Sunday, February 18, 2018

On Seas of Love Toward Islands of Light where Eternity Resides.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Life appears to go on and on. Certain periods seem to stretch on forever, then it was but a moment and it is gone, like an echo fading. They say that no sound ever stops resounding. Of course, 'they' say a lot of things. 'They' are of the mind that if they simply keep repeating something over and over it will become true and... since perception is the ground central of 'shared reality', you wind up with a whole lot of people marching into the desert after an ignis fatuus, who hammer on their cellphones and record it on their cellphones and then, when they go to play it back, there is nothing there. There was never anything there and it is the origin of the hungry ghost.

Few things can match the bright expectation of youth inflamed with the passion for and the promise of things yet to come. Age sneaks up on you. No one ever seems to mention how that happens and what it means when it does happen. In this shifting dysfunction of the ever renewing Pepsi Generation, it's a rite of passage bonding, to ridicule the aging, never realizing that you will be there sooner than you think and the Pepsi will have gone flat and all the eager beaver volley ball goddesses will be looking down into their blouses and saying, “Look what mean old Mister Nature did.” The volley ball gods will have a volley ball secreted beneath their 'I'm with stupid t-shirt' and get nailed by the security guard at the Sport's Authority register for trying to steal a volley ball. Right... Sports Authority is out of business.

I think how... for me, it could be ever so much worse. I could be crippled, given how I have abused myself as proxy for much earlier abuse. I could be on the public dole somewhere in Flathead, Nebraska. I could be in jail, or dead but... the jury is out as to whether that is worse or not. It's one thing to believe in God and have a certain of amount of conviction and certitude to that end and it is another thing entirely to have God proving that to you nearly every day. That's where the rubber really meets the road and that is why we write about these subjects here. It is wonderful beyond the reach of any medium of expression, how beautiful it is to have God proving his existence to you.

If you choose not to believe, or inquire or pursue, God is okay with that. God KNOWS that all roads lead to him and... talk about patience, God has more patience than you will ever have. The only way to have even a particle of awareness about the incomprehensible reach and breadth of God is to have God resident within to begin with.

When we are young we don't worry about much but some of us do. Some of us got plenty to worry about and some of us don't, for the moment. Life, however, seems to find each and every one of us at some point. Everything that happens, from what I have seen so far is a nudge from God in the direction of God, which is why, everything that happens in our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with our souls and the one thing I notice most about people is how little attention most of them pay to the idea of God being intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.

I've been lucky in several regards. In most cases, people wouldn't find that much to be special about them. I have been able to experience the emptiness of life without God. Some are quite comfortable with that and consider God to be an annoyance, if not a non existent cartoon. However, I learned possibly the most important fact about 'my life'. My life has no meaning without God. I tend to believe that no one's life has any meaning without God but it is not my call to make that call. Consonantly, I was able to see that every aspect of my life has meaning with God in it, that every situation and experience that had the ineffable present was illuminated with joy and wonder. I measure everything against that these days. There is never enough God in my life and there will never be until there is no more me.

I long to be a stained glass window through which the light of heaven shines; to have no other purpose than to be an unobstructed medium through which that light can pass unhindered. The simple experience of that reaches far beyond any other pleasure or fulfillment that I have had or that I can imagine having with anything else. It's no longer a matter of debate for me.

I had a time of it, getting God to talk back to me with anything but a two by four. As you know, I put everything that happens as either coming from God or having God's permission to come. That can tend to create an ambivalent atmosphere and relationship with the ineffable. That took some getting over too because of all the difficult experiences, the constant litany of failures and shortcomings that won't go away, whatever you do, but finally... God came calling and with every passing day, is more present than the day before but there was a series of long agonizing stretches, all to make the point that I had no permanent business here and whatever business I thought I had here, that wasn't my business either. It can take us a long time to get certain things straight, most of us never do.

Once you get it. Once you understand that your life is not in your hands, it makes it all so much easier. All you have to do is show up. You don't have to make God laugh by making plans. All you have to do is understand the magic of the mirror and reflect the light that animates every living thing. Every living thing has the potential for good and evil within it and every one of us in every encounter has the option of reflecting the ineffable or invoking the diabolical. Life is a mirror and that is why the mind is a monkey. We're all in show business. To so many of us, life is redundantly mundane. Of course, when the essential beauty of existence is masked so that the profane can be legitimized, we become the victims of our own appetites. We wind up eating ourselves alive. None of this is necessary but in times of material darkness it is the status quo. It's not too long into the process that the abnormal is normalized and conditions proceed by increments into ever deeper perversity. That is the inherent nature of Satanism, to reverse the natural order, to subvert harmony with conflict and to make disorder the order of the day.

Usually, when one becomes possessed, it isn't something that is noticed by the one experiencing it. You can't be possessed without surrendering yourself to the experience. By the time this takes place, one has already embraced all manner of wrong thinking and elevated it to the supreme position where judgment might once have been present.

One of the most difficult states of awareness to arrive at is the knowledge that you are not required to meet the standards of the world for validation. As much as we might try to convince ourselves that we are above such nonsense, very few of us are. Many assimilated states of being are operating out of the subconscious, simply bypassing the conscious mind. It is how we wind up doing things that we might have never intended to engage in.

I am writing these words but I do not know what I am going to say next. I see it all later on. This is an example of another way that the subconscious can act through us, without regard for the conscious mind but where the result is not an offense against our basic nature; god willing. Inspiration is not something generated by the intellect.

It is so very simple and it can be said in various ways but it comes down to emptying the mind and standing guard at the gateway of the mind. It comes down to Love as the currency in experience, in every encounter and despite the differences in each. It is achieved by practicing the presence of the divine who is the author of Love. Love is the primary and direct expression of the ineffable and in whose image we are made. Would it not then serve that we are of the same construction as our author? We are that smaller mirror image should that be what we choose to reflect and since that is the essential nature behind every form and behind all relative reactions and expressions, then it should go without saying that if we are conduits of Love that love will touch the love in all other beings. Love is the universal solvent that reduces everything to itself. Every other effort in which we engage is only a lesson to be learned concerning the unimportance of it.

God is real and if we know and believe this then we are real as well. We are no longer just a playing card riffling through time, on our way from one temporary expression to another, on an endlessly turning wheel. This is not satisfactory for me. I take no pleasure in it.

Let Love be both your objective and your guide. The love you share and declare will touch and transmute everything it encounters. You will have left a trail of love in the pursuit of love and Love, finding you to be a trustworthy companion, will open the reservoir into its measureless expanse and you will sail on seas of love toward islands of light where eternity resides.

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Unknown said...

"It can take us a long time to get certain things straight, most of us never do."

At just a few months shy of age 72, I'm finally starting to "get it"

Dodgy One said...

How wonderful it is to see you back on the path.
Perhaps a waylaying avenue had you exploring the view.
Maybe a restocking of emphasis was needed for the climb ahead.
Whatever, it highlights that we don't know what we got till its gone.
Me thinks maybe some straggler needed you to wait up.
Are we just behind or ten spirals below.
Ha here tis I climbing a mountain while your cruising the Caribbean.
Many an inspiration dwells in the consciousness when admiring the beauty of what is created in and by love.
While in others the wonders of creation stop being beautiful gifts and turn instead to mere commodities to be exploited.
Your gifts of wordsmith do indeed carry beautiful reflections of the touch of the creator, may you dwell in his house forever my friend.
Dodgy One

Ray B. said...

Vis, nice column. Appreciated. Your energy 'feels' a bit different; I will have to meditate on that...

Vis: "Usually, when one becomes possessed, it isn't something that is noticed by the one experiencing it."

That actually seems to be my current route of learning. Decades back, I was totally unaware of various psychic influences. I was 'subject' to them. Slowly, I have been able to roll-back the time of awareness to where I can now mainly pick them up as someone initiates the 'contact'. Curiously, this has allowed me further learning...

With due caution (and growing experience), one can 'travel' right back to the source of the contact. If it is a good-guy, all kinds of info or experiences can immediately be shared. Human or non-human. If it is a bad-guy, one has to first find their way past the outpouring of negative energy. Once 'within' that entity's field, one can Clean the damage to where good conversations can occur. One can learn a lot from bad-guys turned good-guys...

A major thing I have learned is that there are very few true bad-guys. Ones who were "born to be bad." Mostly, current bad-guys are a result of 'loading-up' over the lifetimes with pain-filled experiences. They 'turn bad', as it were. Once the pain-load is dispatched, they usually turn neutral. If they are able to link-up with their Higher Selves, they invariably turn-into good-guys. (In your manner of speaking, they are now showing Love rather than passing-on pain.) Good to know, especially through first-hand experience.

With enough 'turned' good-guys on hand, possession will come to have a different nuance. Imagine being (slightly) 'possessed' by someone who has no motivations but to bliss you out or open your higher centers...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Susan Malloy...I bow to the divine in you.
I think you could stand before Love's mirror and very happily say, 'Look what God has done'.

And you, Les... "...all to make the point that I had no permanent business here and whatever business I thought I had here, that wasn't my business either. It can take us a long time to get certain things straight, most of us never do."

Why for Heaven's sake don't I walk off my job, stick out my thumb, and run? My time here is running out. At least this time. But wait...I don't believe in time, not linear time anyway, so I guess it's no big deal. But man, I got things to do.

Script from Bergmans film, 'Seventh Seal'...

Who are you?

I am Death.

Have you come for me?

I have been walking by your side for a long

That I know.

Are you prepared?

My body is frightened, but I am not.

Well, there is no shame in that.

The KNIGHT has risen to his feet. He shivers. DEATH opens his cloak to place
it around the KNIGHT'S shoulders.

Wait a moment.

That's what they all say. I grant no reprieves.

You play chess, don't you?

Thank you Les Visible, thank you.

Anonymous said...

If its possible , you have outdone yourself. I've missed your words of late but if this is what you took a break for, it was more then worth it.
You are a voice in the wilderness, better then any sermon from the pulpit that I have yet to experience. For me, right now, at this juncture of my life which coincides with all the madness going on around me your words serve as a guiding light Home.

Anonymous said...

♫ A long time forgotten the dreams that just pass by the way ♫ When you refer to God what exactly do you mean? Is it Source. You once said you read the Urantia book, much of which isn't factual at least in our reality. Is it the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Urantia book? Is it the God Jesus that we learn about in religion. The Jesus who if anyone objectively reads the bible would conclude he is a prophet and not God.

Do you actually believe you are communing with Source? You are obviously well read. Have you paid any attention to channeled information? How about whistle blowers and others who have had alien encounters? George Green has a couple of books dictated by aliens. His name doesn't appear on the cover because he didn't write them. How about The Law of One?

What I'm getting at (briefly) is none of these sources claim to know what constitutes Source. Also no entity claims to have any contact with Source. Look at the vastness of the universe and then tell me the creator of all this would be comprehensible to the human/alien mind. The best anyone I'm aware of can come up with is Source is the aggregate of everything that is, and none of it is material in the traditional sense.

When the universe was created Source set up Universal Laws, example the Law of Attraction, and they operate without direction. I'm sure you have read Thoth the Atlantean Emerald Tablets. Remember what happened when he ventured to the edge of the universe? The hounds of the barrier turned him back. What were these hounds guarding? Something lies beyond the barrier which no entity in our creation can venture to. And Source is even beyond that.

Everyone good and bad has a safety net under them. Like Thoth we are hear to acquire wisdom although it is hard to believe seeing how many people operate. That's ok we have eternity to get it right. It might take a thousand or a million lifetimes for some. The soul is eternal.


Visible said...

Swami is it? I never said I read the Urantia Book. I said I 'tried' to read it. What I determined was that its best use would be to prop open a door in a windstorm. I'm usually puzzled as how to answer someone who already has all the answers they are after and attempts to conceal this by asking all kinds of questions. You are not trying to get answers from me. You are hoping I will say enough to give you opportunity to refute me at your leisure. I don't argue. I don't play at back and forth, such encounters weary me and I have found that only stupid or very pretentious people find this kind of discourse to be of interest.

The only divergence I see between us which is obvious is that of syntax and the choices of terms and the language used to label or identify them. I'm not interested in getting into who knows more than another or whose terms are more legitimate. I am only trying to do my best, given the shortcomings that attend me and my limitations as a thinker and a writer. I will answer one of the questions. I consider most channelers to be bullshit or at best, deluded.

This site is a take it or leave it site. If something is useful to you, by all means, acquire it and use it freely. Otherwise, simply leave it there.

I'm sorry if I come off a tad reactive here. Certain things that 'appear to me' to9 be disingenuous have a tendency to annoy me. I haven't gotten past that yet. I'm working on it but I still get in my own way more than I would like.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like! All I have energy to post, after the weekend.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Materialism and Satanism do the Death Tango on Facebook Live.

Anonymous said...

"Inspiration is not something generated by the intellect."
You really hit the head on the nail with that one Vis. In fact, I nominate that for
the Visible Hall of Fame. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
And when i meet mr. Trump in my gold shoed in food i just promise I erase his name from history for speaking bullshit

Kray Z8 said...

Grand Slam! Go, Dog Poet!!

You have an amazing knack for making me feel like your words are addressed specifically to me, and in a way that must be the case. I know from the posts here that your thoughts have a wide appeal and pertinence, but the messages I get are right on the money. Must have something to do the Ineffable working through a special soul, eh?

Words fail me. I can't rightly express my thanks, but please accept my profound gratitude and utmost respect as an attempt. Please keep sharing your gift.

Peace, Love, Discernment

Anonymous said...

Wanted to share this Rumi poem with you guys!

Those who don't feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don't drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don't want to change,

let them sleep.

This Love is beyond the study of theology,
that old trickery and hypocrisy.
I you want to improve your mind that way,

sleep on.

I've given up on my brain.
I've torn the cloth to shreds
and thrown it away.

If you're not completely naked,
wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you,

and sleep.



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