Monday, March 14, 2016

The Genuflecting Nimrods and the Dunderhead Contingent from Nodwell Junction

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Spring is in the air and all the promise that spring brings is there in its potential as it is in every year. That much of the promise might fail to come into fruition has nothing to do with its capacity to do so. It is there for anyone who can synchronize themselves with the impetus for it to come into fulfillment.

Easter is right around the corner and it is a timeless testimony of the promise of Spring. It is the highest expression of this passing Piscean age. Perhaps that age has now passed. It is difficult to tell because so much of what has been the sequencing of business as usual, continues to parade before our eyes as... business as usual. The same mad hatters are rampaging across the landscape. The same litany of lies are being told and the same level of public awareness 'seems' to continue as the Dunderhead Contingent from Nodwell Junction. The genuflecting Nimrods bend to the will of the Morlocks who feed upon them and snarl at their liberators when they don't crucify them in fact.

I don't know what went on back in the day. I don't know how well the historical Jesus matches up with the literal Jesus. I don't know if the crucifixion was a crucifiction. I suspect that the crucifixion is an analogy for a condition that applies to every one of us who are resident on this plane. I suspect that the points of the cross are the four elements and we are all crucified between them. I believe that is the meaning of “pick up your cross and follow me.”

I watched an interesting film today that contained a powerful message. It was called “Walt before Mickey.” My god, he had some struggles. This is why I recommend that people read legitimate biographies about those of whom they are curious, or who have made significant contributions to life, be they good or ill. You come to understand that many of these people had to endure Sisyphean struggles and near insurmountable challenges. What separates them from the larger body of the rest of us is that they never gave up and in many cases, would not sacrifice their integrity and their ideals to the marketplace. Most everyone has heard of Nikolai Tesla by now but I wager very few know many of any of the details of his life. Most people have never even heard of Giordano Bruno or a host of figures from the past. Everyone knows who Kim Kardashian is while, most ironically, she does not.

Everyone knows who Oprah and Ellen are, even if Oprah and Ellen do not. They are powerful figures in the media who will be completely forgotten a very short time after they move on. To have a lasting impact on life, one must be the beneficiary of a lasting impact upon themselves. These days, the criteria for being monstrously influential upon the wider world has to do with whether one is permitted to be or not. It's a closed shop. It is true that some portion of fairly decent individuals are allowed a certain measure of influence and success for any one of a multitude of reasons but that exists and is sustained for only so long as they do not cross the margins into forbidden territory. It's true that some of us have had some modicum of success through youtube or Spotify or any number of venues where independence of expression is possible. Maybe that is enough for them and maybe not. Maybe something amazing will happen and maybe not. One thing for sure... success these days depends more on one's ability to be a whore than it does on hard work, though I think hard work is still required in most cases, even if the hard work consists only of pretending you enjoy having it visited upon you.

It is an ever present conundrum whether material success is everything or anything it cracks up to be. It is a certainty that it cracks up more often than not at some point. From what I have seen, material success may come or it may not but it is not a good direction of pursuit. It seems to me that the best direction is to seek to improve oneself or.. if you follow the other understanding about Self; that you seek to more fully be what you already are. Then if material success comes, you are in a position to handle it. Otherwise, if these concerns have been ignored, material success may still come but it will manifest as a significant curse, bringing with it various problematic conditions one never imagined previous to achieving it.

Easter is about resurrection. Resurrection, to me, is just one more proof of reincarnation. When people think of reincarnation they mostly focus on life in a series of appearances. The actual reality of reincarnation can be a lot like am Escher drawing. It might resemble a circle... or a helix... or a spiral, going in either direction. It might possess elements of all of these simultaneously. There is a dimensional effect as well. Does everything resurrect in a resurrection? I don't think so but that is just me.

When I think of Christ rising from the dead, following his strange journeys, in the brief hours between the supposed death and the resurrection; getting the keys to Hell and all that, I think of him ascending into the regions of light and at the same time drawing all souls after him. I see a passageway, a route created that exists in perpetuity for any and all. The definition of the main player may change. The names and images may change but the essence of the ageless interpretation of it will never change. When I think of it, I also think of, “many are called but few are chosen.' That is a cryptic statement that will bear fruit if given further and deeper inquiry.

Many are called? Few are chosen? What does that mean exactly? Common sense would say that everyone has this option but due to lack of personal initiative and the fear of the loss of useless things and dare I say... mysterious veils upon the eyes of pure reason, which probably accounts for Kant going blind and being mistaken for Milton but which left neither bereft of providing critiques upon what they couldn't see in the first place and visible digresses... nurse! My pain is getting worse. I feel; a song coming on. Okay... let''s put it this way, everyone is called but few choose themselves. Well, it ties right into something else that got said about there being one doctrine for the masses and another for initiates. Still with me?

As much as it can be said over and over that things are not what they seem, people go right on believing what seems and the people who manipulate appearances know all about this. It is a no brainer that the latest political orchestrations are being manifested by the latest controlled opposition and when you note that the players, or movie extras are all veterans of the opposition movement against the one percenters; meaning the Occupy Wall Street etc people, you are welcome to have all the flashbacks you want about the lack of legitimacy in practically any movement over recent times. It might come to pass that it turns out that just about everything is bogus and got put together ahead of time by the same people who have been in the smoke and mirrors business since before even David Rockefeller showed up. Question everything or... at the very least, look at even ancient things with new eyes, by which I mean that it never hurts to walk all the way around something, like the Acropolis and speculate about the possibility that everything you have been told is bullshit. You might want to walk around the pyramids as well AND you can be sure that certain people have already been down below the front paws of the Sphinx.

As much as a certain amount of the bad guys know a great deal about things that happened before certain elements of history never even got written about or did get written about and then got burned up at Alexandria, the good guys know even more about it and if they haven't been in touch with you to tell you about it there is a reason. You have to want to know and you have to be willing to accept the responsibility for knowing it and this latter feature is precisely the reason that far too many people don't know certain things because THEY DON”T WANT TO KNOW THEM. It isn't rocket surgery or brain science, which you can also learn but I don't recommend learning any of it from the people who are presently teaching these things because the real knowledge about all kinds of things is and has been suppressed for a good long time.

One might think this speaks to the power of the bad guys but the bad guys can only do what they are permitted to do for the purpose of demonstration. There is NEVER a time when the ineffable is not in control of everything... not ever and I don't care what it might look like. Appearances are deceiving. This is the basic nature of appearances but one force is behind all of them and it is in the essential being of that which precedes appearances where ones attention should be placed. It is not the movie happening on the screen that is important, it is the screen it is appearing on. Once the film ends the screen is still there.

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Ursala H said...


I'm one of those who happens to know who Giordano Bruno is. I remember visiting Rome about 15 years ago, back when I was a lot more ignorant than I am now. There was a statue of him in this place called Campo D'Fiore. I remember the plaque saying he was burned at the stake, and I thought to myself Wtf does someone do to garner that kind of punishment? (This is before I knew about the inquisitions and all of those atrocities committed in it's name). I've since read up on him and he was an incredible person, and never backed down even as the vatican holy rollers pull its full pressure on him. I thought it was amazing that show 'The Borgias' portrayed some of his story. That show isn't on the air anymore, of course.

Anyway keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Matt 16:3
3And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.
on the Polish Wikipedia, I found an entry that oil production by people initiated the earthquakes in India Ocean in 2004

"In the same area took place after the first in a series of earthquakes with magnitude above 8. But geologists believe that big jolt in the Indian Ocean could be a side effect of the explosion test. Their energy was too low. However, in the past, oil production by people initiated the earthquakes"

The English version does not mention anything about oil production

This is unusual, since earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more occur only about once per year on average.[24] However, the U.S. Geological Survey sees no evidence of a causal relationship between these events.[

Manipulation of evidence and covering the facts by large corporations paying the government and issuing their own people to the presidential office. They are responsible for the tsunami in Sumatra. Corruption blocked green energy. Now they want to earn money and impose a tax on the energy of the sun and wind.
Warren Buffett and his sharehders know more how You think.

They fulfill the words of St. Paul.
2Ti 4:3
3For the time is coming when people will not endure sounda teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.

Each disaster is caused by human activity. We are responsible for all natural disasters. Our planet is a system. Everything has an impact on each other, even for a man.
after a great earthquake, the earth will collapse and with a large force presses the interior of the earth. Then become active volcanoes. At the bottom of the Indian Ocean dropped by 15 meters. Even the flood impact on the construction of the ground. Everything is affected.
We forgot about the disaster that claimed 64 million people. We have forgotten who we are. We are fallen.
You think it will be 2050. I will tell you that the character sign is going to be very fast. There is a cure for the condition of our lands and the system no finance, no debts, no depression, no medication, no killing, no lies. Some faith.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, the opening line of the book that started my journey all those years ago was just that, "Appearances are Deceiving."

The book was "Skylark Duquesne" by E.E. "doc Smith (Shout out to Ray B.!!!)

Thoughts and creative imagination are what creates the experiences on that movie screen..... I need to reeeeally keep an eye on what I'm thinking.... :)

(Rantless today) :D

Kazz said...

You guys are so wonderful. It is a pleasure to be able to read what is written here. Even though I spend much time communing with the Divine I often pine for God's people, and when I read the wonderful posts by Vis and the awesome responses of his blessed readers I don't feel so alone. Reading the yearnings of your souls and hearts, and the love expressed for our Divine creator, brings me much comfort. It is said that God is inanimate by some, that he does not care what happens to humanity, but I don't agree. Sometimes God and I cry our hearts out together for what humanity could have been and what it is today.

The faces of the little children bloodied and beaten by mans wars haunt my waking hours. The little children dying in hospitals of painful diseases, many of which were deliberately introduced that never needed to be. I get that humanity is being punished for its departure from God's ways, but I see that those who exert these punishments have hearts that are hardened like Pharaoh and his men. Why do the police not see that they are just a more modern version of the Centurions who killed Christ? Oh that is right, because they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO! I see that satan has used the better qualities of many of these men and women to use them against humanity. The movie 'Defiance' (2008) gives a good indication of what these men and women can expect for their service to the "state"!

No wonder all of Heaven cried when the scrolls were read out. My greatest desire is to help people but now I find myself housebound, as my husband and sons don't want me to go to jail any more. I was thrown out of the bank/court by the police. Now I am waiting to see whether I will be locked up again, even though I know I am not the name they say I AM. I told them I was woman under God's covenant because Jesus told me to go back to the beginning. In the beginning we were just men and women living in God's paradise called Eden. Who among us can claim that we are better off today?

i decided that I really am not yet woman, I am a child in a world that is beyond my depth of understanding. I don't understand why people want to take from each other and hurt each other. Why can't people just love each other and help each other out. Is it that hard??

I get that many people are lost and doing the best they can. I know many people have given their all to procure my physical safety, but at what cost, not just to them but also me? It is not that I am not grateful to those who give so much, but I just wish they would have heeded the word of the Jesus to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

My concern is that satan, who imitates everything God has made, has imitated the kingdom of heaven!

Sorry guys feeling the blues a bit today. I just don't understand the hatred :o(. I am grateful for this mercy.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

"Rocket surgery or brain science"...How I love your mind!

You speak my language...

Pass the cosmic popcorn bowl, one more's one hell of a show going on.

Mr. De Mille...everyone is ready for their close up!

(Try not to be naked and will bode thee not well!)

Anonymous said...


You'll connect with a lot more people through Vis's blogs than you will by being manhandled into a jail cell. Respectfully, maybe it's time to readjust your tactical approach. If you get locked up you'll be just another wacko, as far as the people doing the locking up concerned. Better to be elegantly and efficaciously subversive than the play their martyr's game. These blogs have a reach. It's a pleasure to read your posts. You're the real deal.


Ray B. said...

Vis, a deep posting today! Thanks.

Vis: "I don't know how well the historical Jesus matches up with the literal Jesus."

Currently, I tend to credit the Ralph Ellis research. Yes, Ellis is an avowed atheist, and yes he is a mason. I try to throw those facts into the hopper, too, and intuit what was actually-historically-there without the possible agendas. The Bible (Old and New Testaments) has much historical truth to it, but the 'data' has been twisted almost beyond deciphering...
Vis: "Easter is about resurrection. Resurrection, to me, is just one more proof of reincarnation."

Easter, to me, is about Ascension. The reality of Ascension is the Big Deal, not that JC did it. (If he did.) There is something incredibly-different about Ascension. It is much different than just moving-up a level or two in consciousness. In fact, I have run-across 'folks' higher-in-consciousness than minimum Ascension level who have not Ascended, for one reason or another. Very interesting! (In addition, once you have Ascended, you can 'reach back' to earth-plane if you want to. Including a semi-physical - but not really - body. See 'Doubting Thomas'.)

Possibly the greatest portrayal of Ascension in recent times is in the "Stargate SG-1" episodes where Ancients have Ascended and even drawn a few humans along. Once you strip-out program-specific details, there is a wealth of Ascension 'data' - for those with the eyes to see. Those episodes are highly recommended.
Vis: "...I think of him ascending into the regions of light and at the same time drawing all souls after him. I see a passageway, a route created that exists in perpetuity for any and all."

Everything is a 'two-way street', communications-wise. I see each Being doing this Great Act as 'punching a hole' in the enslavement wall and being present, in some manner, on the Other Side. As we are drawn in-sympathy to their vibration pattern, some form of resonance occurs. Since communication is a 'two-way street', we get as much info and energy as we can accept and can hold. Eventually, I suspect we evolve into separate Beings, but 'linked' in God-presence.

I do wonder how many folk are capable of doing - and want to do - it on their own, as far as possible. Their own 'unique' hole...
Vis: "...AND you can be sure that certain people have already been down below the front paws of the Sphinx."

Yep. Infuriates me. And yet, that is not the big 'prize'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Jim (comment #4), thanks! The "Skylark of Space" was the first SF book that I ever read! I think the universe was stepping-in at that point. I was sick-in-bed with some kiddie-illness. My mother, quite out of character, went to the base library and checked-out this book for me. (SF was not read at our house, as far as I know.) Well, that book electrified me, and I read all of Smith's work - including "Skylark Duquesne" much later - and the incredible "Lensman" series. I credit much of my 'view on life' to that author. Thanks, wherever you are!

Guy Mann said...

Brain salad surgery,
it works for me,
it'll work for you...

Love makes the world go 'round #3,
if everyone would just give Love a chance.

torus said...

Greetings. I was searching my screen name "torus" online, in relation to the David Icke forum which I broke from over a year ago. Anyway, as the clock struck midnight (EST) on March 15, I stumbled upon the following thread @ "sodlike productions".

"Judgement day, March 25 2016 AD

Today, Sunday March 15, 2015 AD, is the 9 15th day in the 1290 and 1335 day periods of Daniel 12:11 & 12, respectively.

May 8, 2016 AD will be the last day of this world and the eve of the next."

No it won't. Date-setters always fail.
We're on long, slow, crash-landing, time.

So...make haste to be kind, swift to love. It's over before you know it.

Ray B. said...

A slight warning for readers of The Saker site: There is a poster over there calling himself RayB - that is not me...

Visible said...

As to the matter of Christ's resurrection. Historical or literal is of no importance. That someone did accomplish this is without question. I could present the necessary logical and reasonable arguments but I don't have to, unless the people reading this are too dumb to get it in the first place

Visible said...

You might want to include an 'r' when necessary. God knows, I have missed a letter now and again myself. Sometimes I have, for whatever the reason, not only made mistakes but let them remain when I could have removed them... so it goes.

Kazz said...

Thank you for your kind words Mandocello.

I do what my inner guide tells me to do. I feel that I was put through what I was so I could speak from first hand experience. People are waking up and coming forward. We must love all men and women. We have all been led astray by this force that wishes to enslave us, to live off our energy. We must forgive what our brothers and sisters are doing and help them to see the real nature of the world in which we live. We are ONE body under God. Do not let this dark force cause you to do harm to others.

This is the teaching of the apostle in I Corinthians 15:42. There is a spiritual body: the body of the risen Jesus Christ. The last Adam—Jesus Christ—was made a “quickening spirit.” Jesus Christ and everything about Him is spiritual. Now the kingdom of God in the world is simply the life and power of the risen Jesus Christ in history. Since Jesus is spiritual, so is, and must be (and cannot but be), His kingdom. In the language of I Corinthians 15, the kingdom is not “natural,” is not “earthy.”

Do not judge your brothers and sisters because you will be judged by the same yard stick you apply to others. The only way to overcome the dark force that threatens humanity is with LOVE. If you allow your energy to drop this force can take you over. Jesus was showing us how to keep this energy at bay. Jesus is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless
Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Have you read Phenomenology of Spirit? (posted in Central Australopithecus Time)

torus said...

Greetings! Tibetan Buddhism might be flavor of the millennium...but I'll quote from yet another Shamballa production with the rather pretentious title of;


By Sechen Rabjam

"There is an even more subtle, all pervading form of suffering. It concerns our propensity for clinging to the mistaken notion of a permanent self or ego and to the solid identity of phenomena."

OK, no "self", no spark, no conscience; therefore none of this "phenomena" is being "reincarnated" for "purposes of demonstration", education, punishment, or reward. Stuff "is", shit happens, etc.

The Tibetans take you straight to hell.
"Since beginningless time
In the prison of existence,
You have endured the punishment of the
Threefold suffering.
Yet you remain unconcerned - rotten heart!"

Who is unconcerned with a non-existent reality that has apparently been crucified on the X,Y, & Z axis of that which doesn't even exist?

The grand turd in the mudra is the following.

"One of the Buddha's followers wanted to become a monk (bikshu). Shariputra, the Buddha's disciple, used his power to summon up the past to try to find the seed that created this novices wish.
Among all the seeds in his past, there was one that seemed insignificant but was actually of great importance. This man had once been born as a pig that had been chased around a stupa by a dog. Although the man didn't know it, the pig had done a number of circumnabulations around the Holy monument. This seemingly small connection acted as the seed that eventually led him to follow a spiritual path."

That's almost as vile and juvenile as a John Hagee sermon. Both equally intellectually vacuous with absolutely no shame.

Ray B. said...

Completely off the subject of anything, I just saw the SF movie "Gorath" on late night TV. I was expecting junk, but it was very well done!

This movie was released in Japan in 1962 as "Rogue Star Gorath" (with obligatory but unneeded monster) and slightly remade for the US as "Gorath" (six minutes of monster-footage removed). They had Robert Heinlein -style spaceships (beautiful!), Wiley Ley -style circular space-stations (yay!), and science ships out beyond Pluto! The special effects were great, and reminded me of the model-making and scale in the movie of H.G. Wells' "Things to Come". This could have been the "Star Wars" of its day, but it was probably pegged as just another Japanese movie.

There were also wonderful vignettes of Japanese cultural ethos, homes, and clothing, before the West overwhelmed them...

The only thing I found sad was that our planet has blown fifty years of space progress. Watch this impressive movie to see where we could have been!

Anonymous said...


The cost of the space shuttle program was about $220 billion. The Appollo mooon program cost $120, in today's dollars. The combined total was enough to keep the Iraq-Afghanistan-Terror-RegimeChange-ColorRevolution-CIA black budget war going for about 10 months out of the last 15 years.

Is it any wonder ther was so little progress?

Anonymous said...

So... Obomber nominates the FOURTH J'EW to join the US Supreme Court--or, as Vis memorably terms it: "those nine vultures sitting on the dead branches of the Constitution."

One couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

Anonymous said...

(part 1 of 2)

There's gonna be a meeting in the jungle tonight,
everyones invited and the spacing is tight,
mother nature will be serving 19 kinds of humble pie
and due to indigestion most of guests will die

oh, and, attendance is mandatory and unavoidable.

It was asked how snuffing out the light ones made any sense. I'd like to give a possible answer, and it's a bit long, so bear with me. Now, this might of course just be my imagination, but it seems like God is getting ready to pick up the two-by-four, despite the elites plans of different sleight-of-hand-tricks. If it's true that the Kali-Yuga Party has just ended, even if most of the attendants haven't noticed due to the extreme levels of intoxication that is found around this place, then, the first rays of dawn are coming through the grimy and shuttered windows. What does one do after a party? Clean up the place, of course. In this case, unfortunately, most everyone is part of the mess, and is going to go out with the trash. Of course, no-one really dies, as we are souls, but the material plane is going to get a thorough sweeping. Natural disasters, war, famine and disease, especially numbers 3 and 4, will be able to off easily 99% of earths inhabitants in short order, leaving the rest to try and survive.

The people who are living in the Okawanga-delta in Zimbabwe, who subsist on roots, fruits and wild game, and own nothing, will not be troubled. Neither will the peruvian indians who reside in mountainous mud huts and have guinea-pigs running around that they roast as part of their diet, with a little wheat- and potato-field nearby. The "lost" tribes of the Amazon will not care. Nor will the fishing islanders on various small islands. Some small farmers near the equator will probably have a decent chance. In short, anyone who for generations and generations have lived wholly or mostly of the land, locally, and/or those who is not with their lives dependent on technology of even medium level and a global trade and infrastructure. Anyone who needs spare parts are going to have a tough time. The "elite" will fly to their islands and subterranean chambers, sure, but they only have food for a couple of years at most, and, never having lifted a shovel in their lives, nor caught a fish without a rod made by someone else, then they will starve. If they find any survivors whom they would have as slaves, they will find them hard as nails, and willing rather to die than to slave for them. Truly, the meek shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous said...

(part 2 of 2)

Cities are going to be literally crawling with blue-bottle flies and other insects who have feasted and gorged on the dead flesh, and birds are going to feed on the insects and foxes are going to feast on the birds. Wild-life will quickly be teeming again. Books will wither quickly, and with them the knowledge they contain. Harddisks and other electronic storage media will follow soon after. After 20 to 50 years, almost all of the chemicals in the ground and sea are going to be found as their natural constituents. Steel, concrete and asphalt will last 100-300 years. Glass will be ground back to sand by the wind. Plastic will last perhaps a couple of hundred years in the sun. Sediments is going to cover up the rest. After 500 years, it will be hard to find signs of our civilization.

Our mother will be virginal once more, and people will begin perhaps around then to seriously till the soil again, begin husbandry, and build small cities and networks of villages. The global human population will be perhaps, say, 20 million, slowly rising.

As the vibration progresses upwards from the low level of Kali Yuga, the people incarnating will reflect more and more light, and those who have been hammered into shape by our present suffering will reincarnate to become mystics, leaders, shamans, musicians, artists, chiefs, healers, inventors and scientists, and new civilizations will bloom forth, much quicker, and ones far more stable and advanced, than the one we have now, since there will be less war, ignorance and persecution than we what has led up to this point, as the age is a higher age, going upwards, AND some people have learned some tough and very valuable lessons in this dark age. Cycling on, waves of 26.000 years duration, indian lore says. Cycling on.

Have you seen a video of some of the monuments in Petra, Lebanon? Geologists say that the weathering on the stone has to have taken at least a couple of hundreds (100) of thousands of years, up to millions!! Someone must have been building big stuff a long time ago.
(the video is 50 minutes, but if you are in a hurry, it's enough to watch from 3:00 to 5:00, where you can see some of the eroded rocks)

Of course, all this does not change what Visible has been saying for as long as I remember: The most profitable venture is to work on oneself, because oneself is all you get to take with you on your soulful travels. I believe that it's true.

On a sidenote, Sri Ramakrishna tells us that God is BOTH personal and impersonal. Mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that isn't, "The sheikh shall inherit the mirth"?

torus said...

Anonymous above makes some good points in part 1 above.

"Well there's a bungle, in the jungle
And it's alright by me!" sang Ian Anderson and his fine, strumming, players.

Meek? I'm in pain and conflict at times. I look at my humble mother, a wonderful Christian woman whose childhood was essentially denied via WWII Germany. Allied bombing campaigns, malnutrition, fear, loss, etc aside. Arthritis started to stalk and eventually dominate her in her early 40's. She has more strength of character, backbone, & an unrepenting belief in a better world to come. As much as I am "part of the problem" when I shake a rattle at the sky, cursing my divine origin; for the literal LOVE OF GOD can his people be shown a sign of appreciated lotallies?

Mom is about to be cut open yet again on Friday. I told her that I love her dearly. I tell myself that I'm ready to lose this remarkable woman...her pain over, and maybe some appreciated loyalties directed her way. The embodiment of German etiquette, duty, steadfastness, humble Christianity, and a propensity towards martyrdom. God bless us everyone.

torus said...

Oh God, Les. Feel free to edit my previous post. I'm a wreck right now.

Spell check be damned!!
I would have NEVER written with a pen, "lotallies". I feel that one MUST engage the pen and written word for as long as one is able. Flat-screen font is a hive-mind enabler of sorts. A particular grace, style, and individuality is obviously denied.

Kazz said...

Anonymous - Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:33:00 PM

We are moving into the light, not into the dark. therefore, I do not agree. The elite are trying to kill off humanity, but humanity and this planet are all aspects of God and God has another plan, I believe. This world is at the end of three major cycles, the longest of which is 1.25 million years, and what I see is humanity bursting forth like a flower in full bloom. Satan has been very busy gathering up all the chaff so those who serve the dark can be driven from this plane. If the elite's agenda were going to succeed we would already all be dead. No doubt many people will die before the final cleansing has occurred, but I see that many people will survive, many good people, who will help herald in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and a new beginning for mankind. Like Vis, I feel very upbeat about humanity's future.

The elite have been stock piling resources for a very long time, and they have hydroponic setups to grow food underground. These people are not stupid just evil!

Humanity already has the solutions to fix this planet, all they need is for the satanists to be removed to have the chance they need to facilitate these changes. It is going to be a marvellous world to behold when the elite are gone. Everything will revert back to a grass roots level, but with technological aid, monitored with wisdom for regard to the wellbeing of all, rather than the current ego driven excess by the few whose only agenda is to hoard for their personal self gratification. The hard times humanity is suffering currently are to make us ready for when our opportunity to heal this world and each other arrives.

As for Hegel's 'System Proper', many things were covered, if you could be more specific with your questions I believe an interesting discourse could follow.

As for Hegel's understanding of 'absolute knowing' via the integration of working self-consciousness, reason, and spirit into a union to constitute reconciliation via a study of consciousness through self-examination to provide a fully-intelligible view, i agree. I am comfortable claiming that I can establish 'absolute knowing' in the sphere of appearance now that I have come this far on my journey. My studies in pursuit of spirit and knowledge, and the ability to balance these understandings, have opened my all seeing eye to the Divine view of existence, which provides a complete unified field upon which I can now gaze. Whether anyone cares to listen is another story altogether :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (center of universe mode)

hehe what a trip, offline for 2 weeks, post a late comment on Reflections and thinking as I read this blog (which was posted before that) that some of it was in response, as these things tend to connect.
and hell, time can go backwards too, why not?

doing a lot of this guy lately...

then again, as they say, blessed are the meek (though they didnt mean wilfully ignorant). it is all interesting, albeit, by force of cirumstance (they lie, they darken), difficult and piecemeal... info bites and far out yum cha. to each according to their appetites and how much they can stomach.

Kazz said...


I thought I should clarify that the 'absolute knowing' I refer to is in relation to my self and the relationship I have with my outer world. As far as absolute knowing in regard to the world in general, I agree with Vis, one can really not know anything. In regard to the world at large my understanding is that the best one can do is cleanse one's internal world to the best of their ability (deal with your demons), be well informed, keep an open mind, test every understanding to see if it holds up under scrutiny, and rely heavily on one's intuition and internal guidance.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Try as you might, no Flat Earth bullshit is allowed here; Pink Floyd or otherwise.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Protocols of Zion and the Zionist Conspiracy against Humanity.



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