Friday, December 16, 2016

Travels with the Ineffable.

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The Christmas season is here and Christmas itself approaches. Every year, I notice a particular phenomena. I especially notice it because I don't have it. What I notice is what happens to people when Christmas comes around. They get frantic. Whatever joy might be gleaned is lost to them. They drink too much. They just want it to be over. Someone I was with not that long ago had this 'problem'. It seemed to have been generated in childhood.

So many people have bad experiences from their childhood or situations that came about through the tension that this holiday generates. I had one of the worst childhoods I know about. I had an adult ulcer when I was 12. I had to go through a lot of tests before the doctors discovered it. When they did they found it hard to believe. They had never seen that before. Later my father said that I was faking and I was in a conspiracy with the doctors. I can't remember most of it, probably because I don't think about it. The ineffable is responsible for that. He told me that I should put my attention only upon the moment I am in. I believe that most of us would be remarkably surprised at what a powerful reality this is.

I know we all have heard about living in the moment but... who actually does that? I do more often than I ever have before. Do you know how much time there is that gets unused in the moment? An eternity. I'm not there 'yet' but I can see it 'most' of the time. I say this because I don't want to try to pass myself off as some kind of Eckart Tolle character, lest I bore you to death, while I am hypnotically picking your pocket(grin). I'm not totally there but I can see it and often visit at will. 'Kind of sorry' about the Tolle digression but that is the effect it has had on me every time I have visited his videos, in combination with what I have heard from people who were right there.

I got reasons for talking like this today and it's not to make me look good, although all of us have the same capacity. It's like learning the guitar. Some of us play once a week and some of us play all day long. You do the math. Some of us are in the moment, only when the moment comes into us ...and some of us consciously seek an awareness of the moment 'most' every moment.

There was a period when I drank to excess for a few years. Now I don't drink at all. The ineffable came and said; “I'm going to take that away now.” After this I wasn't able to do it any more. The desire was removed and when I tried I didn't like it. It was a truly marvelous thing. At one point I got very much into Ketamine. Certain readers gave me shit about it. Then that passed and whenever I tried to order it, it wouldn't show up.

The ineffable told me very recently that he was going to transform my life in such a way that I would find it nearly impossible to believe the experience of it. Then he said that he was going to show up whenever I was acting out in life and his focus would be on me. He then said that in every other point when I was doing something else like walking, or eating, or any of the pedestrian affairs that all of us do, my focus would be on him ...and it would definitely no longer be pedestrian.

The reason I am discussing this at Origami today is because the ineffable told me to tell everyone who comes here that great spiritual possibilities are on the cusp of your existence and your opportunities for a spiritual quantum leap are measurably greater than they have ever been previously. He said that anyone who comes to these blogs and hangs around is part of a web of resonance. We've had some really breakthrough conversations lately (the agent of the ineffable and I) and events have happened that are remarkable in my life up to this point. It is true that the ineffable has saved my ass on more than one occasion before ...but never in memory has the ineffable been so kind and good so consistently to me since that tag team of false spiritual pretenders, Robert and David, joined up to assault me on the Big Island of Hawaii. I haven't gone into detail about these fellows but I will at some point because it should be a cautionary tale for all of us as we move through this life. When you hear about how they set me up to get me to let my guard down around them ...and then conspired to injure me in such a way that the attending physician said he had never seen an injury as severe as what happened to me, I suspect you will be riveted by the drama of it.

Now that I know their complete names and more about them than I did, I will be in a position to illustrate the affair in a way that I had been previously unable to. I was injured so badly that I suffered complete amnesia about the event. Out of the blue someone has come forward to explain some portion of it to me and the ineffable has clarified a measure as well.

Since this affair, my life has been much different than it was. I now know why neither of them made any effort to communicate with me afterwards. I also know why no one that I knew there has gotten in touch with me since I left. There are some horrific lies that have been constructed about me and the irony is that I was behaving myself better than I had in other periods of my life. It is better that I did not know about any of this until now, as it would have troubled me much greater than it does or could anymore. My relationship with my loving master has grown so strong in this last year that hardly anything troubles me these days. If you are going to be a warrior for the truth you have to expect betrayal and slanderous lies. No one should be surprised when any of it happens. However, your awakening soul will be forged in a crucible of experience and a unique strength will come to you and you will also come into an aura of divine protection. Rather let me say you will come to see what has been there all along.

Since I left the West Coast I have entered into one of the sweetest periods of my life. I am no longer tested in such extreme ways as was the case previously. The ineffable has told me in no uncertain terms that these former troubles that have haunted me for so long are now over. There will be new challenges but I now have a level of palpable support that just wasn't there, in my mind, before. It's one thing to travel the hard highway of existence and to walk with a faith that was, all to often, not confirmed in a manifest sense. Now I see evidence of it every day. I hear about it every day.

"Every Day"

Every day that comes is like a lifetime
And every day the universe is born
But most of us just struggle with our demons
And never understand who brings the sun.

Every day! Every day!
Every Day! Every day!
Every day!

But oh to understand that golden mystery.
To see the whole inside of every part.
To know the suns that rises in the heavens,
Is rising all the time inside our hearts

Every day! Every day!
Every Day! Every day!
Every day!

Now truth is not the sun nor shapely moonshine
That wakes the Earth with thunder or with song
No truth is a jewel that is clothed in mortal blindness
And it is all that's left once we have gone.

Every day! Every day!
Every Day! Every day!
Every day!

So take heart each time you see your friend the sun rise
A symbol of that sun too bright to see
And know there are no chains can ever hold you
When you embrace the truth it sets you free
When you embrace the truth it sets you free

Every day! Every day!
Every Day! Every day!
Every day!

When I say that the ineffable communicates with me I am not speaking of THE ONE, speaking directly to me ...but I am speaking of THE ONE speaking to me through an intermediary, although I am told there is no qualitative difference. When I say speaking to me, I mean within my mind and heart with a clarity that is not unlike anyone I meet in manifest life speaking to me. It was not always so. It used to happen only when I was in a powerfully altered state. Most of the time it was only me speaking, or crying out in an agonizing passion to be heard. Then that changed and I began to hear back intermittently, regardless of my state of mind. This progressed until I began to hear back consistently and has now come to where it happens every day, whenever I speak to the ineffable ...and has progressed to where, lately, the ineffable communicates with me sometimes all through a given day. The joy and wonder of this cannot be described. There is no friend that we might have that is like the ineffable and it comes to pass that one becomes able to see the ineffable in everyone they meet and the relationships that one has with others start to be like one's relationship with the ineffable and deeply profound moments occur routinely. Ordinary life is no longer ordinary. It is filled with magic and a beauty that illuminates life as if the sun were shining through every moment.

The ineffable has gifted me with the most incredible friends. Maybe they were always there but I can see them now. I can see them as they really are. I can see old friends from former times and now recognize the depth of their love and am given the opportunity to reciprocate from a level that I formerly believed was not possible for me.

There were moments when I despaired that life would ever break through the dark and ominous clouds that seemed to surround me. I have never shared these parts of myself with the reader. I always felt it was my job to smile through the tears and never expose the level of difficulty through which I inexplicably had to pass. I felt that I would somehow let the reader down if I did not maintain a certain level of indefatigable optimism. It is true that no matter how dark it became at times, I always felt that optimism and believed that one day it would turn around for me and all of you, who I know have struggled with a similar fate. I realize now that there was a doubt within me that I refused to see and maybe that was a good thing but now the magnificence of the sun shines upon my days and it is as if nothing can affect the brilliance of it. When I have difficulties now, they are no longer seen as difficulties but as opportunities.

No matter how Stygian was the darkness or how seemingly impossible was the way, I knew the light would come one day ...but a part of me was not sure and that part of me is now gone forever. I no longer care what might await. I have seen through this veil of tears to the awesome and never ending Love that surrounds us all but which, through our self deluding blindness, we would not allow ourselves to see. I now realize that I pretty much love everyone and am most certainly prepared to do so. It is so hard now to write about even the most evil among us ...because I know that they are only playing a role and that one day their time will come. I find myself now incapable of feeling the emotions I used to feel but I have been told that I must continue to write and expose the lies that I see, as well as the truths that are revealed to me ...but that I no longer have to have an invested personal involvement in it. It is just something I do and it will evolve as I go. I need not concern myself about that. God loves me and he loves me deeply and it is for this reason that he tried and tested me so fiercely. I regret none of it now. It has all come to a place beyond my ability to describe.

I feel incapable of explaining, or correctly illustrating what I am experiencing. It is beyond my capacity. I am trying to say something but I don't know how. It is just so incredible and beautiful and wonderful. Even my pain is no longer pain. It is as if it isn't even part of me. The most amazing thing is that I am no longer angry, or frustrated, or combative. It just went away. One day it was no longer there. All of the false constructs that my fear and uncertainty created, as a defense, are no longer necessary. They just packed up their bags and left.

My heart is filled with the Christmas spirit this morning. As I look at the clock I see it is 2:00AM. My friends are sleeping but I hardly need to sleep at all. I no longer engage in those things that make us tired. I can feel Jesus Christ invisibly present nearby. I suspect we are going to meet shortly. I am looking forward to it. I realize now that it couldn't happen until my defenses against it and all my pretentious intellect had crumbled away. Everything is crumbling away and I am so overjoyed by this and it is hard for me to believe it but it seems it must be true. It has been true for such a while now. When our personal darkness crumbles then the light can enter in. It can shine on the magnificence of our true being and illuminate it utterly. The bushel has been lifted from the light within.

The ineffable wants me to tell you about this and how sure and certain it is possible for all of you and you must only reach with everything you have and it will come to you. The time is now here for our darkness to depart and for us to be filled with the light of the ineffable. Whatever the world may be up to no longer should concern us. This is not our world and the world we see is only a fabrication of our fears and desires. Once all of our desires are woven into a single desire there will be no fear. There will only be love; a powerful and transformative love that is beyond definition and it is there for the taking. It is there for the receiving. It is there for the giving.

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