Thursday, January 26, 2017

God Dreamers and a Sleepy Hollow Filled with Light

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This was the first blog. Maybe it should have stayed the only blog. It gave me the opportunity to talk about the ineffable and there has been no greater honor or pleasure in my whole life that can equal that. Of course, any of us can talk about the divine whenever we like and there are some that are like the lips of a petrified tree when it comes to putting one off the subject of God altogether. You have to think, on those occasions, that if this is what God gets you then I don't want any of it (grin).

Today I was thinking about what an incredible honor it is to be motivated to talk about the almighty. It doesn't matter what I have suffered in this life, caught in the steel trap jaws of fate, between ignominy and slander; all of it designed to see if I was up to the task... pressed again and again like grapes under the relentless feet of an unknown vintner. It's been an incredible honor. You don't even notice the cost. That the majesty of the sun can shine out from within the heart, as a constant remembrance of what was forgotten so long ago; as is the case with all of us, well... probably not a bad hing upon reflection. We forget and that is why memory is one of the most significant features in existence. It really has nothing to do with discovery. It is all about remembering.

I was sitting out on the porch today. It was in the mid sixties and the sun was shining in all its inimitable grandeur. It was/is a glorious day. I was feeding the squirrels and of course the birds had their squirrel proof feeder. I love feeding my little friends. I still think about my homeless dogs in India. I wonder about them sometimes; who is feeding them now? I'm listening to Stevie Winwood singing, “In the Presence of the Lord.” I'm so near tears right now, I can hardly catch my breath. Life is so very, very good right now. There is nothing I want because I get to talk about the ineffable. What an honor!!! What a joy! And the ineffable is right there, right here. The ineffable is everywhere, all around. Filling the atmosphere with the brilliant and beautiful effervescence of his presence and... you only have to know that the ineffable is there. You might doubt it and sometimes it seems as if darkness is all there is, because of that emptiness that is the root tone of runaway materialism but... it doesn't matter because that seeming darkness is suffused with light... and the darkness will turn, turn into light, when darkness falls...

Yeah... there were times I wished I were dead; times when I didn't know which way to turn, or if I would ever taste any sense of freedom ever again and I think of Nelson Mandela and others who had a longer spell of confinement than I did. I often think of those others, like Baha'u'llah... so many of us where despair seemed the only option. Somehow, against all odds, the sun broke through and it didn't matter if you were in some jail cell, or being whipped by angry, ignorant hands, whose only reason for being as they were was because they didn't know ...but they suspected they were wrong and that was the source of the anger. I thank god that he gave me this role... however great a shortfall it may have been when measured against my expectations (fool I). I get to think about and speak about the ineffable!!! What an honor!

God is invisible, except when god is not... when seen in the eyes of a loved one or a stranger ...but... there are no strangers really and we are god's hands. We are god's instruments. We are the vehicles of god's expression. We are how god expresses or how god is hidden or distorted in twisted mirrors and... I think of the times I screwed up, or missed the boat and then I think about how God reminded me of his presence, or some serendipitous moment when he or she or it ...suddenly burst through the clouds and filled this dark world with light and it always reminds me of that painters light I used to see in Portugal. Times like that, I am reminded of Rembrandt and the amazing expressions of light that he used to accomplish in his paintings. Light would literally leak out of the picture through some magical process.

So many beautiful footprints were left for me, by all those artists, composers and writers and the mystics and God Dreamers, Wow! Quite simply... Wow!!! Is the ineffable not the most remarkable thing in all of creation? Indeed... it is true and he lives in me and you. We greet each other and see the ineffable looking back at us ...and far too often do not recognize that it is the ineffable who takes all of these forms, while employed in the endless hide and seek of existence. I know by this time when I would look into the eyes of a master, like Guru Bawa, that when he looked at me, he was seeing God, as he did with everyone he encountered. That is your true regenerated innocence. That is what becoming like a little child is all about and we have that option in our lives. We get regenerated innocence, or we get senility and it is all part of the process of softening or hardening. It's what arteriosclerosis is all about. It is what all the degrees of extreme happen to be ...and it lends credence to the scriptural truth of “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spew thee out of My mouth.”

Yes... all through the day today, I felt the wonder and divine effulgence of the almighty, percolating and precipitating, down through the planes and all I could think was how marvelous it is that I get to talk about the ineffable. He is the be all and end all of all my being and ending. Still, given that it is a helix, it never begins or ends, it just repeats and progresses, like a spiral, always raised to a greater awareness of itself and that is why Memory is so critically important.

I know that I have said, very often, how much I love you all, even though, in many cases I don't even know who you are.; Somewhere there are rooms filled with such a luminosity that it is impossible to make out the objects because there are no shadows and the light is so great that there is only light. It is what Ain and Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur are all about. They are the veils of negativity. Ain is absolute emptiness. Ain Soph, means limitless light and Ain Soph Aur is the eternal moment filled with light. You will hear these described in different ways. This is how I describe them. Some will say, “Oh that is Kabalism or that is what comes out of the Judaic expression of the varieties of what cannot be expressed.' I don't care if it is Judaic, or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. It is always about what cannot be defined or expressed ...but we do our best. You have to have been there (grin).

All I know is the joy I feel because God is close. God is closer to me than I am to myself and even thought I cannot grasp it, I know that it can grasp me. I have no valid expression, except what it expresses through me. It's one thing to get out of the way and another thing entirely to understand it while you are getting out of the way of it.

I want so badly to reach out and place my hand upon the breast of each and every one of you. I want to tremble on the tensile thread of my own being and have the meaning of it reverberate from me to you; beyond words of course ...but certainly like music ...because it is vibration after all. Music, when properly expressed, is always harmonic. Certain modern composers believe that dissonance is a equally authentic statement of the same, sort of like chaos theory or abstract art as legitimate reality, given latitude only because some people have no gift whatsoever and that is the best they can do. It's why certain people insist on owning all of the art galleries because they have no art but... it does put them in a position that permits them to define what art is. I couldn't define to you what art is but I know it when I see it (grin); paraphrasing... paraphrasing... paraphrasing.

I wish that each and every one of you were with me today and that by turns we had the opportunity to grab one another and hold each other close. I wish that had been so but it's not important, because nothing is lost and I know the time will come when we get to do that and it will be as real as anything we have ever done in life.

This very moment I want to rise up and leap out of my chair and spin and twirl and raise my hands to the heavens; try to speak or cry out and know there is no possibility that anything I say or try to say will come close to what I feel. It simply isn't possible. But you know. You know what I mean. Though I will never meet most of you, I feel as if we know each other in a way so far beyond whatever might ever be said between us. This is what resonance is all about. It is about my tone and your tone, blending in harmony all by itself ...because harmony is the essential and effective communication that encapsulates all of our bad attempts in a cocoon of silence. It just can't be said but the Love is there and I want to take this opportunity today to say to you, “I love you.” and have you know that I mean that from the bottom of my heart and to have you also know that my heart is bottomless.

May god forever bless and protect you, each and every one of you and lead you to that beautiful room where, one day, we shall greet each other in an everlasting moment of unshakable recognition. My dear friends... words fail but something there is that never fails and it hold us up and lifts us up and maintains us long enough- and that... is forever... so that we have long enough to say what needs be said.

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