Sunday, December 25, 2016

Some Thoughts on Christmas 2016.

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Tis the season and the moment. It's nasty and wet out at this time (Christmas Eve) and we are thinking of those who are out in it as many are. Some are there professionally and some are there through misfortune and afflicted Karma. This physical world and spiritual world! How it turns for and against us under the force of unseen hands. Today (Christmas Day) is sunny and bright!

My thoughts turn to The Congo, where terrorized residents toil through all the hours of the daylight, Armed with Stone Age implements, they extract the rare metals for cellphones and computers, so that I can stand on the deck here in the summer and watch astoundingly clueless teenage girls, ride by on their bicycles, thumb-humping their cellphones, indifferent to the traffic and their own safety; self importance, contending with vanity, burning in selfish immolation, hair-flipping their locks like some half seal, half snake dancing hybrid from the Bahamian Banking Island of a latter day, Dr. Moreau.

Millions of Chinese workers in plague masks, march through the poisoned clouds that mass and coil in Beijing, as, around the world, hordes of deranged Walmart shoppers, waddle down the aisles in search of plastic epiphanies; Jesus sure be loving you, while he's riding on the dashboard of yer car.

All over the world, more than half the population, struggle in desperation to survive, or have given up and sit there helplessly, under bridge abutments, in corrugated drainage cylinders, or wherever they might find somewhere to be until they are rousted and driven on.

Water is becoming ever more critical and ever less spoken of; good drinking water is becoming ever less available. Clean drinking water is a very big problem the world over.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! To those faithful and persevering; to those uncaring and indifferent, to those who labor against seemingly hopeless odds and even to those who make war on Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

If ever there were a time to count our blessings then now is the time. A very uncertain year waits in the wings. Planets set in their courses long ago, now vibrate in counterpoint with one another. They generate their pressures and influences, tempered against one another and then filtered through the atmosphere of this material dream.

In times of material preeminence, deceit, war and contention are a given. The battlefields are everywhere. The forces of commerce drive the forces of conflict, whether they be by weapons or words. Riding apace, are the dead zombie warriors of religious fundamentalism. The blind are killing the blind and making more zombies as they go. It should come as no surprise; the popularity of television shows like “The Walking Dead.” and “Game of Thrones”, not to mention the continuing replication of one zombie movie after another. There are no accidents here.

It's a hard world, or maybe I am just getting older. Sometimes I wake up and I get the strong sensation that I won't be here much longer and that sounds good to me. Sometimes I wake up and I am certain I will be here for years yet and that sounds okay to me (grin). I don't know what any of it means anymore. I don't know if I am a good person or a bad person. I was told a few years ago that good and evil no longer apply to me and I would like to believe that. Even though I don't know what it means, it sounds promising (grin).

I find it amazing sometimes when I reflect on my life and all I see are the mistakes. I know that mistakes are not the whole of my travels here, not even most of the time but... it is what I remember. I believe that is because so many of us are much more inclined to remember our failures as opposed to our triumphs. Maybe it is a good thing when we do not think well of ourselves. This gives people a more willing opportunity to think well of us. If you don't hide what you are from people, they won't later discover the truth of you to their chagrin. It's one thing to let yourself down and quite another to let others down.

I was at a family gathering of my friends last night. It is typical on these occasions and in these seasons, for people to drink more than usual. There was some of that. It didn't involve me. I have no patience with myself in these states anymore. For me, instead of seeing a temporarily inflated picture of how deft and agile I am, I see the extent of my weakness and I've no patience for that either.

There was a young man there who is just finishing college. He's all A's and going on to be a doctor or something like it. I haven't been around certain age groups in a very long time. I was astounded at the level of Political Correctness indoctrination that has taken place in that time. I was also astonished at the type of argumentation he was using, which is designed to put the other person at a continuous disadvantage. I told him that kind of calculated offensive doesn't work with me; I am actually paying attention and not waiting for my rebuttal opportunity. In the process I thought of the millions who are being shaped to the malefic ends of those controlling the educational system. It's a brave new world and I want no part of it.

It all ended on a good note. I don't allow anything else these days. It's not the way it used to be. I believe that loving people preempts having to be right. No one wins if you have to be right. Everyone wins if you don't. And I realize that all of what was said would later come back on its own time. You accomplish much more by letting time and truth find themselves later on; in a place where they are more inclined. There is always the former (usually-grin) and the latter isn't going anywhere.

Christmas and all of the holidays that have been around since way back when they were called something else and something else before that and before that and before that; you get the picture... they provide us opportunities to express what we should naturally be expressing the year long. Of course, we also confuse the issue by giving people material expressions of what are supposed to be spiritual gifts. We are also in a position to receive gifts that bypass us because we aren't looking for, or open to them. I got some of those this year. My gratitude is through the roof and that is impressive, given there is no roof but the sky which is endless, unless space is curved and... it all comes back (for better or worse)! Hmmm...

This is a pretty remarkable preface to a period of rapid transformation that is going to be heading in all sorts of directions, most likely depending on what direction you are headed in. It's the way of an apocalypse. Certainly the NFL was exhibiting signs of this yesterday. It's going to be getting more and more intense. Whatever you are resting on, or depending on, is going to be tested according to its tensile strength. Whatever you have come to be will undergo the same by default. It's going to be open season in this season for giving (the extended DVD version) for predators and prey alike. The perfection of the whole scheme is to be seen in its resolution. I'm guessing this has something to do with the appearance of curved screen TVs.

We'll be moving on the the radio broadcast now and hope to see you there as well.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love, always and forever.


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