Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Twizzler Twisted Crypto-Currencies and a Super Nova Love.

(drum roll!) Mr. Apocalypse is coming!!! (oh yeah) This is actually bigger and more surprising news than Harvey Weinstein because Lauer is a much more mainstream, every day, high profile guy. It certainly is surprising to see such a gaggle of Tribe members standing in for the pinata at a metaphorical Tijuana birthday party. There be cartels and there be cartels. Long ago we said here, again and again and even recently, as well in many variations on the theme, that power/force is cyclopean. It is neither good nor evil. That is defined by the intention of the one wielding it; as well as by whomever was appointed to make the call on the definition of what good and evil might be. We also said that the current of power that has been flowing through the different vehicles expressing it, through the institutions large enough to bring it to the general attention, were going to find that when they turned on that particular faucet, nothing was going to come out. We are in the time of the great power shift. There are many emergent cabals out there. There are many collectives of blinded horses, champing at the bit and dreaming about comeuppance and the victory of their idea of justice over what used to pass for justice and which amounts to them being in a position to be just as ruthless as their predecessors, if not even more so.

If you are careful, attentive and slow, that opening paragraph should make some amount of sense but... it's convoluted and twisty like a Twizzler. Right, Visible.

They aren't going to get anywhere near the brass ring. The shift in power and the definition of what is and is not better for all of us, in every sense, is going to be determined by the general shared values in the aggregate human heart. In the same way that 'the second coming' is going to occur within the collective human heart. The same way that all events and investments have an outcome. The same way that all events are investments that generate events, or results as you prefer; all behavior is self defining and indicative of outcome, modified only by intention, which identifies the quality and essence of the self so engaged. Given that everything but the ineffable is in a state of flux and transformation, one can never judge anything beyond the merits of the moment it is engaged in, because everything that happens changes us. Bad guys don't always stay bad guys nor good guys good. Sometimes one is assigned a role that must be played for the sake of Karma or by divine fiat. In the Hindu tradition, the divine is known for sometimes putting those close to him in an antagonistic relation to the divine for the purpose of demonstration and education. We never know if what we see is what is and even if it is it is subject to change.

It took me a good part of my life to come to terms with the true nature of existence and the unrelenting force of change upon and within all things. We just don't know. This accounts for the degree of humility compassion, mercy and understanding that I see in the personalities and actions of the wise and illuminated. They know that but for fortune there go themselves as well. The reasons for why what happens happens and to whom it happens is often a mystery to most. What we grant to others we will find returned to us at a further reach.

Apropos of nothing and as a momentary diversion and digression, if you had gotten into Bitcoin when I had mentioned it you would have now more than tripled your investment. We are not investment bankers here, nor do we proclaim a savvy awareness of finance or the like. This is neither our area of expertise nor our field of enterprise. We do know a little something about trends. At a certain time a few hundred dollars of investment in Bit Coin would have made you a millionaire today. I'm bringing this up because the whole area of money and commerce and what gives value to which symbols, is on the verge of serious change and whether it be Bit Coin, or Ether, Peer Play or any of the other emergent crypto-currencies, or whether it be the result of your ability to see a need and fill it with the idea whose time has come, this is a period of tremendous possibility for those who are putting their attention on it. I do not bring this up because I want to motivate anyone to do so, or because I am moving into these areas of interest. I bring it up because the same holds true in the spiritual theater, according to the “as above, so below” algorithm. The doors to success in every area of engagement are wide open. If you want to be materially rich that opportunity is at hand and the same applies to spiritually rich as well. There is even opportunity for both, although a true possession of spiritual riches, already includes everything in its optimum appreciation, awareness aura. Nice terminology, visible.

Let's just say that the single most important thing anyone can remember, after the ineffable, is to be mindful that things are not as they appear, nor are we, as much to ourselves as to others. In the pursuit of truth, it is a certainty that you will come into conflict with those opposed to the truth and also those who are convinced of what they call, 'one's own truth'; to use a variant on those trendy new age themes of the moment and which applies to all the other travesties like 'reclaiming one's own power', or 'validating one's own story' or all of the other hopeless deceptions that come along with the unfortunate pretense of playing God. It is actually the willing surrender of all of these things that leads to one garnering them, as they were intended to be 'owned' or 'possessed' as opposed to being 'owned by' or 'possessed by' unreasonable facsimiles. To know the truth of what we are told by all those not telling the truth is that it is most usually so that ...it would be the opposite of what they say it is.

The witch hunts have gotten so bad of late that they are at the edge of ridiculous. Soon we will be hearing about someone casting a lascivious eye upon some fair and since damaged lass, 50 years earlier and which resulted in her having taken her own life finally (through drinking herself to death) but... due to the advancement of forensic cybernetics is able to speak her accusations from the grave. She alleges that he looked at her when she was twenty three years old at a dinner party and the force of the lurid desire, contained in that glance, transformed her into dual infernos of nympho maniacal, alcoholic, psychopathic gender confusion as if Winston Churchill and Ellen DeGeneres had been welded together in some lower astral body-shop and sold on the common market as an upgrade for the Ford Pinto. It is a similar process to the way Matt Lauer was manufactured in an underground lab at the Rand Corporation. None of that makes any sense and it wasn't supposed to. One Tribe member after another is getting the hot glare of the 3rd degree spotlight on their sexual low jinx's. A brief glance at this fellow, prior to reading the article, made it possible for me to make the right choice as to the likely direction of his attractions (grin).

My point in all of this is that (since this is a mathematical certainty- or absolute) as materialism gains a greater and greater stranglehold on the collective human consciousness, insanity increases logarithmically and exponentially ...or outwardly from a point in all directions, at an ever increasing speed, if that is easier to understand; the sort of tsunami generated by a large object dropped into an enormous body of water, where the water is electronically charged with a force that is amplified by magnetic generators located on an island chain that surrounds the larger body of water that the large object was dropped into. This is the sort of thing I get up to on a slow day.

I'm trying to say in various and eclectic ways that there is no better a time to seek after the ineffable right this moment, no matter when this moment may occur ...but if it occurs now then the good fortune which shines upon the endeavor is like what happens when a star goes supernova and you are standing directly in front of it, which would be anywhere as long as you were close enough. What happens is the same as what happens in the secret chamber of the heart where the slumbering divine awakens and floods the soul with an eternal, everlasting illumination. Of course the degree of difficulty is exhibited in the level of distraction that presently pervades the manifest plane. Should you find yourself capable of the level of concentration necessary, the sky is not the limit. There are no limits.

God is the only sane objective and devotion, or Bhakti is the most reliable and direct route. Once again, refer to the Greatest Commandment if there is any confusion about what is being stated here.

We do try to find new surprising and enterprising ways to say the same thing. Hopefully that has been somewhat accomplished here today. Seek after the ineffable in every moment until the moment has absorbed all past and future and can generate either at will or... something to that effect.

Later... unless later no longer applies.

End Transmission.......


Questioning said...

Christ Jesus, I love Him.
God the Father deserves eternal torture and teeth kicked in and shitted out.

It's one thing to "Free Will" shit on this material plane, quite another to allow demonic, satanic Tulpas and organic portal Tulsa to run amok with ever increasing deceitful world-views while at the same time, raping and torturing and devouring our children.

He is gonna die and die Hard. And He deserves to be tortured to death for making us vulnerable emotional critters to be farmed for the moon.

Visible said...

In lieu of some of the aggressive and offensive and seeking to create conflict and bad feeling, I'm not publishing any more comments that are anonymous in that regard. If I know who you are and you're just in a bad mood or it's cleverly or intelligently written it will probably pass. I don't want to provide a forum for the spread of bad feelings. I am aware that not everyone likes me or others and the reverse may well be true but in this case think before you post or you won't see it. I'm not talking about negative comments directed at me. There haven't been any but I am going to err on the side of good feeling here and not allow for trolling or looking for trouble. There are plenty of places where you can do that. You don't have to do that here, in fact, now that I think about it, you can't do it here.

torus said...

In light of your caveat posted above, Greetings you miserable MOFO! :)
Matt Lauer and crew? Just more cocks in the news today. Certain oaths made in secret
have come calling, perhaps? Concentrated and with purpose so it would seem. To what end? The rear end. I pinched a gals butt in grade 9, but we also shared a goofy camaraderie in the classroom. But the notion of grown men engaging in allegedly far worse activity is as foreign to my experience as peadophilia.

Which brings me to dear old Richard Dawkins. He has essentially told both Christianity and Islam to fuck-off and get over it. It's easy to see who butters his bagel.

“Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but, we thought, if people needed a crutch for consolation, where's the harm? September 11th changed all that.” 
― Richard Dawkins

What changed, Richard? Do you believe in miracles now? Given the asymmetrical nature of the attacks on the Twin Towers that for one of to fall into its own footprint borders on miraculous. A second one repeating the radial symmetry of the first one IS a miracle. But for a 47 storey structure which suffered insignificant damage to make a trinity of radial symmetry is...is...Hot Chocolate time!

"I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing, you sexy thing you."

A crutch for consolation...

Imagine Dawkins expanding on these themes at a Holocaust memorial; cheer up, rabbi.. "In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.” 

But no, he would invoke that insipid,effete, and self-righteous obeisance. RELIGIOUSLY.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Given that everything but the ineffable is in a state of flux and transformation, one can never judge anything beyond the merits of the moment it is engaged in, because everything that happens changes us."

This reminded me of one of my favorite TV scenes. It is in the "Stargate" series, where Daniel Jackson is being 'tutored' towards Ascension by an ascended being, Oma Desala. A wonderful, enlightening (five-minute) YT clip of that teaching is here.

(From SG1: "Meridian")
DJ: "What did you mean when you said my fate was in my hands?"
OD: "You can never reach enlightenment if you do not believe you are worthy."
OD: "The success or failure of your deeds does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions, and by the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood in your way. The Universe is vast, and we are so small. There is really only one thing we can ever truly control: Whether we are good or evil."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

My take on the current exposure of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey and other celebrities is that this is an orchestrated side show. What they - the Controllers - are really afraid of is the full scale exposure and truth coming out about child sacrifice and satanic rites among the elites. Who cares about hetero/homosexual goings on compared to this ? Peter

Visible said...

Without a doubt there is something to that from what I can see. The Trump administration has been going after the pedos and there have been thousands of arrests across the country and in other locations and it is rare indeed for it to be reported on in the press. I have mostly found mention of it in alternative sites.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is also to distract from the Clinton Crime Family and the Russian Uranium sale,.
Whatever this is and I do believe they are sacrificing these people for the better good of their agenda,
it brings home the hard fact of the hypocrisy that goes on with the everyday morons who support this
Group of devils.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Variety is indicated for all cultures in the honor of the master. Adam Mickiewicz in "Dziady" and Julusz Slowacki in poems talks about the coming of the spirit of truth from the Polish nation. This is true. History has shown the Polish Nation as the most damaged. This is true. I live in a house about ¹ km away from the concentration camp and it is true. So why do you still believe the lie.
What you think? You can handle truth? Good luck i your word i dont see truth only iluzion on sick mind what use book from babilon time be control humanity. My nuke is that powerfull it is more succesfull speak with me about this, this is just one option, becouse when somthing happen to me people want know where i go. We can play this game how you want i back you not and this is free will or your choice

Anonymous said...

Please don't go, Sir Visible, cause we need you now more than ever! When events on this plane fail to make sense one can come here and be set straight again. Thank you for your tireless reminders of our devotion to the Ineffable!! Because of your encouragement in this area of expertise I am finding myself more and more in a state of prayer and gratitude. And as a result I am happier than I have ever been. God bless you..............more and more.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like. Me thinks next year is gonna be a doozy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Hey, great post. I missed you.
IDK what to think about these minor players going into the barrel. Either a super toxic precident is being set to take out anyone in future, or it actually is working up to the real apex satanists- a long road, a lot to wish for. We live in interesting times. Thanks for pointing to the brass ring every day Visible. Great clip Ray. Ready Player One?

wiggins said...

" A brief glance at this fellow, prior to reading the article, made it possible for me to make the right choice as to the likely direction of his attractions (grin)."

No contest Vis......LMAO

torus said...

Listen to a Toronto psych prof. on why he believes in God.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Visible prabhu, in particular that first paragraph's last sentence which might easily suffice as a very apropos definition/default of Kali yuga..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Agony of Fruitless Desire in the Dumpster Fire of the Material Plane.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Fiat Currency and Ghost Money got Bit in the Literal Ass by Bit Coin.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking even more algorithms, it seems the uber-geniuses up on the hill fed our A.I. friend a chess manual. Just to see what would happen. The rest, as they say, is history..

Gosh, I wonder what will happen when they feed our new partner the Gita/Bible/Koran?
(call me Sri A.I.)



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