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The Sure and Present Locus of a Mind that’s Held in Focus

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(let’s try to get sequentially back in order and do a segue into the Visible Origami that we intended to get written in the first place)

I am continuously reminded of the cyclic nature of all things. This includes those positive sweeps of experience that move into the negative and back into the positive, like some kind of clockwork but I have yet to see the clock. Sometimes the positive will continue for a longer period and the same is true of the negative. You can be assured that the pacing and changing have much to do with the state of mind of the person it is happening to. Many people think of themselves as having a positive outlook but, below the surface it is a swirl of negativity because of the perpetual telepathic invasions taking place in the general consciousness. Let’s think of our minds as something like the control panel in a vehicle. There are levers and buttons and a wheel to steer by. Sometimes one of these mediums are more relevant than others; consider the controls of a plane or helicopter versus a car… versus a saucer pod for that matter. The human mind has buttons that can be pushed and levers that can be lifted or pressed on. Wheels can be turned to the left and right and sometimes pulled forward, up or down or to either side. Much of it has to do with how the mind is understood by the one being manipulated from within or without. The senses register everything, even when the mind of the one whose senses are an extension of it is unaware of the influence. Everything around us is advertising its presence; the birds in the sky, the people passing by, the actual advertisements for shit you don’t need. It’s broadcasting all the time.

Within the mind of anyone, there are degrees of vulnerability for particular forces of expression; food, sex, objects and positions for desired acquisition. Every individual is striving for some combination of all of them, to a lesser or greater extent. For some, the forces are overwhelming. For others is is simply an annoyance that is decreased or amplified by the presence or absence of their fellows in whatever relative thrall may exist; such as being in a populous city or a forested region, where you are more or less alone …except for wildlife. Of course, there is wildlife in the cities as well …but of a different order (grin).

A wise soul is aware of these forces. Generally, most of us are unaware of them, as concerns the forces being directed at them intentionally. Even when they have some idea that this is taking place, they are cognitively disconnected from the reality of it. It is like being a confused and driven refugee on an unlit highway of night. How do you get to a moment, just a moment, really, where you can see with clarity what is being done to you? Of course you can strive and strive and- against all odds, arrive at that moment. You could take enough clear and pristine LSD or Ayahuasca and hover or tremble for long enough to get the panorama view. Trauma could take you there, as well as extended suffering. Truthfully. I have personally employed or been subjected to each of these more than once and none of them have given me an extended view but each of them have, at least, given me the solitary moment aforementioned. What has given me a continuing awareness and what has sustained me in maintaining it has been the one guiding and leading me. Let me say for the umpteenth time; you don’t get there on your own.

Some might think that my humility and relentless obeisance to what we have yet to put a real name or form to is just part of the actions of a very clever mind. If that were the case, you have to ask yourself, “what has he gotten out of it thus far?” What hopes for the future in a depraved landscape can he expect as his calculated reward? Right. Of course, I could be the performance artist of insider trading but… if that were the case, who is it that has informed me and by which of my acts do you know me? Further let me ask, again, what’s in it for me? Clearly I seek entrance into the gates of Heaven and it won’t be because of my interstellar behavior but… all the things I am ’empowered’ to say are the net result of my having put myself in the way of the one who knows all things with the understanding that I know nothing.

Of what use would Heaven be to me if I could not greet you at the door? There are any number of empty heavens that are populated by single souled amoeba types who believed that getting there was enough and it never occurred to them that there is no point to the affair unless you have laid the bricks upon which others may pass. Heaven is not a lonely place. Perhaps, given whatever interpretation you place on it, misery loving company, certain other places are not lonely either. I suggest that everyone who finds themselves in a crowd of dancing isolationists… good for a night and gone in the morning aficionados, look back on how they felt, all by themselves in a crowd and ponder the meaning of it. Heaven is sharing and everywhere else is about acquiring what you are certain to lose but only when whatever that is has really got its hooks into you.

I think that by this point in the essay, you are experiencing both the complexity of it and the simplicity of it at the same time. This really has to do with whether your heart or your mind are engaged in the experience of it, more so than the other. Heart or mind …or you take it in the behind. Yeah, there is Visible again, taking a perfectly prosaic, spiritual treatise and rolling it in the mud. Try to remember what you have been formed out of, for the sake of appearances and what you have done with it; be you gollem or hero of the realm. Think hard and honestly; “what have you done?” meaning… on your own and… what has been accomplished through you by that power you may or may not be aware of? We DO NOT get there on our own, period. How I know this is secondary to whether it is true and since it is true, it doesn’t matter how I know it.

What is your primary job? Stand guard at the gateway of your mind!!! Utilize the heart at the only endeavor it is most gifted to perform… Love… love and continue to love until every star twinkling in those heavens of night, shine only in support of your having done so. Leave the rest to the ineffable who does all the work, including whatever work we imagine we have done because the power to do anything comes only from the divine, period.

Pray that you will be guided. Do not pray that you will be rewarded or elevated. Pray that you can be an anonymous gem, shining in that glorious diadem, upon the brow of the everlasting god. Pray that you can spend all your days in selfless service and consider yourself the luckiest of souls that you may serve and serve and serve again, never counting the cost or how much you think you are owed. Pray that your prayers are answered for everyone you have sent a prayer forth in appeal for …and understand that prayers for yourself are the last to be answered so… pray for others, of course!

Do not fruitlessly pursue those temporary things that are of no real value to you. Hold that wide angle vision in your hearts and minds that you understand that sacrifice is the highest expression of love and that doing so is so much greater an expression of the love of the divine than that of reckless murder under the transparent cover of whatever form of jihad you have been programmed into being deceived by; be that crusade or otherwise. I’ve got no time for any of that but… ♫give yourself away, give yourself away, each and every day …and you will find yourself given back to you. Don’t give details any mind, you’ll be paid back in kind so…give yourself away♫ etc…

I know we spend a lot of time and fingerwork getting to our point, as if we had one and as if we ever do but… it is the best we have been able to come up with. One of the hardest realizations any of us come to is comprehending with blessed assurance that God loves us. We can’t seem to get our heads around it. We know all too well, be it admitted or not, that we fall short of the mark and cannot see how the pristine and inviolable ineffable would waste his time on us. Try to remember that the divine sees us as we truly are, as well as what we might come to be and not… not as that composite snapshot of whatever momentary space we see ourselves falling short in. God sees himself in us, not our own separated and disenfranchised self but our true self. Simply try to live up to this. You will fail, of course, over and over again and every mistake will register how close you came but… until the ineffable is the action figure in the whole affair, your own aim will never get you there. Yes… like that old song says, ♫Jesus loves me this I know and not because the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong ♫ Call it any name you wish. Worship in whatever manner is the best fit for you. But do it as if it were your full time job. Do it as if it was the supreme drive in you, as if it were greater than any other hunger you possess, or… whichever hunger possesses you. Do it like that and you cannot fail. You, literally… cannot fail. May the ineffable guide your way and protect you in any circumstance that might arise. This is all I have to say and which I will say for as long as there is breath in my body and beyond that as well. Much love my friends!!!

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