Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That Woven Spiritual Steel that is Forged in the Crucible of Trial.

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Lately I have been feeling the weight of the world around me. Because I go to many news sites, I, like anyone, absorb some amount of it and since most of the news that we encounter are fabricated lies, the intention of the news we encounter is to bring us down, depress us and generally make us unhappy, even though it might have nothing to do with us. If Trump was serious about wanting to succeed at what he is doing, there is one thing he has to do and which is more important than anything else. He has to break up the stranglehold of the Zionist Mafia on the media. Six of their companies own almost all of the information sites. Until he does this he is in no position to succeed at anything. The people who own these media conglomerates are Satanists. There is no better definition for what they are than that. They are cold blooded psychopaths who are engaged in enslaving and destroying humanity. They ARE the enemy, insofar as the enemy has manifest personas that carry out his nasty intents. Certainly all of the ills that plague us collectively are expressions of the Prince of Darkness, being channeled through formerly (if ever) human entities.

We have said over and over here that the primary defense that is in our power is to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. If I let certain things into my head, that's my fault but it is also my job to do this to some extent because I report on it. I analyze it and I seek to defuse its impact on the minds of those who come here, or to spin alternative possibilities, other than what is being forced upon us at every turn. Like any of you, I am learning as I go.

Like many of you, I forget the important things over and over. Memory is incredibly and profoundly important. So is spiritual discipline. If you don't meditate each day before you set out on your day, you enter into it at a distinct disadvantage. In meditation we can remind ourselves of what is important and we can recommit ourselves, over and over again to what our purpose is. And what is that? This is for each individual to determine for themselves. Although it might be the same thing in most instances, we will identify and define it differently. We're all different after all, regardless of however similar we might be in primary essence.

I want to indicate a couple of points of interest here before I move on to other things. One is to show that Donald Trump isn't going anywhere. The other is to highlight Israel Shamir. He's always been good and honest and brilliant. Now it seems he has gotten a promotion from the very same invisible hierarchy that we all work for; whether we know this or not. Oh... what the heck, let's expose some hypocrites and lying self interest junkies as well. Alright my friends, let's move on into whatever it is that we came here today to talk about.

We've been hiding out, staying under the radar, trying to know “when to hold them and when to fold them.” The days just went slipping by and I played my guitar and fooled around on the piano and thought about all those projects I am supposed to be completing and haven't done anything about. My friends and I are wrapping up our activities here in this geographical sector, as we prepare to relocate into a more ancient and timeless location, where we do not doubt but that all of those projects we were supposed to be engaged in, are suddenly going to pick up steam and go toodlin off toward the finish line somewhere down the pike. We'll be expecting to see some of you when we come into range in the next month or so; a certain doctor in Nevada, as well as a gifted artist, who last I heard, was living somewhere around Las Vegas and a whole lot of people in Texas. I look forward to it. There's going to be more space to move around in, more freedom, more joy in all the super abundance that we have seen and felt the glimmers of in recent times.

I must express to the large majority of you my great gratitude at your support over the years. You've given me both the fire and inspiration to carry on, despite all the efforts from the deep state to suppress our work and maroon us in the anonymous backwaters of that sun don't shine part of the internet. This is all going to change as Mr. Apocalypse comes more and more into view as the major player in this dance of duplicity and deception that he is here to frustrate, eliminate and expose. You and I have powerful friends in the invisible realm and they are coming forward now in a concerted unity to bring down this house of fecal cards and set fire to all the misshapen abortions of the stool sculpture deity who seeks to plunge us into darkness and despair.

Speaking of abortions, today Mr. Visible is watching a truly execrable piece of shit called “Patriot's Day.” This load of crap stars Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman and a host of attending shit gollums who have stitched together a pastiche of false news, concealed under the medium of bad art and which is most assuredly financed by the seemingly very powerful Satanic Zionist sexual and political shapeshifters. It really is garbage. I am reminded of what Jesus the Christ said; “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” This surely applies to Marky Mark Wahlberg. The reader is no doubt familiar with that bit of Upchuck brought into being by the CIA, who is all over Hollywood and which was funneled in the direction of the Porcelain Throne by Badda Bing Ben Affleck and called “Argo”. There was also something called, “Zero Dark Thirty.” There are a lot of fake news entertainment vehicles that the intelligence community Satanists are using, while accusing us who tell the truth, of spreading false news. They're working that Hegelian Dialectic into the ground, like a reverse burrowing Syphilis spirochete, seeking after the Gates of Hell for their own purposes and hoping to herd us in along with them. It's not going to happen.

We've had a hard road my friends. Surely my road has been like unto trying to climb Pike's Peak backwards in a pair of Louboutin shoes and from what I hear from a number of you, it's been difficult all around. I have been working overtime to lift my spirits out of the suffocating atmosphere of the Sorosian Death Ray. It has gotten to where the impact of direct Satanic aggression against life has become so consistent and relentless that it is hard for one to identify the experience, since it has been going on for so long without interruption that one forgets it has ever been different. Sometimes I wonder if it has. Certainly it has been spiraling out of the anal vortex of the Prince of Putrification at a sub Rosa frequency that when it went palpable it was almost as if it had always been so.

I've watched the twisted memes coming incrementally, limping along like Lurch, or Igor; “Massssster! Masssster!” It's been slithering like a sidewinder, tormented by anal fissures and warts that are the defining byproduct of strange sex gone horribly wrong. It's like it just came through the bathroom window yesterday, so completely has it arrived and everywhere, politicians and entertainers bend under the pernicious press of this mysterious power. How has it come to be of such a strength that it intimidates the most influential among us? It can only be that it is a manifestation of some Satanic Majesties request because out of a ragtag cabal of disparate geeks has emerged an army of darkness whose impact is far greater than their tiny numbers. Every group of comatose norms are assailed according to color, creed and particularization of swish.

It is hard my friends, so very hard to maintain our sanity and balance, our integrity of being, against the flatulent uproar of saccharine flavored sound cancers, railing against every cornerstone and post that holds our increasingly more fragile infrastructure together. The war against Trump has become a cartoon. You can't go to a news site now that doesn't have a dozen articles, slashing at the man with metaphorical box cutters. He has to break up the media and he has to know this. I can only presume that it is in the works as I write these words because NOTHING ELSE will do the trick. We are surrounded on all sides by ravening baboons who are flashing us with their shiny pink asses. Their sense of entitlement and impunity is remarkable.

I remember what Mr. Apocalypse said to me in Italy a few years ago; “Visible, I'm going to catch them with their pants down. I am going to appear in the midst of them and I am going to be so ingenious and I am going to expose them before the eyes of the world. Visible, you have no idea how ingenious I can be. Be confident Visible. Be of good cheer. Their day is coming and no matter how it might look at the moment. It won't be looking anything like that when I get done.”

I owe it to you to be strong and focused in these dark hours and you owe it to me to be the same. Though we are not together in the same room, we are together in the same mind. We possess a unified field of the heart's love because we have been up and down this road together for awhile and it has fused us together into a singularity of common interest. We are one in drive, desire and direction and though we cannot lean on one another in any immediate physical sense, we can lean on each other at that place within where our shared mission has defined us as brothers and sisters in the light of ineffable. Here nothing can challenge or assail us, unless we allow ourselves to be convinced by false appearances. The great angels of the divine are hovering in the ethers all around us. Every force of good is marshaling together and at the moment of the great one's command they will sweep forward and disintegrate these shadows as if they never were.

Though I am somewhat battered and beleaguered from the force of the lower astral armies that attack every good and loving soul, I am confident of the power and magnitude of the master and I know that nothing can prevail against the almighty. I know that many of you are battered and besieged as I, for you have told me so in emails and communications in recent times. We must feel honored that they consider us important enough to seek to intimidate and frighten us. That is actually good news (grin). When we are shunned by so called alternative news gathering sites, we must also feel honored that these impostors and pretenders have separated themselves from us. They have declared what they are by their actions. There is no accident in any of this and in times coming much will be explained that presently exists as a mystery.

Be strong my good friends and know that as you resist and maintain in your faith in the ineffable that you are being changed within. Spiritual steel is being woven into your frame and your metal is being tempered in the crucible of trial. Hang in there. Help is on the way!!!

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