideas are shared by many another and that to this very day. When certain themes occur and reoccur over the course of hundreds and even thousands of years, there has to be a reason for it. Of course, in this time of Political Correctness, which is another pernicious by product of Materialism, all kinds of arguments are given for the belief in all manner of absurdities and these are promoted by those who benefit from the belief in these absurdities. Here we must keep in mind that the demonic authorities from the Infernal Kingdom most specifically promote discord and disorder. This is a consistent theme in the behavior of these entities, along with deception and the promotion of negative qualities in humanity. Keeping this in mind and noting the behavior of those who are in positions of leadership on the world stage, it is no reach to imagine who inspires their behavior.

Most of what needs to be seen is pretty clear but it is only as clear as the minds which consider any of it. What is it that clouds and confuses the mind of humanity? Once again, should you focus on things already said here and on what you have learned by observation about existence, it requires no great reach of the imagination.

May the ineffable inspire and motivate you in every positive way.

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robert said...

{third attempt to post - third time's the charm!)

The Irony of Modern Madness

The mind trap of religion is in its uncritical dogmatism, not its subject of deep matters!

Yet another dogma, created after immersion in years of cynical public relations, is offered:

Political Correctness, originally coined in satire, now made a deadly serious game,

An uncritical worship of a fictional abstraction, “The State” is now the god of the little people,

From whom all curses flow for those who wait their entire lives to start learning to live…

The self-satisfied hordes of unconscious reaction now worship at the altar of conformity,

Quelling Life’s demand for Understanding by joining the big clique that all iconic celebrities are in!

In replacement for deep knowing of universal connection, there are new labels to learn everyday;

Apply the newly minted, lazy memes of division in an approved mindless math of judgment,

Get a cookie for participation in groupthink from the Medusa grinning at the never-rolling stones!

All mental activity reduced to navigating the swim through the flow of Statist encyclical bullshit,

Keeping head above the thick sewage by directing word-wrapped hate at the approved targets.

Selecting from among the trendy media objects and toys du jour to pay with all your attention,

Denying your humanity and all others, to play the amazing game of hide and never seek your soul,

Acting as guinea pigs in a vast multi-millennial experiment in voluntary enslavement as heroic injustice,

Following a continuous fictional series of diversions, paying in life time to be diverted from life…

Consuming sex casually, so no one gets too excited, wasting Love’s power in total ignorance,

Hypocritically dividing humanity into diverse fractions to serve the new god of the Collective!

Unconsciously willing your Spirit to stay far away from your little play pen of petulance,

Contemptuously contented to be consumed by faceless commissars of cruelty,

Freedom to chose the style and color of your controller, the poor remains of the concept:

To awaken becomes unthinkable because long abdicated responsibility would then be required…

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible.

words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this origami.

much love


Brian Crossland said...

Thank you Vis:
Much resonance within.
Thank you too Robert, excellent. Much for food for thought and quiet contemplation in both writings today. This is why we come here.

With Gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't going to post this as it may appear negative and I woke up today with the intention of thinking positively all day... And that went nowhere! :)

Sadly, this Origami has ended up confusing me even more today. And speaking of intention, I'm quite sure this was not Visible's intent and the confusion is totally on my end. So how does one love? Can you fake it? I suppose it's something that just happens like when I look at my dog or cat, I don't control it there. Or anywhere really.

How do you love when people are mean to you or, even worse, just plain disappointed in who you are? It's so easy to get angry in that situation and then start justifying all kinds of things that probably shouldn't be justified, but the emotions take the reigns and away we go. How can one stop that process... And just love anyway?

It probably is that when that gets figured out, you're really on your way and this is why there are Christ-like Masters.... And then there's everyone else.

Rant off. Thanks for letting me vent. Needed that!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Then there are those of us who have woken up to a different reality and are completely fed up with this place and do not comply to the way things work at all, and have only done so in a very limited degree in the past. I'm spending Black Friday at home, I have a bunch of nice veggie dishes cooked up for my flat mate and myself to tomorrow; which will be ritual free, I'm about as politically incorrect as they come (though will I not be hired for referring to the the thing I used to be married to as 'the thing I used to be married to', and calling sausage casings 'sausage casings' (HEY! AT LEAST I DIDN'T CALL 'EM STUD MUFFINS!') at the agency who called me up for a job, despite the fact I aced all the tests and want the shift no one else wants?

Oh well, if. I am what I am, and I'm IN YOUR FACE about it; and that's how it goes.

Aren't we supposed to have the 'tude of 'passing through' this place? Not having anything innately vested here? Be in the world and not of it? Doesn't it even say so in that much corrupted BORROWED compilation of mythology uses for social and political repression, called the 'bible'?

Well, the older I get, the less I think of this place, and the more alien humanity seems to me. I have had lots of people ask me what planet I'm from in the past. Ya know, I'm really tempted to say, 'NOT THIS ONE!' the next time someone asks.

Gods. It blows me away what people prioritise. All the meaningless rituals, traditions, and other crap that is just programmed into them to keep them behind in every way possible.

Anonymous said...

Vaihinger made a point of differenciating between pragmatism and the recognition that somethings that are useful aren't true but are fictions. This is Krishnas extracting one thorn by use of another then throwing both away. We make ideations of the irrational inorder to use reason to do 'useful' things.

Science looks at it from one way, art the other.

The vestigial remains of Hemingway pour through the chamber where pounds, for strangers rising to circle, a sticky hand polydactyl. One thorn extracts another, while the bellhop, watching for the lighter to cough, whistles, "Be it hell or be it hyl, fell us Nagara Boshi; let a 60 second sun smile..."

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirror up now-

There are Real Holocausts and False Holocausts and far too many Moral Cowards.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.


You are supposed to capitalize 'Bible'. Don't you realize how many people you could offend?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, never mind.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

There is also a debate ongoing in Islam (as in Christianity) re: free will and predestination. Islam is monotheistic, but it is not monolithic.
Free will resonates with karma. At some point the human actor chose his path, either directly or by inaction. We cannot blame the Fates, or the stars, or God. But we can change our direction, looking forward.


Anonymous said...

Your posts of late have been a direct aim at the vast reach of delusion and ignorance, distilling them down to their source(s) with swift accuracy and blended with an effected grandeur which lays it all at our feet without reserve. I say, i say.

But here's the thing you said that i'd want to remember and take with to every one and every thing: "May the ineffable inspire and motivate you in every positive way."

Thanks again.


James Arthur Jancik said...

Great stuff, Les. I use this very Resonance Technique for finding Truth. I look at the actual structure of Reality as a clockwork system of resonance whose purpose and mechanism is to test (try out) one own created reality for "realness". Real Reality being Love; Delusion/Illusion being "less then love". Love being defined as actively holding and participating in the highest good for all involved. The Highest Good being defined as what is needed at any given time to help incorporate then understand the infrastructure to become more Godlike (Ineffable-like) as all else is steps off course (away from).

This Gut Feeling attraction to Truth without the understanding or knowledge of the details IS the infrastructure of this Reality at work. And in reality, we have to work to avoid this (which is the main goal of the brainwashing going on in media, lawyers, politicians, etc.)

I have named the process of discovering Truth via this Divinely created Clockwork Mechanism, Resonating with Realty.

GREAT stuff Les and I think you probably consider this stuff basic or mundane. But once one incorporates Truth into ones own system of Reality, it is taken more for granted; like a hammer, the heliosphere or a heartbeat. But, once incorporated, try to image life without it.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! Great piece. Deep, yet with 'operational details'. (I use a version of your 'Resonance Technique' myself.) Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to All! May we remember our blessings more than our lacks...

I had written a nice, long comment in response to Vis' work. However, just before I was going to post it, we had a power-glitch that reset the computer. Synchronicity: I had just read Vis' paragraph on not knowing the 'full picture' as the ineffable does. So, I was annoyed but not outraged at the 'deletion'. Ah, well...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Now, I know my Uninterruptible Power System's battery must be dead. Time for a new battery...

Anonymous said...

would you believe a nine?

Anonymous said...

spontaneous human conversation

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Departing and Arriving are the Same.

Anonymous said...

Spontaneous human conversation

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Of Trump and Time and Strange Circumstance.



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