Monday, February 26, 2018

The Light and the Darkness at the Turning of the Age.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Like the Kalifornia Quake, it's not a matter of if but of when. I do not wish to be an alarmist but I have to write about something (grin) and the pending quake on the Left Coast comes to my mind, unbidden, often. I used to have a dream where I was in Los Angeles. I was walking down the street when suddenly, I was filled with a sense of overwhelming dread. I noticed that everything had become quiet and still. No birds were singing. It was all silent. Nature was stilled. I could not possibly describe the way it all felt to me but suddenly I knew what was coming and I felt the Earth begin to move. I don't recall anything after that. That could be very good or very bad but... it was a dream, yes? This life is also a dream, yes?

Suffice to say I have two great hesitations about living in Kalifornia. One of them is the cultural morass, the PC swamp and the tidal wave of new laws day after day and the other is The Big One. I know people who live in Kalifornia. I have good friends there. I would like to see everything in the world work out and... of course, it will ...but not in the way that everyone hopes it will. That is the way it is, with the materialistic drive of self interest that is the hallmark of these times. The thing with self interest is that it GENERALLY goes contrary to someone elses self interest. That is the nature of self interest. It is a cannibal system that devours itself and eventually there is nothing left but the migrating mentally ill, ghouls, zombies and sundry. You can see it as a coming attraction in the films of the times. It is certainly there in the soundtracks, with the degradation of women... this is because of the coming emergence of the divine feminine in action and the inability to process her arrival accounts for the varieties of sexual... uh... 'diversity'? I am sure that is not the word I am reaching for but so be it. It accounts for it whatever it is.

Then there is the worship of bling and the like, with false light luminaries like Jay-Z, Kanye and Floyd Mayweather, the Kardashians and all the Satanic foot-soldiers, who are made and maintained by the Prince of Darkness, for the purpose of being social icons, after which the mindless can pattern themselves, as the Gates of Doom creak open for the harvesting. This is literally true! This is why these aforementioned have tens of millions of followers at the various social media locations. A few days ago, Kylie the Bimbo announced that Snap Chat was not the right fit for her and their stock dropped by tens of millions of dollars.

You are each aware, by varying degrees, of the living light that resides within and depending on your level of awareness, do you remember and celebrate this at intervals relative to your level of awareness. At the deepest level it's all math that creates, maintains and destroys everything. Love is the unique factor out of which all of the technical details come about. There are those who will argue that Reason is supreme. It has its place but LOVE is all in all and ever shall be.

Avatars do not come to the manifest plane to discourse on Reason. They discourse on Love and the higher and permanent archetypal qualities of Love. Philosophers come to discourse on Reason.

You are aware of the message that appears in the side mirrors of cars over recent decades; 'Caution, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” This is how it is with the times in which we find ourselves. A sudden perfect storm can alter conditions nearly unrecognizable ...and you may be sure there are groups of psychopaths working on this. Here is yet another product of Materialism; psychopaths.

Here is a rule of existence and physics; everything can potentially turn into its opposite; hot to cold, day to night... these are routine and definite conversions and there are many others. Then there are things like religions and governments; capitalism turns to fascism. Communism exists as a counterpoint to fascism and pretends to be anti-materialistic, anti-capitalism but it is just another phony construct where elites within the system have all the power and the swag and are merciless in the extreme. Everyone should read Solzhenitsyn and study the periods that followed the Russian Revolution. That tells you all you need to know about Communism.

Presently there is a multi-pronged attack that has been launched on Normal and every long enduring positive that had previously existed in the cultures of the present and past, certain traditions and shared morals, values and beliefs. They are all under the gun. In order to take a dictatorial control over a nation, it is necessary to first create a state of chaos, to break down the connectors and linchpins that held it all together. This is not to say there are not things that have been dramatically wrong with the world for some time. There seems to be a trend of unfairness that has been going on for generations. Once there were serfs in the field and slaves. They are still there. They call them different names now. The English hierarchy is near impenetrable to the lower classes, unless you are a big time entertainer or sports figure.

Around the world there is evidence of some few living very large and many at a starvation level. The truth about much of this is Karma. In any particular life, some are living large and some are desperate. The roles reverse the next time around. There are some who maintain a good state of affairs from life to life but these are the ones who are generous and who serve the lord of all things. Most of us would be stunned to learn of what really happens here. Regardless of what it looks like, it is fair across the board and just because someone is living it up at one time is no guarantee that they will not suffer commensurately the next time around. Unfortunately, few of us have the wide angle lens to see the bigger picture.

One could even say that what is happening now is precisely what is intended by the invisible hierarchy. We simply don't see all the ins and out and ends of the process. The trials and tensions, the catastrophes and triumphs of this period are all a stage setting for the possibilities within each of us and the measure of our fate in how we respond to them. As a Chinese fellow once said, “character is fate.”

“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” just as with many events in the Event Horizon are not a matter of if but when. There is a particular caveat that doesn't get mentioned much and that is the collective heart and mind of humanity and it is out of this that terrible things come and do not come. Much hinges on this. We are all responsible for our part in the dramas that do and do not take place. The most important feature of our existence is if we grasp the moment in any moment and make the ruler of all things the centerpiece of our lives. It is the manifest destiny of everyone of us whether we do or do not do this. A certain amount of tape remains in each of our cassettes in this go round. Time creeps incrementally along. We look back and it went by so fast. What did we do with our time?

It is not a question of what state the world is in, or what threatens in the rear view mirror, or the windshield ahead. It is how we respond to the challenges placed before us and which are not there by accident. There are no accidents. It is what it is, even though appearances are a lie we live in a world of appearances like a video game, all of which are based on some permutation of life. Once again it is math but Love triumphs over math. If you surrender that portion of yourself that is responsible for all of your errors, you will be in the hands of the one who will expeditiously, by the shortest route possible, take you out of the range and reach of your errors, both previous and future, expunged in the love of the one whose entire time of passage here was for the forgiveness of sins. We cannot in our human minds comprehend the extent of what this means. It is beyond our capacities.

There are those who say that Christ was never here, that it was a myth created by this faction and that faction. I am not here to argue about the historical Jesus, about which the truth can only be known by the dispensation of Providence. What I can say is that across the last two thousand years there are scores of individuals who are historically noted as having been Christed, who have done amazing things. There are those who have inspired generations and who lay the credit for it upon The Christ. The face of the world has been transformed over these centuries by a single individual. There have been others of course who have had a large impact but certainly the impact of a Christ, proven or not proven to be here, has been epic. Epic!

There is nothing in the teachings of The Christ, what little remains of them, amidst the plethora of bewildering translations, that I can make objection to. One could do far worse than following the teachings of The Christ and I assure the reader that a careful reading of the teachings and travels and events of the life of The Christ, in these times, will likely reveal truths that previously went unremarked.

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Laura Smithson said...

Thank you, Vis. Many times when I am the most down and reflect on what seemingly little I have accomplished and just pray for release, I am reminded that Love covers a multitude of sins. Even writing it here, now, makes the tears fall because I am so utterly small and Love is so grand.


Visible said...

Remember that the smaller we get, the more concentrated and that is how stars and diamonds are born.

Ray B. said...

Deep VO. Thanks again for your tying the physical and the metaphysical together so artfully.

Vis: “Once there were serfs in the field and slaves. They are still there. They call them different names now. The English hierarchy is near impenetrable to the lower classes...”

A couple of decades ago, I was having supper in a 'dinner nook' of a small hotel in lower Scotland with a group of Sacred Sites fellow-travelers. We were all having a great time conversing with our Scot waiter/server, equal to equal. Well, some high muckety-muck came through the door. Our new friend instantly turned from cheerful and self-confident into what could only be called a beaten cur. The Americans at the table all had their jaws drop; it was such a complete change in personality. That was one of my first insights into what a thousand years of class hierarchy could do to people...
Vis: “As a Chinese fellow once said, 'Character is fate.'”

Regarding the Kalifornia Quake (and the offshore Oregon Quake, and the world in general), one enlightened-type had an insight for me: We are all manifestors, conscious or not. (As living aspects of all-God, how could we not be?) That little spark of divine light within each (or most) of us is powerful. The folks who have come down-here and then battled their way back 'up' know this. They are very careful about what they are about to 'set in motion' through use of this god-aspect. This is a 'conscious' use for them...

One key is the old 'through the glass darkly' phrase. Each of our pure god-aspects manifests through our beliefs and emotions - conscious and unconscious. This enlightened-type told me that our manifesting powers are intentionally almost shut-down. Otherwise, it would be a bloody-mess down here. Imagine that you are enraged at someone. Now, give you mini-god manifesting powers that 'act' in an eye-blink. Get it?

The other key is that we are on a clock. The human population is destined for a higher plane. (Done here, got the t-shirt.) There is a 'transition zone' where we may still be carrying old 'stuff' while our manifesting powers are coming on-line. Think of it as a Bardo period. Potentially a dangerous period. This zone contains an 'amplification' of the old S&M problem: People who are full of pain and are projecting it outwards will manifest harm to others. People who are full of pain and are projecting it inwards will manifest harm to themselves. And yes, this includes the outer (quakes, volcanoes, etc.), the inner (heart attacks, diseases, etc.), and whatever-else the psyche can come up with. Nasty or Cool, depending what 'sits' within you as your abilities come on-line.

Don't bother finding a safe area. As Buckaroo Banzai once noted, “Wherever you go, there you are...”

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Leon Kovalyov said...

Thank you truly. Just at the right time, I read your passages and helped me waken yet again to the fine line we must walk to forgive and love one another. Kind Eternity upon you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Anxiously waiting the calipornia quake. Live about a half mile uphill from a fault. Hope I'm home when it happens, and in the right room. We're built into a hill, so it's a 2 storey drop or a 3 storey drop depending on where we're at.

27 hours in two days is so much fun. . .NOT!!!!!!!!!! But it beats fewer hours with a split shift on one of those days. (The other option that almost makes my head explode. Almost. Any Scanners out there to put me out of my misery?)

Loved this post and the prior one on Petri Dish. Glad my LV addiction is back to being fed. Beats withdrawal, ya ken?

Visible said...

with that comment, Ray... you are spot on. Spot on.

Visible said...

Aye mate. It be brutal is what it is. Having had that feature of which you speak as a constant and very much unwanted companion for decades, it be brutal... My suffering has diminished a great deal. I was told it is over, even. I have been told many things but this has had serious consistency. I pray that the same may find you, soonest.

Much Love

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nothing lasts forever, thank the gods. Things are looking up in some regards, though. Find out Wednesday, me thinks. My hours stay, but the pressure of keeping our standard of living where it's at (meh) may lighten. Love backatcha. See ya sooner rather than later, I hope. Meet ya at the Akashic Library.

By the way, my boss's life is way worse than mine. Long hours 365 days a year.

Perhaps in about 6 months or so I can ditch Wednesday night. Assuming my relief worker has gotten her arse in gear.

Anonymous said...

@ Less Visible and groupies :

All the fey spirituality bullshit in the world can NOT cover up THE FACT you all are hiding God. "that's how stars and diamonds are born", really? All the "Light Being Worker" snake shit in the world can NOT cover up THE FACT you're a charlatan. Why don't you go to Benares and go jump in the Ganges with the dead dog corpses and the dead cow corpses and the dead rotting corpse of your fellow charlatan Teilhard.

Read, then REPENT, then shut the f*ck up :

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

"The object of Reason is to help Love and not to create it. Reason may be properly styled as the servant of Love and must always be subject to her in all her hopes, aspirations, and holy works."

Reason And Love
By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur

We do not mean to say that Reason is a foolish principle. On the contrary we do not find better admirers of Reason than our humble selves. We hold that man’s superiority amongst all created beings consists in man’s possessing the noble gift of Reason.

What we maintain is this, that independent of this noble principle there is another higher gift in man which goes by the name of Love. Reason helps Love to maintain its proper bounds in the Spiritual world. Love often tends to degrade itself by exercising its function on objects other then God and converts itself into lust for women, wine, meat and gold. Here Reason advises her to rise higher till she reaches her proper sphere above.

Thus we find that the object of Reason is to help Love and not to create it. Reason may be properly styled as the servant of Love and must always be subject to her in all her hopes, aspirations, and holy works.

The Rationalist on the contrary considers Reason as all and all! This is a degradation of humanity! The progressive Rationalist, on the other hand, believes in the principle of love, but attempts to make her the maid-servant of Reason! This is another error! He makes spiritual love sometimes a prisoner in the jails of Reason! Love wants to soar on her spiritual wings to a realm where the Jailor (Reason) cannot go and the latter is sure to tie up her wings for fear lest she goes to an unworthy place!

Love utters sounds of a spiritual character peculiar to herself, but Reason, having no previous experience of it, mistakes it for a disease and administers medicine for her cure! Thus it is that the natural strength of the Queen of our Soul is crippled by artificial administration of the dry principle of Reason and she rests in us as if a bird taken in a cage! Oh! What a havoc doth Reason commit by abuse of his power. Oh! Shame to the Rationalist! God help the man!

Theists take care of those amongst you who mix with you only by assuming the name of Theist but are in fact Rationalists of a very dry character. They are divisible into two classes vis. the designing and the dupes. The designing Theist is he who is in fact a Rationalist but by assuming the name of Theist wants to degrade the sincere by his bad influence. He that calls himself a Theist in order to get rid of the name of Rationalist but still holds Love in subjection to Reason is a dupe because he is unable to find out his own position. The sincere Theist should however take care of both of them and preserve the sovereignty of Love over Reason and his comrades.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3

Heh-heh-heh. New Zealand is a great place to run to. Wait until the quakes hit and the volcanoes go off.

Sometimes me thinks I've got a degree in schadenfreude. I do have a lot of 'neener-neener' days.

55 going on 10.

Finding my marbles said...

Only my second comment ever,but I never miss a post. Continually endeavoring to make my mind a sponge for the divine information that comes through you. Thank you so much for concentrating and shining holy light in our world. Appreciation and gratefulness cannot begin to describe what a gift it is to know that such a soul as yourself can exist at all in conditions like these, and that there are some of us who have noticed, like this amazing community of commenters, who I also read with great interest. Miraculous it is. Wisdom and inspiration tend to flow here. Too bad school wasn't like this. It's the real school, now, it seems. Kind regards to Binky, Also. I encountered a few of his brethren today at the grocery store, wanted to take one home, but ah, well.
Blessings in abundance. Thanks for being..................Linda

Citizen Elle said...

Maestro Viz!

My goodness you are a shining star in MY life. Thanks for ONCE AGAIN conducting an incredible richly vibrating piece for all of our enjoyment. Our hearts are once again nourished.
I love you and your readers.

As Leon said, kind eternity upon you.

+WTF's with the trolls?

Visible said...

the dog barks but the caravan moves on. Aloha!!!!

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings, Dog Poet. Judging from a couple of drop-ins remarks you're hitting some nerves, haha. The craziness and cognitive dissonance "out there" lately has made me focus even more on the work "in here". Your consistent and lucid posts, of course, help immeasurably. The only thing I feel I will have in the future that I can depend upon is my connection with the Creator, to whatever degree it's developed. For better or worse, it's enough.

Ray B makes an excellent point about conscious manifestation and yet those who believe it works will surely be actively practicing it in the tumultuous times to come. The trick is to be engaged enough with the Source that we will be prone to manifest that which is good and needed, based on Love. I don't know anything for certain, but this makes more sense than any other options.

Vis you do a marvelous thing by sharing your gift. Please keep it up.

Peace, Love, Light

Visible said...

I truly thank god for a certain miracle or reassurance, a magical candle in the night, which has been the level of and quality of the fellowship that comes and goes here. Sometimes people take things out of context, or cherry pick and then apply it to a particular scenario. This is usually some one who has a strong conviction that they are right about something when they are not. To take a pointed statement on observably obvious expressions on color and then transpose intimations of Mas Vis talkin bout mongrowwwwwwwwwwwwlizzzzation. For myself it is all about intent. Years before it normalized, I grew up with black kids on army posts. There is a lot of interaction there and through my life black people have measurably enhanced my walking, talking world. I like people. people, human beings, there are those who embrace the animal, all of us do but one must master the beast or the beast is loose. This is what I choose to do WITH MYSELF and for everyone else, it is their lookout? God's lookout? I do what I can when I can and I try not to leave a trail of tears.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing Vis and I will keep reading. One question por favor? You speak of the Divine Feminine. What is that exactly?
The women I have seen that were or have been in political power are just as evil as any masculine counterpart. The women idols in Hollywood are just as guilty and provocative in the sexual exploitation of the their gender as their male counterparts. Divine is hardly a word that comes to mind when I think of the women who dominate the word stage. So what is exactly is the Divine Feminine. I ask in seriouness. It is a confusing term for me. If these "ladies'' represent the Divine Feminine coming into its own I don't see the world as any the better for it. Perhaps I am being too literal and the term is metaphorical. Anyway, your words always inspire

Anonymous said...

Salvatore Joe, this one's for you..
Should hold you for a few years.
Scroll down to fun links!

Visible said...

Read it all, noted the intelligence and over arching supports. How did or does this change my life? Is anything about my life made different whether I live round, flat or in the fur of a Siamese cat? I don't care what Schrödinger's cat is doing either. We are not doing lunch. In fact I am not even going to have lunch. I am going to take a nap because it is part of my cycle, even if my wheels are not actually round, perhaps I will rise up out of the elephant grass with my flowered hood? Beware, I can slide faster than you can run.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, a simple attempt to keep SalvatoreJoe busy, and at bay..

Visible said...

move right along... nothing to see here.... SOMEONE!!!! Call 411 Call 411... Help!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Anonymous Wednesday 28, 2018 5:44:00 PM for the link. The Bhu-Mandala Tattva Group are to be commended for being curious, for seeking, for wanting to get to The Truth, and not just unthinkingly take the word of scientific experts, or so-called scientists, so-called experts, so-called "scientific experts" , as "the truth", without even questioning what the "science experts" tell us.

It's best to study Eastern religions from Easterners, I would say, so thanks for the link, Anonymous.

From : Salvatore

Visible said...

and I would really like to give a big shout out to Les Visible, who doesn't give a shit one way or the other.

I'm a unidimentionalist.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks someone must live in Kansas.

Brian Nielsen said...

Epic is Right on Mark, or in this case Jesus.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So, is some of us saying Felix Treegardener and Joe Kittinger are full of it?

I'm sorry. (Not really.) Baumgartner. I thought it was a fun watch. Too lazy to hotlink. Takes longer for me to do that than you to copy/paste.

Stan Del Carlo said...

The Divine Feminine Vril Ladies :

See if this workks

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the earth is really a cube, for except you flat-earthers, for whom a klein bottle should suffice...emblematic of having one's head placed securely up one's posterior:


Stan Del Carlo said...

I would say the earth is spherical and just a little hollow inside.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Nevertheless, everyone has their own gift from God. Every gift we are shown in exceptional circumstances is given to us. This is a mystery, in order to recognize him, he needs a gift of discernment.

"Once again it is math but Love triumphs over math. If you surrender that portion of yourself that is responsible for all of your errors, you will be in the hands of the one who will expeditiously, by the shortest route possible, take you out of the range and reach of your errors, both previous and future, expunged in the love of the one whose entire time of passage here was for the forgiveness of sins. We cannot in our human minds comprehend the extent of what this means. It is beyond our capacities...What I can say is that across the last two thousand years there are scores of individuals who are historically noted as having been Christed, who have done amazing things. There are those who have inspired generations and who lay the credit for it upon The Christ. The face of the world has been transformed over these centuries by a single individual. There have been others of course who have had a large impact but certainly the impact of a Christ, proven or not proven to be here, has been epic. Epic!"

Something else is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through which you receive gifts.
1 Corinthians 12:7-11
To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing (It's about you Les, being blind you saw. I will not explain this metaphor )by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills.
Acts 17:24-25
The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man,c nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything.
Romans 5:16 And the free gift is not like the result of that one man’s sin. For the judgment following one trespass brought condemnation, but the free gift following many trespasses brought justification
Romans 6:23For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
1 Corinthians 13:2-3
And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,a but have not love, I gain nothing.
The hierarchy of the values ​​of the Spirit is something special. There is no understanding without suffering. You will not understand what the world is without understanding who a man is, if you understand who a man is, seeing an ant crossing the streets in a red light then you have to sacrifice your life so that it can go its own way. Love for the mother of nature is converted by you into greed. Hierarchy of values, I went through all the stages and now I do not need to talk to a man to find out what man is talking about. I have knowledge, wisdom, love. Les saw with your own eyes and you believed, you were blind. For what you are looking at now and rubbing your eyes you heard four years ago and it would be stupid not to believe, although I can not lie, or rather the fear of harm to tell me not to let me. I know Les with a spirit more and I will say only one thing. "The world is a miracle, only people are fucking.
And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,a but have not love, I gain nothing. Tired I am already pointing out your mistakes. You teach younger people about admitting a mistake, and adults themselves, like children, behave. You still have two ways out of this situation, no more no less. I'll talk to someone face to face, or some cowardly person will kill me from behind. For me, the better is the second, I really choose death with a smile than life in this situation. Being human, I am ashamed of being him and watching how another species of animals will perish. Shame and shame

Visible said...


I have no clue what you are talking about. You seem to be arguing and I have no argument. Quo Vadis- Go with God.

Anonymous said...

Geocentrics are egocentrics. Salvatore, you're so very very small. Let's look at the numbers: Mt Everest is 29,000 feet above anything else. With an 8,000 mile radius of Earth, Mt. Everest is 29000 / (5280 X 8000) of the Earth's diameter, which is 1 / 1457 of the Earth's diameter. Relatively, on an 8 inch bowling ball, that would be 8 /1457 = 5.5/1000 inch. A gnat would be bigger. If you're 6 feet tall you would be 6 / (8000 X 5280) = 1 / 7,040,000. On a bowling ball you would be 1.13 millionths of an inch. So small, TROJ! We'd need a microscope to find you.

It would take over 3 miles for a 6 ft drop on that curve, which means you could see 3.15 miles standing on it. Here's the equation: Let y = the drop on that curve, let x = the horizontal distance for that drop. R is the radius of the Earth = 4,000 miles = 4,000 X 5280 feet = 21,120,000 feet (The units have to be the same). So, we have x = square root (R2y - y^2), plugging in ; x = square root (21,120,000 X2 X 6 -36) = 15,920 feet for a 6 ft drop on the arc. That's 3 miles. When you're on a road trip and you note the next horizon and drive to it, and note the miles to it, and then pick the next horizon and drive an note the mileage to that one, does that average out to be about 3 miles? I've done that and I can tell you it does. How would this compute fom the top of Pikes Peak, sitting 8000 ft. above the eastern plains. x = square root (21,120,000 X 8000 X 2 - 8000 ^2) = 581,000 ft = 110 miles. Having been on the top of Pike's Peak and being familiar with those highways on the eastern plains, I can tell you that's about right.

Your stupid egocentric theory makes a finite universe and cuts off the arms of God, in your feeble mind. Nowhere in the scriptures does it say the Earth is the center of the Universe. In a nutshell, the scriptures say that evil has been isolated and quarantined o this Earth, in it's 2nd age. It's the only planet in the Universe where evil exists at all. I'm getting a little tired of you. You tards bullshitted my nephews and I'm gonna slop you down for that.

Anonymous said...

Stan Del Carlo has it right. Let's dig a tunnel through the Earth and jump in it. What happens? As soon as you jump in, the matter behind you starts pulling at your back. The matter in front of you isn't 9.8 m / s^2 anymore. As you fall through the center, it tips to more deceleration than acceleration and you slow down to a stop and start falling back. Do you settle at the center? The center means gravity is pulling with the same force in every direction = weightlessness = no gravity. Like the hole in the center of the galaxy, there's no gravity to attract anything to it. So where do you settle? Not in the center. Kinda shoots down black holes, so simply and elegantly, a child could understand it. The same holds for all globes. Another fly in the jar of perfume is science in the new millennium.

Find those flies

Anonymous said...

Did I miss a course in advanced geometry or physics somewhere? I was just hoping for a simple answer about what the
Divine Feminine means. ANYONE?

Visible said...

Sorry, I definitely wasn't paying attention. The age is changing and it means those higher qualities of that aspect such as intuition, compassion etc or you could have just looked it up... (grin).

Visible said...

Ray B. said...

Reggie, the Divine Feminine doesn't exist. Neither does the Divine Masculine. Both are anthropomorphic separating-out of the various higher levels of all-God. Filtered-down from human biology, the male principle has been assigned testosterone-related qualities and the female principle has been assigned estrogen-related qualities. All well and good for common consumption, but limiting beyond a certain level. God is God.

In reality (hah!), there is something out there that can exhibit-qualities that 'cue' the needed visceral reactions and responses. This is why people instinctively bowed-down before Apollo or Mary 'visions'. Whatever is needed for the moment. It is real and numinous, but it is also 'filtered down' through our human needs and experience. Thus, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Stan Del Carlo said...

Are you The Real Original Joe, who threatened to beat the crap out of me, back around 2016, on the DarkMoon website, you pathetic little earth nigger? I think I know you is.

Anonymous said...

Aggressiwe truth
Les God walk with me, all what i do its fighting for His land, He create you and everything on earth what humanity destroy. Tower of Babel soon colapsse it is more how truth.I just whant be happy only humans in material darkness existence destrou Love in earth. This is war, when you not win your starwation go up 100% with blood how humanity never see.

Visible said...

God am I glad I don't know anything.

David Alan McBride said...

aggressive truth, embrace the silence. I dare you.

Stan Del Carlo said...

According to Civil Code of this here land, code # 415 C, states that language, no matter how provocative, does not justify a battery. Therefore I only use choice feedback in type or in living sound, yelling like a roaring lion of the 3'rd grade, does you comprendo, my friendo?

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Les, look ahead for a year ahead. In June, I have delegations from a new job to Germany. Do you think that work for poor money will interest me? Normally, through the gift of prophecy and languages, I will examine German stories from the inside in half a year. I can tell you now that it will lead me to the Vatican because I know what I am looking for. Try to stop me from hacking the German state? If I meet the Chancellor on my path, I will cut her head off. It is for me honor be alone destroy Germany. Camp in Oświęcim is 300 meters from my home and you belive i alone hack the German fuck country. What i see you never can look. I win and now coming to darkness punishment for what this sick person make. I belive i futher time i can speake with you Les in pub with beer on this sytuation. I love you this is for you

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Thanks you all. I know my day coming soon, worf stay for ever. Time show you and you be see. Just happy and dond worry what happen. Thanks Les i dont need more how prace on this word. See you frend maybe

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Since the comments have gotten a little weird, I'm gonna make my own non sequitur statement which is based in fact. I am now known as Nyip-Nyip at the restaurant I am working at, since I'm always going into character, and very few know my actual name; not that they care to learn it. That's OK. I only know the servers by their name tags, and am clueless on the names of all the cooks despite the fact I've been working there for a couple of years, so we're even.

I think it would be so funny to legally change my name to Nyip-Nyip, though I can't afford it, not to mention I don't think I want to give the courts any more money. After all, I already did a legal name change way back when; when I made a lot, and it was pricey.

Anonymous said...

@ Stan Del Carlo

Yes, Stan, I am TheRealOriginalJoe and I still want to beat the crap out of you, you brain-dead globetard. Your head is spherical but not at all hollow, your head is spherical and totally full of sh*t. Are you a jew? I ask because the jews consider it ANTI-JEWISH to question the heliocentrc theory. So do the Freemasons. The Freemasons, like the jews, get real nervous when anyone questions and scrutinizes heliocentrism. Do I blaspheme against your heliocentric religion from abomination of desolation Babylon and passed down to us through the ages via the jew's Ka-BAAL-ah and has NEVER been proven scientifically with cold, hard, objective, Empirical Scientific methods and is the jew Ka-BAAL-ah satanic religion which serves as the satanic religious foundation of the satanic New World Order you and your friends here claim to be opposed to, but none of you want anyone questioning and scrutinizing the religious foundation of the New World Order you all are supposedly opposed to, do I blaspheme? I'm just questioning the heliocentric theory and scrutinizing the religion of heliocentrism, geeesh, I'm not stopping any of you "Light Being Workers" from transmutating into your very own Gods and Hieing Unto Kolob or zipping around The Cosmos on Moonbeams and Sunrays or vacationing on Sirius or visiting Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and Aleister Crowley up on Planet Saturn, or whatever it is "Light Being Workers" do in-between Re-Incarnations.

So Stan, you're an "expert" on the true nature of this Earth we live on and an "expert" on the true nature of the Universe? Really? Because you sound like all you know about is planet UR-Anus, sh*t for brains.

From : Salvatore, formerly TheRealOriginalJoe at former Darkmoon

Visible said...

As of now all retards and mental defectives are not allowed to debate or discuss flat earth bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Just please wach this and you will be understand how i see all destruction in this word.

Only remains to see what happened. While you are fighting for money and power, the earth is decaying. God create you and everthing on this planet.
You have no line of defense on the day of judgment. Well done the twenty first century. Age of innovation. Such your innovation as this movie shows. How dont drink when you somthink like this?

Visible said...

I'm tired of you DeCarlo and as for kicking someone's ass, I have numbered black belts in 3 different disciplines and am ranked still with four opponents at the same time; not too shaby

Anonymous said...

I know I'm feeling the love in here.

At Camp Kinnikinnik, I hit a kid so hard, his mom had to drive 80 miles to get him.

My math airport has been fogged in with beer. That fog has lifted and I'm excited to be figgerin thaings out again (If my intelligenth intimidatth you, imagine a lithp)

Gitcher Casio fx-9750GA PLUS scientific calculators, with graphing ability out an let's figure out how far away that sun is, on this flat Earth.

First, we want the circumference of this flat Earth. That's d X PI. With d being the diameter 8,000 miles and Pi being 3.141592654, we get 25,133 miles. Next we find out how much 1 degree would be. That's 25,133 / 360 = 69.81 miles per degree.

With the tropic of Capricorn 23 degrees away from the equator, because of the tilt of this flat earth, we have 23 X 69.81 1606 miles between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn.

Now, we can cipher how far away the Sun really is, that NASA is lying about. On the same longitudinal line, at noon on March 21st, we have Salvatore on the equator and Nina on the tropic of Capricorn. The sun is directly over Salvator's head, but Nina casts a 23 degree shadow. The distance between Salvatore and Nina, on the flat Earth is 1606 miles. Plugging in 1606 / tangent 23 on our Casio fx-9750GA PLUS (on sale at Walmart for $47.50) we get 3783 miles to the Sun for Salvatore and 3783 / cosine 23 = 4110 for Nina. Let's try that for the moon and stars. Hey, same answer! The Universe is a dome with a radius of 3783 miles. Infinite shminfinite!

Ray B. said...

I found that this resonated with me. Use your own inner discernment...

Anonymous said...

Dear Visdible. Get some EDTA, put it up your sphingsphang. Then do some yoga with it, it will make you even cleaner than you were as a baby.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up-

That's just the Way it is, some Things will Never Change.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Visible and Invisible Friends and the Nervous Tremors in the Atmosphere


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