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Almost Alive in the Manifest World of the Eternal, External Temporary

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It is that time again. Every year it comes around, at a different time, which I do not remember always being the case but.. now it is. That means it is time to revisit the Easter Poem, “I Do Believe.” It says what I think about Jesus Christ. I've been trying to think of something else to say but I can hardly think of anything that hasn't been said. I'll come up with something if I think about it long enough.

God is Love. Jesus Christ is the first emanation of the almighty God, so Jesus Christ is obviously the manifest expression of Love and everything done, everything accomplished by Jesus Christ, real or allegorically translated, from the unremembered real to the modern expression of it, is a real or translated statement of the eternally resonant Love of the ineffable for all life. The ineffable has a single primary extension and that is Love. Love is infinitely adaptable as the Emerald Tablet says, “And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.”

Every valuable truth that can be gleaned is present in that brief treatise, just as a complete primer for existence in both the manifest and the unmanifest is to be found in The Tao De Ching- The Way of Life, according to Lao Tzu. The Tao De Ching comes, allegedly from around 600 BC and The Emerald Tablet, allegedly from about 2400 years before that. I can't speak to any precision in the matter but I can say they precede the arrival and seeming departure of The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, master of contradiction who also said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. It was followed, either or immediately thereafter by something like, “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” That might be verbatim but I doubt that anything is (grin) and that is why I said, in the spirit of all sincere redundancy, “that might be verbatim.”

The point is that long before Christ came down on to this plane in that particular manifestation of The Sun, he'd been around many times before and that is why he said, allegedly, “Even before Abraham was I.” and “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” This is what 'the second coming' is all about. Jesus Christ comes and goes with regularity, as he was here as Krishna, as a turtle, a fish and all manner of allegorical presentations that may or may not have been literal. Everything and anything may or may not have been literal but it was in some fashion, one way or another.

None of what we have read, or been told, or have heard about one way or another is as important as the FACT that God is real and that “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” That is the essential reason why the avatar returns at regular intervals and always at the time that humanity needs him the most. This is because humanity routinely goes astray for the same reasons usually, through a loss of The Way of Life or because its technological awareness outstrips its moral sense. Sometimes the whole scenario gets swallowed up in some kind of catastrophe because the movie is over and the stage hands and grips that came out and erected it have been called out to dismantle it and reconstruct it in a new way in a new location with the timer reset to Zero. So there are two outcomes in every critical case. In one case, it is possible salvation is the outcome and in another case it is the end of the drama and the hiatus point between 'that which has passed and that which is next, it's some kind of cosmic arithmetic.', or... so it just occurred to me to put it.

Many people go on and on about, “how can this world be so cruel and there be a God if God is so distant and not a part of this world.” It is so often unrecognized that God routinely appears here, suffers and dies and is resurrected as a statement that he is very much a part of this world and very present in it. People themselves behave as if there is no God here by refusing to act as if God were being expressed in their beings and their actions. I never really get this. If you want God present in this world then act like God is present in you or shut up.

Jesus, the Christ , did precisely that. He came here for the purpose of demonstration and everything he did and did not do was an expression of that. This is the important truth about Jesus the Christ and what needs to be understood about him. All the rest of what we think we know is like the truth hiding in plain sight and all we see are the manifestations of our ignorance that hide it from us. It is very much like the forest for the trees but the truth is neither. The truth is hidden by the forest and the trees and both the forest and the trees are a creation of the mind.

God is Love and if you want God in this world then let Love stream from your heart and God will be in this world. If you want something in this world then you must cultivate it in your being and be representative of it. This accounts for every positive and negative thing. There is only as much God and Love and anything in this world as you bring into it. Somewhere there is a great deal of any particular thing, be it Love and hate or interest or disinterest because somewhere there are those who are making these present and resident. There are two distinct fellowships in this world. One of them is dedicated to good and one to evil and they operate through their representatives in the world that we imagine ourselves to be in. Whether we are really here or not is a matter of debate. We seem to be here and after a fashion, this is enough for the great majority of us. It is not enough for me or some others.

It is is one thing to worship the Christ that was resident in Jesus, always keeping the truth of what Christ was/is apart from oneself, in the same way that the image of Buddha, or Ganesha is worshiped through icons and idols as representative of a power that is external to us but the only thing external to us is The Devil. Until we let that force reside within and express outwardly we have accomplished and possess nothing. All our churches and temples are things built in honor of our vanities. We are the church. We are the adytum. There is nothing more than this and everything else that is believed has only a relative value in the manifest world of the eternal, external temporary.

If you wish for the power of the Christ in your life then it must be 'in your life', at all times and in all places. Christ was and is an expression of what is potential and true in everyone of us. It is what is alive in us when everything else has been destroyed or diminished to the point that its influence is negligible in terms of any possible hindrance.

Easter is a celebration not specifically of Christ rising from a temporary death in which he visited several locations, including Hell, but also a celebration and reminder of the same force awakening and ascending in us should we be capable of it.. In The Way to the Kingdom it is spoken of those who are invited to the celebration of Easter in Spiritual Jerusalem, which you may be sure is not the same as physical Jerusalem and quite possibly the opposite of it. Those seeking control of manifest Jerusalem are seeking the possession of temporal power that is Satanic in its manifestation.

It should be pretty clear that most religions in times of material darkness are Satanic in their various forms. This is why people experience so little real success in their practices of them and why people can be such total shits while pretending to be spiritual. You see a great deal of this in many of the new age movements. This is why so many of them possess an insincerity just like the air kissing, faux affections that are so prevalent in Hollywood. One of these days we will all do lunch somewhere (grin).

If you want something to be real and vital, it must be part of you. It must be intrinsic to your nature. If it is some thing you keep hoping and wishing for that is outside of yourself, it will remain outside of yourself and you will have accomplished and acquired nothing. What is real does not exist outside of you. Everything outside of you is a projection. It is a shadow, like the shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave.

This Easter, which will be in a very short while now, celebrate that which is real in you and which is possible for you when what is unreal is no longer imagined to be a part of you. Today is Good Friday. I don't know why it is called Good Friday. I am trying to understand what it is that was good that happened in this day. Perhaps it is because of the sacrifice made ...and... that was good and the greatest gift that is given to us in respect of our flaws and our weaknesses. I am given to believe that without this there is no hope for us.

I believe there really is hope for us We must take advantage of it rather than remain in pursuit of useless things. May good fortune come upon you one and all.

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