Thursday, December 21, 2017

By the Power of the Living and Conscious Light Within, we are The Crown of Creation.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Okay... okay... once again, I am not a guru. I am not a metaphysical guru or a financial guru. I AM in contact with a source that is in contact with everything; from what I can see and intuit. I am a pretty good source of useful advice and something of a compendium of all the things I have run across in my journey and have saved against the time that one or more of you might make use of them. Obviously I am connected to something that looks out for me because, even with no apparent material resources or assets, I do fine. That isn't a trick, it's an art. It is also more who you know than what you know. Even the best information is of no value (and sometimes worse) if you don't know how to apply it.

I rely on the ineffable, the divine, the almighty, the incomprehensible source of all good things, as much as it is possible for me to do so. When I am not able to utterly rely on the ineffable it is because of the ineffable. When I have been able to it is because of the ineffable. Everything is because of the ineffable. If I try with all my might and... I have done so more than once, it is pointless unless the ineffable permits a commensurate result. If I don't try at all and... I have done this more than once, whatever happens and... it can sometimes be spectacular; given there being no effort at all, it is because of the ineffable. Effortless, effort-filled... God has a plan and a program and a vision in totality as it applies to any and all of us. There is no breaking the schematic, save through GRACE.

My fortunes are always changing depending on what I am supposed to learn according to the situation arranged for that purpose... via the purpose of demonstration; demonstrated for me and... demonstrated for you if you happen to be watching and I am being used for the purpose of example. The ineffable has told me that he is now going to grant me a huge improvement in my material fortunes. What I do about that is the important thing, not that it happens or doesn't happen. Every moment is a form of currency and we spend it according to what we do and do not want. Every moment, we make an investment in our perception and belief of what is real, or what we think is real and you may be sure we will find out how close to the truth of it we were and are.

The information provided in these blogs is for the free use of one and all and any and all of it can be rejected at any time as well. Everything is not for everyone. Yesterday some deranged, goose-stepping, anonymous know it (NOT at) all dropped by to say, “ Yeah everyone can become wealthy with no risk or labor. Sure thing. Are you drunk? If everyone was wealthy all at the same time then currency would be worthless.” No one had said anything remotely like that here. People are angry and bitter about life and they project it out on everyone else. They don't have to be. At the heart of all misfortune is some permutation of selfishness.

As you travel in this world, especially in urban locations, you will occasionally see individuals on one sidewalk or another, waving their arms at invisible bugs which only they can see. They will be carrying on conversations with no one present, save themselves and whatever bemused onlookers may be passing by. You will encounter people who complain about everything, who have opinions on subjects they have no valid information about; people who are bitter and mean and all the possibilities of a negative perspective on life. I do not believe I have had the hardest life of all; not hardly. I do know, by comparison and experience, that my life was very difficult and painful by comparison with my peers. You don't know the half of it but... I am suffused with positive thoughts and feelings and awash in love and a certitude, concerning all of what lies beyond and is, at present not seen to me. Immediately following some horrific experiences in recent times, I was immediately positive and grateful in various ways, regardless of the appearances of the moment in which I was contained, or passing through. Hardships come and go. Life begins and ends with every second that passes on the clock. Right this minute, people are in terrible pain and crushing despair. Right this minute people are getting everything they think they want and then some; inheriting or acquiring tens of millions of dollars, signing a huge recording contract or movie deal, capturing the man or woman of their dreams; at least for a little while.

It's all going on right this minute. It was all going on ten thousand years ago and for all I know, it will be going on ten thousand years from now and everything that IS going on, is because of what WAS going on and everything that WILL BE going on is determined by what IS going on.

Sometimes you can't help what happens to you or to those that you love. It's possible that you can never alter what takes place, only what has yet to take place. You can help how you take it, what you think about it and how you feel about it. This is the place where you can have an impact and where your purpose of demonstration is a good demonstration generated by good purpose.

I realize that there are a significant number of people you can't reach and you can't help. I see their faces in the crowds at sporting events. I see them in the commercial byways of the world and in recreational settings. Watching people is something I do constantly. They fascinate me. I notice the emotional and mental climate of successful people and those who are anything but and I number in both groups, the wealthy and poor. Many wealthy people are not successful except in the least important way. I've seen any number of people with few material resources that I consider legitimate successes in every area of life. It all comes down to VALUE and INTENTION. There is nothing anyone can do for anyone whose values and intentions are selfish, only time and trauma and the possibility of Grace can do anything about that.

I am by no means perfect, or even sane. I just try hard to do and say the right thing. If it isn't your cup of tea, go somewhere else. There is no harm or foul in this. I believe that God is the be all and end all of everything and regardless of whatever mistakes I have made in getting to this perspective, they are all worth it now. Every bloody stripe from every lash by the whiphand of life has been worth it. Every loss and shameful episode is worth it. If it brought me, or you, to this point, it is worth it.

I have no desire to argue with anyone and won't at any opportunity do so. I state and that is it. Take it or leave it. The ineffable informs me through every day and I listen as attentively as I can. I wish more than anything that all of you could share in this dynamic, that you might have a personal relationship with the almighty and I assure you, as night follows day that it is possible, more than possible, it is certain, if you do not stop. If you persist, you will prosper and achieve. Even the meanest and most brutish of us can be utterly transformed, if we would only envision it and pursue it. Prayer is one of the most amazing and under-rated powers on Earth or anywhere. God hears them all and responds according to the sincerity and passion so employed. As romantic and wonderful and beautiful as all of it is, it is also hard physics and math. Everything colorful and moving is based on an arrangement of numbers. We are seeing something now with computer language- cryptocurrency and assorted phenomena that possess limitless potential for those who can see it.

Those who are blinded by selfish interest and indifference to the plights of others, rob themselves of the most precious possibilities of existence. There is no joy in money or objects or bodies aging in the moment you trampoline on them. The joy comes in another fashion and it can include these and every other permutation but on their own... everything manifest has no meaning or value except that given to it by the power of the conscious and living light WHICH DWELLS IN US!!! We are truly the crown of creation but only if divinity is permitted unobstructed expression through us.

If what one wants to do is to come around here and make unpleasant noises and uniformed statements, one is free to do this but one should also know that it impresses no one. No one is inspired or moved by this. No one falls in love with you because of it. Make a joyful sound! Let the beauty and poetry of your soul express itself in everything that you do and let everything you do be a tribute to the one that grants and nullifies the value in anything. The ineffable will take you as far as you want to go and far, far beyond that. There are no limits and the power of the ineffable cannot be measured or confined... ever. If the divine is resident and lives in you there is nothing in the entire universe and all of its armies that can stand against you. This is the place you want to get to. There is no other place of any importance anywhere else.

♫this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine♫

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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arctourist said...

hey-good stuff, i bet i've read you before- happy christmastime and ,y'know, kwanzaa, and ghasn't it been a heck of a year! is it better to have more to lose, i say yes/no! thank you,sir!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, and happy Yule to you. Christmas when it gets here, and Mithramas, and Horusmas, and Dionysusmas. . .oh, and Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah for the Jews on the right side of history.

Tell me about it, as far as making it. Currently making 40% of what I used to, my nose-poo is working the seasonal job I used to have, and we're still here. . .treading water. Yes, we're on a mission from Snorfles (The 'deity' of The Holey Order of the Septum.), and we will accomplish it come Hell of High Water, whatever that is for me; since I canny think of anything else I'd like to accomplish that's doable, considering growing a tail or obtaining a nose hair coat seems out of the question.

Ray B. said...

In this moment, I am watching a beautiful sunset. Just the right amount of wispy clouds to produce a gold-and-purple extravaganza. What a painter! It is at times like this that I feel gratitude in being down here...

Happy Winter Solstice! (Days will be getting longer from this point, so another reason for gratitude.)

Last night, Higher Self and Ray-ego were doing the usual Cleanings of intruders. However, I kept blanking-out or losing focus. Unusual. After around the tenth time this happened (slow learner), I pulled-back and started considering what might be happening. Of course! HS was pulling away and going off on some other tasks. Tonight was the Winter Solstice, so it was a busy night - good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. This Cleaning was just getting in the way, so to speak.

When I realized this, I just relaxed and asked HS for the Highest Good. Immediately, I was shown a relatively-high entity who was influencing (and benefiting from) some of this night's darksider 'activities'. HS latched onto him/her/it, and started a Cleaning. This went into the mid-afternoon of the next day, and was ultimately successful. Him/her/it even had their HS tapped on the shoulder and guided-down through now-responsive areas. One of the best parts was seeing this now-lightsider starting to reach-down to those it had been negatively influencing. All sorts of knock-on changes. Cool.

Sunset is almost complete. Beautiful contrast between the pinks in the clouds and the middling-blue of the atmosphere. Well done...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I know people who swear by They have s lot of info on bitcoin if you’re interested.

Visible said...

I don't know if you know what painter's light is. When I was in Portugal I used to see it all the time. I've seen it other places but not often. I think it used to be more available but not so much anymore.

Visible said...

Personally (though I thank you for the mention and I know Motley Fool) I have little interest in what the pundits write because they are almost always wrong. A few months ago the ineffable indicated to me that he wanted to show me how material fortune works. In that space of time I have made some people tens of thousands of dollars simply by intuitive feel. I will be sitting somewhere and a voice says, "buy this, sell that." It has been impressive so far. There is never a chance that I will develop the analytical skills or the left brain acuity that is the possession of so many who work in these fields but 'idiot savant' has always been open to me. I'm enjoying it at the moment; playing with other people's money and making positive events occur and we are not talking about pocket change. NEVER would I have ever imagined this happening but it is. I have been told, "Visible, you have seen nothing yet. I am going to blow your mind. You will never recover."

I can't wait.

You could well wonder why several people, unknown to each other, simply came to me and asked me to do this when I have no history of this kind of acumen. This is how the ineffable works. Once you have reached a certain level of certitude about the existence of this... this... whatever it is but I think of it as the be all and end all loving heart of creation empowered with boundless wisdom and compassion... once it is a certainty with you, there is no telling in what fashion you will be surprised or how far out it will get or how long it will go on. My journey has been needlessly circuitous because I have been a hard headed idiot and that was arranged by the very one putting me through all the twists and turns such as they have been. I finally woke up and I am really, really nothing like what once passed for me.

Thomas said...

Aye, Merry Christmas!!

Visible said...

I don't know how many people may be coming around, or wondering, having questions about the big drop in virtual currency but... I know what is happening and I am going to put it at all the blog comment locations and write about it in a special posting today so that it might reassure those of you who have investments and to hang strong.

Over time, a lot of big players in the fiat currency ghost money- print it out of thin air- deep state, fuck the public tilted game board scam, have been buying up virtual currency with just what is happening in mind.

Make no mistake, the powers that think they are, are in panic mode because of digital currency. They are slowly but surely and not so slowly but just as surely, losing their controlling edge when it comes to manufacturing financial crisis to continue to enslave and trouble us; financially, mentally and spiritually. They lose their clout when people have a fallback, like money somewhere else.

One other thing is the increasing fees for digital transfers but Bit Coin Cash is fixing this. So... what they have done is they are dumping their stocks to try to crash the industry and because all other currencies rely on Bit Coin to buy and sell, all other currencies are falling too. THEY WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL! The good news is that with all of it going to a low and maybe even lower price, it is the best time to buy. Digital currency is here to STAY and will not fall below where it was earlier in the year. People panic. Panic causes a loss in reason and rational action. Don't fall for it. This is just a short heads up.

What is happening is intentional. Digital currency is changing the world and what lies ahead is well past the imagining of most at this time. Look back ten years at what was not here. Look back twenty years. It should astound you. Keep in mind that time is speeding up and so the next ten years will be like a hundred passing.



Visible said...

Also... every year there is a selloff and one needs to keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
I dont can say anything more in Christmas time how be Jesus say:
Matt 15
“And why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?
So for the sake of your tradition you have made void the word of God. You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said:
“‘This people honors me with their lips,
but their heart is far from me;
in vain do they worship me,
teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’”

Merry peace in the word of God, not your xmass illusion

Anonymous said...

Dear visible, this is a much watch video on bitcoin... you will, i repeat not regret this.

Visible said...

Okay... I would like you to aggressively just go away. I don't need this here. Look up 'pointless arguments, incoherent nonsense and scripturally retarded' then go to whatever websites are listed. You are through here.

Terry said...

Hi. Just come across your site via Rumour Mill. Will be coming back often as I feel a connection.

Visible said...

Welcome. Glad to see Rumor Mill still has me on.

citrine said...


tasmith said...

Prayer is one of the most amazing and under-rated powers on Earth or anywhere.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Blood of the Lamb was the Currency that Paid for the Following Age.

torus said...

Trying going toe to toe with two University of Toronto economic professors on all things "bit coin", fiat currencies, et al, etc.
torus here was definitely out-gunned, out-articulated, and out-punched. Internet "conspiracy theories" regarding the alleged imminence of economic collapse were pummeled into submission. They conceded that the nearest North America has come to so-called "collapse" was in the USA in 2007-2008. Due, as we know, to less than ethical behavior in mortgage financing. They spurned bitcoin and regard it as a brief phenomenon. Asserting that Bitcoin's validity is based upon the continued success of the "fiat systems" which are not a "trend" but entrenched modalities.

As Genesis sang....

"There were kings who were laughing in the rain
And they told me I'd come here to lead the parade
And the colors were changing
The sky was a muse
And the lights were all shining on me and on you...
Oh, shine on!"
-Say It's Alright Joe

D_Man said...

Joyful Sound - String Cheese Incident

Take time to give thanks, make time to be giving
I'm gonna stop and think twice about the way that I'm living
Did I say a kind word, am I proud of my actions
You know a job well done gives me satisfaction

Can I earn your trust, your love and affection
Just one step at a time in the right direction
I'm gonna aim for the sky, keep my feet on the ground
Raise my voice to the heavens, make a joyful sound

Make a joyful sound

Can I sing for my supper and play for my rent?
I know it sounds funny but it's how my time's spent
Greet everyday with full purpose, with passion and pride
I'm gonna follow my heart, have nothing to hide

A moment of insight; I know why I'm here
You know, the time just stopped, I see it all real clear
I've got to set an example, make some mischief and fun
Do unto others and play a fat bass run

I gotta work hard every day and give it my best
Grab hold of fear and negativity and lay 'em to rest
I know my time here's important, can I do the right thing?
Practice patience and forgiveness, feel the joy that they bring

Can I lay down tonight without feeling regret?
I know the love that I give becomes the love that I get
Well do you hear what I'm saying, makin' sense to you?
If you feel it in your heart then you'll wanna sing too

I don't want to sound preachy, make it feel all wrong
Just want to write some kind of lyrics, sing a feel-good song
It's kind of hard to explain, it's just a feeling I get
From makin' music, makin' love, gettin' both feet wet

Every piece to the puzzle snaps tight in the groove
I close my eyes, breathe deeply and let my feet move
You know I feel a little better now for speaking my mind
Good vibes and circulation, see who they find

Make a Joyful sound!

Visible said...

I de I and bye the bye. Why I do believe I am singing harmony and you have to be in key to do that. Be doin that.



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