Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ultimate Escape of the Inner Path and Unbearable Compassion.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The war of lifestyles is coming to Washington and war abroad is being mapped out by the strategists who are employed by the banks and industries for their venal profit. Everywhere you see signs of war promotion; coaches and sideline personnel are all wearing olive drab jackets with flags in the NFL. The commercials feature full on military assaults with heavy weapons and ask if you have what it takes to be a warrior. Massive efforts to glorify the canon fodder are underway across the country.

The Democrats have taken over the house and that is where wars are usually initially fomented; then the Republicans usually end it down the road. Evidence abounds to this effect. Meanwhile the intention is to initiate impeachment efforts that will not go anywhere and it motivates the presidency to support and favor war as a distraction from negative focus on the president.

Fires are raging in Kalifornia; Caitlin Jenner's house has burned down and the Kardashians are fleeing. I do not mention this for any particular reason except that I saw it on the news. The fires are getting worse and claiming more and more victims. Around 300 people are presently unaccounted for.

Crazy and dysfunctional sexual perversity is alive and unwell. The stormtrooper social justice warriors are alive and unwell on the college campuses. They are also moving in the direction of the Jacobins and Madame La Guillotine. These ski-masked thugs are supported financially by George Soros through multiple shell organizations, seeking to create Fear and Disorder, which is the hallmark of Satanic entities.

Those who are still capable of an objective perspective and aware of the nature and direction of present trends KNOW that it is by a progression of events that seemingly, suddenly, terrible conflagrations of violence appear in various parts of the world. The unconscious and those hypnotized by materialism may well ask themselves at this point, “How did this happen?” Anyone paying attention has seen it coming for some time. We are moving toward a perfect storm of social upheaval, natural disaster and mass possession of the minds of those who surrendered the control of their minds to the agencies of darkness. One only becomes a slave when they cease to be their own masters. Hollywood vipers and zombies raised 60 million dollars for the Israeli army. Please direct your attention to the comments that follow the article. People are definitely waking up; even though they are in a minority.

Nothing serves, as an unassailable public relations masterpiece, as does perpetual victimhood, under the flag of which these victims, with impunity, perpetuate terrible outrages against the defenseless. There is an ancient statement which says something like, “they cry out in pain as they strike you.”

It looks like more and more of the same vicious agenda that has plagued humanity through the centuries but... we are in an apocalypse and unlike any other time, the nature and source of evil works are being revealed to everyone who cares to see it. The almighty ineffable is the source of all power in the universe. Anyone else who seems to wield any degree of power at any time and in any place, is using 'borrowed power'. It is a simple matter for the divine to cut off the flow of it at any time which pleases him through her. It is also a simple matter for the divine to control the result of anything for its own cosmic purposes. As Lao Tzu said a long time ago; “weapons often turn upon those who wield them.”

Justice is ALWAYS done, either here on the manifest plane, or later on the invisible plane. Align yourself with the true master of all things and nothing inimical can touch you. “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.” Believe it! “According to your faith be it unto you.”

The essential secret of moving through this plane of temporary and constantly changing appearances is to “be in the world but not of it.” Your destiny and fate rely entirely upon what you choose to identify with and rely on. If you are relying on your uninformed self, your existence is in the hands of 'seemingly' random chance, underlain by the mathematical summation of the totality of your words and acts as demonstrated in your Karma. If you are reliant upon the ruler of all things, Karma can be neutralized by divine fiat. This has been emphatically stated by a number of self realized individuals.

One is either mesmerized by world chatter or the entirety of the cacophony has been silenced by a focused awareness that bars the intrusion of anything that is pedestrian and transitory. The masses of this world are aflame with desire for a never ending carousel of chimera, whose sole purpose is distraction and fascination and whose end is perpetual bondage. The senses are like glueboards. Desire forms attachment to the object of desire. To be desireless is to be free. The more physical the desire the greater the adhesion. Death is the liberator that comes around when one is so ensnared that they can't move in any positive direction. It's what happens when life dead ends and it's what happens when Karma demands a particular exit, or an earlier exit than one might wish. None of what occurs to the majority or the souls on the treadmill need happen to you. Turn your attention to the master of all things and to the degree that you can surrender, to that degree will you be led through liberation's gates; once again; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I do not expect everyone to agree with what I say. What matters to me is if I am in genuine agreement with what I say and everything I say either comes from what I have learned through my study of the words of great souls or what comes to me through the intuition. Sometimes there may be objections to the way I say things. Certain personalities are in a greater accord with one another than others. For those not in accord, there is many another source where a harmony of thought might occur.

My journey led me to direct contact with a particular consciousness and by this time I am convinced of its veracity and timeless awareness, concerning all the temporary changes that come and go on the movie screen of perpetual illusion and the impermanence of characters and environments, as well as its timeless awareness of those enduring archetypes, which hold the world's infrastructure together, until new infrastructures are called for and the archetypes then change their vibration to suit the needs of the next age. Everything is formed out of vibrations held at a specific pitch which determines whatever anything may be.

For some reason, many people find the pursuit of spiritual truth to be tedious and imagine it to be censorious of all the fun they prefer to engage in, hoping this fun will distract them from the suffering that composes their lives. The truth is that you can have all kinds of fun at all manner of things while including the author of all things and allowing that author to live its life through your own. I have found this to be a remarkable relationship of cosmic symbiosis who object is a bliss infused eternity of which I catch the occasional glimpse. My personal sufferings have been solely for the purpose of bringing me into alignment with my own best interests. Once that has been effected, the suffering goes to the back of the room until it is called for again, which might be never.

My heart aches for the preferences of the masses in times of material darkness. This is the 'unbearable compassion' of which certain Buddhist refer to, when you see others in awful, self engineered, torment and realize that there is nothing you can do. Life is a movie. We all play our parts and at a certain level of awareness we can choose and script our own parts. We can determine and design our destiny according to any number of divine templates, or we can wallow in the murk.

To understand what is coming, one only needs to observe what is taking place in the moment. There are logical progressions to life and certain behaviors lead to specific results and certain mindsets generate the thought patterns that create particular environments; all of it is for the purpose of demonstration. One can be a life lesson, one can learn a life lesson, or many. I consider it preferable to take my direction from one who has passed through it all and knows the ways and means of arriving at the blessed shores.

End Transmission.......

♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I needed that! Gorgeous post!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding brother, It appears that the power companies in CA are being called on the carpet for the fires. The truth is that they pollute and attempt to hinder souls. We have seen large drones in the pacific northwest for years, I have not yet risen to your spiritual awareness but lately things are moving...........Still want to jam on guitar with you, if you desire, on a better day, harmony sometimes chooses tangents of karma personality of magnetic noise.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your assessment of the situation Visible.

Let go and let God.

The sage battles his own ego, the fool goes out into the world and battles the ego of others. The ego is dangerous because it tries to take you to the future to experience fear or the past to experience guilt and regret, both of which are nothing more than illusion.

The sage takes a step back out of their mind to observe the ego playing tricks while the fool judges and battles to defend its own position. The fool even attacks itself and tries to do its own head in, which is the true meaning of insanity.

As powerful enlightened sovereign beings we get to choose whatever we want to be, we can take on any identity, which are nothing but false constructs, or we can choose to be the sage. The sage chooses to take a step inside of their own cosmic heart to create stillness and clarity, to raise the vibration of each and every cell within their body. This raises the sages frequency through the roof and promotes conscious expansion. Unconditional love pours forth naturally as this shift takes place, and as one shifts further towards being the sage they identify with that which triggers the fool within. This allows the sage to move back and maintain their heart space because they come to easily recognise the discomfort the fool causes. Remaining within the heart space provides the serious fire power necessary to maintain control over one's own reality and destiny. This is why the sage remains an observer while the fool gets drawn into dramas.

One can choose to be both the fool and the sage, or anything else they want to be, because we are each powerful sovereign free beings in control of our own destiny. You can battle without or within or you can choose to maintain the present moment by moving within your heart space, which provides the power to maintain absolute clarity of mind.

When the sage becomes wise enough they know love is the secret to all harmony, so they radiate love to make the world a more harmonious and loving experience for us all, while the fool runs around creating dramas to capture others in their games. We are all sisters and brothers playing a game called life. We can make our own rules because we do not have to play by the rules and regulations society lays down to keep us enslaved. We are better than that, because we each house a divine spark that is capable of setting us free.

If you want to rise your vibration to expand your consciousness a thousand fold the choice is yours, or you can be the fool and try to enslave everyone else to your own detriment, because that is what this free will sojourn is all about.

God Bless All

Dodgy One said...

As the Cohen did sing, its time to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.

We who see through it all need to laugh out very loud at the imbecility of the agenda.

For those what pore derision upon the masses and call it entertaining are but in a expose eh of the putridness of their own minds and souls.

The agenda of the protocols may only appear to be working if'n you listen to the dribble coming from the zombie loving brainless scribes and Pharisees.

Their movies are in no way funny but the agenda they are pushing with them is a comedy of the most retarded tribe ever to take a breath.

Let us all give a jolly ho ho ho at all the depraved servants of the tribe, there is nothing that can compare to the joke that are those that grovel to the slime.

Cheers and Love
Dodgy One

Thomas said...

"We all play our parts and at a certain level of awareness we can choose and script our own parts. We can determine and design our destiny according to any number of divine templates"

Yes, God wants us to be free, free! Free to choose, not only whether to include Him in our lives or not, but also -how- to shape our lives, what what to create with them. Like artists He calls us: "Play and shape what you will, my child". Oh, is He not generous, and truly, truly Divine?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your hearts thoughts and intentions. Beautiful, poignant & much appreciated!

Sending all that is good to you dear Visible now & always...all ways.

From NJ With Love

Visible said...

To Friday, November 16, 2018 2:55:00 AM; Wow!!! Some portions of that literally rang with authenticity.

Dodgy One! Great to see you again. I often wonder how many long time readers and respondents are simply lurking these days.

Anonymous said...

Say you don't forget?


Suddenly the 10ft pole appears not quite long enough.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a wise and compassionate piece. Thanks!

Vis: " well as its timeless awareness of those enduring archetypes, which hold the world's infrastructure together, until new infrastructures are called for and the archetypes then change their vibration to suit the needs of the next age."

Some interesting semi-synchronicity here, because Higher Self has lately changed its pattern of engagement. HS used to Clean various folks, mainly attackers, in a certain overall pattern. The Cleaning of old pain and damage started at whatever 'level' the being was at, and worked upwards. (Ray was mostly along for the ride, except for providing grounding and focus. But learning by viewing/feeling.) In previous times, the upper limit of Cleaning seemed to be at the Atman level; the highest level of Personal consciousness. (Above that level, it slowly shades into archetypal 'goo'; no I, as it were.)

Well, in the last few weeks, HS has been doing 'something' above those levels. HS started Cleaning from whatever 'level' the being was at, up to the Atman level. Then, HS 'jumped' upwards and started working on closer archetypal levels. (Ray can track levels, but not what is being done there.) When something is 'finished' at that level, there is a burst forward towards all-God and then a responding answer back down to that level and then proceeding lower. The best analogy I have found is that a 'track' is being adjusted. What is interesting is that the being who has just been Cleaned has to go through a further adjustment when the responsive answer gets 'down' to it. HS basically just 'holds space' at that point, while something adjusts within that being. In addition, the archetypal adjustment seems to 'propagate' further down...

Variations on the above 'pattern' have become more the norm in the last few weeks. I am curious what this portends (assuming the above is real and effective 'down here')...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Chucks useless pole, pulls sharp U-turn from 'cull'-de-sac dead-end talksy of tHiS and that...

Aggressive Truth said...

Aggressive Truth
Les i check you b4 me. Thank you, your judgement coming for everyone. You want be see my Father, you sell soul for thats. You are just mniej niż zero.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Blood and Fear in the Self Confined Penitentiary of the Mind..

Anaughty Mouser said...

Les Visible,
Thank you for a well thought out post. Read your post right efter seeeing a fine segment on the origins of the Illuminati. (at the Truthseeker).
The French revolution efter the American one, was orchesrated by the Illuminti who had already taken over the Masons and the Banks of Europé.

They then assimulated the Zionist movement in their plan. Weisshaup's plan is simple, it is to enable the ultra wealthy to keep their wealth and Power for ever by undermining goverbmentd and religion.
no wonder their is so much push to take away all the peolpes guns. A militia of miljons with guns could defeat any country's polive, military.
The French revolution took hold when there was deliberately no wheat, bread for the people while the Royals and gov't minions ate cakes.
We must not give up our guns and be very vary of what the Illuminati is planing to cause a World wide people's physical (guns) revolution that will in it.s aftermath allow the Illuminati to install a new World order where they are welthy for ever al the people on Earth are for ever zombi-drones.
5-G is almost ready to be turned on. Real mind controll.

Peace and love to you and all who read here.

Anonymous said...

Your posts feel more like hand written letters when I read them

I have been engaged in mental battles of late.
Letting go and letting god is very good advice.
Burden lifted. Smile returning.

I have been researching "Synthetic Biology" which is slicing, dicing and
creating your own DIY organisms - What could possibly go wrong?
It's remarkably simple and the equipment to accomplish it en mass
is coming along quickly - they say your dna can be sequenced for
about $1k these days-

One of the MIT scientist started his video using "denialism" of the holocost, evolution
and global warming to select from his audience those who will be fine with what the future
holds - People who have not examined or challenged what they have been 'taught'.

I am glad I know enough to realize there is a problem here. Your links and others who have
written about these taboo subjects have helped me to grasp the sad truth. Those who have
experienced the way the truth and the light will never ever want to harm, or dupe people,
because they know they are NOT god and it won't end well.

I went out and enjoyed the sunshine today - It was the best thing I did.

Dog Bless Les



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