Friday, August 23, 2019

The Stretch of Possible Lifetimes is an Endless Procession of the Temporary Personas of a Single Identity.

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I don't put much stock in my natal birthday. I much prefer the actual and the ceremonial birthday of Jesus the Christ. The second birth is the one we should shoot for. A lot of people think if you get baptized, or you join a church, or you get a dose of manic, religious hysteria, because you attended a tent revival, that somehow... you are now among the elect. I KNOW it doesn't work like that. Many will differ with me and that is their right. The true second birth, is the culmination of years and often lifetimes of a small light, nourished in the surrounding darkness of the human heart. Back of the individual heart is an enormous reservoir and one is not reborn into the celestial kingdom until they can access that reservoir.

God directly speaks to those who are resident in The Kingdom, even while still here in the manifest. Yes, there are those who are in the Kingdom of God, while also walking around here and they carry it with them wherever they go. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. We hear about all kinds of people who supposedly have the ear of God and speak with God and are very rich and fly on private planes. That is not 'usually' how God operates and he tends to pick the fools and the poor and the crazy to spread his testimony; meaning those who are considered to be fools and crazy by those who do not think that they themselves are fools and crazy.

It all comes down to a simple truth and Jesus spoke of it, when he talked about selling all one has and picking up their cross and following him. It takes everything you have and you have to want it more than anything else. That is the 24 carat, inflexible criteria.

Why I will never be assimilated into the Christian churches of this world is because I believe, in fact I KNOW that there are members of other faiths who have been touched by God. I am aware of Indian yogis and saints, Sufi masters and saints, Buddha's and Buddhist saints and so forth. One of the greatest Hindu saints of the last thousand years was RamaKrishna. At a certain period of his life, he entered into every one of the larger religions and experienced enlightenment in each one. He said, afterwards, that they all lead to the same realization. Those who are committed to their limited understanding of their selective scriptures become outraged when someone says these things. More people have been killed and made outcasts by religions and religious wars than any other motivation on Earth. Most churches are cash registers for the priest class. Those insisting on 'my way or the highway' still have the training wheels on their bikes.

One of the greatest teachers of spiritual truth was a disciple of Sri RamaKrishna, named Swami Vivekananda. I am presently about halfway through reading his collected works. What a singular joy this has been. As for the New Testament of Jesus Christ, that is pretty much imprinted on my heart and mind. I've little use for the Old Testament. It is actually a book of Gematria, which I studied for awhile. Like a disciple of Jesus 'the' Christ said, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Amen to that.

I've no use for the fundamentalist religions of today; mass murderers, or potential mass murderers, all. The truth and message of Jesus 'the' Christ is A LIVING THING. It is an incandescent flame in the heart and a mighty force of brotherhood and love transcendent. If you are living it, or doing your best to live it, no more can be asked of you. Don't expect succor here. The hand of every religious materialist will be set against you but... the power of God is greater than all the forces of darkness and one can walk unafraid at all times and in all places. Paul demonstrated this as did many another. Martyrdom is a high honor but not something one should seek. Sometimes God wants to make a point and also water the Earth with righteous blood to bring about dramatic change. Some seeking martyrdom are woefully uninformed.

So... today is my birthday and I much prefer doing something for others on that day and that is what I will be doing. For the reader I wish to give you this posting and a selection from the writings of Swami Vivekananda. Go to “Lectures and Discourses”. Then scroll down to the last three chapters of “Concentration”, “Meditation” and “The Practice of Religion.”

They are fairly short but filled with useful information. I just finished the last one this morning. I start my day with a chapter to begin the day. I have been exceedingly fortunate to get these books. It is not an easy task. It took me months to accomplish it. First I had to find someone willing to sell them and not simply one of the books under the guise of 'collected works'. I first made that mistake. Then, after an ordeal, I ordered the books and the vendor sent them to the wrong address. Then I had to wait for him to get the books back and send them to me. By that time I had had it with him. He put in the time to convince me and was properly contrite (grin). Now I have them. Someone else will get them when I am done.

We are made in the image of God. Think about that... there are so many implications one can draw on. Why if we are made in the image of God do so many of us behave contrary to it? I am going to approach this in a convoluted fashion. Imagine you are on a train and looking out at the scenery as we pass by. I will be the voiceover (grin). I am going to be very simplistic. Otherwise it will take a very long time to complete this. I am going to use the Hindi measurements. If you don't like that, go watch TV. There are four ages (or yugas) that exist within a single day of God. They are Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali yugas. They go in a descending order from the most light filled to the least. The first one, Satya is the longest in duration and each following one is shorter. Depending on whether you subscribe to the traditional durations, or that more recently presented by Sri Yukteswar, one version is very, very much longer. I tend more toward the latter schematic.

The human soul is eternal. One school of thought holds that there is only one soul and that is God's and our souls are each a fragment of that. Christ is the soul of God. He is also called Ishvara in the other tradition. Another school holds that we each have an individual soul. I believe both are true. Here is a marvelous comment and an affirmation par excellence!

“What is important is the concept of devotion. Devotion to a personal ideal of God brings with it a natural inclination to humility and service. If we set ourselves to serve Ishvara, if we dedicate our actions and surrender our wills to him, we shall find that he draws us to himself. This is the grace of God, which Sri Ramakrishna compared to an ever-blowing breeze. You have only to raise your sail in order to catch it.”

You can put Jesus Christ in place of Ishvara if you prefer.

Four yugas make a Kalpa and two Kalpas make a day and night of God. Supposedly a Kalpa is 4.32 billion years long. We are talking about an enormous and incomprehensible reach of time. It is staggering. Don't think about it, except that there is the inference that one can come and go here, literally millions and millions of times. Some, who are terminally insane, prefer it here. The parameters of the ordinary human mind are narrow. There are stories and tales that are beyond defining; words fail. For any of us that CHOOSE to seek the creator, you are embarking on a journey of incredible discovery that widens and expands ever and ever infinitely. EVERYTHING ELSE is a waste of time but... you've got forever. It's a personal decision. I've made mine.

There is a Buddha called Amitabha, a HUGE favorite of mine.

Amitabha Buddha

The Amitabha Sutra is at the end of this article. He is one of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas. As the story goes, he performed spiritual austerities for something like 5 Kalpas. Imagine that! You can't. Some say it was more. Anyway, he took a vow not to experience liberation until every other sentient being had done so. He has a heaven called The Western Pure Land (somewhere in the aether around Mongolia). All you have to do is call out his name on your death bed and you will go there and the wonderful thing about that place is that whatever more lifetimes you owe? You can have them all there! How about that! Life is filled with profound possibilities. What are most internet visitors doing? They are watching porn or playing games.

So... allegedly, we are in (or just leaving) The Kali Yuga. This is where materialism is the most intense and delusion most pervasive. This is also the period of PAYBACK, where all the sins and crimes of the long past are brought to be resolved. This is not a good time to be here but... here we are. Okay... let us resolve the question of why it is that we are born in the image of God and yet so many behave as they do. There are prevailing states of consciousness in each age and periods of each age. Dependent on the general state of consciousness, is the general quality of desire and types of appetite. Take a look around. When the thirst of desire and appetite is greater than the thirst for God (need I say more?)...

We are imbued with what has been euphemistically termed 'free will'. There are various descriptors for what this is; what is implied by free will. In reality the true meaning of free will is simple. There is ONLY one will, or source of will, or power to think, speak or act and that is God. We are each gifted with a portion of this will and we are free to channel and express the divine will, or... oppose it. That is ALL there is of free will and that is how we come to not accurately reflecting the image of God. That is how we come to have Fallen Angels. That is how we come to have thesis and antithesis. We live in a state of duality ...and puberty divided our childhood mind out of its former unity.

You can work in accord with the divine plan, or you can oppose it, because the drive for personal desire and appetite, is greater than the drive to fulfill the directive of the divine will. It makes no sense to do this because the result is continuous misfortune and suffering. Regardless of initial or temporary successes, it WILL devolve into misfortune and suffering. On the other hand, all true and good desires are fulfilled and there is an end to misfortune and suffering. As materialism intensifies, insanity will intensify and opposition (in our war against ourselves) to our divine nature will intensify and express itself in conflicts with one another. There are an increasing number of preppers, for good reason. Be a spiritual prepper.

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On a different note, today's song will be one of my humorous country western tunes;

It's about George W. Bush

What the Hell, it is my birthday. Here is another one about him and his execution of Karla Faye Tucker-

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A small disclaimer; I know that things I say do not always meet with universal approval. I wouldn't expect them to. As I have often said, “take what is useful and leave the rest.” I make no claims of singular knowledge. I DO NOT consider myself more important or better informed than everyone else. I am quite familiar with my limitations and shortcomings, which I pray may be lifted from me when God, in his infinite wisdom, deems it to be the right time. I draw my commentary from an interior source and the archives of those masters of wisdom who have impressed me. I find the study and pursuit of the ineffable to be a consuming passion, more and more so with each passing day. God is the centerpiece of my existence. Of course we will differ in our perspectives on the matter. Let me say it is far better to encounter the almighty, as the result of a quest, than it is to be brought before him, as all of us will, keeping in mind that the devil, who inspired our every act of malfeasance, will be the prosecuting attorney.


Visible said...

Please (if you would) take the time to upvote my posts on Pocketnet. There is a reason for this independent of self promotion, which hardly enters into the efforts here. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And thank you for my gift (grin).

May God bless you today and always and keep you in His care.

From a lapsed Catholic, who used to attend church more than required or necessary
but now I just come HERE. You've taught me so much! Most importantly you taught me
how to have a relationship with God.

Gracias, Visible

Visible said...

Trolling me is pointless because I see through your crap. You want a direct answer on that question? Sign your question so I can identify you and I will answer it. Otherwise, there's the door.

Missing Munich said...

Von Herzen Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

These times are difficult, and utterly confusing. Your posts are food for the soul, desperately needed, eagerly awaited. The constant battle between brain and heart are exhausting. But, onwards we trudge...

Missing Munich

Visible said...

You will notice that the person who asked me if I had sold everything I had; did I do that? He has not shown up since. That is all he asked; not if I had given it away after. Truth is that I have given away everything I have more than once. I have a few tools now that i use to do this, nothing more. I have about 500 dollars in my bank account. I have no investments and own no property. Will that do? WILL THAT DO?

Visible said...

No response at all about asking for some help at the other site...

It's not that people wouldn't do it. It's all orchestrated and oh... how many times I have seen this. So... I am not disturbed, nor upset. I was just checking to see if the same checks and balances were in play.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Every day is your birthday...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vis.
As always you’re words are so very inspirational and needed in these times of strife and confusion.
We don’t t always see eye to eye but that is of no consequence , at leased not to me. Any path
I have chosen has helped me along the way. Right now your words are keeping me steady and
devoted to God which has always been my intention even when I lost sight of it at times.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

"Les Visible", I noticed you censored me. Why?

Visible said...

anonymous, read in the comments. there are two there for you and have been. I don't like being trolled.


Anonymous said...

happy Bday viz
Thank u again!

sorry i havent helped with the pocketnet vote thing.
The new net with pocket thing is outside my appeal or use right now,
I suspect the old net and useful exchange of info is fast approaching the event horizon.
To be replace with the thumb sucking/fucking AI 5g god complete w elon musk embedded in the heads for those with the unused space and idol neurons hahaha! imagine letting the elon fool & bill gates-[windows must now update] shot at the body @ ghz rf. into your brain hahahaha OHNOZ.

and thank you so much for all the revealed and much needed wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vis
sending you a small donation as a present.

Anonymous said...

A hymn for your birthday. I always found the hymn to be inspiring and uplifting. "In The Garden" :

To my favorite Boomer Generation bohemian , Happy Birthday!

From : Salvatore

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
Wishing you joy and peace everyday! Happy birthday with affection and appreciation for all your writings.
Love and a hug,

Visible said...

Thank you Salvatore!

What a wonderful sentiment. That song has been with me since childhood; how many times I have sang this song; "I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses, And the voice I hear falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses And He walks with me and He talks with me, And He tells me I am his own; And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known."

Anyway, I hope that is the song you sent me (grin). I haven't checked yet. I am taking it on faith. Another favorite of mine is "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you." Also- "It is no Secret what God can Do" Both of these are on youtube. I was going to send you a Jim Reeves version. I love his voice but I can't find a good one; something weird keeps happening. Also The Mormon Tabernacle Choir does it as well I think.

Many blessing of the Son of God upon you!!!

Ray B. said...

Happy Birth Day, Vis! (Sorry if I am a bit late...)

There are some very interesting 'chats' going on, way high up. I don't really understand the mechanics of how it works, as they are occurring outside of SpaceTime. The gist seems to be that various higher-parties were not truly aware of how limited & painful it was down here (being immortal and blissed-out can do that). Once being presented with multiple examples of that, 'discussions' are now going-on as to how to remedy the situation. Again, I am not sure how something 'determined' outside of SpaceTime unfolds way down here. Should be interesting (and magickal!)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Alan Homcy said...

I so appreciate your words, Visible. They have been light in my daily life for over a decade. I love you brother.

Anonymous said...

As for myself, I'd rather promote nothing than to preach what I don't adhere to. I wasn't making an accusation, I apologize if the question came across judgemental rather than as neutral curiosity.

Visible said...

I've no idea who this is. I'm going to figure it's the guy who was questioning whether I do what Christ said. My decision is that I prefer to known who I am talking to before I jump through hoops for them AND THERE is another insinuation from you there in the 'preaching what one doesn't adhere to'. Well, just for the sake of the situation and this is the last you will be hearing from me. YES! I walk the talk and not only can I say that but there are a very good number of people who will back me up on that. I've got a thing about not preaching what I don't adhere to. I wouldn't have the abilities that I have, nor the impact that I most certainly do have if I were not right on. You should also be aware that I am NOT MONETIZED. I help in all kinds of ways for nothing. ALL my advertising is FREE. Yes... people can pay a minimal amount of money for my music and my books; all these things take money to produce but everyone who asks has been able to get any and all of these things for free. I have given out hundreds of PDF copies of my books. I'm not going to say much more. It makes me tired doing it. Suffice to say that my life is dedicated to service and there are people around me who will verify that. I don't do it to look good (I have a fair amount of people who hate me). I do it because it feels good and it's the right thing.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"The Splendor, the Glory and the Power of God is Alive and Resident within You!"



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