Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Tap... tap... tap... (sigh)". I Love You, Lord.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my dear friends and my apologies for your not having heard from me in awhile. I have been here... “tap... tap... tap... (sigh)”. Fingers thrum on the tabletop. Time moves on and circumstances change, while they do not really change. The appearances change. Spring moves into Summer. The pulse of life beats out of Spring and into Summer. The manifest world flourishes and the bounty of Nature enlarges upon itself and enters into the harvesting time of Fall. It is not only the harvest of Nature, both wild and cultivated ...but also the harvest of thoughts and words and deeds and the harvesting of the souls as each cycle completes. Fall moves into Winter and the quiescence... the time of quiescence, as the coming and incipient progression of the points of change have come and done and gone and now await the trumpet call to that magic invisibility of life that is concealed in the Earth and sprouts in the darkness and grows until the green head of the first leaf breaks the Earth with the irresistible force of each singular destiny of its unique, individualized expression. Yes! YES!! YES!!!

Two, Four, Six, Eight! Who do we appreciate? The almighty, ever loving, author of all things!!! At least I do and I hope and pray that the same is true of you. C'mon people! What else is there? On whom and what can you depend? You tell me, because... where your heart is, where your love is, there your fortune and your destiny await as well. Would I really put my fate and my future (insofar as Time is relative) in the hands of anything other than the hands that shape and direct every and each thing to the appointed end that their innate composition has already predetermined? As it was in the beginning, so it is in the end. Every role played by anything and everything is already contained in the alpha and omega of its nature. A tree is already, inherently the table and chairs, or framing of a house and the fire glow of it's warmth coiling out of the hearth. Destiny is a funny and sometimes not so funny thing. It is what it is potentially, in all the permutations of which it is capable and it is also the promise of every foul and righteous result, which is possible from its use and abuse.

The game is on! The game is fixed! The Lord has Grace and the Devil has tricks. There is but ONE POWER. It is expressed as what it should be and what it should not be and the potential for either outcome is determined by the degree of light and darkness in the time period in which it is taking place. There is the time of three parts light and one part dark, the time of equal presence of both and the time of three parts of darkness and one part of light. This is where we presently find ourselves; should that be taking place (finding ourselves) and it is also a point within a series of points in a segment, which is one of transition. How do I know these things? I do not know them. They are known within me by the one who knows everything and shared in the knowing of by me, to the extent that they are revealed to me, according to the pleasure, purpose and desire of the one who has given me whatever awareness I possess, whatever level of awareness and whatever degree in the quality of awareness is resident and being exercised through me. I, of myself, can do or know nothing, other than what is permitted to me and the speed at which any of it increases or decreases, is dependent upon my being conscious of and cooperative in this condition and all the stages of the condition in which anything exists, as it moves inexorably toward what it is changing into.

I love you Lord! I shout this in my room in the darkness of this world. My heart sings it from every point of being I occupy. I resonate with the sweet harmonies of every possible acquiescence before the throne of eternal light. I love you Lord!!! I am shameless in my declaration of joy and surrender, now and for all time to come, whatever may come, my dearest and truest friend. My liberator and my imagined tormentor, my jailer and tailor and seamstress of forms, woven from and composed of starlight. We are all frozen starlight, extended outward into substance and shape. I love you my Lord!!! and I pray with an intensity that no words could ever bear significant testimony of, that 'you' will share in this with me.. It is beyond my capacity of articulation and ever shall be; 'from wonder into wonder existence opens'.

I have been unable to say anything in recent times. My thoughts and words fall back upon themselves like dead leaves, into the guttering ruin of collapsing cultures, rising and falling like waves on the sea and of no more consequence than that. There is no wealth in this world that can match the possession of the certitude of the heart, convinced of the presence and Love of God. There is no power or position. There is no state of being. There is nothing and will never be anything that can match by any degree of measurement, the quality, value and longevity of a heart swept up in the contemplation and experience of the everlasting wunderbar infinitude of the ineffable. Who can imagine anything beyond the motivation for the experience of the Love of God? Who could hope to possess anything of comparable value? It is matchless!!!

I thought today about the tremendous wealth I have that is there in the hearts of my friends in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and here in these divided states of the occupied lands. Yes... the lands are occupied. The minds are occupied. The hearts are occupied; nature abhors a vacuum. Our greatest power is our right to determine what it is that occupies and possesses us, ♫well it might be the Devil and it might be the Lord but you got to serve somebody♫

Thank you dear and merciful lord! Thank you for the gratitude that I feel and for the continuing reminder to be grateful, to always hold forth in the mind the certainty that there is always more to be grateful for and always far more that we are unaware of than we are aware of. You have no doubt come across this more than once, if you have spent any time here but it is always worth being reminded again of how profound our Gratitude should be. Now I think of my great and sincere friend, Patrick Willis, whose brilliance and humane beauty made this and so many other productions possible. Can there be any doubt that it was God himself that sent Patrick into my life to so powerfully enhance the inspirations that the ineffable made possible for me? Sometimes I am simply stunned by the grace and goodness of god on my behalf, that which is so profoundly undeserved by me but made real by the mercy and forgiveness of that greatest of mysteries, the immeasurable Love, which creates and sustains the sweet honey from the rock, the oasis of the soul in the vast deserts of never ending hunger and the disappointment of every appetite, except the hunger for God alone; the secret feedings and succors that are everywhere maintained for the righteous and concealed from the profane. I love you Lord so much that my heart shatters into countless pieces, every time the thought of you passes through me and the thought that has the greatest impact of all is how little I deserve it.

Yes... “tap... tap... tap... (sigh).” I have sat here for such a while now, trying to find something that I could say that might come somewhere near what I have been feeling and at every turn, I have sat or stood there... so confused and impotent, unable to know what to say or how to say it. I come to the keyboard and there is only, “tap... tap... tap... (sigh)” Can I only write, “thank you!” over and over and saying no more that that because there is no more for me to say than that?

How many times I have wept over the understanding of how truly limited I am and the memories of so many failures and shortcomings I have been author and heir to? I can only go on and pray that somehow I have done more good than harm. I am certainly not convinced of it but I can only go on, trusting in the unfathomable love of the ineffable, hoping that the day will come when I can do something useful and justify even in the smallest of ways the faith the almighty has put in me and the reasons for which escape me utterly. I had better stop here before I make an even bigger fool of myself than I already have.

End Transmission.......


Voltman said...

Thank You Invisible Ineffable Origamist for your visible origami mysticism.

Thanks you Les for your Sunday sermon. It seems like you are forever increasingly bursting at the seams, expanding like Lord Zeus/Jupiter...

I hope your Lord isn't Lord Rottenschild?
I think I might have mispelled Rotchild...

I am a bit weary about words like Lord. It might be because it reminds me of the landlord. Every Month I have to give her more than half my income just for a place to stay...

"The Ineffable " seems like a safe bet as far as words go. Of course it would depend on one's definition. The word Lord could easily be assumed by some to mean Jesus, for example, or Yahweh perhaps, Lord Ganesha, Lord Mountbatten, Deep Purple keyboardist John Lord...

According to Charles Giuliani, there are good reasons why you shouldn't assume that Yahweh and Jesus are "Lord worthy"...

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2018.01.11

Lord Almighty! I'm amazed we're still alive after all the poisons, including religions and televised lies they have spread across our horizons.

Chemtrails, microwaves, smartass meters and cell towers,
WiFi, ELF, EMF and the IMF, ETC...

The following paragraphs belong in the Petri Dish but here goes it:

"The difficult painful part is largely hidden from pubic view via a highly restrictive harsh national secrecy law (Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets, Act No. 108/2013), political pressure galore, and fear of exposing the truth about the inherent dangers of nuclear reactor meltdowns. Powerful vested interests want it concealed.

Following passage of the 2013 government secrecy act, which says that civil servants or others who “leak secrets” will face up to 10 years in prison, and those who “instigate leaks,” especially journalists, will be subject to a prison term of up to 5 years, Japan fell below Serbia and Botswana in the Reporters Without Borders 2014 World Press Freedom Index. The secrecy act, sharply criticized by the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations, is a shameless act of buttoned-up totalitarianism at the very moment when citizens need and in fact require transparency."

Fukushima Darkness: Radiation of Triple Meltdowns Felt Worldwide
By Robert Hunziker

The negative value of a college education

"Braking" Comments From The Hedge

And I say to myself: " What a Wonderful World "..... Louis Armstrong

robert said...

I hear ya! I feel ya! I love ya Visible!

It is difficult to explain just how the Immanence, when waxing The Presence larger next to our little bubble of self can cause that little self to flee in terror! The feeling is overwhelming to any ordinary consciousness, of course!

Consider the limitlessness of the Passion, an unbounded emotional response, coming into intimate communion with a limited bubble, of whatever size!

The first reaction is a mortal dread, the instinctual understanding that, due to the potential energy difference involved, resistance is not only futile, but can be fatal. Were it not for the infinite mercy wielded by an infinite wisdom, surely even the best of humanimals could make an unbalanced move in trying to adjust to the larger size being, get caught up in a tsunami of emotional feedback excursions and hit a barrier going too fast!

Though our understanding may grasp that the Presence is Divine and benign, our emotional literacy, stunted by being raised as veal in a deathcult, is completely inadequate to negotiate with the Passion.
Either we surrender completely or try to run away, which may provide temporary comfort, again granted by mercy from the higher being within. This humanimal has been allowed to run from the responsibility of meeting the Maker within, still learning in that process, through much more painful lessons of totally losing touch with spirit.

No longer though… soul lessons retarded by lifelong denial, must still be learned; the only variable is how much more painful will be the learning, due to lifelong habits of holding ones’ self, hostage!
Since we are made of stardust leftover from a cosmic orgasm, there are logical limits to the pragmatic psychological requirement of keeping the mind/ego grounded in humility, to find the real foundation of the One, but not to try to sink below ground in a vain attempt to turn the Attention away or to entreat the attention of a special rescue!

Like Icarus, our finite mortal minds can fly too high and far from the source of being. Hence the absolute psychic mandate to stay humble, to know that we must cling to our Father-Mother’s creation and stay close to the heart’s home, if we wish to survive and grow beyond a mere vessel with some awareness.
However, this can be taken too far in the other direction.

Stack all remorseful evidence of our unworthiness to the sky, yet, in balance, we are made of star dust composed of the One, we are gifted with a fractal portion of the consciousness of the One, and we are invited from the deepest places in our hearts’ palace to grow bolder and freer in a personal relationship to the One!

Somewhere between the heaven and the hell that OUR conceptions impose upon our truly unlimited potential for life, we find a gracious space to breathe, seemingly with a space all our own, respected for the moment by the ultimate parent. When the intensity of the higher energy Passion eases, or somehow we grow a bit to adjust to it, then there is some fresh mental space, completely free of low spirits and degraded awareness. When we allow ourselves the courage to observe, we note that life has not yet ended and that there is room to swing!

We can laugh at the inverted pretense that we are perceived BY THE ONE as unworthy, when in fact, it is our own, not-yet-loved-into-union limited mind which tortures us with shame and guilt, beyond the degree needed to learn.

This insight returns us to sanity, as clearly the Artist, the Master of the Soul, our infinite Lover, has more artistry to bring to the creation of us, not yet finished with our fashioning and we know the gift of union with the One, the promise of becoming more, waits pregnantly for our willing, wholehearted cooperation.

Onespeed All!!!

boojum said...

Thank You Les,

Welcome forward and Happy New Year <3

Love your work sir ૐ

Anonymous said...

Patric said he was a federal prosecutor a while back, didn't he?

Visible said...

I thought it was a decent contribution from me, not to promote any particular creed or exoteric tradition. Of course I had to choose a word, some word that would signify that I was referring to the almighty incomprehensible wonder that is alternatively called God, the divine or one of any number of terms that have been used. I recognize that I cannot be correct in all that I say. Sometimes I do not err so much as I simply fail to be comprehensive when discussing the incomprehensible. I'm trying to do my best. If this is not enough I will continue to try and hopefully, now and again I do not completely disappoint you.

The blogger will not let me post a hotlink so you will have to live with it

I just posted the latest radio broadcast

I have also started a video series that is loosely entitled, "Discourses on the Metaphysical and the songs of Les Visible in which I talk off the cuff in ways some may consider amusing and some confusing and then I do a rough guitar and vocal of one of my songs. I plan on there being about two hundred of these.
This is the first one

Shortly I will post the second in the series and I may yet do more this evening. Perhaps this will at least distract from my other difficulties in communicating (grin)

Visible said...

Here is number 2 (not that number two, although it could qualify) of the series and now I will go and do number 3.

Visible said...

He's been a lot of things. I'll give that a look.


Visible said...

Here is Number 3

I'll have Number 4 once it is uploaded

robert said...

(calm mentality followed by the emotional swelling...)

Dear Visible,

Thank you for your post!

Your tender offering today motivated the attempt to use rationality to reassure the inner child, by proxy, as learned from parental units' primary approach to life.

Now, just want to say I know the feeling when there seems no reason to maintain any personal identity, just to stay in the dance on earth.

We reflect your love back to you, is all we can do from our separated points in space.
The Ineffable provides the increase, waving back at you with expansive enhancements!

It all seems pointless at times, until we snap out of mental masturbatory diversions and partake again of the oceanic awareness, grok the big picture!

Then, our hearts overflow again with the joy and gratitude out of all proportion to our presently perceived power to serve, and the cycle continues!

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings, Vis. Was away from your worthy work for a few years and missed it intensely. Long story; won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say it is most gratifying to witness your gift once again.

IMHO if any of us had to earn the love of The One Who Is All we'd probably be screwed. That's why unconditional love is such a priceless gift. Our weaknesses, guilt, and any other character flaws have no bearing on it being given. It is of course up to us to "tune the receiver" and figure out how to let it flow to us and through us in the most appropriate manner. Even in this we get guidance from the Source. Love is powerful; Universal Love is all-powerful. It is the solvent that eliminates hatred, fear and anger. That's why what you do is so important the rest of us. You keep reminding us of these simple but powerful truths. You also do it in a incomparably humorous and entertaining manner. Please keep up the Good Work!

Peace, Love, Strength,


Thomas said...

Sweet devotion!

From "The Life of Blessed Henry Suso":

after his first ecstasy:

"He said afterwards:- if this be not heaven, I know not what heaven is; for not all the sufferings, which a man could suffer here below, could ever merit for him in justice to possess a joy like this throughout eternity."


David Alan McBride said...

"I had better stop here before I make an even bigger fool of myself than I already have."

Pretty please, with sugar on top, make as big a fool of yourself as often as you possible can.
Thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes it's true, Visible prabhu, I deserve it less than you.
Every morning the first thing I say is "thank you Krishna for being so kind to me. I really don't know why You are so good to me, but I appreciate it and thank You"
Hmmmmm, maybe that's why..

Visible said...

Numbers 4,5,6 and 7 of the series, Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible are up now and can be found here--- Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible.

Whoops, #7 isn't up yet but it will be in about half an hour.

At some point the elf, without whose incredible and tireless efforts you wouldn't have anything nearly so professional and attractive, will soon have box ads up in the margins of every blog so that you can check in for the video process which should include a couple of hundred offerings.

Ray B. said...

I have a Gratitude tale:

A few days ago, a dear friend lapsed into a near-total coma. I was there in the Emergency Room to see this person go from half-lucid to totally unconscious. Scary as hell. Phone-the-relatives bad. I spent the next fourteen hours in ER and then Intensive Care, overnight, by this person's bedside.

Being me, I wanted to do whatever healing I could. Higher Self said "No" but sent out a call for Others. I just spent the fourteen hours trying to stay in a high meditative state with HS; it seemed to 'condition' the space around the person.

After a bit in the IC Unit, one higher entity showed up and positioned itself 'below' the person's feet. (The person was prone.) It started working on that area, and was gradually working its way 'upward' onto the person's legs. I had the sense it at least partially was working on old held-stuff and past lives.

A few hours later, a second entity joined the first. It positioned itself 'above' the person's head. In a similar manner, it started gradually working its way 'downward' onto the person's head and upper torso. It seemed to be working on 'higher' aspects.

Some hours after that, a third entity joined those two, intermittently. It seemed to be working on the person's center torso. By that time, the first two entities had moved the focus of their 'attention' more upwards and downwards, respectively, so all three seemed to almost join their efforts at that point.

By that time, fourteen hours had passed and I was unable-to-concentrate, sleepy, and hungry. I 'asked' the three entities through HS if it was okay to leave. The response was something like, "Yes, we have accomplished better than 100 percent of what we came here to do." So, I reluctantly went home.

Late that (next) day, I got a surprise phone-call from that person. I was not expecting it, as I thought that person would be 'out' for days. The person was 'back' and coherent (and is now almost recovered). Immense gratitude, and Thanks...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


totally anonamous said...

Ken O'Keefe on skirting all responsibility onto an avatar

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A possible note of interest to you Visible, and others.
Lasha Darkmoon's website, ( has been destroyed by the Usual suspects.

Foam bubbles on the ocean..

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might be interested. I remember you singing Lasha's praises..
Oh the humility, eh..

Visible said...

I don't know what this latest anonymous trip is about but lasha is not a personal friend of mine. We might have had half a dozen emails in ten years. I admire her work, probably more than she does mine. I don't know what is going on over there. If you have a point please make it because I am a busy man.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Not an anonymous conspiracy or anything, just a memory slip or maybe even a why bother.
I forget.. But thanks for taking time from your bidness to respond. Appreciate it.

Visible said...

Shit!!! Sorry man, I must have missed something...context...reference point...something if off about this. I apologize if I responded to a comment in a wrong fashion. I hardly know Lasha, which is her pen name and this

Anonymous said...

I was walking on the beach one day by a rocky outcrop in Hawaii. There was a man sitting there with his head in his hands looking very down and out. I asked him why so down in the mouth and his reply was that he had been looking for the master. I told him with a chuckle that he was looking in the wrong place and this was just his handiwork. He said that he was considering the final solution to his problems. The only reply I had was to tell him that if that was the case then he should go and see the world, he should have a look around since he had nothing left to lose, what's the worst that could happen other than his solution to his problems.
I wondered what happened to that man many times. Maybe he found what he was looking for and not just the handiwork.

Diane said...


Over the last couple weeks when I try to come here, the page often gets redirected (the address kept changing until it lands on some bogus Java deal). Work or home.

Then when I type in Visible Origami's address again, I get here OK.


dave1010 said...

Testing...1...2...3... Testing.

Kazz said...

Luv Kazz

dave1010 said...

Testing...1...2...3... Testing.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Rosetta Stone Cellphone has been Set to Vibrate.



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