Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Of Kanye and Karma and the Stork of Dharma with a Few Pandavas Too.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One of the reasons that some of us say, “I don't know,” beyond the powerful and visceral conviction of it is true and that nothing we thought we knew did us much good except in some limited fashion. We might have gotten rich or seemingly powerful or something that most people think they want but in the end it all turned to the painful hindsight that told us we didn't know as much as we thought we did and then we lost whatever we had and we discovered that if there was anything we should have tried to know, we should have put our attention on where we wound up after Dreamworld closed for the season on that particular lifetime.

I was very lucky that my master said, “I don't know,” over and over to me on the day we met, until I had that experience and all that false knowledge I had accumulated and which made me into the person I thought I was, just drained away right out of me. It showed me things about life and the people in it that has served me in good stead through this life but... none of it changed my Karma. Still, there is more than one kind of Karma. There's earned and deserved Karma and there is assumed Karma and yet others too. There's Karma that goes right to work as soon as you leave here and directly accounts for who you are and where you arrive at, once you come down the chute into the material realm again. Then there is deferred Karma that might not go down for a thousand years. This gives you ample time to go to work on the necessary changes that can militate against what happens some thousand years later... not many do but... that's Karma too.

I only mention the latter because we are in one of those phases of existence where the thousand year and thousand years factor is prominent. One of the things I tell myself over and over is that things are not what they appear and wherever I wind up and whatever happens, it was meant to but... a time also comes when earned and deserved serendipity comes around and the longer you have to wait the better it is likely to be. Of course, we might only be talking about hope here but I suspect there is more to it. I know there is more to it because I don't know. I just don't know what that is but 'intuition' accounts for more than most will acknowledge. Intuition is sort of the force that fixes it so you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

The mental breakdowns that are happening to people like Kanye and many another that you haven't heard about yet (because a lot of that is being kept under wraps until it becomes too combustive to conceal) are going to become exponentially greater and greater. That's good news, unless you are one of them, even if you are not rich, or famous, or powerful or whatever it is that people pursue at such great risk, mostly so that they will not have to ponder the inevitable and how little they know about what that means. Any distraction is desirable and it accounts for the televisions and radios and mp3 players and cellphones and so on and so on; whether it's sex or the material sublimation that is food or any of the conditions people engage in that takes their minds off of what scares them or what they don't know how to get satisfaction from because they are stunted or repressed or... whatever the case may be cause there are a lot of cases.

Alcohol, Drugs, Video games; the private sexual encounters that so many indulge in as the fruit of diseased imaginations or things like auto-erotic asphyxiation, which I never understood the point of. Maybe it is because I am a romantic; not to say that some things have not brought me low because that is the most powerful force on Earth, as many who thought themselves high and wise found out. This is why the truly wise are so incredibly humble. They understand whom they must rely on to make it through. If you think you make it through on your own, you are a fool. It is only a matter of time until you find out what you are up against. One gets good judgment as the fruit of the experience of bad judgment. There is a cost to everything. In some cases, no cost is too great. In some cases it isn't worth anything at all and it still costs plenty to learn that.

We've been mentioning critical features of existence lately. They are only critical if certain truths are critical to begin with. If these are not in place then it makes no difference to the person involved and they just go on with whatever it is that obsesses or scares them and they just move in that direction like a horse with blinders and there is a reason that horses have blinders and I am neither promoting nor criticizing the use of blinders on horses. With humans it is a different thing.

Recently I have heard from people in one way or another and that includes telepathically and psychically and... those are two different things, by the way, about Kanye and my view on him and things like Karma and people have their own views on these things. Other people's take on Karma is not the same as mine. Some people reject Karma because of its religions basis and my view of Karma has nothing to do with that and I have explained this in detail but maybe they didn't get the memo. Some people are not comfortable with my use of the term because it seems to justify everything and abandon people to their suffering as if they damn well deserve it and shouldn't be helped for that reason and I never said that either. I do believe that everyone is where they are based on their past actions AND inaction as well but I believe as Buddha said, “Only pursue someone to show them the way.” I believe in compassion and forgiveness and god knows I try to live that way and like so many of us, I am not always successful.

Let's move on to Kanye. He has the impression that he is some kind of privileged god like figure and he can do and say as he likes and he influences a large body of the public and he is not alone. There is a mob of them out there at the moment and they are creating havoc in the world I move through. I see the cultural transitions taking place. I see things like these slut shaming movements and if you want to be a total slut and dress and act like a hooker with no class, decorum or restraint and dance and prance in front of people who take exception to this because they have some kind of presumed out dated moral code, or worse, you are turning on their repressed sexuality but they can't look at you or talk to you and you are creating a monster because they have no self control; chaos gets born and so do different kinds of violence and at the other end you have these crazy religious fundies and the whole thing contributes to this war we engage in on each other and the source of this shit is The Prince of Darkness but this is the time in which every kind of bad behavior is perfectly fine and good behavior is repressive and undesirable because it gets in the way of screwing ten thousand people and thinking you have been made more beautiful as a result and every kid coming up that all of us will have to deal with has the idea that whatever they want to do is fine and it doesn't matter who gets hurt and yadda yadda yadda.

I'm not here to make war on rap. I can't stand it myself and I head on up the highway, or around the corner, or switch it off. It repels me because though I don't know, I can feel and see what is happening with this and I know it was created for a reason and I have even spoken about the people who control the industry and why they consciously promoted this and especially the more violent and degrading aspects of it and you can see how it moved from one stage to another like a terminal illness and now we got the cultural aspect pandemically aroused and it is all part and parcel of the spiritual war against humanity and anyone that can't see what's emergent here is either blind or doesn’t want to but... do I care if people appreciate the medium? Of course not... nor is this even the primary thing because though various points get brought up at these blogs, the intention and almost always the conclusion is an effort to move on to higher ideals and discussions about freeing ourselves from the bondage of our ignorance and taking advantage of the wonderful promise that exists for anyone who will take advantage of the opportunity. 

When the public's mind is dumbed down and appetite become lord then wars and terrible conditions become the fruit of it. I never mean to imply that I am resident in some rarefied state or free of any variety of human limitations that plague nearly all of us in these perilous times. My master won't allow that until a particular hour and for good reason and I have to suffer accordingly and I am okay with that. Kanye and Taylor Twit and the whole Grammy circus and all the rest of the entertainment hypnosis schemers is extremely tangential and off camera to the intent of what gets written, experienced and responded to. All these people and mediums are part of the world of under pressure appearances that are manifested to put the human consciousness in harness and run them like horses with blinders right off a cliff. This is visibly observable. It is backed up by scripture across the board, even compromised history reflects it.

It is not about these people in particular and I am not appalled if someone from some other perspective gets enjoyment from this and... these. Some of my tastes and inclinations have the same effect on others who could never imagine themselves behaving as I do or pursuing what I pursue. I know in the end we all wind up as some part of the body of the ineffable but... it is a long haul. It can take an amount of time that the human imagination cannot comprehend and I would rather that all of you get there sooner rather than later. That is my job. It may be imperfectly done but I am doing my best and no one should have to absorb or agree to those portions that don't apply to them. Take what you find useful and ignore the rest. The other may have nothing to do with you personally. It is like Karma. For me Karma is only about the consequences of action. The consequences of action express themselves in results. What goes around comes around. It is a simple mathematical dynamic for me. It is a basic and fundamental scientific law of creation.

If I have anything to apologize for it is that I am no diplomat. I am direct and often people see it as reaction or my being rude or intentionally hurtful by not showing the skill with the language that they know I possess but there is no emotion in it when I say it, I just don't have the time to play ring around the rosie with people. I state my case and move on. It's not personal. I love the people that come around here and at Facebook. Often I try to come back and ameliorate my helterskelter flying right by comments. Hopefully that memo gets read and there will always come new opportunities when it gets handled better. This isn't the Offal Winfrey Show here or The Incredibly Unfunny Ellen Hour..

Life is serious business at the moment. All kinds of things are going on and though Hell might very well break out in many places, Heaven can just as well emerge somewhere else and I would like all of you to be resident in that latter location. So if I have been a bit blunt and hamhanded here sometimes, remember... much of the time this is not the case and I don't work for any corporation that pays my rent. This is a strictly by the seat of invisible pants operation and it goes on all the time with no expectation but the joy of service. Mistakes get made but they aren't personal. There is very little of that left around here anymore. Neither I nor much else is what it was. 

Recently I feel like I am on LSD all the time. It is sooooooooooo strong and I am told that there is a massive change in awareness going down that has not previously been present and it is going to get stronger and stronger and I'll tell you, that is a bit much to imagine. If one isn't somewhat firmly rooted I could see where it would be a problem and manifest in all kinds of things that one might wish to keep underfoot in order to dance through the right gates. This accounts in a large part for not posting for longer periods of time and no radio broadcasts and a whole lot of sitting quite still and well... we've moved past the verbal on that. I can only say that I really appreciate everyone who comes here and my intention is always to do better and if I ever do offend or hurt you, you must let me know so that I can either clarify that or repair it in whatever way is necessary or possible. Now... go and have yourselves a most profitable and fruitful day in all the right ways.


Visible said...

I love how these things just show up. The Ineffable... well, the agent of the Ineffable told me only a short while ago that incredible meltdowns and reversals of fortunes of the predators are about to begin. He is stepping in personally as of 'any time' and about to put some voodoo in their hoodoo. He basically said, "You ain't seen nothing yet and also that all those who have been patiently serving and suffering in their diverse ways are about to get huge promotions based on merit.

Anonymous said...

Great Origami immediately followed by a great comment. Your words give hope. Don't know if I'll be qualified for a promotion, but I'm sure I'll take the job if offered! And, of course, i will watching intently for the fall of the evil ones.


Bill D. said...

So wonderfully good to have you, and your soul, back with us Vis. Have missed you. Hope your new digs are ok with you, for the moment. Can't wait to see what the Ineffable has in store for us. Peace, my brother!

Anonymous said...

The kar(ma)dashian freak circus is taking its toll on Mr. West. He's slowly being driven mad.


Visible said...

I'm pretty sure that is true and they are Satanists as well and all of that is much more out in the open in Hollywood than it was. It is like Scientology and the two compete with each other although they are basically the same. Travolta amuses me. He's with The volcano people now but he was with the other earlier.

When you think of the landscape of Hell and you think of volcanos... I could swear there were some similarity in either although I can't remember having been in either except in the more mundane confines of this environment.

These days, modern thinkers scoff at the idea of Heaven and Hell, or they like to say there is no Hell at least; yet conditions right here on Earth prove that Hell, at least, is a verity and if these were not projected aspects of the human heart and mind that materialized in some locations, why would so many of the most powerful thinkers who came around speak of them and why does every scripture contain reference to them? I admire the utter certainty of people who know next to nothing and are so confident concerning what they are not informed about but I am glad I am not among them. Even though I don't personally and directly know a great many things... there is much I suspect and a great deal more that I intuit. I love the intuition.

From what I understand, Hollywood is truly insane these days and the idea and practice of Satanism is not only commonplace but... ultra hip. Everyone wants to advance their career and there are all these success stories about those who went to the Satanic temples and got what they were after. People in that industry are among the most inclined to sacrifice anything for personal gain. When you see the personality types involved it's a no brainer.

Like I was told... major meltdowns are on the menu.

missingarib said...

Vis,I much enjoy your good vibes, your sincerity, your thoughts on the karmic wrap some of us are born in . A tune comes to mind:
"I've been so many places
In my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs
I've made some bad rhymes"
Leon Russell -
The circumstances of our time, place of birth ,parents and friends are all yin and yang energy nodes in the equation that is our life .
The strong vortex over the cuckoos nest draws many a free bird out of the migration to shambhala.
"Alcohol, Drugs, Video games; the private sexual encounters that so many indulge in as the fruit of diseased imaginations or things" that bleach life of colour.

"There are many among us,
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I we've been through all that,
And this is not our fate."

live long

Visible said...

I always loved that song.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis. We seem to be a community collectively holding our breath...


Visible said...

and for some of them that is because they just took a big hit off of something.

Kazz said...

Just this week I witnessed a group of men in their early 20's offer a girl, who was about 18, $50 if she would flash her boobs and tail for them. To my horror she was actually considering the offer, so I asked the girl 'what price do you put on your self respect and dignity?' She considered my input and thankfully, for her, she walked away. I then gave these young men a dressing down and informed them that they would only ever be worthy of sluts if they were going to treat every woman they met like one, and I also added that they should be ashamed of their self because it was their duty to protect these young women, not take advantage of them!!! I then said to them that it was bad enough our government was treating us like animals and suggested that it was up to us to rise above such behaviour and treat each other with respect. To my surprise the majority of them were all supportive of my comments, and were very respectful of the stance I had taken, though a couple were not happy I had chased their entertainment away.

Vis - 'I am direct and often people see it as reaction or my being rude or intentionally hurtful by not showing the skill with the language that they know I possess but there is no emotion in it when I say it, I just don't have the time to play ring around the rosie with people.'

In my neck of the woods we would tell these people to eat some concrete and toughen up :o).

As far as rewards go, I already have mind, I get to commune with the Divine. What greater reward could one hope for?

Lots of luv Kazz

Annabelle said...

Dear, dear Visible...this is my first comment, yet I have read your wonderful work for a very long time. I am...well...many things, actually but chiefly among them I am a Psychic, Empath and Telepathic Intuitive Therapist. It has cost me a great deal, indeed in this life. I do NOT refer to mere 'munny'.

As, although often approached by the New Age set..frankly...I terrify the buggers. WHY? Because I am a REAL Empath who is unable to find the 'button' to turn off my Telepathy. It can be most comforting indeed...hence, this lifelong (I shall not Bullshit people, regardless of the fiscal gain), stance of mine has attracted some opposition and resulted in truly humble outcomes. I sleep nights' though...and it's FINE!!

Whatevah eh? I simply wanted to acknowledge your Telepathic 'downloads', encourage you to LISTEN to them fervently, now and also, simply to Thank You for your insights, truth, candour and humour as well as your deep sincerity. It is palpable. Just as palpable 'out there' is the distinct lack of same, of those 'caught in the HollyHOOD headlights'.Everything is Temporary...

I have been engaged in the 'Psychic' deal since birth and I am in my 60's now...I have spent many years, writing Blogs on my websites...both of which the Ratsnest family have shut down. The last one, in December 15. Again, whatevah. Like you I too have 'received' the....' a break kiddo' 'message'.

My purpose in all of this, is also to simply state that in my own Intuitive Therapist world...your 'sense' of Intuition and ..'Observation' that...'Okay, you have done the 'heavy lifting' phase is ...IMHO...'dead on the money'. Well done...very well done indeed.

It is a wise man who knows WHEN the 'party' is getting ugly!! Only a wise Cook knows when to STOP MIXING THE BATTER. Even, if 'they' don't know...why. Your energies, (I am advised) and mine will be put to use...later...hence that INSTINCTIVE NAVEL GAZING thang.

Also...keep up your amazing work...but pace yourself...and be kind to yourself...remember WHOM/WHAT you are already pleased with you and also, many thanx for this opportunity to be an opinionated wee Redhead too...

I'm 'aff' (I'm Scots..BTW) to contemplate, my own wee umbilicus...just 'connecting' and voicing appreciation for your wonderful contributions. Stay safe Brother...always, Annabelle xo

Unknown said...

Hi- I've been checking over the last week or so hoping to see a new post from you and I was pleasantly surprised to see two new posting today. I usually don't comment on your blogs since the commentators are so eloquent and I pretty much agree with what is said here. Your recent petri dish especially resonated with me, just this morning I wrote in my journal what an exceptional time we live in now. Not so much because of the technology which will soon probably build a air tight inescapable prison for the masses at the rate technology is advancing.... I really don't think most people have a clue what's coming at them shortly..The other thing from your post that resonated with me was having faith and seeing through the b.s. in this external world These are essential in this day and age..Oh, and trusting your intuition too. With these tools are person is bound to survive, right?

And Kanye is just sad have you seen his new 'fashion' line? Pretty damn pathetic as you can imagine. I think he just says stupid shit so he can remain relevant in the so-called culture and media. Desperate pleas from a drowning man.

Thank you for your posts and God bless.


mike m said...

For some reason at this time we find ourselves here,for Purpose of Demonstration of course.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up Now-

Wack City is Going up Like Basilia in the Amazon Jungle.

robert said...

Annabelle, welcome to the participatory community of the invisible Ineffable and the Les Visible!

Thank you for weighing in on your intuitive read on this poignant cusp, stretching out time to allow as many as can wake up to do so!

And, of course, I heartily second all the positive feedback you addressed to Visible! Where would we gather for warmth if not for this virtual hearth around the blunt one! (pun intended – grin!)

I admire your attitude and evident grounded stability, given the onset timing and depth of your sensitivity. That you had the courage to serve others with your abilities in this willfully dense culture is another feature of your character.

Making no claims, simply noting that my strategy has been to find mentally intensive pursuits to focus upon, and following intuitive guidance to walk peacefully. No doubt, the opportunities of testing of my faith along this path may not have been the quickest method of learning but… still here!

Karen, thank you for sharing your story of peaceful authority in action! I admire the exercise of your faith in a way which no doubt, will save those you shared with, some time and pain in becoming responsible beings!

You rock, woman! Just how much concrete did you have to eat to get so tough and tender? (grin)

missingarab, Timely reference to “All Along the Watchtower”! One of the all-time highest soul-in-motion riffs caught on tape, in Jimi’s version, Evah!

The circumstances of our time, place of birth ,parents and friends are all yin and yang energy nodes in the equation that is our life . The strong vortex over the cuckoos nest draws many a free bird out of the migration to shambhala.

Glad we all made it here instead of flocking with the unfortunates going down the drain…May they still be saved!


Visible said...

Typical synchronicity. I was in the middle of writing the most recent post so I did not reply to Annabelle. However... as I just came back to do so, I found that Robert had done so. First I wanted to welcome both you and Ursala and to say that the thing I find most interesting about actually possessing some degree of these talents for real is that you know when you cross paths with people claiming these things and not having them and when you do have them and you are an honorable one (because there are dishonorable ones who also have these gifts for one reason or another) you recognize that you are a mere steward and you are responsible for your performance of them. I knew right away what they were. They came out of my kundalini awakening and at first, I could literally hear the words of a persons thoughts as if they were speaking out loud to me and it was not long after that I realized that it was not my business to always be privy to these things and that a great danger lay in this and I asked for them to be taken away and only make active when I was in a position to use them in the service of the one who granted them and boom... there it was and has been since. I am quite sure I was told to ask this without being told because there are all kinds of communications that vibrate on ether like platforms that are as far above direct human perception as is what dogs hear. It always comes down to humility.

Auros23 said...

I still love you, Visible.

Visible said...

You have no idea how comforting that is my friend or how long it is since I heard from you. Yeah, I do know auracat

Anonymous said...

It's true that like Hercule you don't "beat about the shrubbery" and I'm often hurt by
Have you a victim's compensation department where I can collect some dosh to soothe my suffering?.... or you could just carry on dishing out all this useful stuff for free.
Bryan Carney

Kazz said...

Thank you Robert. After being man handled and spending a stint in lock up again yesterday I find your kind words soothing. I don't know how tough I am, I feel a tad overwhelmed today, but I pray the Divine will help me be tough enough to do him and Jesus proud when I take on the system again in court in a few weeks. It would be so much easier to just bow but that would be such an injustice to all those who have gone before who have given all in the name of truth, justice, and freedom. I feel indebted to stand up for God's law because God and Jesus have worked so hard with me to show me the way. All prayers and encouragement are welcome :o)

I can't help but see the irony in the fact that I keep getting locked up for standing up for my liberty and rights while the people who love their enslavement get to roam free. It is a strange world in which we live.

On a different not. I would like to encourage all you people that have not posted here often, or at all, to put yourself out there so you can become better acquainted. My communication skills pale by comparison to the other writers here but I have been well received and I am sure you will to. The more the merrier.

Annabelle is a perfect example. What a great post, thanks for sharing. It is always great to hear what other's insights and experiences are, especially from one as gifted as yourself.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

As Many as there is Sand upon the Shore.

torus said...


"The theory of autogenesis takes as its necessary field of investigation the whole of natural phenomena and divides life forms into a number of kingdoms or stages, of which Aristotle's division of animal, vegetable, and mineral comprise three. Other stages below the mineral (or in modern terms, the molecular) include the atomic, the nuclear, and the subnuclear and one above animal which includes man and possibly higher forms.
By careful examination of these stages it is possible to construct a theory of process, whose basic dynamic is cumulative and self-integrating, consisting of a finite number of distinct sequential steps, each one integrating the preceding steps until a formal culmination is reached. Complimenting this inductive treatment, the deductive necessity of each sequence can be shown, and it becomes possible to apply the theory to examples of process as diverse as the evolution of molecules and of language. The recognition of the relation between corresponding steps of separate stages provides insight into otherwise incomprehensible aspects of physics, chemistry, and biology, and also points to an underlying pattern in the evolution of man.
To lay the basis for this theory it is first necessary to provide a tool to deal with aspects of reality that cannot be conceptually defined. This tool, called "the geometry of meaning", makes possible the inclusion of the observer as well as the observed. By applying this tool, it is possible to deal with realities avoided by science because there has been no language or "geometry" sufficiently precise for exploration."
-Arthur M Young, Seminar on Auto-Genesis :A New Theory of Evolution, November 1961

"The toroidal shape is suitable for a universe in which consciousness is possible."

And the torus relates to "7" and Young's 7 stage "theory of process".
1. Sub nuclear. 3 degrees of freedom, no symmetry

2. Nuclear. "togetherness" 2 degrees of freedom, bi-lateral symmetry

3. Atomic. Identity, 1 degree of freedom, radial symmetry

4. Molecular. 0 degrees of freedom, complete symmetry. (In music, think of this "complete symmetry" as a Sus4 chord, which is neither Major nor Minor)

5. Vegetable. 1 degree of freedom, radial symmetry. Growth/reproduction

6. Animal. 2 degrees of freedom - bilateral symmetry. Mobility. Sex; action and observation.

7. Man (THOUGHT!) 3 degrees of freedom, no symmetry. Perception of similarity and difference. Curiosity and desire for order.

7 steps to "heaven", a new octave. Yet somehow I still have to wonder...if the torture ever stops.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you hammering away again senor. I'm saving your radio and written output in case you ever go incognito.
Meanwhile stoked to see you ...Back in the saddle again!
Junnga junnga junga jung junggg
Matt CA

Visible said...

Well Matt; that is a very nice thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for doing what you do! I grab older radio shows, a bunch of origamis, and every single one stands alone, period. Books you recommend, from Aghora at the Left Hand of God to Pantanjal are here as well. Your work has made me something more, Visible. Words fail, as you well know. If you ever get to the high desert or anywhere nearby... I know how ridiculously difficult everything has become for you this last year?


Matt CA 2-24



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