Monday, August 19, 2019

Cry on Zion and Babble-on too Make Haste before Armageddon Gets You.

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Billionaires have caused the home prices and rental costs that are rising in the Bay Area. Hollywood is responsible for it in LA but the homeless problem is equally the result of the decline of the culture, into excess, hopelessness, the closing off of the spiritual light and an indifference to God. It could not be more clear. Several new multi-billion dollar IPO's were launched there in recent days. The whole of the shit swamped streets of San Francisco, could be cleared up by these handful of sociopaths immediately but they are not motivated in that regard whatsoever.

This social blight is the offspring of rich venture capitalist vultures; the carrion eaters of a doomed society. They could transform the whole of it AND STILL be billionaires; that is the dreadful irony. That is how absurd it is. Although they are a large part of the cause and though it can be traced directly to their door, it is also the progeny of the culture of despair. The insanity birthed of Materialism and the alcohol and drug fueled, Gone Dead Train, upon which a large part of the population rides, is ♫picking up passengers coast to coast♫ Same as the Glory Train with a very different clientele.

I cannot see this situation getting fixed. It will only go from bad to worse because of the vanity whores who populate those zones. In consideration of that, I feel... as strongly as I have ever felt about anything, short of the ineffable, that Lady Nature is soon to shake and tremble the fear of God into those who abandoned faith in a Supreme Being some good while ago. The videos that I saw today hit me as hard and more so than all the similar videos I have already seen.

For your perusal, I present the following testimony of “the horror! The horror!”

There are many another but these two should suffice for all anyone needs to see and hear on the matter.

How crazy and sold out is this faithless generation and the Tribe lizards who work their deceptions upon it? Here is an inspiring look into what passes for entertainment.

Because this is going to leave a taste in your head that you can't wash out of it with the usual pharmaceuticals, let me give you something to read through at your leisure after you have finished with this posting. Many times I have wondered if that was the result of some serendipitous visitation by a celestial comedy troop, or if the people who contributed, were just so inspired by what they had read in the preceding comments, that it just leapt full-blown out of their minds like Athena from the brow of Zeus.

The hammer of destiny is about to come down in one location after another. The mass of humanity has no idea of how close we are to the extinction zone. Because of the nature of the apocalypse, truths are being exposed that certain very powerful material interests do not want revealed. In order to circumvent the sure and certain fate that awaits them, they are engineering chaos and confusion, wherever they have a lever to press or a button to push.

Meanwhile, disinformation is being fabricated at a high pitch; hysteria, outrageous lies, financing of Thug-beasts like Antifa, fomenting of conflicts, such as in Hong Kong, Syria and across the African continent, manipulating the stock markets; whatever they can do, they are doing to take the public eye away from what is coming for them. It will be to no avail. The corrupt order of long reigning psychopaths is about to be overthrown.

For some it will not be enough for them to dig into the hills and cry out for the Earth to cover them. There will be no place to hide. For others, a Golden Age is at the door, once the forces of darkness have been dispensed with. Whole swaths of the populations are taking themselves out with bad diet, for both body and mind, poisonous drugs and the ubiquitous killer, Alcohol.

There is an all out intensification to corrupt the morals of the whole world. The assault of the sexually dysfunctional upon Normal is nothing short of all out war. This is because EVERYTHING... EVERYTHING of a negative bent is being engineered by demonic intelligence's through their material footsoldiers of the Anti-gentile Tribe. Now... you can call these intelligences, Annuki. Reptilians, Demonic entities, you can call them what you like, they are there regardless and THIS IS WHY Kalifornia's screwball governor can't do anything about the urban nightmares and this is why the San Francisco city council is indifferent to Shit Street City. THIS IS WHY NYC has the cop hating mayor they have and why on both coasts, policy is being made by Satanic child killers and Coprophagic Ass Bandits. If it is perverted and evil and under the sidewalk ugly, they are into it.

Ancient entities, made sleek and fat, by blood sacrifice, have grown powerful through the corruptions of human behavior. If one studies the dates of all of the wars initiated by Israel and then blamed on whomever they are attacking, one can easily see that these acts of mass murder are carried out on their high holy days (every time) and this is because the God they worship demands a blood sacrifice as a testament of allegiance and as the price for victory and continuance. In the western hemisphere child sacrifices are routinely engaged in and striking evidence of that is going to emerge once all the bones of children have been dredged from the seas surrounding Orgy Island. You don't get past a certain point in the infernal hierarchy without engaging in ceremonies of this kind.

Look at what is happening in the churches of The West. Note especially, the drive to make pastors and church leaders out of Sodomites and other alt-sex practitioners. Next there will be a hue and cry for transgender preachers. They are in an all out putsch to steamroll all over us on the way to the Universal Church of Batshit Crazy and convents for Our Sisters of Perpetual Iniquity.

There is no question in my mind that Colon Kapernick orchestrated his kneeling scenario, in order to expand his personal profile. He was a temporary phenom and rocked the turf for as long as it took for the rest of the league to figure him out, which they did. Then it was over. He knew he was on his way out because that is what happens when you can't bring it anymore. Meanwhile the template for Race War was being set in place. Hatred of the white race is percolating like a pot of Mephistopheles Coffee and listless slackers with helicopter parents, are flushed with the courage that comes out of mob anonymity and ready to beat all comers to death, so long as they have a pack of foot-pads at their side.

There is a very thin veneer that conceals the murderous beast under the human camouflage. One of the reasons I am not anonymous is because my life is not and never has been in their hands. I put my name and honor on everything I say or I don't say it, I suspect since I have an unusual name that people think it is an anonymous nom de plume. It is not. Well... in Zen fashion, it is but it is not, anonymous.

One of the most difficult things to convince anyone of is to believe in what they cannot see. Well... you can see it through the eyes of brotherhood because we are the hands of God. What other hands does God have? Surely there is his consort, Nature but... otherwise... we are it, or else we abdicate our responsibilities and leave it for someone else. Honor, Dignity and Integrity do not have the same cachet as once they did. This is because most of those claiming possession of them have never been within a country mile of any of them, like Al Sharpton and a host of other poseurs who believe that all they have to do is say something to make it so.

Yes... though it may be hard to convince people to believe in what they cannot see and... since there has been so much depraved behavior on the part of our leaders in both the government and the church, the idea of God has been relegated to antiquated superstition, faith has gone out of the people. It is altogether possible to see what you cannot see by observing it operating through what you can see. When you see charity and good works in the lives of certain folks among us, you are seeing God in operation. “By their works ye shall know them.”

God hasn't gone anywhere. God is right here, enthroned in every righteous heart and daily making his presence known through all of the mighty efforts that the media turns a blind eye to. What we get is the prancing of frauds, as they dispense their pocket change for publicity and call it charity. This world is the result of the reckless excesses of the rich and powerful and all the broken lives you see on the sidewalks of the world are the victims of their sociopathic disregard for others. Surely those fallen are weak, disordered, confused and similar but one should never forget that, there but for fortune goes you and I. This world has been made hard and cold by hard cold people who care for no one but themselves. That is all set to change shortly and not in the way that they, or Antifa, or the Communist/Socialists and all the rest of the predators think it is. Big and astonishing surprises are on the way. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Voltman said...

Bill Nigh is really a Stupid Guy and Rachel Gloom sounds so bad she should let her vagina sing instead...

Compare Rachet Gloom with this talented lady:

Maggie Reilly & Mike Oldfield – Get to France 1984

British "Holycaust Denier" and activist-musician, Alison Chabloz, has been banned From (((France))) recently.

Her latest song can be heard here...

...along with my modified version of Get To France by Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly.

I might as well include it here as well:

Banned From France

I’m out of order saying I don’t believe
Their fake memory, their fantasy
Judges holler truth doesn’t matter
So much injustice
Don’t you know that Truth has got me…

Banned from France!
And the chosen ones were all cheering
They declared me
Banned from France!
I was kept out for not believing

Singing on foreign ground like a sparrow
Playing in far off purgatory
So many untrue stories are told
You’re searching for sanctuary
You know that Truth has got me…

Banned from France!
And the chosen ones were all cheering
They declared me
Banned from France!
I was kept out for not believing

Oy vey! Quelle merde!
Oy vey! Quelle saleté de merde!
Je Me Souviens
Je Suis de La Nouvelle France

Truth has got me…

Banned from France!
And the chosen ones were all cheering
They declared me
Banned from France!
I was kept out for not believing

Oy vey! Quelle merde!
Oy vey! Quelle saleté de merde!
Je me souviens bien
Je Suis de La Nouvelle France

(The extended version):

Truth has got me…

Banned from YouTube!
Couldn’t follow community standards
They declared me
Banned from facebook!
I was told I was antisemitic

Truth has got me…

Banned from PayPal!
Because I talked about those who oppress
They declared me
Banned from WordPress!
Because I talked about those who suppress

Truth has got me…

Banned from Twitter!
While the chosen ones were all chirping
I might as well be
Banned from Google!
Cause I’m a white supremacist natsi fascist nationalist homophobe racist mysoginist terrorist who endangers the very fabric of our precious freedom and democracy!

Soon to be banned everywhere,


To France – Mike Oldfield

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmm. My former boss and friend wants to lose weight real bad. Maybe I should suggest those gummi bears? I could send her your link.

Streets of Frisco. Don't pigs eat shoite? I gots me a brilliant idea. Import a bunch of wild boars! They can clean the streets in more ways than one! Maybe I'll write da mayor of Frisco suggesting dat. (Not! I HATE that city today, though I had fun there in my 20s and ealier.)

Scottish. . .Irish. . .what's the diff? Just ask Kenneth MacAlpin. (I bought my Irish name through the court, for the Celts are those I identify with, and not the identity of my Illyrian. . .uh. . .Albanian and Cabbage Person (German) ancestry.

Am also wondering how anyone who's had an NDE experience (No one should live life without one.) can have anything good to say about this cesspit of a realm, considering what be on the Otherside? I mean, comparing a Swiss Chateau to the Black Hole of Calcutta is only 1% of the chasm on a good day, ifn y'all gets my drift.

Visible said...

LTPTB; You are ALWAYS a breath of fresh air!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thanx, I think; re: comment #3.

Wait a minute! I'm tryin' to be a nose of a bitch and keep my status as Arsehole to the 33rd Degree in addition to bein' and obnoxious bastard, bastich, what ever.

Guess I gotsta try a wee harder.

Well, what ever. Nostrils up!

(Gods, I can't wait until next year. According to a couple of my sources, one astrologer (Jeff Harman), and one Celtic witch (Levi, Celtic seer), that's when the ball gets rollin'. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

"They could transform the whole of it AND STILL be billionaires"

That's EXACTLY what my 25 year-old son said...yesterday, no less.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Seas May Rise and the Earth may Tremble but the Living Light of the Ineffable is a Sanctuary Forever.

Ray B. said...

Nice Origami, Vis. Thanks!

Vis: "This social blight is the offspring of rich venture capitalist vultures..."

In my small area, we had venture capitalist vultures descend on the two largest locally-owned companies. The companies had been started by local entrepreneurs and were doing quite nicely, with national reach. You might have even seen one in national news. They had low debt, and were treating their employees well.

Well, the original owners aged-out and were replaced by descendants or others with no emotional stake in the firms. Venture capitalist vultures approached these later-day owners with lucrative buy-out money. So, the deal was struck.

The venture capitalist vultures then awarded themselves huge salaries and perks. Worse, they repaid their huge bank loans (scrabbled together to buy the firms) with debt pledged to company assets. So, this debt-load caused the formerly-solvent firms to get into trouble. Eventually, each went bankrupt.

The venture capitalist vultures even made-out with the bankruptcies. They had shorted the firms, so capitalized on each's demise. Plus, under-funded pension plans went away or were taken-up by state or national authorities. The same venture capitalist vultures remained in management, so they actually prospered as a result of the Chapter 11 proceedings which re-established the companies.

If I sound a bit bitter, I am. I knew several of the people in each firm, and there was much pain and even lay-offs. But not to mind, the venture capitalist vultures made out well...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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