Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Unspeakable Joy of Eternal Gratitude.

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Earlier I was standing by the bathroom window (no, I did not come in that way) as waves of gratitude poured over me and that has been happening over the last few weeks; right out of the blue, with nothing specific to generate it, just this combination of both love and gratitude... it's simply 'there' and of course the gratitude that I am feeling generates more gratitude, it's an infectious and contagious joy like an upwelling fountain, spilling over the lip of the bowl and running in a shimmer of light, as if it were back lit from some mysterious source. I know that this is an external projection of an internal condition with an identical shimmer, attended by music that is generated out of the shimmer and it makes me think of the beautiful interplay between sound and light and color. The colors are ever changing variants on festive emotions that burble to the surface, rising out of some internal kaleidoscope that the ineffable is using to remind me of the presence of the divine within. Every event in our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with our souls.

A life time can go by and so many of us never inquire more deeply into that wonderful land which is our native and eternal home, behind the endless shifting of appearances. For those who take the trouble, which is no trouble at all, the opportunity to awaken our inner self is always on the cusp of the moment. The thrill of the possibility is like the keening of the wind, calling across time and space, as a reminder of our celestial origins. I am not interested in the Food Court. I am not interested in the world of gadgets and all the myriad of outfits I can mix and match, as one more ensemble, providing us with an identity for what the majority of us are unable to identify. We can't really label or define it because that requires us to be apart from it. It is what it is and it speaks itself as itself, the same way the wind and the rain accomplish the same.

I don't know what is causing this marvelous experience. It's come and gone before but never has it returned again and again. There is this sensation of something large and invisible moving in the ethers. It is almost like that mysterious Niburu, which you are supposed to be able to see but no one has seen it as far as I know... this other is invisible but no less present. It is like some hidden planetary amalgam of music and good will. There is nothing materially solid about it. It is a collection of fluid associations where these associations take the shape of their expression. I see dancing musical notes. I see cartoon caricatures that are a kind of onomatopoeia; if you catch my implications here.

Now... I have to go into a very strange digression and I must ask the reader, “What do you think of this?” Following...

A couple of weeks ago I got a communication from someone who had seen an ad I placed on Craig's List. I was selling a Korg Micro Arranger. I had purchased it in Hawaii to use in the upcoming recording sessions that I am presently engaged in. I've been putting it off for some time and now I have a thick sheaf of songs that should have been already taken care of a few years ago. As it turned out, the keyboard is quite small. This is something I did not pay enough attention to when I purchased it. I have large hands and really need a full size keyboard; through the kind of luck that seems to show up for me, given I have so little money, a very nice 88 weighted keys keyboard showed up at a fantastic price and I grabbed it. It is a joy to play and I am, once again exceedingly grateful. I am not in a position to just buy what I want so I need the help of my invisible friends. They came through.

Now that I have this I decided to sell the Korg and I put it on Craig's List. I got a call asking me what my bottom price was. I said I can't go below $200. and he said, “Well, that's very fair. I'll take it.” Then he said, “I'm going to send you a check and you can take the two hundred out of it and give what is left to my movers when they come by to get it.” I said, “Okay.” and thought no more about it.

Ten days went by. It had pretty much left my mind. I thought it felt pretty hinky anyway. Then I get a call from this lady, Shirley (don't call me Shirley). She apologizes for not being in touch before, says she had to go into the hospital and this is the first chance she had to get in touch. She said she was sending me a check and I should get in touch with her once I had cashed it. Today, I go out to get the mail and there is a USPS priority mailer sleeve there. I open it and there is a cashiers check for $2,395.27 ??????????????????? I don't know what to think but I leave a message saying. “This is beyond weird and unless you can convince me that I am not being set up somehow, I am returning this check, period.”

About 15 minutes later, I think, “Hmmm.” I go to the trash and get the mailer sleeve out and check the address. First I see my name typed twice in the addressed to location. Then I look at where it has been mailed from and it says, “Arlington, Texas” and it has been sent from the 'ATP Flight School'. Whoa!!!

I do not know what to think. What I know is that this is more than passing strange. So dear reader, what do you think? Yes, of course, there are plausible explanations for this. The person paying may simply want to pass on this amount of money to Shirley. Uh Huh. What about the 27 cents?

Let is leave this curious oddity and go back to the only thing that sends me into rapture every time I think or talk about it; the ineffable. I love the ineffable beyond my capacity to express it in words. This gratitude that I am feeling every day is remarkable. I have never felt anything like this before. On the heels of this, I keep hearing the ineffable (more likely his agent) telling me that I am experiencing what I am because he is about to lay all kinds of beautiful things upon me; things that have been held in waiting for a long time but now the time has come to grant them to me. It is now past doubting that I will ever give up in my pursuit of the ineffable and I will never be swayed away from my persistent love. I've been told over and over that the ineffable was going all out to try me to points beyond endurance and put me in one agonizing state after another. He was determined to break or dissuade me. It never happened and the ineffable said, basically, “I give up. There is nothing more I can do and nothing I do is going to send you packing.” He said quite a lot of wonderful things to me and I am not going to repeat them because it will embarrass me and there is always the chance I could have been and am being 'played' all along. I don't believe this though and I can never believe it again, nor have I ever.

I got nothing to show for my life but the friendship of the ineffable; if you can call what has happened to me, 'acts of friendship' (grin). Oh... I don't mind and I am neither angry nor resentful. I know the divine had good reasons for what he has done; really good reasons and I am good with that. In any case, it seems some very nice things and conditions are on their way to me and that is why I am feeling these powerful bursts of gratitude; even though I have no idea what any of them are. Apparently, the awareness in my subconscious knows what this is all about and what is involved ...and the following emotion is rising to the surface and triggering reactions in my self conscious mind. As we like to say here, “Time will tell and we shall see.”

I bring this matter before you today because I have a reason. Many, many people come around here. Some have been coming for a long time and I have yet to hear from them on a personal level. I may never hear from them. On the other hand, relationships have developed over time between me and some portion of the readers. I may never meet most of them either but we do communicate. I've said a lot of things here. Some of them have been truly useful and some of them have been very questionable. I'm not the most balanced and circumspect person you will ever encounter. I guess you could say that... on occasion, I can be a 'wild and crazy guy' (grin). I've mellowed out considerably in recent times and I am very grateful for this as well. I don't know a way to tell you how profound this gratitude is that I have been experiencing. It is blowing me away and the sense of it, the feeling, is like unto a joy that is past the telling. I want you to have this too and so I must tell you what I believe is required on your part to get it and I know you can get it and that is why I am searching for the best way to express it.

Convince yourself, utterly that you will do everything in your power to let the ineffable know how committed you are. Convince yourself that there is no cost so great that it can equal the disappointment you know you will feel if you do not persevere. Once you have made the decision to follow through, you will know that it is meant to be yours. It cannot be denied to you. You have only to press on against every possibility of opposition and against all odds. Once you have made this clear to yourself, it cannot become easier than it is. Your biggest problem has always been your inconsistency of purpose. The inertia drag of your own resistance to the follow through is the greatest weight you will ever carry. Throw that off and there is no resistance at all. It is like stopping smoking. Once you have made up your mind it is a piece of cake. It is not being convinced that you want to that makes it so hard.

The ineffable is the most benevolent and loving force on Earth. The ineffable loves you far beyond your ability to ever comprehend it. Accept this. Know it and proceed with it as a certitude. Be certain and it will be certain. All the good angels who serve our higher aspirations will instantly fly to your side. The course once set has only to be walked. Everything else is a fait accompli. Release the love that is hidden in your heart and it will guide and protect you in all things and from all things.

With Love,


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